Sakura Matou (間桐 桜, Matō Sakura?) is one of three main heroines of Fate/stay night and the "True" Master of Rider in Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War. She is also the Master of Avenger, Saber Alter, and the Blackened Berserker in the Heaven's Feel route.

Sakura is the younger, adopted sister of Shinji Matou and biological sister of Rin Tohsaka. She has a long-standing and obvious crush on Shirou Emiya, who sees her as family. After Shirou's confrontation with Shinji, Sakura would often visit Shirou's home to help him with his daily chores.



Born as Sakura Tohsaka (遠坂 桜, Tōsaka Sakura?), she is the biological younger sister of Rin Tohsaka and daughter of Tokiomi Tohsaka and Aoi Zenjou. Like most Magi, her father chose only one daughter to carry on his family's tradition as he believed raising an additional child would introduce competition. Zouken Matou, an ancient ally of the Tohsaka House, offered to adopt Sakura with the intention of training her as the successor of the Matou's Magecraft as his own heir, Shinji Matou, was incapable of Magecraft.

As a result of her natural abilities, Zouken sought to use Sakura as one of his future vessels, empowered by the Angra Mainyu. Having to endure the cruel training under Zouken and Byakuya Matou, Sakura became an empty and emotionless shell resigned to her fate. When Kariya Matou, Sakura's adopted uncle and her mother's childhood friend, learned of Zouken's intentions, Kariya attempted to win the Fourth Holy Grail War in hopes of liberating her. Unfortunately, Kariya died in his attempt and Sakura was unable to understand Kariya's motivation for trying to rescue her. His death demoralizes her, and she convinces herself that she should not attempt to fight against Zouken.

After gathering the tainted fragments of the shattered grail from that war, Zouken hybridized the collected black ichor with several of his Crest Worm Familiars. He implanted these parasitic worms into Sakura's body, which drain her Magical Energy but feed on her carnal impulses.[5] Sometime later, Sakura met her new brother Shinji (who was studying abroad at the time of the Fourth Holy Grail War) when he returned to the Matou house. Though he later came to love and accept his new sister, he bullied her. This ended the day Shinji found out that Sakura had become the heir to the Matou family instead of him and he became harsh with her, just like everyone else in the Matou house. Because Sakura was apologetic and expressed pity toward him, Shinji took that as Sakura submitting herself to him since she displayed no emotion. Sometime after the death of Byakuya, Shinji began raping her.

Although castigated and humiliated on a daily basis, Sakura maintained her bearings with great stoicism. For the eleven years after her adoption, Sakura grew to resent Zouken for his cruelty, Tokiomi for sending her away, and finally Rin, for never coming to save her. However, she still kept the ribbon Rin gave her. Sakura drew her strength to endure such hardships from Shirou, whom she admired for his dedication. The inspiration she found came from watching him persistently attempt to jump a bar during a track-and-field practice session.

She joined the Archery club in order to be closer to Shirou watching him from afar.[6] Two years before the events of Fate/stay night, after Shirou was injured in an accident, Sakura gathered enough courage to approach and help him; she has visited him ever since to assist with daily activities.


Sakura is a young girl with a soothing smile and long, lustrous violet hair, which she styles with a red-pink ribbon on the left side, and violet eyes. The ribbon she wears in her hair was given to her by Rin when they were children and is the first ribbon Rin ever made. Physically, Sakura is described as having a (secretly) dynamite body,[7] and noted to have very "large breasts", with Taiga revealing she is an E-cup and had grown 13 cm since last year in an attempt to tease Shirou.[8] During school, she wears the standard Homurahara Academy uniform. Her casual clothing consists of a pink cardigan, a white top, and a long cream-colored skirt. In ufotables' movie adaptation of Heaven's Feel, Sakura is seen wearing a long white dress with short sleeves and a black sash, and white sandals. She sometimes wears a pink cardigan or puffer jacket over top.

Before Sakura was adopted into the Matou family, she resembled her sister, having had short black-brown hair with pigtails and teal eyes. Shortly after her adoption, at most a year after, her hair and eyes took on their violet color, which is a direct result of Zouken's torturous training changing Sakura's body. Her renaissance outfit is a purple dress, purple socks and black Mary Jane shoes.


While Sakura is outwardly shy, soft-spoken and eager to please, she possesses a great inner strength. As noted by Shirou, she can also be openly stubborn at times. However, she is also prone to feelings of resentment towards others.

Despite the cruelty she endures living with the Matou family, she is given a brief reprieve in Kariya, her adoptive uncle and the only person who genuinely loved her. When he dies in the Fourth Holy Grail War, Sakura mistakes Kariya's last attempt to free her from the Matou house as a warning from Zouken as the fate of those who disobey him. The incident cements Sakura's despair and resignation towards her own suffering. However, her own resolve is strengthened after she falls in love with Shirou Emiya and becomes closer to him by helping him with domestic tasks to express how she cares about him. During Fate/stay-night, she begins to feel isolated when she believes that Shirou is beyond her reach.

Her strong feelings for Shirou are the most evident throughout the series compared to the other heroines; and are the main reason as to how they had little friction in desiring each other. Her inferiority complex makes her believe she is not fit for him, but after being chosen by Shirou as a love interest her feelings for him also come with strong jealousy whenever he compliments or spends time with other women, because she doesn't want to lose him. Prior to the strengthened influence of the Crest Worms inside her (which amplified her arousal), she would express either dismay or anger towards Shirou when he would bring up other women in conversations and in her low self-esteem, she would misunderstand his words towards other women as confessions of attraction instead of platonic liking (such as when Shirou admits that Rider is beautiful while explaining his thoughts about her). Her jealousy sometimes comes out in other routes but has been a recurring theme in her own route as being chosen by Shirou makes her mental fortitude unstable.



Sakura as child

Sakura in Fate/Zero.

« I do not have anyone to call my mom or sister...Grandfather said I should think that they never existed. »

(Sakura speaking to Kariya before the Fourth Holy Grail War - Fate/Zero, Episode 1)

In Fate/Zero, Sakura is adopted into the Matou family one year before the Fourth Holy Grail War begins. Sakura is described as soft-spoken and often in the shadow of her more energetic sister, and her adoption has deeply affected both Aoi and Rin, who both try not to express their unhappiness openly. Kariya arrives in Fuyuki City three days after her adoption, which he learns from Aoi. Having been a childhood friend of Aoi, he had become well-acquainted with Sakura and her sister, who were both fond of his company.

After confronting Zouken, Kariya makes a deal with Zouken to win the Holy Grail in exchange for Sakura's freedom to return to the Tohsaka family. Kariya was the only member of the Matou family to love Sakura, who became resigned and emotionally withdrawn from the torture she endures from training under Zouken and Kariya's older brother, Byakuya.

Unfortunately, Kariya is defeated during the Fourth Grail War and failed to obtain the Holy Grail. With the last of his strength, Kariya returned to the Matou mansion to return Sakura to Aoi and Rin, but he died in the process. Sakura, who was standing in front of Kariya, interpreted Kariya's death as a warning that those who defy Zouken will die. She remained with the Matou family, demoralized and unwillingly to fight against Zouken. In the anime, she coldly watches as Kariya is eaten by the Crest Worms and condemns him as a fool for opposing to Zouken.

Fate/stay night[]


« Ah, yes. Good morning, Senpai. »

(Sakura waking up Shirou - Fate, Day 1)

Sakura plays a minor role, as Shirou's shy underclassman who often visits him at home. While Shirou is attracted to her, he feels guilty about it, because she's his friend's sister. After Shinji reveals to be a participant in the Holy Grail War, Shirou becomes worried Sakura might be involved. Shinji claims she has been kept in the dark regarding Magecraft as in a traditional Magus household only the successor will be taught any Magecraft.

Like everyone else at school, she becomes a victim of Rider's Blood Fort Andromeda, though her injuries only result in her staying at home. She becomes good friends with Illyasviel von Einzbern in the epilogue after the latter made her get over her depression about Shinji's "disappearance". Sakura is also made vice-captain of the Archery club.

In Studio DEEN's Fate/stay night, her role is expanded slightly. After the defeat of Berserker, Sakura is captured by Caster to use as a sacrifice in order to summon the Holy Grail and is held at Mount Enzo, Caster's stronghold. Shirou, Rin, and Saber attempt to rescue Sakura and to stop the Holy Grail from being summoned, during which Shirou and Saber are forced to fight against Souichirou Kuzuki and Assassin respectively. Rin confronts Caster, who manipulates Sakura to fight against Rin. During the fight, Sakura is revealed to be Rin's sister and that she actually comes from the Tohsaka family. In order to save her sister, Sakura allows Rin to stab her so Rin will be able to sever Sakura's Magic Circuit and prevent Caster's plans from being completed. Following Caster's defeat, Sakura recovers at Shirou's house and ultimately survives the Fifth Holy Grail War.

Unlimited Blade Works[]


Sakura in the Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works.

« It's disappointing, but it'll all go back to normal if I endure it for just a short while. »

(Sakura explaining to Shirou that they won't see each other for a while - Unlimited Blade Works, Day 6)

Similar to the Fate scenario, she often visits Shirou at his house. Days later, she receives orders from her household not to go outside due to the dangers in the city because of the Holy Grail War. While Sakura is sad about not being able to see Shirou, she's reassured that she can still see him during Archery class. This results in Shirou spending more time with Saber and Rin.

After Shinji survives his experience as a vessel for the Holy Grail, he's hospitalized, and Sakura takes care of him. With the Holy Grail War over, he returns to his more tolerable old self and is getting along with her again. In the anime, she feeds him some peeled apples, which he accepts bedrudgingly.

Heaven's Feel[]

« No Senpai. I'll probably end up hurting you...I'm going to hurt you, Senpai, but...I want to stay like this. »

(Sakura to Shirou, after he decides to abandon his hero ideals to protect her - Heaven's Feel, Day 9)

Sakura is the principal Master of Rider, who was summoned several days prior to the start of the Fifth Holy Grail War. However, under pressure from Shinji and the desire not to fight either Shirou or Rin, Sakura yielded her master's right to him, although Sakura retains her original Command Spell. As Rin and Shirou became closer, Sakura began to feel contempt for her sister, which was intensified by the fact that Rin took no action to help Sakura.

