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"As of now, I'll eliminate the liar."
"Samadhi Through Transforming Flames!! »


Samadhi Through Transforming Flames (転身火生三昧
, Tenshin Kashō Zanmai?) is the act of Kiyohime changing into a dragon like in her legend. Transforming into a great fire-breathing serpent, a constricting or fiery attack is performed every turn. The strength of a dragon's breath is extremely potent, with its fire being a ranged, mass attack with a maximum range of 10. Meanwhile, its constriction attack is a direct single target attack.[1]

However, this does not mean she has inherited the blood of a dragon. Kiyohime cannot recall having ever mixed with the blood of dragons, so such an event could only have been a "wild delusion born of deep yearning for her beloved." The transformation was the result of pure obsession that "can be considered a representation of her sheer tenacity" and a "relentless, mistakenly-held obsession towards the man who lied to her."[1][2]


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