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Saber Alter (セイバー・オルタ, Seibā Oruta?) is the Saber-class Servant of Sakura Matou in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night's Heaven's Feel route. She is a changed version of Saber after being consumed and blackened by the mud from the Shadow.

She is one of the Servants summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Saber's True Name is Artoria Pendragon (Alter), also known as Artoria Alter (アルトリア・オルタ, Arutoria Oruta?), and better known as Arthur Pendragon/King Arthur. In history, he/she is a different figure that may not have been known to others as possibly being the legendary King Arthur himself. Accompanied with her inversion, the holy sword Excalibur is also dyed in the attribute of evil, turning into a jet black sword. It seems that Excalibur, a sword gifted from the fairies, has the possibility of possessing both attributes of good and evil as well; there exists Vivian, the Fairy of the Lake who possesses the attribute of good, and Morgan, who exists as the antithesis to Vivian that possesses the attribute of evil. In addition, in Artoria Alter's Fate/Grand Order Interlude, Vortigern, who was criticized as the "look-alike of Vortigern, the late Vile King of ancient times" from a certain person (Servant), was a figure who usurped the throne of Britain and was the older brother of King Uther, the father of Arthur.[1]


Corrupted by Angra Mainyu, Artoria Alter is vastly different from her normal self. She is also called Black Saber (黒セイバー, Kuro Seibā?).

The results of her alteration is not only within Artoria Alter's interior but also extends to her outward appearance. The color of her skin becomes pale, and the pupil of her eyes that were at first concealed behind a black visor during the moment of her summoning becomes golden from her original green eye color as well.[1]

Because the armor she wears was dyed jet black and grew in weight due to changing into a heavier armor, its power has increased more than normally.[1][2]

  • In Fate/hollow ataraxia, she wears her casual clothes; a gothic dress called Alter Gothic Dress (オルタ・ゴシックドレス, Oruta Goshikku Doresu?).


A different aspect of the King of Knights devoted to cruelty, greatly unlike the case of the normal Artoria. She is referred to as Saber Alter.[1] A behavior without futility, a cold-hearted personality that makes Artoria seem like a different person, but if one is to carefully come into contact with her, they might notice that what lies at the basis is still the same.[2]

Artoria Alter's personality changes vastly from her normal self upon being corrupted by Angra Mainyu, but she cannot be called a villain. She is more of a dark hero who is still an idealist clinging to her own values even after being blackened.[5]

After taking in by the hatred of the curse, Artoria Alter comes to the realization that the duty of a hero is to be hated and ostracized, that a hero's only duty is to cut down foes using all their strength. She believes that she was prepared for such an outcome upon drawing Caliburn, and decides to entrust her blade to All the World's Evils. While she still takes her duty as king seriously, believing it is her obligation to those whose lives were lost because of her, she no longer believes in the ideals set for herself and her people. The end was concluded long ago, after all her prayers and glory vanished on the hill in Camlann.

While alive, Artoria did not fall into the path of evil even once, but she too had doubts, inner conflicts, hatred towards herself and grief towards the surroundings.[2] This figure, influenced by the curse of the Holy Grail, is someone that had such issues hidden within her raised to the surface and caused her "policy" to go inverse.[1][2]

Because a section of her character's attributes has been inverted, the basis of Artoria Alter's character speak words and display deeds like those of a "tyrant's", which is the exact opposite of her usual character, but there is no change in her goals and ideals themselves, and it seems she shows a bit of her original self as her feelings towards the people who are close to her have been left behind and intact, although barely.[1][2] The usual Artoria persisted in being chaste for the sake of her ideals, but this Artoria approves tyrannical rule for the sake of her ideals.[2]

Having been violated by the curse of the Holy Grail, this is a side of the King of Knights, a tyrant that persisted in being heartless. Maybe, the "ideal king" that King Arthur pursued was something like this after all.[2]

Maybe because her Magic Core goes outside the scale, but at any rate, Artoria Alter is a Servant that eats a lot. The dragon is a glutton.[2] In addition, even her food preferences, which could be regarded as her identity, have changed: she spits out cooking with courteous, elaborate, abstruse tastes as bad and chews down large quantities of junk food.[1][2] A new identity for Artoria who came into contact with the foundation of foreign cultures, as if food culture has become a Heroic Spirit. Concerning her who has an evil heart that is outside of the norm, meals become nothing but refreshing fuel, and it seems the manner of being able to eat food in a simple way is desirable for her.[1] Awful eating habits, but she herself seems greatly satisfied, so maybe this can be called a form of happiness.[2]

