Sakanoue no Tamuramaro (坂上田村麻呂?) is a hero of the Heian period known for his exploits of slaying demons together with Suzuka Gozen.



Sakanoue no Tamuramaro was ordered by the emperor to slay Suzuka Gozen, so he traveled to Mount Suzuka to battle her. Upon his arrival, she got him mixed up with Otakemaru, to whom she was sending letters, and battled him for her own reasons. While she was raving at him about Otakemaru's supposed misdeeds, Tamuramaro eventually revealed his name, causing Suzuka to freeze up at the revelation and lose the battle. Disliking having won the battle for such a reason, they deferred the match and eventually fell in love. They joined together to slay demons, including Akuji no Takamaru and Otakemaru. Defeating Otakemaru required Suzuka to pretend to be his wife for three years while slowly softening his hard skin with her powers.[1]

Suzuka eventually died at the age of twenty-six, but Tamuramaro traveled to the underworld to negotiate her revival. They were said to have lived a happy life after that point.[1]

There is however a tragic ending where Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, for reasons unknown, chose to slay his beloved Suzuka. Thus ruthfully ending their romantic relationship. 



Tamuramaro fell for Suzuka at first sight.[1]


Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox TailEdit

Tamuramaro is briefly mentioned in Saber's recollection of her past.[1] She refers to him as her "former boyfriend" and focuses all her attention on Kazuhito Sakagami.


Tamuramaro is strong in battle, although Suzuka thinks she would have won had she not been shocked during their fight.[1]


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