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Scáthach(WP) (スカサハ, Sukasaha?), Class Name Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?), is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



« Perhaps... I wanted to be killed by your hands. I give up. Better die before that happens. If only you were born a little earlier... Young, so young. »

(Scáthach to Cú Chulainn)

Scáthach was a female warrior-queen from Celtic Mythology(WP)'s Ulster Cycle(WP). The queen and gatekeeper of the foreign territory/haunted ground called the "Land of Shadows" (影の国, Kage no Kuni?), she is a prodigy of spearmanship and Rune magecraft. She possesses a power immense enough to obtain control over and close the gate of the "Land of Shadows", which is overflowing with countless ghosts, to ward off the dead.[1][2][3] It has been said that she became the mentor of Cú Chulainn - who would later grow into the hero of Ulster - guiding him, teaching all sorts of techniques and even bestowing his favorite magic spear. She also instructed his son, Connla(WP).[2]


"Many things———

Truly, I robbed many lives. A man. A wraith. A god.

I've confronted many existences of a countless number, slaughtering all those near me.

Fight. Fight. Fight. Kill, kill, kill kill kill. In the end, this body was wet with the blood of many victims, and became immortal. The territory under my rule, the "Land of Shadows", was ultimately forced out to the Outside of the World, and I ended up being promoted into an existence no different than that of a Divine Spirit.

I will not grow old.

I will not die.

I've changed into 'that' which is immortal.

Sure enough, I can no longer remember exactly how much time have passed since the first time I picked up a spear in my hand. It is different from something good. I, who stood on the haunted ground and guarded the "gate", already since acquired the wisdom of the abyss, so I am able to measure the exact time.

However, I simply do not feel like doing it.

It is different from melancholy. It is also different from resignation.


I do not understand. I can say that, but I am unable to affirm it.

At least, during the interval where I slaughtered many things, there is certainly something that exists within the present me, something that did not exist within my feelings around the time where I was conducting my teachings towards the brave warriors of Ulster(WP).

Ah, indeed. Guiding the many brave warriors considerably.

Everything should have faded away at the end of the many passing months and years, but in the middle of my memories that is preserved in a condition that is intentionally kept obscure, one person... There is only one person, a man with his figure displayed clearly to me even up to now.

Red eyes———

His pair of eyes. Only in the time where that radiance passes by my mind, what's inside this chest calms down.

Warmth dwells within myself, which is immutable for eternity.

A heart wishing for reunion?

That, is not the way it is. That I can affirm.

If then, what is it there? To say firmly, as thus, to that man———

———I want you to kill.

I want death as a person.

Of course, if that man who now became a 'Heroic Spirit' talks about having the strength to kill this person who is an existence that already parted with the glimmer of life and slaughtered even gods, then..."[1]

Throughout her battles, Scáthach eventually ceased being human and started to be closed off from the World, unable to die as a human.[2][3] She was known to be a woman "strong like a monster" who many sought out for apprenticeship. At the age of sixteen, Cú Chulainn traveled to the Land of Shadows in search of fame, and she became his mentor, guiding him in the "secrets of leaping", teaching him runic magecraft, and granting him his favorite demonic spear, Gáe Bolg.[2][3]

With her serving as the master of many pupils at the same time, Cú Chulainn was close to his fellow pupil Ferdiad(WP), his equal in arms, and both competed for the right to possess Gáe Bolg.[3] During this period, they went to war with Aife(WP) from the neighbouring country, who in some versions of the legends was her sister, and although Scáthach argued with Cú Chulainn over not letting him into battle, she, Cú Chulainn and Ferdiad eventually "caused hell together." Cú Chulainn captured Aife alive and became involved with her afterward, earning Scáthach's punishment.[3] Upon Cú Chulainn eventually receiving Gáe Bolg, she lamented over her inability to be killed by him since she had already ceased being able to die, wishing that he had been born earlier. Although still young and having arrived to the Land of Shadows by the shortest route, he could only apologize while lamenting the fate of the woman he loved.[4] Cú Chulainn and Ferdiad eventually left the Land of Shadows on the same day, and Scáthach did not see them off due to having already passed down all her teachings to them.[3] Using her foresight, she was able to predict her beloved pupil's final moments.[2] She later taught Cú Chulainn and Aife's son, Connla, as well.[2][3]

Due to her nature, the Land of Shadows itself eventually became completely sundered from the mortal world, fully becoming a land of the dead.[4] Still existing unto modern times and unable to become a Heroic Spirit on the Throne of Heroes, Scáthach had not ventured outside of the Land of Shadows for two thousand years.[5] Unable to die, she could only wait until the time the World and its outside finally disappear.[2]


Scáthach is an extremely beautiful woman. She has long purple hair and red eyes, and wears a full-body outfit that highlights her curvaceous body, with metallic shoulder pads.

In her first Ascension, Scáthach is seen wearing a mask on the lower half of her face, and seemingly protective gear underneath the body suit, evidently by the fact that in her future Ascensions, where the mask is removed, the tone of the suit lightens as well. She is seen carrying Gáe Bolg Alternative.

In her second Ascension, the mask and protective gear are removed, revealing her face.

In her third Ascension, she is seen carrying a second Gáe Bolg Alternative and wears a black veil over her head and short cloak over her shoulders, connected by the shoulder pads.


