The Eternal Empire of Madness: Septem (永続狂気帝国 セプテム, Eizoku Kyōki Teikoku?), The Emperor of Roses (薔薇の皇帝, Bara no Kōtei?), is the Second Singularity (第二特異点?) of the seven visited during the Grand Order to solve the Human Order Incineration Incident in Fate/Grand Order. Occurring in the Roman Empire of A.D. 0060, its Humanity Foundation Value was B+.


FGO Septem
The Singularity was located in the Roman Empire in the year 0060 A.D, during the early years of Nero Claudius' reign.[1][2] Lev Lainur Flauros arrived in the era intending to give the Holy Grail to someone who wished to destroy the era, but he was unable find anyone suitable.[3] Lev then summoned several Servants, including past Roman emperors, who formed the United Roman Empire. This alliance then waged war on the Roman Empire, successfully taking over several of its territories.[4]

At the time of Chaldea's arrival, the United Roman Empire had seized around half of the Roman Empire's territories and had their sights on the capital Rome. Nero's court mage had also fallen at the hands of Caligula.[4] As Romulus didn't wish to destroy Rome, Lev became the court mage of the United Roman Empire in order to manipulate events.[3]


Shortly after arriving in the era, Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight help Nero Claudius and her army defeat an enemy army.[5] After thanking them for their help, Nero asks the pair where they're from, though she is skeptical of their answer of being from the future. Defeating a second wave of enemies, the group is confronted by a Servant, who Nero identifies as her uncle, Caligula. After he retreats along with the enemy army, Nero realizes that he was their general. She then properly introduces herself to Ritsuka and Mash, surprising them with her identity.[2]

Arriving in Rome, Mash tells Nero that they seek the Holy Grail, which she says is the cause of the damage done to Rome. Nero asks to continue their conversation in her palace, but the market is attacked by enemies. After defeating them, Nero speaks with Ritsuka and Mash inside her palace. She reveals an alliance consisting of multiple "emperors" called the United Roman Empire has taken over half of the Roman Empire. She continues that any information about them, including the location of their capital, is scarce as her scouts never return. Nero then reveals Caligula is one of the "emperors" of the United Empire, and further reveals he killed her court mage. Mash and Romani Archaman then realize that one of the "emperors" possesses the Grail causing the Singularity. Nero implores Ritsuka and Mash to help her defeat the United Empire, saying she'll help them obtain the Grail. After they agree to help, Mash asks her if she ever heard the name Lev Lainur, but the name is unfamiliar to her. Mash tells her that he is a mage from their era that Chaldea and humanity, and speculates he may be in the era. Nero says that a powerful mage is in the United Empire, having been seen on the front lines. This prompts Romani to ask her to deploy Ritsuka and Mash as close to the front lines, which she agrees with. Suddenly, a soldier reports the city's eastern gate is under attack by a mid-sized United Empire battalion. Ritsuka and Mash go to defeat the enemy until nightfall.[4]

The next morning, Ritsuka and Mash travel to Mount Etna to set up a summoning circle there using the mountain's leyline. Upon returning Nero has them join her in rendezvousing with her Gaul expeditionary force. Romani tells the pair that, as told by Nero, Gaul is one of the frontlines in the war with the United Empire. So he implores them to join the expeditionary force with the chance Lev may be there.[6] Later the group are attacked by enemy soldiers on their way to expedition camp.[7] After defeating them, the group arrive at the camp, where they Nero gives the troops a rousing speech for their upcoming victory. Ritsuka and Mash are then greeted by Boudica and Spartacus, both generals of the Gaul expedition. Romani speculates that they are stray Servants like in Orleans before, and finds it encouraging they can find allies in the Singularities. Some time later a soldier reports an enemy scouting party had been discovered, and the enemy is getting away with intel on the expeditionary force. After killing the scouts, Boudica tells Ritsuka and Mash of how she materialized as Servant in the era right after her death. She continues that she thought her summoning to be her chance for revenge against Nero and the Roman People. However, upon seeing Rome being overrun by the United Empire, Boudica fought to save the people of Rome. Revealing that Nero is unaware of her status of being a Servant, she tells the pair she joined Nero because she hates the United Empire more than her. Boudica, with Spartacus, then decide to test her and Ritsuka's abilities to prove they can beat the "emperor" that rules Gaul.[8]

