Scheherazade (シェヘラザード, Sheherazādo?), also known as Caster of the Nightless City (不夜城のキャスター, Fuyajō no Kyasutā?), is a Caster-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Scheherazade is the narrator of "One Thousand and One Nights" - a collection of stories structured with embedded narratives, translated into Arabic around the 8th Century – and the legendary queen of Persia’s Sasanian Empire. Whether the "Scheherazade" that is here is a character from the stories, or the actual person who served as the character's model―――no one can be sure. There is no one other than herself who knows all the truths of "her own tale".[1]

King Shahryar had repeated a cycle of killing maidens he married every night. In order to stop that evil act, the vizier's daughter, Scheherazade, offered herself up for marriage. As Scheherazade spent her first night with the king, a plan was set where her invited sister, Dunyazade, would beg her to tell a story. The king would listen to Scheherazade's narrated stories which Dunyazade spoke of with fascination, and plead for her to continue but, by then, dawn had already arrived. Scheherazade announced "Please hold onto that excitement for tomorrow's story". For that purpose, the king continued to let Scheherazade live so that he could listen to her stories, and eventually―――[1]

In the present ending of the "One Thousand and One Nights", "Scheherazade bore three children, and the king learned of patience" was the manner in which the story ended. As aforementioned, this was a conclusion that didn't exist in the original tale, and there is a high chance that the "Scheherazade" here has not experienced this.[1]

But now, it is plausible that this is being narrated as―――The same as what was attained from that rainbow, that crushed the Phantasmal Metropolis/Illusory Citadel. Someone surely made a wish. Someone other than her―――a form given to the salvation of Scheherazade herself.[1]

The approximately thousand stories have been read until now, and its vast majority was added by preceding translators. One theory surmises that the original number of tales which formed the core were no more than two-hundred and ten stories, with no conclusion to them.[1]



A gloomy, quiet and calm female storyteller. Scheherazade is clearheaded, composed, and is of the outstandingly cool-type of person, but that is not a harsh coldness. It is not an icy coldness, but a coldness like that of the moonlight. Because of her trait where she “observes, perceives and understands all of the kings she serves” (for the sake of her own survival), she has a high aptitude in being a prime minister. She primarily advises to the king, and reducing the physical and mental stress of the king is her greatest special skill, but if it is by all means necessary, she can also suggest military advice to her Master in a Holy Grail War.

Although there is a feeling where she wants to be her lord’s strength, Scheherazade’s fundamental strategy is “to protect her lord’s life while also protecting her own life”; in other words, she basically tries to choose and have herself conduct a stratagem that would produce the biggest military gains at a low degree of risk. Scheherazade states that rather than the battlefield, she is more suited for the Master's room.[1]

Her experiences have given her a fear of death and she hates the Servant system which would cause her to repeatedly experience it.[1][3][4] In life, Scheherazade was a brave woman who voluntarily took part in her father's plan to stop the madness of King Shahryar. However, as time passed where she tried to prolong her life, Scheherazade grew more fearful of death as she could easily be killed by the mad king on a whim. In the end, despite how King Shahryar eventually became sane and Scheherazade ended up surviving the ordeal, Scheherazade was deeply traumatized by the tribulation that caused her to fear death even as a Servant.

Because she always regards the avoidance of her death as number one, Scheherazade’s compatibility with a Master who treats her as someone disposable is bad. In that case, she would easily betray them and search for her own survival route.

Attitude towards Master[]

The wish Scheherazade wants to make on the Holy Grail is “her own survival”. She feels that she does not want to die at least.

Scheherazade sees her Master as a king who she serves. A Master who attempts to force her into an extremely dangerous situation from which she might not return alive from is a bad king to her, while a Master who cherishes her is a good king to her. If the circumstances of her being cherished will lead to her own survival, then she will give her lord advice, tell tales as well, and further offer her body to them as much as they like.

But since being summoned is the same as being brought up to the stage again where death exists, that means the moment Scheherazade is summoned, she is quite gloomy. She basically thinks that she does not want to participate in the likes of a Holy Grail War.

In some sense, it is strange that someone such as Scheherazade was summoned under a system that is fundamentally established by an agreement between both parties… That is to say, she still believes from the depths of her soul. Even if it is a one in ten thousand chance, even if it is a one in a hundred million chance. Beyond the battles————the possibility that there is “something valuable in exposing one’s life to danger, which can only be obtained during then” is awaiting her.


