Servants (サーヴァント, Sāvanto?) are spirits summoned by the Holy Grail for the purpose of competing under Masters in the Holy Grail War.[1]


Servants are spirits made into special familiars of the highest rank, referred to as Ghost Liners by the Mage's Association, that are bound to the Master. Typically Heroic Spirits under most systems, they can also sometimes be Divine Spirits, Phantoms, Wraiths, and living people depending on various circumstances. Pure Heroic Spirits, the "main body" in the Throne of Heroes, can only be summoned by the World, and summoning even one is considered to be a miraculous occurrence. Differing from the normal definition of familiars that can be likened to minor mascots unable to be stronger than their masters, Heroic Spirits are the most powerful of beings with which even the five magicians would never be able to forge a contract with. Rather than it being a hard process to summon them or the fact that they far surpass magi, it is their intrinsic nature in that they are beings beyond magecraft. Magi can perform rituals to borrow their power to mimic them, but cannot summon actual Heroic Spirits themselves.

Even the Holy Grail lacks the power to summon a true Heroic Spirit, so the process is facilitated by summoning them into one of seven vessels prepared beforehand.[2] The Greater Grail makes a copy using information from the "main body" of the Heroic Spirit, an "emanation", that returns to them as information, in the form of a soul, upon the death of the Servant. Disconnected from the "main body", they are able to know of the actions of the Servant through records, as if reading a book.[1]

Similarly as to how daemons require a form invented by humans in order to take shape, Heroic Spirits need a form to exist in the world. The vessels, classes, act as their temporary name and method of existing. Acting like a "passport to the present", the vessel prepares them for their role as a familiar in advance, allows them to take on that role to help them take form, and brings them forth into the world. Each class identifies only the core skills of the Heroic Spirit because replication of all their abilities is impossible. Their main traits align with the class and are given form, matching the principal nature of the class.[3] Only heroes matching the attributes of the classes are brought forth, allowing them to be summoned into any reflecting their abilities.

Although too powerful to be controlled by humans, they are bound by three Command Spells, representing the Masters' "right to rule" over them, with obedience towards the Command Spells being the "absolute condition required for materialization." Due to the prospect of having a wish granted by the Holy Grail, it also serves as an incentive to cooperate with the Master, as well as requiring them for energy upkeep and acting as their anchor to the world. Killing them will normally go against their purpose, but the Command Spells protect the Master from those who would kill them to seek out one who would be more suitable.


The Ritual: Heroic Spirit Summon (儀式・英霊召喚, Gishiki: Eirei Shōkan?) is a ritual by the planet to summon "humanity's strongest seven Heroic Spirits," Grand Servants, to fight against "a single powerful enemy," such as the Beasts. Ritual: Holy Grail War (儀式・聖杯戦争, Gishiki: Seihai Sensō?) is a derivative of that ritual, alterering the spell to be used by humans for the sake of wishing on a Holy Grail. It took the concept of "seven powers against one" and turned it into "seven Heroic Spirits fighting one another." In comparison to the Grand Servants, the resulting Servants are described as "cheap, convenient, multi-purpose familiars" by Andersen.[4]


Although Servants are beings of Ether that do not get energy from oxygen, they are given forms similar to air-breathing lifeforms, allowing them to "carry out pulmonary respiration as a land type endoskeleton life form." Though they do not require oxygen to function, the lack of air from suffocation can halt their magical energy cycle. Though they can likely endure more than a human, they will eventually reach their limit if enough time passes.[5]

While some Servants exercise for recreation, their body of Ether is unaffected aside from generating sweat.[6] If a Servant's body part is severed, it can remain in the world so long as the Servant's Spiritual Core is intact. If it is given another source of magical energy before the Servant fades away, it can remain in the world afterward.[7]


Heroic Spirits will most often take the form that represents their golden age at the prime of their lives, but effects like those of a strong curse or a personal attachment to the form can change that to even their selves from just before death.[8] Certain wounds, conditions, and illnesses may remain should they be "something indispensable" for their origin, such as Nero Claudius's migraines as the skill Migraine,[9] Okita Souji's tuberculosis as the Skill Weak Constitution,[10] and Benienma's severed tongue.[11] Once a Servant has been summoned in a Holy Grail War, it is possible for them to retain items from the war, such as Cú Chulainn's makeshift spear from the Second Tokyo Holy Grail War[12] or Artoria's lion plush given to her by Shirou Emiya.[13] If a Servant is summoned or altered in an abnormal way, that self is recorded. Amakusa Shirou says that his summoning in the Ruler-class is a right he gained after his Master forced him into the class, but summoning him without an urgent matter would be almost impossible.[14]

Skills like Mad Enhancement, Mental Pollution, and Innocent Monster can influence their forms and personalities when summoned as Servants, changing them drastically depending on how they were perceived in life or after death. The preference of the Master and suitability for certain Servant classes may also affect them. It also may be the case that how history recorded them became distorted, such as Astolfo appearing feminine when history calls him the "most handsome" of his peers, Alexander the Great being very tall when history recorded him as shorter than average, and those of an opposite gender from their legends.

  • Artist Servants - Mozart's opinion is that artist Servants can only be summoned in two states, their selves as children and their selves as young adults. He declares they can appear in no other age, stating that their peak represents the height of their "genius." For those summoned as children, he states, "The ones who appear as children grew up to be decent, dignified adults. That's why they manifest as 'children,' when they were called geniuses. Child prodigies who didn't care about the problems they caused." As the talents of an artist originates from their instinct, they are summoned at the point said instincts were their strongest, their state as "pure geniuses." For young adults, Mozart states, "Those ones are weirdos and scum, who would never change until the day they die!" Romani Archaman states that such a declaration is convincing coming from Mozart.[15]
  • Elizabeth Báthory - Elizabeth is summoned as the unwed daughter of house Báthory, and Innocent Monster brings out the qualities of her dragon blood.[16]
  • Hans Christian Andersen - Summoned in the form of a young boy for an unknown reason, he attributes it to either being the point where he was "most overflowing with sensitivity" or possibly the preference of his Master, Kiara Sessyoin. Innocent Monster causes him to take on a number of attributes from his stories.
  • Jack the Ripper - Having never been revealed to the public, this form of Jack the Ripper can take on the forms of any of the multitude of theories behind the murders.
  • King Arthur - King Arthur is a special case in that she is not yet deceased as of her summoning. Taken directly from when she makes the Contract with the World, she is different from regular true Heroic Spirits.
  • Li Shuwen - Normally older after having discovered in life that his true strength was that of his convictions, his Master wishing for a stealthy Servant brings forth his younger self with traits more suited to his Assassin class.[17]
  • Medusa - While she appears in the human state from before her descent as a monster, she is just the Gorgon in human form. Sides of herself can become those of a monster at any time, mirrored by her Monstrous Strength Skill.[18]
  • Nursery Rhyme - Takes on the form of its Master's projected feelings.
  • The Hundred-Faced Hassan - While a single being in life, his Noble Phantasm Zabaniya: Delusional Illusion has separated him into many different entities that wish to have a unified personality.
  • Vlad III - Strongly influenced by both his heroic deeds in Romania and the attribution of Dracula to his legend, he has been shown in two different states. Innocent Monster greatly applies the status of Dracula to him, while being summoned in Romania greatly emphasizes his heroic aspects.


Servants are beings able to switch between a Spiritual Body and Material Body at will. While in spiritual form, they cannot be easily detected by enemies due to being invisible to the naked eye and most forms of scrying, or be affected by physical interference. They can travel where they please without being impeded by walls, but they also cannot carry anything in that state. Their senses are limited to spiritual sensations, so they must materialize in order to fully experience normal senses when sharing a visual link with their Master. Their upkeep cost is low when not materialized, so many Masters prefer them to stay in spirit form when they are not fighting or doing other tasks that require them to be in physical form to lower the cost on themselves. Depending on the disposition of the Servant or a special case like Saber, such an order may be impossible. It is also hard for them to affect a Material Body in that state, so they must materialize to properly engage in combat.

While they may bleed and take damage to their organs, their true being resides in a Spiritual Core (霊核, Reikaku?) they obtain upon first materializing. Their Material Body envelopes it, and damage must be inflicted to it in order for them to be defeated. It gradually diminishes under magical energy expenditure and while sustaining bodily damage, and their expenditure will escalate under such conditions. If it is damaged through powerful magical energy, curses, or Noble Phantasms, it will be destroyed, meaning that the Servant can no longer stay materialized. The heart and head are directly connected to it, so they are a Servant's greatest weaknesses. Sustaining damage will significantly weaken it, with some Servants having it instantly destroyed and some with Skills like Battle Continuation being able to at least temporarily sustain themselves.[19][20]

While they have Material Bodies like humans, the composition is drastically different. They are of a much higher magnitude, so it is normally impossible for portions to be transplanted onto a human. Shirou Emiya is able to obtain Archer's arm due to them being the same person.[21] Normally the recipient would die of shock, but being even closer than twins allows the surgery to succeed, although Shirou needs to wear the Shroud of Martin to supress the negative effects Archer's arm would have on his body. It is still too much for him even in that case, so being connected to it slowly kills him. Sieg, a homunculus, obtains Siegfried's heart, gaining the ability to transform and have a longer lifespan, yet his body is consumed by memories of Siegfried until it is no longer the same, ending up transforming into a dragon.


Servants must maintain a certain amount of energy to remain materialized and fight, and they must have an anchor to the world, their Master or another physical being in order to remain in the world. Their current strength is reflected by their current stores of energy, so they will lose strength as they lose energy. The Grail itself provides most of the upkeep for Servants during the duration of the Holy Grail War, so Masters, granted Magical Paths to supply energy, do not need to provide vast amounts of energy normally. More energy intensive Servants like A-rank Servants and Berserker-class Servants can still pose a great threat should they not have the ability to provide their upkeep, even draining them to death in the case of Berserkers. Those who are cognizant are able to throttle the energy they intake, keeping their output to a minimum or using only their own stores when their Masters are unable to provide their full cost.

If the Servant is without a Master, has issues with the Magical Paths, or has a Master unable to supply energy, they must supplement themselves elsewhere. As Human Spirits, they have the ability to consume the souls and minds of people and convert them into energy. Their basic abilities do not change from such nourishment, but they become tougher as their magical energy capacity increases. They can also intake semen or blood for energy depending on their method of processing it. Places like Ryuudou Temple can naturally allow them to subside longer, and draining directly from leylines is possible for some. With a full stock of energy, they can subside for a time even with the constant cost of upkeep, and they regain some energy from their own magic circuits daily. Remaining in spiritual form can decrease their upkeep, and while in material form, dematerializing weapons and armor can help cut it somewhat. Food can be converted to supply some energy, and sleeping can stop the consumption. This only helps when no action is taken due to even a single battle using upwards of twenty times as much energy as simply existing, so such methods are only stop-gaps compared to taking in souls.

Servants do not need to eat food, but food can be converted into magical energy to slightly offset energy consumption.[22] Many Servants, especially those who are royalty, choose to do so for recreational purposes.[23] In the case of a Servant possessing a human body directly like Jeanne D'arc, she needs to eat due to the high amount of calories she burns as a Servant affecting the body's energy, but the human body will not die from starvation.[23] Servants can become intoxicated from alcohol consumption.[24]

Servants do not need to sleep, but they can sleep in their physical body as a means of reducing energy consumption if they cannot or refuse to return to spiritual form.[23][25] For Artoria Pendragon who cannot receive energy or return to spiritual form in the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War, sleeping combined with her natural regeneration of magical energy give her a small surplus of energy if she doesn't battle.[26] They do not posses the function to dream like humans, but the Master and Servant connection can allow some Master and Servant pairs to see past memories of each other in the form of dreams.[27]

Even having a full supply will not help a Servant should they lose their anchor to the world with the loss of their Master, so they must quickly seek out another contract. While normally not much of a burden, their energy noticeably drains by the second without one. Depending on the amount of energy and upkeep cost, they may only be able to stay materialized for a brief time. Saber can manage only two hours, while Caster can last two days with a full supply of energy. Those with Independent Action are able to subside without Master support far longer than others, allowing them a better chance to seek out another contract. Much like the class container, their anchor is a "passport to the current age", so losing that will mean being forced to return to the "outside." They cannot form proper contracts with other Servants, as spirits cannot link spirits to the World. Caster is able to summon Assassin, but it is an improper summoning with several complications; rather than her being his anchor, it is the mountain gate, so Assassin cannot leave the area. Without a Master, they are no different than regular spirits and may be affected by the Church's scripture.

It is possible to remain materialized as a normal familiar after the Holy Grail War ends, but it greatly increases the cost without active support from the Grail. Rin Tohsaka, a superior magus, has no issue in providing for Saber's upkeep, Noble Phantasm usage, and Shirou Emiya's Reality Marble at the same time during the Holy Grail War, but in-turn requires the majority of her energy and Shirou's help in keeping Saber materialized after it ends in Unlimited Blade Works. The only one easily able to maintain a Servant is Sakura Matou after becoming the Grail in Heaven's Feel, granting her a limitless supply that easily allows her to maintain Rider. Gilgamesh incarnating allows him to exist indefinitely by granting him A+ Independent Action, allowing him to exist for ten years with no issues. Ruler becomes incarnated through another method, allowing him to exist for about sixty years.



All Servants have an Alignment (属性, Zokusei?), a status showing a clear representation of the mentality of the Servant, differing from the elemental alignment of magi. It is broken down into two parts, a combination of the principles they consider important to their personality. Principles are reflected as Chaotic (混沌/渾沌, Konton/Konton?), Lawful (秩序, Chitsujo?), and Neutral (中立, Chūritsu?, "True"), and their personalities are reflected as Good (善, Zen?), Evil (悪, Waru?), and Neutral (中庸, Chūyō?). Other personalities include Summer (夏, Natsu?) and Bride (花嫁, Hanayome?).Berserker Servants have also displayed Insane (狂化, Kyōka?) as a "principle", and Mad (狂, Kyō?) and Reckless (暴走, Bōsō?) as their "personalities." Differences in personality will not result in major discord, but differing principles can make Servants resolving their differences of opinions difficult.[28] While two Servants may have the same personalities as "good", like King Arthur and Gilgamesh, their Lawful and Chaotic principles lead to differing opinions.[29]

Servants without a known alignment can be found here.
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Lawful Good
Amakusa Shirou Tokisada
Dr. Jekyll
Florence Nightingale
Gilles de Rais (Saber)
Gilgamesh (Caster)
Hassan-i-Sabbah candidate
Ishtar (Swimsuit)
Jeanne d'Arc
King Arthur
King Arthur (Lancer)
King Arthur (Lancer Alter)
King Arthur (Lily)
King Arthur (Santa Alter)
King Arthur (Swinsuit)
Karna (Fate/Apocrypha)
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette (Swimsuit)
Mash Kyrielight
Mecha Eli-chan
Mecha Eli-chan MkII
Medea (Lily)
Minamoto no Raikou (Swimsuit)
Mysterious Heroine XX
Nitocris (Swimsuit)
Saint George
Saint Martha
Saint Martha (Swimsuit)
Sakata Kintoki
Vlad III (Fate/EXTRA)
Xuanzang Sanzang
Yagyu Munenori
Neutral Good
Alexander the Great
Illyasviel von Einzbern
Karna (Fate/EXTRA CCC)
Medusa (Child)
Queen of Sheba
Robin Hood
Scáthach (Swimsuit)
Sherlock Holmes
Tawara Touta
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Zhuge Liang
Chaotic Good
Attila the Hun
Chloe von Einzbern
Helena Blavatsky
Helena Blavatsky (Swimsuit)
Irisviel von Einzbern
Jeanne d'Arc (Alter Santa Lily)
Jing Ke
Leonardo da Vinci
Minamoto no Raikou
Miyamoto Musashi
Mordred (Swimsuit)
Musashibou Benkei
Nero Claudius Caesar
Nikola Tesla
Paracelsus von Hohenheim
Shiki Ryougi
Tamamo Cat
Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Kinoshita Toukichirou)
Neutral Lawful Neutral
Cú Chulainn
Cú Chulainn (Prototype)
Darius III
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
Leonidas I
Oda Nobunaga
Solomon ibn Gabirol
Thomas Edison
Vlad III (Fate/Apocrypha)
True Neutral
Fergus mac Róich
Fionn mac Cumhaill
Gaius Julius Caesar
Hans Christian Andersen
Hozoin Inshun
Kato Danzo
Le Chevalier d'Eon
Maxwell's Demon
No Name
Okita Souji
Paul Bunyan
Sakamoto Ryoma
Shiki Ryougi (「 」)
Tomoe Gozen
William Shakespeare
Chaotic Neutral
Anne Bonny (Swimsuit)
Billy the Kid
Charles Babbage
Eric Bloodaxe
Jaguar Man
Katsushika Hokusai
Mata Hari
Mary Read
Mary Read (Swimsuit)
Mysterious Heroine X
Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Hashiba Hideyoshi)
Evil Lawful Evil
Charles-Henri Sanson
Hassan-i-Sabbah (Cursed Arm)
Hassan-i-Sabbah (King)
Hassan-i-Sabbah (Hundred)
Hassan-i-Sabbah (Serenity)
Hijikata Toshizo
King Arthur (Alter)
King Arthur (Alter Swimsuit)
Wu Zetian
Neutral Evil
Christopher Columbus
Li Shuwen
Jack the Ripper (Berserker)
Mysterious Heroine X (Alter)
Okada Izo
Sasaki Kojiro
Suzuka Gozen
Chaotic Evil
Abigail Williams
Alcides (Heracles)
Angra Mainyu
Anne Bonny
BB Pele
Cú Chulainn (Alter)
Edmond Dantès
Edward Teach
Elizabeth Báthory
Elizabeth Báthory (Brave)
Elizabeth Báthory (Halloween)
EMIYA (Alter)
EMIYA (Kiritsugu)
Francis Drake
François Prelati
Fuma Kotaro
Gilles de Rais
Hessian Lobo
Ibaraki-douji (Swimsuit)
Jack the Ripper
James Moriarty
Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Kiara Sessyoin
Kiyohime (Swimsuit)
Lü Bu
Medb (Swimsuit)
Medusa (Gorgon)
Mochizuki Chiyome
Phantom of the Opera
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Vlad III (Berserker)
Yan Qing
Lawful Neutral Chaotic Insane Variable
Summer Lawful Summer
Jeanne d'Arc (Swimsuit)
Neutral Summer
Frankenstein (Swimsuit)
Tamamo-no-Mae (Swimsuit)
Ushiwakamaru (Swimsuit)
Chaotic Summer
Jeanne d'Arc Alter (Swimsuit)
Nero Claudius Caesar (Swimsuit)
Oda Nobunaga (Swimsuit)
Insane Summer
Mad Lawful Mad
Neutral Mad Chaotic Mad
Mori Nagayoshi
Insane Mad
Bride Lawful Bride Neutral Bride Chaotic Bride
Nero Claudius Caesar (Bride)
Insane Bride
Reckless Lawful Reckless Neutral Reckless Chaotic Reckless Insane Reckless
Elizabeth Báthory (Berserker)
Variable Changes depending on Master
Nursery Rhyme


