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« All right. I'll take out my trump card!”
“Lemuria in the sea, Hierarchy in the sky, and this me on the Earth! "Sanat Kumara"! »


Sanat Kumara: Venusian God, Heavenly Lord of the Flame (金星神・火炎天主
, Kinsei-shin - Kaen Tenshu
Sanato Kumara
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Helena Blavatsky. A giant clad in shining Ether reveals its form alongside a flying object and attacks the surroundings by burning the area with flames.[1][2]
  • "This is an inner mystery of theosophy that works as the temporary “recreation” of the power of Sanat Kumara (Demon Lord Defender), who is one of the Earth’s creation deities and a deity who came flying in from Venus to the Earth!"
  • "The flying saucer? Um, that was floating by my bedside when I happened to wake up in the morning one day."
  • "My Noble Phantasm? That, uhh, appeared out of some letters that were delivered to me from Mahatma. In the beginning, it was so small. It had really cute eyes too."
  • "I met it by chance in the wastelands, during the time when I was travelling through the southern part of Nevada. Yes, the state of Nevada in the United States of America. With a ‘woosh’, my consciousness was transferred to somewhere around the Alpha Centauri, where it was experiencing something a little amazing… and when I realized I came back, I got it. The flying saucer."

Finally, although Blavatsky speaks of several origins, the true identity of the giant as well as the flying object is unknown.[1][2]


Sanat Kumara WheelEdit

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« Yes, yes! Wonderful!”
“Now then... there's an obstacle on course! Requesting backup! "Sanat Kumara Wheel"!! Yaho! »


Sanat Kumara Wheel: Venusian God, Silver Torus (金星神・白銀円環
, Kinsei-shin - Shirogane Enkan
Sanato Kumara Hoīru
?) is the Neo-Noble Phantasm pulled out by Helena upon her class change. A Silver Torus. It is made of the same properties as the flying objects that appear when she activates her Noble Phantasm in her Caster form, and carries a different composition from any kind of matter found on Earth. During activation, countless flying objects appear, and pour a barrage of light beams into the surroundings. They cause violent explosions, but they will definitely never land a direct hit on Helena.[3]


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