Zouken, disgusted at the ineptitude of Shinji as a Master, begins a genocide against the other Servants with help from True Assassin and the contents of the Holy Grail given form by Sakura's subconscious, referred to as "the shadow". Berserker, Lancer, Saber, and Archer are all absorbed or terminated by this unholy trinity, and Sakura regurgitates Saber Alter and Dark Berserker as assistants. At night, she goes on a rampage throughout Fuyuki City, ingesting large numbers of innocents for Magical Energy. Gilgamesh eventually confronts and impales Sakura's body with several Noble Phantasms from within his Gate of Babylon, but she regenerates at an impossibly fast rate and consumes him as well. She is forced to quickly convert him to Magical Energy in haste because she was afraid, he might tear her up from the inside if she does not digest him.[9]

Meanwhile, Shirou realizes that something is wrong, and that Sakura is suffering. Shirou decides to protect her, but he is unsure of his feelings for her. Because of it, Shirou is devastated when he found out that Sakura is one of the participants in the Holy Grail War. He starts doubting about his ideals because he still wants to save everyone but realizes that if he does so, Sakura might die. Finally, after a talk with Illya and later Archer, Shirou abandons his ideals in order to protect Sakura. With this new ideal in mind, he finds Sakura crying at the park, believing that she cannot be saved. Shirou consoles her by telling her that he will always protect her, and he fights for her. However, Sakura continues having her strange dreams. Recognizing the devastation she has wrought, Sakura seeks out her grandfather to force him into ending her life in order to protect Shirou.

However, along the way Shinji attempts to rape her, threatening to tell Shirou of his history of violating her. Horrified at this prospect, Sakura murders Shinji and gives into her internal malice. She then realizes that she is the shadow that appeared in her dreams and becomes Dark Sakura and proceeds to abduct Illya, hoping to use her as the core for a new Holy Grail. After Shirou and Kotomine rescue Illya, Dark Sakura stops the supervisor's artificial black heart, giving him only a few hours to live. She also assimilates True Assassin and purges her body of Zouken's Crest Worms. She is confronted by Rin in the chamber of the Greater Holy Grail beneath Mount Enzō, her power equally matched by the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch. Rendering Sakura's shadows useless, Rin makes her way to Sakura, but is unable to give the finishing blow due to her love of her sister. Rin embraces Sakura even after Sakura has stabbed her in panic. Realizing Rin's love, Sakura again starts resisting the malice within in her long enough for Shirou to dispel Angra Mainyu's grip on her soul with Rule Breaker.

If Shirou traces Excalibur and destroys the Greater Grail, his life extinguishes, which results in Sakura's Normal Ending. Refusing to accept Shirou's death, Sakura continues to live in the Emiya household, forever waiting for Shirou until eventually dying of old age. She passes away in front of Rin's granddaughter and reunites with Shirou in the afterlife.

If Illya intervenes, closes the gate, and performs Heaven's Feel on Shirou to keep him alive and close the Grail once and for all, it results in Sakura's True Ending. After her dark self is destroyed, Sakura's body is left containing vast amounts of Od due to her connection with Akasha. She ends up living with Shirou and Rider, with the Servant's existence sustained by Sakura's Magical Energy pool. Sakura is the de facto Winner of the 5th Grail War in this route, though Kirei Kotomine proclaims Shirou to be the Winner.

Fate/stay night manga[]


Sakura as she appears in the Fate/stay night, illustrated by Dat Nishiwaki.

« Nii-san...Senpai...Will we ever be able to go back to those happy times? »

(Fate/stay night Manga, Chapter 24)

In the Fate/stay night 2006 manga adaptation, (which follows the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works scenarios), Sakura is a supporting character. Her background is lighter and softer compared to the visual novel, as she was adopted by Byakuya Matou rather than Zouken (who does not appear in the manga) and she was trained in Matou Magecraft when she was much older. Also, while Shinji still becomes abusive with her after finding she's the true Matou heir, he doesn't rape her.

Sakura doesn't want Shirou and Shinji to fight in the Holy Grail War, simply wishing for them to be good friends like they used to be before. She quietly watches the fight between Saber and Rider from afar and after Shinji is defeated and falls from a collapsing building, Sakura uses her last Command Spell to make Rider save his life, revealing to Shinji that she is the Master of Rider. She disappears for the rest of the Holy Grail War, in order to take care of Shinji in the hospital. In the end Sakura survives the Holy Grail War and resumes her school life with Shirou and Shinji, more cheerful and assertive than she was before.

Fate/hollow ataraxia[]

FHA Sakura Rider vs shadows

Rider and Sakura in Fate/hollow ataraxia.

In Fate/hollow ataraxia, Sakura lives a peaceful life in Fuyuki City, which Rin has left in Sakura's care while she is at the Mage's Association, and Rider comments that Sakura is now the popular new captain of the school archery club. Sakura's dark side still exists but appears only for comic relief. Now that the Holy Grail War is over, she has become more assertive and has assumed control of the Matou household, much to Zouken and Shinji's chagrin.[10]

In her Eclipse scenario, Life of Sakura, Sakura takes Shirou to the Matou residence's garden, where they are looking at cherry blossom trees in bloom. Sakura then shows a very old tree to Shirou, that was planted by her grandmother and is now blooming for the very first time. Sakura then invite Shirou into her room where they continue talking about the old tree's rebirth. Shirou then expresses that he wants to see Sakura to "bloom" as well and then they both have sex.

Sakura also appears in Rider's Eclipse scenario, The Backside of Kibisis, where she and Rider appear both naked in front of Shirou and seduce him into a threesome. However, it turns out that whole scenery is just Rider's illusion that she made in order to compel Shirou to pursue Sakura more aggressively. Yet in the middle, Shirou reverses her spell on her, revealing that Rider herself has deep feelings for Shirou. Sakura appearing in this episode is only a conjecture by Rider's spell, a representation of Rider's true intentions of her actions.

Fate/Grand Order[]

Main article: Parvati
Main article: Kama

Sakura's good aspects serve as Parvati's vessel, while her darker aspects serve as Kama's vessel.

Fate/Accel Zero Order[]

In this alternate Fourth Holy Grail War, Sakura is captured by Iskandar while he is burning the Crest Worms in the Matou Mansion basement. Iskandar trades her to Kariya in exchange for his right hand and Command Spell. After severing Kariya's right hand, he has Mithrenes take Kariya and Sakura to a hospital outside of Fuyuki.[11]

Fate/unlimited codes[]

In Fate/unlimited codes, Dark Sakura is a playable character, and she is known as the Makiri's Grail (マキリの杯, Makiri no Sakazuki?).

In her story, her personality becomes twisted, and she wants to destroy everything along her path. She has already killed Zouken by the time she encounters Kirei Kotomine. Kirei can tell Dark Sakura is on the verge of collapse and the personality of Sakura Matou is still within Dark Sakura. Although Dark Sakura claims she is broken, Kirei finds the Matou can raise the young well, but the training is too harsh which Sakura appears to have no concern of pain. She further explains that Zouken didn't expect her to last long and ironically, he didn't last long to die. Kirei is pleased with Zouken's death and expects to wait for the Holy Grail to form by removing Sakura's consciousness. Kirei is impressed with Dark Sakura's knowledge, but Sakura kills him in the battle, claiming that she will complete his plan in his place. Her final opponent is herself; her counterpart has stayed behind in order to help the growth of Avenger and the Greater Holy Grail. They both fight to the death because there is no point in having two Sakuras and they hate themselves the most. Dark Sakura fuses her memories with her counterpart, although she is uncertain who actually died. She finally completes the transformation into becoming the Holy Grail and gives birth to "All the World's Evil". In her ending, she desires to get out to the outer world and wants to meet Shirou when she is reborn. However, she forgets about Shirou's existence and longs to get out to the outer world.

In Kirei's story, Kirei used Sakura in order to learn the meaning of life and was responsible for Dark Sakura transformation. In the opening, Dark Sakura approaches Kirei in the church. Kirei notices Sakura to be very different from their last meeting and he is pleased that she conceived Avenger. She already devoured both Lancer and Gilgamesh and she desires the life energy that has kept Kirei alive. It appears that Sakura's mind and body are completely contaminated aligned with the "curse". Dark Sakura desires to pay back everyone who made her suffer. Kirei points out that although Sakura appears to be a different person, she is pretending in order to protect Sakura Matou as a person. While Kirei escapes, Sakura convinces herself that she can kill him with two of his servants gone. Kirei encounters Shirou, who wants to destroy the Holy Grail in order to stop Avenger and save Sakura.

Fate/unlimited codes - Sakura Matou command list


  • Can you avoid this? (避けられますか?, Sakeraremasu ka??) -
  • An obstacle (邪魔です, Jama desu?) -
  • It's dangerous (危ないですよ, Abunai desu yo?) -
  • No escape (逃がしません, Nigashimasen?) -
  • I'll sharpen it (削りますよ, Kezurimasu yo?) -
  • Ah, flying (飛んじゃえ, Tonjae?) -
  • Caught you! (捕まえた, Tsukamaeta?) -
  • How neglectful (お留守ですよ, Orusu desu yo?) -
  • A bad person... (ひどい人…, Hidoi hito...?) -
  • Let's eat? (いただきますね?, Itadakimasu ne??) -


  • Cursed Boundary Layer - Magical Energy Absorbtion (呪層界・魔吸根, Shūsōkai Makyūkon?) -

Super Move:

  • Heaven's Fall: Cursed Boundary Layer - Womb Realm Mandala (呪層界・胎蔵曼荼羅(ヘブンスフォール), Jusōkai - Taizō Mandara(Hebunsu Fōru)?) -
  • I ate too much... (おなかがすきました, Onaka ga sukimashita?) -

Holy Grail Burst Super Move:

  • Art - Angra Mainyu: Cursed Boundary Layer - Malicious Festivity (呪層界・悪心祝祭(アート・アンリマユ), Jusōkai - Akushin Chosai(Āto - Anrimayu)?) -

Fate/tiger colosseum series[]

Carnival Phantasm[]


Sakura in Carnival Phantasm

« Nii-san became such a monster because of society....and me. Because I'm a beautiful, ill-fated girl. »

(Sakura to Rider, Episode 6)

Despite being one of the heroines in Fate, she has a minor role in Carnival Phantasm, compared to Saber and Rin. Her darker personality is comically exaggerated, such as complimenting herself in her monologues and having her stalk Shirou on his dates with the other heroines, all while showing a mischievous, evil grin and getting there before he does.

She's the protagonist of Episode 6, Type-Moon Serial TV Novel Sakura, parodying a soap opera. In it she abused by Shinji, causing Rider to rescue her many times. Sakura patiently endures it, making Rider wonder if she's intimidated by Shinji. In the end Rider and Sakura accidentally purify him with Rule Breaker, but Sakura isn't happy about it and reveals that being abused by Shinji makes her look good and now she's less sympathetic and important. Rider is apalled at the revelation.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family[]

Sakura makes frequent appearances in Today's Menu for Emiya Family, being a regular guest at Shirou's house. She is shown cooking in Episode 5 with Shirou and Episode 8 with Rin at the Tohsaka Mansion. Sakura's specialty is Chinese food.