Concerning her motive on what to wish for on the Holy Grail and what rouses her to pursue it, it is no different from Artoria's. However, affirming her strength to the point of committing atrocities, she not only responds to the desires of a Master wishing for a strong Servant because of their objective to fight and save the world, but she responds to also do battle against the Master's more repulsive enemies and the more powerful adversaries, as well as to train the Master in improving their skills. Her methods surely differs, but her approach to guiding and understanding the Master is certainly Artoria Pendragon's. In addition, in the world of Fate/Grand Order, her existence as a Servant is separate from Artoria Pendragon's, and Artoria is no longer consumed by the blackening caused by the curse of the Holy Grail.[1]


Artoria Alter is mostly emotionless towards the situation of Shirou, Rin, and Sakura. While she seems to hold favor for Shirou and Rin coming out victorious, she is largely apathetic towards the entire situation. In the case of the battle going wrong, she doesn't care about the victor and can only hold a slight amount of pity towards those left alive. She feels a connection to Sakura as someone who has felt similar despair.

Artoria Series
An Artoria understands aspects of her self, but no matter how Artoria Alter looks at it, there are way too many of her. Secretly, she is shocked.[1]
The Heroic Spirits of the Round Table
It goes without saying. No matter where, seeing the troubled Agravain makes Artoria Alter laugh.[1]
Jeanne Alter
Views her as an interesting fellow. Though wicked, she is not very honest with her feelings. The root may be that unchanging Jeanne, but she rocks. "Kuku. That woman is the type that is quick to respond."[1]
Shirou Emiya
Artoria Alter holds no particular issues with fighting with Shirou, as she neither actively desires it nor is against it. She simply follows Sakura's orders without any deviation, so she will only attack when she is ordered. She does get angry when Shirou isn't putting his all into fighting her, going as far to ask if that is all she meant to him. She is pleased with his victory over her in Sparks Liner High, even urging him to kill her before she can regenerate, but quickly falls back into her apathetic state upon seeing the result of the battle on him. She simply states it is her victory, and compares him to all of her other enemies who had risked their lives and died meaninglessly.


Fate/stay nightEdit

Heaven's FeelEdit

  • Alter Saber in Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel (anime film)
  • Alter Saber meets her other self
  • Saber Alter finished off by Shirou

In the Heaven's Feel route, the first three days are the same as the Fate route, but the damage Saber receives from Berserker does not weigh heavily on Shirou's mind. After Saber gives her the explanation of the basics of the Holy Grail War, the topic of Illya and the Einzberns is brought up. Saber contemplates on explaining due to Shirou's confusion over Illya's hostility, instead telling Shirou to seek out the answers from Kotomine Kirei even though she wishes to have little contact with the priest. This line of conversation leads to the revelation of her connection to Kiritsugu in the previous war and her reason for disliking Kirei as a former enemy Master. Despite her dislike, she firmly believes Kirei is someone who will answer any questions clearly asked of him. As they head to the church, she suggests that Shirou not reveal the same Servant was summoned twice. After he comes back out after learning the answers, Shirou finds Saber's worried reaction funny, and also causes him to wish to reaffirm their contract as allies.

In the movie adaptation, Shirou isn't carried back home following the encounter with Berserker, instead he's lied on a park bench while he heals. Saber doesn't explain the basics of the war, only convincing Shirou not to endanger his life again. Shirou and Saber's visitation to the church occurs after their encounter with Rider, which follows their encounter with Berserker. There Shirou learns from Saber of her connection to Kiritsugu in the previous war, and Kiritsugu's role in said war from Kirei. After he comes back out learning the answers, Shirou and Saber properly introduce themselves, and affirm their contract as allies.

Shirou and Saber decide to patrol together at night, and then give a false explanation to Taiga and Sakura about why Saber is staying at the Emiya Residence. They begin their patrols that night, and Saber senses that someone is being drained by a Servant. They come upon Rider and Shinji Matou preying upon a woman for energy. Saber quickly engages and dispatches Rider easily, but Zouken Matou appears before they can deal with Shinji. Shirou is eventually appeased with Zouken taking charge of Shinji, although Saber is reluctant to let Shirou near him due to him being inhuman. Although she wishes to continue fighting, she stays her hand to help save the woman's life, and they bring her to the church for healing. As they discuss the situation, Shirou makes a clear resolution to end the war, and Saber says that she will never betray his trust.

In the movie adaptation, the encounter with Rider occurs after Shirou and Saber's encounter with Berserker while they're heading home. The woman that Rider is feeding on is Ayako Mitsuzuri. Saber doesn't say anything following Rider's defeat when Shinji is torturing Rider. She doesn't say anything about Zouken, only keeping Shirou away from him. After Shinji and Zouken leave, Shirou becomes curious about Illya's hostility, to which Saber responds that Kirei could provide the answers. Shirou decides to do just that as he carries the unconscious Ayako with him.

