Saints are those officially recognized by the Church as having performed miracles. There are also those like Amakusa Shirou Tokisada who are viewed as saints by some people but never officially recognized for sainthood by the Church.[1] The Church only recognizes miracles performed by saints, claiming all other to be heresies that must be destroyed.[2] Saint Heroic Spirits are usually the ones chosen for the Ruler Servant class due to possessing the impartial judgement to preside over a Holy Grail War without letting personal interests intervene.[3] The burial cloths of saints, Holy Shrouds, possess special abilities.[4] Saints may also often possess Pure Eyes who have the ability to see that which normally cannot be seen.

Known saints:

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    Holy Shroud [Armament]
    The shroud that wrapped the remains of Saints.
    The Holy Shroud that was wound around the arm of Shirou was a portion of the Shroud of Martin.
    It was likely something Kotomine hid away while he worked as an agent of the Church.


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