The Salem Singularity is Subspecies Singularity IV (亜種特異点 IV, Ashu Tokuiten IV?, localized as "Pseudo Singlarity IV") of the Remnant Order dealing with the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident in Fate/Grand Order. Engulfing present day Salem, Massachusetts, it recreated the events which occurred in the town in A.D. 1692.[1]

The events of Chaldea's visit to this Singularity are covered in the second chapter of Epic of Remnant; The Forbidden Advent Garden: Salem (禁忌降臨庭園セイレム, Kinki Kōrin Teien Seiremu?), alternatively Heretical Salem (異端なるセイレム, Itan-naru Seiremu?).

Setting[edit | edit source]

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Believing pain to be the key to humanity's salvation, Raum sought a way to summon an Outer God. Particularly he wanted to summon Sut-Typhon so he could connect all of mankind to bring about his salvation through pain.[2][3] He created a Singularity that accurately recreates Salem in 1692 at the coordinates of modern Salem.[1][3] There he created a Pseudo-Servant of Abigail Williams, turning her into living Sliver Key to open doors across time and space.[4] Taking advantage of her trust and darker tendencies, Raum manipulated her into summoning the participants of the Salem Witch Trials.[3] Raum would repeat these events by recreating Salem in an effort to produce results.[2][3] By the second recreation, the Singularity consumed the magical energy of 50,000 people within, and it was grew at 105,000 times normal speed. It was at this point SHEBA detected Raum, and used itself as a catalyst to summon the Queen of Sheba into Salem. She was able to slow the Singularity's progress, but it cost her most of her powers.[3] This resulted in her being manipulated into truly believing she was Tituba.[5] By the fifth recreation, Raum began to run out of time and magical energy. Then, in answer to Abigail's request for a friend, he invited the Whateleys into the Singularity.[3] He then order them to summon Sut-Typhon, knowing it was their greatest wish.[2] At some point, the "Gentleman Who Travels Through Time and Space" took notice of Abigail's powers, and thus he came to Salem to meet her. However, he left himself defense against Raum's possession when he went to deal with the another threat in a dream; Raum had tried to summon it as well, but while its attempt failed the Outer God had already begun trying to emerge into the world on its own. Raum then took possession of the Gentleman's body, took the identity of Randolph Carter, and took the role of Abigail's uncle.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

Chaldea have detected a dome of darkness with a radius of 700km in the area of Salem. The status of the residences is unknown since the drones sent in by the U.S. army have yet to detect any radio transmissions. Ritsuka assumes a surviving Demon God is responsible for the phenomenon. Leonardo da Vinci reveals the dome expanded to its current size within seconds of manifesting. The Mage's Association also sent Familiars in, but they lost contact every one of them. Da Vinci then requests Mash to check the authenticity of the reports coming from all around the world, and to see if they're related to Salem. She also asks Ritsuka to get Sherlock Holmes to give his assistance, which Mash agrees to help with.[1]