The next morning, Saber and Shirou argue about where she should sleep and him continuing to go to school normally despite the potential danger without her being able to be by his side due to being unable to enter spiritual form. After Shirou returns home, he finds Saber with Taiga, and the discussion of their sleeping arrangements leads to a misunderstanding. They continue their patrols that night, planning to check Ryuudou Temple due to information about a Master and Servant being there from Rin Tohsaka. Saber agrees with a direct attack, but they find little upon arriving at the mountain other than Saber briefly seeing the katana of the recently killed Assassin before it fades away. As they make their way into the temple, they find Caster standing over the body of Souichirou Kuzuki. Before Saber can charge, Shirou warns her of the ominous feeling he gets from Rule Breaker, but she attacks in anger after believing Caster to have killed her own Master. Caster then regains her composure and attacks Saber, only to be easily cut down as Saber negates her spells. They decide to contact Kotomine to heal the residents of the temple and return home for the night.

In the movie adaptation, Shirou and Saber do not investigate Ryuudou Temple until the movie's climax. As such Saber doesn't see Assassin's disappearing katana nor does she kill Caster as punishment for killing her own Master. The killing of both Kuzuki and Caster is instead done by True Assassin.

Shirou is left sick the next day due to Rider, as Sakura's Servant, using Breaker Gorgon on him and taking his energy.[4]

Fate/hollow ataraxiaEdit

Saber Alter appears in the prologue as a Servant of the Edelfelt sisters in the recreated Fifth Holy Grail War. She, along with the original Saber, kills both Bazett and Avenger.

Saber Alter appears again in a comedic scenario when Shirou plucks her ahoge in an attempt to find her Reverse Scale. After getting a new set of clothes from Rin, Saber eats a meal cooked by Shirou, but she spits it out, much to Shirou's great dismay. However, Saber Alter pleasantly eats the hamburgers made by Shirou at Rin's suggestion.

Fate/unlimited codesEdit


Saber Alter becomes Sakura's Servant.

Saber Alter is known as the Dark-Tainted Tyrant (闇に染まりし暴君, Yami ni Somarishi Bōkun?). Her story begins after Saber is corrupted by Dark Sakura, realizing that the hatred now corrupting her is the true form of the Holy Grail she was seeking. She decides to take up All the World's Evils, entrusting her blade to it. Sakura asks her how it feels to be reborn as her Servant, and Saber says that it feels like she has awoken from a very long dream, finally prepared to face the reality she had long since ignored. Sakura is surprised that someone of Saber's stature conforms to her so well. Saber believes that, as a king who believed in the ideals of her people and then sacrificed herself for those ideals, she is in the best position to truly understand despair. She decides to make her sword Sakura's own in order to sow the hopelessness she desires.

Saber Alter eventually encounters Shirou, telling him that she will destroy all who pass. She believes such a warning to be pointless considering that he would never simply walk away from the fight. He notes that Saber has yet to make a move to kill him, but she simply refutes that she will not attack until he steps before her. Upon taking his battle stance with Kanshou and Bakuya, she asks if he does not intend to copy her sword instead. Such things do not matter, as she is simply surprised that he has taken arms. Considering it to be an act of hostility, they battle with her coming out as the victor.


Saber Alter defeating her old self.

After having collected all the Servants within Sakura, she notes that Saber Alter has been draining twice the magical energy from her for some time. Saber Alter is confused, until her original personality manifests itself. She claims that she has not yet rid herself of her old self, and her old self claims that she is what she would have been like on the wrong path. Saber Alter believes that is twisted logic, and asks that even if she were to be defeated, would her old self be able to handle the fact that Shirou was killed by her own hands. She tells her old self that she will not remain, that she and her ideals will be given eternal despair.

Saber emerges victorious over her old self, and she tells the King of Knights not to cry, lest even she may tear up. Her old self asks how it could end as such, but she simply says that it is not the end. It had already concluded long ago, all of her prayers and glory vanishing on the hill in Camlann. As her old self fades, Saber Alter tells her to close her eyes before true despair, the birth of Angra Mainyu, presents itself to her. Saber Alter says to sleep soundly, for she is the light inside of her.

Fate/tiger Colosseum seriesEdit


Saber Alter's Ending

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYAEdit

Main article: Saber (Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA - 5HGW)

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Fuyuki: The Contaminated City in FlamesEdit

Artoria Alter is a Servant in the prologue "The Contaminated City in Flames" who is guarding the center of Fuyuki City's Greater Grail and has a strong link to it. She appears as a Heroic Spirit in Fate/Grand Order, and it seems that Artoria was cursed by the Holy Grail in this prologue.[1] She received a Holy Grail from Lev Lainur Flauros, and she tried to maintain this Singularity by restarting the Holy Grail War, thus bringing unnecessary trouble for Lev.[6] She fights Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight and is finally killed by Cu Chulainn.

