Sentinel Stellaris: Polar Star, Illuminate My Enemies (極星よ我が敵を照らせ
, Kyokusei yo Wa ga Teki o Terase
Senchineru Suterarisu
?) is Calamity Jane's second Noble Phantasm. One of the strategy procedures Noble Phantasm "Four Card" used by the unit (team) that once defeated the "Primeval Goddess" . The enemy's weakness is "see through" and its state is fixed as "truth". This Noble Phantasm can no longer be used due to the curse of defeating the "Primeval Goddess" once.

In the Servant Universe Jane participated as a scout in the Primitive Goddess Seal Team 2000 years ago. Although the operation was successful due to the precise reconnaissance information provided by her, the curse of “Immortality” was received as a price for killing the goddess. Originally wandering for many years, the spirit is tired and depraved, but Jane never bowed to this curse with her natural cheerfulness.

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