She really does not understand the reason why, but whenever Scheherazade catches sight of Fergus, she slides away and unintentionally takes up a distance from him. Though it seems that it does not mean Fergus is hated by Scheherazade.
This and that happened, and Scheherazade became good friends with her. She believes that Nitocris is a good sovereign.
Child Servants
Given that she genuinely gets to tell a story with pleasure, Scheherazade is happy. Especially in regard to Nursery Rhyme, Scheherazade has a particular thought about her state of being in that Nursery Rhyme is called “a tale that is also a hero”, so Scheherazade often shifts her attention to Nursery Rhyme with affection.
A great hero of Persia, someone who is famous to the extent that Scheherazade heard of Arash in the bedtime stories told to her. It is a fresh feeling to actually witness a (real) character of a tale that was not taken out and narrated by her, so her heart is throbbing a little.
Tyrant Servants
Please forgive me… I will die…
Queen of Sheba
A sovereign who comes to get acquainted with Scheherazade in an attempt to make a profit with her art of storytelling.
I heard a rumour that this person staffs her stores with only one person each… I will die…


Fate/Grand Order[]

Subspecies Singularity II: Agartha[]

Scheherazade is summoned by Phenex, and he sympathized with her fear of death. Not wanting to experience repeated summons, as she considers each conclusion to be akin to death, Scheherazade conspired with him to reduce the world’s Mystery to render all related to it, including the Servant Summoning System, obsolete.[5] Phenex empowered her Alf Layla wa-Layla to make the stories she made real.[6] Under his orders, Scheherazade used her newly enhanced Noble Phantasm to create the Agartha Singularity by blending several stories together (Ys, The Peach Blossom Spring, Nightless City, El Dorado, and the Dragon Palace) in an underground space. She was then ordered to summon Heroic Spirits into the Singularity, either summoning them herself, or taking them from Chaldea. Next, to increase the Singularity’s fictional nature, she placed the Servants she summoned as the rulers of cities they had no connection to in life. Penthesilea was made to rule El Dorado while Wu Zetian was made to rule the Nightless City. The exception to this rule was Dahut, whose existence akin to a Phantom prevented Scheherazade from summoning her as Servant, so she altered Francis Drake‘s Saint Graph to play the role.[6] Scheherazade also unconsciously made the entire population female due to her androphobia.[5]

Afterwards, she was ordered to incite conflict, so she summmoned Christopher Columbus with amnesia as a base.[5] To create more chaos, Scheherazade altered Heracles's Saint Graph to make him into the more monstrous and ever-rampaging Megalos. She also intended to summon Fergus mac Róich as a teenager, believing his increased lust at that age would cause more chaos, but he ended up as a young boy whose anxious around women.[6] The impending conflict between the Servants would eventually form a vortex of magical energy, and the enclosed nature of Agartha would trap the souls of the vanquished Servants. Agartha would then exploit the energy generated by the souls as they try to return to the Throne. Eventually the energy would be used to make the fictional nature of the Singularity into reality. Once this is achieved it would be used to destroy a real city to damage human understanding to destroy the concept of Mystery, thereby rendering all existences related to it obsolete.[5]

Keeping her true role as the mastermind secret, Scheherazade came to be Dahut’s confidant. However, she came to fear for her life and left to serve as Wu Zetian’s tactician. She told her where Dahut kept her key to the floodgates, which once opened would cause the lake to flood Ys.[7]

She meets Ritsuka’s party when they come to Wu Zetian’s throne room. At Wu Zetian’s behest, she introduces herself, and explains how she came to leave Dahut’s service. Wu Zetian orders her to help her punish the group for criticizing the city. After Wu Zetian is crushed by Megalos suddenly crashing through the ceiling, Scheherazade convinces the group not to fight him. She then surrenders to them, insisting she only wants to live. They all then escape the castle.[7]

They find the city being besieged by Amazons. Columbus and the Resistance then arrive to help them escape the city through the front gate. Waiting there, though, is Penthesilea while Megalos is exiting the castle. However, to the group’s confusion, she rushes past them and goes into the castle in a rage. Using this opportunity, the group escape the city while Penthesilea and Megalos fight.[7]