Other appearances[]

In the scenario where Sakura was kept by the Tohsaka and Rin was the one adopted by the Matou, Tokiomi would send Sakura to the Clock Tower or something similar due to the rarity of her Imaginary attribute making it impossible for him to teach her.[12]

In the World of Fate/EX, the Moon Cell replicated Sakura's data and created an NPC with the same name Sakura Matou who is an Advanced AI in charge of the health of Masters.

In Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, Sakura appears briefly to help Shirou after he is injured from Rin and Luviagelita. An alternate Sakura is an ally of the Ainsworth family, where she is equipped with a Lancelot Class Card. Julian Ainsworth controls her by taking Shirou's appearance.

In the World of Fate/Apocrypha, Sakura was adopted by distant relatives, the Edelfelts. She ended up as a pro-wrestler with "unimaginably nice proportions" and forming a tag team with a Luviagelita Edelfelt[13] and acts like a cheerful girl who laughs like a high-class young lady, though would still head to Fuyuki at some point and will go through her days with a love comedy-like tone as she competes for Shirou's affections with a twin-tail Magecraft-fist user.[14] She would be a "babyfaced super-dark heelWP character", and maybe have a theme for bondage. But in actuality, since Luvia is of similar disposition to Rin but believes in aristocratism, she would prioritize strengthening Sakura's talent. This would end up creating a "cool and dark, yet good-hearted top tier Magus".[15]

In Fate/strange Fake, her previous family, Tohsaka, and the family that adopted her, Makiri (also known as Matou) were mentioned by Faldeus Dioland.

Sakura makes an appearance in Fate/Grand Order as a Craft Essence card. She appears as the illustration cover for Imaginary Number Magecraft (虚数魔術, Kyosū Majutsu?), Imaginary Around (イマジナリ・アラウンド, Imajinari Araundo?), and Imaginary Number Attribute (虚数属性, Kyosū Zokusei?).


Sakura was born with great potential and rare natural talent, considered to be a miracle equal to that of Rin with even the same Od level as her. It surpasses the norm of "natural talent", or "inborn skill" possessed by others, and due to that she would be in danger without the protection of a Magi house, can be equated to a curse in a way. She was given to the Matou house to act as their heir for this reason, but Zouken did not intend to use her for that purpose. For the purpose of acclimatization, she has to undergo constant torture in the basement of the Matou household. The way they pass on their Magecraft is not a study, but constant, lifelong torture due to Zouken's preference. Taught to the body rather than the mind, she is forced through immense pain and stress constantly for her "education." The changes are so extensive as to change her hair color, eye color, and every cell in her body so that they no longer reflect her Tohsaka heritage.

While having greater potential than Kariya or Byakuya, she is more suited to the Tohsaka Magecraft.[16] She was born lacking an Elemental Affinity of the "Five Great Elements", and instead had an Imaginary Element of Imaginary Numbers, or Hollow, as her affinity, Thaumaturgical Attribute and Origin. Her Element was changed to the water alignment with her acclimation to the Matou Magecraft, so she cannot display her true talent.[17][18]

Her Attribute is one specializing in dealing with Spirits, and her Element is highly effective against those made of Mysteries like Spirits but is not quite as potent against with physical bodies. However, when imbued with the power of Angra Mainyu, this weakness is overcome and her power can greatly affect physical creatures like Humans,[19][20] whether it be to devour them for Magical Energy or trap them in a shadowy pocket dimension made of Imaginary Number Space with no concept of time or space. Her Crest Worms will feed on any excess Magical Energy she circulates before she can use a spell, leaving her unable to even cast any in most cases. Due to them devouring it on a constant basis, even Rin is unable to tell that her sister is an actively practicing Magus.

Without expecting anything from her intelligence, Zouken sought to turn her into a tool that uses Magecraft. With such little formal education, she is unused to combat and cannot normally match someone of Rin's caliber, losing ten out of ten times without being able to breach Rin's barrier. Rin compares her to a bird with the potential of flight being placed in water, forced to die or adapt as best it can. While she would have had great success as a Tohsaka Magus, her current state is much like that of the untrained Shirou, only worse due to her lack of physical training. Under duress, she can cast a spell using the Matou "absorption" nature Magecraft, and it shoots like a spear, stabbing and entangling the part hit to drain the person of Magical Energy.[21] She says that it has little practical use compared to something like Reinforcement that has many different uses in that it is limited to "stealing away from others" and feeding on their pain.

Magic Crest[]


Sakura during the worm implanting process

The Magic Crest of the Matou family is in the form of Zouken's Crest Worms, forcefully implanted into her as part of her acclimatization process. They have grown within her for eleven years, turning into a nerve that has entangled throughout her entire body like a Magic Circuit. The Crest Worms is suspended under normal circumstances without have an effect on her body, but it will attack her nerves and use her Magical energy to roam throughout her body while taking even more if it activates. Left for half a day, they will drain her body of Magical Energy and consume her flesh as nutrition. As with any Magic Crest, it is painful containing a foreign substance in her body, but even more so with it entangling her nerves with its own and moving about. Compared to the pain experienced in Rin's arm, she compares Sakura to a cluster of Magic Circuits that violates her function as a human being and should overwrite her mind with a wave of energy.

Normally only an observation device for Zouken, its usage can be activated by her lust, which in turn causes her to lust even more as the Crest Worms in her blood become an aphrodisiac. It can be forcefully activated with an aphrodisiac given to Shinji or just through her normal feelings for Shirou. As they devour her Magical Energy, she becomes more lustful and is forced to seek out supplemental Magical Energy, semen in the original story and blood in Realta Nua. Zouken should be able to incite the Crest Worms into action as he pleases, making it a priority to stay away from him. As his main body has been changed to a small Crest Worm next to her heart, that is actually impossible. As they are so integrated into her nerves and Magic Circuits, it is impossible to remove them normally, even for Zouken. Kirei Kotomine uses a large number of Command Spells to remove most of it, but he cannot remove the ones metabolized with her nerves without removing her heart.

Its original usage is not meant as a means to kill her, but the conditions of the Fifth Holy Grail War provide a unique opportunity. Imposed on her to make sure she participates in some capacity, they will activate if she breaks a "certain condition", abandoning the war as a Master. Entrusting Rider to Shinji falls under the condition, but it will torture her should she refuse to battle while having Rider's contract. Even forcefully removing her contract with a Command Spell would cause her to be instantly consumed. With the added burden of managing Rider's upkeep, it is difficult for her and could lead to it devouring her. It is set to last for the duration of the Holy Grail War and will spread further with each day. Kirei's surgery is able to reduce her overall pain somewhat, but she is still plagued by the same overall problem.

Black Grail[]

At some point after the Fourth Holy Grail War, Zouken managed to collect fragments of the destroyed Grail and implanted them into Sakura's body, transforming her into an incomplete lesser Grail.[5] Sakura has been developed to be able to act as the Black Grail (黒の聖杯, Kuro no Seihai?), a second Lesser Grail, by Zouken Matou. Though the ritual of the Fourth Holy Grail War ended in failure with the destruction of the Holy Grail, it had briefly been completed.

It would normally be painful to have the inorganic substance of the Holy Grail within a human body, so he turned the shards into a living thing to allow her to still function as a human. Combining them into Crest Worms, he placed them into her body. Zouken lacked the skill of the Einzberns and completed an eighth of the process in his own way, so she is in an incomplete state. The shards corroded and assimilated her Magic Circuits over the ten-year period between the Fourth and Fifth Grail Wars, leaving her with only her Crest Worms as her only way of using Magecraft if she even did.[22] She has the ability to function like the Einzbern Lesser Grail, Illyasviel von Einzbern, in acting as a container for the souls of the Heroic Spirits and becoming the gate upon the ritual's completion.[5]

Zouken originally has no plans for her to be utilized fully in that state during the Fifth Holy Grail War, but instead as an experiment in acting as "Makiri's Holy Grail" that is able to live as a human and contain the function to collect souls. The purpose of changing her is mostly as a way for eventually reaching his goals, slowly developing her into something like the Holy Grail over several decades. While it would be impossible for her to go into that state in other routes, the conditions within the Heaven's Feel route allow for her to become active. Only when being chosen by Shirou Emiya, the "person she does not wish to lose", do her bottled up negative emotions come to the forefront to accelerate Avenger's growth.[23] Previously thought of as only an unadaptable Holy Grail, she shows surprising growth and talent in being able to retain her senses after eventually taking in a number of Servants. He equates her to a true Holy Grail on the same level as the Einzbern's, even though he had thought it impossible.

Servants that come into contact with the shadow from the Grail are greatly affected. They cannot oppose it, rotting them anywhere it touches. They lose feeling in the affected areas as they become that which does not exist in the world. Proper Heroic Spirits are extremely affected, going as far as losing consciousness on contact, while Servants close to it in nature, while not fully affected, will have their Magical Energy drained from touching it. Those taken in and not digested are Blackened, changing their mentality as they are corrupted by its malignant influence and considerably augmenting offensive power.

Sakura devours Gil

Sakura devouring Gilgamesh.

While she can take in and blacken most Servants, Gilgamesh is unable to be controlled, so she must digest him in haste to keep him from tearing her up from the inside.

Converted to Magical Energy, he provides enough to accelerate the development of the Holy Grail even without enough Servants. Though he is difficult to digest, the large amount causes her to buckle like a broken dam due to previously being able to only barely maintain herself.[24] Differing when he escaped from the Holy Grail Mud in the Fourth Holy Grail War cut off from the main body, that of Sakura, the shadow, is connected to the body of Avenger itself.[25]

Servants are unable to resist her, having become the Holy Grail itself, and even being incarnated is not enough as long as one is materialized under the Holy Grail System.[24] As with the Einzbern Holy Grail, the container cannot retain full human function while taking in souls of Heroic Spirits and receiving the powers of the Holy Grail. Her body loses function as the amount of Magical Energy she contains from the souls increases, and the overflow from the great swirl of Magecraft of the Holy Grail is too much for her mind to withstand. It causes her to break down until becoming Dark Sakura, first showing an overall loss of feeling in her extremities and the state of recent memories becoming vague.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]

Black Shadow[]

With the development of Sakura as the Holy Grail, the Black Shadow (黒い影, Kuroi Kage?) begins to manifest around Fuyuki. The Black Shadow is the contents of the Holy Grail, Angra Mainyu, leaking out from the other side when Sakura is unable to properly shut the gate even as a complete Holy Grail. The Black Shadow is a Cursed Boundary Layer, Sakura's shadow or even Sakura herself, normally controlled below her threshold of awareness. While it seems that it works with Zouken, he cannot communicate with it, and he can only arrange its path to keep it from running wild. Though he is able to calm it nightly to keep the damage to a minimum, he eventually becomes unable to handle it as Sakura develops. It devours Magical Energy at first, only leaving people unconscious. More ruthless in its feeding than Caster, it eats their Magical Energy along with their minds. It eventually realizes that eating them fully is more efficient, taking hundreds of people from fifty households in one feeding. Rather than smashing them, it only needs to swallow them, body and soul.