Miss Almost Weekly Santa AlterEdit

As Santa Alter, she introduces herself to Ritsuka after they were transported to a snowy field, and explains that she wishes to deliver presents to all to express her daily gratitude. However, she has no reindeer to pull her sleigh so she can deliver the presents due to scaring the reindeer off by using Excalibur Morgan as a jet engine. Santa Alter then reveals that she summoned Ritsuka to the snowy field for purpose of making them her reindeer. After defeating a group of monsters, Santa Alter and Ritsuka sent off to deliver the presents.

As they towards their first destination, Santa Alter opens a letter from Darius, but the writing is too black and smeared for her to read it. Deciding that she'll figure out what present to give to Darius when she meets, Santa Alter and Ritsuka fly to their first delivery. Arriving at her destination, Santa Alter takes notice of The Phantom of the Opera and Lu Bu's lamentations, and decides to give them presents out of pity. Revealing herself to The Phantom and Lu Bu, she asks where Darius is, which causes Darius III, who she mistook for a candle tree, to call out to her. The Phantom, Lu Bu, and Darius prepare to attack her, with her taking the fight outside. After defeating them, Santa Alter asks if they learned their lesson, and then she proceeds to give out presents to all of them.

Flying to her next destination, Santa Alter reads aloud a letter from Marie that states she would like a present that you'll make her two friends stop fight with another. Chastising Marie for asking her for such an impossible present, Santa Alter says that Marie should picked out a present herself if she wished to bring her friends together. She then goes to tell the story of how she got two knights to stop fighting in public, but then she is confronted by Astolfo, who signals Marie Antoinette down below to fire at Santa Alter. Crash-landing after being shot down by Marie, she is threaten by Chevalier d'Eon, but she decides to fight them and Marie after considering both to be thieves. After defeating Marie and d'Eon, Santa Alter asks Marie is the same one that sent the letter, which Marie confirms. Seeing that the situation was a misunderstanding, she proceeds to hand out presents to Marie and d'Eon after asking d'Eon about French men's attire. After requesting d'Eon to give her their contact info, Santa Alter takes her leave, ignoring the eagerly waiting Astolfo. As she flies off, Santa Alter tells Astolfo that he doesn't get a present since he failed to help at Orleans, but she does throw an expired Halloween pumpkin at him.

Walking through a snowy field, Santa Alter states that her next delivery is for Jean Kay, who is currently living in a nearby cave due to her profession as a assassin. She is then asked by Ritsuka if she meant Jing Ke, to which she answers that she doesn't speak Chinese. She then asks Ritsuka if they hear a strange sound, which they decide to follow into the cave. Inside they find Saint Martha punching a sandbag as she complains about Christmas, and Ushiwakamaru talking of her past of giving grotesque gifts that no one wanted. Santa Alter then asks Martha about Jing Ke, but Martha tells her and Ritsuka to leave after having some warm soup. Refusing to do so, Santa Alter ask Ushiwakamaru, but Jing Ke comes out before Ushiwakamaru is able to answer. Finding Jing Ke to be drunk, Santa Alter and Ritsuka after told by Ushiwakamaru that Jing Ke started drinking after traumatic event ten days ago. Saddened that she couldn't arrive sooner, Santa Alter tries to deliver her presents, but she is attacked by Martha, Ushiwakamaru, and Jing Ke when she states that she's Santa Claus. After defeating them, she asks them to her about their issue with Santa Claus, and she is told that another Santa Claus confiscitated their belongings after they failed to pay for their presents. After expressing her grievance over their story, Santa Alter proceeds to give out presents to the three women. Surprised that another Santa Claus was able to deceive them, she proceeds to leave with Ritsuka for their next destination.

Leaving behind Ritsuka and her sleigh behind in the sky due to a storm, Santa Alter lands on a ship being occupied by EMIYA, David, and Robin Hood. She then decides to test David's strength to prove his claim of being most victorious king before handing out presents. After defeating David along with EMIYA and Robin, Santa Alter tells them that she came in response to a letter. Robin eventually reveals he sent the letter, for which Santa Alter tells him not to be embrassed as he has worked hard. After praising Robin for supporting his Master from the shadows, and criticizing EMIYA for spoiling his Master, she gives the presents to David and Robin. She then tells the group that their real present is being prepared elsewhere and will arrive soon before leaving. Returning to her sleigh, and Ritsuka, Santa Alter hears Elizabeth Báthory performing her concert for the three Archers. After being welcomed back by Ritsuka, she is shocked to see that the next letter is from Gilgamesh.