At the Resistance’s hideout, Scheherazade offers her services, explaining her betrayal and abandonment of Dahut and Wu Zetian were for her survival. After the group accepts her, Scheherazade alerts them of Lamia attacking the peach trees by mere scent. She then helps them to slay the monsters. Afterwards, the group ponders the possibility of Megalos of being the Demon God host. Columbus convinces them however that Penthesilea is a better candidate since she is the remaining ruler in Agartha and completely adherent to its oppressive matriarchy. He then asks Scheherazade the best way to fight El Dorado.[8]

Following her advice, the group travel through the jungle to infiltrate El Dorado since the Amazons will be split between there and the Nightless City. After killing an Amazon scouting party, the group finds themselves surrounded by more. Scheherazade asks Penthesilea how she knew about her strategy. Penthesilea answered she used her military knowledge to predict and counter Scheherazade’s strategy. The group fights the Amazons, but they’re forced to retreat when the Amazons empower themselves with their synchronized war cry.[9]

Returning to the hideout, everyone sees they lost half their forces. See how terrified the men are, Columbus has everyone rest. During this time, Scheherazade regales everyone with her stories. The next day, however, everyone finds the groveon fire, supposedly set by the Amazons. The group sent out to save as many men and supplies as possible. After the fire dies, Columbus encourages his men to keep fighting. Scheherazade advises they launch another sneak attack, but this time using a ship taken from Ys. She explains Dahut’s ships were enchanted to let them sail forward regardless of wind direction. Given their small numbers, they only need one ship to sail through a river that leads to the heart of the jungle to launch an attack on El Dorado.[10]

The group sail through the jungle when they come across a bridge acting as a barrier. Breaking through two barriers, they spot the central temple of El Dorado. They prepare to set anchor on the shore nearest the temple when the ship shakes. Megalos emerges from the river and boards the ship. The group tries to fight him, but they’re unable to even scratch him. But having regained his memories, Columbus activates his Noble Phantasm, Santa Maria - Drop Anchor to summon another ship to hold Megalos. With him now chained up, the group fight Megalos again. They prepare to finish him off when Penthesilea and her Amazons board the ship. She attacks Megalos while calling him Achilles. She decides to kill the group, believing they’re keeping her from killing Megalos. Megalos also breaks free of Columbus’s chains, so the group are forced to fight both Berserkers. The ship is destroyed in the aftermath, sending everyone overboard.[10]

The group arrives in the Dragon Palace, having been pulled there by the river’s strangely strong current. Megalos is also there, albeit in a deactivated state. Ritsuka is convinced to explore since communication with Chaldea was cut when they arrived at the Dragon Palace. A still living Dahut appears, however. Astolfo assumes she drifted to the Dragon Palace, but she reveals it is her last bastion in case of Ys’ destruction. She then attacks the group to take them for herself. As she disappears with her defeat, Dahut’s memories and mannerisms revert to that of Drake’s. She gives the group a treasure box she found earlier and used in the battle. She tells them to explore the Dragon Palace to find more before finally disappearing. Scheherazade surmises the treasure box to be the Tamatebako from the tale of Urashima Tarou, which can grant single wishes more akin to a Command Spell. Columbus has her use it to make Megalos follow his commands. Afterwards, Astolfo finds a lifeboat in a bubble. The group decides to find and collect more Tamatebako before returning to the surface.[11]

Upon returning to the surface, communications with Chaldea are restored. After explaining what happened, the group enters Penthesilea’s palace. In her madness, Penthesilea sees everyone as Achilles, and uses the synchronized war cry. Chevalier d’Eon and Astolfo leave to hold back the Amazons. With none of her soldiers rallying, Penthesilea boosts her stats in her rage. She is killed in the ensuing fight, and disappears without a Demonic God manifesting. Fergus then blocks gunfire from Columbus when he tried to kill Ritsuka. Da Vinci told everyone to expect his betray after telling them of his history as a conquistador.[12]