Those summoned as Servants are given the minimum information required to allow them to fit into any era. No matter how ancient the Heroic Spirit, they should understand a number of concepts that were not known in their time.[30] The idea that Saber may be shocked about the immediate world initially worries Shirou Emiya, but the knowledge makes such worry unnecessary. Irisviel von Einzbern first believes that Saber may find flying in a plane to be an amazing experience, but it instead seems less than expected to her. Flying in a plane is also mitigated due to her Riding Skill that could potentially even grant her the ability to fly it. While not given enough information to actually drive modern vehicles, higher ranks of Riding grant the ability to manage such through intuition even if they do not actually recognize what each separate control of a vehicle will actually perform what action. Conversely, even though Ruler understands the basic principles behind the concept of a plane, she is unnerved by the idea of a mass of metal flying through the sky and only has the relief that it did not fall out of the sky after landing. With language, Rider displays the ability to speak English to his Master, Waver Velvet, and also speak Japanese to Taiga Fujimura, allowing him to easily translate between the two.[31]

The knowledge is not all-encompassing, so concepts may still have to be explained to them. Rider is shocked at the true scope of the world compared to the area he had conquered in life, and needs to have certain areas shown to him on a map. He enjoys spending his time learning about different aspects of the world such as wars since his time, and details like the price of a stealth bomber are not immediately known to him. Saber does not understand the idea of dating until it is specifically explained. They are granted knowledge on the Holy Grail ritual itself, but only as much as the outside Masters are told. They do not know of its true purpose in being a method requiring all seven to be sacrificed to reach the Root, only believing it to be a war for a single wish. The knowledge can change upon the nature of the war changing, allowing knowledge of the two teams of Servants and factions of the Great Holy Grail War to be given to them.

They are not granted knowledge on other Heroes through the Grail, but rather from knowledge gained within the Throne of Heroes. Witnessing traits of other Servants can allow them to deduce their True Names with the knowledge even if they are from incompatible eras. Aberrations like Saber, who is not part of the Throne of Heroes due to her circumstances, are able to identify those whose legends would have been known to them in life, such as Cú Chulainn, but cannot identify the legends of later Heroic Spirits like Gilles de Rais even after being directly named.[32]


Under the Fuyuki system, Servants are summoned with the memories of only when they were alive, not retaining anything from after they became a Heroic Spirit.[33] The memories of Servants are returned to the Throne after each summoning, their experiences stored as integrated memories.[34] The Throne of Heroes, having no concept of past or future, contains all of these memories. As the act of a Servant taking in all of a Heroic Spirit's memories would create contradictions, like knowing of events of the very Holy Grail War into which they were summoned, their memories are adjusted to match the time and place into which they are summoned.[35] The Throne also adjusts knowledge and memories according to the world in which they are summoned, to avoid the Servant being confused by multiple sets of memories.[36] Gilgamesh in Fate/strange Fake speculates that, "It may be a desperate measure on the part of the Throne to curb the world's contradictions, even if only slightly."[35]

The Chaldea system of summoning is an exception that allows for Servants to remember past summonings or retain memories.[37] Within Chaldea, the storage of Saint Graphs allows for defeated Servants to be resummoned with all their memories from Chaldea, but certain circumstances can potentially destroy those memories.[38] Memories formed in Singularities are also more easily remembered.[37] Trisha Fellows, studied in Heroic Spirits, theorizes that Reality Marbles, along with Singularities, may allow Servants to keep memories of their summonings.[39] Certain circumstances can also allow certain Servants to bypass the system. Artoria Pendragon's unique circumstances cause her to remember everything she experiences in chronological order.[33] Kundry, due to the circumstances of having been reincarnated multiple times before becoming a Heroic Spirit, remembers all of her summonings.[40] Gilgamesh, while not naturally retaining memories, can bypass the restriction by utilizing his clairvoyance to see into other worlds.[35]

Differing from those who do retain memories, while Francesca Prelati is a still existing version of the Heroic Spirit François Prelati, Francois only remembers up until he was first executed when summoned as a Servant.[35] Should Hassan of Serenity ever fall in love during a summoning, those memories will be sealed within the Throne of Heroes, making it so that particular version will never be summoned again, even in the case of being summoned into the Chaldea system.[37]

Saint Graph

Main article: Saint Graph

The Spiritual Foundation (霊基, Reiki?, Localized as "Spirit Origin"), or Saint Graph (セイントグラフ, Seinto Gurafu?), of a Servant is the core of a Servant's existence, described as "their center, their heart, their CPU" that dictates their every function.[41] It differs from the Spiritual Core acting as the foundation of the Servant container.

Within Chaldea Security Organization, they are able to store the Saint Graphs of Servants to allow for their quick resummoning with their memories intact.

Heroic Spirit Possession

Heroic Spirit Possession (英霊憑依, Eirei Hyōi?) is the process of a Heroic Spirit fusing with a human in some capacity. It is possible for a Servant to possess a human, fuse with a human to become a Demi-Servant, and for a human to act as a receptacle for the facilitation of the summoning to become a Pseudo-Servant. Normally the souls of Heroic Spirits would overwhelm those of humans, making it impossible for them to intermix and grant a human the powers of the Heroic Spirit. Pure souls like those of homunculi can have a better time accepting their power and withstanding transformation of the flesh. The act of a Heroic Spirit possessing a human for even a single second can be called a miracle in itself.[42]

  • Possession
    • The Greater Grail is able to make the process work for Ruler by searching for a match with a compatible physical build, spiritual build, personality, and magical energy. The possession seals the target's former personality and spiritually installs the Heroic Spirit. After receiving clearance from the host personality, it performs a "cross-domain base anatomy backup" to be able to restore the target even if Ruler is killed. It adapts the physical and spiritual build, grants the Class Skills, grants knowledge of Heroic Spirits and the modern era, and inputs other required data. Overwriting and merging with the target's body and personality, Ruler notes having most of the target's memories. Rather than two personalities in one body, it is more that they merged into one.[23]
    • Through an intermediary, like a part of a Heroic Spirit's body or a related catalyst implanted into someone's body, it can be possible to call down the Heroic Spirit directly from the Throne of Heroes to inhabit their body. The process requires something of great power like a Command Spell, and the transformation will only last a few minutes. Due to possessing Siegfried's heart, his soul, and through special Command Spells, Sieg is able to act as a shell for the body of Siegfried, retaining his own personality while being able to utilize Siegfried's abilities.[42]
    • Some Servants possess abilities that can cause a strong effect on the body of the Master, so they are able to share a physical body with their Master. The Master can become close to an immortal existence for the duration of the Holy Grail War by not being able to die until the Servant dies, but it does not increase their power to the point where they would be able to fight an existence greater than an Assassin-class Servant.[42][43]


Capsule Servant

Class Card

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Grand Servant

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Heroic Spirit Swordmaster

Caster, Saber, Berserker, Rider

Heroic Spirit Swordmasters (英霊剣豪?) are modified beings present in the Shimosa Singularity. Originally regular Heroic Spirits, they were altered by Caster of Limbo, who cast the Karma of the Absolute Massacre (一切鏖殺の宿業, Issai Ōsatsu No Shukugō?, localized as Curse of Annihilation) on them, greatly increasing their power and granting them regeneration and skills similar to Mad Enhancement and Presence Concealment. They are nothing more than walking corpses that have lost their humanity. According to Caster of Limbo, only Muramasa's finest katana, Myoujingiri Muramasa, can wound them. Later on, Kotarou was also shown to be able to hurt them with his kunai, after he had absorbed Danzou's magical energy.[44]


Cursed Name True Name
Saber of Empireo Yagyū Munenori
Lancer of Purgatorio Houzouin Inshun
Archer of Inferno Tomoe Gozen
Assassin of Paraiso Mochizuki Chiyome
Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell Shuten-douji
Rider of Kālasūtra Hell Minamoto no Raikou
Caster of Limbo Ashiya Dōman


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Shadow Servant

Shadow Nameless from the Moon Cell.

Shadow Servants (シャドウサーヴァント, Shadou Sāvanto?) are a variety of Servant that is incomplete, degraded, or false. There are any number of circumstances that bring them about, such as a bad summoning, or blackening. The Seven Fake Heroic Spirits created by Jeanne Alter are similar in nature. In Fate/EXTELLA LINK they are created by Karl der Große with the residual energy a Servant's Spirit Core leaves at the location of their summoning.

Solo Servant

Solo Servants are Servants summoned by the Moon Cell after the formal end of the Moon Holy Grail War in Fate/EXTELLA. They exist independently without the need for a Master.

Stray Servant

Stray Servant (はぐれサーヴァント, Hagure Sāvuanto?, localized as "Rogue Servant") is a term for Servants who were summoned without a Master or lost their Master. For those in a normal Holy Grail War, they can last between several hours and several days depending on their abilities. They can supplement themselves, but require an anchor to exist for longer than that. Stray Servants appearing in the Grand Orders are able to exist without a Master.

Top Servant

Top Servants (トップ・サーヴァント, Toppu Sāvanto?) are the most powerful "heroes among heroes" in human history who represent the pinnacle of Heroic Spirits. When summoned by the Moon Cell to deal with threats like the awakening of Velber 02 in Fate/EXTELLA, they are said to be summoned in a special class different from the normal classes.

Known Top Servants include Arjuna, Artoria, Gilgamesh, Iskandar, Karna, Joan of Arc, Romulus, Scathach, and Cú Chulainn.

Udon Servant

Udon Servants (うどんサーヴァント, Udon Sāvanto?) are Servants created in the parody work Learn with Manga! FGO. They are created from mixing a spirit, Holy Grail Mud, and udon dough. They start out as small, sentient blob of udon dough, eventually developing into Servants.


Masters summon their Servants at the start of each ritual. Different systems possess different means of facilitating the summoning.

Summoning without a system

It is possible to utilize Heroic Spirit summoning without establishing a dedicated system around a Holy Grail or other catalyst. Gilgamesh utilizes what he calls "real Heroic Spirit summoning" in the Babylonia Singularity, saying it is unlike that of Chaldea. Merlin notes that the timeframe being that of the end of the Age of Gods makes it easier to summon them than in modern times, saying that neither he or Gilgamesh would find it easy to summon them in the magecraft-diminished 21st Century.[45]

Without Chaldea's system, Sion Eltnam Sokaris summons the Captain by forcibly mixing two Saint Graphs together.[46]

Fuyuki-based systems

Magic circle used to summon a Servant

Under systems based upon the Fuyuki ritual, there are several factors that determine which Heroic Spirit the Master will summon. It is general that the seven participating Masters are all magi due to requiring basic magecraft to properly perform the summoning, but the quality of the Masters does not matter so long as the most basic summoning requirements are met to fill out the Grail's requirement of seven Servants being manifested. Upon selecting the Masters, the Grail distributes the massive amount of magical energy it has gathered among them to facilitate the process.[30]

Performing a summoning ritual facilitates the process in which the copy of the Heroic Spirit is brought into the chosen class container. Most Masters will prepare a catalyst with which to summon their desired Heroic Spirit, but it is not absolutely necessary. Without a specific artifact, the Grail will, rather than basing it on their power, choose a Servant based upon similarities to the summoner's own nature. When choosing based on power with a catalyst, bad compatibility may make forming a bond impossible, bringing about hardships without being able to have faith in each other. When allowing for a good affinity, it may bring forth a weaker Servant, and it is possible that a single mistake could rouse bad feelings between them due to the resemblance in their personalities being so close.

Summoning Ritual

While the summoning ritual (儀式の召喚, gishiki no shōkan?) are generally specific, their main goal in the Holy Grail War system is to act as a precaution to create a bond with a perfect, reliable Servant. They really only require a summoning circle, even if unskilled, and a catalyst can bypass the need of chanting a spell. Doing so can create aberrations like Gilles de Rais being placed into a normally unsuitable class or King Arthur having a bad connection with her Master that does not allow her to receive magical energy through normal methods. Flatt Escardos is a complete anomaly in that he is able to complete the ritual without even meaning to summon a Servant, simply by "fiddling" with the magical energy in the area. The connection to his Servant is spontaneously established, and it is unknown if it can be called a miracle, luck, or an achievement of his own latent potential. It is possible to specify in the summoning ritual that the Servant be placed under the Berserker class for those familiar with the workings of the Grail System. By adding in a specific line, Zouken Matou and the Einzbern family, as members of the Three Founding Families, were able to choose this class during the Fourth and Fifth Wars respectively. In the Great Holy Grail War, each faction has a summoning ritual according to the color they represent.


The catalysts to summon Archer, Saber and Rider respectively in the fourth war

Catalysts (触媒, Shokubai?) are symbols and holy relics used to attract the desired Heroic Spirit. Requiring something with a connection to the hero, it can be anything from a sword, armor, a talisman, or even their bones. While something like Rin's Pendant is an artifact holding great power on its own, it is unable to help summon a Servant. If the catalyst is one that is particularly weak, or if it is one with a connection to many different Heroic Spirits, the Heroic Spirit among the candidates that has good affinity with the Master will be chosen.[47] Some are those that have only been connected to a single Heroic Spirit, allowing them to be brought forth regardless of affinity with the Master. In a rare case, EMIYA's catalyst is not the pendant Rin owns in the present. EMIYA is instead a case where he holds a catalyst with a connection to his summoner.

Catalysts are extremely valuable, and it can take much effort depending on the Servant the Master wishes to summon. The Mage's Association, having been collecting the esoterica of thaumaturgy for generations since ancient times, has a grand number of catalysts "numbering among the stars." Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald is able to order a relic from Macedonia, while the Einzberns have to specifically have Avalon excavated from Cornwall. Within the Fate/Apocrypha world, the spread of the Holy Grail War system means many catalysts quickly disappearing over seventy years and numerous Grail Wars. Especially those of Gilgamesh, King Arthur, and Alexander the Great have been scattered and lost over time, and Yggdmillennia specifically collects desired artifacts over decades to procure enough excellent Heroic Spirits. The Association still has enough even then to easily provide seven catalysts to their Red Faction on a short notice.

