Saber (セイバー, Seibā?) is a Saber-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Saber's True Name is Gilles de Rais (ジル・ド・レェ, Jiru do Rei?), the heroic aspect not normally summoned due to the corrupted aspect having more notoriety as "Bluebeard" (青髭, Ao hige?). [3][2][4] He was a French nobleman, ranked as a baron, and member of the military during the 15th century.[3][2][4] He had a vast fortune, buying up many works of art, and it seemed to many that it would never deplete.[2] His apex land holdings eventually exceeded those held by the Duke of Brittany and could be regarded as a threat to the king.[5] He became a national hero during the Hundred Years War while serving under the Joan of Arc after helping to recapture Orleans, and he was given the highest honor with the title of Marshal of France.[2] Both were present at the coronation ceremony of King Charles, decorated as saviors and national heroes, and it became a memory that forever encapsulated his glory that even his corruption could not overwhelm.[6] Gilles viewed Joan as the basis for everything to him, his sole salvation and the proof that God existed, so his pious heart fell into despair after Joan was executed as a heretic.[3][2]


Gilles before his execution ("The Execution of Gilles de Rais")

Gilles wasted his seemingly endless fortune extremely quickly to the point where his public finances were almost entirely depleted, so he started to get involved with alchemy with his friend François Prelati, a cleric, to make up for the financial burdens.[3][2][5] As he went into madness over the loss of Joan, he began to perform cruel deeds to prove that God is absent because he should punish such actions, losing sight of his monetary problems in dabbling in alchemy and instead concentrating on the aspect of the black magic of summoning demons.[3] François was the primary magus in charge of the rituals, Gilles having no true knowledge of the craft and only acting as a patron.[5] He started to abduct young boys from the area of his domain, raping and slaughtering them by the hundreds, which eventually made him the model for fairy tale "Bluebeard."[3][4]

Despite the atrocities, others only feared that he would sell his domains to an enemy nation for the purpose of raising money, so they convicted and executed him for his blasphemy and cruel deeds only for the political pretenses of seizing his territory.[3] Due to the nobles of the era disregarding the human rights of commoners, they felt the populations of their territories were no more than disposable livestock. They equated their slaughter to no more than animal abuse and would not have even dealt with Gilles had his land holdings not been so large and had he not been so recently wasteful.[5] It could be said he who "couldn't help but hold suspicions against God exactly because he extolled God too much and infatuated himself with scornfully cursing God" was "finally destroyed without being judged by God."[3]


A somewhat skinny lady-killer. At the times when his tension was still low.[2]

A knight in his prime, at least when compared to his other self. His eyes are pitch black and his black hair is yet to show signs of aging. It is long enough to warrant being tied up into a small bun at its end, with large portions of it falling on either side of his face. Plain-looking and serious.

As a knight and as a Servant, he wears the white silver armor he carried during the One-Hundred Year War, as evident by his appearance in the Singularity of Orleans. It appears to be teal in some patches. In addition, it has a piece of cloth attached to the crotch-piece of the set. He seems to wear black and white underclothes beneath the armor. Finally, the armor is adorned with crosses in the chest, side of the legs, and the singular shoulder piece in the right side.

In his 2nd Ascension, his white underclothes were replaced by blue ones, which extend into a front and back piece of cloth. His armor remains the overall shape, but is radically different in the details, as most of its pieces now hold a pattern engraved that resembles the fangs of an unknown, perhaps otherworldly beast. The cloth in front of his crotch is now stained in blood. In addition, he holds his sword, a white, double-edged bladed weapon with the same fang-like pattern in its hilt as a decoration, in his right hand.

In his 3rd Ascension, Gilles de Rais appears the be the closest to his Caster self while still a Saber. Many pieces of his armor were removed to reveal the underclothes, which appear to be a medical coat of sorts, with three black sashes tied around his chest, waist and hips to hold the pieces of his armor that remain to his body. The blood-stained cloth has disappeared, but now in his left hand, he holds the Noble Phantasm of his Caster self, given to him by a dear friend.

Throughout his Ascensions, it's made clear that Saber edges closer and closer to his downfall...


With a honest and valorous personality. He is a lover of art. For Gilles de Rais, the holy woman Jeanne D'arc was everything. One could say that she herself was the sole salvation in this depraved reality and, at the same time, the proof of God's existence for Gilles. Reality is bitter. The time to fall in darkness has come. The past shall never change. Regardless how much of an outstanding military man he is, it does not change the fact he is also a serial killer. However, even still he must continue to seek redemption forever.[2]



Fate apocrypha - Gilles

Gilles killing children in front of Ruler.

After Caster of Red shows Ruler illusions of her past through the use of First Folio, Caster changes to a different scene, a scene after her execution in her lifetime and therefore story. Caster of Red changes the scene to Gilles's castle, a scene which caused Ruler to think weird. Caster of Red shows Ruler with visions of Gilles de Rais's tale. Caster of Red changes his method and summons Gilles de Rais via his Noble Phantasm and the support of Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Assassin of Red, Caster of Red takes the soul of Gilles and given him a body. Ruler witnessed Gilles killing children but says it is just a hallucination. Caster of Red corrects Ruler saying it is actually real, Gilles is seen gripping onto a boy with silver hair. Gilles talks about how this happened to him because she abandoned him. After witnessing the atrocities Gilles had committed, Ruler started to break down. Gilles tell her that she's a saint who tried to treat everyone equally, even Pierre Cauchon. Gilles pointed out that she was not honest about her feelings for Sieg, Ruler denies it and says she only assisted him because he needed help. Gilles then says that Assassin of Black needed help and she killed her. He then adds that how it is obvious she loves him, that her universal love for humanity is just a lie. Ruler says that she doesn't love him because she doesn't have the right to love. After all she is the Maid of Orleans, Jeanne La Pucelle.

