Saint Germain (サンジェルマン, San Jeruman?) is a character who appears in Fate/strange Fake. He is known as Saint Germain the hedonist (享楽主義者のサンジェルマン, Kyōraku shugi-sha no San Jeruman?).



Saint Germain has once killed one of the bodies of Francesca Prelati‎‎ in the past.[1]

He wanted to meet with Richard the Lionheart. He knew Richard was seeking out the legacy of King Arthur, so he arranged a drunken poet in the tavern to spread tales about King Arthur legacy. Saint-Germain was driving his car towards him. Although Richard's vassals were cautious towards the man. Saint-Germain calmly surrenders and he accidently blurted out his arrangement, which caused the knights to draw out their swords. When he mentions Alexander the Great, Richard orders his men to step down and allows Saint Germain to introduce himself. Saint Germain offers to assist Richard in the grand fraud of making him into a legend.[2]


He wore gaudy nobleman's clothes whose coloring made him look more like a court jester than royalty. An odd hat was perched atop his head.[2]



Fate/strange FakeEdit

When Ayaka was dreaming about Saber's past, she sees Saint Germain offers his service to Richard. To Ayaka's surprise, Saint Germain was able to see Ayaka within Richard and he offers his service to her.[2]


Saint Germain claims that he is not a magus, fairy, incubus, hematophage, someone traveling backwards in time, or a world-hopping Magician, saying that he is just "merely an aristocrat and a swindler." Through some unknown means, he has met both Alexander the Great and Richard the Lionheart in person. He has knowledge of Ayaka Sajyou hundreds of years in the future from Richard's time, able to correctly gauge the moment she would be viewing Richard's past through their shared dream.[2]

He has a customized car that he is shown to utilize even in the 12th century. It is said to be decorated with "steampunk gears and gothic-looking iron barbs" described as giving it a"gaudy and twisted silhouette." Upon making his appearance, the cars' windows lower to reveal musical instrument-like contraptions that play a "twisted, cacophonous tune."[2]


Shidzuki Morii is the character designer for Saint-Germain. His design is most likely based on the scrapped designs of Alexandre Dumas.


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