Serment de Durandal: Oath to Not Wield a Sword (不帯剣の誓い
, Futaiken no Chikai
Seruman de Durandaru
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Mandricardo.

A Noble Phantasm that embodies the vow that he will not wield a sword until he obtains the legendary Durandal.

Whatever weapon he has, It will be as sharp as the Durandal he once wielded. It is very similiar to Lancelot's Noble Phantasm Knight of Owner, but it is superior in that it has the same power as Durandal, and any weapon is handled in the same way as Durandal. However, since only the normal power of Durandal is copied, the durability is based on the rank of the weapon obtained (almost E rank).

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