The next day, Da Vinci states the upcoming Rayshift will be the final one, as the Association and United Nation have jointly decided to halt all Rayshift operations following this transfer. She then moves on to what they learned about the Singularity. First, the darkness surrounding Salem will be called the Mist. It was made from magecraft since it absorbs all visible light and other forms of electromagnetic waves, and it doesn't obey the laws of physics. It also extends upwards to an average altitude of 600 meters. The U.S. army tried sending in drones to investigate, but every one became inoperable upon entering. A number of journalists snuck past the army blockade, and enter the Mist themselves, but none have yet to return. Trained animals sent in to investigate also failed to return, and there is no sign of any fauna entering or exiting. However, a medieval automata sent in by a Chaldean mage was able to return from the Mist. It returned with sketches based on its observation that depict Salem during the late 17th century. It is unknown if the past was faithfully recreated, or if a type of magecraft displaced the area. Either way the effect it would have humanity is immeasurable, so Da Vinci believes a Demon God still plotting to incinerate humanity is responsible. She has been checking the repaired Foundations for any instabilities, so she fears the Singularity threatens the very rules of the world. She then orders Ritsuka to investigate the innards of the Singularity, rescue as many people as possible, and find and destroy the Demon God. Mash reveals the Mist eliminates any post-17th century technology, which is why the automaton was able to return. It was learned from Sheba's observations that there are people inside, though it's unknown if they're safe. Da Vinci says the only way to enter the Singularity is a rayshift in the present day. However, there are two conditions. First is that the number of rayshift occupants is severely limited, as the Association has already shut down Chaldea's reactor. Second is that the team needs to dress for the occasion, for which William Shakespeare and Hans Christian Andersen wrote a scenario for said team to be a travelling troupe. Servants joining Ritsuka have already been picked based Shakespeare's advice. Geronimo isn't joining since his heritage could cause issues. Mash and Thomas Edison are concerned about sending Medea in, given she is an actual witch. Da Vinci responds that it's because she is a witch that Medea will serve as an advisor to find the line between superstition and magecraft. Ritsuka then briefs their team while Da Vinci makes preparations. Afterwards,Ritsuka's team prepare to rayshift when Mash requests to join to serve as the troupe's prompter, even though she wasn't included in the scenario. Da Vinci agrees with her request after seeing Shakespeare, Geronimo, and Ritsuka accept it. However, after the group rayshift, Medea suddenly enters the room. She reveals the one who left is an impostor.[1]

The group arrive in a forest outside of Salem, and they begin to head there. Ritsuka creates a name for their troupe after Robin Hood says they need one. Charles-Henri Sanson wonders if this particular Salem has the same culture as the one from the 17th century in the original history. "Medea" asks how they can contact Chaldea. Mash answers she was given a special device for such a purpose, though it'll take some time to set up. It allows them to bypass what's blocking magical communications by linking the key mechanism to Ritsuka's Command Spells since they have a strong connection with Chaldea's Servants. The group then observe a young girl directing other girls in a so-called magic ritual. Medea realizes their magecraft has been severely weakened since they arrived. She asks the others to go into spirit form, but they're unable to. An albino girl then finds the group, identifying them as outsiders. Mata Hari lies that what the girl overheard was them practicing their secret routine. The girl leaves though when Sanson speaks to her in a heavy accent, believing him to be a french soldier or fugitive. Mata Hari then notices wolves surrounding the girls. She and Mash get them to safety while the others slay the wolves. Sanson and Nezha realize afterwards that they're severely weakened. Sanson then searches for the albino girl while "Medea" examines the wolves. Meanwhile, the girl who led the ritual introduces herself as Abigail Williams. Mash explains the group are a travelling troupe who got lost in the woods on their way to Salem. Ritsuka learns from Abigail that it is April 21, 1692. Abigail's uncle then arrives, and reprimands her for taking the other children out into the woods in the middle of the night. After Abigail explains the group are travelling performers, her uncle says the other girls told him they were saved by the group. He offers to let them stay at his home. He introduces himself as Randolph Carter, and explains he adopted Abigail after her parents (her mother being his sister) died. The group then go to Carter's home to rest.[6]


The next day at Carter's home, Mash sets up the communication device, but it's inoperable. Mata Hari had spread word around town about their troupe while she investigated. She explains the town and its history are nearly identical to Salem in 1682. But there are residents who weren't on historical records. Robin observed the local topography and architecture matches the period, but certain things don't match with historical records. Sanson realizes that this particular Salem is a well crafted fake. Ritsuka asks about the people living in modern Salem, but Mata Hari and Robin couldn't find them. "Medea" wonders if the images they received from Sheba were falsified. She then warns they can't stay at Carter's home, revealing it is subjected to something more powerful than they realize. The group then hear Abigail trying to bar Carter from punishing Tituba for teaching the girls the ritual. After Mata Hari convinces him to ease Tituba's punishment, the group then split up to search for clues about the Demon God. "Medea" decides she will stay at Carter's home to keep an eye on him and Tituba. Near the town hall, Mata Hari and Sanson encounter the albino girl, Lavinia Whateley. Mata Hari convinces her to see their performance from a private seating where no one can bother her. Lavinia agrees on the condition they don't tell Abigail that she was out in the forest last night. Otherwise, she'll tell everyone that the group used magecraft to kill the wolves last night. Sanson decides they should investigate the Whateley family further.[6]