Later, after proving their strength to Boudica, Ritsuka and Mash travel with her and the rest of the expeditionary force to Gaul. She and Spartacus lead the charge against the enemy while the pair goes with Nero to the enemy's base camp. Eventually, the group infiltrate the main enemy camp, where they encounter the current ruler of Gaul. After they defeat him, he reveals himself to be Julius Caesar, and tells them that the Grail is located in the United Empire's capital held by their court mage. Caesar then fights the group again more seriously, but they're able to defeat him again. Before disappearing, he wonders how Nero will react when confronted by the ruler of the United Empire when she arrives at their capital. After being explained the basics of Servants, Nero congratulates Ritsuka and Mash on taking back Gaul from the United Empire.[9]

On their way back, the group overhears rumors from the local populace that an ancient god has appeared on the Mediterranean. Nero decides they should verify the rumors when a soldier reports their rear ranks are being attack by monsters. After killing them, Nero tells the group that they should verify the god's existence before the United Empire does. She then spaces out for bit, which makes the others remember Boudica telling them she has been doing so since the United Empire. They wonder why they're detecting a slight traces of Magical Energy when Nero returns from spacing out like Boudica said before.[10] Then, after defeating hostile remnants of the enemy army, the group travel to the Shaped Isle. There they greeted by the rumored god, the goddess Stheno of the three Gorgon sisters. After slaying some ghosts, Nero asks her to came back with them to Rome to fight the United Empire. Stheno refuses as her combat abilities are sub-par, but she says she'll give the group a special reward that lies in a cave at the end of the coast. Inside the cave though, the group only find and slay the undead and a chimera, Stheno's so called reward. Exiting the cave, they encounter Elizabeth Báthory and Tamamo Cat, who were made to serve as testers for the cave by Stheno. Caligula then appears to attack the group in order to kill Nero on Lev's orders. After he is killed, Stheno tells the group the location of the United Empire's capital.[11]

Continuing their way back to Rome, the group are attacked by an enemy brigade. Killing many enemy soldiers, they are ambushed by more enemies led by Leonidas I. After defeating him, the group finally return to Rome, where they hold a festival to celebrate their victory. Later in her palace, a solider reports to Nero that the special expedition force is under attack by United Empire forces on their way back to Rome. Agreeing to help, Ritsuka and Mash soon arrive to help the special expedition force. After defeating the enemy forces, one of the general introduces herself as Jing Ke and the other as Lu Bu, who had just run off to chase after the enemy. Ritsuka and Mash tell her of Chaldea's mission, and Jing Ke tells them how she and Lu Bu have already killed three enemy "emperors".[12] Later, she scouts out the location of the United Empire's capital as provided by Stheno, and reports back that a city resembling Rome at the specified location. After receiving intel, Nero leads an army commanded by Ritsuka and Mash's allied Servants to attack the enemy capital. Defeating several enemy forces as they make their advance, the army is attacked by Darius III and his undead troops. After defeating him, Ritsuka and Mash are given a message from Nero from a soldier. He reports that their army's rear had been ambushed and Spartacus and Lu Bu have left the battlefield. He continues that after they broke from their main force to chase remaining enemies, another enemy force launched a surprise pincer attack and captured Boudica. Returning to Nero, she decides that they will save Boudica, whose imprisoned in an enemy fort that Jing Ke already found. Despite knowing it may be a trap, they go to the enemy fort.[13]

Arriving at the fortress, the group encounter two enemy Servants, who tell them that Boudica is safely sound asleep thanks to a restraint spell. After Nero demands their name, they introduce themselves as Alexander and Lord El-Melloi II. However, as Alexander speaks with the group, United Empire soldiers launch a pincer attack on them. After the enemy is defeated, Alexander continues to insist he merely wants to talk with Nero as their armies kill each other. He asks her why she is fighting the United Empire instead showing her allegiance to it. He continues that if she chose to be one of the "emperors", she could have avoided many unnecessary conflicts. However, Nero responds with her resolve to continue fighting the United Empire, asking for Ritsuka and Mash's aid to fight Alexander and El-Melloi. After they're defeated, the group rescue Boudica.[14]

