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Saber of "Red" ("赤"のセイバー, "Aka" no Seibā?) is the Saber-class Servant of Kairi Sisigou of the Red Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha.

She is able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.

She is also known as Mo-san (モーさん, Mō-san?) in Koha-Ace.[7]



Saber's True Name is Mordred (モードレッド, Modoreddo?), The Knight of Treachery (叛逆の騎士, Hangyaku no Kishi?), and the "son" of King Arthur, but she is actually female despite being raised as the secret male heir to the throne.[6] She became known as a "rare villain" who managed to tarnish a glorious legend at the end of her life.

She was conceived between Artoria and her sister, Morgan le Fay, through unorthodox circumstances. Artoria, normally female, was a pseudo-male at the time due to Merlin's magecraft, so Morgan enchanted her with a spell to extract sperm from her. Morgan developed it within her own ovary, and made the child into a homunculus clone of Artoria. Due to her status as a homunculus, she was given a much faster growth period than a regular human being, and her life span was far shorter.[4] She was raised in secret and told to hide her status and obey the king until the time was right.[8]

Told that it is her right to inherit the throne, Morgan bid her to one day defeat the King of Knights and take "his" place. She did bear that same obsession as her mother, but before all that was her adoration for King Arthur. She felt ashamed of her twisted birth, unconsciously acting jealous of normal people, and, with the special innocence that children possess, she worshipped the "perfect king." Given a helmet she was told never to remove in front of others, she was eventually sent to Camelot under Morgan's recommendation, and through a presentation of her own superb swordsmanship, became one of the Knights of the Round Table. She was given her sword despite her unknown origins because of her abilities and straightforward mental chivalry.

She protected the way of the knights much like that which could only be found in picture books, working hard daily in being the ideal knight, all while hiding her dislike of others. In the end, even that innocence was shattered by Morgan, who revealed the secrets of her birth. She learned of her parentage and was told that the King didn't know either. Morgan tried to instill that the King would never accept such a filthy child, but she was, while shocked, wrapped in joy. While not a proper human being, sharing the same blood as the King, being the "son" of a superior king, she was proud of the fact that she was not human. She felt that in name, reality, mind, and body that she was fit to be the true successor of the King of Knights.

She went without having the slightest feelings of rebellion, spurred on by the truth, and approached the King with delight. Raised without a father, the King was the very form of a godlike "father" to her, but Artoria rejected her very clearly. She said that, while Mordred is certainly born from her and her sister's plotting, that she will not recognize Mordred as her "son" or give her the throne. Mordred believed that it was all due to the King's hatred for Morgan, that it would be impossible for her "son" to be accepted. Thinking that was the reason her title was the weakest, believing that no matter how hard she tried, even if she excelled over everyone, that the King would forever view her as a dirtied child from the moment she was born from Morgan, her great love for the king up until then made her hatred burn.

Resulting from that, the distrust of the Round Table towards the King spread, and the reigns of power in Camelot were seized once the King departed for the Rome expedition. Mordred became the leader of the rebellion, representing the national discontent towards Arthur. After the King finally returned from a long and tiresome battle, Mordred raged, claiming that she hated the King and that only she was fit for the throne. The truth of the matter was that she only wanted to be accepted by Artoria and wanted to be called "son" by her. The conflict eventually led towards a final fight, the Battle of Camlann, where both armies were dying in heated battle. The few knights that stayed with the King soon died off, leaving only the two of them standing.

  • The final conflict between Artoria and Mordred.
  • Mordred reaching out to Artoria.
  • Who Am I? (私は誰だ??)

The two faced each other on a hill of swords in the middle of a blazing battlefield, where Mordred pointed out that the country had ended and that the victor no longer mattered because everything was gone. Blaming the situation on the King for not giving her the crown, she asked if the King hated the "son of Morgan" that much. Artoria emotionlessly replied, "Not once did I despise you. There was only one reason I would not give you the throne. You didn't have the capacity of a King." Mordred charged forward while driven on by passion, and was eventually defeated in single combat, collapsing while still pierced by the holy spear Rhongomyniad. Freed of the mask forced upon her, with a face identical to her "father", she said "....Father", all while reaching out to touch the King with blood-soaked hands at least once, but was not even granted that wish as she fell.[9] Due to being bound by a strong curse, Mordred still swung her sword after her death, leaving a fatal wound on Artoria who later died of her wounds.[10]


Saber is small in stature, covered completely in thick armor that entirely wraps her small frame. The single mass of steel and her face-covering helm conceal both her race and gender, so those seeing her face are often surprised by her being female. She needs to remove her helm to use her Noble Phantasm, so she cannot help revealing her appearance when utilizing it. Though she has the face of a young girl, Kairi also sees the possibility of her being male when first seeing her face.