Ritsuka and Mash find Abigail at the shore after she ran off earlier. They talk with her for a bit until a gunshot sounds off from the direction of the wharf. Ritsuka goes to investigate while Mash takes Abigail to safety. Meanwhile at the tavern, Nezha briefly fights a group of sailors. Ritsuka enters and asks what happened. Nezha explains she and Robin were gambling when a sailor started to harass her. She wasn't bothered until the sailor complained about her body. Ritsuka apologizes for what happened when Mash arrives. After Mash learns what transpired, the tavern owner becomes skeptical of the group being traveling performers. Mash convinces him that they're God fearing folk, despite their appearances. The villager says he'll speak with the Reverend and other respected villagers on the group's behalf if they insist on performing.[6]

Town Hall

That evening, the group perform a play at the town hall depicting Queen of Sheba meeting King Solomon. Afterwards, Carter and the Town Judge go outside to an angry mob. Tituba has been accused of witchcraft because a charm of hers was found under the ailing Ann Putnam's bed.Matthew Hopkins then arrives, saying he's been appointed Salem's head judge by order of the governor. He gives the Judge official documentation to confirm this. He then orders Tituba to be taken into custody for interrogation. "Medea" stops Ritsuka from interfering, having realized that the witch trials have begun. Carter accompanies Hopkins and Tituba since he is her owner. Ritsuka and Mash take Abigail home at his request.[6]

The next day at Carter's home, Mash tells Sanson and Mata Hari that Ritsuka accompanied Carter to the village, with Robin following to keep them safe. They wanted to determine to if the charm Tituba made is actually cursed or not. "Medea" reveals she finished turning the house into a magical workshop a moment ago. It was so they could contact Chaldea, and so the Servants can go into spirit form within the property. "Medea" decides they need proof that Salem is the heretical version of history. In order to observe it properly, she built the workshop to isolate herself from outside interference. Mash guesses heretical history means Salem is actually a separate dimension made from magecraft, rather than its past being displaced. "Medea" agrees, but she isn't able to determine the source yet. If it is magecraft, then there should someone in Salem whose soul that can never fulfilled, and a will to bring about this curse. She believes doing so will lead them to the Demon God. Mata Hari then reveals she and Sanson found a workshop in the Whately family estate, having learned they're mages. However, they weren't able to go inside to determine if they still practice magecaft. The group cease their conversation when Abigail appears.[7]

Ritsuka and Robin soon return, while Carter and Abigail go to speak with the Reverend. Robin tells the others about their meeting with Hopkins, revealing Tituba is being kept in a filthy underground prison. Sanson then reveals Hopkins should be dead if the date is correct, as he died in 1647. He also warns they have three days at least before Tituba is hanged as a witch. "Medea" decides she needs to examine the charm herself. She then asks the others to describe Tituba. However, they're unable to recall anything beyond her skin color. Mash assumes something is interfering with their awareness and memories. Medea confirms the workshop will prevent that interference, believing such interference requires a Divine Spirit. She says Tituba has been hiding her true appearance, and assumes she has a connection to the Demon God. She decides she needs to examine Tituba directly, but Ritsuka asks about contacting Chaldea first. She replies there is only a fifty-fifty chance of it working right now. The group agree to focus on contacting with Chaldea, given the circumstances. Ritsuka, Mash, "Medea", and Sanson decide to visit Hopkins, while the others investigate the Whateley estate.[7]

