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Saber Lily (セイバー・リリィ, Seibā Riryi?) is a Saber-class Servant introduced as an alternate form of Artoria in Fate/unlimited codes.

She is summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Saber's True Name is Artoria Pendragon (Lily), better known as Arthur Pendragon and King Arthur, a child born with the destiny to save the Isle of Britain, which was heading towards ruin due the fading of mystery. She is an "incarnation of the dragon", a red dragon who would protect Britain, created by the plan of the previous king, Uther, and the magus Merlin. As a result, her heart was replaced with a dragon's one, "Pendragon" (the last name used by Artoria's family)[2]

In this state, she is known as the Knight Princess (騎士姫, Kishi-hime?), who wielded Caliburn as an inexperienced knight that had had just began walking down the path of a king. To learn more about the world, Artoria traveled the land and engaged in many adventures. The people she saved in his time called her the Knight Princess for her brilliance and beauty.[2]

Her party during the country-wide tour was made up of herself, her step-brother, Sir Kay, and the attendant magus Merlin. Their adventures usually started with Artoria meddling in something or Merlin's humor getting out of hand. Kay would usually end up being the one trying to undo the damage the other two had caused.[2]


Saber Lily is often called White Saber (白セイバー, Shiro Seibā?). She is like an adorable lily and her eyes brim with shining hope.[2]


A girl-knight who is still somewhat inexperienced. She is a knight with a romantic, idyllic nature who practices daily in order to become the ideal king. Because of her inexperience, her girlishness has not been wiped away yet and her heart is filled with hopes and dreams. Although the training to become a king is harsh, she is happy as long as she can take care of the horses.[2]


Mysterious Heroine X
When Saber Lily is in danger, the Masked Britain Bishōnen gallantly appears. His identity is shrouded in mystery.[1]


Fate/unlimited codesEdit

Saber Lily appears as an unlockable costume for Saber. Unlike Saber Alter, who is a unique alternate character, Saber Lily is simply a costume that changes nothing else about the character. Unique from other alternate costumes, her name changes along with the costume, and although her artwork shows her wielding Caliburn, she still wields Excalibur in-game.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

SABER WARS – Lily’s Cosmic Training – The Caliburn AwakensEdit

Concerned that her Noble Phantasm hasn't improve despite all of her training, Artoria Lily tells Ritsuka and Mash that she's leaving, believing she'll only be a burden to Ritsuka. However, Ritsuka is able encourage her, and Mash decides that they will take Artoria Lily with them to train at their Rayshift. Later, the trio rayshift to seemingly peaceful Singularity, where Artoria Lily continues to train her swordsmanship. Mash tells her that her sword skills have nothing to do with her Noble Phantasm not improving, but rather that it's something else. Artoria Lily believes that is due to her lack of confidence due to the fact that she is the "if" version of the regular Artoria that existed between the time she drew Caliburn to the time she became King. Suddenly though, the three witness a ship crash, and while the others are concerned, Artoria Lily tells not to be since it is completely harmless. After Artoria Lily states strange incidents such as this one occur frequently for her, Mysterious Heroine X emerges from the ship. X then tells Artoria Lily that her attitude is pathetic and fainthearted, and prepares to fight her to show what a true Saber is. After the group defeats X, she compares to their fight to a warm-up exercise, and compares the group to preschoolers. However, the group notes her struggling during their fight, which X attributes to her holding back. X then introduces herself after being asked by Mash, claiming herself to be the Saber of Sabers, which amazes both Artoria Lily and Mash. X then decides to take Artoria Lily as her student due to her being unable to overlook her. Accepting X as her teacher, Artoria is told by X that she must three kinds of materials possessing mysterious powers spread across the world in order to repair X's ship, the Du Stallion II. Accepting the task, Artoria Lily along with the others are told by X that they must defend the ship from monsters and collect Artorium particles from them, which X will use to power up Artoria Lily.