Due to only having her armor, she cannot remain materialized in public without modern clothing. In Sighisoara, Kairi buys her a tube top that exposes her abdomen and a crimson leather jacket. While not providing enough coverage for the cold autumn season, her status as a Servant makes weather a non-issue for her.


Saber is extremely prideful and haughty, boasting herself to be equal or better than her father in the ways of ruling and swordsmanship, and believes only her status as the child of Morgan caused her to be rejected. Rather than simply wish on the Grail to become king, she instead wishes to use it to challenge the sword of appointment as a method of proving kingship that even her father could not deny. She does not even think of failure, boasting overpowering words from a clear and unclouded voice that shows dignity befitting of a king. She abhors any discussion of her gender, displaying clear killing intent even towards her own Master. She says with no uncertainty that the topic is never to be brought up before her. She does not display any issue in wearing clothing that shows off her body.

Kairi is unable to determine her true thoughts about her father, believing them to be on the thin line between love and hate. He feels that she was certainly greatly influenced by her father, leading to the rebellion. He cannot tell if it was out of wishing to become more like her father or to deny the way of the king or whether it was right or wrong, but considers it to have been a courageous act either way. She is seen in history as the antagonist who deceived the legendary King of Knights, whose name remains carved in Britain even in modern times. He feels that the one who attempted rebellion with the King's men is more interesting than Arthur, the "very manifestation of chivalry."

While she has the face of a fair, young girl, that does nothing to hide her brutal nature. She is filled with pure rage over the events of her life, and she does not bother to conceal it in the first place. She can be likened to a Berserker during battle, her glaring eyes displaying a mix of joy for battle and cruelty. While Noble Phantasms are normally a source of pride, hers, crowned with the name of her father, it is closer to a sort of grudge. While there were many Knights of the Round Table who were divided into allies and enemies towards the end of their country, it had been a place of lively discussion for them all. It was not by design that those events had transpired, so it would be odd for most of them to hate it. Saber, who rebelled against the king, is likely the only one to revile it, hating it with such a passion that even a shard of it brings out rage in her.

Due to their affinity with each other, she is able to get along well with her Master, and he believes they are very alike in their over-abundance of confidence. Used to the eccentricities of magi from being with her mother, she still manages to find displeasure with his morbid tastes as a necromancer, but can do little to argue with him about them. As being in spiritual form makes her feel uneasy, claiming that she cannot calm herself without having her feet firmly planted on the ground, he agrees to buy her clothing. She is only used to wearing her uncomfortable armor, so she feels much more free without having to wear it.

Saber both envied and despised humans due in part to her short lifespan as a homunculus. She compares humans to livestock whose only saving grace is their ability to speak. Slighty intelligent beasts that can become either good or bad depending on the situation, who abandon all manners and virtue when faced with poverty. She hates how humans uphold grudges while also forgetting their debts to others. They'll do good deeds when it's convenient, but overlook great evil when it's too troublesome to them. They act out selfishness, and if they fail, they'll blame it something else besides themselves. Saber doesn't consider humans worth protecting, not caring for neither those who followed in her rebellion against King Arthur nor those who remained loyal. She found her followers foolish for claiming she was more human than the cold and rational King Arthur, as she only care for herself. She found them strange for praising her as the opposite of the inhuman King Arthur, who tried to save as many lives as possible, even though she thought nothing of saving anyone. It was vexing to her that others thought she rebelled for their sake, when she only rebelled for her own. She also found it vexing that her followers would abandon King Arthur who was fully devoted to them.


