Saber (セイバー, Seibā?) is a Saber-class Servant summoned by Hinako Akuta in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. He is also summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru.



Saber's True Name is Prince of Lanling (蘭陵王, Ranryō-Ō?), also known as Gao Changgong (高長恭, Kō Chōkyō?), a high-ranking general of the Northern Qi dynasty and grandson of Gao Huan and the fourth son of Gao Cheng. He had a beautiful face and feminine physical appearance thus he always wore a terrible mask when he fought in battles.



He asks his Master not to mind his Mask, declaring his swords shall not falter.

“This poison was bestowed upon me from His Majesty himself. By just downing it with a single breath and nothing more, His Majesty’s ill humour can be easily traded away.

As you know, I have offered up glories in battle far above my own station. The drawing of this curtain, well, could be due to living my life in an overly hurried manner.”

In life, Gao was an honorable warrior. Upon his time to die, he accepted the poison from the emperor, but not without regrets. He declared in his final moments that his wish would be to see Hinako in his next life.

During the events of the Chinese Lostbelt, Gao is relatively silent yet loyally following orders. It isn't until after his Master is insulted, where he decides to respond by giving Lancer the “death penalty” as repayment. Saber once more responds with anger after his Master is insulted by Koyanskaya . He is not of the Assassin class, yet he still attempts to sneak around darkness and strike when he can. Lancer comments on him not being fit for that sort of role. Knowing of his Master's true nature, Gao does not hesitate to offer up his own blood for her survival, even going as far as to talk her into it.

“I understand your disgust. Consuming others for nourishment……the very same actions of those humans that you could not fail to hate.
However even so, right now……
Now is the very time to lose yourself to that humiliation……
You have, met him again once more! 

Remember that eternal lament, that endless loneliness up until now!"

As a Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru, Gao is loyal and highly friendly towards other Servants. He feels the need to keep himself masked, and asks for forgiveness, believing he is mistaken of being arrogant. It is through ascension he learns that his beauty is not at all a problem for the Master, or other Servant's and remains happy as he is able to relax. After this he expresses loyalty, and love for the Master. In regards to Berserker , he feels that referring to himself as that man's nephew would be unreasonable of him.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit


Saber is initially shown wielding twin Jian-style swords, however he is only shown possessing one.

As a Servant he has many of the superhuman traits seen in many if not all. Such as flying through the air, carrying Hinako, engaging Ritsuka's group by falling out of the sky in a way that resembled a rocket. Gao has history as a general, which he displayed as he was granted an army to lead in a rematch against Ritsuka's group. He is adept at sneak attacks in darkness but was unsuccessful in his assassination attempt.

He has the power to block out mental disturbances in his area through his mask, and as long as he is around them, soldiers or allies accompanying him will remain unaffected as well through his Skill Beauty-Concealing Mask


Creation and ConceptionEdit

hou is the character designer for Saber.


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