Arou Myourenji (妙蓮寺鴉郎, Myōrenji Arō?), using the pseudonym Scandinavia Peperoncino (スカンジナビア・ペペロンチーノ, Sukanjinabia Peperonchīno?), is one of the seven Crypters, Masters attempting to supplant the Greater History of Man with that of the Lostbelt in Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. He is the Master of Archer Ashwatthama. He was formerly one of forty eight Chaldea Master Candidates and a member of A-Team.



Peperoncino was a Japanese magus who practiced Shugendō before killing off his family and discarding his identity. Becoming a freelancer, he was recruited to Chaldea after Marisbury Animusphere met Scandinavia during his travels, Marisbury wanting to recruit a magus specialized in fighting. Scandinavia joined Chaldea Security Organization by Marisbury's recommendation and became one of the forty-eight Chaldea Master Candidates and a member of A-Team. He planned to summon an Archer-class Servant.[2] Scandinavia managed to hide his real name, race, and age from others, but it was assumed he was the oldest among Chaldea's A-Team.[3]


He is the oldest in the A-Team. He looks Italian.[2]


Nicknamed Pepe (ペペ?) by his friends, he is a mood-maker that calmly eases up the tense Crypters during their meetings. Possessing a feminine-like character, the person himself also enjoys exhibiting it. His motto is to do things smoothly, with fun and friendliness. He uses feminine pronouns to refer to himself.[3]

Leonardo describes him to be friendly and casual, and he would always lighten the mood of A-Team with his jokes. Mash Kyrielight mention him to be a good listener, especially when the silent Hinako Akuta‎‎ would close her book when Scandinavia was around.[2]

He is knowledgeable about Buddhism and Indian myth. "I like mythologies about repeated cycles of destruction", he said.[2]

Although an optimistic and easy-going character, Beryl describes him as someone who is better not to get him mad.[4] He can be a bit grudgeful, showing that he is unable to forget the events in the Indian Lostbelt and wanting to punish Douman for messing with the peaceful Lostbelt he was in charge of.[5] He greatly values those he sees as his friends and allies and during his time in Chaldea, grew genuinely close to his teammates and considering them his genuine friends. Possessing such strong sense of friendship and loyalty, he would go to extreme lengths to get back at those who mess with them, sworing vengeance against his former comrade Beryl for betraying and killing Kirschtaria.[6]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Olga Marie Animusphere orders A-Team to participate "Singularity Point F".[7] With Lev Lainur betrayal, Scandinavia was amongst the casualties to be put into cryofreeze in their coffins.[8]

Cosmos in the LostbeltEdit


After the arrival of Goldolf Musik, Koyanskaya and Kirei Kotomine. Thirty-nine Chaldea Masters were resuscitated and evacuated, only the A-Team were believed to be still frozen in their Coffin.[2] On 27th December 2017, somebody had unfrozen and woke A-Team from their respective coffin and placed a fake signal.[9]

Goldolf orders Leonardo to open A-Team's coffin, only to find them missing.[9]

Anastasia: The Permafrost EmpireEdit

In the Crypters' meeting, Peperoncino is seen concerned about Kadoc's gloominess, so he tries to cheer him up and encouraging him to show his strength and determination. When Wodime reveals that Chaldea is emerging from the Imaginary Number Space, Peperoncino doubts Wodime's choice of letting Koyanskaya lead the suppresion of Chaldea, saying his Servants could destroy the base without leaving any survivors, to which Wodime disagrees. Later, he asks Daybit's opinion about the "cube" present in his own Lostbelt, to which the latter replies that "cube" is a weak point that he or Wodime would eliminate with haste. Peperoncino finally cuts the transmission, not before saying that he will continue to observe the situation, though he would feel like cutting said weak point.[4]

Götterdämmerung: The Eternal Ice-Flame CenturyEdit

Kirschtaria mentions Peperoncino being aided by an Alter Ego.[10]

SIN: Land of Unified KnowledgeEdit

During a meeting between the Crypters, he is shown trying to calm the dispute between Koyanskaya and Hinako. When they realize the next place Chaldea went to, Scandinavia states they went into a problematic place, suggesting that everyone continue their business in their Lostbelts as usual, although Beryl disagrees. At the end, he asks to Daybit and Wodime their feelings about Ophelia's demise. Acknowledging Wodime's silence, he decides to be the one preparing her a proper funeral in his place before leaving.[11]

Yuga Kshetra: The Black Final GodEdit

Ancient Titans' Ocean Atlantis: The Day God Is Shot DownEdit

Olympus: Interstellar Mountain CityEdit

During the events of the Atlantic Lostbelt, Scandinavia was shown to have mainly resided within Olympus together with his fellow Crypters; Kadoc Zemlupus,Beryl Gut and Kirschtaria Wodime as Kirchtaria and the other Olympian Gods began making their plans to counteract Chaldea.

Eventually Scandanavia would talk with Aphrodite during their free time together were he would tell her about the various events,myths and legends from the Greater History Of Man in order to entertain the goddess; with Aphrodite in particular being interested on the actions done by her Proper History Counterpart; such as the actions done by her during the Fall of Troy. Aphrodite in particular would pout to Scandaniva about how he lost control of the Indian Lostbelt and of how disappointed she was that she could no longer conquer the fallen Lostbelt through war; causing Scandanavia to apologize and appease the goddess by simply stating that he simply wasn't talented enough.

However despite being on good terms with the Olympains, Scandanavia is shown to be more than willing to actually betray and impede their efforts. As seen where he was willing to assist Kadoc in his plans to assist Chaldea and the God Breaker Alliance by passing along vital information to them.


Peperoncino was originally born into a Magus Family that practiced Shugendō, a unique Japanese Magecraft that combines both Religion and Magecraft into a unique blend. Scandinavia himself was stated to have mastered its offensive abilities and was regarded as a Magus that specialized in fighting by Marisbury Animusphere and was selected to join A Team to complete the Grand Orders due to his skills, further alluding to his power.

Within Shugendō, he is able to make use of the Abhijna (六神通, Rokujintsū?, literally Six Supernatural Powers)[12], a set of higher knowledges that can bring an individual closer to buddhahood. Peperoncino has shown mastery over some of the six knowledges, which are:

  • Iddhi-vidha (神足通, Jinsokutsū?, the Knowledge of the Unimpeded Bodily Function), which grants him multiple superhuman abilities such as moving at high speeds, with which he was able to evade Ashwatthaman's attacks and allows him to fight against the Holy Beasts of God Arjuna.[13]
  • Ceto-pariya-nana (他心通, Tajintsū?, the Knowledge of the Mind of Others), which grants him the ability to read the intentions of human and non-human beings through "colors".[12]
  • Asavakkhaya-nana (漏尽通, Rōjintsū?, the Knowledge of the Destruction of Defilements), which grants the practitioner the ability to reach Nirvana by excluding himself from the cycle of reincarnation. In the Atlantic Lostbelt, he used this knowledge in conjunction with the Ceto-pariya-nana to craft a spell to succesfully render Douman into his main body, making him unable to imprint his Saint Graph on his shikigamis.[14]

Additionally, Scandinavia like the other members of the A-Team was granted a special set of Command Spells called the Sirius Light,a kind of power able to "overturn the world" according to Marisbury itself. That was originally meant to be used by him to successfully complete Grand Orders. But upon him being revived by the Alien God and given his own Lostbelt to Oversee, the Sirius Light now likely grants him a degree of power and authority over the Lostbelts.


Creation and ConceptionEdit


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