A beautiful young woman who possesses a light disposition, a queen and a teacher proven to be reliable, and for some reason or another, has the flavor of an elder sister that lives at the house next door. She can still go on.[1]

Proud and not serving anyone. A member of the ruling class from birth. Possessing the traits of a monarch, Scáthach holds the ideal of reigning as a queen that bestows happiness to the people as self-evident. Overflowing with talent, she herself understands more than anyone else that she is different from the mediocre.[2] "Because I am superior, I will rule over the masses." "Ruling the masses is the duty of the ruling classes." That being the case, rather than granting her own desires (happiness), "to rule for the sake of the masses" or some such appears to be the natural thing to do, something of which can be said to be her thought on this matter. Although her mind has no intention on becoming a slave for the masses, she has absolutely no hesitation in refining herself for the sake of the people under her rule and their happiness.[1]

In the same way how she has an understanding about herself, Scáthach is also endowed with a reliable eye to see through the character and traits of others (in particular, whether they are mediocre or not). In other words, one can say that Cú Chulainn was a rare individual who possessed prodigious qualities that made him worthy of being guided by her.[2]

A wise woman who grasps every incident and all origins, but does not speak of these understandings. To say why she doesn't talk about these, concerning her, she already moved on from this World. For example, even if the World falls into a crisis, it would be a discourtesy to "those who presently live in the World" to personally resolve the problem and have herself stand out since it will result in those people's opportunity for growth to be taken away. So basically, Scáthach does not cooperate or participate in direct battle and refrains from giving advice... Although, it can be said that, given that she has a genuine fondness for battle, she deceives herself by attaching a reason one way or another and participates in local battles, demonstrating some of her special moves. After taking away the turns of the other Servants like that, she returns to her room alone to reflect on her actions with regret.[1]

Cú Chulainn says that "her warlust would be enough to make that Tohsaka girl run away on her bare feet."[3] It has been said that her way of being and red-colored eyes are close to a certain individual that existed in Tokyo during the 20th Century.[2] Scáthach likes courageous people, and not just ordinary warriors; nor just foolhardy brutes, but a brave warrior full of potential. That is what she favors. Naturally then, she dislikes people without courage.[6]

Concerning the Master, Scáthach recognizes their partnership as a temporary alliance. Sometimes, her habit comes out where she openly conducts herself as a teacher around the time when she was teaching lessons to her former child pupils. She would notice that and then say, "... no, I am not your teacher. Forget it."[1] She would affirm this by saying that she is neither their teacher, mother, sister or lover.[6]

The wish she would make on the Holy Grail is for "someone who can kill me to appear."[1] Scáthach, having turned halfway into a Divine Spirit at the end of a long time, became an immortal existence. She can no longer die as a person.[1][2] Neither a beautiful death. Nor even a hideous death. She must simply continue to exist, until the time when the World - and its outside - finally disappear. If something like the Holy Grail is truly almighty, then it is fine to hand it over to someone who is capable of killing her. Also, if possible, let that someone be the possessor of the spear she once bestowed with her own hand———[2] Unable to die a normal death, Scáthach greatly wished that Cú Chulainn would have been the one to kill her.[4]


Cú Chulainn
Scáthach's former favorite pupil. She also thinks of him as the opposite sex. However, she maintains her appearance as a teacher. In truth, she wants to be killed by him is equal to being saved by him. Though while she also thinks that he can't do it, it's not a serious thought.[1]
"A helplessly mischievous child who likes men too much. But, I don't hate that frankness."[1]
"He likes women too much. But, I don't hate that frankness."[1]
Both of them are teachers of heroes. "Perhaps we might get along"—is what Scáthach thinks. In reality, they've never met even once. If their training plans differ, perhaps they might kill each other.[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Scáthach's Trial Quest[]

Scáthach encounters Ritsuka and Mash in a shared dream that they perceive as Fuyuki Singularity based on their experiences there. After defeating some enemies, she asks the pair how the enemies looked to them. She perceived them as smokey haze because not once has she perceived the idea of death. She then reveals the enemies were remnants "abandoned" by death. It is the direct result of the Incineration of Humanity incinerating several eras. Some of those remnants leaked into the hearts of Ritsuka and Mash, corrupting them and bringing them into the dream. Scáthach decides to destroy the remaining remnants, understanding of wanting to die yet unable to.

Later, Ritsuka and Mash tell her about their experiences during the Fuyuki Singularity. Scáthach realizes her connection with Cú Chulainn, who helped the pair in the Singularity, is why she is in the dream. The group then hears the roar of a remnant. In response, Scáthach uses Ritsuka's Magic Circuits to summon Fergus mac Róich. The remnant reveals itself to be that of Flauros. Scáthach warns Ritsuka and Mash that if they die now the remnants will spread out to Chaldea. After destroying the remnant of Flauros, the group encounters Altera, though Scáthach doubts that she is a remnant. Fergus holds her off while the others go on ahead.