The shadow concept art from Fate-Stay Night- Heaven's Feel I - Presage Flower Animation Material

Concept art.

Black Shadow is an "unidentified object" that gives the impression of a jellyfish on land or a deep-sea monster. Its presence dominates all who look upon it, seeming to distort space around it. It lacks eyes, limbs, or a body, but still casts a shadow at its base. It looks insubstantial, as if a shadow were to stand with so light an existence that it looks able to simply be blown away. As the Holy Grail's shadow, Black Shadow should not normally have form or a will, but passing through the gate, Sakura, it takes her form, borrows her sealed id, and obtains a body to come into the world. It is a Holy Grail with a will, seeking out humans' souls to complete itself. It will swallow all it sees, especially clumps of Magical Energy like Illya. It should be possible to stop by stopping Sakura, as it is born from her unconsciousness. It hates whoever Sakura hates, so it will keep them from coming near her.

It is impervious to all conventional attacks, and its targets can only await death in its presence.[26] Shirou is unable to tell if the Concept of Death can even be applied to it. As a cluster of curses, its touch is highly corrosive due to containing Angra Mainyu's property of All the World's Evil, dissolving organic matter and converting the base elements into pure Magical Energy. It can lash out with tentacles, bring forth a Shadow Giant, and spread out for ten meters to swallow everything like a wave of water, touching them with All the World's Evil that burns skin like coal, cuts off their life, and shows them its horrors. It takes in energy just by existing, turning plant life black, and automatically leeching it from those without any resistance. It can absorb the energy in an area in order to swell up and explode. It tramples over everything upon exploding and spreading the collected energy out like a storm, swallowing its prey instantly.

It can overwhelm all Heroic Spirits no matter their strength so long as they are summoned under the Servant system, filling even the mindless Berserker with the instinct to run away. Spreading its Mud over the ground like a swamp, Servants engulfed by it are restrained down by countless tentacles and swallowed. It easily tears through Lancer's Rune barrier, capable of blocking great Noble Phantasms. Black Shadow dislikes organic material, passing through that which is not alive and digesting that which is alive. Taking them in instantly, the Cursed Boundary Layer is a Bounded Field of dissolution much stronger and more instantaneous than even Blood Fort Andromeda. Growing by the day to feed even more, it swallows an area of fifty meters at once, and then goes on to act as a tidal wave that passes through all things to take its victims without causing a bit of collateral damage. It is not detectable because it is not a specially activated spell, but its regular actions even if it is extremely powerful.

Connected to Sakura, she can initially only feel slight aftereffects from its feedings, but later begins to have uncontrollable visions of it acting. Both its smell and the presence behind it remind Shirou of her, and she feels an intimacy with it, something without an evil mind that, while similar to her, just eats in a different way. She becomes more in-tune with it as the war progresses, eventually coming to the point where she is the one wandering the town at night. It begins to originate from her as her affinity with it develops, feeling its hunger as her own and allowing her to swallow Gilgamesh. It begins to stretch out on its own, allowing her to hear and see through it directly. After becoming Dark Sakura, the Command Spell around her body has the same make-up as the Shadow.

Dark Sakura[]

After Sakura rejects Zouken's control and regains her central consciousness, she becomes Dark Sakura (黒桜, Kuro Sakura?), a rancorous and psychotic distortion of her normal self. It would normally be that she would either have exploded from the strain of being the Grail or have had her consciousness disappear and be overtaken by the shadow. Due to her affinity with it, she is able to take control of it. Touching Angra Mainyu, the Mud of the Grail, contaminates a person's personality and reverses it towards the orientation of evil. Her reasoning and emotions are severely impaired, and she is indiscriminately destructive to everything around her. She is one capable of using the power of the Mud as part of her own power due to the contamination.[28]


Her appearance changes when she becomes Dark Sakura. Her hair turns white, and her eyes turn red, but she retains her trademark ribbon. She wears a long black dress made of black ribbons, that are trimmed in red. The length of the dress and the length of the ribbons it is composed of vary. In this form, her face, dress and legs are covered in red markings.


When she becomes Dark Sakura under the influence of Angra Mainyu, her personality changes drastically; she becomes a devilish, evil, cruel, and extremely violent person. Sometimes she talks about herself in the third person. This personality occasionally shows itself during the events of Fate/hollow ataraxia but is less violent and acts more as comedic effect.


As she develops, she becomes a "Threat to Humanity" that could potentially have required or eventually gotten to the point of needing intervention from the Counter Force.[29] Even with this overwhelming strength, being unused to battle and her unstable mental state makes planning against her possible.

Using souls as a perpetual motion machine to create Magical Energy, Rin calls her a poor imitation of the Third Magic. Connected to the "other side" of the Holy Grail, she has a stock of Magical Energy that cannot be used in a lifetime, effectively making it infinite. Despite that, she can only use the full capacity of her Magic Circuits to instantaneously release one thousand at a time. Against the Jeweled Sword, Rin is able to release the same amount to match the shadows, making it a battle of Sakura's limitless Magical Energy and Rin's infinite Magical Energy.

With the same properties as the Shadow, Dark Sakura is capable of forming tentacle appendages from her body. She can spontaneously regenerate, allowing her to recover from mortal wounds within minutes of receiving them. Even before fully developing, she survives being impaled by the Gate of Babylon, having everything below her stomach severed, with only severed nerves being the issue the next day. She can support a number of Servants without issue in this state, and Saber can use the energy intensive Excalibur without limit.

After the contract to Avenger is broken at the end of Heaven's Feel, she is still connected to the other side of the Holy Grail. As an after-effect of the contract, she remains a Holy Grail. While Avenger still exists before Shirou destroys the Greater Grail, it could potentially make her its Master again due to the connection. Vast amounts of Magical Energy are collected in her body, and she must periodically release it. She is able to use it to keep up Rider's existence even without support from the Holy Grail, and the excess left after that is given to Shirou to help him maintain his body. She learns Magecraft from Kirei's successor and Rider, and her abilities as the Holy Grail, even only in part, are a large boon to her life as a Magus.

Shadow Giants[]

The Shadow Giants (影の巨人, Kage no Kyojin?) are Familiars made out of her Hollow Element. Under normal circumstances they are extremely small, but when her powers are augmented by Angra Mainyu and the Holy Grail, their size increases vastly and they start acting as a materialized curse. Each composed of roughly one thousand units of Magical Energy, they are called a match for the Noble Phantasms of Servants. She can bring them forth without limit, and the amount of Magical Energy spent creating them for just a single battle, over one hundred million, is enough to run a department of the Clock Tower for one hundred years.

Carrying the properties of All the World's Evil, fighting them would normally require something to dispel a curse, but a level of Magical Energy equal to that making up the shadows can eliminate them. While Rin Tohsaka could not hope to destroy a single one normally, the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch allows her to match Sakura's limited output used to create them and destroy them with her infinite Magical Energy provided by the Second Magic.


Creation and Conception[]

Her initial concept was based on Fujino Asagami.[7] Upon looking at Sakura Tohsaka depicted in Character material, Gen Urobuchi thought "aah, right now I'm writing about a world that does its best to brutally mistreat this kind of girl." It was a "huge mental burden" for him, so he decided to torment her even more. While she only appears twice, her "misery index" may actually be the highest in Fate/Zero. In the original draft of the scene of Kariya's death, the plot was "inhumane." Nasu "scolded" him for it, asking him "What color is your blood, anyway!?" It became one of the few scenes he stopped, making Sakura's monologue into a very mild and calm one.[30]


  • In the first Popularity polls of Fate/stay night in 2004, Sakura was ranked 6th and the fifth most voted female character. Dark Sakura was ranked 33rd. Tsuku Sakura (Tiger Dojo) was ranked 49th.
  • In the second Popularity polls of Fate/stay night in 2006, Sakura was ranked 5th and the fourth most voted female character. Dark Sakura was ranked 38th.
  • In the Type-Moon's 10th Anniversary Character Poll, Sakura from Fate/stay night was ranked 8th and the sixth most voted female character. Sakura from Fate/Zero was ranked 150th. Dark Sakura from Fate/stay night was ranked 176th.


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    Sakura Matou
    The Black Holy Mother Governing over Both Peace and Darkness

    Sakura is a first-year student at Homurahara Academy. Shirou is an older student who belongs to the same archery club as she, and Shinji is her older brother. When Shirou stopped participating in club activities because of Shinji, Sakura felt responsible and took it upon herself to apologize to Shirou. This quest to make amends resulted in Sakura assisting with domestic chores around the Emiya household. Sakura was a pretty depressing individual at first, and basically had no idea how to perform any domestic duties. As she spent more time at the Emiya household, however, she eventually learned to cook Western food better than her instructor Shirou, and Taiga's influence gradually transformed Sakura into a more cheerful girl. Sakura had harbored a secret crush on Shirou since her middle school days, but despite how obvious she made her feelings, Shirou was too oblivious to notice.

    Sakura was originally born in the Tohsaka household and is Rin's younger sister. Desiring a child possessing Magic Circuits, the Matou household adopted Sakura and raised her as their successor. Though she did summon Rider, Sakura felt no desire to participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War and instead surrendered her rights as a Master to her adoptive brother Shinji.

    Being quite timid, Sakura is easily influenced by those around her and bears it all in a stoic manner. This suppressive combination of personality traits seeded her downfall, however, as Sakura's route involved her turning into a homicidal monster. Only through the combination of Shirou's strong will and the devotion of her sister, who she both admired and envied, was Sakura brought back to the path of salvation.

    Character Data 003
    Affiliation: Homurahara Academy, Year 1 Class B
    Gender: Female
    Height: 156cm
    Weight: 46kg
    Three sizes: B85/W56/H87
    Image Color: Cherry blossom
    Talents: All domestic chores, giving massages
    Likes: Sweets, scary stories
    Dislike: Physical exercise, scales
    Worst enemy: Illya, Rin Tohsaka
    Origin: Japan

    Relationship Chart
    Sakura was born as the second daughter to the Tohsaka household, but she was given up in response to an adoption request from the Matou household, with whom the Tohsakas shared a long-standing alliance. This adoption resulted in some rather complicated interpersonal relationships for Sakura. Her biological parents are Tokiomi and Aoi Tohsaka, and much like her sister Rin, Sakura was born with a remarkable level of magical aptitude. After making the transition from her life as Sakura Tohsaka to her new life as Sakura Matou, she suffered greatly under Zouken's use of worms to physically prepare Sakura for the use of Matou magecraft. This forced adjustment resulted in Sakura's eyes and hair changing color, and she also had a counterproductive effect in general since the true depths of Sakura's magical abilities remained untapped.