Ritsuka, Mash, "Medea", and Sanson meet with Hopkins. He refuses their request to see the charm. He does agree with Sanson's request to examine the sick villagers though after he gave a demonstration of his medical knowledge. "Medea" then demands the key to Tituba's cell, so she can examine her. Hopkins refuses, and accuses the group of being a band of thieves disguised as travelling performers. He tells the group to put on a moving performance for the whole town to prove their innocence. He then has "Medea" locked in a cell next to Tituba's.[7]

Gallows Hill

Later that night, the group perform a play for the town. Instead of performing Hopkins' request of a play about Jeanne d'Arc being burned at the stake, they perform a play that Andersen wrote about her and her other selves. Meanwhile, Lavinia warns Sanson to stay in Abigail's house tonight. Ritsuka, Mash, and Robin get "Medea" out of her cell. They find Tituba is missing; she and others were moved an hour ago. At Carter's request, the prison guard reveals they have already been sentenced. The group rush to the gallows to find Tituba and the others have been long dead. Mata Hari realizes Hopkins had the accused hanged while they were performing. Hopkins permits the group to be jurors while they're in Salem.[7]

"Medea" reveals what's cutting off their communications is related to what's interfering with their senses. She explains the reason they can't go into spirit forms is because they're bound by physical law while in spirit form. They can't contact Chaldea because their magical energy is flowing in one direction. It is also why they're weaker than normal. It also means dying in Salem will cause their Spirit Origins to disappear. Sanson wonders if they're the only ones in irregular spirit form, referring to the villagers. "Medea" guesses a mage from the Whateleys may know something. Robin then demands "Medea" to reveal her true identity. He, Mata Hari, and Sanson have been suspicious of her for some time. Robin requests Ritsuka to use a Command Spell on her to see if she is a Chaldean Servant. However, Carter and Abigail return from burying Tituba. Robin and Nezha then sense something outside approaching from a distance. While Mash, "Medea", and Carter stay, the others go outside.[7]

The group find the executed have been risen from dead. They defeated them, but the dead villagers display consciousness before disintegrating. They head back to the house after hearing gunshots from there. They find the risen Tituba and destroy her. Afterwards, they notice Absalom Whateley, head of the Whateleys, and Lavinia's grandfather. They also meet a mysterious woman.[7]

The next day at the town hall, Ritsuka and Mash listen to the villagers discuss last night's attack. They also hear Carter call the undead condemned ghouls based on the descriptions by d'Elrette. Sanson tells Ritsuka that the Reverend has a request for them. Outside, the Reverend requests the group put on a play for the children. Mash then introduces him to the newest member of their troupe, Circe. The group then recall meeting Circe last night. She is a Masterless Servant accidentally summoned with Da Vinci's summoning experiments. She tried to escape Chaldea until discovering it's in the Arctic. She then joined the rayshift to Salem, sensing she was being guided there. She revealed Tituba is a Servant, and "Titbuba" isn't her True Name. She confessed she was jamming comms with Chaldea, rather than trying to fix them, so her true identity wouldn't be revealed. She stopped though after learning Salem is cut off from everywhere. She then forged a temporary contract with Ritsuka.[8]

Later, Nezha takes Lavinia to see the play with Abigail. Lavinia tells Abigail that Carter and Hopkins evicted her from her home, so he could talk with Absalom. Sanson requests Ritsuka to allow him to investigate the Whateley house. The group then perform a play based on the "Journey to the West" without him. However, Abigail and Lavinia sneak out to find Sanson.[8]

Meanwhile at the Whateley house, Sanson witnesses Hopkins preparing to take Absalom away. Carter has accused Absalom of summoning the ghouls to attack the village. Abgail and Lavinia then arrive before Absalom is transported. He tells Lavinia to ask Captain Marsh, the wharf's owner, for help since he's indebted to their family. Hopkins then orders Sanson to rebuild the gallows, which were destroyed by last night's storm, by himself.[8]

