Senji MuramasaWP (千子村正WP(せんじむらまさ), Senji Muramasa?, also translated as "Sengo Muramasa"), Class Name Saber (セイバー, Seibā?), is a Saber-class Pseudo-Servant in the body of Shirou Emiya summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Another version is summoned as one of the apostles of the Alien God.



A swordsmith from Ise Province, Kuwana. Muramasa is a famed blacksmith within Ise ProvinceWP. His title by the time of the Bunki era is Uemon-no-jō. He is said to be the founder of the swordsmith school which made the sharpest katana in the Sengoku era.[1] (There are also documents from the Edo period that make a Muramasa from the Jōji era the founder and talk of three generations continuing until the Ōei era, but the oldest sword making by the Muramasa school that has been confirmed is from the first year of the Bunki era. For this reason, the Muramasa from the years of Bunki has been made the founder in the original work)

Legend says that he has forged a demon sword that antagonizes the Tokugawa clanWP. There were stories about his KatanaWP that killed Tokugawa Ieyasu's grandfather, there's also one that NobuyasuWP used to commit suicide, and there’s also one that actually cut Ieyasu himself.[2]

Muramasa theorized that he was summoned in Shirou's body because Shirou has a similar body and mind to that of Muramasa's. Furthermore, he believes Shirou had shared his way of life and experienced a similar end. Muramasa speculates that Shirou could be his descendant,[2] a theory that Parvati also believes to be true.[3]

He appears at "Tournament of the Seven Blade-Master Heroic Spirits" as a Heroic Spirit dispatched by the Counter Force, and in the bleached Earth as a Heroic Spirit summoned by the "Alien God".

His interior, his truth, by any chance―――

"Huh? There's nothing mysterious or strange! As long as I can do a job I'm satisfied with that's fine!"


As he is summoned in Shirou's body, he bears the same appearance as Limited/Zero Over Shirou. His stage 2 clothes are described as his normal outfit while in his forge. Upon reaching stage 3, his skin slightly darkens and his hair becomes white, causing him to slightly resemble Archer.


An old man who devoted his life to making swords. His appearance is that of a fearless young man, but his spirituality is rather close to his later years. Dashing, no hesitation, and no rot. There are a lot of blunt words, and it be can't said that they are flattering. At first glance, he tends to look like a cold person, but when you associate with him, he's very caring. He is a person with a generous temperament.

This is personality of Muramasa himself, but it is also the personality of the body used as a substitute. ........Or, if this young boy's life reached old age, he would attain a similar personality.

No matter the person or the content, if asked to do a job, he is work (loveable) person, who has the pride to "finish" it. For work, he sometimes uses ruthless and cold means, but he doesn't seem to only work as a bad person.

The ultimate sword he is aiming for is something that can purge the hate. A katana that cleaves through fate, destiny and karma. That can purge one's cause itself.[4]


Miyamoto Musashi
"Miyamoto Musashi? I know her. Not the male one, but the female one. She's noisy but she was a swordswoman who had guts and bloomed like a flower. It's one of the few records Muramasa brought back to the throne with him. That vagabond , I hope she reaches the point she set her eyes upon at the end."
"There's an Archer who wears a red frilly outfit right? I'm not good with him. My back feels ... itchy when I see him. Damn it, what is this feeling."
"EMIYA Alter ... at this rate I don't even understand anything anymore. My back doesn't tingle but I feel uneasy looking at him. Also, he treats his weapons very roughly. What ya call it again, commercialism over quality?"
Artoria Pendragon
"The king of Britain is here right? Talk to her properly okay. That type of king will try to bear everything by herself ... what? Is it weird that I'm worried about her? I can't help it if I' m genuinely worried okay."
Artoria Series
"Ya know, I did forge a lot of the same blades ... but ain't there too many versions of you, your majesty? Are you planning to dominate every category?"
Artoria Avalon
"That energetic young lady...holding the...staff of selection, was it? Oh yeah, that's right, the girl with the staff. I'm not sure why she bows her head when she sees me, but I wonder if I know her from somewhere. And yet when I talked to her, she said "There you go again, Muramasa!" and starts complaining. Oh but it's not that bad. Plus she eats my meals quite a lot."
Yagyuu Munenori
"Geh, you're the sword instructor of the Tokugawa huh. It's true that Muramasa is Anti-Tokugawa, but it's not like I have a grudge with them or something. It's a property added on due to records in fiction. Well if said Tokugawa was one of my fans then surely he'd die holding a Muramasa though."
"Whoa !? What the hell's with that girl !? She's huge! Hold on, what's with that divine aura !? It can't be, could it be, that girl is the avatar of Ibuki !? So that sword ... that's the sword of Kusanagi ...!? Holy shit, offerings offerings!"