True Name Catalyst War
Agravain Shard of the Round Table[48] None (Catalyst example)
Angra Mainyu Avesta, an old scripture and foreign folklore[49] Third Fuyuki Holy Grail War
Artoria Pendragon Avalon[47] Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War
Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War
Asclepius Remnant of the Argo[23] None (Catalyst example)
Astolfo Glass bottle which had a liquid stain left on it[23] Great Holy Grail War
Atalanta Remnant of the Argo[23] None (Catalyst example)
Bedivere Shard of the Round Table[48] None (Catalyst example)
Brynhildr Piece of debris from an old carbonized building[50] Tokyo Holy Grail War
Charlotte Corday Blood of Sanson and d'Eon
(Contemporaries from the same age)[51]
Grand Order (LB5)
Chiron Ancient arrow blackened by blood[23] Great Holy Grail War
Cú Chulainn Jewel rafted into earrings
(Engraved with original rune inscribed by Chulainn)[47]
Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne Unknown artifact prepared by Kayneth[30] Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War
Edward Teach Blackbeard's treasure[35] None (Catalyst example)
Enkidu Wolf[52] True and False Holy Grail Wars
EMIYA Rin's Pendant[47] Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War
François Prelati Francesca Prelati (Still living self)[35] True and False Holy Grail Wars
Frankenstein Frankenstein's blueprints[23] Great Holy Grail War
Gaheris Shard of the Round Table[48] None (Catalyst example)
Gareth Shard of the Round Table[48] None (Catalyst example)
Gawain Shard of the Round Table[48] None (Catalyst example)
Gilgamesh Fossil of the first skin shed by the first snake[30] Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War
Gilgamesh Gate of Babylon spare key[52] True and False Holy Grail Wars
Gilles de Rais Francesca Prelati (Friend from life)[35] None (Catalyst example)
Hassan-i-Sabbah (All 18) Assassin
(Hassan is the origin of the word)[47]
Hector Achilles
(Used his own existence to summon Hector)[53]
Grand Order (LB5)
Heracles Remnant of the Argo[23] None (Catalyst example)
Heracles (Archer) Unknown artifact prepared by Francesca[35] True and False Holy Grail Wars
Heracles (Berserker) Axe-sword
(Slab of rock from a temple of Heracles)[47]
Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War
Humbaba Unknown artifact prepared by Haruri[35] True and False Holy Grail Wars
Iskandar Piece of Iskandar's mantle[30] Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War
Iskandar's Shadow Piece of Iskandar's mantle[54] None (Case Files)
Jack the Ripper (Assassin) Jack the Ripper's knives[55] Great Holy Grail War
Jack the Ripper (Berserker) Replica Jack the Ripper novelty knife[52] True and False Holy Grail Wars
Jason Remnant of the Argo[23] None (Catalyst example)
Kay Shard of the Round Table[48] None (Catalyst example)
Lancelot Shard of the Round Table[48] None (Catalyst example)
Lancelot (Berserker) Unknown artifact prepared by Zouken[56] Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War
Medea Remnant of the Argo[23] None (Catalyst example)
Medea Literature from Colchis with ties to Medea.[47] Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War
Medusa Mirror dug up from a temple in Eritrea
(Item with ties to an old Earth goddess of Greece)[47]
Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War
Mordred Shard of the Round Table[48] Great Holy Grail War
Okita Souji Katana[57] ICHGSS (F/KA)
Okita Souji Light novel from the future[58] ICHGSS (Redline)
Ozymandias Nefertari's necklace[50] Tokyo Holy Grail War
Ozymandias Remains of war chariot[50] None (Catalyst example)
Ozymandias Bow
(Used in the decisive battle against the Hittite King)[50]
None (Catalyst example)
Ozymandias Epitaph of the contract exchanged with Hittites[50] None (Catalyst example)
Ozymandias Item from own mummified body[50] None (Catalyst example)
Palamedes Shard of the Round Table[48] None (Catalyst example)
Paracelsus Paracelsus' flask[35] None (Catalyst example)
Percival Shard of the Round Table[48] None (Catalyst example)
Qin Shi Huang (Greater History) Godfelling Crossbow[59] None (Catalyst example)
Richard I Box which contained Avalon[35] True and False Holy Grail Wars
Sasaki Kojiro Ryuudou Temple mountain gate.[47] Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War
Siegfried Bloodstained leaf of a Sacred Fig tree[23] Great Holy Grail War
Solomon One of Solomon's Rings sent to the future[60] None (Chaldea)
Spartacus Spartacus' manacles[35] None (Catalyst example)
Tristan Shard of the Round Table[48] None (Catalyst example)
Various Remnant of the Argo[23] None (Catalyst example)
Various Gates of Troy, the symbol of the Trojan War[23] None (Catalyst example)

Moon Cell

Chaldea (FATE System)

Chaldea's summoning system requires both Master and summoned Servant to agree to the summoning.

Due to the Human Order being in disarray and its own unique properties, it allows for the summoning of Divine Spirits.

The system allows for the summoning of Pseudo-Servants.

Ainsworth (Class Cards)

Servants summoning Servants

It is also possible for some Servants to bring forth other Servants under limited conditions with their own abilities and Noble Phantasms:



Under normal circumstances, the Fuyuki ritual is made for the summoning of only "pure Heroic Spirits", so with the exception of Hassan-i-Sabbah, those who are "mixed spirits" "who only have the aspect of a Heroic Spirit" cannot be summoned. Through the induction of Angra Mainyu into the Grail after the Third Holy Grail War in the main timeline and the alterations made by Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia in the alternate timeline of the Great Holy Grail War, it becomes possible to summon those with anti-hero aspects.[42][61] That limitation is not present in other Holy Grail Wars like the Moon Cell Holy Grail War.

Divine Spirits

Divine Spirits cannot be summoned normally under most systems. Due to their nature, it is nearly impossible for them to manifest in the current world.

  • Fuyuki - Within the Fuyuki system, summoning full Divine Spirits is beyond its ability, and it is said the capability to reproduce phenomena of that level would render the Holy Grail unnecessary in the first place. Only through losing their complete Divinity did Chiron and Brynhildr become existences able to be summoned, and Medusa, more of a Divine Spirit than a Heroic Spirit, became applicable only after her Divinity decreased through becoming a monster. The Einzberns were confident in their ability to circumvent their own system to bring about the god Angra Mainyu, but he was a Heroic Spirit instead.
  • Moon Cell - Within the Moon Cell, the recorded Divine Spirits are considered to be non-human Heroic Spirits and stored in its Servant records. Though none are summoned for the proper Holy Grail War, BB creates the Alter Egos from combining several goddesses into each of them.
  • FATE - Under the FATE system, it is possible for Divine Spirits to be summoned, but Dr. Roman explains that such a thing should be impossible.
  • Class Cards - Under the Class Card system, Julian Ainsworth has encapsulated the power of Magni, the half-giant son of Thor into a Class Card.
  • Imperial Holy Grail - Under the system used by the Nazis in the Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail, it is possible to summon Pseudo-Servants, including Divine Spirits, in a limited capacity.

Eastern Servants

Within the Fuyuki Holy Grail War system, there is a rule that makes only the summoning of Western Heroic Spirits possible due to the Holy Grail being a Western, Christian concept and that the summoning system was created in the world of Western magi.[62][63] Sasaki Kojiro of the Fifth Holy Grail War is a complete aberration in many ways. Other systems like the Moon Cell Holy Grail War have no such restrictions.[64]


Within the Fuyuki Holy Grail War framework, one from the grouping of nineteen Hassan-i-Sabbah will generally be summoned as the Assassin-class Servant due to the very name "Assassin" acting as their catalyst. It is said to be fixed in the system itself that Hassan will always be summoned,[23] but there is a small chance, so low as to be considered nonexistent, that another will answer the summons.[65] Within the world of Fate/Apocrypha, the Subcategory Holy Grail War led to a proliferation in the number of Hassans summoned, allowing all of their True Names and Noble Phantasms to be documented. Masters eventually began adding additional lines to the summoning incantations and bringing catalysts not associated with Hassan to call upon different Heroic Spirits.[65]

The Moon Holy Grail War and FATE system do not possess this limitation.


Main article: Skills

Servants have six primary statistics that make up their overall strength:

  • Strength (筋力, Kinryoku?): Bodily might in terms of power.[29]
  • Endurance (耐久, Taikyū?): How much damage one can withstand.[29]
  • Agility (敏捷, Binshō?): Quickness and speed of reaction.[29]
  • Magical Power (魔力, Maryoku?): How much magical energy can be handled.[29]
  • Good Luck (幸運, Kōun?): The quality of one's luck.[29]
  • Noble Phantasm (宝具, Hōgu?): The strength of the Noble Phantasm one owns.[29] While the ranking will often match their strongest Noble Phantasm, it will sometimes only reflect a secondary Noble Phantasm, or display a ranking higher or lower than their available wares.[66][67][68]

Each of the statistics and Skills are translated into specific parameters, reflecting the individual ability of each Servant. They display strength and speed far beyond normal humans, showing in battle displays likened to a "dimension that is completely at odds with the physical laws of this world." Simple hand-to-hand combat between two Servants is enough to wreck a city street in a manner able to be compared to having been carpet-bombed, damaging the ground with only their footfalls, cutting metal with only the backlash caused by their weapons clashing, and tearing away iron from simply brushing against it with weapons.[30] The usage of their Noble Phantasms can easily leave an area in complete ruin, some displaying the capability to easily wreck part of a city with minimum usage or even an entire city should enough time pass.

Both their movement speed and dexterity is enough to make them invisible to the human eye, looking like a breeze of wind when running past and only leaving the aftershocks of their attacks to be felt by onlookers.[30][69] Compared to even a top-class motorcycle like Saber's V-Max able to reach over four hundred kilometers per hour, the dexterity of a Servant places them far above it in both maximum acceleration and speed, and they can rival a jet fighter in speed with proper footwork. It may be still advantageous to use a motorized vehicle in a pursuit due to it only relying on its fuel rather than using their own energy while running on foot.[70][71] The speed of bullets travelling faster than the speed of sound poses no threat, unable to surpass the speed with which they wield their weapons, and those with greater dexterity can easily deflect them with their weapons.[70][71] Not bound by normal logic, they are able to move up the sides of buildings simply by kicking off the sides.

Even the smallest of Servants will have little issue in carrying a person, and Rider, casually copying something out of a comic, is able to lift a vehicle from a construction site to slam down onto her opponents.[23][72] Even those who are physically weak compared to others like Caster-class Servants show great feats of strength, Gilles de Rais displaying grip strength enough to easily crush a human skull and Medea severing an arm with a ritualistic dagger unable to normally even be considered lethal to a regular human.[73][74]

Masters who have made contracts with Servants have the ability to read out the status of a Servant with powers of clairvoyance. It is a unique ability granted by the Grail that summoned the Heroic Spirits, so it cannot be used by those without a contract. They can see through the abilities of the other Servants and compare them to those of their own so that they can guide them as efficiently as possible in battle situations. Tokiomi Tohsaka owned a book that provides a similar ability, but it is useless to a full Master. It was passed on to Rin Tohsaka after his death, and she gives it to Shirou Emiya because he lacks a proper connection to Saber. The book itself is blank, but simply looking at a random page gives him an image in his head that allows him to look upon all known statuses of the Servants in the War. Reading the book will give him new details any time he reads it, and Rin says that he will be able to identify Servants from intuition without using the book after he gets used to it. It is reflected in-game as the Servant status screen.


The strength of the summoned Servants depends on various factors. It is ideal if the Servant can wield their original power as a Heroic Spirit, but it is also possible that they can even surpass their original selves in the case of the attribute enhancement from Mad Enhancement of the Berserker class.[75] It is also possible to obtain abilities from Class Skills they did not originally have in life, such as Riding modern vehicles, or have their own attributes strengthened by their classes' natural attributes.[76]

  • Cultural Sphere (文化圏, Bunkaken?) - The Land (土地, Tochi?) in which the Servant is summoned and the Recognition (認識, Ninshiki?) they receive there are factors that play a role in their strength. The closer they are to the stage of their legend, a geographical boost, and the more that they are known makes them "stronger", bringing them closer to the strength they had in their legend and providing them with more of their equipment displayed in their legend. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible it can bless them with additional Noble Phantasms.[77] The boost from recognition alone is not that large in making a difference in power as when Rin Tohsaka is speculating on Gilgamesh's ability to overwhelm other Servants.[78] Land plays a greater factor with Cú Chulainn, Heracles, and King Arthur being three heroes around the same level of strength when summoned in Europe. Each would be strengthened in Europe and benefit most greatly in battle in their home country, though Heracles' fame would allow him to display excellent power throughout all of western Europe.[79] Cú Chulainn, gaining zero influence from not being known as well in Japan, does not fully display his "shining existence" on par with them while in Fuyuki, but would anywhere else in the world.[80][81] He would obtain several benefits from being summoned in his homeland, Ireland, and outfight Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, who would have an advantage when both are unaffected by the cultural sphere and have other factors at play. Vlad III gains a great boost in Romania, placing him on the same level as those famed heroes, and Semiramis gains her maximum fame while in the confines of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
  • Magical Energy of the Master - The more powerful the magical energy of the Master, the greater the Servant will be able to reach the strength they displayed in their legend. If they cannot provide proper energy or if the Servant lacks a Master for a time, their parameters lower in proportion. If it is a lack of energy, unknown factors will lower parameters and Skills with some Servants, while the Master's way of life may affect others.[77][82] King Arthur, serving under several different Masters, displays a number of different sets of parameters due to fluctuating levels of energy. Under Shirou Emiya, she receives no energy because his Magical Paths are obstructed and cannot display her full strength. Kiritsugu Emiya is able to supply energy to have her be stronger than when under Shirou, but her luck is affected by his personality due to still not providing enough energy. Rin Tohsaka is an excellent magus that allows her to unleash her full abilities without being affected.[77] Two Servants who would be balanced differently under other circumstances may find the balance tipped when one has better Master support.[81]

Parameter distribution diagrams.

  • Container Parameters - Unmodified by the strengths and weaknesses of specific Heroic Spirits, the containers of the seven standard Servant classes of the Fuyuki Grail War possess known base parameters.[83] The parameters of the containers has not been shown to affect summoned Servants, allowing for parameters higher and lower than those of the containers. If the hero should be utterly weak to the point of defenselessness like Stheno and Euryale, it is possible for the containers to increase their strength far beyond their regular selves.

Container Str End Agi Man Luk
Saber A B B C D
Archer C C C E E
Lancer B C A D E
Rider D D B C E
Caster E E C A B
Berserker C D D E E
Assassin D D B E B



Heracles's Ascension

Under the FATE system, it is possible for Servants to undergo Ascension (霊基再臨, Reiki Sairin?, Spirit Foundation Second Coming), a reform for the Servants to become stronger by coming closer to their "starting point of conception." It may even bring about a younger, more inexperienced form without reducing their power as a Servant because it is the "most fitting figure" for them.[84]

Form Change

Form Change: Altered Morphology (形態変化フォームチェンジ, Keitai HenkaFōmu Chenji?) is an element present in Fate/EXTELLA that allows for Servants to be strengthened in battle, altering their outward appearance and weapons. This is only given to the wielders of the Regalia, rings that symbolize the Royal Authority of SE.RA.PH, given to Servants who have won a Moon Cell Holy Grail War.

Mythological Mystic Code

Within the Moon Cell, unlocking their Origin as a legend within a Servant grants them great power on the same scale as the Ten Crowns possessed by BB, granting them a Mythological Mystic Code (神話礼装, Shinwa Reisō?).


Battles between Servants can be called a process of gradually shaving off the magical energy that forms their bodies. Attacks that consume a great amount of magical energy will inflict a massive amount of damage on the opponent, but it will also weaken the attacker in the process. In order to inflict a great amount of damage with minimum expenditure of magical energy, it is necessary for them to collect intelligence regarding the enemy and assault their weakness. The greatest weapon is their Noble Phantasm, and a battle between Servants can often be called a battle between Noble Phantasms.

When describing their strength, they can be likened to a single jet fighter in pure attack power, far beyond the ability for a single person to fight. While strong, they would have to refuel many times in order to destroy a city. Though there are many modern weapons that are more powerful, their status as spiritual bodies makes them among the most powerful due to being immune to modern weapons. Their Noble Phantasms can be likened to a jet's ability to load a nuclear warhead far beyond its normal fighting power, with some Servants having extremely powerful ones.[85] With Servants, those with an "extremely average Noble Phantasm" would have one around the level of B Rank which has strength able to be represented through numbers. Broken Phantasms, Invisible Air, and Gae Bolg's thrown strike all deal pure physical damage, while Gae Bolg's piercing version carries a conceptual effect able to kill opponents of a much higher level than the wielder.[86]

True Name

The True Name (真名, Shinmei?) of a Servant is something vital to battle, as it can reveal much about them. They most often have their Masters refer to them solely by their class name unless they do not care like Assassin of Black, wish to have a closer connection to their Master like Caster after she reveals her identity, or are under circumstances where it no longer matters like those trapped in the Sakura Labyrinth. There are Servants and Masters with extreme confidence or no filter in revealing their True Names for all to hear, such as Rider exclaiming his name without regard and Illyasviel von Einzbern having supreme confidence in Berserker even with his name revealed.

Their names can reveal certain traits about their abilities, allowing for specific countermeasures, and there are many famous heroes that had met untimely deaths in life. Those killed by poison will be more susceptible to it, those shot down by arrows will be weak against them, those with weak spots will be severely disadvantaged if they are targeted, and those with traits like being weak to monster-slayers or dragon-slaying weapons can be specifically damaged in accordance. Even without such a specific countermeasure being available to one Master, releasing that information to the other Masters can allow for other countermeasures to be brought forth. Most Masters should know instantly of their own Servants' identities, but something like Secret of Pedigree can block even that, and the refusal of a Servant to disclose it can keep them from knowing. In the case of a weak Master susceptible to mind control, they may forgo telling them altogether until necessary.