They run into Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, who like Fergus has a temporary contract with Ritsuka thanks to Scáthach. With his help, the group faces the final remnant, an avatar of Artemis. With her demise, the remnants have now all been cleansed from Ritsuka and Mash. Scáthach tells them that they will not become remnants if they die. She tells them to become the heroes that restored humanity before the dream ends.[5]

Event: Garden of Order[]

Scáthach assists Ritsuka's party against her pupil Cú Chulainn in the Ogawa Apartment Complex.[7]

Fifth Singularity: E Pluribus Unum[]

Scáthach saves Robin Hood from being killed by Arjuna. Cú Chulainn Alter tells him to stand down, knowing his former mentor is too much for Arjuna. Scáthach confirms she is his enemy, but decides not to fight him at the moment because Robin stills need to escape. Cú Chulainn Alter allows Robin to escape, and tells Scáthach to fight him once everyone else is dead, so none can stand in their way. Scáthach then escapes using a shield rune.[8]

She arrives at the abandoned United Western States base Robin was planning to meet with Ritsuka’s party at. Introducing herself, Scáthach explains she came to punish her former pupil. She also confesses she originally intended to destroy the era until she saw Ritsuka, feeling the American-Celtic War is something humans should resolve. Though she refuses to join the group, Scáthach offers her help all the same. She admits even she cannot defeat Cú Chulainn Alter, as his power granted by Medb’s wish rivals her own. She could destroy the Grail along with Medb, but that would delay the repair of the era greatly. The group then notice monsters summoned by Medb, along with Celts; Scáthach tells Ritsuka to accompany her so she can see their skills as a Master. The group soon comes across Li Shuwen killing Shadow Servants also summoned by Medb. Impressed by his technique, Scáthach demands his name. Li Shuwen introduces himself, and challenges Scáthach to a duel. Scáthach accepts on the condition that he defeats Mash, but he must leave immediately if he loses. After fighting Mash to a standstill, Li Shuwen asks Scáthach to fight him at the end regardless of the era’s fate, which she accepts.[8]

After Ritsuka’s party convinces Thomas Edison to join them, Scáthach join their strategy meet on how to defeat the Celts. She states one option would be for a select few to go to Washington and assassinate Medb. That would prevent any further increase in Celtic soldiers. But Scáthach notes Medb is extremely cautious, saying she’ll return her Servants once she senses Servants. Since Medb already survived one assassination attempt, Scáthach expects she’ll be even more cautious. She calls Florence Nightingale‘s suggestion of a frontal assault to be the most realistic option. The group eventually decides with a two prong attack with two armies to attack along the northern and southern routes. One army will hold its ground against the Celts while the other will breakthrough to the White House. The group leave the decision of what Servants will go with what army to Ritsuka.[9]

Ritsuka announces their decision the next day. The north army will have Elizabeth, Robin, Edison, and Helena, while the south army will have the others. The north army then departs to await the battle three days from now at dusk. After testing Ritsuka and Mash’s resolve, Scáthach orders Rama to lead the army since she isn’t joining the battle. Instead, she will monitor Medb and Cú Chulainn Alter, who she’ll stop from entering the frontlines. After she leaves, the south army starts their advance toward Washington.[9]

Scáthach later fights Cú Chulainn Alter in a forest, with their spears countering each other so they can’t make a fatal strike. Scáthach admits she wished Cú Chulainn killed her when she was a regular human, but she refuses to be killed by his current self. Cú Chulainn Alter admits he never dreamt of being a king in life like Medb wished, but says it’s common for Servants to harbor new dreams. Scáthach finds it contradictory that he’s trying to become a king as a result of becoming a king by destroying everything. She then tries to use Gate of Skye to banish Cú Chulainn Alter to the Land of Shadows, but he uses Curruid Coinchenn to mortally wound her. Scáthach wonders why he insists on being ugly when he loved living and fighting. Cú Chulainn Alter replies being ugly is how a king is to him. After Cú Chulainn Alter leaves her for dead, Scáthach retreats to the Lannd of Shadows to reocver . She was able to restore her outward appearance, but 90% of her organs were destroyed. She asks Li Shuwen to aid the north army. He leaves with the promise he’ll return for their appointed duel.[10]

After the Singularity is resolved, Scáthach has recovered, and Li Shuwen has return for their duel. She notes with the era correcting itself now, there is only enough time for a single round. Li Shuwen doesn't mind for the chance to fight her. The two then commence with their promised duel.[11]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Scáthach is amongst the "E Pluribus Unum" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[12]

Summer Event: Chaldea Summer Memories[]

In this occasion, Scáthach carried out the reckless deed of changing herself and several other female Servants around into swimsuits, all under the guise of adapting to the environment. Scáthach's own testimony is "it is fine to act like this sometimes."[13]

While she and several other Servants prepare to rayshift with Ritsuka, Scáthach and Artoria Pendragon ease Mash’s worries about the dangers they may encounter.

The group arrives on an unknown island unable to contact Chaldea. After slaying some giants crabs, the group waits for Blackbeard to return from his observation of the island Mary Read sent him on earlier. As they wait for him, Scáthach offers to spare with Cú Chulainn, but he declines.

Eventually, Blackbeard returns nearly dead. He tells the others that their location is still unknown, and it’s nearly impossible to leave with a normal ship. After he disappears, Scáthach says they need to contact Chaldea and request help, but Mash points out they’re unable to contact Chaldea. Agreeing with Artoria’s suggestion that they leave the island to contact Chaldea, the group decides to build a ship capable of leaving the island. Scáthach will build the ship with her runes, though she’ll need time and materials. Fortunately, the island is bountiful. Scáthach then notices the many monsters roaming the island and determines its ruler is either ignoring their duties or has forgotten them. After slaying the monsters, Scáthach tells the others that they need to survive while gathering materials for the ship. Mash is concerned about survival, but Scáthach assures her that she can make almost anything needed. She then alters the group’s Spirit Origins to give them swimsuits to accommodate their current environment. Afterward, the group goes to gather materials for Scáthach to build their escape ship while also building other facilities.

Later, Scáthach builds a cabin based on the group’s suggestions.

After building the water supply, she goes hunting alone since they’re low on food. She later returns with a huge deer when everyone else is barbecuing the meat they procured on the beach.