Fate/Grand Order[]

Subspecies Singularity III: Shimosa[]

A month prior to Ritsuka and Miyamoto Musashi's arrival, the Counter Force summoned Muramasa to the Shimosa Singularity for the purposes of stopping Amakusa Shirou Tokisada.[2][5] Not knowing why he was summoned, Muramasa eventually came to Onui and Tasuke's village as he was summoned near there. There he found half of its population were slaughtered by the Heroic Spirit Swordmasters' monsters, including the children's parents. After taking the children in, he took the hermitage from the western village. Given that it previously belonged to a blacksmith, Muramasa was able to set up a workshop.[4][2]

He meets Ritsuka and Musashi when Onui and Tasuke bring them to the hermitage. He has the children to go inside so he can speak with the pair alone. Thanking them for keeping the children safe, he tells Ritsuka and Musashi that he’ll allow them inside on the condition they tell him about themselves. They’re unable to answer because Houzouin Inshun has caught up to them. Muramasa dodges his attack and destroys his upper body with a single blow. Inshun regenerates and boasts there isn’t any technique nor blade that can reach the Spiritual Core of a Swordmaster. Regenerating from another attack, he reveals massacred the northern and western villages before coming to the hermitage. He claims his body is now a puppet controlled by karma, so only his complete destruction can stop him. Musashi grabs the sword Muramasa recently made to use against Inshun, feeling a divine aura from it. Muramasa considers it a failure, saying it can effortlessly cut through anything, but he pushed it into the realm of demons. After Inshun is slain, everyone heads inside.[2]

Muramasa allows Musashi to keep the sword she used to slay Inshun as thanks for bringing the children back. He calls it is a failure, since it is an evil blade that reached the realm of demons. He then explains the ultimate blade that he seeks. Musashi realizes she freed Inshun from his karma thanks to the sword. Muramasa still considers it failure though since it cannot cut bonds or certainty. He then dubs it Myoujingri Muramasa, revealing his True Name.[2]

Later in his workshop, Muramasa explains the circumstances of his summoning, and how Onui and Tasuke came into his custody. He then recalls several rumors. Monsters started to appear around the time he was summoned. The Swordmasters control the monsters. A man at Katori Shrine summoned the Swordmasters to destroy humanity. The Swordmasters razed the Hitachi Provice. Musashi decides they need more information on the monsters and the Swordmasters. Muramasa directs them to Toke Castle town as a place to get more info.[2]

He has Ritsuka and Musashi take the children with them when they leave for town.[6] However, two days later, he comes to retrieve the children. He reprimands Ritsuka’s party for leaving the children alone with Otama while they went after Tomoe Gozen. He also agrees with Otama that the group caused her trouble by staying at her inn longer than they said. Afterwards, he returns to the hermitage with Onui and Tasuke.[7]

He later hears from a travelling merchant that two beautiful women massacred an army near Arakawa River. The women also destroyed the Sagami Province. Afterwards, they went on a killing spree until high noon. Because they vanished by then, smaller villagers were spared, but larger settlements were nearly massacred.[8]

He meets Katou Danzou when Ritsuka’s party returns to the hermitage. Deducing that she works for Yagyuu Munenori, he doubts she is a Swordmaster since she bypassed his Bounded Field. He invites her to stay, and she accepts. After supper, he tells the others about what he heard; they deduce the women are Swordmasters. Muramasa then examines Myoujingri Muramasa to determine three Swordmasters were slain. He deduces one was Tomoe, and the other was Mochizuki Chiyome, who tried to assassinate Kiyohime. Suddenly everyone hears Onui screaming from outside.[8]

They rush out to find her and Tasuke captured by Shuten-douji and Minamoto-no-Raikou. The Swordmasters overwhelm the group using only a fraction of their power. Raikou tells them to come to the peak of the nearby mountain before high noon if they wish to save the children. After they escape, the group prepares to go to the nearest mountain.[8]

After Muramasa forges a new sword, the group leave for the mountain. They cut through the nearby bamboo forest into a mountain trial. As they continue to ascend, Muramasa confesses he forged many things to save up money for Onui and Tasuke’s futures. When he disappears, he wants the children to have happy futures of their own choosing, and grown up in a peaceful world without knowing hungry. Therefore, he won’t let anything get in his way, not even a giant snake. Orochi then suddenly appears, even though Chiyome is long gone. Fuuma Kotarou realizes Shuten can summon it because she is a descendant of Orcohi. With the last of its energy, Orochi knocks Ritsuka down a slope. Kotarou goes to save them when another Orochi appears.[9]

Musashi, Kotarou, Muramasa, and Danzou eventually find Ritsuka. Kotarou uses his clan's secret ointment to close their wound made by Shuten. After getting more rest, Ritsuka continues onward to the peak with the others.[10]