Caster of Red and Gilles both claps and tells her, she has done a good job. Caster of Red cancels the illusion and took her out so Shirou Kotomine could talk to her. However Gilles is still in the real world as well. They tell her that Sieg died fighting against Lancer of Red. Ruler uses her presence detection to confirm and finds that Saber of Black is gone. She starts crying saying because she got him into this mess she was really the one who killed him. Shirou comes in and talks about how he wants to give everyone Third Magic so they won't end up like Gilles who changed because she died. To prove that point Gilles changes into his form from Fate/Zero. Gilles talks about how the children can't be saved so he has to atone by saving the world.

Then Ruler and Gilles have a debate about saving the world. Ruler manages to convince Gilles to repent and aid her. However she has complete belief in him anyway. Gilles doesn't have a status as Ruler saw him with her True Name Discernment skill. Physically he's weaker than a Caster-Class servant and he's weaker than his counterpart in the Fourth Holy Grail War. Ruler gives Gilles her Flag to protect Sieg while she's casting her La Pucelle. Gilles uses this to protect both Ruler and Sieg against Shirou's meteors.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years WarEdit

Gilles leads the French army in an effort to take France back from Jeanne Alter. He and his army are en route to retake Lyon when they're attacked by Charles-Henri Sanson, Lancelot, and their wyverns. His army is saved though thanks to the intervention of Ritsuka's party, who just left Lyon with Siegfried. He orders his men to fire their cannons at the wyverns surrounding Jeanne d'Arcand Carmilla, which gives Jeanne the opportunity to force Carmilla to retreat. After Lancelot is killed, Gilles attempts to speak with Jeanne in order to verify if she is truly Jeanne, but she ignores him so as to not endanger his position. As he watches the group leave, Gilles decides that he and his men must reexamine everything they know of the "Dragon Witch"; questioning if her actions were that of an evil impostor of Jeanne. He and his army later arrives to aid the group when they're battling Jeanne Alter's forces en route to Orleans. After the group kills Gilles (Caster), Gilles arrives in Orleans palace. He is overjoyed to see Jeanne alive, but she corrects him that the history of her execution and him despairing over her death will remain unchanged. She also tells him that she senses they fight together again in some form, calling their situation a temporary goodbye. Gilles realizes she still cares for France even in death, and asks her forgiveness for France betraying her.

SABER WARS – Lily’s Cosmic Training – The Caliburn AwakensEdit

Gilles initially doesn't speak any actual lines, so Blackbeard merely interprets him. He has no interest in Mash and Artoria Lily like Blackbeard does, instead more interested in the ship parts they took. He seemingly killed by Mysterious Heroine X when she attacks him out of reflex since he's a Saber. After the group defeat Blackbeard, he and Gilles return the ship parts. X asks Gilles is with Blackbeard, sensing his kindness, dignity, grace, and deep earnestness. He doesn't answer though, opting instead to remain silent. He finally speaks when Blackbeard decides to leave after being struck in the crotch twice by Caliburn, noting Blackbeard has had a terrible time. He then says pirates tend to lose their "balls" when they're on land before leaving by himself.

Vengeful Demon's Wail at the Prison Tower Edit

Gilles appears in the recreation of Château d'If alongside Jeanne, who serves as the avatar of wrath. He confronts Ritsuka and Edmond Dantès as they arrive at the fourth hall. He calls Edmond the enemy of the righteous, and states how he'll cut him down in the name of his Holy Maiden. He prepares to fight him when Edmond tells Jeanne to shut up when she decides to save his soul. He tells Jeanne that Edmond's soul cannot be saved, as it is too blackened by hatred, so it must judged by the blade instead. Seeing they have no choice, Jeanne asks for Gilles' aid in battle, which he readily accepts. They're both defeated by Ritsuka and Edmond however.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

He is amongst the Orleans Singularity Servant to assist the Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillar.[7]


In his interlude Sword of the Saint, Gilles has Ritsuka and Mash accompany him back to France in order to retrieve Jeanne's sword. The group then goes to Orlèans, believing the sword may be there, but they encounter possessed corpses. After defeating initial group of corpses, Gilles decides that finding the source of their possession is currently more crucial than finding the sword. With Fou's help the group find the sword as well as strong magical presence powerful enough to create another singularity if left unchecked. However, a shadow Servant forms when they try to take the sword, but it is defeated by them. Retrieving Jeanne's sword, Gilles tells Ritsuka that while Jeanne never drew her sword, she carried her army's sins with her. He then vows to not anyone draw the sword but her until the day she'll have to draw it herself.


  • Saber's sword

In most Holy Grail Wars, Gilles is summoned not as a Saber, but as a Caster. This is probably caused by how his bad name as Bluebeard is more well-known around the world.[2]

Saber's Noble Phantasm is Saint War Order and Prelati's Spellbook.

His Skills are Tactics, Golden Rule, and Mad Enhancement, an oddity for a Saber that represents his ever-present hatred of Jeanne's Death.

Prelati's Inspiration (プレラーティの激励, Purerāti no Gekirei?) is a skill that Gilles receives encouragement from Prelati. It takes the form of STR reinforcement via magecraft but as a cost, his memories of his life after Jeanne's death becomes more and more distinct.[1]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

  • Gilles' Cloak

Kinoko Nasu is the scenario writer for him in Fate/Grand Order.[1] Shinjirou is the character illustrator for Saber in Fate/Grand Order.[1][2]


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