Saber (セイバー, Seibā?) is the "True" Saber-class Servant summoned by Ayaka Sajyou, after usurping the contract from Cashura, in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange fake. He is the Saber of the True Holy Grail War, but there is no "False Saber" due to the abnormal nature of the False Holy Grail War.



Saber's True Name is Richard I (リチャード一世, Richādo Issei?), the Lionheart (獅子心王ライオンハート, Shishishin'ōRaionhāto?). His bravery earned him the name “Lionheart” and even the enemy general praised him as the “greatest knight”.[1] He is known as the "Wandering King", not because he was always headed off to a battlefield or on his way back from one, but because he was the king who wandered over the border between history and myth, the last king with one foot in an age when faeries and runes were still out in the open.

History Edit

From his childhood, Richard was always charmed by the legends of King Arthur and his knights. Due to his love, Richard went around searching for items of Arthurian Legends and even called all of his swords Excalibur. At some point, he did, in fact, find Avalon, the scabbard of Excalibur, which he stored in a box, that would one day be used to summon him.

Before he became a king, Richard met a strange man called Saint Germain, during his search for a relic of Arthurian Legends. Saint Germain arrived to Richard in a car and possessed knowledge of his search. Though Richard's vassals were wary of the man, Richard chose to trust him, due to him mentioning Alexander the Great. Saint Germain became a mentor to Richard, in a similar manner to Merlin.[2]

Richard was one of the leaders of the Third Crusade, during which he, Saladin and the leading Hassan-i-Sabbah at the time fought together against a Dead Apostle.

Richard finally met his end when an enemy archer, Pierre Basile, sniped him with his crossbow. Although his killer, Richard seems to bear him no ill will, and even has Pierre accompany him as a part of his Noble Phantasm.


Saber appears in his late teen to his early twenties. He has golden-blond hair with several streaks of red hair. He wears a set of white knight armor and a crimson mantle, reminiscent of an "old Western aristocracy or royalty". His eyes were described as shining like a beast.[3]


Saber often shows an overly cheerful nature, even when put in situations like interrogation or skepticism, easily able to keep his cool in such situations. In his youth, and possibly into his later years, he'd been given the nickname "Oc e No (Yes and No)", due to his reputation for terseness. He also shows regrets to actions he takes, such as heavily damaging the Opera House in his battle with Assassin, requesting to know how much it will cost, in material and manpower, to repair. However, when serious, he has displayed a rather charismatic and somewhat ruthless side, declaring that not eliminating the Interrogation Officers by force is the bare minimum amount of respect he shows them for their station. He enjoys granting the wishes of the common people as best he can, save in situations like being connected to Ayaka and receiving mana from her in order to materialize. Saber also seems to have a way of thinking which is difficult for some to follow which results in his vassals or even Ayaka herself questioning him. He looks at situations from a wide and unique perspective, stating to Ayaka that he trusts her and does not fear her betrayal should it happen for he has experienced it in life so many times by those close to him, but states he is not bothered by the thought. It is also due to this way of thinking why he searched for an ally shortly after leaving the club, for if he was to fall he feared Ayaka would be unprotected and have no one to turn to.

Saber is very calm even on serious matters, calmly discussing about Pierre Basile, a man who had killed Saber in life. He would speak to Pierre as if to an old friend, stating he "learned his lesson" from being shot when looking at the treasures of the round table. Upon meeting Saint Germain he again showed his ability to remain calm in strange or tense circumstances despite all his vassals having their swords drawn and Saint Germain arriving by a car, a contraption Saber was not familiar with.

He doesn't seem too concerned with being discrete in concealing his Servant Status, going so far as to turn into Spirit Form in front of the Police Officers and appear on the news to claim his amends for the Opera House. When speaking to the multitude of people, he refers to himself by plural pronouns, such as "We" and "Our". He is also rather mischievous, entering Ayaka's Cell and declaring he doesn't need to obey her orders if she is not his master, deciding he can bother her as much as he wants and will be taking personal care of her. Evidently, he has also been told he's extreme in everything he does, after giving Ayaka some examples on how her situation could be much worse or stating to his vassals how much more credible are a drunken mans words than a sober ones.