Afterward, Scáthach builds a cooking facility and a bath facility based on the others’ suggestions.

Later, she asks Ritsuka what vegetable field should they cultivate for a stable food supply. If Mordred’s request for watermelons is chosen, Scáthach gets into a watermelon splitting competition with Artoria. Though Mordred tries to mislead her, she never misses, but she doesn’t find the act of splitting watermelons to be very beneficial training. Artoria starts to get more competitive so Scáthach tells her to show her all. But she is disappointed when Artoria splits a watermelon while destroying its surroundings with her Mana Burst.

Later, the group cultivates grain fields to give them a steady supply of ingredients to cook with.

Afterward, the group decides to build a ranch. Scáthach says they need to choose wisely on what livestock they’ll raise. She recommends they raise cattle for their meat and their milk. But since she can't create animals out of control, she tells the others to procure a pair of animals. If the cattle ranch is built, Scáthach attacks Mordred with Gáe Bolg for trying to steal her meat while it’s still cooking. If the sheep ranch is built, she tells Tamamo-no-Mae and Martha there’s no need for direct supervision as the runes in the fence already cover that. Though she thinks having a shepherd would be ideal.

Later, she and the others go check on the crops, only to find them destroyed. Scáthach had placed runes around the field to prevent harm from beasts. After slaying some monsters, she disembowels one to determine it didn’t eat the crops. Needing to get more clues to determine what destroyed the crops, she indicates to Fionn mac Cumhaill that his wisdom is needed. Fionn uses Fintan Finegas to determine the culprit is a four-legged beast and offers to be a lookout with Diarmuid. Scáthach asks if he determined the true culprit, but Fionn says his wisdom can only help him solve mysteries. She then leaves it to Fionn and Diarmuid.

The next day, she along with Artoria, Mordred, Kiyohime, and Marie Antoinette go to check on the crop field. However, they find Fionn and Diarmuid to be mortally wounded, which were caused by a boar as revealed by Diarmuid before he disappears. When Artoria spots a boar piglet, the group (expect Marie) accuses it of being responsible for the two Lancers’ deaths and destroying the crops. Unfortunately for them, the piglet runs away when monsters appear. After killing the monsters, the group split up to search the island for the piglet.

Reconvening with the others that night, the group eventually finds the boar piglet along with two others defending the crops when a demon boar attacks them. After the demon boar is slain, Scáthach is still cautious of the boar piglets, but she contracts them into protecting the crops. The terms of the contracts are the piglets will leave the crops alone, and watch over them when the group isn’t around. In addition, the piglets will warn the group if another threat like the demon boar earlier appears, and in exchange, the group will feed them.

The next day, Scáthach builds a pathway, n aqueduct, and a bridge based on the group’s suggestions.

Later, Scáthach brings Ritsuka, Mash, Martha, and Marie to check on something strange the piglet with Marie found. She brought Marie along so the piglet serving as their guide will not run away. She also brought Martha. Eventually, the group discovers a manhole-sized pool of poison, causing all plants in the area to wilt. Martha purifies the miasma with holy water. Scáthach states new plants will eventually sprout thanks to the purification. If the miasma was neglected, the island would have turned into a land of death where nothing could grow. Scáthach again complains about the island’s ruler for failing to protect the island, wondering if they just forgot about or abandon it. The group then follows the piglet to an even larger pool of poison, created by a demon boar bathing in the water. After killing the demon boar, Scáthach plants ash trees to clean the miasma as they grow when Martha’s purification proves to be ineffective. She notes the process takes roughly 1,000 years to complete, as rushing it will cause the seeds to wither away from the poison. Assuming the group will encounter more demon boars and poison pools, Scáthach says they need to be dealt with when encountered.

Later, the group decides to make a garden, with Scáthach wanting a zen garden. If the zen garden is made, she agrees with Sasaki Kojirou that the garden’s elegance speaks to the very nature of valor itself. She admits her original interest in the garden was out of a belief it could be useful in the spiritual and mental training of soldiers. She then states she should have Cú Chulainn stare at the garden for ten days as a test. Then, as everyone is drinking tea prepared by Mash, Cú Chulainn arrives. Scáthach tells him to stare at the garden until he sees what it isn't seen, saying it could be a way to kill her.

If the Colosseum is built, Scáthach spares with Martha, impressed by her saintly combat techniques, said to be effective even against angels.

Next, the group decides to build a tower to observe the island. If Mordred’s tower is built, Scáthach is impressed it hasn’t crumbled yet given it was her first time building something functional while appearing broken.

Next, the group decides to expand their previously built cabin. If Mordred’s iron fortress is built, Scáthach gives an expression that reads even she has her limits in response to Mordred’s disappointment that the fortress doesn’t fly.

With the ship eventually nearly completed, the group decides to make a statue when a giant demon boar appears. While observing it, Scáthach determines the island would’ve been sunk long ago by the demon boars if it didn’t have some sort of protection. She gets angry again at the island’s ruler for abandoning a land that provided such wonderful foundations. She continues only her homeland could match the extent to allowing such evil to run rampant when she suddenly realizes something. After the giant demon boar retreats, Scáthach continues construction on the ship after pondering something.

After completing the ship, Scáthach tells Marie that the piglets can’t along because they weren't factored into the very delicate magical adjustments for the runes she cast to adapt the ship to any situation. The group then fights the giant demon boar to protect the piglets when it returns, despite its wounds. However, its stamina proves to be tremendous and charges at the ship to destroy it. The group is able to make it to the ship thanks to the piglets protecting it. After defeating the giant demon boar, the group and the men board the ship and set sail.