Columbus reveals his true intentions are to rule Agartha and sell its female population endlessly. After recounting his circumstances, he commands Megalos to kill the group. The group struggle to hold the pair off, but fortunately D’Eon and Astolfo return in time to block Megalos’ decisive strike. Columbus confesses he set the fire in order to spur the men into fighting again, seeing them as pawns in his conquest of Agartha. Now joined by D’Eon and Astolfo, the group fight Columbus and Megalos again. After being defeated, Columbus tries to use a Tamatebako to heal Megalos, but a Resistance member shoots it out his hand. Fergus then deals a fatal blow to him, expecting a Demon God to emerge. However, both he and Megalos disappear without a Demon God emerging. Sherlock Holmes asks the group who was the one surviving Servant they met in Agartha that has absolutely no connection to Chaldea. Everyone then realizes that it is Scheherazade.[13]

Scheherazade explains the circumstances by which she created Agartha. She also reveals her summoner and patron is the very Demon God Chaldea was searching for. After she declares the story of Agartha will become its true form, Agartha raises in the sky. As Agartha flies upwards into sky, Scheherazade reveals it is now its final form, the floating city of Laputa. She announces to Laputa to continue raising and then plummet towards the earth.[6] She then proceeds to detail Laputa's purpose. The group disagree with her plan to bring an end to Mystery just to end her own existence as a Heroic Spirit. Scheherazade recounts how the Demon God told her that Solomon disappeared from the Throne of his own accord. She is envious of such a feat, believing things would be easier if she could do that. The group then fights her to stop her plan. Only D’Eon is effective though since Scheherazade’s Counter King skill renders Astolfo and Fergus’s efforts worthless. Then, after detailing her orders to turn fiction into reality, Scheherazade releases Phenex from her body. Mash realizes she couldn’t detect a Demon God from her was because Phenex was already dead, an ability unique to him as the Demon God of death and rebirth. The group fight and kill him, though at the cost of Fergus being severely injured.[5]

However, even with Phenex’s death, and Scheherazade near death, Laputa continues to exist. Eventually Phenex resurrects himself through the corpse of a Resistance member. He declares Laputa will continue its descent even if he’s killed, and that he’ll accomplish the Demon Gods’ goal to destroy humanity. He reveals his true ambition is to damage human understanding in the hopes of it would eventually result in humanity’s destruction. The group fight him again, but they’re unable to kill him. Wu Zetian suddenly appears, revealing her survival and that she was biding her time until Phenex separated from Scheherazade. She then tortures him with her Noble Phantasm, Manual of Accusation, but he severely wounds her in retaliation. She pleads with the group to kill Phenex while he’s in a state of life and death. However, to the others’ surprise, Fergus walks into her Noble Phantasm to use its concept of mixing life and death together to essentially resummon himself through the use of Columbus’s Tamatebako. He soon achieves his goal when his short sword turns into Caladbolg and unleashes Caledfwlch Caladbolg on both Phenex and Laputa. With Phenex being constantly damaged by both Noble Phantasms, the group fight him once more. During this, Scheherazade is told that her fear of death can subsided by living a fulfilling life. Phenex extends tiny tentacles from himself and implores Scheherazade to give him her magical energy. She however refuses to die by him, and Fergus finishes him off. Afterwards, Scheherazade disappears with her fear of death having been subsided somewhat. She later manifests in Chaldea, doing everything she can to avoid Fergus.[5]

Summer Event: Dead Heat Summer Race![]

Scheherazade comes across Nitocris as the latter becomes desperate in her search for a partner for Ishtar's race. Nitocris immediately asks her if she holds pharaohs in high regard. Scheherazade supposes she does, given that they're kings. Nitocris accepts her answer and makes Scheherazade her partner in Ishtar's race. But Scheherazade refuses as she does not want to die. Nitocris assures Scheherazade that if they win, she will make her a talisman that will protect her from death by breaking in her place. Scheherazade readily accepts, thinking to herself that resolving the Singularity will help her make amends.

A group of thugs soon appear before the racers. After the thugs are defeated, their leader, Atalanta, arrives. She considers the thugs to be her children to the racers’ confusion. Calling the wasteland the Atalanta Plains, she tells the racers that its roads lead to where she and her children planted Seed Apples. They are essential to her children‘s future, so she cannot permit them to be destroyed in the race. Scheherazade notices Nitocris' reluctance to crush the seeds, and thus activates their vehicle's walker mode, which was designed to avoid dangerous objects. But the mode is slow, so Nitocris worries that they may lose. A landmine goes off, which Nitocris thinks is Ozymandias attacking from Mesektet until Scheherazade corrects her. Thanks to the walker mode, Nitocris and Scheherazade were able to avoid Atalanta's landmines meant to protect the seeds, unlike everyone else. Nitocris points out the explosions likely destroyed the seeds, but Atalanta blames the racers for what happened. Nitocris and Scheherazade try to race on ahead, but Atalanta easily catches up to them on foot. They defeat her, and she tells them she did her best to play her given role. After Atalanta disappears, Nitocris wonders what she meant but ignores it, for now, to admire their victory as they head for the checkpoint. But Scheherazade reactivates walker mode as she's afraid they may be attacked while they revel in their victory. Nitocris is annoyed, especially considering with the other races catching up.