Mordred initially admired Artoria for being the "perfect King," and sought to defend the King's name from slander. Upon discovering that Artoria was her father, Mordred was elated. However, Mordred was rejected by Artoria, sparking an intense rage Mordred herself misinterpreted as a desire to steal the throne from Artoria out of hatred, when in reality, Mordred had been deeply hurt by the rejection and she only sought the throne to free her father of the burden of kingship.
Artoria Lily



The First Stages of the Great Holy Grail WarEdit

Kairi Sisigou summons Saber of Red around the same time as the Black Faction summons their Servants, with a shard of the Round Table. After she is summoned, they banter a bit until Kairi asks about her true name. As she is wearing her helmet, Secret of Pedigree, he cannot see her statistics clearly even though he is her Master. After she removes it, his clear shock at her being female causes him to remark on it, earning a murderous gaze from her. He promises to never again bring it up, moving back on the topic of her identity. She is confused because he should know from having called for her, but learns that it was a shard of the Round Table that was used. Her regained mood once again gone, she slashes it apart and stomps on it with pure anger towards it in her voice.

This act allows Kairi to deduce her identity, causing her to feel some shame at it being discovered from such actions. They discuss her rebellion in life, which she speaks of with great rage and animosity. As she speaks of her wish, to attempt to draw the sword of selection from the stone, Kairi sees the flaw in that it is not guaranteed even with her bloodline that she will be able to draw the sword, but the certainty in her words causes him to think that she may even be able to easily draw it out. Saber then immediately decides that it is time for them to act, and as Kairi attempts to dissuade her from acting without knowledge, they are given a message from one of Assassin of Red's doves to arrange a meeting.[11]

Meeting Shirou KotomineEdit

As they proceed towards the church in Sighisoara, Saber brings up the topic of clothing to wear in public, surprising her Master at the unexpectedness of the request, and he agrees to purchase them after the meeting. Arriving at the arranged time of nine in the morning, they are greeted by Shirou Kotomine, and though Saber cannot sense other Servants, she warns Kairi that she has a bad feeling about the situation. As Kairi and Shirou introduce themselves, Shirou asks for Saber to be materialized and, although Kairi is a bit wary she appears. However, due to her Secret of Pedigree, Shirou is surprised when he cannot tell her statistics using his secret Ruler-class abilities.

After Shirou has Assassin materialize, Saber is angered at her presence, thinking her to be a "foul hag." As they talk about the other strong Servants of the Red Faction, Saber briefly wonders about the possibility of one of them being her father, although Kairi dismisses this. She is annoyed by Shirou requesting her true name to be revealed, but notes that Assassin's laughter bothers her even more and is pleased when her Master refuses. As they leave, she cannot sense any followers, and compares Assassin's treacherousness to that of her mother. Pleased with the personality of her Master in not placing a price on possible trickery and deceit, she claims that facing all of the Servants alone is nothing for her who was the only knight to surpass her father.

Kairi buys her clothing before they depart to Trifas, allowing her to stay materialized. Upon arriving at the location for his workshop, she is disparaged to find it to be catacombs. Although she tries to argue, saying that even if she had not been a knight that the location is unsuitable for anyone, he simply passes it off by giving her the better of their two sleeping bags. Conceding that it is a suitable location despite it being a tomb, she watches as he begins to process his hydra into a poison. Disinterested in the process, she asks about his wish for the Grail, which is to continue his dying family's bloodline. She finds his answer to be boring, but is somewhat upset when he brings up that sons look to succeed the dreams of their fathers.

Going to sleep, Kairi muses over her past and becomes slightly depressed upon seeing that she has the face of an innocent child as she sleeps. Upon searching for a suitable vantage point to scout the Black Faction's fortress, they trip a detection field and become attacked by Caster of Black's golems and homunculi. Saber easily destroys golems while Kairi fights the homunculi. Impressed with his abilities, they examine the remains of the golems, getting some idea as to their maker and a possible identity. They decide to retreat for the moment, and though they had been watched, Secret of Pedigree protected her identity.[12]

First Battle with Assassin of BlackEdit

Saber and Kairi later hear from the Mage's Association of murders that have been happening in the nearby area, possibly relating to the War. They decide to search the matter, going out of the catacombs and waiting for the night to arrive. They then wander through the town, until they notice a spreading magical fog that poisons those who enter it. This is revealed to be a Noble Phantasm of Assassin of Black, who is responsible for the murders, and who Saber then promptly attacks. Assasin is capable of evading most of Saber's blows, until Saber destroys the fog with her sword and Mana Bursts. As they are about to clash, their battle is stopped by an arrow of Archer of Black, who, along with his Master, is also there to search the murders. While Assassin of Black retreats, Saber directly attacks Archer, while her Master fights Archer's Master, Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia. Although Archer manages to fight on par with Saber, he and his Master decide to retreat, with Saber and Kairi going back to their catacombs shortly afterward.[13]