After the group defeats some monsters attacking the ship, X explains Artorium is used to power her ship and its Spirit Origin Enhancement Device, Adam Kadmon, which will be used to physically enhance Artoria Lily. Blackbeard then suddenly appears along with a rather silent Gilles in order to both take X's ship parts and to take either Artoria Lily or Mash as his wife. After the group manages to defeat him, Blackbeard is tied up and compliments X's sword, which Artoria Lily agrees with. Blackbeard then offers to train Artoria Lily, telling her to use her Noble Phantasm on him. Agreeing to his offer, Artoria Lily cuts Blackbeard's bounds, and launches Caliburn at him. However, her lack of aiming causes her launch Caliburn at Blackbeard's crotch twice, which prompts him to give up "training" her.

The next day, Artoria Lily asks X about her origins, but X takes her question as her having an ulterior motive. However after Artoria Lily explains that she only wanted to thank X for helping her by making a popular dish from X's hometown, X explains that she is both from the future and the Servant Universe. Artoria Lily then asks X why she came from the future, wondering if she made a mistake a piloting her ship. But, X explains that she came to the present in order to save the future, which amazes Artoria Lily since X decided to train her despite her mission. Nero, Tamamo no Mae, and EMIYA then suddenly arrive, believing the group to be aliens due to X's spaceship. However, X instinctively attacks Nero when she tries to talk with the group, which prompts a battle between the two groups. After the group defeats Nero's group, Nero offers to be Artoria Lily's dueling partner, which Artoria Lily accepts. But, X doesn't Artoria Lily to do so, reprimanding her for being too lenient. EMIYA then stops X from fighting Nero, and then offers to train Artoria Lily, which she happily accepts.

After X quickly defeated Paracelsus, Okita Souji, Medea Medea Lily, and Siegfried when they came for her ship, Artoria Lily questions her actions since she could've reached an understanding with them if she talked with them. The group then begin talking about how it's possible for Artoria Lily may achieve her dream of becoming the ideal king due to her being an "if". However, Kintoki, Babbage and Tesla then arrive, but Artoria Lily asks them since the area is for sword training. However, her request is denied, and Kintoki explains that a mysterious voice told him that X's ship was a source of evil after picking a lens that fell from the sky. The group then decide to fight Kintoki's group with EMIYA asking Artoria Lily to show him the results of her training. The group is able them, but Babbage gives the group a vague warning regarding X's ship. This prompts everyone to question X's real intentions for coming to the era.

X explains that the reason the future is doomed due to the Saber class's value plummeting due to their overabundance in the future, which has caused an economic crisis in her universe. Now understanding X's reasons for instinctively attacking any Sabers she sees, Artoria Lily wonders if she should be destroyed since she's a cause of the over-saturation of Sabers that X spoke of. But, X explains that she must leave at least one Saber otherwise she wouldn't exist, and believes Artoria Lily to be that one. However, X suddenly attacked by Ultra Heroine Z, who is a paradox version of X to kill her after she fulfilled her mission in the past to kill all Sabers. Z then continues to reveal that she caused X's ship to crash and spread its parts across the world. After X collapses, Z moves to kill Artoria Lily, which prompts the group to fight her. After some fighting, Z asks Artoria Lily asks she is protecting X since she seeks destroy all Sabers, and says that X was only deceiving her to repair her ship. Z then tries to get her to kill X while she's still unconscious, but Artoria Lily refuses and explains that Ritsuka and Mash were repairing the ship since she's can't do so. She continues to say that X saw that she was of no consequence, yet decided to help train and grow stronger. Exclaiming that she'll always be X's ally regardless of her goal, Artoria Lily states that her sword shines to protect those she loves as she prepares to fight Z. However, Z uses her Saber Infinite Hells Ninja Art to create seemingly infinite copies of herself that don't decrease no matter how many Artoria Lily cuts down. However, with the others supporting her, she is eventually able to defeat Z. Soon afterwards, X awakens from unconsciousness, and thanks Artoria Lily for saving her. X then admits that she was deceiving her the whole time, but Artoria Lily wishes to continue her training since X believed in her. Taken aback by her innocence and kindness, X decides to postpone her mission to continue Artoria Lily's training.


