Saber (セイバー, Seibā?) is a Saber-class Servant able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Saber's True Name is Lakshmibai (ラクシュミー・バーイー, Rakushumī Bāī?).

She was one of the leaders of Indian uprisings against the British Empire during 1857.

Though she claims to be possessed by the goddess Lakshima, she is actually possessed by Lakshima's sister, Alakshmi.

Lakshmi negotiated the survival of the kingdom of Jhansi with England after the king’s natural death.

At that time, England promoted the “doctrine of lapse” (not recognizing that an adopted child has inheritance rights for the kingdom, and annexing the countries without an heir to the East India Company), and the hopes of Lakshmi, who attempted to survive through adoption, were crushed. It is said that, when a special envoy of the Indian Governor-General Dalhousie visited Jhansi and declared “from now on this country will be annexed to the British territory”, she firmly asserted without shedding tears “I won’t renounce to my Jhansi”.

After that, Lakshmi became the flag-bearer of the rebellion movement in Jhansi.

Jhansi’s rebel army, containing several female soldiers motivated by her, fought with such dauntless courage that the British army was astonished. In 1858, Jhansi’s castle finally surrendered to the hand of the suppression army, but Lakshmi somehow escaped. Uniting with other rebel armies, she continued the resistance at the land of Gwalior. However, the momentum of the rebellion didn’t spread more than that, and after two months, the British army launched a total attack to the castle of Gwalior. Lakshmi fought hard at that battle, but she received a bullet while commanding on the front line and reportedly died in battle.

She’s a modern Servant, but she, who is related to the Indian Lostbelt, is furnished with Divinity. This is because, through special circumstances, a bunrei of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi dwells in her body, and she’s in a situation like a half-Pseudo Servant. Their names matching has raised her magical affinity, and boosted that situation. …However, that isn’t correct, who’s actually dwelling in her is Lakshmi’s elder sister, the goddess of misfortune and unhappiness, Alakshmi (there are theories about they being the same being/different aspects). Alakshmi is also said to be the second wife of the demon Kali that will appear in the period of Kali Yuga. What is inside her is really one part of the goddess, and her personality is almost the same as Lakshmi’s as a queen. She has “The engine (fuel) called Divinity”. “The urges (as Alakshmi) rarely felt from the depths of the body” “The failed components that sometimes leak out as a goddess of misfortune (the predisposition of a non-serious clumsy girl)”,but those are the divine elements Lakshmibai possesses.




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Saber was illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi.


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