    Sakura's adoptive brother Shinji was born without Magic Circuits and felt quite jealous of his new little sister. This childish envy soon manifested itself as bullying and harassment to varying degrees. Shinji also put Sakura through many terrible years of sexual abuse.

    Nasu Kinoko & Takeuchi Takashi Discussion

    >The catalyst for Sakura Matou's birth

    Takeuchi: From the earliest stages of Sakura's concept, she was set to be a heroine who was suffering from lots of psychological damage. For this reason, I knew I would be designing a character who looked more introverted and quiet. There are some generally accepted standards when it comes to stereotypically appealing elements of girl characters specific to the "gal games" genre, and I wanted Sakura to have the lion's share of these design elements when compared to the other two heroines.

    >Financial status of the Matou household

    Nasu: Unlike the Tohsakas, the Matous are landowners who own plots of land in various regions. For this reason, the Matou household's finances are relatively stable. Their main source of income is the rent they charge mages who wish to make use of the spiritual lands in their possession.

    Takeuchi: I king of wondered about this, because I noticed no one in Sakura's household seemed to have a regular job, but now I get it.

    >Designing Sakura's outfits

    Takeuchi: It was all about a subtle kind of allure... I think. Instead of aiming for the obvious kinds of "moe" or "erotica," I imagined her as someone who naturally and subtly exudes her own direct brand of sexiness. Unfortunately, there's a very fine line between "subtly sexy" and "just plain boring". Of course, now that I think about it, I'm just spouting the obvious. (laughs)

    Nasu: I find that whenever we try to talk about Sakura's outfits, we always end up talking about Dark Sakura. Having said that, I'll be the first to admit that I really like the Dark Sakura design. What if we were to explain away Sakura's usual blandness by saying it was all intentional in order to provide a strong contrast for the Dark Sakura design?

    Takeuchi: You know... Dark Sakura's shadow would look like a black octopus.

    Nasu: An adorably terrifying weiner octopus? (a weiner octopus is a food item often found in Japanese lunches where a hot dog weiner has been cut to resemble an octopus -Ed)

    Takeuchi: Nasu asked for a situation where the characters were being killed by "some inexplicably weird mystery... thing..." and this is the design I created based on that request.

    Nasu: I wanted a murderous guest to be something rather inorganic... like a geometric sci-fi "visitor" rather than a "creature" from a horror film. I described it as "...like a teru teru bozu gone wrong" and as soon as I saw that Dark Sakura design, I knew Takeuchi had hit the nail on the head! I hadn't finished writing out the script at that point so there was a definite air of doubt floating around the staffers, and I had a heck of a time convincing everyone that this design was exactly what we needed. You know when that girl in "The Ring" comes crawling out of the television set? I always scoff at that scene and think to myself, "This fool has finally taken physical form! Now all it will take is one of my precisely aimed low kicks and she's done for good!" I don't know why, but a humanoid creature of tangible flesh just seems less scary sometimes, as if we are able to convince ourselves on some level that a creature with substance and fleshy physical form can be defeated. That's why it was important to me for Dark Sakura to look like an otherworldly entity that humans simply could not fathom and no amount of vigorous kicking would destroy.

    Takeuchi: The inability to understand something is, after all, the root of this thing we call "fear"

    >The catalyst for Dark Sakura's birth

    From a very early stage, we knew the plot would involve Sakura becoming a boss character. Following the same line as Kohaku from "Tsukihime" and Fujino Asagami from "Kara no Kyoukai," we knew Sakura was going to suffer an emotional and psychological break. The design started off with the general shape of a hot dog weiner and when Takeuchi presented the rough draft to me, I knew immediately that it was the right way to go.

    Takeuchi: Since we were going to go with a dark version of Sakura, I figured we should change up her visual design by a good margin and really give her a boss-like vibe.

    Nasu: To be honest, I didn't expect him to change Sakura so much but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. I really like the way the veiny patterns on her skin look like infections.

    Takeuchi: I wanted the patterns to look like curses. Illya has those tattoo things all over her body, so I wanted Sakura's patterns to look like visual representations of a hex or curse.

    >Regarding Dark Sakura's character design

    Nasu: Sakura is a symbol of loss and betrayal, like Gilgamesh but in a different way. It was important that people didn't perceive her as a villain, though, because we intended her to be more like a victim or sacrifice. In that regard, I think Dark Sakura's design is perfect. By the way, why is she barefooted?

    Takeuchi: I don't know... because being barefooted makes her creepier?

    Nasu: I guess it's true that Japanese ghosts traditionally appear barefooted... makes for those super creepy footstep sounds.

    >The message Sakura Matou carries as a character

    Takeuchi: We haven't really talked about regular Sakura here... is that okay? This always happens when we try to talk about Sakura. Of all the characters. Sakura has the most standing pose images by far.

    Nasu: Yeah, hands down!

    Takeuchi: There are so many versions. Honestly, I feel like Sakura would have turned out to be a great kid if she had grown up in a normal household. She's very thoughtful and kind.

    Nasu: We initially considered going with a "Yamato Nadeshiko" type, the "idealised Japanese woman."

    Takeuchi: In other words, the usual heroine you'd find in an adult genre... the kind of girl most players would be thrilled to have as a loving and devoted wife. To that end, it was important for us to provide as many sensual and intimate scenes for her as possible. Sakura is one of the characters with whom physical relations actually lead to a very real and proper kind of love. I hope we succeeded on that front.

    Nasu: Sakura is one of those characters who is easy to imagine as a real person existing in our world. In many cases, changing just one little thing about a person could easily turn them into a Sakura... but not a Dark Sakura. (laughs)

    Takeuchi: I feel like we got a more positive response to Dark Sakura than we were expecting. To be honest, a part of me was prepared for Dark Sakura to be a complete failure. (laughs) I suppose it didn't hurt that she was easy to include in just about any story scenario. I do, however, feel like I need to learn a lesson from Sakura... The fact that "Sakura = Dark Sakura" for most people means the impression Dark Sakura left on players was a little stronger than intended. I never meant for Dark Sakura to completely overshadow normal Sakura.

    Nasu: It's only after she overcomes her darkness that Sakura takes on her true form!

    Takeuchi: I really like how post-darkness Sakura turned out. I feel like she turned into a figure of pure love, someone who can accept anyone just the way they are. In that way, I believe Sakura from "hollow" represents Sakura in her most natural state. With all that experience under the her belt, I feel like she finally evolved into a full-fledged heroine.


    私立穂群原学園の1年生。 士郎は弓道部 の先輩、 慎二は兄にあたる。 慎二が原因で士 郎が部活を辞めてしまい、それを謝りに行っ たことがキッカケで、 衛宮家の家事を手伝う ようになった。 当初は暗い性格で、家事も満 足にできなかったが、やがて洋食の腕前は師 匠である士郎を抜き、 性格も (主に大河のお かげで) 明るくなっていった。 実は中学生の頃 から士郎を知っており、わかりやすい好意を 抱いているのだが、士郎は気づいていない。 元は遠坂家の生まれであり、 遠坂凛の実 妹。 それが魔術回路を持つ子供を望んだ間 桐の家に養子に出され、 間桐の後継者として 育てられた。 マスターとしてライダーを呼び出 すが、 第五次聖杯戦争への参加意志はなく、 慎二にライダーのマスター権を譲っている。 性格は控え目で、流されやすい気質と我慢 強さを併せ持つ。 しかしそれが災いし、ヒロイ ンとなるルートで、 彼女は人を殺す怪物と化 してしまう。 しかし最後には彼女が強く憧れ、 同時に妬んだ姉の献身と士郎の意志により、 救いの道へと引き戻されたのだった。

    Character Data 003
    所属:穂群原学園 1年B組
    誕 生日: 2月4日
    血液型: O型
    特技:技 家事全般、マッサージ

    桜は遠坂家の次女として生まれたが、 協力 関係にあった間桐の申し出に従い養子に出さ れたため、複雑な人間関係を持つ。 本来の両 親は遠坂時臣とであり、 凛と同じく生まれな がらに高い魔術的素養を持っていた。 遠坂桜 から間桐桜となってからは、 間桐の魔術に馴 染ませるため臓硯から蟲を使って身体を弄ら れており、目も髪も色が変わってしまっている。 この無理矢理な調整の結果、 本来の魔術的 才能は発揮されていない。
    魔術回路を持たない義兄の慎二からは嫉 妬に近い感情を向けられており、大小の嫌が らせや、何年にも渡る性的暴行を受けていた。

    奈須 きのこ&武内崇 • キャラクター別対談

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    Q: Sakura studied archery under Shirou’s influence? Or was it Shinji or Zouken’s instruction?

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    The heroine who symbolizes a peaceful daily life… or so it would seem at first. Perhaps due to some mistake, she actually suffers the most out of anyone in every route.
    Of course, that's only natural, seeing as how her initial concept was an "Asagami Fujino type". She never had a chance at avoiding bloodshed.
    As Shirou's junior by one year, the path to their first meeting was relatively convoluted. Four years ago, sometime around April, Sakura saw Shirou persistently attempting the high jump. Then, later that same year they actually met for the first time when Shirou came over to the Matou residence. From that point on she worked hard to greet Shirou every time he came over, until finally a year and a half ago she started going over to the Emiya residence herself to help him out.
    Afterward, she gradually grew accustomed to the Emiya residence, and due to Fuji-nee's influence became a more cheerful, energetic Matou Sakura.
    She has a quiet personality, and all things considered is exceptionally patient and persevering.
    Basically, she is a worrisome girl that never resents others (not even Shinji or Zouken), and always blames herself for everything.
    The solitary exception to this rule is Rin, because the two of them are so similar. I guess she's only capable of being honest with herself, or someone almost exactly like herself, yeah.
    As everybody knows, she seems passive, but when she does do something she devotes herself to it completely.
    She's the girl in the story most suited to using seduction to get what she wants.
    Though she's always exuding an obvious aura of "senpai-adoration", it's hard to say if the all-important object of her affection, Shirou, has actually noticed or not.
    A devilish woman with a strong maternal instinct, she'll pamper a man to the bitter end and ruin him with her charms. But, just like Hariti…
    The most popular among the staff, maybe.
    "A heroine at the end of her rope" "A somehow distorted heroine" "A heroine that loves her big brother" …and so on. She can count on the fanatic vote, right?

