Secret Garden (シークレット・ガーデン?) is a term for secret parts of a person's heart. Not all of the SGs are the secret, hidden part of the owner's heart. SGs such as Crime Ballet are considered "actual hidden crime" and appeared to be unobtainable from the owner in a normal circumstance. 



An example of when the player chooses a wrong choice.

After defeating the Sentinels within their Venus Statues, the protagonist can then enter the inner relief to sever their connection with BB by using the collected SGs. In some cases, the process requires more than the SGs, such as Elizabeth's Migraine and Meltlilith's All Drain, to break the wall of their heart. This process however, is fatal to the Alter Egos who are made of pure personality. 

According to Jinako Carigiri, the process is akin to "thunder magic that causes clothing damage". In addition, SG that only consists of falsehood such as Crime Ballet cannot be used in the process.

List of SGsEdit

Most of all SGs are gained as the player progresses into the story with the exception of the Servants, BB, and Kiara's SGs. Collecting all of the Servants' SGs are required to reach their endings. However, Hakuno Kishinami(male) can only obtain the first two SGs of Archer, thus, requiring only two to reach Archer Ending. Two of BB and Kiara's SGs can only be obtained in CCC route. Obtaining BB's SGs is a requirement to unlock the true final boss, and thus, reaching the True Ending.

Characters SGs Explainations
Rin Tohsaka
PassionlipBreast Valley
Masochistic Constitution
Jinako CarigiriTendency to Lie
The Curse of Death
Elizabeth BathoryRomance
MeltlilithSadistic Constitution
Doll Mania
Crime Ballet / All Drain
BBUnderclassmen Attribute
Desire to Confine
Reversed Affection
Kiara SessyoinPheromone
Demonic Bodhisattiva
SaberLove for Harlem
Laurel's veil
Love for the People
CasterExclusive Desire
Golden White Face
GilgameshWedge of the Heaven
Chain of the Heaven
Poison of Death