Sakura Matou (間桐 桜, Matō Sakura?) is an NPC character within the Moon Cell's virtual world.



She is a NPC character based on the real Sakura Matou.


  • Sakurider
  • Dark Sakura

Sakura has long purple hair and matching eyes she wears a red ribbon on the left side of her head. She wears the standard Tsukumihara Academy female uniform with a few minor differences instead of a blue ribbon, Sakura wears a red ribbon with small white socks and a long matching lab coat.

In Fate/EXTRA CCC, she later wears the alternative navy sailor uniform with small white socks with a short length lab coat.


Sakura is very soft-spoken and caring; this personality is robotic and repetitive, as she was programmed to follow a specific role by the system of the Moon Cell. However, in certain situations, she can also display strange and out of character behaviors that creeps out Hakuno Kishinami.



Sakura is first introduced as Shinji's younger sister who works in the nurse's office. As the end of the prologue approaches, Shinji realizes that, while he'd always wanted one, he'd never had a younger sister. Sakura's programming malfunctions during this revelation, exposing her as an NPC programmed to think she is related to Shinji.

During the Holy Grail War, Sakura resumes her position in the nurse's office, handing out weekly supplies to the participants and also tends to any injuries they may suffer during the War that are not a result of "standard" combat; it appears that if she were to leave the office too long, she could lose her job. She is well known among Masters and NPCs for her delicious lunches.

Last EncoreEdit

Sakura is first introduced in the infirmary, greeting Hakuno Kishinami and Rin Tohsaka when they carry in N.Amagi's body. After Sakura puts the body on a bed and covers it with a sheet, she remarks that the infirmary is running out of room. She asks Hakuno to carry another body to the incinerator, and he complies.

In a flashback, she treated a Master whom Dan Blackmore had injured. She looked on passively when Dan entered the infirmary to talk to him.


  • White Sakura as depicted in Caster's book
  • White Sakura's relief
  • Sakura's ending

During Fate/EXTRA CCC, she has a vastly expanded role. During the preliminaries, Kiara Sessyoin removed Sakura's constraints to her free will, she was unable to control her status abnormality and went into overload. Because the NPCs cannot do anything but routine work, they ignored Sakura who began to disintegrate as something "nonexistent" and since the Moon Cell's check was performed only at the end of the day during the preliminaries, Sakura was in a crisis of being extinguished.[2] The characters BB, Meltlilith, and Passionlip resemble her.

Her ending, the CCC route, has her utilize the power of the Moon Cell to grant Hakuno Kishinami a new human body on Earth. She is an AI, so she gives herself a body different from that of a human.[3]

Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox TailEdit

Her role is similar to Fate/EXTRA CCC.

Other appearancesEdit

She appears in TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater:

  • Fight!! Ms.Blossom Cost Chapter (「たたかえ!!ブロッサム先生 コスト編, Tatakae!! Burossamu-sensei Kosuto-hen?) - Archer, Caster and Saber fights Sakura, in order to save Hakuno. Due to her long, purple hair, she poses as Rider in the third episode of the TYPE-MOON MOVIE Ace 2nd specials, which causes others to call her Sakurider (サクライダー, Sakuraidā?). Her role is also mixed with the regular Sakura of Fate/stay night, allowing her to become Dark Sakura (黒桜, Kuro Sakura?).
  • Let Me Hear!! Ms.Blossom Merry Chrismas Chapter (きかせて!!ブロッサム先生 メリクリ編, Kikasete!! Burossamu-sensei Merikuri-hen?) - The Servants and Sakura celebrate Christmas.




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