He displays very high reverence towards King Arthur, referring to her as the Ancestor of His Chivalry and the Founding King of his native land, stating that failing to preserve his honor would make him unfit to face her again, whom he loves and respects. His mother had told him stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table which can also equate to his admiration for the King of Knights. Ideally he desires Excalibur, but any item of Arthur's would do, such as Caliburn, Rhongomyniad, or the shield used in slaying the "Chapalu". Sabers fixation even made him desire to find Avalon, hoping to see King Arthur himself or at least his court magus, Merlin.

In his youth he was described as a lover of music which had transferred into the Holy Grail War, as he naturally was inclined to play the guitar. His love for music goes as far as wishing to bring modern music back to the throne of heroes.

He has no wish for the Grail. Saber stated while normally servants have wishes, he does not know what his would be.


Fate/strange fakeEdit

  • Saber summoning
  • Saber arrested.
  • Lancer confronts Saber

Day 0 Edit

The Saber-class does not exist in the False Holy Grail War ritual. However, with Faldeus machination to turn the false war into the true holy grail war, he successfully changed the course of the ritual and the summoning of the Saber-class signals the true path of the holy grail war. Originally Cashura intended to summon King Arthur with his catalyst. Before he could complete the summoning, he was murdered by Assassin. With the incomplete summoning, the opera stage was enveloped with light and multiple figures appear. All but Saber disappeared when the light fades. Saber recognizes that Assassin is one of the old men of the mountain. He engages her in battle and he comments that this is the first time he's seen someone more nimble than Loxley. Eventually Saber uses Excalibur, which destroyed parts of the opera house. He ask Ayaka Sajyou whether she is his master, and to his surprise Ayaka rejected the formal contract.[3] Saber disappears feeling dejected. When the police arrive, they noticed the corpse of Cashura and the ruined opera house. Saber reappears again and confesses he did it, even going so far as to prove that he did it by using a weaker version of Excalibur on a falling piece of rubble that would have hit the policemen. Saber was eventually handcuffed by the police. Before he was taken away to the police headquarters, he was broadcast on local television and he says he will make amends for the opera house destruction.

Day 1Edit

Ayaka and Saber are taken to police headquarters. The police attempt to interrogate him, but he shocks them by demonstrating that handcuffs and walls cannot hold him by turning into spiritual form. He says he did not resist arrest because he did not wish to endanger Ayaka and he respects the policemen who were only doing their jobs. He declares that once morning comes, he will leave with Ayaka. Assassin breaks into police headquarters to target Saber. However, she was intercepted by Orlando Reeve's Clan Calatin force. Ayaka and Saber make use of this commotion to escape. After escaping they'd be lead to an underground punk hang out where Richard demonstrated his proficiency with an electric guitar despite never using such an instrument prior, playing a tune which drew everyone's attention. After receiving a change of clothes and a brief back and forth of questions from Ayaka, he revealed his True Name. Shortly after exiting the hang out Saber searches for an ally and heads into the woods where he comes across Lancer and proposes the alliance. Lancer decides to test his strength through a duel which Richard did not dissapoint, as well as demonstrate using Excalibur with a mere stick. After the duel, he explains that while escaping the police station he saw what he described as a blood sucking monster and wishes to return the grail war to its proper form after dealing with such a threat. Soon approached Assassin who overheard the conversation, knowing Sabers identity as well as the story of his team up with Saladin and a Hassan during life to stop a dead apostle. He then allies with Lancer and Assassin to stop the mentioned menace.[4]

Saber, along with Assassin and Ayaka went to confront Sigma, a mage they believed was one of the Masters in the war. What they were not aware of, was that Sigma had not summoned a proper Servant, instead having summoned Watcher. Sigma escapes from Assassin, almost getting away, until noticing Ayaka and, believing that she was a bystander, stops to tell her to run. Seeing his kindness, Saber, and Ayaka decide to ally with Sigma. Sigma tells them that he has summoned the Lancer, Charlie Chaplin, who doesn't want to show himself.[5]