Eventually, the racers arrive at a river. Penthesilea appears and explains the more beautiful they are, the faster they will go. She introduces them to the judges: Mister B, who judges their personal beauty, and Leonardo da Vinci, who judges their vehicles’ beauty. Nitocris struggles over what to do before deciding to cover herself with her sheet, thinking the medjed's sleek design will impress Mister B. But it only gets a negative review from Mister B.

The racers soon enter the fourth area, which has breast-shaped hills. Artemis and her copies fire upon them, warning they cannot go through Artemis Valley as they please. She will allow them to pass if they can find the real Orion among his copies and return him to her. Nitocris and Scheherazade search with their summons, but they're having no luck finding the real Orion. An Orion gropes Nitocris and flees when she tries to catch him. Scheherazade tells her the story of Wardan, but Nitocris is confused about how the story's moral that bears have dangerous appetites will help them.

Afterward, the racers reach the final area, a bridge over a large ravine, with the Ishtar Temple at the finish line. Because they're going so fast, Scheherazade is scared that they're going to die. Nitocris encourages her to stay strong by saying it's like their vehicle is swinging around a huge weight, so if they stop too soon, they'll die.

Summer Event: Death Jail Summer Escape[]

The racers find themselves at the bottom of the ravine. They’re attacked by the Hessian Lobo security system, which overwhelms them. Medb then arrives and arrests the racers for placing weird textures on her land without permission. The racers fall unconscious and wake up in Medb’s prison. They find out that their powers are negated within prison. Medb tells the racers that she locked their vehicles up somewhere outside the prison after sensing a strange power from them. The racers are then brought to their cells, where they soon meet Ishtar’s avatars. They then encounter Carmilla working as a prison guard. Carmilla determines they're too weak to escape and opens their cells.

In the courtyard, the racers meet Gorgon, who's only brought out of solitary confinement, exercise. She agrees to tell them about the prison if they help with exercises. However, the fight is soon interrupted by Florence Nightingale, who leaves after Gorgons says none of them are injured. Minamoto-no-Raikou deduces Gorgon is a projection of her real self inside her cell. Gorgon confirms thus then reveals it's impossible to destroy the prison’s barrier from either the outside or the inside. However, the racers can take advantage of Medb’s overconfidence in her Prison Field to find blind spots to escape. Carmilla then brings the racers back to their cells.

The next day, the racers still haven’t found an escape route. They see Quetzalcoatl training other prisoners to be luchadors After some sparring, the racers are sent back to their cells. They then follow Ritsuka’s advice to dig their way out of the prison.

However, the racers' tunnels all converge onto Gorgon's cell, chained there by divine steel. Gorgon asks the racers to stop Nightingale from spraying her with reptile sanitizer. But the racers remind her that they were never friends and that she only used them to vent her frustrations. Gorgon replies that she'll help them if they defeat Nightingale. After Nightingale is defeated, Nero Claudius determines they can use Gorgon’s acid to clear any obstacles that bar them while digging. Since they had a deal, Gorgon spews acid into special containers for each team.

Unfortunately, while digging, they discover the Prison Field extends underground. They return to Gorgon's cell, who seems to be enjoying their predicament. After venting their frustrations, the racers realize they have no choice but to kill Medb to disable the Prison Field. Gorgon reveals there was another prisoner who tried escaping by killing Medb. She defeated them and revealed she has a conceptual weakness to projectile cheese. But Medb is always protected by her warriors. Gorgon reveals Medb always takes a shower in her warden’s office at the same time every day. James Moriarty, Thomas Edison, and Nikola Tesla point out they need someone intelligent as them and Babbage, who also knows the prison’s layout if they want to successfully snipe Medb from outside her bathroom window. Gorgon reveals there is a prisoner who knows everything about the prison, despite being in solitary confinement. She then gives the racers general directions to that person's cell.

