The Scladio Family (スクラディオ・ファミリ?) is an American underground criminal organization known as one of the New Five Great Mafias of New York.

Origin Edit

Scladio Family is a mafia organization, founded by Galvarosso Scladio whose roots trace back to the Sicilian mafia. Although it is called a mafia, it is widely different from the traditional mafia. It has absorbed and joined with multiple other organizations, increasing its size. This has created a faceless mob, that is unconnected with national borders, bloodlines or ideologies.[1]

Activities Edit

The Scladio Family assists mages of a wide variety, such as ones who have lost their turf, ones who have gone bankrupt, ones who had been driven out of their original lands as heretics, ones who had been loudly expelled from public society as criminals and were considered nuisances and burdens in the magical world, or even ones that had asked help from the family of their own accord. The family not only gives them money, but also grant them land to conduct their research on. The family also notably doesn't pry into their research, never stealing the fruits of their labors or forcing them to work for the family, simply giving the mages the materials that they demanded. This has lead to many of the mages who use their services to become even unintentionally dependent on them, their goals of reaching the Root being tied to them, causing them to voluntarily protect the family due to their own interests. This has led to the family being unopposed by the Clock Tower or other organizations, displaying unparalleled growth in the underworld.[1]

Scladio Family's methods are quite unique among other similar organizations who are aware of the existence of mages. This difference is due to many of the other organizations attempting to control the world of mages, ending up being used themselves or even destroyed.[1]

They have multiple bases across the country, for example at least two special workshops in Snowfield.

Influence Edit

Due to their numerous activities, the family has gained noticeable influence in both the underworld and the magical world. They are capable of covering up multiple murders and even opposing organizations like the Sponheim Abbey. Even large organizations, like the Mage's Association or the Church, are unable to bring them down or control them. The influence if the extends past the borders of the country. They even have themselves to a division of the American government, gaining the power to be involved in highly secretive events like the True and False Holy Grail Wars.[1]

Members Edit

The Scladio Family has a number of subordinates all over America. The family has a number of leaders, who hold great authority, with Galvarosso Scladio being the boss of the whole organization.

Members Position
Galvarosso Scladio Boss
Bazdilot Cordelion Leader

References Edit

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