Arriving at Gilgamesh's house, Santa Alter thinks about him waiting for her arrival, but decides to return to her sleigh and take the night off. As she think about the food she and Ritsuka could eat on their day off, both of them are suddenly drawn towards Nursery Rhyme and Jack the Ripper. After hearing that the two brought her into their inner world due to their loneliness, Santa Alter believes them to be the spirits of young girls that died while ignorant of love, and believes that they gained a sense of self during Christmas due to their loneliness. She then says that she can't give them presents since neither of them wrote letters to Santa, and tells them that they should want something because they want it, not because of their loneliness. She then has the two of them fight her for their presents since they didn't write letters. However, even though she defeats them, Santa Alter decides to take pity on Nursery Rhyme and Jack by pretending that they defeated her in a exaggerated fashion. Congratulating them on their "victory", she proceeds to give several presents to Jack and Nursery Rhyme, calling them merely the spoils of their "victory". She then gives each of them their individual presents. She proceeds to leave, but is stopped by Jack, who thanks her with Nursery Rhyme. She is then told by both of them that another Santa Claus visited them before she arrived, but they left after telling them to wait for the real Santa. Returning to the sky, Santa Alter decides to punish the other Santa before delivering her last present.

Santa Alter soon confronts the other Santa, Julius Caesar, who proceeds to tell her and Ritsuka about how he deceived her previous deliveries due to them thinking he was Santa. After hearing his story, Santa Alter decides to kill Caesar for the sake of Santa Claus. After defeating him in battle, she proceeds to go finish him off, but Caesar is able to escape. With the matter of the other Santa resolved, Santa Alter goes to deliver her last present.

Heading towards her final delivery, Santa Alter states that the last letter is from an Alter Servant like her, who requested a board game everyone can have fun playing together. Arriving at the location, Santa Alter is confronted by Jeanne Alter, who proceeds to threaten Ritsuka for her defeat before. Santa Alter then says how shocked she saw that Jeanne Alter wrote a letter to Santa Claus, surprised by her wanting a present despite her hatred, and her easy-to-read handwriting since she can't write. After Jeanne Alter explains how she studied how to write, she asks why Santa Alter is calling herself Santa, and tells her to bring out the real Santa Claus. Santa Alter then tells how she has delivered many presents despite her not being a saint, and says that she originally started being Santa to throw Jeanne Alter's present in her face. Beliveing Santa Alter to be pranking her due to thinking that she's lonely, Jeanne Alter proceeds to show her that was been playing a board game with the anguished spirits of Pierre Cauchon. After seeing Jeanne Alter cheat at the game to regain first place, Santa Alter tells her that she'll make any friends nor becoming a Servant if she doesn't her repent her ways. However, Jeanne Alter says doesn't want to be a Servant, and that doesn't want anyone's help, especially Ritsuka's. Hearing her say this, Santa Alter decides to fight Jeanne Alter, who fights along with spirits of Pierre. After defeating her, Santa Alter states that Jeanne Alter won't change no matter how many times she loses, and that she must be defeated mentally. She then give Jeanne Alter her present, which makes Jeanne Alter resolve to build up her Spirit Origin and become a Servant before returning to purgatory with the spirits of Pierre. With her final delivery complete, Santa Alter thanks Ritsuka for their hard work, and then proceeds to grants them the chance to summon her.

Shinjuku Phantom Spirit Incident: Malignant Quarantined Demonic RealmEdit

Artoria Alter Arrives

Artoria Alter arriving on her motorcycle to help Ritsuka

During the Shinjuku Singularity, Artoria Alter acts as an ally to Ritsuka. She later uses Excalibur Morgan to completely destroy the asteroid that EMIYA failed to destroy with Unlimited Lost Works.

Dead Heat Summer Race! ~Ishtar Cup of Hopes and Dreams~Edit

Death Jail Summer Escape ~Medb's Great Bastille of Guilt and Despair~Edit


In her Interludes, while in the middle of conducting a training on her Master for their sake, facing a Servant that was possibly born because of the curse of the Holy Grail similarily like herself, and facing a Servant that was once called a former king similarily like herself, allowed Artoria Alter to picture her state of being and reaffirm her personal circumstances.[1]


Due to being blackened, Artoria's magic reactor has grown outside the scale, greatly increasing her Magical Energy consumption.[2] However, thanks to being Sakura's Servant, she has been provided with her enormous mana supply.[4] Whereas Artoria used to contain her own power, in this condition, she wields powerful magical energy without hesitation.[2] As such, her destructive power has also been increased, becoming a fearful being inflicting havoc and death upon the world. In a sense, Saber Alter is even more powerful than she was in life, and none can deny that she is the strongest servant.[4]

