Sefar (セファール, Sefāru?, also romanized as "Sephyr"), also known as Velber 02 (ヴェルバー02, Verubā 02?) is the Velber form of Altera in Fate/EXTELLA.



Sefar, also known as the White Titan of Tassili n' Ajjer, is in history the Great God of Sefar.

She is Velber 02, also known as the White Titan (白い巨人, Shiroi Kyojin?), or the Ark of the Stars, one of the ships that surround the main Velber "Harvester Star." The ship entered the solar system with her "older brother" and "younger sister" fourteen thousand years ago, Velber 01 and Velber 03, and she eventually landed on the Moon. She invaded the Moon Cell and Earth simultaneously, becoming known as Sefar.

She invaded SERAPH as an Anti Cell, and also sent her own data to Earth to create a material body (avatar), invading both at the same time. She did huge damage to the Moon was beaten by the Moon Cell on the Moon but on the Moon she was sealed since Moon Cell had no way to wipe her out. The Altera (Moon) stayed in the Star of Tears which became the separated territory known as the "Zero Dark".

On Earth, Sefar destroyed most of mankind's earliest civilizations, including Atlantis in an event that would be remembered as the Leukosmachia. Because the Twelve Machine Gods of Atlantis abided by their territory, they were unable to defeat Sefar by themselves whilst they would have as a group. Sefar in particular claimed Ares personal sword, after which the remnants of the gods survived minus their true bodies. Before Sefar could destroy the world, she was killed by the wielder of the holy sword on Earth. Her corpse became the basis for several beings such as the Gigas who fought in the Gigantomachia and the Valkyries who became Odins daughters. The core essence of Sefars body then became the Altera of Earth who would be eventually found by the Huns. On the Moon however, 14000 years past and Altera of the Moon wakes up as the Velber approach the galaxy again.[2] (While in the first part of Extella it is said that Altera stirred of her volition… but in truth, it was Archimedes who roused her.)[3]



In this form, Sefar loses reasons but desires to destroys everything in her path. After she was defeated, Sefar regains her sanity for a last moment to her Master (the Body of the protagonist) and apologizing and thanking the protagonist for being with her until the end before she crumbles into rubble.



She was awakened as the destroyer and controlled by Archimedes (in Flame Poem arc and Dawn arc) or Corroded Elizabeth (in Orchid Words arc). She is the final boss in Main Story, excluding Golden Poem arc, as well as the second boss in Archimedes' Side Story.

Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the LostbeltEdit

Olympus: Interstellar Mountain CityEdit

  • Sefar during the Leukosmachia
  • Sefar's remnants against the Olympians

Within the History of the Atlantic Lostbelt, Zeus forcibly assimilated the authorities of his fellow Machine Gods in order to fight Sefar. He was then able to defeat and destroy her in an event known as the Leukosmachia. Afterwards, Sefar's remnants, known as Gigas, were defeated in the Gigantomachia.[4]


Titan AlteraEdit

The "Titan" Anti Cell that absorbs mana from the civilization she destroys and uses it to grow bigger, designed to destroy itself once the task is done.[2][5]

In the Early Dawn Territory/Zone, she is 16 meters in size, but that's only because her default height is set to be "10x the size of the people native to that civilization". In this environment, she consumes spiritons to accelerate the rate of her growth.[5]

There was a limit to how large the alter ego of the Titan Altera could grow on Earth in relation to its gravity, but there exists no such limit in cyberspace. That being said, her movements slow down if she becomes too massive, and since it takes time for her thoughts to be communicated to her peripheries, it’s thought that she manually optimizes her size to facilitate easier movement.[3]

She is a standard type of Anti-Cell, built to physically destroy civilizations with raw power.[3]

Magic Energy Absorption (魔力吸収, Maryoku Kyūshū?) is an exclusive skill of Attilaight Cell. The body of the Titan, composed of spiritron collectors, will unconditionally absorb "magical energy processed into techniques" and covert it into HP and Armor values. Techniques equate to skills, knowledge, and civilization. To an Anti Cell, there is no better form of nourishment. Any form of attack (interference) designed by intellect - however undeveloped the theory behind it may be - will only grant more power to Altera. The large firepower of greater magecraft and strategic weapons of science and technology will fuel the fire further. On the other hand, while pure magical energy - what can be called life-force itself - will also be mostly absorbed, it can still exert its regular effect. Facing against an Anti Cell, it comes down to simply "bludgeoning" it. Although this is a troublesome skill that can absorb even physical attacks boosted with Mana Burst, one thing can deal an effective blow. The energy discharge of the holy sword. The White Titan that had once appeared upon the surface was repulsed by the holy sword tempered in the inner sea of the Earth.[6]

Crest of the Wandering Star (遊星の紋章, Yūsei no Monshū?) is another exclusive skill of hers. It is the ability to turn into a giant god in order to destroy civilization, her fundamental design. With this passive skill, the lives, structures, and concepts she destroys are absorbed as spiritron information and she increases in size. Altera cannot by her own will remove this skill. By absorbing an amount of mana equal to her current HP amount, her maximum HP doubles. Further, due to her modifier as the Titan, whenever her structure reaches a size double to the previous (16M, 32M, 64M, 128M, 256M, 512M, 1024M) she will advance to the next stage, and all of her parameters are increased by 1 digit. For example, if STR A is equal to a value of 150, and a + doubles that to 300, then with the Titan modifier, what is 300 at first stage, becomes 3,000 at second stage; 30,000 at third stage; and so on, becoming 300,000,000 at her seventh stage. This approaches Gold-Fur White-Face in her nine-tailed form (387,420,489) - an amount of energy on the level of a sun.[7]


Arco Wada is the character illustrator for her in Fate/EXTELLA.


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