Summer Event: Chaldea Heat Odyssey[]

The group eventually makes landfall on a desolate wasteland. They hear a cry for help, which to their surprise is coming from a boar piglet. They defeat the Shadow Servant chasing the piglet, showing itself to be a demon boar in disguised. The piglet calls the group goddesses and asks them to save this world.

The piglet leads the group to city ruins, where they meet the boar piglet chief. Hearing of their circumstance, the chief thanks the group for saving his grandchild. He tells them the buildings were from advanced civilization built by the piglets. Unfortunately, it ended when the demon boars and Shadow Servants arrived fifty years ago. The chief recounts a legend in his clan about nine goddesses called the Nine Sisters who gave the piglets civilization. As they were said to take human forms, the chief’s grandson assumed the group were the goddesses. In exchange for the piglets’ help, the group agrees to redevelop the island. Scáthach is concerned though what they’ll find once the island is done being redeveloped.

After repairing some buildings, Scáthach forms a search party comprised of her, Ritsuka, Mash, Tamamo, and Marie. Mordred agrees to come when asked, seeing it as a chance for her to surf since they’re going to the coast.

As they travel to the coast, the group encounters a giant demon boar protecting a tree that Scáthach recognizes. She then realizes something bad about the island but keeps it to herself for now. The group then slay the giant demon boar which transformed into Heracles. Scáthach calls it a monster that reached the level of a Phantasmal, meaning it should be residing in the Reverse Side of the World, or gone extinct long ago. Instead, it remained on the island and gathered strength. After Scáthach reveals the giant demon boar was guarding an ash tree, the group move on to the coast.

There they see the broken remains of the statue they built, making them realize they’re on the same island from before. Scáthach explains they sailed on a straight course away from the island only to return after 2,000 years passed on the island. She further explains time doesn’t progress normally on the island; an hour on the island equaling a tiny fraction of time passing everywhere else. For 2000 years the island has been cut off from the rest of the world. It was only a world where the piglets lived in peace until the group arrived and established civilization to be later worshiped as the Nine Sisters. Scáthach is little concerned though that the piglets’ civilization is far too advanced for being only 2,000 years old.

Returning to the others, Scáthach tells them of what her search party learned. She then reveals the ash tree the giant demon boar was guarding is the same one she planted 2,000 years. After the tree absorbed all the poison in its soil, the island became a perfect habitat for the piglets. Scáthach points out sailing away from the island will cause another thousand years will pass on the island and the piglets may be extinct when they return. She then states they need to discover why the island’s space-time is distorted as they continue to redevelop the island and make contact with Chaldea. Cú Chulainn, having recently returned from being tossed overboard, then arrives. Scáthach tells him to kill a hundred demon boars, which Ritsuka and Mash will help with.

When they return, the others learn from them that Beowulf is on the island as an enemy. Scáthach tells them that she and the others learned something while exploring the island.

Later, Scáthach, accompanied by Ritsuka and Mash, returns to the ash tree she plants. She plans to craft a replica of Gáe Bolg from it using her runes. The ash trees are descendants of Yggdrasil, the Norse world tree and source of runes. Thus, by borrowing power from an ash tree and combining it with her runes, Scáthach can create one Gáe Bolg per ash tree. She asks Ritsuka and Mash to stand guard against any demon boars while she crafts Gáe Bolg as the process will all day and night. The next day, Scáthach is finished with crafting Gáe Bolg, impressed by how well it turned out. She then tells the others they’ll go to the next ash tree once they’re rested up.

After more buildings are reconstructed, the chief tells the group of a Caster who gave the piglets electricity a hundred years ago. Hearing that same Caster is hibernating in a cave, Scáthach decides to go there tomorrow with Ritsuka and Mash. She allows Artoria and Mordred to accompany them, despite being worried about those two being in the same group. She then orders the others to continue working on defense and reconstruction before departing.

Later, she tells Artoria that the island’s distorted time likely helped the Caster survive for a century when the latter is curious about the Caster’s survival. The group near the cave where the Caster sleeps, finding it is guarded by demon boars.

Inside, Scáthach and Artoria get into an argument over the balance between order and chaos when a giant demon boar attacks. After slaying it, the two apologize to each other for their previous behavior. The group then encounters and defeats an unknown Servant. He reveals himself to be Edison who just woke up from cryo-sleep. He asks for the current status of the boar piglet civilization he helped create. Scáthach tells him it’s currently in ruins, prompting the inventor to run out to check if that is true. Following him, the group learns from Edison that he predicted the Nine Sisters’ return a hundred years ago and that they would need his help to escape the island. They return to the city with Edison and learn he requires the Holy Grail to build an escape device to contact Chaldea.

After completing more reconstruction projects, Scáthach surmises the demon boars possess the Grail as they appear on the island fifty years ago in great numbers. Unsure where the demon boars’ lair is located, she tells the others to expect a large army. After some sparing, the group head for the demon boars’ lair.

Nearing their destination, the group finds a vast number of demon boars guarding the cave as Scáthach surmised. They realize the Grail must be inside the cave, but the demon boars outnumber them. Going with Mordred’s plan, the others break through the enemy line and hold them off so Ritsuka, Mash, Scáthach, and Edison can enter the cave.