They dig into the prisoner’s cell, who turns to be Enkidu in tight restraints. After Raikou cuts their restraints, Enkidu has the racers spar with them to see if they’re fully functional. Enkidu afterward then agrees to provide the racers with the necessary calculations. Carmilla arrives to feed them, and attacks everyone after seeing Enkidu unrestrained. After defeating Carmilla, Enkidu, Babbage, Edison, and Tesla make blueprints for their cheese-apult.

After building it with the materials Ritsuka provided, the racers use the cheese-apult to assassinate Medb while she’s in the shower. However, Medb kicks the cheese away thanks to training her body to automatically react to incoming cheese. Nitocris suspects Scheherazade is glad that Medb didn't die. Scheherazade confesses that in most circumstances witnessing another's death would be unpleasant for her as it would cause her to think of her own death. But that isn't the case with sniping. However, she understands she doesn't have the luxury of indifference since Medb's survival has a direct effect on their chances of living or dying. Enkidu reveals there is another way to remove the Prison Field, one only they know of. They reveal the control device for the Prison Field is a stone above the ground. The racers soon realize it’s in the statue of Medb in the courtyard. Enkidu then reveals there is a prisoner who is master of disguise that the racers can use to trick Quetzalcoatl into disabling the Prison Field. The racers then dig their way to the prisoner’s cell.

They arrive in the prisoner's cell, only to find Carmilla there to their shock. They fight her, but in the midst of it, she turns into Nightingale. After being defeated, she reveals herself to be Yan Qing in disguise. He agrees to disguise himself as Medb to trick Quetzalcoatl into disabling the Prison Field in exchange for fighting him. But Raikou has him sit in the corner and lectures him until he gets sore. Afterward, Yan Qing (disguised as Med) gets Quetzalcoatl to disable the barrier underground, allowing the racers to reach their vehicles in the warehouse.

The racers escape to the outside, where Medb and Quetzalcoatl confront them. Medb deflects shots from X's cheese blaster and decides to execute the racers, accusing them of covering Connacht with textures of another place. The racers defeat Medb and Quetzalcoatl, then return to the race once they disappear.

If Nitocris and Scheherazade, Artoria Alter damages the joint connecting the sun wheel to their vehicle with Secace Morgan. As it is their focal point of propulsion, Nitocris fears that they'll be unable to continue the race once the sun wheel falls off. But Scheherazade has an idea and tells Nitocris to speed up. Nitocris does so, and as she suspected, the sun wheel comes. But at that moment, Scheherazade summons the Genie of Lamp, who morphs into a ball and fits into the sun wheel's housing to replace the sun wheel.

After the race, however, an enormous storm moves toward the track as if it has a will of its own. Ishtar reveals this was her plan. Unbeknownst to the racers, their vehicles’ tires were carving magical energy into the Venus textures she placed on the land. She then reveals her temple to be a giant ATM called the Ishtar Quantum Power System. The racers confront her when the relics she had them install in their vehicle are suddenly removed. The relics converge at the Ishtar QPS, which gathers the magical energy expended in the race. At the same time, the relics were storing the heat created by the friction of the racers’ tires running across the Venus textures for each relic to reach an excited state. The purpose of all this was for Ishtar to create a new Gugalanna. After using the relics and the Ishtar QPS to do so, she declares she can use him to destroy the Singularity. Da Vinci points that would work, but it’d also destroy Connacht. The racers then fight Ishtar and Gugalanna before he’s completely formed, but they struggle against him. Quetzalcoatl then arrives to attack Gugalanna, revealing the her that disappeared before was Yan Qing in disguise. After she destroys Gugalanna, the racers and the race’s administrative staff get their picture taken by Georgios.

If Nitocris and Scheherazade won, Nitocris makes the talisman for Scheherezade as promised. Scheherazade considers thanking Nitocris for it but decides not to for now since she fears what Ozymandias might do. Also, if she lost her talisman on the first day, she wouldn't be able to face Nitocris. Nonetheless, she is glad to have helped Ritsuka, even though she is unsure if that atones for her sins.

Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth: Ooku[]

Scheherazade is among the Chaldean Servants reverse-summoned by Kama to the Ooku, although she is not turned into materials for the labyrinth. Instead, she and Mata Hari are brainwashed to be assistants on the third floor, meant to tempt any wanderer to partake in alcohol. They succeed with Goredolf Musik, but fail later with Ritsuka Fujimaru and their entourage, who manage to knock them out before undo the brainwashing. Once back to their senses, Mata Hari and Scheherazade resolve to assist their Master in rescuing everyone trapped in the labyrinth. In particular, Scheherazade affirms that she is more afraid of losing the people she has come to love at Chaldea than she is of death.


Scheherazade has fairly low parameters aside from her Luck, Skills and Noble Phantasm, and she herself states that she is more suited for her Master's room rather than the battlefield.[1] Her armaments are her tales.[2]


Class Skills[]

  • Territory Creation (Rank A++): One can create an advantageous position for themselves as a mage. Scheherazade happens to create a “sleeping quarter” for the sake of her own survival.[2]

Personal Skills[]

  • Storyteller (Rank EX): A Skill that shows how skillful one is in verbally reciting tales and legends. Entirely different from the art of writing down tales in books, it is a story conveyance ability specialized in improvisation, allowing one to also take into account the mood and mentality of the audience to choose an appropriate way of reciting a story. It is likely that Rakugo storytelling Heroic Spirits possess this too.[2]
  • Bedchamber of Survival (Rank A): A subclass of the “Pheromone” Skill, specialized for defense. By combining “her own charm”, “the charm of the place” and “the charm of her actions” in the most suitable way according to the situation presented, Scheherazade can form and make use of “an area where she has the lowest probability of death in the World.” Although it is a conceptual area, it is also another “sleeping quarter”, a safety base that is just like her Workshop as well.[2]
  • Counter Hero (Rank A): A Skill that brings down the Parameters of any hero on the occasion of dealing with them. This Skill for Scheherazade is being limited to “anti-king”. For that reason, it acquires Rank A. In her case, it becomes something that especially demonstrates “the capability to survive against existences that have taken the title of King”, grasping the king’s mood, disposition, abilities, principles, state of health, etc., to make use of every art of coaxing she has so that by doing this, no matter how capricious a king can be, she can conduct herself in a way that will at least not get herself killed. ————In the moment when she has decided to confront a king as a storyteller with “a heroic tale that is about to be erased”, or in the moment when she has carried out a justifiable confrontation with a story of “a hero who secretly saved the world”, this is sublimated into a special Skill unique only to Scheherazade: Counter-Hero (Story).[2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Her Noble Phantasm is Alf Layla wa-Layla.[1]

While being supported by Phenex, Scheherazade was capable of using her Noble Phantasm to create the Agartha singularity, an encroachment of fiction onto reality, and modify the Saint Graphs of certain Servants within it.[3]

Because the One Thousand and One Nights were never a fixed set but a malleable collective that grew over time, and as Scheherazade is originator of the said collection of stories, Scheherazade has the right and ability to choose what she decides to be the "One Thousand and One Nights" where the female storyteller can choose stories, completely unassociated with the original One Thousand and One Nights, that came after her time or fiction and nonfiction that she simply read from books such as the Ys, the Nightless City, El Dorado, the Peach Garden, or the Dragon Palace.


Namaniku ATK is the character designer for Scheherazade.

Comment from Illustrator[]

Because “One Thousand and One Nights” was the concept, I drew her while constantly looking at the materials of that source. I was being conscious of a way to make her design not overlap with FGO’s existing characters, but also so that it does not drift too far away from FGO’s concept of its character designs. I got to choose the way her skin is coloured with my own tastes, making it a considerably dark brown colour. Although I think there are pros and cons to her design, including the shaping of her face too, usually I am getting to draw freely because of TYPE-MOON. I am grateful to them.

The final form of her weapon is my favorite, something like a 6-mounted launcher. Such an item is not limited to this work since it is common for me to habitually draw one-of-a-kind items, so it has structurally become quite complicated and bizarre. Even though I drew a 3-sided view of it, I was wracking my brains on if it was the way the design should be. Well, it must have been difficult for the people who created the data for the game’s use… I would like to tell them my thanks for letting me borrow their place. Although Ms. Schehera is rather excessively strong-willed, if she gets to serve you as an attendant for a long time, she will be happy when she is able to accept you showing your deep affections to her even like a squid. (Namaniku ATK)


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