Satsuki Kurogiri (玄霧 皐月, Kurogiri Satsuki?) is the antagonist of the sixth chapter of Kara no Kyoukai, "Oblivion Recording". He is nicknamed the "'Book of False Gods'", "Master of Babel: Unified Language Master" and "Godword May Day". He is also referred to as the magus who is closest to Magic. It is implied that Satsuki Kurogiri is not his real name.



Born in Wales, he was kidnapped by fairies at the age of ten, who made him lose all his past memory and cursed him so that he could still store future memories in his brain, but could not retrieve those memories and recognize them as his own. He eventually killed every fairy he came across when he escaped. In order to cope with his problem, he had to store his visual information in descriptive words, so that he could recognize it the next time he saw it; however, if the object he had seen had changed in any way, he was still unable to recognize it. Satsuki managed to learn the Unified Language from his contact from the fairies.[2] However, in reality, the fairies did not actually kidnap him, but instead he killed them in some kind of Mad Dream, and his current mental state is a result of their last curse in vengeance. Trying to find a way to retrieve his memories, he attended the Atlas Academy to study magecraft. There he mastered the Unified Language and became the youngest mage to attain the status of Master. However this did not help him, since he did not just lose his memory, but had lost his ability to recognize his memory and to know that it is true.

Since then, he has been traveling around the world as a teacher, hoping to find his past within other people's memories. Around the age of twenty-five, he began teaching English at the Reien Girl's Academy.[1] At some point, he also killed Francesca Prelati, though Francesca simply switched to a different body. Of her numerous deaths, this one is one of the most well remembered by her, having left Francesca completely overwhelmed.[3]

Even though his talent as a magus is weak, the reason that he is called one is because he pursues the "eternity" that magi would usually search for.


Kurogiri is a light weight, black haired man who wears glasses. He greatly resembles Mikiya Kokutou, but it is not his facial features that bring about the connection. The aura he projects is similar to that of Kokuto, and the similarity is great enough to perplex even Shiki Ryougi and Azaka Kokutou.[1]

When seen with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, he has countless Lines of Death all across his body. He was the man closest to death that Shiki had ever seen.


Kurogiri is a man who leaves a strong impression on others, while still being very forgettable at the same time. He is a magus uncertain of tomorrow, the future, but hopefully clings to yesterday, the past.[1] He pursues eternity and wants to see the world where everyone does as they wish. He believes that true eternity is one where the observer does not change and the object that is observed does not change either. He returns people's lost memory and just lets people do what they wish.

According to Shiki, he is running away from his responsibilities. He has the intelligence of knowing what is good and evil, but he does not do anything to differentiate the two concepts. She also believes people forget things for a reason. While he is similar to Mikiya in that they both accept everything around them, Mikiya cares for other people, while Satsuki is a hollow person without a past. While Misaya Ouji treats him like a brother, it is unclear if they are siblings.[1]


Kara no Kyoukai[]

Satsuki was contacted by Araya Souren to help awaken Shiki's forgotten memories from before her accident. With the male SHIKI gone and unable to kill him in order to relieve her rediscovered killing instincts, eventually she would lose her own ego and revert to an empty state connected to the Root. This did not happen because Shiki became able to accept Mikiya in order to repress her killing instincts.

Chapter 6: Oblivion Recorder[]

After leaving Shiki, Satsuki was murdered by Misaya Ouji.


Said to be the only magus in the world to be able to speak the ancient "Unified Language," which connects to the Root itself. As expected from his unusual talent, the Mage's Association branded him for a Sealing Designation. He is not proficient in combat, but excels in persuading his opponents. While he possesses a very rare talent, he is very weak as a magus and is unable to use the Unified Language for combat in any way.[1]

Babel comes from the famous Babylonian tale. Humans created the Tower of Babel to reach the heavens, but God grew angry and destroyed the tower, along with the language. This language was the Unified Language that is able to communicate any kind of concept.[4] With the Unified Language, he can speak with any creature in the world, read people's pasts, and completely and absolutely hypnotize others. The effects of his hypnotism generally lasts about a day.[5] His Origin is Nostalgia (望郷, Bōkyō?).[6]


  •  "May Day" comes from Satsuki's name: "皐月", and is the month of May in the old Japanese calendar.


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    奈須: 望郷