    慎二クンも臓硯のダンナも恨まなかったクセに、凜だけに反応していたのは、彼女が自分に最も近い存在 だから。自分、ないし自分に近いモノには素直になるようです、ハイ。

  8. Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] Manga Chapter 26
  9. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: General Questions about Fate, p.130-131

    Q: In Sakura’s Route, what happened to the devoured Gilgamesh?

    Q: In Sakura’s Route, what happened to the devoured Gilgamesh? Saber was blackened and enslaved, but was Gilgamesh’s will too strong to be dominated? Or was he completely digested?

    A: He simply cannot be controlled. In fact Gilgamesh cannot be blackened. After being devoured by the Grail, Sakura converted Gilgamesh into mana in haste because she was afraid that Gilgamesh might tear her up from the inside if she does not digest him. However, His Majesty was very hard to digest, so “Angra Mainyu” must have been plagued by belly-ache (laughs).

  10. Fate/hollow ataraxia - 10/08 - Streets - Matou residents
  11. Fate/Grand Order - Fate/Accel Zero Order, ACT-15: To the Greater Grail
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    Q: If Sakura had stayed with the Tohsaka and Rin was adopted instead of Sakura into the Matou family, how would each of them have ended up?

    Q: If Sakura had stayed with the Tohsaka and Rin was adopted instead of Sakura into the Matou family, how would each of them have ended up? <Futaba>

    Nasu: In the end, Sakura couldn’t be handled by Tokiomi (the Imaginary attribute is too rare so Tokiomi who is simply a brilliant person couldn’t teach her) so she would be sent abroad to the Clock Tower or something⸺
    Takeuchi: Rin would be Dark, and ultimately end up as the Heroic Spirit TOHSAKA. Please refer to Capsule Servant for more details.
    Nasu: Oh no, she wouldn’t end up like that...
    Takeuchi: But she already has!

    ? <Futaba>


  13. [v] Fate/Apocrypha material - Encyclopedia: The Three Families [Others], p.166 [T]

    The Three Families [Others]
    In “Apocrypha”, the Three Families are the magi who constructed the Fuyuki Holy Grail War… in other words, the Einzberns, Tohsaka and Makiri.
    Just as alluded in the light novels, Makiri (Matou) Zouken fought fiercely against Darnic during the Third Holy Grail War, but became practically crippled due to the shock of the Greater Grail being stolen. The family wasn’t blessed with a successor either, so their future as magi has been completely shut.
    The Tohsaka gave up on the Greater Grail, and now seek a new path in becoming one with the universe with Chinese Kenpou while learning magecraft. The twin-tail daughter of the family might also end up becoming the founder of a “completely new martial arts that combines magecraft and Chinse Kenpou” by the time she becomes a high school student. However, she never imagined that her younger sister who was adopted by distant relatives would come visit her in Japan after becoming a pro-wrestler with unimaginably nice proportions and forming a tag team with a drill-roll-haired girl…!
    The Einzberns are in the midst of struggling to make a new Greater Grail under the excuse “It was stolen, so we’ll just make a new Holy Grail”. Fortunately, in the “Apocrypha” world, a certain dead fish-eyed mercenary won’t end up becoming involved with the Einzberns, so their greatest work Illyasviel will never be born—therefore, as long as she isn’t born, the Einzberns will never despair… Is that really fortunate?


  14. [v] Fate/Apocrypha material - Encyclopedia: Fuyuki [Place name], p.182 [T]

    Fuyuki [Place name]
    A certain provincial city. In these novels, the Holy Grail War doesn’t occur there, of course, and as a result, the mayor of Fuyuki, Himuro-san, doesn’t get a pained stomach from that Great Fire Disaster.
    And of course, that red-haired boy is living there with his original surname unchanged, but still having a honest and upright personality (as shown in his appearance in “Capsule Servant”), and likely going through days with a love comedy-like tone, along with a twin-tail magic-fist user and her cheerful little sister who laughs like a high-class young lady.


  15. [v] Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] II. lost butterfly Animation Material - Kinoko and Takashi Q & A, p.22[T]
    Q: If Sakura had been sent to the Edelfelt family instead, what kind of life would she have led? From looking at the Case Files, it seems Edelfelt is quite out there as well.

    Q: If Sakura had been sent to the Edelfelt family instead, what kind of life would she have led? From looking at the Case Files, it seems Edelfelt is quite out there as well. <Marumaru>

    Nasu: A babyfaced super-dark heel character would be created.
    Takeuchi: Bondage Sakura…!
    Nasu: Seriously speaking, Luvia is of a similar disposition as Rin but believes in aristocratism, so she would prioritize strengthening her talent. As a result, you have a cool and dark yet good-natured top tier Mage.
    Takeuchi: That’s a wonderful thing~

    ? <Marumaru>


  16. Fate/Zero, Volume 1: The Untold Story of the Fourth Holy Grail War - Act 1 Part 4 -271:33:52
    Sakura's body does indeed have fitting potentials to become a Magus. On this matter she was far better than Kariya and his elder brother Byakuya. Yet, it was inevitably a potential more appropriate for a Magus of the Tōsaka brand of Thaumaturgy, with fundamental differences to the Thaumaturgy of the Matō.
  17. [v] Fate/complete material III: World Material - Theory of Magic - Magecraft: Magus, p.041

    The everyday life of a magus is mostly spent conducting research. Magi who use magic outside of a research capacity, such as those who use magecraft to work and profit for themselves, are few in number. People who treat magecraft as a tool, such as assassins, are called “spellcasters,” and are looked down upon with disdain by the magical establishment.

    Furthermore, it is precisely because they are magi that few magi use magecraft in their daily lives. The cost of using magecraft for mundane tasks is indeed high, but above all, this is avoided for the purpose of concealing mysteries. The Magic Association is extremely wary of allowing knowledge of magecraft to reach the outside world, so magi who are overly conspicuous in the use of magecraft are purged.

    Magical families are essentially unilineal, in which one child inherits the parents’ assets and teachings in order to carry on the magecraft and research. These types of families are called magus lineages. Children other than the chosen heir may not even be told that their parents are magi. However, magic circuits are not wholly hereditary, and magi do not always produce children. In these cases, a child possessing magic circuits is adopted into the family. A major reason for the unilinealism of magecraft is that magic crests cannot be duplicated. The sole heir inherits all of the family’s magecraft.

    •Magic circuit
    Magic circuits are the pseudo nerves that a magus has inside himself. These are paths that generate magic energy and access the magic foundation engraved in the world. Magi make magic energy with the magic circuits and use the magic energy to run the magic foundation and thus put magery into effect. To do either of these, the magic circuits are necessary.

    As suggested by the description pseudo nerves, these are split into cores and lines joining these together and are spread throughout the body.

    The number of magic circuits are fixed at birth and the number won't increase by other than external factors.

    •Magic crest
    The product of stamping the anchored mystery that a magus had spent his entire life building up. Can be said to be mystical inheritance that defines the magus line as a magus line. While the inheritor is young, it is necessary to implant this little at a time while at the same time having the body adjust to the magic crest by medicine and rituals. The magic association also has technology for extracting just the magic crest from the body and storing it.

    •Magus alignment
    What determines what kind of attributes a magus' magic is going to be likely to have, or what kind of magic the magus is going to have good chemistry with, is going to be the element aligned with the magus.
    In addition to the five great elements of earth, water, fire, wind, and sky, there's the imaginary elements of Hollow and Nothing, for a number of seven.
    Some of the five elements will differ according to the school of magic. A famous one is a style in which the five great elements are formed from wood, fire, soil, metal,and water.
    Basically, one magus has one alignment, but sometimes there are magi with two alignments (like fire and earth, wind and water) and there are also those called "Average Ones" who have all the five great elements.

    Matou Sakura normally would have been a holder of the imaginary element of Emptiness. However, through her magic training, hers had been changed to the water alignment of the Matou line, so she couldn't exhibit her true talent.

    Normal alignments
    Five great elements Earth One of the two alignments of Kiritsugu. Kiritsugu exhibited his attribute of combining and used magic which combined the wounds of an enemy in a different form than normal, and made them unhealable.
    Five great elements Water The alignment that the Matou magi have had for generations. Matou exhibit the attribute of absorption and have passed it on. Sakura's alignment changed from Emptiness to water.
    Five great elements Fire The alignment of Tokiomi and also one of the two alignments of Kiritsugu. It is the symbol of life and death and has good chemistry with destructive magic.
    Five great elements Wind One of the two alignments of Kayneth Elmelloi Archibold. There are few magi with wind as an alignment
    Five great elements Sky An element which makes up celestial bodies that is newly added as a fifth element to the four great elements of earth, water, fire, and wind. This is, in other words, Ether.
    Imaginary Elements Hollow The alignment that Sakura was born with. Defined, in magery, as that "which is possible but is not in the physical plane". Also called imaginary numbers.
    Imaginary Elements Nothingness Like Hollow, the alignment of an imaginary element. In magery, defined as that "which is not possible, but materializes". Has a different meaning that the "nothing" of physics and math.

    •The absoluteness called Origin
    If alignment determines the root of one's magic, then even deeper than that, is the origin which determined the root of one's existence. The origin is not only for magi, but is the orientation that all things are born with and it's existence itself is thought absolutely necessary.
    Those magi with an origin that is strongly expressed outwardly are sometimes removed from the normal alignments and there are times that the origin itself becomes the alignment. Most of those magi exhibit their talents as extreme specialists.
    Because of that, it's said that they can reach higher grounds than normal magi.


    Shirou Emiya's origin is "Sword" and his alignment as a Magus is also "Sword". He is unable to use magic of the five great elements with precision because he doesn't have any of them as an alignment, but it does allow for the manifestation of "Unlimited Blade Works."

    •Noble Colors
    Of the alignments, wind is called "noble" and fire is "normal". By the way, the term "Noble Colors" is used to refer to special and innate things where he workings of the magic circuit are close to the movements of a celestial body (normally they're closer to the movements of the crust), and is innate and special.
    Noble Colors are often used to refer to mystic eyes, and Rider's petrifying mystic eyes are also a noble color.

