Saber Lion (セイバーライオン, Seibā Raion?) is a parody version of Saber who acts as the mascot for the Fate/tiger colosseum series.



Saber Lion is an alternate version of Saber brought forth from another world by the Holy Tiger Grail.



Saber Lion is identical to Saber with the exception of her wearing a cartoonish male lion costume.


Although cognizant and able to articulate herself, she is only able to growl "Gao!", the Japanese onomatopoeia for a lion's roar, to speak. Her words are translated in parenthesis.


Fate/tiger colosseum seriesEdit

  • Saber's ending
  • Saber Lion's Ending

Saber Lion is Saber's third costume in Fate/tiger colosseum and appears in Saber's arcade mode. Saber Lion is brought forth during Saber's arcade mode in Fate/tiger colosseum as Taiga Fujimura's last trump card against Saber trying to destroy her Holy Tiger Grail. Using power "like the five Magics combined", she "creates" another Saber instantly, announcing that Saber Lion will be dining at the Emiya household the next morning. Saber vows to destroy the Grail, challenging Saber Lion to the final match. Saber Lion is defeated, and before Taiga can bring forth a Metal Saber, Saber destroys the Grail. Sitting peacefully at the breakfast table the next day, Saber discusses the meal with Taiga, asking Shirou for seconds. Saber Lion also wants more as well, shocking everyone with her presence.

In Fate/tiger colosseum Upper, Saber Lion is a playable character and a different character from Saber.

Other AppearancesEdit

In Chibichuki!, Saber Lion is part of the Saber 4~8 (セイバー4~8, Seibā 4~8?).

Saber Lion was shown in a nature documentary called King of the Wild (野生の王者, Yasei no Ōja?) in Carnival Phantasm. Berserker threw Lancer to feed Saber Lion. In Final Dead Lancer, Lancer befriends Saber Lion to avoid being eaten.

She makes a cameo appearance as a chariot, in the fourth episode of Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei Herz!.


Saber Lion can wield both Excalibur and Meatcalibur (ニクスカリバー, Nikusukaribā?), a cartoonish chunk of meat on a bone able to fire an attack like Excalibur.




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