At night, Lavinia swears vengeance on Hopkins for hanging Absalom and her father, Noah. Meanwhile in Carter's home, Sanson tells the others what transpired at the Whateley house. The accused were hanged nearly the moment he rebuilt the gallows. Later, the village is attacked by ghouls, but they're coming from the graveyard this time. The group split up to deal with them. Ritsuka, Nezha and Sanson confront the risen Absalom when Carter shoots him dead.[8]

The next day, Circe reveals comms with Chaldea have been restored. However, they aren't receiving audio from Da Vinci and Medea, so Ritsuka has to read their lips. Da Vinci reveals SHEBA had something to do with Circe's accidental summoning. It also started to go berserk before comms were established. It could shut down, damage the system, or cause problems with the return rayshift. Da Vinci then reveals the group's memories were falsified upon entering Salem. They're unable to connect their memories of past events with the information they're currently receiving. The condition induces visual and auditory hallucinations. After comms are cut, Ritsuka, Mata Hari, and Sanson go out to find Mash and Abigail, who went shopping earlier.[9]

Arriving at the general store, the trio hear the villagers there blaming them for the recent incidents. Abigail tells them that Mash headed to the village outskirts with Carter. Ritsuka then goes with Robin, while Sanson helps Mata Hari deal with the villager she's arguing with. Robin explains he was secretly following Mash and Abigail. After they finished shopping, they were confronted by Carter when passing by the town hall. He said he was going to fetch a judge from Boston, or reinforcements if that failed. Mash decided to go with him to find a way out of Salem, even though it's impossible. Carter and Mash then rode to the village outskirts on horseback, which is where Robin lost sight of them. Arriving at the outskirts, Robin shows Ritsuka what is assumed to be an altar and sacrificial remains. Ritsuka picks up a broken cross-shaped pendant. They and Robin then return to Carter's house. They tell Nezha and Circe that Mash and Carter are missing. Circe reveals Nezha discovered Hopkins' men and the villagers are watching the house now. She also assumes Mash being missing is part of a trap. Abigail then comes in and reveals Mata Hari was accused of being a witch.[9]

At the town hall, the trail of Mata Hari has been begun. She is accused of being a witch by Bill Osborne, the villager she was arguing with earlier. He then gives his testimony. Abigail sees Ritsuka has her father's pendant when they drop it. Ritsuka realizes the remains they saw earlier were Abigail's parents. Ritsuka, Sanson, and Abigail defend Mata Hari, but in the end, Hopkins sentences her to be hanged as a witch. He also orders Ritsuka to pay a total of 70 pounds for damages, trial fees, and the execution cost.[9]

Later at the gallows, the group witness Mata Hari and two others be hanged. The Carter house is suddenly set on fire by rioters. Ghouls also attack the village again. While fighting the ghouls, Robin retrieves Mata Hari's body on Circe's request. Nezha goes to save Abigail. Becoming overwhelmed by the ghouls, Ritsuka orders a retreat. Sanson however stays behind to defend the villagers.[9]

In the forest, Ritsuka, Robin, and Circe rendezvous with Nezha and Abigail. The group prepare to fight the ghouls that followed Nezha when "Tituba" arrives to help. Ritsuka forms a temporary contract with her. After the ghouls are slain, she introduces herself as the Queen of Sheba. The group then enter a campsite protected by a bounded field, where they find Mash. Mata Hari is revealed to be alive, having drank the fake death medicine Circe gave her before her hanging. Mata Hari cushioned her neck, while Circe kept the blood flowing in her head. Circe also explains there is a will controlling the Witch Trials. If Mata Hari left without atoning for her sin or facing justice, it is assumed the others wouldn't have reunited with Mash.[9]