Day 2Edit

Later Ayaka has a dream about Saber's meeting with Saint Germain, though she doesn't tell about it to Saber.[2] Sigma, who is also in contact with Faldeus Dioland, informs them that a number of soldiers have surrounded the house. Saber, though wary, isn't that concerned about them. Sigma later also tells them about the battle between True Archer and his Master against True Berserker and his Master. Saber is enthusiastic about this, wanting to slay True Berserker, who is described as a monster. Faldeus, however, tells him that his real employer will probably handle the situation, as she does.[6]

Saber, Assassin, and Sigma later arrive to the battle between multiple forces at the hospital, where Tsubaki Kuruoka, the young comatose Master of False Rider is residing. True Archer, False Archer, Clan Calatin and False Caster are also present.[7]

False Archer becomes offended by Saber's presence and fires a volley of swords from Gate of Babylon at him, but he effortlessly bats them away with his own sword. Saber is amazed by the many high quality swords and asks False Archer if he can borrow a few. Even more offended, False Archer fires more swords, but Saber either bats them away or dodges them. Saber then offers to purchase a few swords, which makes False Archer even angrier. Saber then gets close and almost manages to strike False Archer, who blocks it. False Archer notices him seemingly using Magecraft to increase his agility, but he claims it came from one of his followers.

False Archer notices Saber dodging his swords like he had prior experience and expresses curiosity on how he has it. Saber explains that he sparred with False Lancer earlier, who fights in a similar way, and they became allies. In response, False Archer unleashes more swords and says Saber must pass his trial to see if he is worthy of being his best friend's ally. After hearing "trial", Saber asks if he is a Ruler, but False Archer points out a Ruler is an impartial judge while he is not. Saber then points out False Rider is on the loose infecting people with disease and asks if they can become allies to stop it. False Archer refuses and says he can deal with False Rider on his own. He fires a huge barrage of swords, so Saber dodges and parries them, then fires a blast from his Excalibur to knock several away. Saber boasts that False Archer outclasses him in many ways, but he's more than a match when it comes to speed.

Continuing to dodge swords, Saber manages to get close to False Archer and slash at him, but he jumps back in time. Saber fires a blast from Excalibur, but False Archer blocks it with several shields. False Archer mocks Saber because his Excalibur is just a replica of the real deal. To False Archer's fury, Saber steals one of the swords that he had fired and uses it to fire an Excalibur blast. False Archer blocks the blast with his shields again, but due to the higher quality sword, the blast is more powerful, so the impact knocks him into the air to his fury. Saber then blasts him again and again, sending him higher and higher into the sky.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Camelot: The Sacred Round Table RealmEdit

Richard was mentioned in the "Camelot" Singularity. Romani Archaman thought Richard was the Lion King, though this proved to be wrong. Romani commanded Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight to ally with Richard and his Crusaders. It is presumed that he perished along with his Crusaders, when the Lion King's knights destroyed them.[1]

Before the arrival of Chaldea, a Servant calling himself Richard I, yet who was far different in both appearance and personality, led the False Crusaders, who fought with the Knights of the Lion King. The False Richard was ultimately defeated by a sacrifice of Gareth, who held him down while Gawain dealt the finishing blow.


Saber wields an ornamental Sword that lacks even a trace of magical energy, both it and its scabbard bearing striking similarities to Excalibur and Avalon, though crimson in color rather than blue. He possesses two Noble Phantasms, Excalibur and Rounds of Lionheart. Saber's version of Excalibur doesn't require him to use the sword, instead being able to use seemingly any object to launch the attack, with varying power. During his encounter with Lancer, Saber had displayed body strengthening magic which had increased his agility above Assassin's and Lancer's base stat. Saber was also able to destroy Lancer's bounded field in the forest upon approach. Both feats are attributed to Rounds of Lionheart, that allows him to utilize the abilities of seven other heroes closely tied to him, that also accompany him.

Lionheart (Rank A): A Skill the embodies the name Lionheart. The bravery not to fear anything, turned into a Skill. It invokes fear and wariness into enemies and raises the morale of allies.

Talented in Every Field (Rank A): From his stories of displaying talent in multiple fields, like martial arts, fine arts, and sexual affairs. He can do anything he practiced when he was alive at B Rank or higher, and learns faster than normal for matter he only just got started.

Godspeed (Rank A): The technical skills engraved in his Saint Graph from the extent of his marches and from his almost lightning speed on the battlefield. The longer the battle continues, the more his Agility stat increases.


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