Strike on the Yggdmillenia CastleEdit

Saber and Kairi appear again during the first large battle between the Red and Black Factions. They arrive to the battlefield later than the other Masters and Servants, encountering the injured Rider of Black. While Kairi retreats to a safer location, Saber fights Rider, who she easily overwhelms. Surprisingly, she is then attacked by a homunculus, Sieg, who wants to protect Rider. While Saber deals with him easily, she is then attacked by yet another opponent, Berserker of Black. Berserker is unable to match Saber, whose skills surpass her. However, she then activates her Noble Phantasms, Blasted Tree, a suicide attack that creates a giant burst of energy, that is further strengthened by Berserker's Master's Command Spells. Saber, however, survives, thanks to Kairi using a Command Spell of his own to mitigate the damage. Sieg then faces Saber again, this time transforming into the form of Saber of Black. The two Sabers then clash fairly equally, with Saber of Red gaining a minor upperhand.

  • The two Saber clashing.

They both clash with their Noble Phantasms, Balmung and Clarent Blood Arthur, with Saber of Red overpowering Sieg's attack, though the latter does survive. Sieg eventually returns to his normal form, but before Saber of Red can finish him, the battle is interrupted by the rampaging Berserker of Red.[14] Saber later appears on the battlefield again, killing Rider of Black's Master, Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia, who tried to force him into killing Sieg. Saber then enters the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, controlled by Assassin of Red, where she barges in on a meeting of the Servants with Shirou Kotomine, that is turning into a battle between those that agree with him and those that don't. Saber helps Ruler and Archer of Black to escape, fleeing the Gardens.[15]

Alliance with the Black FactionEdit

  • The Black Fraction working together against Adam.
  • Mordred and Saber unleashing their Noble Phantasm.
  • Saber of Red and Sieg and Rider of Black.
  • Saber of Red and Kairi driving a car.

Saber is called by Ruler to help the Black Faction against the treacherous Caster of Black's Noble Phantasm, Golem Keter Malkuth. Saber agrees to help them, on the condition of Ruler lending one of her Command Spells to Saber and her Master. Saber of Red, along with Sieg manage to destroy the giant golem by attacking together with their Noble Phantasms.[15] Saber and Kairi then participate in a meeting between them, the Black Faction and Ruler, where they decide to unite against Shirou. Saber and Kairi, however, actually plan to take the Grail for themselves once the opportunity presents itself.

The Final BattleEdit

  • Saber and Kairi last moment together.

Saber and Kairi participate in the final battle between the Black and Red Factions, entering the Hanging Gardens with a fighter jet. As planned, they confront Assassin of Red in her throne room, where Saber engages her. However, Assassin manages to gain the advantage, by keeping Saber out of distance with her many magic attacks and summoned beasts, managing to even block her Noble Phantasms. As Saber is about to be overtaken by Assassin's poisons, she has a moment of realization about her wish, realizing that she doesn't actually want to take her father's place, but instead simply wants happiness for him.

Kairi manages to counteract Assassin's poisons with an antidote made from the hydra's venom, though he is mortally wounded in the process. This gives the Saber the opportunity to attack Assassin, strengthened by her Master's Command Spell, managing to deal Assassin a seemingly fatal blow. Saber and Kairi then sit down in the broken throne room, with Kairi being only moments from death. Like Saber, he also is revealed to have a different wish, to have back the daughter he lost. In their last moments, they smoke cigarettes, with Saber fading away after Kairi succumbs to his wound.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

London: The Death World in the City of Demonic FogEdit

Mordred manifests from the "Demonic Fog" surrounding London. She quickly forms a partnership with Henry Jekyll to dissolve the fog and find out the ones behind it. Mordred encounters Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight directly after they arrive in the Singularity. She initially ignores them, until she sees them defeating Jack the Ripper, causing her to introduce them to Jekyll.