Mash reveals time in Salem is speeding up. It's impossible to tell in Salem, but it's obvious when observed from within the Bounded Field. This distortion in the time stream near Salem's perimeter is why Robin lost track of Mash and Carter. Sheba saved Mash from a pack of ghouls when she got lost after getting separated from Carter. Circe theorizes Salem is displaced by connecting to another in a different time flow, so less energy is used. Sheba reveals someone summoned her, but she became trapped in Salem and forced into the role of Tituba. After dying as Tituba, she became a ghoul that the others destroyed. She wouldn't have stayed materialized if Ritsuka didn't temporarily contract with her. She also reveals she was manipulated into truly believing she was Tituba. Circe realizes communications with Chaldea were restored once Tituba died.[5]

Later, Mash, Nezha, and Abigail split off from Ritsuka, Robin, and Circe. Mata Hari and Sheba stay in camp since they're supposed to be dead. Ritsuka's group soon run into Sanson confronting Hopkins' men, who block him from seeing Hopkins. He then leaves, refusing to join the others or share what he learned. The group then investigate the tavern after its owner warned the sailors there were out of control.

Meanwhile at the camp, Sheba confesses she didn't tell the truth of Salem because sharing such information is dangerous for her. She then decides to tell the truth in exchange for Mata Hari recalling her memories of Romani Archaman.[5]

At the gallows, Mash's group encounter Lavinia there. Lavinia tries to convince Abigail to leave Salem with her by Captain Marsh's ship, but Abigail refuses. Lavinia then quietly declares she will fulfill her family's wish, and begins speaking R'lyehian. Meanwhile at the tavern, Circe performs a play about when she first met Medea.[5]

Later at night, Sanson meets with Hopkins in his mansion. Sanson realizes Hopkins is similar to a Servant, with no chose but to execute the accused. He also deduces something besides the Demon God invited them to Salem for some reason. Hopkins then shows him the Book of Eibon, a grimoire of heretical gods and spells. He reveals Lavinia confessed to conducting one of the book's rituals with Abigail.[5]

At the camp, Mash reveals most of the villager's names, including Carter's, aren't on the list of Salem residents. The group realize they need to keep an eye on Abigail due to her connections to the Witch Trials. Nezha then senses evil in the village, so the group rush over there. The sailors help them deal with the ghosts and demons, but they're still outnumbered. Carter helps Hopkins' men destroy the monsters with sliver bullets. After the monsters are destroyed, Carter invites the group to stay at a vacant house. He then leaves to get Abigail.[5]

At the vacant house, Abigail begins speaking R'lyehian in her sleep. An unknown figure watching over her declares there is only one left until the ultimate gate opens. He notes he has already begun his descent within the depth of her mind. The group tell Carter the truth about Salem, but he refuses to believe it. Ritsuka asks him where Abigail's parents are buried, as they're not in the town graveyard. He answers they have no grave because their bodies were never found, so Abigail assumed they were cannibalized by Native Americans. Robin gives Ritsuka a message from Mata Hari saying more were hanged. He also tells them her suggestion of assassinating Carter as a possible way to get out of Salem. He deduces the more killing there is in Salem, the stronger the Demon God becomes.[10]

Meanwhile in the forest, Abigail sacrifices a rabbit for the spell Lavinia taught her. Sanson and Hopkins and his men eventually find her. Sanson tries to protect her, but Hopkins tries to arrest her when Lavinia kills him. She then offers his life as a sacrifice for the ritual Abigail was trying to conduct. However his life isn't enough, so she decides to let Hopkins' men kill her. She confesses she taught Abigail the ritual, the Ritual of Descent. However, Sanson knocks the soldiers out, and he tells Lavinia to run away. He also takes the blame for Hopkin's murder, telling the group so when they arrive. The group then return to the house with Abigail as she come down with a fever.[10]