The disparity in strength between Saber Alter and the Saber prior to her darkening is such,[7] that she easily corners and overwhelms Heracles even in a direct battle without relying on her Noble Phantasm.[4][7] Although Berserker gains resistance to her attacks after being healed thanks to God Hand, Saber Alter is capable of killing him more times by increasing the power of her attacks with her Mana Burst skill to the point that each of them looks like a Noble Phantasm. The only time she invokes the True Name of her sword is at the end of their fight when her lips are shown muted.[7]

Due to her having lost "the protagonist’s compensation or the glimmer of the stars", a fight between Gilgamesh and her would be just a measure of their skills. Back when they were alive, both had extraordinary magical energy output, so it would be a measure of their firepower, where Gilgamesh would gain a slight advantage due to his "omnipotence and cunning". Should they fight as Servants, Saber Alter could win due to Gilgamesh not having any assistance from his Master as he usually fights relying only on his own power, regardless of his master being a first-rate or third-rate Mage. Gilgamesh could defeat her if his “Master’s charm as a human” is high.[7]

In exchange for her power having been increased more than normally, the armor she wears was dyed jet black and grew in weight changing into a heavier armor.[1][2] Due to this, it seems like her agility has decreased as a result.[2] Whereas Saber Alter overwhelms Medusa in technique, vitality, and magical energy, Medusa is able to fight her thanks to her superior speed and her Mystic Eyes. Even though they aren't able to petrify Saber due to her having greater magical energy, it still forces a great pressure on her, reducing her ability and stunning her, allowing Medusa to keep her occupied by using her full strength for over twelve minutes. Even in this weakened state, Saber Alter still overwhelms Rider, and no matter how quickly she leaps to attack her blind spots, Saber still deflects all of her attacks without suffering a single scratch or showing any fatigue.[8] 

Compared to her regular state's already superb regeneration, Artoria Alter's regeneration is bolstered by the almost infinite source of magical energy from Sakura, healing even fatal wounds in ten minutes and requiring the destruction of her head or heart for immediate death.[8]

Class SkillsEdit

Magic Resistance (B Rank): Due to being blackened, the rank of this skill is lower than its original value. Still, its rank is considerably high, as it nullifies spells at B rank (activated within three counts) or lower, and it is difficult to harm her even with high thaumaturgy.[4]
Riding (— Rank): In the maddened state while blackened, the loss of fine control makes it impossible for Saber Alter to ride beasts; rather, the mount cannot withstand it. Therefore, in reality, one can consider the Riding ability lost.[4]

Personal SkillsEdit


Saber Alter's Mana Burst

Mana Burst (A Rank): Both Saber's body and sword are always infused with the Magical Energy supplied by the Greater Grail.[4] By instantaneously releasing her magical energy, her abilities are increased in a similar manner to jet propulsion.[1][2] It engulfs her more powerful attacks and leaves a black trail behind her strikes. She can release a burst of black energy in varying sizes called Burst Air (バースト・エア, Bāsuto Ea?) that can either travel towards the opponent or rise high into the air. Its power is great enough to give Rider of Shinjuku a mortal wound.[9]
She can create solid energy in the form of a dragon's head to grab, bite, and throw the enemy with Tyrant Clap (タイラントクラップ, Tairanto Kurappu?), and she can strike at the enemy from afar by surging magical energy around her and attacking with several black tentacles of energy. Of course, the magical energy which is constantly consumed is also quite large, so her appetite has also grown compared to her normal counterpart in order to sustain herself.[1][4] Artoria herself possesses average physical strength, but she managed to defeat countless enemies by strengthening all actions with her excessive magical energy.[2] Her armor is also reinforced, granting more defensive ability than in her original state.[4]
Instinct (B Rank): In order to maintain her reason in this state, constant self-control is required. Due to her constantly suppressing her rage, her surroundings are neglected and Instinct is dulled. On the other hand, Artoria in this state may be rather more likely to take action due to her behavior being distanced away from that of a hero's.[1][4] Despite this skill having been ranked down, Saber Alter still possesses the ability to always "feel" the best course for oneself during combat.[1]
Charisma (E Rank): Saber Alter boasts the natural talent to command an army,[1] however, the rank of this skill is much lower than normal, as the magnificent king's charm which once inspired and captivated her soldiers is gone. It increases her leadership skills while significantly decreasing the morale of her troops.[4]

Noble PhantasmEdit

In this form, Artoria still wields Excalibur. Due to the nature of this Divine Construct as a “sword that amplifies”, when Saber was blackened, Excalibur blackened with her, becoming known as Excalibur Morgan.[10] In this state, the fact that it is the strongest holy sword does not change,[10] and it can be considered even more dangerous than its regular counterpart due to Artoria wielding it to her heart's content, without controlling her own magical energy.[2] Furthermore, thanks to the enormous mana supply granted by Sakura, Artoria can now invoke this Noble Phantasm without limit.[4]

