Spiritual Foundation (霊基, Reiki?, localized as "Spirit Origin"), or Saint Graph (セイントグラフ, Seinto Gurafu?), refers to the foundation of a spiritual being's existence.


It differs from the Spiritual Core acting as the foundation of the Servant container.

It is possible to convert part of the Saint Graph into magical energy for consumption.[1]

There exists a Saint Graph Core (霊基核?) which can be targeted and destroyed for fatal damage to the target.

It is possible to analyze Saint Graphs to determine details like size, Class, relative strength, and the type of spirit.[2] It can determine aspects of the spirit, such as possessing the characteristics of being an Alter Servant.[3]

Ashtart Origin possesses a Saint Graph Galaxy. This classification is likely related to Bel Maanna, Ashtart's true body.

Saint Graphs of different spirits display different levels of strength, Divine Spirits being superior to Heroic Spirits. For Divine Spirits to be summoned as Servants, their Saint Graphs are reduced to a similar level as Heroic Spirits, losing much of their power and Authority. In cases such as the Three Goddess Alliance in the Babylonia Singularity, the goddesses are able to be summoned with their Saint Graphs on the level of Divine Spirits due to unique circumstances.[4] Grand Servants, in comparison to regular Servants, possess Saint Graphs of a level that makes regular Servants look like "cheap, convenient, multi-purpose familiars" in comparison.[5][6] Spirits like Phantoms lack a powerful enough Saint Graphs to manifest on their own typically, so they need other circumstances to manifest.[3]

Chaldea Security Organization is able to store the Saint Graph data of Servants to allow for resummoning after defeat. Rather than directly returning to the Throne of Heroes, they are able to summon the same Servant with their memories intact. Within the original Chaldea base, this data was kept in Saint Graph Storage, but Leonardo da Vinci was able to compact the data into a portable briefcase for usage in the field and the new Novum Chaldea. Under certain circumstances, such as the Salem Singularity, destruction of the Saint Graph may make recovery of memories impossible.

Saint Graphs can undergo Ascension to reach a higher level of power. Servants within Chaldea display the ability to modify the Saint Graphs of themselves and other Servants to some extent, allowing for class and form changes.

Saint Graphs can undergo some modification, allowing them to be split into different aspects like Charlemagne and Karl der Große, host multiple entities within a singular Saint Graph like Valkyrie,[7] and overlay the Saint Graph of another individual to gain their abilities like the Fairy Knights.[8]

Saint Graph Output[]

Saint Graph Output (霊基出力?) is a measure of the energy output from a Saint Graph. There are shown to be measurements recording the target's "Saint Graph Signal". It is directly linked to the power available to the servant at any given time. In Fate/Grand Order -turas réalta-, Karna's Saint Graph output increases when he powers up to fight Chaldea.

Entities with a Planetary Class Saint Graph can only be harmed with Planetary Class weapons.[9]

  • Second Planetary Class (二等惑星級?)
    • Goetia - Saint Graph Signal measured at 169,998.[9]

Saint Graph Designation[]

The Saint Graph Designation (指定霊基?) follows the same class system as Servants.

Known Saint Graph Designations include


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