Famous heroes like King Arthur and Siegfried are very likely to have their identities found out more easily than others, with simply glancing upon Excalibur being enough for any Heroic Spirit to identify King Arthur. Others need to utilize their Noble Phantasms before they reveal themselves, but it may require deductive reasoning even then. While the oldest legendary hero Gilgamesh is able to show off his Noble Phantasms without many being able to guess, and despite his belief that it should be obvious to others, he generally discloses it himself. Someone like Archer, being a Counter Guardian from the future and displaying numerous Noble Phantasms with Unlimited Blade Works, is a complete anomaly to others, greatly confusing all who fight him with his contradictory traits that do not match any known hero. There are also those without specific weaknesses whose True Names will bring no trouble if revealed, like Astolfo.

There may be slight variations to the True Names depending on different circumstances:


Affinity between Servants can factor into battles.

  • Class Affinity - The various classes posses compatibilities against each other. Within the gameplay of Fate/Grand Order, this results in increased and decreased damage, but it is unknown what effect it has in the story. The only time it has been mentioned is within Fate/Grand Order, and no other story has mentioned it.[87] Class affinity is said to be large enough that it should be factored into fighting the enemy.[88]
  • Hidden Attribute - The five main attributes Heroic Spirit affect Servants as well, but it does not provide a great advantage and does not need to be factored into battle.[88]

Humans and Modern Weaponry

As spiritual beings and divine mysteries, Servants cannot be harmed by normal means and are still considered spirits even in physical form, so they cannot be physically harmed by regular humans or modern weaponry.[89][90] They can only be harmed by attacks accompanied by magical energy like a Servant throwing dirks imbued with magical energy, so they can ignore even debris in battle unless it should become contaminated by an enemy's magical energy.[42] Only Servants can normally harm other Servants physically, so even a paper knife could be used to harm a Servant should another Servant wield it.[89] Servants that are physically incarnated through methods such as blackening can no longer return to spiritual form, allowing them to be damaged with strong enough magical weapons able to pierce the shadows surrounding them in the case of blackening.[90]

For a human trying to apply pressure to a Servant, even one physically the size of a child, it feels like trying to bend a steel beam. Punches with all of their strength will not even cause a Servant to budge a millimeter, and even Souichirou Kuzuki, whose punch is potent enough to crush a human's skull, can only slightly move Archer's head from the impact. Stabbing them with a knife does nothing but bring about a "prickling irritation" that does not hurt at all.[23][91] They can be harmed by physical attacks strengthened magically through Reinforcement or enough Command Spells.[92][93] "Mere bullets" normally pose no threats to Servants regardless of the caliber, but firearms wielded as regular weapons by Servants like Francis Drake's pistols are able to inflict damage, and those ascended to the rank of Noble Phantasm like through Lancelot's Knight of Owner can prove lethal with a single shot.[70][94]

Other opponents

Beings other than Servants that are able to combat Servants are few in modern times. Beings such as Arcueid Brunestud at 30% of her strength, Amaterasu, and Kingprotea would always generally win against a single Servant due to their overwhelming ability. Arcueid could potentially be overwhelmed by two Servants fighting at once even though she is around four times as strong as one, while Amaterasu and Kingprotea require the strength of several Servants to be defeated.[85][95] If speaking of a Servant with an extremely average Noble Phantasm, the members of the Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors, Kouma Kishima, and Aoko Aozaki can fight directly, while Ciel and Shiki Ryougi's third personality can keep up in a defensive fight that can still be called a fight. Ryougi's normal personality and Shiki Tohno have no chance of matching Servants, but the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception they carry are capable of affecting such beings whether they are incarnated or spiritual bodies.[86][96][97] Humans utilizing ten Command Spells would also be able to damage Servants.[92] Kirei Kotomine and Kiritsugu Emiya at the peak of their strengths during the Fourth Holy Grail War could defeat Servants, but only when the weakest, Caster and Assassin, are at their most exposed, or when they have special conditions in their favor like surprise or suitability against the opponent.[98]

Against Dead Apostle Ancestors, both are types of beings that live in Mystery, so such battles would come down to "having the means of killing the other guy somehow." Servants will generally hold a slight advantage, barring compatibility issues, and the Knight classes, Saber, Archer, and Lancer, will all be able to have solid fights. While Saber's Excalibur is extremely effective against those who overwhelm by material quantity and alienness, there are those capable of surviving being hit by Excalibur-class attacks through pure endurance. At the same time, those same ones with extreme endurance would have a tough time with Lancer's Gáe Bolg.[99] ORT, to which Earth's rules do not apply, and Primate Murder, which has an advantage against primates and requires seven Counter Guardians to control, can be called in a league of their own above both Ancestors and Servants.[100][101]


Seven standard classes

Heroic Spirits summoned by the Holy Grail are placed into one of various Classes (クラス, Kurasu?). The seven standard classes are the Three Knight (三騎士, Sankishi?) classes of Saber, Lancer, Archer, and the Four Cavalry (四騎, Shiki?) classes of Rider, Caster, Assassin, and Berserker.[75] There are also non-standard Extra Classes (エクストラクラス, Ekusutora Kurasu?) that are "split off from the regular servant classes in order to take on certain roles", such as Ruler which oversees the Holy Grail War.[102] Sherlock Holmes posits that due to Heroic Spirits being a concept irrespective to the existence of Classes formed for the Holy Grail Wars that not all cases of Heroic Spirits can fit into the mold of the Class system. While the Extra Classes can lessen the chance, he says that the amount of Heroic Spirits forced into Classes under which they do not belong will not be zero. This could lead to potential strain on the Servant, such as Florence Nightingale, where they are unable to deduce if her mentality reflects that of her mindset in life or a characteristic granted solely by the Berserker class. The latter case could lead to strain on her mind and Saint Graph.[103]

Under the Fuyuki-based rituals, it is said that only the Three Knight classes will definitely be summoned according to the framework of the ritual, allowing for variation in the rest of the classes. Classes are said to have occasionally changed between the various Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars, but the Three Knight classes will never be replaced by Extra Classes.[35] More than one version of the same class cannot be summoned, even if all the Masters were to use the variation in the summoning chant to get a Berserker-class Servant for example.[104] Within the framework of the False Holy Grail War, the Saber-class does not even exist. Other systems like the Moon Holy Grail War, Chaldea system, and "After" the Holy Grail War allow for the summoning of hundreds of Servants, so there is no restriction on multiple classes.

Servants are normally only of the singular class under which they are summoned, but certain circumstances allow for multiple classes at once or class changes.

Standard Classes
  • Saber: Servants placed within this class are agile and powerful melee warriors armed with swords. It is commonly assumed to be the best class overall, with high ratings in all categories. It also possesses the Riding Skill like the Rider class.
  • Lancer: Servants placed within this class are very agile and skilled with long-range melee weapons, such as spears, lances, etc.
  • Archer: Servants placed within this class are usually proficient with projectiles and can survive longer without a Master nearby, thanks to their special ability Independent Action; the strongest Archers can be difficult to control at times, in fact, due to their near-total independence from their "Masters".
  • Rider: Servants placed within this class place emphasis upon speed and powerful Noble Phantasms, which often include their mounts. Their special Skill is Riding, which allows them to fully utilize abilities of their mounts (which can range from simple horses to mechanical vehicles to divine or supernatural creatures).
  • Caster: Servants placed within this class are adept in magecraft and have a special ability akin to a Reality Marble, called Territory Creation, which alters or creates space around them to enhance their sorcery.
  • Assassin: Servants placed within this class are proficient in assassination. Within certain wars, only Hassan-i-Sabbah can be summoned due to the etymology of the word "Assassin" acting as a catalyst. The Assassins' special ability is Presence Concealment, which allows them to remain undetected. Offset by their stealth is their moderate combat skills. Due to this, Assassins often target Masters instead of Servants.
  • Berserker: Servants placed within this class are always heroes who have gone berserk in their lifetime. This trait allows them to use the special ability Mad Enhancement, which trades their consciousness (i.e. sanity) for a large power boost. Most Masters are incapable of controlling their Servant once Mad Enhancement has been activated, which eventually results in their death.
Extra Classes
  • Ruler: Servants placed within this class govern the Holy Grail Wars, granted rights of an administrator and Command Spells. While typically saints are summoned into it while managing wars related to the Holy Grail, others can be summoned into the class if they are impartial.
  • Avenger: Servants placed within this class are driven by revenge.
  • Alter Ego: Servants placed within this class are beings split away from the Saint Graph of another.
  • MoonCancer: Servants placed in this class are described as irregulars that threaten the world of the moon.
  • Foreigner: Servants placed within this class are related to the Outer Gods that exist outside the universe.
  • Shielder: Servants placed within this class primarily utilize a shield.
  • Saver: Servants placed within this class are "Messiah" type Servants.
  • Gunner: Servants placed within this class specialize in firearms.
  • Faker: Servants placed within this class are represented by fakes, summoning counterfeits and body doubles.
  • Gatekeeper: Details of this class are unknown. Watcher could be summoned within as a Servant.
  • Watcher: Servants placed within this class have some function of observing their Master for a greater purpose.
  • Ancient Giant: Details of this class are unknown. It is shown to be the class of Surtr.
  • Ancient God: Details of this class are unknown. It is the Saint Graph Designation of Zeus.
  • Voyager: Details of this class are unknown. Voyager normally qualifies for this class.
  • Funny Vamp: This is the class granted to Arcueid Brunestud by the Moon Cell should she participate as a Servant. While she takes on the Berserker class instead, Funny Vamp reflects her whimsical nature and her status as a creature that drains blood, physical energy and money from men.
  • Non-classed: Some temporary Servants, like the army summoned into Ionioi Hetairoi, are Servants without a class. Gilgamesh during Fate/EXTRA CCC is beyond being confined to a class, so he does not have one.
Grand Classes
Grand Servants (Grand Class) are existences summoned by the Counter Force in order to prevent the extinction of mankind by the Beasts.
Beast class is a special container for the Evils of Mankind, beings similar to Grand Servants
Altered classes
Classes that are brought about by altering the system on a superficial level. The class of the Servant does not actually change.
  • Launcher: Launcher, the "Heroic Spirit of the Laser Beam", is a special nickname thought up by Jinako Carigiri for her Servant.
Parody Classes and others
  • Boxer (ボクサー, Bokusā?) is a class designated to Bazett Fraga McRemitz in the parody work Capsule Servant.
  • Butler (バトラー, Batorā?) is used in a joking manner in regard to Archer's household skills.
  • Gorgeous (ゴージャス, Gōjasu?) is a nickname given to Gilgamesh by Lancer.
  • Idol (アイドル, Aidoru?) is the self-declared nickname of Lancer.
  • Manslayer (人斬り, Hitokiri?) is the self-declared nickname of Assassin.
  • Monster (モンスター, Monsutā?) is not a Servant classification, but rather the title given to the irregular being, Shiki Ryougi, who appears within the Holy Grail War of the Moon Cell.
  • Tiger (タイガー, Taigā?) is the name Taiga Fujimura gives herself in the Hanafuda scenario, but Illya just decides to turn it into "Taiga".

Known Servants

Fuyuki Holy Grail War

The events of the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars are detailed in several stories. Some details of the Third Holy Grail War are mentioned in Fate/hollow ataraxia. The events of the Fourth Holy Grail War are described in Fate/Zero. The events of the Fifth Holy Grail War are detailed in Fate/stay night and Fate/hollow ataraxia.

[v]War Servant Identity Master
First Holy Grail War Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah Unknown
Second Holy Grail War Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah Unknown
Third Holy Grail War Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah Unnamed Puppet user
Third Holy Grail War Avenger
Angra Mainyu
Amakusa Shirou Tokisada
Einzbern Master‎‎
Third Holy Grail War Saber Unknown Older Edelfelt Sister
Third Holy Grail War Saber Unknown Younger Edelfelt Sister
Third Holy Grail War Lancer Fionn mac Cumhaill Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia
Third Holy Grail War Unknown Unknown Tohsaka Master
Third Holy Grail War Unknown Unknown Matou Master
Fourth Holy Grail War Archer Gilgamesh Tokiomi Tohsaka
Kirei Kotomine
Fourth Holy Grail War Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah Kirei Kotomine
Fourth Holy Grail War Berserker Lancelot Kariya Matou
Fourth Holy Grail War Caster Gilles de Rais Ryuunosuke Uryuu
Fourth Holy Grail War Lancer Diarmuid Ua Duibhne Kayneth El-Melloi
Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri
Fourth Holy Grail War Rider Alexander the Great Waver Velvet
Fourth Holy Grail War Saber King Arthur Kiritsugu Emiya
Fifth Holy Grail War Archer EMIYA Rin Tohsaka
Fifth Holy Grail War Archer Gilgamesh Kirei Kotomine
Shinji Matou
Caren Hortensia
Fifth Holy Grail War Assassin Sasaki Kojiro
Fifth Holy Grail War Avenger Angra Mainyu Sakura Matou
Bazett Fraga McRemitz
Fifth Holy Grail War Berserker Heracles Illyasviel von Einzbern
Sakura Matou
Fifth Holy Grail War Caster Medea Atrum Galliasta (Original Master)
Souichirou Kuzuki
Kirei Kotomine (Manga Adaptation)
Fifth Holy Grail War Lancer Cú Chulainn Kirei Kotomine
Bazett Fraga McRemitz
Caren Hortensia
Fifth Holy Grail War Rider Medusa Shinji Matou
Sakura Matou
Fifth Holy Grail War Saber King Arthur Shirou Emiya
Rin Tohsaka
Fifth Holy Grail War Saber Alter King Arthur Sakura Matou
Fifth Holy Grail War True Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah Zouken Matou

Moon Cell Holy Grail War

The events of the Moon Cell Holy Grail War are detailed in Fate/EXTRA, Fate/EXTRA CCC and Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail.

[v]War Servant Identity Master
Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail Alter Ego C (Violet) Several goddesses/BB's ego BB
Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail Alter Ego G (Kingprotea) Earth Mother/BB's ego BB
Fate/EXTRA CCC Alter Ego M (Passionlip) Several goddesses/BB's ego BB
Fate/EXTRA CCC Alter Ego S (Meltryllis) Several goddesses/BB's ego BB
Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail Alter Ego (Kazuradrop) Several goddesses/BB's ego BB
Archer No Name Hakuno Kishinami
Archer Robin Hood Dan Blackmore
Fate/EXTRA Assassin
Li Shuwen Julius B. Harwey
Fate/EXTRA Berserker Arcueid Brunestud Monji Gatoh
Fate/EXTRA Berserker Lü Bu Rani VIII
Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail Berserker Caligula Izaya Kii
Fate/EXTRA CCC Caster Hans Christian Andersen Kiara Sesshouin
Caster Nursery Rhyme Alice
Caster Tamamo-no-Mae Hakuno Kishinami
Twice H. Pieceman
Fate/EXTRA CCC Gilgamesh (No Class) Gilgamesh Hakuno Kishinami
Lancer Cú Chulainn Rin Tohsaka (Extra)
Kirei Kotomine (CCC)
Fate/EXTRA CCC Lancer
Elizabeth Báthory Run Ru
Rin Tohsaka
Shinji Matou
Hakuno Kishinami
Fate/EXTRA Lancer Vlad III Run Ru
Fate/EXTRA CCC Launcher Karna Jinako Karigiri
Fate/EXTRA CCC Mooncancer (BB) Moon Cell AI None
Fate/EXTRA Rider Francis Drake Shinji Matou
Saber Gawain Leonardo B. Harwey
Saber Nero Claudius Caesar Hakuno Kishinami
Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail Saber Suzuka Gozen Kazuhito Sakagami
Fate/EXTRA Saver Buddha Twice H. Pieceman
Fate/EXTELLA Caster Archimedes N/A
Fate/EXTELLA LINK Saber Charlemagne N/A
Fate/EXTELLA LINK Ruler Charles the Great N/A
Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail Berserker Minamoto no Raikou Leila Raidou

Great Holy Grail War

The events of the Great Holy Grail War are detailed in Fate/Apocrypha.

[v]Faction Servant Identity Master
Red Saber Mordred Kairi Sisigou
Red Archer Atalanta Rottweil Berzinsky‎
Shirou Kotomine
Red Lancer Karna Feend vor Sembren‎
Shirou Kotomine
Red Rider Achilles Cabik Pentel‎‎
Shirou Kotomine
Red Caster Shakespeare Jean Rum‎
Shirou Kotomine
Red Assassin Semiramis Shirou Kotomine
Red Berserker Spartacus Deimlet Pentel‎‎
Caster of Black
Red Ruler Amakusa Shirou Tokisada None
Black Saber Siegfried Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia
Black Archer Chiron Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia
Black Lancer Vlad III Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia
Black Rider Astolfo Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia
Black Caster Solomon ibn Gabirol Roche Frain Yggdmillennia
Black Assassin Jack the Ripper Sagara Hyouma
Reika Rikudou
Black Berserker Frankenstein's monster Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia
None Ruler Joan of Arc None (Greater Grail)

Servants for the canceled Fate/Apocrypha game project.

Servant Identity
Archer David
Berserker Sakata Kintoki
Lancer Musashibou Benkei
Rider Saint George

Tokyo Holy Grail War

The events of the Tokyo Holy Grail Wars are detailed in Fate/Prototype and Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver.