Although Saber Alter considers Altera herself to be a disappointment, once Altera starts drawing all the mana in the atmosphere into her blade, Artoria acknowledges her Teardrop Photon Ray as a worthy foe. Despite that Noble Phantasm being capable of incinerating the world, Excalibur Morgan overpowers it, annihilating Altera.[11] In the Septem Singularity, after Altera had absorbed a Holy Grail and fired that Noble Phantasm, its tremendous magical energy reminded Mash of Excalibur Morgan.[12] When clashing with Bellerophon, Excalibur Morgan manages to offset ninety percent of Bellerophon in less than an instant. Saber's holy sword would have no trouble vaporizing Medusa's trump card, however, Shirou is able to aid her by making up for the difference with Rho Aias, barely gaining an edge in the confrontation of the Noble Phantasms. Thanks to their combined efforts, Saber is left deeply wounded, however, she still had some power left, and had Shirou not killed her right there with the Azoth Sword, Saber would have healed short after.[8] Despite boasting such power, Dr. Roman measures that the power output demonstrated by the Lion King when they first saw her in the Camelot Singularity is way beyond anything seen previously from Saber Alter.[13]

In this sate, Artoria doesn't even try to search for a utopia but instead pursues a more realistic common ground, understanding that no matter how much she pursues her ideals, all humans will eventually die in a meaningless way. As such, in the hypothetical case that Shirou gave Avalon to Saber Alter, she wouldn't be able to use it.[7]


She is blackened by the mud from the Holy Grail in the form of the Shadow, and she is incarnated by the power of the Grail to have more concrete ties to the physical plane. This makes her into a powerful being, and while Blackened Servants cannot return to spirit form,[4] Artoria never had that ability even as a regular Servant. She does gain the ability to travel quickly by sinking into the Shadow and moving elsewhere at Sakura's command. Due to no longer having to restrain her magical energy consumption, she has lost her limitations, causing her fighting ability and destructive power to jump significantly, comparative to a runaway train, but fine control is no longer possible for her.[4]

Forms and Alternate VersionsEdit

Santa AlterEdit

"Miss Almost Weekly Santa Alter" has appeared.[14]

Artoria Alter has a festival-themed form known as Santa Alter (サンタオルタ, Santa Oruta?) under the Rider-class as an Event Servant, the self-described "Evil Santa Claus that cleaves through the breath-freezing winter." A form taken by Artoria Alter, who resolved herself to wiping out her own image and attempted to carry out activities as the ally of children/Santa Claus. The sack she holds in her hand is packed with the best selection of presents that she spent a whole year saving up.[15]

Having "taken a fancy" to acting as Santa Claus, Santa Alter has decided to briefly take up the role and deliver gifts as a means of giving "thanks for the life I have." She carries with her a bag of presents containing Craft Essences that she collected, also doubling as a bludgeoning weapon in battle. The increase in her weight accounts for the weight of the presents.[15]

Although Santa Alter has changed into the Rider Class, it is not like there has been any dramatic changes. The lack of futility in her behavior and the cool-headed character are a close resemblance to Artoria Alter, but the admiration towards Santa Claus that lies at her root is making her a little more kind.[15]

The sleigh that Santa Alter rides on has been handmade by herself, named Llamrei II (ラムレイ二号, Ramurei Ni-gō?), and it is pulled by a couple of reindeers, but she has lost them after they were scared off upon her using Excalibur Morgan as a "jet engine" to reach the stratosphere. She claims that she can guide the sleigh on her own, but feels that she needs a reindeer to "capture the hearts of the children" and thus commandeers Ritsuka Fujimaru as her reindeer by means of forcibly summoning them as her Master. She boasts that the sleigh has been assembled from ash tree's wood while having a brave horse and a lion as an image, but - no matter how one looks at it - it seems like nothing but a hippopotamus.[15] For fuel, she uses magical energy from stockings, the "crystallized wishes for presents from the children", to travel around the world.

"At any rate, I feel like eating turkey." Because she has completely turned into Santa Claus, Artoria Alter's personality has changed in various ways.[15]


The state of Santa Alter's personality is that of Saber Alter's, but there is some degree of difficulty in being bestowed the post of Santa, and with that role in mind, her personality changed to being frank. As Santa, her dreams and ideals of scattering smiles and being merry has resulted in removing the permafrost-like ice of her heart. Nonetheless, it is good that there is no change in her Spartan doctrine, being unaffected and sincere, and imbued with fortitude and vigor. She runs about for the sake of giving presents to children, gifting punishments to bad children, but later on throwing presents to them after they become good children.[14]