    魔術師たちの日常は、 その大半が“研究”で 占められている。 研究以外で魔術を使う者は少 数派であり、 例えば魔術を使用して労働を行い、 その対価として賃金を得ている魔術師は少ない。 研究対象ではなく、 ツールとして魔術を使う者 (例えば魔術を使う暗殺者) は "魔術使い " と呼 ばれ、魔術師からは軽蔑の視線を向けられる。
    また、魔術師だからといって日常生活で魔術 を使う者は少ない。 日常の用を足す手段に魔術 はコストが高いということもあるが、 何より、 神秘の秘匿"のためである。 魔術協会は魔術 が世間に知られることを極端に戒めており、 目 立つ魔術の使い方をすると、 粛清される。
    魔術師は、基本的に親から子へと一子相伝で 自分たちの魔術と研究を受け継いでいく。 この ような家を "魔術師の家系”と呼ぶ。 後継者以 外の子には親が魔術師であることすらも教えな い。 ただし、魔術回路は100%遺伝する訳では なく、魔術師が子をなせないということもあり得 る。その場合、魔術回路を持つ子供を養子にし て家を存続させるのだ。 魔術が一子相伝である 理由は、魔術刻印が複製できないことが大きな 原因である。 選ばれた後継者ひとりだけが、そ の家のすべての魔術を受け継ぐことになる。

    魔術回路とは、魔術師が体内に持つ擬似神経 のことである。 主な機能はふたつ。 魔力の生成と、 世界に刻まれた魔術基盤にアクセスする路だ。 魔術師は魔術回路で魔力を作り、 魔力を使って 魔術基盤を動かすことで、魔術を行使する。 その どちらにも魔術回路は必要になる。
    擬似神経といわれる通り、核とそれをつなぐ ラインに分かれて体内に張り巡らされている。 魔術回路は生まれながらに本数が決まってお り、外的な要因以外で増えることはない。
    衛宮士郎が思い描く魔術回路のイメージ。 魔術回路 はオンオフを切り換えることができ、 オンにするためのス イッチは、魔術師によって異なる。

    魔術師が生涯をかけて鍛え上げ固定化した 神秘を刻印化したもの。 魔術師の家系を魔術 師の家系たらしめている、 魔術的な遺産とも いえる。 後継者が幼いうちから少しずつ時間を かけて移植していき、 同時に薬品や儀式で魔 術刻印に身体を徐々に慣らしていく必要がある。 魔術協会には肉体から魔術刻印だけを抜き 出して保存する技術も存在している。

    魔術師が使用する魔術がどのような特性を持 ちやすいか、魔術師がどのような魔術と相性が よいかを決定する 魔術師本人に属する要素。 地、水、火、 風 空の五大元素に、 架空元 素の虚と無を加えた7種がある。 五大元素は魔術 の流派によって一部種類が異なる。 有名なもの は、木、火、土、金、水で五大元素と成す流派。 基本的に魔術師はひとりがひとつの属性を持 つが、なかには二重属性と呼ばれるふたつの属性 (例えば火と土、水と風など) を持つ魔術師や、 五大元素属性すべてを併せ持つ"アベレージ・ワ ン"と呼ばれる魔術師も存在する。
    間桐桜は本来、 架空元素・虚の属性だった。しかし魔術 の訓練を通じて、 間桐家が属する水の属性に変えられてい たため、本来の才能を発揮できなかった。


    Normal alignments
    五大元素 衛宮切嗣の二重属性のひとつ。 切嗣は結合地の特性を発揮させ、敵の傷を本来とは違う形に結合し、治癒不可能にする魔術を用いた。
    五大元素 間桐家の魔術師が代々持つ属性。 間桐は 水 吸収の特性を発揮させ、伝えている。桜は元々 の虚から水へと属性を変えられた。
    五大元素 遠坂時臣の属性であり、 衛宮切嗣の二重 火属性のひとつでもある。生命や死の象徴とさ れ、 破壊的な魔術との相性がよい。
    五大元素 ケイネス・エルメロイ・アーチボルトの二重 属性のひとつでもある。 風を属性とする魔術 師は人数が少なく、 希少な存在である。
    五大元素 地、水、火、 風の四大元素に、 天体を構 成する第5の元素として新たに加わった元素。 つまりはエーテルのことである。
    架空元素 間桐桜が生まれつき持っていた属性 魔術 においてはあり得るが、 物質界にないもの" と定義される。 虚数と呼ばれることもある。
    架空元素 虚と同じく架空元素の属性。 魔術において はあり得ないが、 物質化するもの”と定義さ れる。物理学や数学の"無 "とは意味が異なる。

    属性が魔術の根本を規定する要素であれば、 それよりさらに深い、 存在の根本を規定する ものが起源だ。 起源は魔術師だけでなく、 あらゆる存在が持つ生まれ持った方向性であ り、存在そのものが不可分と考えられている。 "起源”が強く表に出ている魔術師は、時に 通常の属性から外れ、 起源そのものが属性と なっている場合がある。 そのような魔術師の多 くが、突出した専門家としての才能を発揮する。 それゆえに、一般的な魔術師よりも、より高 い境地へと達することができるとされている。


    衛宮士郎の起源は " 剣 " であり、 魔術師としての属 性も"剣"になる。 属性として五大元素を持たないため、 五大元素を使用する魔術が苦手。 その代わり、固有結 界”無限の剣製"を発現できる。

    属性のうち、 風は"ノウブル"、 火はノーマル"と 呼ばれる。 ちなみに"ノウブルカラー"といった場 合、その魔術回路の働きが天体運営に近く(通常 は地殻流動に近い)、 先天的で特殊なものである ことを示す言葉になる。 ノウブルカラーは主に魔 眼を指して使われることが多く、ライダーの石化の 魔眼もノウブルカラーである。

  18. Fate/stay night- Heaven's Feel route - Day 14 - servant eater - Sacrilege - Sisters (VI)

    Rin realizes that the attacks are not from the black shadow, but a Magecraft Sakura possesses. The Magecraft of Matou is to bind others. But Sakura is originally from the Tohsaka family --- a shadow-user with an Origin of the Imaginary Element, Imaginary Numbers. Matou Sakura is able to embody the black shadow to that degree because she has both attributes ---!

  19. Dengeki Hime 6/2006, [Fate] Dream Battle - Caren Hortensia vs. the Matous
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    Q: Why did Zouken only send Sakura into actual combat in Sakura’s Route?

    Q: Sakura only entered the Holy Grail War during her route, but not in others. Although I think she would develop as the “Black Grail” in any other route, why did Zouken only send her into actual combat in Sakura’s Route? Does that mean Zouken was not in the house in the other routes?

    A: Actually Sakura would not develop as the “Black Grail” in any other route. However, when she was chosen by Shirou, “the person she does not wish to lose”, the negative emotions she kept bottled up all these years came flooding out, which accelerated the growth of “All the World’s Evil – Angra Mainyu”.

  24. 24.0 24.1
    [v] Fate/complete material II: Character material - Characters: Gilgamesh, p.074-079


    Character Data 011
    True Identity: Gilgamesh
    Gender: Male
    Height: 182cm
    Weight: 68kg
    Image Color: Gold
    Talents: Rich
    Likes: Himself, Power
    Dislike: Himself, Snakes
    Worst enemy: Archer
    Origin: Ancient Mesopotamia

    Nasu Kinoko & Takeuchi Takashi Discussion

    >The Catalyst for Gilgamesh's birth

    Nasu: When I was working on old "Fate". I wanted to do a "World Hero Fighting Tournament" and Heracles was there as an obvious pick because he was a well-known hero famous for being the strongest of them all. So then I decided to look for a lesser-known and extremely ancient hero. That's how I came across Gilgamesh. There were other candidates that I considered, but Gilgamesh had a powerful name and an interesting legend, both of which made him perfect for the role of the "ultimate" character. Gilgamesh's general concept hasn't changed much since those days.

    Takeuchi: True, Gil's been wearing golden armour since old "Fate".

    Nasu: There's that as well as his ability to dual wield two swords at once. Gil's Noble Phantasm in old "Fate" was totally different from what it was in "stay night", but his role in the story remained the same. The oldest of man's hero kings, decked out in his golden armour and Servant to a priest, Kuzuki's friend.

    Takeuchi: You mean the guy with the mask?

    Nasu: You're thinking of Berserker's Master. But anyway, back to the topic... In the "stay night" storyline, Archer was replaced by Emiya and that affected Gil's position. Gil became a boss character and was buffed up considerably. I mean, he was an unquestionably powerful guy to begin with, but he didn't have such utterly terrifying abilities in the old "Fate" days. There are tons of heroes throughout history, but I brought Gil as an entity that is removed from human notions of good and evil. He's like a god or a natural disaster.

    Takeuchi: Gil went through quite a bit of revamping when he was set to become a boss character, didn't he?

    Nasu: Yeah, he was always the most extreme example of self-importance, but he didn't stop there. In our story, he was the most obnoxious kind of hero who couldn't seem to help but achieve a completeness at both ends of the spectrum. The decision to pursue "evil" resulted in him also achieving the epitome of "good," and vice versa. But when you look at him from a historical point of view, you can't help but admit that this guy was quite possibly the greatest leader of all time. I felt like I had reached the level of confidence I needed about Gil's character hen I came up with the idea to use one specific form of the personal pronoun "I" in written text, while having him speak a different form of it orally. The written form was suggestive of a formal person of grand importance, like a king, while the spoken version was more bratty and self-righteous. I felt like this self-contained paradox served as a subtle hint regarding Gil's personality.

    Takeuchi: Yeah, that thing you did with the personal pronoun summed up his entire character concept.

    Nasu: I'm sure it's been done a million times over by now, but I think it was a relatively new idea at the time.

    >Designing Gilgamesh's outfits and armaments

    Takeuchi: Koyama led the way for Gilgamesh's armour design.

    Nasu: The infamous armour design that reduced countless staff members to tears. (laughs)

    Takeuchi: In three dimensions, it was a super complicated design. Of course, I think it was a great contrast to Saber's extremely simple armour design.

    Nasu: We'll just ignore all the naysayers who ask questions like "Isn't gold a rather soft metal for armour?" or "Why is his whole body decked out in terms of protection, yet he doesn't wear a helmet?" (laughs)

    Takeuchi: I was the one who designed his casual clothes. I was originally planning to go with something flashier. People who played "hollow" might know what I'm talking about.

    Nasu: Yeah, we toned it down because I thought it was a bit over the top for "Fate".

    Takeuchi: Though I'm still not sure if we got it quite right...

    Nasu: To be honest, we didn't actually have a design concept prepared for Gil's clothes. But then there was that scene at the beginning of the game where Gil converses with Sakura, and that other scene in the latter half of Saber's route where Shirou and the others encounter him. Considering the settings for those encounters, we couldn't very well have Gil popping up in his full suit of shiny golden armour shouting "Halt!" or whatever, because the reaction he'd get would probably just be laughter rather than apprehension. That's when I turned to Takeuchi and said, "I think he needs some casual clothes."

    Takeuchi: Figuring out casual outfits for the servants was always tricky. We couldn't go with anything too crazy, but putting them in really mundane clothes would take too much away from the fact that they are special characters. Once the concepts for the other characters started getting hammered out, we reviewed the overall balanced and decided that Gil's early clothing design had to be nixed.

    Nasu: What material was used for Gil's clothes? Leather?