The group finds a factory and another Artoria inside the cave. However, Edison notes she is a fake by the smell of oil and metal she exudes. Artoria states she’ll destroy the piglets as they accept their own destruction with joy. Scáthach realizes Artoria is the same giant demon boar they defeated 2,000 years when the latter mentions waiting 2,000 years to exact vengeance. Artoria reveals she reached the realm of a divine beast, which Scáthach notes is thanks to using the Grail. She then reveals Artoria is Twrch Trwyth, having taken the real Artoria’s form in retaliation for her defeating him centuries ago. Twrch Trwyth recalls his defeat by Artoria. Unable to forget the humiliation he faced, Twrch Trwyth wandered for 3,000 years until he found the Grail on the island, using it to become a divine beast. He then transforms into a giant mechanized boar, making Edison realize the former used the Grail and mechanized himself to survive for 2,000 years, even though he should be dead. The group defeat Twrch Trwyth, who questions why he’s defeated again. Scáthach tells him it was his fate from the moment he decided to steal. She tells him not to hate them as it would be a pathetic end for a divine beast, which makes Twrch Trwyth finally accept his end. After he dies, the group retrieves the Grail and returns to the city.

After the escape device is built, Scáthach tells Artoria it isn’t her fault when the latter blames herself for the crisis Twrch Trwyth caused.

Later that night, she confesses to Ritsuka that she completely forgot how to change her and others’ Spirit Origins back to normal.

The next day as the group leaves the island, Scáthach reveals the island was part of the Land of Shadows that was somehow cut off from it when the Incineration of Humanity occurred. Unsure how the Land of Shadows became a paradise, she says no one else will wind up on the island again. Curious if the island will remain a paradise or revert to its original state, she states it’ll be fine as long as the piglets remain the primary residents instead of humans since they develop weapons. She then confides to Ritsuka that she left an Oblivion Rune on the island which will eventually erase the piglets’ memories, thus returning them to wild beasts. The group is then contacted by Romani, who reveals they were only gone for an hour and returns to Chaldea.


Scáthach is a Top Servant summoned by Moon Cell to stop Karl der Große from assimilating SE.RA.PH. However when she attempted to kill him, Karl Oraclized her despite her being a Top Servant. Thanks to her runes though, Scáthach is able to retain a piece of consciousness even while Oraclized. Sometime later she meets Altera when the latter arrives at Carolus Patricius. She considers both the young girl and Karl to be both strange, and notes Karl's particular interest in Altera. Altera then demands an audience with Karl, so Scáthach grants her request.

First Route[]

If Hakuno's forces defeat Karl's forces at Mare Origio, Scáthach is ordered by Karl to bolster his forces. Before departing though, she tells Altera she will return soon with presents. (If Hakuno's forces defeat Karl's forces at Mare Luxuria, she decides to enter the battlefield, impressed by Li Shuwen's fighting spirit.) She later confronts Hakuno's forces while they're on route to Carolus Patricius. She attempts to ambush Robin Hood, but Charlemagne defends him. She is impressed by his swordsmanship despite his age, but notes he still has much to learn. Deducing his identity, Scáthach continues to overpower Charlemagne until Cú Chulainn arrives. She scolds Cú Chulainn, calling by his childhood name of Setanta, for trying to discuss on the battlefield, for which he apologizes for. Scáthach and Cú Chulainn then fight each other, but she loses to her former student, aided by Robin and Charlemagne. As she begins to disappear, Scáthach reveals how Karl Oraclized her when she tried to kill him despite being a Top Servant herself. She also reveals though that her runes helped her retain a piece of consciousness while Oraclized. Scáthach then commends Cú Chulainn for growing stronger whenever they meet, and promises it won't be the last time before disappearing.[14]

Final Route[]

If Hakuno's forces decide to rescue Cú Chulainn and Robin in Mare Origio, Scáthach confronts the pair while they're surrounded by Attack Programs. She reveals to Cú Chulainn of her Oraclization, then prepares to fight him when Charlemagne, Nero Claudius, Tamamo-no-Mae arrive. Exhilarated by the increased number of Servants, Scáthach continues to fight while supported by facsimiles of Astolfo, No Name, Medusa, and Darius III. After being defeated, Scáthach deems the now concluded fight as interesting. Cú Chulainn points out how she was outnumbered despite her strength, to which she responds with war isn't fair, and not every warrior survives. She tells her former student what's important is to die with satisfaction in their heart. She then warns Karl is more powerful than the Top Servants before disappearing.[15]

Other appearances[]

In Fate/GUDAGUDA Order, Scáthach is called Tits Tights master (おっぱいタイツ師匠, Oppai Taitsu shishō?). She is also called Thunder Thigh Teacher (サンダー太もも教師, Sandā Futomomo Kyōshi?) by Cú Chulainn (Prototype).

In Fate/hollow ataraxia, Scáthach is mentioned in Lancer's flashback. She is referred to as the witch of the Land of Shadows.

Scáthach is mentioned to be one of the ten Servants who can be summoned by the Player in Fate/strange Fake.