[v]War Master Master Degree Servant Rank Servant Identity
1st Manaka Sajyou 1st - Seraphim 1st Saber Arthur Pendragon
1st Nigel Saward 2nd - Cherubim 4th Lancer Brynhildr
1st Lord Reiroukan 3rd - Thrones 6th Caster Paracelsus
1st Shizuri Isemi 4th - Dominion 5th Rider Ramesses II
1st Elza Saijo 5th - Virtues 3rd Archer Arash
1st Seiji Jinga 6th - Powers 7th Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah
1st Tatsumi Kitano 7th - Princes 2nd Berserker Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
2nd Manaka Sajyou 1st - Seraphim Unknown Beast The Beast of Revelations
2nd Misaya Reiroukan 2nd - Cherubim 4th Lancer Cu Chulainn
2nd Aro Isemi 3rd - Thrones 5th Rider Perseus
2nd Unknown 4th - Dominion 6th Caster Unknown
2nd Unknown 5th - Virtues 3rd Archer Gilgamesh
2nd Unknown 6th - Powers 7th Assassin Unknown
2nd Ayaka Sajyou 7th - Princes 1st Saber Arthur Pendragon
2nd Sancraid Phahn 8th - Void 2nd Berserker Heracles

True and False Holy Grail War

The events of the Snowfield Holy Grail War are detailed in Fate/strange Fake.

[v]Servant Identity Master
False Archer Gilgamesh Unnamed magus (Original Master)
Tine Chelc
False Assassin Former Hassan-i-Sabbah candidate Jester Karture
False Berserker Jack the Ripper Flat Escardos
False Caster Alexandre Dumas Orlando Reeve
False Lancer Enkidu Wolf
False Rider Pale Rider Tsubaki Kuruoka
Saber Richard I Cashura (Original Master)
Ayaka Sajyou
Avenger/True Archer Alcides Bazdilot Cordelion
True Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah Faldeus Dioland
True Berserker Huwawa Haruri Borzak
True Caster François Prelati Francesca Prelati
True Rider Hippolyta Doris Lusendra
Watcher Unknown Sigma

"After" the Holy Grail War

[v]Servant Identity Master
Voyager Voyager Erice Utsumi
Berserker Kijyo Koyo Karin
Saber Galahad Alter Koharu F Riedenflaus
Lancer Lucius Longinus Chitose Manazuru
Caster Nzambi Unknown
Assassin Cesare Borgia & Lucrezia Borgia Unknown
Rider Kundry None (Stray Servant)
Foreigner Euclid Unknown
Avenger Louis XVII Unknown
Unknown Class Hendrik van der Decken Ahasuerus
Unknown Class Hannibal Barca Unknown
Unknown Class El Cid Unknown
Unknown Class Jacques de Molay Unknown
Unknown Class Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa Unknown
Unknown Class Barbarossa Unknown
Unknown Class Minamoto no Yoshitsune Rurihime
Unknown Class Edward Teach Unknown
Unknown Class Circe Unknown
Unknown Class Anubis Unknown
Unknown Class Unknown Unknown

Grand Orders

The events of a number of Holy Grail Wars, the Grand Orders, are detailed in Fate/Grand Order. The Protagonist has a large pool of possible Servants from which they can summon from.

ID Number Rarity Identity Class Original Work
01 ★★★(★) Mash Kyrielight Shielder Fate/Grand Order
02 ★★★★★ Artoria Pendragon Saber Fate/stay night
03 ★★★★ Artoria Pendragon (Alter) Saber Fate/stay night
04 ★★★★ Artoria Pendragon (Lily) Saber Fate/unlimited codes
05 ★★★★ Nero Claudius Caesar Saber Fate/EXTRA
06 ★★★★ Siegfried Saber Fate/Apocrypha
07 ★★★ Gaius Julius Caesar Saber Fate/Grand Order
08 ★★★★★ Attila the Hun Saber Fate/Grand Order / Fate/EXTELLA
09 ★★★ Gilles de Rais Saber Fate/Grand Order
10 ★★★★ Le Chevalier d'Eon Saber Fate/Grand Order
11 ★★★★ EMIYA Archer Fate/stay night
12 ★★★★★ Gilgamesh Archer Fate/stay night / Fate Zero
13 ★★★ Robin Hood Archer Fate/EXTRA
14 ★★★★ Atalanta Archer Fate/Apocrypha
15 ★★★ Euryale Archer Fate/hollow ataraxia
16 Arash Archer Fate/Prototype: Fragments
17 ★★★ Cú Chulainn Lancer Fate/stay night / Fate/EXTRA
18 ★★★★ Elizabeth Báthory Lancer Fate/EXTRA CCC
19 ★★ Musashibou Benkei Lancer Fate/Grand Order
20 ★★★ Cú Chulainn (Prototype) Lancer Fate/Prototype
21 ★★ Leonidas I Lancer Fate/Grand Order
22 ★★★ Romulus Lancer Fate/Grand Order
23 ★★★ Medusa Rider Fate/stay night
24 ★★ Saint George Rider Fate/Grand Order
25 ★★ Edward Teach Rider Fate/Grand Order
26 ★★★ Boudica Rider Fate/Grand Order
27 ★★★ Ushiwakamaru Rider Fate/Grand Order
28 ★★★ Alexander Rider Fate/Grand Order
29 ★★★★ Marie Antoinette Rider Fate/Grand Order
30 ★★★★ Saint Martha Rider Fate/Grand Order
31 ★★★ Medea Caster Fate/stay night
32 ★★★ Gilles de Rais Caster Fate/Zero
33 ★★ Hans Christian Andersen Caster Fate/EXTRA CCC
34 ★★ William Shakespeare Caster Fate/Apocrypha
35 ★★★ Mephistopheles Caster Fate/Grand Order
36 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Caster Fate/Grand Order
37 ★★★★★ Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II) Caster Fate/Grand Order
38 ★★★ Cú Chulainn Caster Fate/Grand Order
39 Sasaki Kojiro Assassin Fate/stay night
40 ★★ Hassan of the Cursed Arm Assassin Fate/stay night
41 ★★★★ Stheno Assassin Fate/hollow ataraxia
42 ★★★ Jing Ke Assassin Fate/Grand Order
43 ★★ Charles-Henri Sanson Assassin Fate/Grand Order
44 ★★ Phantom of the Opera Assassin Fate/Grand Order
45 Mata Hari Assassin Fate/Grand Order
46 ★★★★ Carmilla Assassin Fate/Grand Order
47 ★★★★ Heracles Berserker Fate/stay night
48 ★★★★ Lancelot Berserker Fate/Zero
49 ★★★ Lü Bu Berserker Fate/EXTRA
50 Spartacus Berserker Fate/Apocrypha
51 ★★★★★ Sakata Kintoki Berserker Fate/Grand Order
52 ★★★★★ Vlad III Berserker Fate/Grand Order / Fate/Apocrypha
53 Asterios Berserker Fate/Grand Order
54 ★★ Caligula Berserker Fate/Grand Order
55 ★★★ Darius III Berserker Fate/Grand Order
56 ★★★ Kiyohime Berserker Fate/Grand Order
57 ★★ Eric Bloodaxe Berserker Fate/Grand Order
58 ★★★★ Tamamo Cat Berserker Fate/Grand Order
59 ★★★★★ Jeanne d'Arc Ruler Fate/Apocrypha
60 ★★★★★ Artemis and Orion Archer Fate/Grand Order
61 ★★★★ Elizabeth Báthory (Halloween) Caster Fate/Grand Order
62 ★★★★★ Tamamo-no-Mae Caster Fate/EXTRA
63 ★★★ David Archer Fate/Grand Order
64 ★★★ Hector Lancer Fate/Grand Order
65 ★★★★★ Francis Drake Rider Fate/EXTRA
66 ★★★★ Anne Bonny and Mary Read Rider Fate/Grand Order
67 ★★★★ Medea (Lily) Caster Fate/Grand Order
68 ★★★★★ Okita Souji Saber Fate/KOHA-ACE
69 ★★★★ Oda Nobunaga Archer Fate/KOHA-ACE
70 ★★★★★ Scáthach Lancer Fate/Grand Order
71 ★★★ Diarmuid Ua Duibhne Lancer Fate/Zero
72 ★★★ Fergus mac Róich Saber Fate/Grand Order
73 ★★★★ Artoria Pendragon (Santa Alter) Rider Fate/Grand Order
74 ★★★★ Nursery Rhyme Caster Fate/EXTRA
75 ★★★★★ Jack the Ripper Assassin Fate/Apocrypha
76 ★★★★★ Mordred Saber Fate/Apocrypha
77 ★★★★★ Nikola Tesla Archer Fate/Grand Order
78 ★★★★ Artoria Pendragon (Alter) Lancer Fate/Grand Order
79 ★★★ Paracelsus von Hohenheim Caster Fate/Prototype: Fragments
80 ★★★ Charles Babbage Caster Fate/Grand Order
81 ★★★ Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Assassin Fate/Grand Order
Fate/Prototype: Fragments
82 ★★★★ Frankenstein Berserker Fate/Apocrypha
NPC N/A E. Fran Berserker Fate/Grand Order
83 ★★★★★ Solomon (NPC Boss) Grand Caster Fate/Grand Order
84 ★★★★★ Arjuna Archer Fate/Grand Order
85 ★★★★★ Karna Lancer Fate/Apocrypha / Fate/EXTRA CCC
86 ★★★★★ Mysterious Heroine X Assassin Fate/Grand Order
NPC Costume Ultra Heroine Z Assassin Fate/Grand Order
87 ★★★★ Fionn mac Cumhaill Lancer Fate/Grand Order
88 ★★★★★ Brynhildr Lancer Fate/Prototype: Fragments
89 ★★★★ Beowulf Berserker Fate/Grand Order
90 ★★★★★ Nero Claudius Caesar (Bride) Saber Fate/EXTRA CCC
91 ★★★★★ Shiki Ryougi (Saber) Saber Kara no Kyoukai
92 ★★★★ Shiki Ryougi (Assassin) Assassin Kara no Kyoukai
93 ★★★★★ Amakusa Shirou Tokisada Ruler Fate/Apocrypha
94 ★★★★ Astolfo Rider Fate/Apocrypha
95 ★★★ Gilgamesh (Child) Archer Fate/hollow ataraxia
96 ★★★★★ Edmond Dantès Avenger Fate/Grand Order
97 ★★★★★ Florence Nightingale Berserker Fate/Grand Order
98 ★★★★★ Cú Chulainn (Alter) Berserker Fate/Grand Order
99 ★★★★★ Medb Rider Fate/Grand Order
100 ★★★★ Helena Blavatsky Caster Fate/Grand Order
101 ★★★★ Rama Saber Fate/Grand Order
102 ★★★★ Li Shuwen (Young) Lancer Fate/Grand Order / Fate/EXTRA
103 ★★★★ Thomas Edison Caster Fate/Grand Order
104 ★★★ Geronimo Caster Fate/Grand Order
105 ★★★ Billy the Kid Archer Fate/Grand Order
??? ??? Sita (Story only) Archer Fate/Grand Order
106 ★★★★★ Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) Avenger
Ruler (NPC)
Fate/Grand Order
107 Angra Mainyu Avenger Fate/hollow ataraxia
108 ★★★★★ Iskandar Rider Fate/Zero
109 ★★★★ EMIYA Assassin Fate/Grand Order
110 ★★★ Hundred-Faced Hassan Assassin Fate/Zero
111 ★★★★ Irisviel (Dress of Heaven) Caster Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Black Iri Avenger Fate/Zero
NPC N/A Fire Iri Berserker Fate/Zero
NPC N/A Water Iri Saber Fate/Zero
NPC N/A Wind Iri Rider Fate/Zero
NPC N/A Earth Iri Lancer Fate/Zero
112 ★★★★★ Shuten-douji Assassin Fate/Grand Order
113 ★★★★★ Xuanzang Sanzang Caster Fate/Grand Order
114 ★★★★★ Minamoto no Raikou Berserker Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Ushi-Gozen Berserker Fate/Grand Order
115 ★★★★ Sakata Kintoki Rider Fate/Grand Order
116 ★★★★ Ibaraki-douji Berserker Fate/Grand Order
117 ★★★ Fuma Kotaro Assassin Fate/Grand Order
118 ★★★★★ Ozymandias Rider Fate/Prototype: Fragments
119 ★★★★★ Artoria Pendragon Lancer Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Lion King Lancer Fate/Grand Order
120 ★★★★ Nitocris Caster Fate/Grand Order
121 ★★★★ Lancelot Saber Fate/Grand Order
122 ★★★★ Tristan Archer Fate/Grand Order
123 ★★★★ Gawain Saber Fate/EXTRA
124 ★★★ Hassan of Serenity Assassin Fate/Prototype: Fragments
125 ★★★ Tawara Touta Archer Fate/Grand Order
126 ★★★ Bedivere Saber Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Agravain ??? Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Hassan of Intoxicated Smoke Assassin Fate/Grand Order
127 ★★★★★ Leonardo da Vinci Caster Fate/Grand Order
128 ★★★★★ Tamamo-no-Mae (Swimsuit) Lancer Fate/Grand Order
129 ★★★★★ Artoria Pendragon (Swimsuit) Archer Fate/Grand Order
130 ★★★★ Marie Antoinette (Swimsuit) Caster Fate/Grand Order
131 ★★★★ Anne Bonny and Mary Read (Swimsuit) Archer Fate/Grand Order
132 ★★★★ Mordred (Swimsuit) Rider Fate/Grand Order
133 ★★★★ Scáthach (Swimsuit) Assassin Fate/Grand Order
134 ★★★★ Kiyohime (Swimsuit) Lancer Fate/Grand Order
135 ★★★★ Saint Martha (Swimsuit) Ruler Fate/Grand Order
136 ★★★★★ Illyasviel von Einzbern Caster Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA
137 ★★★★ Chloe von Einzbern Archer Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA
NPC N/A First Lady Archer Fate/Grand Order
NPC Costume Testament Caster Fate/Grand Order
138 ★★★★ Elizabeth Báthory (Brave) Saber Fate/Grand Order
139 ★★★★★ Cleopatra Assassin Fate/Grand Order
140 ★★★★ Vlad III (Extra) Lancer Fate/EXTRA
141 ★★★★ Jeanne of Arc (Alter Santa Lily) Lancer Fate/Grand Order
142 ★★★★★ Ishtar (Rin Tohsaka) Archer Fate/Grand Order
143 ★★★★★ Enkidu Lancer Fate/strange Fake
144 ★★★★★ Quetzalcoatl Rider Fate/Grand Order
145 ★★★★ Gilgamesh Caster Fate/Grand Order
146 ★★★★ Medusa (Child) Lancer Fate/Grand Order
147 ★★★★ Medusa (Gorgon) Avenger Fate/Grand Order
148 ★★★ Jaguar Man (Taiga Fujimura) Lancer Fate/Grand Order
149 ★★★★★ Tiamat (NPC Boss) Beast Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Kingu Avenger
Fate/Grand Order
150 ★★★★★ Merlin Caster Fate/Grand Order
151 ★★★★★ Goetia (NPC Boss) Beast Fate/Grand Order
152 ★★★★★ Solomon (Story only) Caster Fate/Grand Order
153 ★★★★★ Miyamoto Musashi Saber Fate/Grand Order
154 ★★★★★ King Hassan Assassin Fate/Grand Order
155 ★★★★★ Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) Berserker Fate/Grand Order
156 ★★★★★ James Moriarty Archer Fate/Grand Order
157 ★★★★ EMIYA (Alter) Archer Fate/Grand Order
158 ★★★★ Hessian Lobo Avenger Fate/Grand Order
159 ★★★★ Yan Qing Assassin Fate/Grand Order
160 ★★★★★ Arthur Pendragon Saber Fate/Prototype
161 ★★★★★ Hijikata Toshizou Berserker Fate/Grand Order
162 ★★★★ Chacha Berserker Fate/Grand Order
163 ★★★★★ Meltryllis Alter Ego Fate/EXTRA CCC
164 ★★★★ Passionlip Alter Ego Fate/EXTRA CCC
165 ★★★★ Suzuka Gozen Saber Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail
166 ★★★★ BB MoonCancer Fate/EXTRA CCC
167 ★★★★★ Kiara Sessyoin Alter Ego Fate/EXTRA CCC
168 ★★★★★ Kiara Sessyoin (NPC Boss) Beast Fate/EXTRA CCC
169 ★★★★★ Scheherazade Caster Fate/Grand Order
170 ★★★★ Wu Zetian Assassin Fate/Grand Order
171 ★★★★ Penthesilea Berserker Fate/Grand Order
172 ★★★ Christopher Columbus Rider Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Fergus mac Róich (Child) Saber Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Dahut Rider Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Megalos Berserker Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Roland N/A Fate/Grand Order
173 ★★★★★ Sherlock Holmes Ruler Fate/Grand Order
174 Paul Bunyan Berserker Learn More with Manga! FGO
175 ★★★★★ Nero Claudius Caesar (Swimsuit) Caster Fate/Grand Order
176 ★★★★ Frankenstein (Swimsuit) Saber Fate/Grand Order
177 ★★★★ Nitocris (Swimsuit) Assassin Fate/Grand Order
178 ★★★★ Oda Nobunaga (Swimsuit) Berserker Fate/Grand Order
179 ★★★★★ Artoria Pendragon (Alter) (Swimsuit) Rider Fate/Grand Order
180 ★★★★ Helena Blavatsky (Swimsuit) Archer Fate/Grand Order
181 ★★★★ Minamoto no Raikou (Swimsuit) Lancer Fate/Grand Order
182 ★★★★ Ishtar (Swimsuit) Rider Fate/Grand Order
183 ★★★★ Parvati (Sakura Matou) Lancer Fate/Grand Order
184 ★★★★ Tomoe Gozen Archer Fate/Grand Order
185 ★★★★ Mochizuki Chiyome Assassin Fate/Grand Order
186 ★★★ Inshun Hozoin Lancer Fate/Grand Order
187 ★★★★ Yagyu Munenori Saber Fate/Grand Order
188 ★★★★ Kato Danzo Assassin Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Senji Muramasa (Shirou Emiya) Saber Fate/Grand Order
189 ★★★★★ Osakabehime Assassin Fate/Grand Order
190 ★★★★ Mecha Eli-chan Alter Ego Fate/Grand Order
191 ★★★★ Mecha Eli-chan MkII Alter Ego Fate/Grand Order
NPC Costume Amazoness CEO Berserker Fate/Grand Order
192 ★★★★ Circe Caster Fate/Grand Order
193 ★★★★ Nezha Lancer Fate/Grand Order
194 ★★★★ Queen of Sheba Caster Fate/Grand Order
195 ★★★★★ Abigail Williams Foreigner Fate/Grand Order
196 ★★★★★ Ereshkigal (Rin Tohsaka) Lancer Fate/Grand Order
197 ★★★★ Altera the San(ta) Archer Fate/Grand Order
198 ★★★★★ Katsushika Hokusai Foreigner Fate/Grand Order
199 ★★★★★ Semiramis Assassin Fate/Apocrypha
200 ★★★★ Fujino Asagami Archer Kara no Kyoukai
201 ★★★★★ Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova Caster Fate/Grand Order
202 ★★★★ Atalanta Alter Berserker Fate/Grand Order
203 ★★★ Avicebron Caster Fate/Apocrypha
204 ★★★ Antonio Salieri Avenger Fate/Grand Order
205 ★★★★★ Ivan the Terrible Rider Fate/Grand Order
NPC ★★★★ Minotauros Berserker Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Tamamo Vitch Alter Ego Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Rasputin (Kirei Kotomine) Alter Ego Fate/Grand Order
206 ★★★★★ Achilles Rider Fate/Apocrypha
207 ★★★★ Chiron Archer Fate/Apocrypha
208 ★★★★ Sieg Caster Fate/Apocrypha
NPC N/A Vlad III Lancer Fate/Apocrypha
209 ★★★★★ Okita Souji (Alter) Alter Ego Fate/KOHA-ACE
210 ★★★ Okada Izou Assassin Fate/KOHA-ACE
211 ★★★★ Sakamoto Ryoma Rider Fate/KOHA-ACE
NPC N/A Kaiser Nobunaga Archer Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Akechi Mitsuhide Caster Fate/Grand Order
212 ★★★★★ Napoleon Bonaparte Archer Fate/Grand Order
213 ★★★★★ Sigurd Saber Fate/Grand Order
214 ★★★★ Valkyrie Lancer Fate/Grand Order
215 ★★★★★ Scáthach Skadi Caster Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Surtr Ancient Giant
Fate/Grand Order
216 ★★★★★ Jeanne d'Arc (Swimsuit) Archer Fate/Grand Order
217 ★★★★ Ibaraki-douji (Swimsuit) Lancer Fate/Grand Order
218 ★★★★ Ushiwakamaru (Swimsuit) Assassin Fate/Grand Order
219 ★★★★ Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) (Swimsuit) Berserker Fate/Grand Order
220 ★★★★★ BB Pele MoonCancer Fate/Grand Order
221 ★★★★ Medb (Swimsuit) Saber Fate/Grand Order
222 ★★★★ Mysterious Heroine XX Foreigner Fate/Grand Order
223 ★★★★ Diarmuid Ua Duibhne Saber Fate/Grand Order
224 ★★★★★ Sitonai Alter Ego Fate/Grand Order
225 ★★★★ Shuten-douji (Halloween) Caster Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Elizabeth JAPAN Rider Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Captain Nemo ??? Fate/Grand Order
226 ★★★★★ Xiang Yu‎‎ Berserker Fate/Grand Order
227 ★★★★ Prince of Lanling Saber Fate/Grand Order
228 ★★★★ Qin Liangyu Lancer Fate/Grand Order
229 ★★★★★ Qin Shi Huang Ruler Fate/Grand Order
230 ★★★★ Consort Yu Assassin Fate/Grand Order
231 ★★★ Red Hare Rider Fate/Grand Order
232 ★★★★★ Bradamante Lancer Fate/Grand Order
233 ★★★★ Quetzalcoatl (Samba/Santa) Ruler Fate/Grand Order
NPC Costume Black Quetzal Mask Ruler Fate/Grand Order
234 ★★★★★ Benienma Saber Fate/Grand Order
235 ★★★★★ Li Shuwen (Old) Assassin Fate/Grand Order
236 ★★★★ Miyu Edelfelt (Sakatsuki Miyu) Caster Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA
237 ★★★★★ Murasaki Shikibu Caster Fate/Grand Order
238 ★★★★★ Kingprotea Alter Ego Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail
239 ★★★★★ Kama (Sakura Matou) Assassin Fate/Grand Order
240 ★★★★★ Kama/Mara (NPC Boss) Beast Fate/Grand Order
241 ★★★★★ Sima Yi (Reines El-Melloi Archisorte) Rider Fate/Grand Order
242 ★★★★ Astraea (Luviagelita Edelfelt) Ruler Fate/Grand Order
243 ★★★★ Gray Assassin Lord El-Melloi II Case Files
244 ★★★★★ Ganesha (Jinako Carigiri) MoonCancer Fate/Grand Order
245 ★★★★ Lakshmibai Saber Fate/Grand Order
246 ★★★ William Tell Archer Fate/Grand Order
247 ★★★★★ Arjuna (Alter) Berserker Fate/Grand Order
248 ★★★★ Ashwatthama Archer Fate/Grand Order
249 ★★★ Asclepius Caster Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Nezha Berserker Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Daybit Sem Void's Servant‎‎ ??? Fate/Grand Order
250 ★★★★★ Demon King Nobunaga Avenger Fate/Grand Order
251 ★★★ Mori Nagayoshi Berserker Fate/KOHA-ACE
252 ★★★★ Nagao Kagetora Lancer Fate/KOHA-ACE
NPC N/A Maxwell's Demon Caster Fate/KOHA-ACE
NPC N/A Shibata Katsuie Berserker Fate/Grand Order
253 ★★★★★ Leonardo da Vinci (Child) Rider Fate/Grand Order Arcade
254 Jason Saber Fate/Grand Order
255 ★★ Paris Archer Fate/Grand Order
256 ★★ Gareth Lancer Fate/Grand Order
257 Bartholomew Roberts Rider Fate/Grand Order
258 ★★ Chen Gong Caster Fate/EXTELLA
259 Charlotte Corday Assassin Fate/Grand Order
260 ★★ Salome Berserker Fate/Grand Order
261 ★★★★★ Miyamoto Musashi (Swimsuit) Berserker Fate/Grand Order
262 ★★★★ Osakabehime (Swimsuit) Archer Fate/Grand Order
263 ★★★★ Carmilla (Swimsuit) Rider Fate/Grand Order
264 ★★★★ Katsushika Hokusai (Swimsuit)‎ Saber Fate/Grand Order
265 ★★★★★ Artoria Pendragon (Lancer) (Swimsuit)‎ Ruler Fate/Grand Order
266 ★★★★ Mysterious Alter Ego Λ Lancer Fate/Grand Order
267 ★★★★ Okita J Souji Assassin Fate/Grand Order
268 ★★★★★ Space Ishtar Avenger Fate/Grand Order
269 ★★★★ Calamity Jane Archer Fate/Grand Order
NPC Costume Ashtoret Orgin Avenger Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Unnamed Gunslinger ??? Fate/Grand Order
270 ★★★★★ Astolfo Saber Fate/Grand Order
271 ★★★★ Nightingale (Santa) Archer Fate/Grand Order
272 ★★★★★ Super Orion Archer Fate/Grand Order
273 ★★★ Mandricardo Rider Fate/Grand Order
274 ★★★★★ Europa Rider Fate/Grand Order
275 ★★★★★ Yang Guifei Foreigner Fate/Grand Order
276 ★★★★★ Sei Shonagon Archer Fate/Grand Order
277 ★★★★★ Odysseus Rider Fate/Grand Order
278 ★★★★★ Castor and Pollux Saber Fate/Grand Order
279 ★★★★ Caenis Lancer Fate/Grand Order
280 ★★★★★ Romulus-Quirinus Lancer Fate/Grand Order
281 ★★★★★ Voyager Foreigner Fate/Requiem
282 ★★★★ Kijyo Koyo Berserker Fate/Requiem
283 ★★★★ Erice Utsumi Lancer Fate/Requiem
NPC N/A Marie Antoinette Alter ??? Fate/Requiem
284 ★★★★★ Artoria Caster Caster Fate/Grand Order
285 ★★★★★ Kiara Sessyoin (Yao Bikuni) MoonCancer Fate/Grand Order
286 ★★★★ Illyasviel von Einzbern (Swimsuit) Archer Fate/Grand Order
287 ★★★★ Brynhildr (Swimsuit) Berserker Fate/Grand Order
288 ★★★★ Consort Yu (Swimsuit) Lancer Fate/Grand Order
289 ★★★★★ Abigail Williams (Swimsuit) Foreigner Fate/Grand Order
290 ★★★★ Tomoe Gozen (Swimsuit) Saber Fate/Grand Order
291 ★★★★ Murasaki Shikibu (Swimsuit) Rider Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Xu Fu Archer Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Hans Christian Andersen (Adult) ??? Fate/Grand Order
292 ★★★★★ Himiko Ruler Fate/Grand Order
293 ★★★★ Saito Hajime Saber Fate/Grand Order
294 Oda Nobukatsu Archer Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Yamanami Keisuke ??? Fate/Grand Order
NPC N/A Serizawa Kamo Saber Fate/Grand Order
??? ??? Unknown Assassin Fate/Grand Order
??? ??? Ashiya Doman Alter Ego Fate/Grand Order
?? ??? Kazuradrop Alter Ego Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail
?? ??? Violet Alter Ego Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail
?? ??? Gilgamesh (Prototype) Archer Fate/Prototype
?? ??? Perseus (Prototype) Rider Fate/Prototype
?? ??? Mother Harlot ??? Fate/Grand Order
?? ??? Perseus Lancer Fate/Grand Order