Santa Alter gathers unconditional trust in the Master and tells them of an aspiration of playing an active role as Santa together. The thickness of that trust is the most important role in gaining an extremely harsh victory————to the extent that she entrusts them the role of reindeer, the central part of Llamrei II. And it goes without saying that the Master chosen as her reindeer will anticipate heavy labor extending over the length of one week. Although she is greatly pleased with herself as Santa, the Master should absolutely do not begin to speak of that. Because there is no need to praise her as Santa. If one says "You're a good Miss Santa", etc. to sympathize with her success, don't you agree that it would be the day the sled rises to the stratosphere?[14]


Elizabeth (Halloween)
An eyesore for she is the same festival Event Servant-type as Santa Alter. She'll make her a dragon steak for everyone.[14]
Santa Alter feels obliged because Christmas is said to be associated with getting somebody to do excessive work. Needless to say, the last present delivered is a crown for Asterios.[14]


Even as an Alter, she will wear a swimsuit. Because it's Summer. But due to some kind of belief, she has put aside the crown of the king, and dons a brilliant white crown - a white brim.[16]

Yes, as a maid.[16]

The King of Britain, Artoria Pendragon's other facet as an Alter, further awakened to another conviction. Welcoming Summer not as a sole tyrant, the high-spirited Artoria re-evaluates herself as a kind of service. Whatever she's saying makes sense, but it's a complete enigma as to why she's become this way. In order to allow the Master to enjoy a far more enjoyable Summer, she has chosen the path of the maid. As she intends to hide the fact that she is Artoria, her attire has many things as part of a disguise.[16]

Excalibur as a mop. Secace as a pistol. Her combat style like a militant's. Mowing down opponents with a mop, stopping their movements with a pistol, using grenades for an explosion.[16]

As a maid.[16]

(Although the person herself wont admit it, and hasn't realized it) Alter, who has succumbed to the summer mana, has changed into a swimsuit. "I am not one of those so-called swimsuit Servants. That is because, before the swimsuit, I am firstly a maid." I see, an irrefutable, sound argument. However, ever since she turned into a maid, her overly serious personality has become much stricter. She will never allow a depraved Master to escape her eyes, taking on the role as the Demonic Chief Maid.[16]

Alter joins the Ishtar Cup together with Nero. Their team name "Tyrant Shooting Star" is actually her idea. A fitting name for the miraculous team between the celebrated, selfish emperor and a tyrant maid. Her motive for entering the race is to prove herself as the strongest. She obviously seeks a (physical) reward, but that is a separate matter, and feels it's fine to win for the sake of the Master.[16]

Nero regards "all the other teams as rivals", but for Alter, there isn't "a team I definitely cannot lose to." Nero and Alter. Both of them don't accommodate each other's whims, but as Nero wants to actively participate and enjoy the race, and Alter is seeking both the prize and to disperse her violent urges (stress), they joined hands and entered the Ishtar Cup together.[16]

There is no real interest to unveil the hidden truth of the race. Because Alter is under the impression that she is being cheered on as the number one protagonist, she is in a relatively good mood. She doesn't really look that way on the outside though.[16]

Alter's approach to the race is "No holding back". Nero, who doesn't think ahead and has her foot on the accelerator, and Alter, who thinks ahead but still uses the Nitro. Nero prioritizes "Beauty and Speed", while Alter prioritizes "Simplicity and Speed". Half of their interests are misaligned, but because the other half are exactly the same, they actually get along really well.[16]

... Surely, this is a miraculous team?[16]

Alter's alignment became evil not because she doesn't regard herself well as a maid, but supposedly because of her own tactlessness in resorting to forceful methods to achieve her ideal service.[16]


Artoria Alter's Noble Phantasm is Secace Morgan (セクエンス・モルガン?). It is a combination of Excalibur and Secace, the short sword possessed by King Arthur that “can only be carried into mortal combats”. Secace takes the the shape of a small automatic pistol, transforming into an anti-material rifile when combined with Excalibur.[16]

Independent Action (単独行動?) is the ability to take action even in the absence of a Master. Artoria Alter acquired this Skill from the conviction that a maid’s service mentality ought to be free... spontaneous, and not coerced by anyone else. Due to obtaining this skill, her usual parameters have declined somewhat.[16]

Summer Sweeper! (サマー・スイーパー!?) is Mana Burst changed for a maid’s use. An expert of water-washing that rinses off anything. While increasing her own serviceability (attack power), she strictly coaches the entire party, increasing their morale.[16]

Coaching (コーチング?) is a Skill that represents Artoria Alter redressing a mistaken battle style through strict education and guidance. Since she is quite the spartan, those who are coached by her receive heavy damage.[16]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Takashi Takeuchi is the character illustrator for Artoria Pendragon (Alter).[1][2] Kinoko Nasu is the scenario writer for her character in Fate/Grand Order.[1]



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