Samsara Kama/Mara Avaruddha: Realm of Love, Burning Universe (愛の世界、燃える宇宙サンサーラ・カーマ/マーラ・アヴァローダ, Ai no Sekai, Moeru UchūSansāra Kāma/Māra Avarōda?) is Beast III/L's designated Noble Phantasm, and possesses two True Names as an exceptional case. The reason is that they indicate they're "the same being". Saṃsāra is a Sanskrit term meaning "the cycle of death and rebirth" from which the other name of Kama "Samsara-Guru" derives from. Avaruddha is "obstacle" in Sanskrit, and indicates the several hindrances, or invitations to depravity, that Mara sent to Buddha.

A coercive indulgence in a "love" with both good and bad meanings…… An extreme Noble Phantasm that represents the demonic nature of the two gods, Kama and Mara, at a natural disaster scale. In the case of receiving this Noble Phantasm inside Kama’s universe, it’ll allow to see the scene of the hell ─── or paradise of "Kama sending out (copies of) herself into all directions, and burning the Universe to exhaustion with her unilateral love".