Chaldea Security Organization

Chaldea summoned three Servants in the present for their experiments.

Servant Identity Master
Caster Solomon Marisbilly Animusphere
None Galahad Fused with Mash as a Demi-Servant
Caster Leonardo da Vinci Identical self-made doll

Singularity F

During the war, five servants were killed by Saber Alter, and they appear as Shadow Servants. Caster was the only survivor, who teams up with the Protagonist.

[v]Series Designation Identity
All versions Saber King Arthur (Alter)
Fate/Grand Order Lancer Musashibou Benkei
First Order & Manga Lancer Medusa
All versions Archer EMIYA
Fate/Grand Order Rider Medusa
First Order Rider Darius III
FGO ~turas réalta~ Rider Boudica
All versions Caster Cú Chulainn
Fate/Grand Order & First Order Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (Cursed Arm)
FGO ~turas réalta~ Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (Hundred Faces)
All versions Berserker Heracles
Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' War

Gilles de Rais manages to bring forth Joan of Arc Alter as a corrupted manifestation of Joan of Arc by using the Holy Grail. She then summons five more Servants, becoming their Master and giving them all the attribute of Berserker. While battling her, many Servants gather under the Protagonist and begin to refer to them as their Master.

[v] Designation Identity Affiliation
Ruler Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) None
Berserk Saber Le Chevalier d'Eon Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Lancer Vlad III Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Archer Atalanta Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Rider Saint Martha Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Caster Gilles de Rais Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Assassin Elizabeth Báthory/Carmilla Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Ruler Jeanne d'Arc Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber (Living Hero) Gilles de Rais None
Saber Siegfried Ritsuka Fujimaru
Lancer Elizabeth Báthory Ritsuka Fujimaru
Rider Saint George Ritsuka Fujimaru
Rider Marie Antoinette Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Kiyohime Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Charles-Henri Sanson Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserker Lancelot Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Assassin Phantom of the Opera None
The Eternal Roman Empire

The Protagonist teams up with Nero and a number of allies to battle a faction of Servants manipulated by Lev Reinol Flauros.

[v]Designation Identity Affiliation
Saber (Living Hero) Nero Claudius Caesar Roman Empire
Rider Boudica Nero Claudius Ceasar
Berserker Spartacus Nero Claudius Ceasar
Assassin Jing Ke Nero Claudius Ceasar
Berserker Lu Bu Nero Claudius Ceasar
Berserker Caligula United Roman Empire
Saber Gaius Julius Caesar United Roman Empire
Assassin Stheno None
Lancer Elizabeth Báthory Stheno
Berserker Tamamo Cat Stheno
Lancer Leonidas United Roman Empire
Berserker Darius III None
Caster Zhuge Liang United Roman Empire
Rider Alexander the Great (Child) United Roman Empire
Lancer Romulus United Roman Empire
Saber Attila None
Final Blockade to the Seven Seas
[v]Designation Identity Affiliation
Rider (Living Hero) Francis Drake Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Asterios Euryale
Archer Euryale Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer Orion & Artemis Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer Atalanta Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer David Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Eric Bloodaxe Edward Teach
Rider Anne Bonny & Mary Read Edward Teach
Rider Edward Teach None
Lancer Hector Edward Teach
Jason (true)
N/A Jason None
Caster Medea (Child) Jason
Berserker Heracles Jason

Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail

The events of the Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail are detailed in Koha-Ace.

[v]Series War Servant Identity Master
??? Memoirs Saber Toyotomi Hideyoshi Rin Tohsaka/Sakura Matou
??? Memoirs Archer Oda Nobunaga Artoria
??? Memoirs Lancer of Eight Flowers Nagao Kagetora Satsuki Yumizuka
??? Memoirs Unknown Unknown Illyasviel von Einzbern
Fate/KOHA-ACE Strange Story Saber Okita Souji Kohaku
Fate/KOHA-ACE Strange Story Archer Oda Nobunaga Artoria
Fate/KOHA-ACE Strange Story Lancer Li Shuwen Caren Kotomine
Fate/KOHA-ACE Strange Story Rider Sakamoto Ryoma None (Counter Force)
Fate/KOHA-ACE Strange Story Caster Maxwell's Demon Fuhrer
Fate/KOHA-ACE Strange Story Assassin Okada Izou Major Reiter
Fate/KOHA-ACE Strange Story Berserker Mori Nagayoshi Major Matou
Fate/KOHA-ACE Strange Story Counter Guardian Okita Souji (Alter) None (Counter Force)
Fate/KOHA-ACE Strange Story Lancer Cú Chulainn Mysterious Officer
Fate/KOHA-ACE Strange Story Heroic Spirit Soldiers Various Fuhrer
Fate/type Redline Strange Story Saber Okita Souji Kanata Akagi
Fate/type Redline Strange Story Archer Oda Nobunaga Unnamed
Fate/type Redline Strange Story Lancer Li Shuwen ???
Fate/type Redline Strange Story Rider Sakamoto Ryoma None (Counter Force)
Fate/type Redline Strange Story Caster Maxwell's Demon Unnamed
Fate/type Redline Strange Story Assassin Okada Izou Unnamed
Fate/type Redline Strange Story Berserker Mori Nagayoshi Major Magatsu
Fate/type Redline Strange Story Lancer Unknown Mysterious Officer
Koha-Ace None Tokugawa Ieyasu Tokugawa Ieyasu None
Koha-Ace None Sun Wukong Sun Wukong None
Koha-Ace None Devil Saber Okita Souji/Oda Nobunaga None

Ainsworth Holy Grail War

The events of the Ainsworth Holy Grail War are detailed in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. All Class Cards from the Fifth Holy Grail War remained until the Sixth Holy Grail War. The Assassin Class Card's Hassan-i-Sabbah changed between the two wars.

[v]War Servant Card Identity Card User
5th Archer Gilgamesh Angelica Ainsworth (Doll)
5th Archer (Second) EMIYA Shirou Emiya
5th Saber King Arthur Zachary Ainsworth (Doll)
5th Lancer Cú Chulainn Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald (Doll)
5th Rider Medusa Kariya Matou (Doll)
5th Caster Medea Atrum Galliasta (Doll)
5th Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah Shinji Matou (Doll)
5th Berserker Heracles Beatrice Flowerchild (Doll)
6th Assassin Hassan of the Hundred Faces Illyasviel von Einzbern
6th Assassin Hassan of Serenity Miyu Edelfelt
6th Assassin Unknown Julian Ainsworth
6th Berserker Magni Beatrice Flowerchild
6th Berserker Lancelot Sakura Matou (Doll)
6th Apneic Beauty Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
6th Authoritarian Personalism Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
6th Unnamed Dagger Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
6th Ninth Prayer Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
6th Crown Undertaker Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
None Nameless Class Cards None Ainsworth Family

Servant Parameter Listing

The Parameters for each Servant.