There the group demand Shuten and Raikou to give the children back. They doubt Shuten’s claims that she ate them and kill the Orochi she summoned. After Shuten disappears, Raikou tells the group the children are safe and unharmed in a nearby shrine. She asks Muramasa to apologize to Onui for her, for tying her up, and getting a little rough when she cut her ropes. Muramasa replies whether he passes on her apology depends on what Onui thinks of her. Raikou then asks the group to defeat the Swordmasters and prevent the Onriedo’s arrival. After she disappears, Kotarou arrives with Onui and Tasuke. Muramasa gives Onui Raikou’s apology for tying her up. Onui responds the ropes were loose, and she tearfully recalls how Raikou was exactly like her mother. Everyone then returns to the hermitage.[10]

At the hermitage the group sees day become the blood moon night. They assume another Swordmaster has arrived. Danzou sends up a flying observational device to see that Toke Castle has been transformed. With Muramasa and the children, the group ride to town on the horses he provided.[11]

Arriving in town, Kotarou scouts on ahead, and assumes the castle is the cause of the monsters in town. He also says several townsfolk were turned into monsters. Danzou confirms the eastern area has been completely wiped out. Since the east is closer to the castle, the group assumes people become monsters when they get close to it. They then notice Otama helping people evacuate. She confirms most of the survivors have already escaped an hour from when the carnage began. Munenori and his samurai fought the monsters long enough for the survivors to escape. Leaving the children with Otama, the group leave for the castle when two Orochi arrive. They slay one, then encounter the missionary who fought the other Orochi. He explains Amakusa Shirou Tokisada plans to sacrifice Kiyohime to Onriedo Castle to destroy every world where the Tokugawa exists. The group then rush towards the castle to save Kiyohime and stop Amakusa Shirou.[11]

Danzou guides the group to the castle courtyard. There she tries to confess she is an enemy spy, but Musashi reveals it before she can. The group suspected her at different times; Musashi and Muramasa from the beginning; Kotarou after Chiyome’s demise; Ritsuka after Onui and Tasuke were abducted. Danzou reveals Saber commanded her to aid the group against the Swordmasters, while Ashiya Douman ordered her to kill them if the chance presented itself. Danzou believes she gained a soul, and guided the others to the castle of her own volition to stop its activation. Douman appears and mocks her for thinking such. He then explains how he found and altered her to serve him. Musashi attacks him, but a barrier stops her. Danzou also tries to attack her from behind, but Kotarou stops her. Danzou realizes Douman has been controlling her actions the whole time. Douman then calls the monsters that he’s been keeping at bay, which is why the group never encountered any in the castle so far. He also has Danzou fight the group, revealing he imbued her with a sorcery that recreates the Curse of Annihilation’s karma through machinery. The group slay the monsters, but Danzou is too fast for them. Danzou then self-destructs herself.[11]

The explosion takes out Musashi’s eye while leaving Danzou in critical condition. Ritsuka stops the bleeding with their Mystic Code, but Douman’s curse prevents the eye from healing. Douman summons more monsters after stopping a slash from Musashi that would’ve beheaded him. Then, imparted with the first Kotarou’s magical energy from Danzou, Kotarou helps slay the innumerable monsters summoned by Douman. Douman casts the Curse of Annihilation on Musashi to transform her into a Swordmaster. Ritsuka however, uses the Mystic Code Rain of Isis to remove the curse. Musashi uses this opportunity to slash through Douman’s multi-layered barrier. Kotarou wounds Douman after Musashi slew the spirit he summoned for their duel. While Myoujingri Muramasa should be the only blade capable of harming him, Kotarou was able to thanks to Danzou passing her will onto him. Kotarou then seemingly finishes off Douman.[11]

Mash, Leonardo da Vinci, and Sherlock Holmes contact Ritsuka, and explain what happened to them. Sherlock reveals Shimosa isn’t a Singularity, instead it’s an alternate world that poses no threat to humanity. Musashi is a Mobile Singularity, but she isn’t the only factor responsible for what happened to Ritsuka. When multiple Mobile Singularities are in the same world, a number of abnormalities and unusual phenomena will occur. Ritsuka and Muramasa deduce Amakusa Shirou is the other Mobile Singularity. After communications end, the group enters the castle keep.[5]

The group reaches the keep’s 4th floor when Douman tries to ambush Musashi. However, before either can do anything, Saber of Empireo kills Douman. Saber then reveals himself to be Munenori, the only human among the Swordmasters. He reveals he joined Amakusa Shirou for a chance to duel Musashi again. While Ritsuka and Mushai stay to fight, Muramasa and Kotarou head for the 5th floor.[5]

Muramasa forges Tsumukari Muramasa

Confronting Amakusa Shirou, Muramasa realizes why he was summoned. He calls him a vengeful ghost in human form whose mere existence threatens this Shimosa. For Onui and Tasuke’s sakes, he fights Amakusa Shirou with Kotarou, but their attacks are useless. Ritsuka and Musashi then arrive to help fight him until he traps them in Shimabara Hell. However Muramasa forges Tsumukari Muramasa upon hearing Onrideo Castle is ready to activate, and bisects both the Reality Marble and Onriedo Castle.[5]