That night, Ritsuka and Mash tell Abigail about Chaldea while she's in bed. Afterwards, Ritsuka goes out for a walk when they encounter Mephistopheles. He doesn't reveal how he got into Salem without rayshifting. He theorizes the Demon God wasn't the one who created Salem, rather it was a god far beyond humanity. He also reveals time is speeding up, and the date is the evening of April 29. Tommorrow is Walpurgisnatch, the time when witches become maddened. After Mephistopheles disappears, Ritsuka returns to the house with Mash when she came to get them.[10]

Despite being the next morning, the sky is pitch black. Circe find the well is full of tar, and the milk severely rotten. Mata Hari then arrives disguised as Medea thanks to Sheba lending some of her power. She warns the village is in utter chaos with what's happening this morning, including swarms of birds and insects. Meanwhile in the house, Abigail asks Mash to find Lavinia in the woods.[2]

At the town hall, the group watch the trial for Sanson. Circe tells Ritsuka that Sanson refused her fake death medicine. At the start of the trial, the town judge reveals Lavinia is being tracked down the town militia. Sanson admits to the charges of him defending Lavinia after she killed Hopkins. Carter then reveals the group is hiding "Tituba" out in the woods. The judge quickly gives a guilty verdict for Sanson when Abigail arrives to try and stop it. Carter however convinces the judge to ignore her.[2]

Later at the gallows, Ritsuka tries to use a Command Spell to save Sanson. However, Robin stops them, having realized Sanson is sacrificing himself so the others aren't implicated. After Sanson is hanged, Abigail confesses to conducting dark rituals in the woods she directed the other girls in. Nezha protects her from the villagers's stoning. However, Abigail suddenly transforms into a true witch, forcing the group to stop her. She returns to normal and falls unconscious. She, Circe, and Ritsuka are then taken into custody.[2]

Carter visits Ritsuka and Circe in their prison cells. Ritsuka however has already deduced he is the Demon God. "Carter" reveals he chose Salem and Abigail for his plan to save mankind. Salem borders on sanity and madness, where the wisdom of the modern age and the darkness of Middle Ages intertwine. Abigail will serve as mankind's savior through pain. "Carter" believes pain is the basis for human happiness and humans in general. He warns Abigail will tried as a witch at dawn tomorrow. He also reveals he invited Chaldea to save Abigail after many others, including himself, failed to do so. Circe realizes "Carter" has been repeating the past several days to produce results.[2]

Meanwhile, Mash and Robin find Lavinia in the woods. She reveals she and her family were brought into Salem by the Demon God. Knowing the time period wasn't right, they tried to escape several times to no avail. The Demon God then ordered them to summon the Outer God, knowing it is their greatest wish. Lavinia reveals she discovered there were other guests before them, suspecting they were the sixth guest. The Native Americans who killed Abigail's parents, the wharf and the ships that shouldn't exist in the period, and Tituba are suspected guests also. Hopkins and Chaldea are suspected of being the seventh guest. Lavinia then explains the Outer God exists outside of the universe, yet he borders all possible dimensions and is tied all possible things. He is known as Sut-Typhon.[2]