In her interlude Sword of a Young Flower (花の少女剣士, Hana no Shōjo Kenshi?), she happily wanders Marseille with Ritsuka and Mash, though she is depressed that England and France are at war during this time. Her innocence reminds everyone of the contrast between her and Saber Alter, which concerns Artoria as a future self she wants to avoid with Ritsuka's help. After being asked by Romani, she reveals that her feminine clothing is the result of Merlin's suggestion to wear them to hide her identity. The town gate is then suddenly attacked, which Artoria and Mash go to defend. After defeating the attackers, She is depressed that the townspeople have closed the gates behind them, but Romani tells her not to blame people, which Artoria agrees with. She is happy though that she can help Ritsuka, and believes that she'll be able to continue to fight for ideals if she stays with them.

Other appearancesEdit

  • Saber 4~8.
  • Illya Install Saber class card.

In Chibichuki!, Saber Lily is part of the Saber 4~8 (セイバー4~8, Seibā 4~8?).

When Illya installs Saber Class Card in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, she wore Saber Lily armor instead of the original.


Saber Lily is still somewhat "half-assed" when comparing it to her grown counterpart. However, thanks to possessing the heart of a dragon, which belongs to the top-ranks of the Phantasmal Species, the amount of Magical energy she can generate inside her body overwhelms other Heroic Spirits.[2]

When Saber Lily is in danger, the Masked Britain Bishounen gallantly appears. His identity is shrouded in mystery.[1]

Class SkillsEdit

Magic Resistance (Rank B): Negates magecraft of B Rank or below regardless of the kind of High Thaumaturgy. Even though she has the "heart of a dragon" inside of her, it has not yet fully awakened. Because of this, this skill is one rank below the grown Artoria.[1]
Riding (C Rank): Can flawlessly ride those that received proper training, adjustment.[1]

Personal SkillsEdit

Journey of the Flowers (EX Rank): A blessing (Gift) towards the girl-knight who began walking on the path to be a king. Her traveling is filled with hope, making the hearts of those who fight along with her more proactive.[1]
Instinct (B Rank): The ability to always "grasp" the most suitable strategy during battle. Her sharpened sixth sense is already close to seeing premonitions of the future. Hindrances that interfere with her senses of sight and hearing are reduced by half. This good intuition occasionally has drawbacks. Since her intuition lets her understand the troubles of strangers, she unconsciously ends up giving a helping hand to each new person she meets.[1][2]
Mana Burst (A Rank): This transfers magical energy into one's weapon and body, and by releasing the magical energy instantaneously, it increases one's ability.[1]

Noble PhantasmEdit

Her Noble Phantasm is Caliburn. Originally a sword for the sake of selecting the king. Its "Anti-Unit" classification does not refer to the enemy but instead points to the one who shall have ownership over it from now on. When the owner turns into a proper, perfected king, its power will become appropriate for a holy sword.[1][2] Although inferior to Excalibur, this holy sword also converts the magic energy of the owner into heat value, releasing it as particles of light.[1] If this is employed in battle as a weapon, and its True Name is released, firepower on the same scale as Excalibur will be displayed, but its blade will probably be unable to withstand Altria's magical energy and break.[2]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

First appearing in Fate/unlimited codes as an alternate costume, Saber Lily was designed by Takashi Takeuchi as another form of the King of Knights with an "emphasis on her girlishness." In contrast to the blackened Saber Alter, she is called the pure and sweet "Princess of Knights" who is shown to carry Caliburn rather than Excalibur. Her design was inspired by the dress Caster placed on Saber after she was captured during Unlimited Blade Works. The design was filled with the feminine qualities that Saber lacks, and "Lily" in her name refers to her skirt being designed to resemble the petals of a lily flower. She originally had no background information within unlimited codes or other side materials, but Nasu Kinoko and Gen Urobuchi joked about her being a version of Saber fully tamed by Caster during a discussion.[3]



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