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« Sound your guns! Let's get hectic!”
“Hahah, struggle! At the end of beliefs and dreams, to the treasure of the New World! You scoundrels! Drop the anchor! Fufu, fuhahaha! Fuhahahahahaaa! "Santa Maria - Drop Anchor"! »

Santa Maria - Drop Anchor: Exploration of the New World (新天地探索航
, Shintenchi Tansaku Kō
Santamaria Doroppuankā
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Christopher Columbus. An actualization of the most famous first maritime voyage.[1]

The appearance of the flag ship Santa Maria that Columbus boarded on. Docking (even in the middle of the land) and then—in accordance to his instructions, it does everything it's commanded to. It is the order of the ship's captain to start pillaging, called "Santa Maria, drop your anchor."[1]

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« Preparations done!”
“Now what will I plunder this time? Fufu, fuhahahahaha, fuhahhahhahha! Can't stop the thrill just by thinking about it! "Santa Maria - Drop Anchor"! »



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