The next morning, Ritsuka and Circe's trial begins. There also non-hostile ghouls there, and the villagers aren't bothered. Abigail tries to defend Ritsuka by pointing out that she is a known witch. "Carter" stops her though, and convinces the judge to let him lead the proceedings. He reveals he created the first Salem with the goal of recreating it in historically accurate detail. However, it diverged from the start of its creation; the outcome of identical situations differed in many ways. The only remaining constant was Abigail was always at the center. She was apparently responsible for her parents' deaths, which is when she met "Carter". He inadvertently allowed Chaldea enter the second Salem when SHEBA detected him and alerted Chadea. It then overloaded the Fate System and used itself as catalyst to summon Sheba into Salem. By that point, the Singularity consumed the magical energy of 50,000 people within, and it was proceeding at 105,000 times normal speed. Sheba slowed down it, but it exhausted her and reduced her powers. By the fifth Salem, "Carter" began to run out of time and magical energy. He then invited the Whateleys at Abigail's request for a friend. Lavinia then enters and splashes "Carter" with the Powder of Ibn-Ghazi, designed to make spirits materialize, turning his head into that of a raven. This disables the town hall's bounded field, allowing Sheba to enter in her true form. She reveals the Demon God is Raum. The villagers then turn into ghouls, having been so the entire time. Raum reveals Abigail summoned the participants of the Witch Trials into Salem. Abigail transforms upon seeing Sheba. As the group hold Abigail off, Lavinia reveals Sut-Typhon is about to descend. Raum transforms into his true self. Communications with Chaldea are then suddenly restored. Da Vinci reveals the Mist is rapidly dissipating. Geronimo agrees with Ritsuka's assertion to not allow the U.S. army in. He reveals magical energy is being rapidly consumed across the continent, primarily in heavily populated areas. Da Vinci alerts everyone that the basis of magecraft is becoming fractured, not caring Chaldea will be disbanded as a result. She then decides Chaldea will seal Salem from the outside with multiple bounded fields. If the group fail to resolve the situation with the limited time they have, Chaldea will destroy everything there. The group then fight and defeat Raum.[3]

Raum slain by Robin Hood's bolt

Raum transforms back into his raven-headed Carter self. His head tears itself off, transforming into a full raven. He mortally wounds Lavinia, and Robin fatally shoots him. He warns dimensional gates are already open everywhere. Abigail then crushes him under her heel. With the last of her humanity gone, she is now possessed by Sut-Typhon. The group fight her to stop her plan to connect everyone to each other and her so she can bring eternal pain to them. Sheba reveals Abigail is a Servant, albeit one who controls Salem's magical energy. Abigail then breaks through the bounded fields that were keeping her from the rest of the world, effectively giving her an unlimited source of magical energy. Sheba realizes Abigail isn't using the gates to their fullest potential, as she isn't yet fully fused with Sut-Typhon. She and Circe then create a barrier inside the town hall, dispelling the spell that weakened the group. With their full power restored, they fight Abigail again. After she is defeated, Abigail is disconnected from Sut-Typhon. She shares some words with Lavinia before the latter dies.[3]

The next day, the group help Abigail bury Lavinia. The Mist surrounding Salem is also dissipating. Mata Hari deduces Raum used Abigail as the core of his fake Salem. Sheba reveals the people of modern Salem are weakened, but they'll return to normal once they cross the Mist. Circe reveals Abigail will disappear with Salem as she is a Pseudo-Servant created within it. Once it disappears, she will vanish along with it. Carter then appears, though he introduces himself as the "Gentleman Who Travels Through Time and Space". He explains that while he was dealing with another threat through his sleep, Raum possessed his body. He assumes it was done to ensure no one could infiltrate Salem due to his deep connection to the land. He then reveals he came to Salem because of Abigail. The fake Salem then begins to crumble, so the group head to the town center where they'll have more time.[4]

There the Gentleman tells Abigail she is a living Sliver Key; she can open gates across space and time, and travel between them freely. He offers to seal her powers away, erase some of her memories, and take her to any period she desires. He also offers to let her come with him, and travel across space and time. After much consideration, Abigail chooses to travel with him. After they leave, Circe and Sheba disappear. The group then return to Chaldea. At the same time, Sanson is resummoned with all of his memories prior to rayshifting to Salem.[4]

Participants[edit | edit source]


Designation Identity Affiliation
Assassin Charles-Henri Sanson Ritsuka Fujimaru
Lancer Nezha Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer Robin Hood Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Mata Hari Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster of Okeanos Circe Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster of Midrash Queen of Sheba Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Mephistopheles N/A
Foreigner Abigail Williams N/A


Designation Identity Affiliation
Human Lavinia Whateley N/A
Human Randolph Carter Abigail Williams
Human Absalom Whateley N/A
Human Matthew Hopkins N/A
Demon God Raum Abigail Williams

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