Being a genius in spearsmanship and Rune Magecraft, Scáthach is famed as Cú Chulainn's mentor and the Queen of the Land of Shadows.[1] No longer human, she was an elite warrior, an expert in magecraft, and slayer of people, Wraiths, and gods.[4] As the result of being a human standing too close to the realm of the gods, she incurred the "reward" of ascending to a plane that is neither part of the current World or the next, left behind in the outside of the World.[2][4] Guarding the Land of Shadows, she fights off the dead, including powerful beings such as near-gods, with only the power of a human body.[3] Having changed halfway into a Divine Spirit at the end of many years, Scáthach became an immortal existence.[1][2] As one of the few immortal Servants,[1] Scáthach must simply continue to exist, until the time when the world - and its outside - finally disappear.[2] Because she is a special being beyond human, the Holy Grail cannot rule over her, and it is normally impossible for her to materialize as a Heroic Spirit. However, during the Grand Order where all of humanity had been incinerated, so was her realm. Being technically "dead," she was able to get summoned in the North American Singularity.[8]

Scáthach is one of the seven Top Servants summoned by the Moon Cell, the ones considered to be the best and the strongest on SE.RA.PH. Scáthach is Top Lancer.[14] Even in this form’s state where she boasts the ability of a Top Servant sufficiently, Scáthach seems to have a Saint Graph one step further above her current form. That is because there is a theory that says the origin of her name was something transmitted from a Goddess of the Mountains, a Giant of Scandinavia.[1]


Scáthach states that Li Shuwen's technique is quite impressive, making her itch for a good fight. He has a great potential plaything, and if they were in the Land of Shadows, she would train him right away.[8] Charlemagne was able to block Scáthach's surprise attacks, saving Robin Hood's life. Scáthach states that she should have expected for him to have "some skill". To Charlemagne's surprise, when he countered with another strike, she dodged it rather easily. Despite having perfectly concealed his intentions, and read the distance between them rather well, Scáthach states that he is still "young." With a few more blows, Scáthach was able to overpower him, telling him that putting his swordsmanship aside, he is a "fledgling" with still much to learn. Thanks to Cú Chulainn's arrival to help Charlemagne, their combined efforts were able to defeat Scáthach.[14]

Scáthach is strong enough to block one of Arjuna's arrows effortlessly. Although Arjuna prides himself on having put his full might behind that attack, Scáthach states that it was rather weak. She said that although he is well trained, he doesn't put any heart into his attacks, comparing him to a child throwing sticks. Cú Chulainn Alter also told Arjuna to stand down, saying that Scáthach is too much even for Arjuna to handle.[8] Cú Alter can't imagine any other man besides himself being able to handle her.[16] He states that Scáthach is not someone who can go down easily, and that she could handle even a thousand spears thrown by him while trying to escape. To defeat her, he would need to be ready to die himself. Despite being Cú Chulainn's teacher, after meeting Cú Alter for the first time, Scáthach claimed that she wouldn't be able to defeat THAT version of him. She says that due to Medb's wish, Cu had become a cursed warrior with nothing but the power to become a king. By paying the price of losing his mind, he had surpassed Scáthach herself, similar to how "an idiot without hesitation is strong."[8] Altera was capable of dodging Scáthach's surprise attack. On the other hand, Altera was surprised that her blade didn't destroy Scáthach's spear. After Scáthach deemed her too dangerous, Fergus mac Róich decided to delay her with Caladbolg while the Scáthach and the others escaped.[5]

Scáthach states that Karl der Große is strong due to possessing an unfathomable power in him, and that despite her being a Top Servant, when she attempted to kill him, she ended up under his Oraclization spell. This doesn't quite mean that she lost, but rather, that she was compelled to give him her blessing, likely as part of his assimilation.[14]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (A Rank): Nullifies Magecraft spells that are Rank A or below. Modern Mages would not be able to wound Scáthach with their Magecraft.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Primordial Rune (— Rank): Scáthach has possession of and knowledge about the Primordial Runes that came from an older era. Those with possession and knowledge of Primordial Runes can also make use of the classic Rune Magecraft. She has Runes hailing from Scandinavia, almost known as Scandinavian Magic Crests. These runes are different from the Runes modern magi use. These are Primal Runes with the power of the Age of Gods. Because of the Norse chief god Odin, they had spread throughout the world. She, who granted Cú Chulainn 18 Primal Runes, is as strong in magecraft as she is as a warrior.[1] The most prevalent uses of the runes under Scáthach are the following:
  • Thanks to her runes, Scáthach retained a spark of consciouness even under Karl der Große oraclize spell. However, she still found herself following his orders.[14]
  • A "shield rune" that allowed her to escape the battlefield the first time she met Cú Chulainn Alter.[8]
  • Scáthach possesses runes that allow her to heal herself during combat. She mostly uses after firing Gáe Bolg Alternative, as the strain it puts on her body is rather high. Whereas Scáthach waits until the destruction ends to begin regenerating herself, Cú Chulainn Alter repairs it as he throws his spear.[10]
  • Wisdom of Dún Scáith (A+ Rank): The intellect of the abyss, acquired as a consequence of surpassing humanity, killing gods, and being left behind in the outside of the World. With the exception of those particular of certain heroes, almost all Skills can be displayed with a proficiency level of B~A Rank. Also, only towards those, she has recognized as true heroes, it is also possible to teach such Skills. During combat, a Skill that she often employs is the foresight of battle conditions by means of 'Clairvoyance'. Even in Ulster mythology, she often predicted the future with such foresight, even the final moments of her beloved pupil Cú Chulainn.[1][2]
  • God-Slayer (B Rank): As the demonic realm's, [The Shadow Realm's], gatekeeper, Scáthach's continual slaying of multitudes of Divine Spirits has manifested as a Skill. This Skill is super effective against Divine Spirits. A plus modifier is gained when attacking Divine Spirits, Wraiths, and Servants with the Divinity Skill.[1]

Noble Phantasms[]

Gáe Bolg Alternative[]