Mordred then continues to assist Ritsuka and Mash throughout the Singularity, helping them defeat Mephistopheles, Nursery Rhyme and Jack. They also fight the leaders of the "Project Demonic Fog", "M", "B" and "P", as well as Nikola Tesla and Artoria Alter. Mordred also participates in the final battle against Solomon, the one behind the whole Singularity. She is almost killed by him but saved thanks to the intervention of Andersen. After the Singularity has been neutralized, she says goodbye to Ritsuka and Mash as they leave.


Mordred, along with the other Knights of the Round Table, is summoned by the Lion King in the "Camelot" Singularity. The Lion King gives the knights the choice to either assist her in her "Holy Selection" or side against her, giving them half a day to decide. Mordred was one of the knights that chose to side with her. She, along with Gawain, Lancelot, Agravain, Tristan, and Gareth, kills the other knights that side against the Lion King, forming the Knights of the Lion King. The Lion King also gives each of them a Gift, with Mordred receiving the Gift of "Rampage", which she did not ask for but still received.

The knights then set out for the Holy Land, killing anyone there that opposed them. They engaged the False Crusaders, who they easily defeated, with the exception of their leader, a Servant claiming to be Richard I. He possesses immense power, enough to fight equally with the knights. Finally, Gareth sacrifices herself by restraining the opponent with her own body, giving the Knights a chance to finish the battle. Mordred rages, attempting to stop her and saying that they could win without sacrifices. However, Gawain deals the final blow, cutting down both Gareth and their opponent. The Holy Land thus falls into the hands of the Lion King and her knights, who establish the Holy City.[16]

Camelot: The Sacred Round Table RealmEdit

Unlike the other knights, Mordred is not allowed to stay in the Holy City, Lion King forbidding citizenship from her. Mordred, however, is not offended, only wishing to serve the Lion King. It should be noted, that this incarnation of Mordred has no memories of Ritsuka or Mash, getting easily annoyed by their fondness for her due to her previous summoning in London.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Mordred is amongst the "London" Singularity Servants assisting Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[17]

Chaldea Summer Memories ~Soothing White Beach~Edit

Chaldea Heat Odyssey ~Evolving Civilization~Edit


In her interlude King of Kings, Mordred coerces Ritsuka and Mash to go to London with her. Once there she tells them that she sensed something unusual happening in the city, though she is unsure what it could be. After slaying some ghosts, Mordred becomes worried about her sword, Clarent, being dulled, which she attributes to her stealing it in life. Suddenly Romani Archaman tells the group he detected a nearby Shadow Servant, and the group go to specified coordinates. There they encounter the Shadow Servant, who asks who Mordred is. After she names herself, the "Servant" claims he is a king, and announces he will kill Mordred and create a new nation. Mordred refutes the Shadow Servant's claims of being a king, saying that only who name themselves king is King Arthur and only she can oppose the king. After the group defeat the Shadow Servant, Mash realizes he was a nameless king who neither carved his name in history nor achieved any noble feats. She continues that his memory of being a king caused him to wander as a phantom. Then, Back at Chaldea, Mordred visits Ritsuka in their room, and asks them if they think she could be a king. Upon hearing Ritsuka's answer, Mordred states how she thought she was to be king but was rejected by her father, King Arthur. Repeating her father's words that she didn't have what it took to be king, she states how she couldn't accept those words in even death. Mordred continues she thought King Arthur hated her as the progeny of his older sister, Morgan le Fay, and reveals she gave up becoming king long ago. She goes on to say how since ancient times kings have always been egotistical and selfish people that became king out of greed. Mordred continues that said kings had others join them using their charisma. She then states that King Arthur was unlike those kings as he sacrificed his own life so that many could smile. Believing her father's will was both noble and just compared to any other king, Mordred states for that very reason she will not lose against Solomon. She then asks Ritsuka not to tell anyone what she just said and leaves the room.

Other appearancesEdit

  • Fate/Zero 1st season ending credits.
  • Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] 2nd season ending credits.
  • Mordred cameo appearance in episode 19 of Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works].
  • Tmitter 2015

Mordred was briefly mentioned in the visual novel of Fate/stay night. She appears in a flashback to Saber's past in Studio Deen anime adaptation in episode 21. In the Ufotable adaptation of Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works], Mordred appears briefly in the second season ending credits and in episode 19 with her Fate/Apocrypha design.