Servant Identity Strength Endurance Agility Mana Luck NP
Alter Ego Kiara Sessyoin D @ A+ A2 B+ * EX E * EX
Alter Ego Mecha Eli-chan A A E E E B
Alter Ego Mecha Eli-chan MkII A A E E E B
Alter Ego C Violet B B @ A+ B B B
Alter Ego G Kingprotea * EX * EX A D B M 
Alter Ego M Passionlip @ A+ A C B E C
Alter Ego S Meltryllis E C @ A+ A B * EX
Archer Alcides A B A A B ? A++
Archer Anne Bonny and Mary Read D C A D A A
Archer Arash B A A2 B+ E D A1 B++
Archer Arjuna A B B B ? A++ * EX
Archer Artemis and Orion D C B A @ A+ @ A+
Archer Atalanta D E A B C C
Archer Attila the Hun C B @ A+ A A * EX
Archer Billy the Kid D E B D B C
Archer Chiron B B @ A+ B C A
Archer Chloe von Einzbern D C B C C C
Archer David C D B C A B
Archer EMIYA D C C B E M ?
Archer (Alter) EMIYA C B D B E M ?
Archer Euryale E E C * EX * EX C
Archer (Kotomine) Gilgamesh B C C B A * EX
Archer (Prototype) Gilgamesh C C B A B * EX
Archer (Tine) Gilgamesh B B B A A * EX
Archer (Tokiomi) Gilgamesh B B B A A * EX
Archer Gilgamesh (Child) C C C C A * EX
Archer Helena Blavatsky E D B A A A2 B+
Archer Ishtar B B B * EX A ? A++
Archer James Moriarty C D A B A C
Archer King Arthur (Female) C C A2 B+ @ A+ @ A+ A
Archer Nikola Tesla D C C B D * EX
Archer No Name C C C B D M ?
Archer Oda Nobunaga B B B A A- * E~EX
Archer (Protagonist) Oda Nobunaga C B C B B M 
Archer Robin Hood C C B B B D
Archer Tawara no Tōta B B C C B A
Archer Tomoe Gozen C D C B A A2 B+
Archer Tristan B B A B E A
Assassin Carmilla D D A C D B
Assassin Charles-Henri Sanson D D C D A B
Assassin Cleopatra B C A D D A
Assassin Fūma Kotarō B2 C+ D @ A+ B B C
Assassin Jekyll and Hyde B2 C+ E @ A+ E C C
Assassin EMIYA D C @ A+ C E (* EX) A1 B++
Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah candidate C B A C D A2 B+
Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (Cursed Arm) B C A C E C
Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (King) B A B E E A
Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (Hundred) C D A C E B
Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (Serenity) D D @ A+ C A C
Assassin Jack the Ripper C C A C E C
Assassin Jing Ke D E A E D B
Assassin Katō Danzō D D A C B C
Assassin Li Shuwen B C A E E M 
Assassin Mata Hari E E E E D @ A+
Assassin Mochizuki Chiyome D D A C C C
Assassin Mysterious Heroine X B C @ A+ B D ? A++
Assassin Nitocris E E B A A B
Assassin Okada Izō C D B E E C
Assassin Osakabehime E E E @ A+ @ A+ ? A++
Assassin Phantom of the Opera B C A D D B
Assassin Sasaki Kojirō C E @ A+ E A M ?
Assassin Scáthach C C @ A+ C D @ A+
Assassin Semiramis E D D A A B
Assassin Shiki Ryougi E D @ A+ C @ A+ * EX
Assassin Shuten-douji A B B @ A+ D B
Assassin Stheno E E B * EX * EX B
Assassin Wu Zetian D E A B A B
Assassin Yan Qing B D @ A+ D B D
Avenger Angra Mainyu E E A D D1 E+ C
Avenger Edmond Dantès B @ A+ C B M ? B
Avenger Hessian Lobo @ A+ A2 B+ @ A+ E D A2 B+
Avenger Medusa ? A++ ? A++ B B D A
Beast Goetia A A D @ A+ B *0 A+++
Beast Kiara Sessyoin C * EX B * EX A * EX
Beast Tiamat @ A+ * EX C ? A++ * EX M 
Berserker Arcueid Brunestud @ A+ B A C D E
Berserker Asterios ? A++ ? A++ C D E A
Berserker Beowulf A A C D A A
Berserker Caligula @ A+ A2 B+ A2 B+ C2 D+ C2 D+ C
Berserker Chacha D D D C B C
Berserker (Alter) Cú Chulainn A A2 B+ @ A+ C D A
Berserker Darius III A @ A+ B E D A
Berserker Elizabeth Báthory A A B D C E-
Berserker Eric Bloodaxe A2 B+ A2 B+ D D C C
Berserker Florence Nightingale A2 B+ @ A+ A2 B+ C2 D+ @ A+ D
Berserker Frankenstein's Monster C B D D B C
Berserker Heracles @ A+ A A A B B
Berserker Jack the Ripper M  M  M  M  M  B
Berserker Jekyll and Hyde A2 B+ A2 B+ C D D C
Berserker Hijikata Toshizō C C C E D B1 C+
Berserker (Assassin) Hyde A2 B+ A2 B+ A2 B+ D D C
Berserker Ibaraki-douji B @ A+ C C B C
Berserker Kiyohime E E C E E * EX
Berserker Lancelot A A @ A+ C B A
Berserker Lü Bu @ A+ @ A+ A2 B+ B1 C+ B1 C+ A
Berserker Minamoto no Raikou A B D A C @ A+
Berserker Mori Nagayoshi B C D E D C
Berserker (Alter) Mysterious Heroine X A B B @ A+ C ? A++
Berserker Oda Nobunaga B C B C B M ?
Berserker Paul Bunyan C A C E E C
Berserker Penthesilea @ A+ A2 B+ C A D A
Berserker Sakata Kintoki @ A+ B B C C C
Berserker Spartacus A * EX D E D C
Berserker Tamamo-no-Mae A2 B+ E A A B D
Berserker Vlad III A A C B E A
Caster Archimedes E D C C A B
Caster Charles Babbage A1 B++ A1 B++ C1 D++ A E @ A+
Caster Circe E B D @ A+ A C
Caster Cú Chulainn E D C B D B
Caster Elizabeth Báthory D D D B C D
Caster François Prelati E D C A B A
Caster Geronimo C D B A2 B+ C B
Caster Gilgamesh C D C B A * EX
Caster Gilles de Rais D E D C E @ A+
Caster Geronimo C D B A2 B+ C B
Caster Hans Christian Andersen E E E * EX E C
Caster Helena Blavatsky E E D A A A
Caster Illyasviel von Einzbern E C D B A @ A+
Caster Irisviel von Einzbern E E C @ A+ B B
Caster Leonardo da Vinci E E C @ A+ B * EX
Caster Marie Antoinette E D C A A2 B+ A
Caster Maxwell's Demon M  M  M  M  M  * EX
Caster Medea E D C @ A+ B C
Caster (Lily) Medea E E D A A C
Caster Mephistopheles D C B A B B
Caster Merlin B E D A C C
Caster Mozart D E B A2 B+ D B
Caster Nero Claudius Caesar D D A B A A
Caster Nitocris E E C A A2 B+ A2 B+
Caster Nursery Rhyme D~E D0 D~E D~E D~E D~E * EX
Caster (Protagonist) Nursery Rhyme E E C A B B0 C++
Caster Paracelsus von Hohenheim D E C A B @ A+
Caster Queen of Sheba D C D A A B
Caster Scheherazade E D E C * EX * EX
Caster Solomon E E B ? A++ ? A++ *0 A+++
Caster Tamamo-no-Mae E E B A D B
Caster Thomas Edison E * EX E * EX A * EX
Caster William Shakespeare E E D B0 C++ B B1 C+
Caster Xuanzang Sanzang E D B @ A+ * EX A
Caster Zhuge Liang E E D @ A+ A2 B+ A
Foreigner Abigail Williams B A C B C A
Foreigner Katsushika Hokusai D D B B A A
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh B B B A A * EX
Grand Caster Solomon E E B ? A++ ? A++ ? A++
Tokugawa Ieyasu Tokugawa Ieyasu E E E E C A
Lancer Brynhildr A2 B+ A A C E A
Lancer (Kirei) Cú Chulainn B C A C E B
Lancer (Rin) Cú Chulainn B A A C D B
Lancer (Prototype) Cú Chulainn A C @ A+ B D B
Lancer Diarmuid Ua Duibhne B C @ A+ D E B
Lancer Elizabeth Báthory C D E A B D
Lancer Enkidu M  M  M  M  M  ? A++
Lancer (Balanced) Enkidu A A A A A ? A++
Lancer Ereshkigal A B D B B A
Lancer Fionn mac Cumhaill A2 B+ B @ A+ C C A2 B+
Lancer Hector B B A B B B
Lancer Hōzōin Inshun C D A D B C
Lancer Jaguar Man C C B E B B
Lancer (Alter) (Lily) Joan of Arc C D A B ? A++ @ A+
Lancer Karna B C A B D * EX
Lancer King Arthur B A A A C ? A++
Lancer Kiyohime D D B E @ A+ C
Lancer Leonidas I B A D C C B
Lancer Li Shuwen (Old) C E @ A+ E D C
Lancer Li Shuwen (Young) B C A E E M 
Lancer Medusa C D A C E @ A+
Lancer Minamoto no Raikou C B D A C @ A+
Lancer Musashibou Benkei A A2 B+ C D C C
Lancer Nezha B2 C+ B A B A A
Lancer Parvati D C D B B * EX
Lancer Romulus B A A C B ? A++
Lancer Scáthach B A A C D @ A+
Lancer Tamamo-no-Mae B C A E A C
Lancer (Darnic) Vlad III B B A A D A
Lancer (Run Ru) Vlad III B A E A D C
Launcher Karna B A A B @ A+ ? A++
MoonCancer BB !  !  !  !  !  N/A
MoonCancer (FGO) BB E C D A * EX A
Rider Achilles A2 B+ A @ A+ C D @ A+
Rider Alexander the Great B A D C @ A+ ? A++
Rider Alexander the Great (Child) C B B C @ A+

A2 B+

Rider Astolfo D D B C @ A+ C
Rider Anne Bonny and Mary Read C C A E B C
Rider Boudica C A2 B+ C D D A2 B+
Rider Christopher Columbus C B D E * EX A
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Rider Ishtar C C A B B * EX
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Rider (Alter) King Arthur (Female) B C B A B A
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Rider Ozymandias C C B A @ A+ * EX
Rider Perseus C2 D+ D1 E+ A2 B+ C2 D+ @ A+ A/ ABCDE
Rider Quetzalcoatl B B A2 B+ * EX @ A+ * EX
Rider Saint George D @ A+ B0 C++ D @ A+ C
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Rider Sakata Kintoki @ A+ B A2 B+ C C B
Rider Ushiwakamaru D C @ A+ B A @ A+
Ruler Amakusa Shirou Tokisada C C B A B D
Ruler Joan of Arc B B A A C ? A++
Ruler (Alter) Joan of Arc A C A @ A+ E @ A+
Ruler Saint Martha A2 B+ B B A @ A+ A
Ruler Sherlock Holmes D C A2 B+ B ? A++ B
Saber Attila the Hun B A A B A @ A+
Saber Bedivere A B @ A+ C B A
Saber (Brave) Elizabeth Báthory B C C C B C
Saber Fergus mac Róich A A B E C @ A+
Saber Frankenstein's Monster B0 C++ B C D A B
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Saber Gawain A2 B+ A2 B+ B A A @ A+
Saber Gilles de Rais B C C D D B
Saber (Ayaka) King Arthur (Male) B A B E C * C (EX)
Saber (Manaka) King Arthur (Male) A @ A+ B A D * C (EX)
Saber (Protagonist) King Arthur (Male) A @ A+ B B B * EX
Saber (Alter) King Arthur (Female) A A D ? A++ C ? A++
Saber (Lily) King Arthur (Female) C C B A @ A+ B
Saber (Kiritsugu) King Arthur (Female) B A A A D ? A++
Saber (Protagonist) King Arthur (Female) B B B A @ A+ ? A++
Saber (Rin) King Arthur (Female) A B B A @ A+ ? A++
Saber (Shirou) King Arthur (Female) B C C B B C
Saber Lancelot B A B C B ? A++
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Saber Miyamoto Musashi B B B E B B
Saber Mordred A2 B+ A B B D A
Saber Nero Claudius Caesar D D A B A B
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Saber (Venus) Nero Claudius Caesar C C B @ A+ * EX * EX
Saber Okita Souji C E @ A+ E D C
Saber Rama A B @ A+ B B A
Saber Shiki Ryougi 「 」 E A C B A A2 B+
Saber Siegfried A2 B+ A B C E A
Saber Suzuka Gozen D D A A B * EX
Saber (Base) Toyotomi Hideyoshi E E D E C E
Saber (Max) Toyotomi Hideyoshi A A @ A+ A * EX * EX
Saber Yagyū Munenori B D ? A++ E B B
Saver Buddha A A C B B ? A++
Shielder Mash Kyrielight/Galahad C A D B C N/A


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    Difference between Heroic Spirits and Servants
    Heroic Spirits were Heroes who have left behind great feats in legends after death and become subjects of belief.
    Normally, a Heroic Spirit is summoned by the world as power that protects humans.
    The ones summoned by humans are Servants. However, Heroic Spirits cannot be controlled by humans, and to summon them, the Holy Grail or something with power of that sort must be used.
    The Servant system of Fuyuki summons Heroic Spirits with the power of the Greater Grail. Heroic Spirits summoned as Servants are like "emanations", copies created using the information of the main body of the Heroic Servant.

    Thrones of Heroes diagram.png

    •Birth of Heroic Spirits
    It's been explained that Heroic Spirits are beings that heroes whom belief has been gathered upon become after death, but heroes of myths and legends can be born by the gathering of belief even if they didn't exist. Also, there are those who those who make a contract of some sort with the world when they were alive and as compensation become Heroic Spirits after death. In the Fifth War, Hasan Sabaha was a hero that actually existed, and Herakles and Medusa are ones of legends. Also, Emiya and Artoria are beings that became (or will become) Heroic Spirits after their contract with the world. Those who have become Heroic Spirits are freed from the constraints of time and are moved to the Throne of Heroes, existing to the outside of the World.

    •Heroic Spirit summoning
    Heroic Spirits are beings cut off from the time axis and can be summoned in any era, regardless of past and future. However, the only one that can summon the main body of the Heroic Spirits is the "world", and alas, humans can't summon the main body and can only summon their emanations, the Servants. Speaking of which, the information (souls) making up the Servants return to the main body at the same time as the death of the Servant, and the main body can know, as records, about the actions of the Servants as if reading a book.

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    Servant [Magecraft]
    The Heroic Spirits summoned by the Holy Grail. They fell under the "Familiar" classification.
    Seven Classes (only) were designated in advance. They were souls of the greatest purity called forth by using relics tied to the specific Heroic Spirits.
    Originally they were not existences that could be controlled by mere humans, but they were forced to cooperate with the Masters due to the Command Spells. These Command Spells represented Masters' right to rule. For Servants, obedience towards the Command Spells were "the absolute condition required for materialization".
    Servants could revert to Spiritual Form at any time. While in Spiritual Form, they could pass through inorganic matters that lack mana.
    During Lancer's surprise drop attack from the ceilings at the Emiya residence, he phased through the roof and entered the living room. He then materialized after clearing the ceiling.
    While in Spiritual Form, Servants were not affected by physical interference. However, their abilities to affect the material world decreased. As a result, it was considered advantageous to materialize during combat.


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    Q: Concerning the Servants' appearance, do they take the form they had just before death, or the form they had during the prime of their lives?

    A: Generally speaking, they take the appearance they had in their prime. However, if there's some kind of strong curse, or the Servant in question has an attachment to it, then their form from just before death can also appear.