Scáthach has not only one, but two specialized weapons similar to the spear that Cú Chulainn possesses. Known as Gáe Bolg Alternative, they are one step older than Cú's model.[1][2] When the True Name is activated, its capabilities combine the two functions of Cú Chulainn (Lancer)'s Noble Phantasm, Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death and Soaring Spear that Strikes with Death. First, a close-ranged attack from a demonic spear would rob the enemy's movement by 'pinning them in a spot in the air', and a second demonic spear would strike through everything if thrown at full might. Obviously, any enemy caught in the line of the thrown spear would be killed.[1]

In the North American Singularity, she used it against Cú Chulainn Alter's own version of Gáe Bolg. A clash of Gáe Bolg's unimaginable during their lifetimes. Both claim to deliver fatal blows, while at the same time evading them. With different Noble Phantasms, the clash would have ended in both of them dead, not a draw. Because both their Noble Phantasms are forbidden magical spears, both thorns of death trace identical paths and clash. A curious phenomenon that may never occur again.[10]

Gate of Skye[]

Gate of Skye.gif

Scáthach's main Noble Phantasm is Gate of Skye. With it, Scáthach can temporarily summon a massive gate to the Land of Shadows that sucks in all life forms in range. If the target fails to resist it with one's Mana or Luck stat, they're sucked into the gate and are instantly killed. Scáthach can choose specific targets on whether to allow them access or not. Even if resisted, the targets' mana is rapidly drained and they take major damage.[1]

When Scáthach met Cú Chulainn Alter, she sensed that she wouldn't be able to defeat him, even with this Noble Phantasm. During their fight, even after invoking its True Name, Cú Alter was still able to activate Curruid Coinchenn, destroying 90% of her organs in the process. He states that Curruid Coinchenn is the one and only thing that can punch a hole in Scáthach's guts. She on other hand claims that his attack had enough power to destroy the World.[10]

Alternate Versions[]


She is no different from the usual Scáthach... or so we thought, but from the point where she is adapting to the beach, her tension is actually slightly higher than normal. While there is no conspicuous change, one should be able to notice this if one observes with care.[13][17]

« This is the long-awaited sea, we should enjoy ourselves. »

(Such is the basic stance of Assassin Scáthach)

Even in regards to the Master, Scáthach seems to think that they should have fun while they can.[13][17]


Class Skills:

  • Presence Concealment (E Rank): A Skill that erases one's own presence. It is weakened due to the skill "Beach Crisis", but she herself doesn't really care about it.[17]

Personal Skills:

  • Beach Crisis (A+ Rank): A Skill that determines how much one "ends up gathering" public attention on a beach. Unlike Beach Flower, even gazes that deviates from the domain of yearning are gathered. There is a risk that the beach will fall into chaos just by Scáthach walking around.[13][17]
  • Midsummer Mistake (C Rank): It's not bad to merrymake once in a while. Scathach who ended up with that thought may have lost the limiter known as going easy.[17]

Noble Phantasm:

Scáthach's Noble Phantasm is Gáe Bolg Alternative.


Creation and Conception[]

Hirokazu Koyama is the character illustrator for Scáthach.[1][2] Scáthach was designed by Kinoko Nasu and he and Hikaru Sakurai are the scenario writers for her character.[1]


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    Scathath - Assassin

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Hirokazu Koyama
    Voice Actor: Mamiko Noto

    Strength: C
    Endurance: C
    Agility: A+
    Mana: C
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: A+

    Personal Skills
    Beach Crisis: A+
    Primordial Rune (Sea): A
    Midsummer Mistakes: C

    Class Skills
    Presence Concealment: E

    Noble Phantasm
    Gae Bolg Alternative: Soaring Spear of Kick-Piercing Death
    Rank: B+
    Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Army

    The queen of the foreign territory・haunted ground called "Land of Shadows" and mentor of warriors, Scathath--- or so should be. But, at this occasion, she carried out the reckless deed of changing herself and several other female Servants around into swimsuits - all under the guise of adapting to the environment.
    The result is this summer-style that you see.
    Scathath's own testimony is "it is fine to act like this sometimes".

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 168cm・55kg
    Source: Celtic mythology
    Region: Ireland
    Alignment: Neutral Good  Gender: Female
    The rune bracelet around her wrist is specialized for the sea, water.

    Level 2 Bond
    She is no different from the usual Scathath.. or so we thought, but from the point she is adapting to the beach, her tension is actually slightly higher than normal. While there is no conspicuous change, one should be able to notice this if he observe with care.

    Level 3 Bond
    "This is the long-awaited sea, we should enjoy ourselves"
    Such is the basic stance of Assassin Scathath. Even in regards to the Master, she seems to think that he should have fun while he can, but..

    Level 4 Bond

    • Beach Crisis: A+

    How much one "ends up gathering" public attention on a beach.
    Unlike Beach Flower, even gazes that deviates from the domain of yearning are gathered. There is a risk that the beach will fall into chaos just by Scathath walking around.

    Level 5 Bond
    "Soaring Spear of Kick-Piercing Death"
    Rank: B+  Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Army
    Gae Bolg Alternative.
    The True Name is identical to when a Lancer. It robs the life of the target.
    However, the process for reaching that point is different.
    This is famous kicking Bolg, which made many warriors struck with admiration. Take it as summer squall that shoots dead the hearts of warriors.


    スカサハ - アサシン



    ビーチクライシス A+
    原初のルーン(海) A
    真夏のあやまち C

    気配遮断 E



    属性:中立・善  性別:女性




    ランク:B+ 種別:対人/対軍宝具


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