Eventually, Ritsuka, Mash, Nero and her army launch their assault on the United Empire's capital. As the army continue the attack, Ritsuka and Mash move towards the palace while discussing of possibly encountering Lev there. A Servant then appears before them near the palace entrance, commending them for their bravery. To her dismay, Nero realizes he is Romulus as asks her to join his empire. A group of enemies then appear to attack her, but Mash defeats them. Afterwards, Boudica talks with Jing Ke how Romulus' charisma has boost enemy morale incredibly to the point where even mere civilians are acting like soldiers. After discussing Nero's loss of confidence, Jing Ke goes to search for a way into the palace while Boudica goes to protect Nero and the soldiers. After Mash leaves after defeating some monsters, Nero talks with Ritsuka about how she wanted to join Romulus when he offered. However, she refused, believing he is mistaken as none of his citizens and soldiers are smiling. When Mash returns, Nero tells them Jing Ke has found a way into the palace. She continues that she and the others will take a small number of elites with them and eliminate Romulus.[15]

Inside the palace, the group are led to the throne room by Jing Ke as they kill monsters. Upon arriving in the throne room, they are greeted by Romulus, who goes on to fight them. After he is defeated, Lev appears before the group, congratulating them on their victory. His appearance confirms his status of the United Empire's court mage as well as the holder of the Grail. Lev reveals his original plan was to give the Grail to Romulus to destroy the era, but the founder of Rome refused. As a result he was forced to manipulate events in order to destroy the era. Lev then incarnates himself into the Demon God Flaurous and fights the group. After being defeated, he uses the Grail to summon Altera and orders her to destroy Rome. However, she kills him and absorbs the Grail into her body.[3] Altera then unleashes her Noble Phantasm, destroying the palace along with Spartacus and Lu Bu. Fortunately, the group has saved by Mash and Boudica's quick use of their Noble Phantasm. Romani reports that Altera is currently moving towards Rome to destroy it. Doubting their chances of victory, Nero reminds the others of Romulus's words of how Rome must continue so the world may stay eternal. Encouraged by her words, the group, joined by Boudica and Jing Ke, get ready to go after Altera. However, they are ambushed by wyverns that were drawn to the Grail connected with Altera. After slaying them, the group eventually catch up to Altera. Nero attempts to talk with her, but Romani warns that she is going out of control by fusing with the Grail. He implores the group to defeated her before she unleashes her Noble Phantasm again. After she is defeated, Altera states she is happy knowing her sword can't destroy everything. After she disappears, Ritsuka and Mash retrieve the Grail. Nero then realizes they will disappear like Altera, Boudica, and Jing Ke. Mash confirms her concerns, and tells her that her memories of fighting the United Empire will vanish when the era is restored. Though saddened by Mash's words, Nero gives her heartfelt thanks to her and Ritsuka before they return to Chaldea.[16]

Events and InterludesEdit

Title(s) Type Notes
Nero Claudius Interlude III Interlude
Beowulf Interlude I: Grendel's Second Coming (グレンデルの再臨, Gurenderu no Sairin?) Interlude During Beowulf's summoning, a disturbance was detected in the era of the Second Singularity, in Britannia. Realizing that it was almost certainly Grendel, Beowulf accompanied Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrlielight to the site of the disturbance in order to kill the revived monster.[17]
Scheherazade Interlude I (Part 3) Interlude




[v]Designation Identity Affiliation
Saber (Living Hero) Nero Claudius Caesar Roman Empire
Rider Boudica Nero Claudius Ceasar
Berserker Spartacus Nero Claudius Ceasar
Assassin Jing Ke Nero Claudius Ceasar
Berserker Lu Bu Nero Claudius Ceasar
Berserker Caligula United Roman Empire
Saber Gaius Julius Caesar United Roman Empire
Assassin Stheno None
Lancer Elizabeth Báthory Stheno
Berserker Tamamo Cat Stheno
Lancer Leonidas United Roman Empire
Berserker Darius III None
Caster Zhuge Liang United Roman Empire
Rider Alexander the Great (Child) United Roman Empire
Lancer Romulus United Roman Empire
Saber Attila None


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Demon God Flauros

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