    Takeuchi: I guess. I looked through a lot of fashion magazines for inspiration, but sometimes the look of something changes entirely when translated into illustrations. I feel like I failed to accurately reproduce the image I had in my mind of Gil's clothes.

    >Sakura and Gilgamesh

    Takeuchi: What were Gil and Sakura talking about at the beginning of the game, anyway?

    Nasu: Gil knew about Sakura being tainted by Angra Mainyu, so he was telling her "I've seen countless females like you before. You are an annoyance and should die now." These words weren't spoken in anger or hatred, though, and are probably the closest Gil would ever come to expressing mercy. He was just letting her know that things would be easier for her if she died before anything terrible happened to her.

    Takeuchi: So he was looking out for someone other than himself? That's interesting... but only someone like him could have such a heavy conversation in the middle of the street like that.

    Nasu: Yeah, if you actually think about it, what does it say about him that a casual stroll down the street could lead to "You there! Woman! Kill yourself now." (laughs)

    Takeuchi: For such a powerful character, he did lose to Sakura rather easily.

    Nasu: Gil lost to Sakura so easily because he let his guard down. What's a king without complacency, right? I think the biggest factor, though, was a simple question of their respective natures. Gil was pretty much invulnerable against Servants because he was the "Killer of Heroes", while Dark Sakura was the "Devourer of Heroic Spirits", which extends to Servants.

    Takeuchi: Buuut... Gil acquired a flesh-and-blood body for himself, so doesn't that mean he's technically not a servant anymore?

    Nasu: It doesn't matter because he got his new body through the Holy Grail system, which means he can't deny the power of Dark Sakura, who is a manifestation of the Holy Grail itself. On another note, Gil's magical powers were off the charts in his flesh-and-blood form, so absorbing that level of power broke the dam and caused Sakura to fall apart.

    >The message Gilgamesh carries as a character

    Nasu: I think everything I wanted to say with Gilgamesh is pretty well summarised in the whole pronoun gimmick I mentioned earlier. Even though he is not one to be tied down by notions like morality or decency, he does have a sort of system that guides his actions and conduct.

    Takeuchi: I do feel like Gil is just one big walking, talking misunderstanding.

    Nasu: Another thing about Gil is that something as simple as his hairstyle can vastly change the impression he gives off. In Saber's route, Gil's hair is slicked back to give his look a more violent touch, but the rest of him was designed so that merely letting his hair down would give him a look like your average main character. I wanted Gil to portray these characteristics because the "real" Gil from the legends was more laid back like the latter example. I asked Takeuchi to bring back the old Arthur design to help with creating the "hair down" version of Gil. Just let his hair loose and Gil could easily pass as the main character!

    ギルガメッシュ - 誇り高き人類最古の英雄王

    Character Data 011
    出身: 古代メソポタミア

    奈須 きのこ&武内崇 • キャラクター別対談
    奈須:旧「Fate」で"世界英雄大戦"をやると決めたとき、一番強そうでメジャーな英雄としてヘラクレスがいま した。「なら、一番マイナーで一番古い英雄は?」という流れとなって目を付けたのがギルガメッシュでした。 他にも候補はいたのですが、名前自体が持つ強さ、逸話も面白いし、なによりも最強に相応しいと思って。ギル のイメージは、その時からブレていませんね。


  25. [v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Gilgamesh [Servant], p.094

    Gilgamesh [Servant]
    The Archer class Servant of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Though he was summoned by Tohsaka Tokiomi, he ended up deserting his master and re-contracting with Kotomine Kirei. He is the strongest character in both Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero.
    In the boy-meets-girl story of the original Fate/stay night he was forced to yield to the universal law of "love conquers all", but in Fate/Zero he's free to show off his overwhelming, cheat-like strength without restraint. He could have ended the war in a single night if he truly desired to do so. But then, careless pride is the king's prerogative, and getting serious over something as frivolous as a wish-granter would be unbecoming. So, taking that into account, it sort of balances out the huge disparity in firepower… I guess?
    Also, the reason that he was able to splendidly escape after being swallowed by Angra Mainyu at the end of Fate/Zero despite succumbing to the same thing in the Sakura route of Fate/stay night is because in the latter he was distracted by the presence of a naked girl.
    …Just kidding! Actually, it was due to the difference in power between the "mud", which was cut off from its source, and the "shadow" which was connected directly to it.

    第四次聖杯戦争におけるアーチャーのサーヴァント。遠坂時臣によって召喚されるが、後にマスターを見放し、言峰綺礼と再契約を果たす。本編及びZeroを通じての最強キャラ。詳しくは元祖マテリアル本を参照。ボーイミーツガールなFate本編に於いては「必ず最後に愛は勝つ」な宇宙の法則に膝を屈するが、Zeroにおいてはそのチート的最強を遺憾なく発揮する。これで真面目に聖杯を追い求めてくれたなら本当に聖杯戦争は一夜で終了していただろうが、油断慢心は王気の一部。たかが願望機ごときにマジになるなど大人気ないという王の沽券は断じて譲れないものである。そういった短所も鑑みれば、いちおう戦力のバランスは成り立っていたともいえる……のか? Zeroのラストで見事にアンリマユへの吸収を脱しておきながら、本編の桜ルートであのような末路を辿ったのは、女子が見ている前でネイキッドかますのが気が引けたから――ではなく、本体と切り離された状態だった「泥」と、本体に繋がったままの「影」との威力の差によるものであろう。

  26. [v] Fate/side material - Encyclopedia: Black Shadow [??], p.060 [T]

    Black Shadow [??]
    Unidentified object.
    It gave the impression of a jellyfish on land. The Black Shadow was impervious to conventional attacks, and the target could only await death in its presence.
    We ran out of ideas after Saber and Rin routes, so the Black Shadow was a surprise antagonist after much pondering.
    It was a favorite of the Chief Director. In terms of how much love the Black Shadow got, its event CG and wallpapers were crafted with much care and effort.

    演出担当さんのお気に入り。 どのくらい血縁度が低 いかと言うと、黒い影登場時のイベント画をかっこよく加工して壁纸にしているぐらいのラブ。

  27. 27.0 27.1 Fate/stay night - Heaven's Feel route - Day 16: FINAL - Gem Sword Zelretch
  28. [v] Fate/complete material III: World Material - The Servants of the Fifth Holy Grail War:
    Blackening of Servants, p.038 [T]

    Blackening of Servants
    The black mud in the Holy Grail contaminates the souls of those who touch it. It goes without saying for mere humans, and supernatural beings like Servants are no exception to this either. The contaminated person's personality reverses toward the orientation of evil. This is madness caused by touching Angra Mainyu. This is called "blackening". There are those who can use the black mud as part of their own power thanks to the properties of its contamination and those whose powerful egos have stayed back its mental pollution.
    An example of the former is Matou Sakura and the latter is Gilgamesh. The blackened Servant is incarnated by the power of the Grail so the more concrete ties to the physical plane turns them into powerful beings.
    Their physical interference power increases but at the same time they lose the ability to return to spirit form.
    Also, as they no longer bother to restrain their magic energy consumption, their fighting ability jumps significantly. This momentum can be compared to a runaway train.
    Because they are in that state, fine control is not possible, but in exchange, their destructive power increases.
    They are fearful beings inflicting havoc and death upon the world. These are blackened Servants.


    Saber Alternative
    Class: Saber
    Master: Matou Sakura
    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    STR: A
    CON: A
    AGI: D
    MGI: A++
    LCK: C
    Noble Phantasm: A++

    Saber Alternative, or Black Saber, is the name given to Artoria when she fell to Hassan, was consumed by the dark shadow, and obtained true incarnation during the "Heaven's Feel" route.
    Artoria, now jet-black, could now invoke Excalibur without limit thanks to the enormous prana supply from the blackened Sakura. Thus, she could overwhelm Berserker Heracles even in a direct battle. Now unfettered and in a sense more powerful than she was in life, none can deny that she is the strongest Servant.

    Class Abilities

    Magic Resistance: B
    Lower than original value due to the corruption. Still high, as it nullifies spells at B rank (activated within three counts) or lower, and it is difficult to harm her even with high thaumaturgy.

    Riding: -
    In the maddened state while blackened, the loss of fine control makes it impossible to ride beasts; rather, the mount cannot withstand it. Therefore, in reality one can consider the Riding ability lost.

    Personal Skills

    Instinct: B
    Constant self-control is required to maintain Saber's reason while blackened. To focus on suppressing her madness, her surroundings are neglected and Instinct is dulled.

    Power Burst: A
    Saber's body is always suffused in the energy supplied by the Greater Grail. Her armor is also reinforced, granting more defensive ability than in her original state.

    Charisma: E
    The magnificent king's charm which once inspired and captivated her soldiers is gone. Since she rules by terror, leadership ability is improved but troops' morale is extremely low.

    Noble Phantasms
    Sword of Promised Victory -- Excalibur
    Rank: A++
    Type: Anti-fortress Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1-99
    Maximum targets: 1000 persons
    Even while blackened, Artoria's greatest power Excalibur is still potent. However, the sword is tainted an ominous black. Just as the fairies of the lake (Vivienne and Morgan) manifest as both good and evil, the holy sword has its own dark side. Still, its "character" as a holy sword is greatest. The function of converting the wielder's magical energy into light through the blade does not change, but the light is transformed into the same darkness of the blade.

  29. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: General Questions about Fate, p.130-131
    Q: It's thought that Sakura had become "a threat to humanity" in the Sakura route, but was the human Counter Force in action at this time?

    Q: It's thought that Sakura had become "a threat to humanity" in the Sakura route, but was the human Counter Force in action at this time?

    A: It hadn't occurred at that stage yet. ...On the other hand, whether or not the Counter Force moved could turn into one of those endless arguments...

  30. [v] Fate/Zero material- Encyclopedia: Tohsaka Sakura [Person's name], p.101

    Sakura Tohsaka [Person's name]
    When she first appeared in the story of Zero, she was already Matou Sakura, but it’s hard to get an opportunity to use this name. With this name she really seems like a brave and fierce Tooyama SakuraWP
    Although she only appeared twice (during the prologue and in the middle), once you think about it, a~~~ll that time she was suffering in a worm hell that violates child pornography laws. In Zero, this girl’s misery index may actually have been the highest. When the author was in the middle of writing, and when Character Material published young Sakura’s cute appearance, thinking that “aah, right now I’m writing about a world that does its best to brutally mistreat this kind of girl” was a huge mental burden. You’re terrible, Takeuchi-san! Let’s torment her more!
    In the scene with her and Kariya’s death, the first draft of the plot was really too inhumane. After the author of the original work scolded him with “What color is your blood, anyways!?” it became one of the few scenes that the author stopped. So in the end, Sakura’s monologue was very mild and calm. …It was like that. No, really.


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