As the castle burns, Muramasa explains his sword could reach outside the Reality Marble because Onriedo Castle shares part of its name with Edo Castle. The name Muramasa is synomous with the Tokugawa’s downfall, so Amakusa Shirou would have succeeded if he didn’t rhyme the name of his castle with the Tokugawa’s own. Kotarou then pierces Amakusa Shirou’s heart with the kunai that Chiyome left behind, and finishes him off. Deducing Ritsuka and Musashi are on the other side of the keep, Muramusa has Kotarou escape with Kiyohime. He then disappears since he used a divine sword without the body of a god.[5]

Lostbelt No. 5: Atlantis[]

Main article: Senji Muramasa (Alter Ego)

Lostbelt No. 6: Avalon le Fae[]

Main article: Senji Muramasa (Alter Ego)

Other Appearances[]

In The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II, Yukinobu Yakou wields a katana crafted by Muramasa.


Muramasa claims that he is not qualified to be a Heroic Spirit because as a blacksmith, he lacks the heroic deeds necessary to make him a hero.[2] It is for that reason he is manifested as a Pseudo-Servant in a suitable human body. It is unknown if he is a Heroic Spirit Candidate, Wraith, Phantom, or some other subset of spirit.

Although he claims to be a simple blacksmith and lacking any great military strategy,[11] as expected of a Heroic Spirit summoned by the Counter Force, Muramasa is a very powerful and skillful combatant. He is mentioned as being a swordsman skilled enough to cut even causality.[12] His reflexes are fast enough to dodge Lancer of Purgatorio's spear, who was empowered by the Curse of Annihilation at the time and counter at the same time with his Sword Trial Art, blowing up his entire upper body apart in the process.[4] According to Miyamoto Musashi, Muramasa may be strong, but his is the kind of strength you get by not worrying about protecting yourself. When facing off against a Heroic Spirit Swordmaster, who has the ability to regenerate, it'll end up on a draw.[8] When fighting with just a "pathetic little knife", he is unable to harm Shirou Amakusa even when having the aid of Kotarou.[5]

As a blacksmith, he is confident about his skills as he has reached the territory of pantihons.[2] He is capable of using a Reality Marble of a similar nature to Shirou Emiya's Unlimited Blade Works, utilizing the countless swords within it to forge Tsumukari Muramasa.


Class Skills[]

  • Territory Creation (A Rank): Muramasa's whole workshop just never stops following him.[2] Senji Muramasa's own workshop ――― acts with a smithy as its base. Obviously it's completely different from that of a mage, but apparently the class skill of Casters was given as an interpretation at the moment of manifesting as a Servant. As the most excellent of craftsmen, he has an exceptional Territory Creation ability.[1]
  • Appreciation of Swords (A Rank): A skill similar yet different to Appreciation of the Arts. Comprehension related to armament. With just one glance, he can grasp how to confront ordinary weapons that aren't Noble Phantasms. In the case of the rank being A or higher, it's possible to understand armament other than swords and blades. It works as accurate advice for allies, and perceives the weak ponts of the enemy.[1]
  • Contemporary Ill Omen (B Rank): A skill derived from the legends revolving around the katana with the signature of Muramasa, the so-called "Wicked Sword Muramasa". The katana created by Senji Muramasa and his school are said to bring misfortune to the rulers of the Tokugawa family. In FGO, it works as a "special attack against governors/kings".[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Sword Trial (B+ Rank): Trying out the sword. Test slashes, test swordsmanship. A method to measure the sharpness and performance of swords. Senji Muramasa can freely draw out the power endowed to a weapon. If he felt like it, he could even draw out its maximum power to the point of the weapon self-destructing in a single stroke.[1]
  • Eye of Karma (A Rank): A dormant ability possessed by the body. A subspecies of the skill Clairvoyance. Improves both static and dynamic visual acuity. Insight specialized only for battle action. With this body he can't set his eyes on destiny like with Clairvoyance… Supposedly, but due to the values of Muramasa, who set his eyes on the "karma" within the flames during his lifetime, the hawk eyes pierce not only the prey, but also their destiny that lies ahead.[1]
  • Flame (EX Rank): Casting and forging with one's whole body and spirit, to the point of burning up oneself. "Every astrigency, every longstanding desire, every unnaturality―――  Everything in order to reach this single stroke".[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Muramasa's Noble Phantasm is Tsumukari Muramasa.

Other Creations[]


Saber was first mentioned in Fate/Grand Order material I in EMIYA's's profile, EMIYA saying "...Hmph. Not bad..."[13] His design was first shown on "Limited/Zero Over" craft essence.


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