Mordred made a brief appearance in the first season ending credits of Fate/Zero. The Ufotable anime adaptation portrays Mordred being impaled by Saber's spear in a brutal battle.

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, her TMitter user account is @tmtt15_mordred. She went to Akihabara to purchase Heroic Spirit Sebanyan (セバニャン?) goods.


Crimson Lightning

Saber using Crimson Lightning

Saber is an exceptional Servant befitting her class, taking a large amount of energy as payment for her great strength. She possesses Mana Burst like her "father", allowing her to release magic energy carried in one's arms or one's flesh to move with sudden speed or strength. She displays the ability to jump to the top of a building with a single leap, the force of her jumping is great enough to blow away a multitude of warriors and pulverize a battle tank with ease, and her augmented physical strength is enough to overwhelm fighters of much greater stature. She can remove her helmet to use an attack called Crimson Lightning, where she unleashes all her mana stored in her sword as crimson colored lightning.[18]

Saber's Noble Phantasms are Secret of Pedigree, her helmet that conceals her true name, Noble Phantasms, and Personal Skills, and Clarent, her silver sword capable of an Anti-Army attack, Clarent Blood Arthur. She does not move with the elegance of a knight or display the beauty of swordsmanship, but instead fights with abandon like a wild beast. This trait allows her to be summoned as Berserker. She uses her two-handed sword with a single hand, and rather than simply doing so as to punch an opponent, she will even go as far as throwing her sword should it grant her victory over her opponent. Normally the very heart and soul of the knight, she views swordsmanship as only another means of victory, and she is willing to punch, kick, or bite to win over her opponent.

Mordred received the Gift "Rampage" from the Lion King. It allows her to unleash her sword as she wishes by burning out her soul. The Gift requires her to shed away her helm to be properly utilized, as it was used for rebellion against King Arthur.

Forms and Alternate VersionsEdit


« Summer! Sea! Surfer!”
“Yahooooooo! »

(Miss Surfer Mor)

Having been summoned as a Rider instead of Saber this time around, she has not brought Clarent with her. Not only that, she has not even brought her armor and helmet with her.[20]

Upon being summoned, she sought for a surf board that could withstand her power and ended up cheekily stea... borrowing to perpetuity one from her father's treasure vault. Its name is "Prydwen". According to legends, it is a wonder tool that could become both a ship and a shield, or something like that. In the words of King Arthur—who said you could turn it into a surf board?!.[20]

Due being so festive, she is displaying a more softhearted side. Since this is summer, Miss Surfer Mor has a higher tension than usual. Leaving the antagonism with her father and her own raison d'être aside for the moment, she wants to enjoy the summer sea to her heart's content.[20]

Miss Surfer Mor pushes out her spoiled front and good will towards the Master more than usual. Due to her tension raising as far as it could raise thanks to the summer heat, seems like her habitual moodiness has been abandoned somewhere.[20]


Mordred received an entry in the Character material booklet, making her first appearance in the Type-Moon Media.[9]

Creation and ConceptionEdit

  • Original Design in Character material
  • Original Design (Rear) in Character material
  • Closeup in Character material
  • Mordred's armour concept art.

Mordred first made an appearance in Type-moon's Character material book, with Takashi Takeuchi responsible for the character design. At that time Kinoko Nasu hadn't decided on Mordred's gender until Fate/Apocrypha. It was Takeuchi's idea to put Mordred as a new addition to Fate/Apocrypha. As Saber of Red Mordred was originally going to be male like the legend, but it was thought that having two male characters look feminine, the other being Rider of Black, was too much.[6]

Yuuichirou Higashide was torn over whether to make her a man or woman but it became more certainty for him when he looked at the draft of her personal everyday clothes. It was his idea to integrate the helmet to be part of the armor. Ototsugu Konoe has redesigned Mordred's armor in Fate/Apocrypha. When Konoe heard the idea about the helmet from Higashide, the proposal left him at his wits end. Konoe was nervous about getting her design right as she is part of the Saber series, he had an unexpectly satisflying feeling when he finished drawing her.[7]

Ototsugu Konoe is the character illustrator for Saber.[3][4][19][20] Yuuichirou Higashide is the scenario writer for her character.[3][19][20]


Takeuchi calls her the crowning achievement of the culture created by TYPE-MOON.[21]


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