    A:基本的に全盛期の姿です。何かの強い呪い、ないし本人の執着があるのなら死ぬ直前の姿で現れることもあ りますが。

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    • Master: Hero
    • Identity: Nero Claudius
    • Gender: Female
    • Height, Weight: 150cm/42kg
    • Alignment:Chaotic Good
    • Strength: D
    • Endurance: D
    • Agility: A
    • Mana: B
    • Luck: A
    • Noble Phantasm: B

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: C

    Personal skills
    Imperial Privilege: EX

    Migraine: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Aestus Domus Aurea: Golden Theater of the Flamboyant
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-team
    Range: 30,60,90
    Maximum number of targets: Hundred People, Five Hundred People, Thousand people


    • マスター:主人公
    • 真名:ネロ・クラウディウス
    • 性別:女性
    • 身長・体重:150cm/42kg
    • 属性:渾沌・善
    • 筋力:D
    • 耐久:D
    • 敏捷:A
    • 魔力:B
    • 幸運:A
    • 宝具:B







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    Class: Saber
    Master: ???
    True name: Souji Okita
    Gender: Female
    Height/Weight: 158cm/45kg
    Alignment: True Neutral

    Strength: C
    Endurance: E
    Agility: A+
    Magic: E
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: E

    Riding: E

    Personal Skills
    Eye of the Mind (False): A

    Weak Constitution: A

    Reduced Earth: B

    Mumyou Sandan-Zuki
    Type: Anti-Unit Demonic Sword
    Maximum number of targets: 1 person

    Noble Phantasms
    Coat of Oaths
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1
    Maximum number of targets: 1 Person

    Flag of Sincerity
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum number of targets: 1~200 People

    CLASS セイバー












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    Name: Elizabeth “The torture idol of the dragon family, Elizabeth Báthory! I’ll break your heart to pieces too!”
    Height: 154cm “No, 172cm! What do you think of this incredible supermodel-esque stature? My horns are quite tall.”
    Weight: 44kg “An idol’s age and weight ought to be kept secret, but, hey, do you really want to hear it? No matter what? Well then I suppose I’ll have to say…I’m a lovely 44kg.”
    3Size: B77/W56/H80 “There are, er, various things one can do disguise this. I-I’m not wearing slimming clothes!”
    Home: House Báthory “The ancient dragons. The noble bloodline that bears their fangs. The House of Báthory in Hungary. The place that was everything to me.”
    Birthday: May 17th “Could you leave the presents with my manager?”
    Weak Point: If you expose my noble wrath I’ll never forgive you “Unfortunately I’ll have to cut you up, crush you, wring you dry, and then, you have to marry me!!”
    Fetishism: Torture…? “No, that’s a duty of the nobility, so that’s different. So, then…wh, I, with the opposite sex? I don’t know anything about that, but, uh, fingers are certainly lovely aren’t they?”
    What do you look for in a partner? There are a lot of things, but really… “Starting with a house, they need wealth, work, hobbies…there are a lot of things, but ignoring all that nonsense, it’s definitely ‘destiny’ in the end.”
    What’s your favorite color of underwear? Always what’s most fashionable in show business “And a top idol most definitely has stripes!”
    How do you spend your free time? Recovering from fatigue with a relaxing bath “It’s not that easy, keeping up this beauty.”


    Fond of Cooking (Wish to be a Beloved Wife):

    Elizabeth’s second SG.

    Though Elizabeth herself says she likes cooking, this is not a simple fondness for the act of preparing food, like that of the red-mantled Archer. Elizabeth’s fondness for cooking comes from a desire to be praised by or to monopolize the person she likes. Essentially it amounts to nothing but a desire to be beloved as a wife. Her skill in cooking is utterly lacking.

    We can infer that as the fondness for cooking appears as the apex of Elizabeth’s wish to be a wife, she then stresses meals. Or perhaps it’s part of her draconic instincts.


    Though Elizabeth shares her love of song with Saber and her wish to be a beloved wife with Caster, what lies at the bottom of those wishes is completely different.
    To confirm her beloved’s love — preparing food as a method keep a husband’s attention does not come from an “equal relationship.” She would “bestow meals” to her husband as a noble. It’s no different from feeding an animal. It contains none of the “romance” she longs for. The controlling disposition hard-wired into her devours even her meagre dreams.

    Purity (Inexperienced):

    Elizabeth’s third SG. We would like to leave just what constitutes “purity” to the reader’s imagination.

    Servants are revived in the form that represents golden age of their lives. So Elizabeth appears as an unwed daughter of house Báthory, a young girl in love with love…one assumes.


    An idol must be pure as snow. Forget romance, the moment she comes to know love her shine is lost. As long as she immerses herself in the idol business, this SG will be eternally indestructible.

  17. [v] Fate/EXTRA - Li Shuwen (Assassin) Matrix [T]

    Class: Assassin
    Master: Julius Harway
    True Name: Li Shuwen
    Noble Phantasm: No Second Strike
    Keyword: A second strike isn't needed, Obfuscation
    Strength: B, Defense: C, Agility: A, Magic: E, Luck: E
    Obfuscation: -, Liuhe Quan: A+++, Concealment: A


    01 - No Second Strike
    Li Shuwen's blows are almost always fatal, whether he throws a hard blow designed to kill or a simple feint to draw his opponent into an attack. A saying that has managed to survive the passing of years is, "For Li Shuwen, a second strike is needless." It is this saying from which his Noble Phantasm get its name.

    To be accurate, this isn't a Noble Phantasm in the traditional sense of term. Rather, it is the ultimate expressions of the true power possible by mastering the martial arts. Li Shuwen is considered to be one of the very few to have gained total mastery over his style, and in fact was believed to have transcended the need for physical attacks, instead defeating his opponents by engulfing them in Chi.

    There is much debate as to whether Li Shuwen actually uses his Chi to defeat his opponents, although the very few who have managed to survive a confrontation with him report suffering all of the effects associated with this attack, such as obscured senses, heightened state of paranoia, and the feeling that their nervous system was under almost unendurable strain.

    02 - A second strike isn't needed
    This was the second name given to one of the strongest practitioners of kung fu in Bajiquan history. Considered to be the ultimate master of Bajiquan, it is said that this person was able to take the life of his opponents with a single gentle touch.

    03 - Obfuscation
    A skill used to completely conceal one's presence.

    Although this ability allows the user to become almost completely invisible, the sheer amount of magical energy required almost screams out that some form of thaumaturgy is being used. Should this person's opponent be a skilled magus, their presence would be noticeable in some extrasensory fashion.

    There is a way to achieve this state of being without the use of any kind of magical aid and using only the abilities inherent within one's own physical form, but the level of concentration required is far beyond what humans are capable of.

    01 - 无二打





    02 - 二の打ち要らず

    03 - 気配遮断



    Obfuscation [-]
    While a common skill of all Servants of the Assassin Class, the level to which he is able to almost completely obscure his presence goes far above the limits normally associated with this ability.

    Liuhe Quan [A+++]
    A Chinese meditiative ideal. It is a belief that true mastery of martial arts comes not through training, but acceptance. As this technique is extremely difficult to understand, let alone master, it is only when achieving the rank A that one is thought to have actually begun to learn. Those with ranks exceeding A are considered true masters of the arts.

    Concealment [A]
    A technique in which one uses their Chi to blend in with the whole of their surroundings. For masters of the ability, it is possible for them to truly become one with the world and have their very forms seem to become invisible.





    01 - Character Background
    Li Shuwen (1864-1934)

    A Chinese martial arts master from Yanshan County, Hebei-Cangzhou. One of the foremost practitioners of the style of the style known as Bajiquan, he was so powerful that many remarked that with him, "a second strike is needless as long a single blow will suffice."

    In addition to his skills in hand-to-hand combat, he was also supremely talented in the use of the spear, so much so that he earned the name "Divine Spear Li." His occasional us of this weapon sometimes causes his opponents to mistakenly classify him as a Lancer. While this wouldn't normally be entirely incorrect, due to his Master's desire for a stealthy Servant capable of killing from the shadows, the traits more associated with the Assassin class have come to the fore.

    On a final note, since his ability to become invisible is based on his natural abilities and not on any form of thaumaturgy, he is all but undetectable to the vast majority of magi or anyone dependent on magic.

    02 - "Master of the Demonic Fist"
    Li Shuwen, Master of the Demon Fist.

    One of the few undisputed masters of martial arts, he maintains a delicate balance between the innate goodness and inherent evil found in all men. He fell victim to poison after earning the undying hatred of the countless families of those he had killed.

    As a Servant, the balance he maintained in life has slipped slightly, but he still values rationality greatly. While he does not see much difference between good and evil, he will react with disgust and utter contempt for those who stray from rational thinking. And for those who allow what Christians call "The Seven Deadly Sins" to overwhelm their lives, he brings swift and inevitable death.

    Although he was known as a deadly fighter throughout his life, in his later years he discovered that true power lay not in the strength of his fists, but in the strength of his convictions. He spent the remainder of his life following valor, not violence.

    He freely acknowledge that in his current incarnation he is nothing more than a professional killer, but does so without bitterness or regret. And although he uses his power as Julius directs, could it be that...?

    01 - 人物背景:



    02 - 『魔拳士』







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    Q: Can the spiritual core of a Servant be thought of as a vital area that, if destroyed, would cause instantaneous death, like a human’s heart or brain?

    Q: Can the spiritual core of a Servant be thought of as a vital area that, if destroyed, would cause instantaneous death, like a human’s heart or brain?

    A: The heart and brain are certainly vital organs. Though they are different from the spiritual core, they can be considered organs directly connected to the core.
    When the spiritual core is weakened through mana consumption or damage to the physical body, powerful mana, spells, and Noble Phantasms can no longer be materialized, and the Servant will disappear.



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    How to Defeat A Servant
    When a Heroic Spirit emerges into this world, he first acquires a Spiritual Core. The Heroic Spirit then materialises as the body envelopes this Spiritual Core. In order to defeat a Heroic Spirit, one must inflict damage to the Spiritual Core. The Spiritual Core gradually diminishes as a result of massive magical energy expenditure or sustaining bodily damage. Under these adverse conditions, the Heroic Spirit’s expenditure of magical energy will escalate, and should damaged be inflicted through powerful magical energy, curse, or Noble Phantasm, the Spiritual Core will be destroyed, and the Heroic Spirit will no long be able to remain materialised. The heart and head are connected directly to the Spiritual Core, thus they are the weaknesses of Heroic Spirits. Sustaining damage at these locations will significantly weaken the Spiritual Core.

    •Battle of Servants
    The battle between Servants can be called a process of gradually shaving off the magical energy that forms the their bodies. Attacks that consume a great amount of magical energy will inflict a massive amount of damage on the opponent, but it will also weaken yourself in the process. In order to inflict a great amount of damage with minimum expenditure of magical energy, it is necessary to collect intelligence regarding the enemy and assault his weakness.

  21. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - Records of Heavens Feel - Servant System: Spiritual Body and Material Body, p.018

    Spiritual Body and Material Body
    “Spiritual Body” is a word that describes an existence with spiritual properties. In other words, a shape is constructed without relying on components with physical properties. On the other hand, “Material Body” means something that is identical in structure as our flesh bodies. A Material Body, just like us, cannot walk through walls, and will hurt and become wounded when beaten with an iron baton. However, a Spirit Body is capable of completely disregarding such physical interference. Attacking a Spiritual Body with a baton or sword (unless they are magical items) will only hit empty space.
    When Servants materialise, they acquire Material Bodies in this world. They can also switch to Spiritual Bodies through their will. Spiritual Bodies have the advantages such as low mana consumption, and difficult to be detected by enemies. One of the properties of a Spiritual Body is that it is unaffected by physical interference, but conversely it is difficult for a Spiritual Body to affect a Material Body. As a result, Servants Materialise when engaging in combat.


    Although both are Material Bodies, the composition of Servants and Humans are drastically different. Naturally, it is impossible to transplant a portion of a Servant’s Material Body to a human. However, Emiya Shirou was able to successfully transplant Archer’s left arm to replace his own lost left arm. How is this possible? It is because Shirou and Archer – Heroic Spirit Emiya are the same person.

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    Alignment [Others]
    In Fate/stay night, all of the Servants' alignments can be viewed on their respective status screens.
    The first part indicates the principles they consider important, and the second part indicates personality.
    Below is a complete list of alignments featured in the game, for comparison purposes.

    Saber: Lawful Good
    Lancer: Lawful Neutral
    Archer: True Neutral
    Rider: Chaotic Good
    Caster: Neutral Evil
    Berserker: Chaotic Insane
    Assassin: Lawful Evil
    Kojirou: Neutral Evil
    Gilgamesh: Chaotic Good
    Saber Alter: Lawful Evil

    While a difference in personality generally won't be too much of a problem, a difference in principles will inevitably lead to friction.
    Saber and Gil would be a good example of that.


    セイバー 秩序・善
    ランサー 秩序・中庸
    アーチャー 中立・中庸
    ライダー 混沌・善
    キャスター 中立・悪
    パーサー カー混沌・狂
    アサシン 秩序・悪
    小次郎 中立・悪
    ギルガメッシュ 混沌・善
    Bセイバー 秩序・悪


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    Servant's status


    • Strength: Bodily might in terms of power.
    • Endurance: How much damage one can withstand.
    • Agility: Quickness and speed of reaction.
    • Magical Power: How much magical energy can be handled.
    • Good luck: The quality of one's luck.
    • Noble Phantasm: The strength of the Noble Phantasm one owns.

    A status showing a clear representation of the mentality of the Servant. It represents a combination of the policy they place importance on and their personality, policies being "lawful, neutral, chaotic" and personalities being "good, neutral, evil". These are different from the fire, wind, and other alignments of magi.
    Non-matching personalities won't result in major discord, but differing policies will result in difficulty in a Servant resolving differences of opinion with another Servant.
    Lawful Artoria and Chaotic Gilgamesh will often have differing opinions despite their personalities both being the same "good".

    •Parameter Rule


    A set of rules for representing the rank of a particular status. They range from A~E. EX is in a league of its own, representing powerful to the extent of rendering comparisons meaningless. If we assign numbers to ranks, then E=10, with each subsequent rank increasing by +10. Ranks with “+” such as A+ and B+ can momentarily multiply its associated numerical value. For instance, C+(30) can temporarily boost its power to 60, exceeding Rank A (50). Also, “++” represents multiply by three times.

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    "As Saber - that is, Artoria - is an incomplete Heroic Spirit, she would not possess the knowledge that surpasses time and space one gains when one has reached the Throne of Heroes. Therefore, she is not aware of that tale tainted by insanity, the legend of "Bluebeard", Baron Gilles de Rais."

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    Narita: That’s right. One of the most core pieces of information had been about the conditions for becoming a Heroic Spirit. This was revealed in a bonus novel that came with the UBW 1st season BD box. About how Merlin is still alive in the present so he can’t become a Heroic Spirit. As Gilgamesh is also a fellow clairvoyance user, I asked about the state of Gilgamesh’s memories when he’s summoned. The answer I got was that Gilgamesh can see the possibilities of various parallel worlds if he so chooses, but the Throne adjusts the memories and knowledge of the Heroic Spirit according to the world they are summoned in, so he won’t be confused by having multiple sets of memories. I was told that even if he did use clairvoyance to see the possibility of a world where he was swallowed by the mud of the grail, Gilgamesh would reject that world line as being nonsense. I heard a bit of the workings of the Greater Grail, what it was based on, and other bits of important background information for Fate, but I believe Nasu will one day write the story of how the Greater Grail was disassembled!
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    Servant Summoning
    First, the Master performs a ritual to interfere with the Greater Grail, then the Greater Grail borrows the information of the main body of the Greater Grail in the Throne of Heroes.
    The information (soul of highest purity of the Heroic Spirit) is blown into the container that is the Class, and the created copy of the Heroic Spirit is the Servant.
    The Servant is an unstable existence that should not be in the world so its coordinates in the world have to be anchored, using the Master as the host. The Mater also has the role of supplying magic energy to the Servant.
    When performing the ritual, the Master can designate the Heroic Spirit to be summoned by preparing a catalyst with ties to the Servant of his desire. When there is no catalyst, a Heroic Spirit with good affinity with the Master is summoned. In the case of catalysts for multiple Heroic Spirits (for example, the gates of Troy, the symbol of the Trojan War), the Heroic Spirit among the candidates that has good affinity with the Master will be chosen.

    Heroic Spirit
    Catalyst list
    Artoria (King Arthur) Avalon, the sheath of Excalibur.
    Chu Chulainn A jewel on which is engraved an original rune inscribed by Chu Chulainn. It had been crafted into earrings.
    EMIYA Rin Tohsaka's Jewel Pendant
    Gilgamesh Snake Skin
    Medusa Mirror dug up from a temple in Eritrea. An item with ties to an old Earth goddess of Greece.
    Medea Literature, from Colchis, with ties to Medea
    Sasaki Kojirou The mountain gate.
    Hassan-i Sabbah Since Hassan is the origin of the word Assassin, the class of Assassin itself is Hassan's catalyst.
    Heracles A slab of rock from a temple of Heracles.
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    Knights of the Round Table [Organization]
    The general term for the knights who left their names in King Arthur’s legend. They are called the Knight of the Round Table because they gathered around a round table along with King Arthur. The knights sitting around the table were all regarded as equal to one another, including the King himself, and they were admired throughout the country. Though the number of them varies according to each story, the standard pattern of thirteen knights is accepted in “Fate/stay night”.
    In the “Apocrypha” world, the separate splinters from the Round Table serve as summoning catalysts for Heroic Spirits. From among eleven of the knights (with King Arthur and Galahad excluded), the one most compatible to the Master is summoned through it. Like an S-rare definite ticket. Whether it be someone like Lancelot, Gawain, Tristan or Percival, no matter who comes, you truly get the cream of the crop. During these current times where subspecies Holy Grail Wars are popular, they appear in the market at high prices. Naturally, there are many frauds and swindlers. It’d be nice if a certain oil magnate got swindled.


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    Moderated by: Takashi Takeuchi

    Unused story
    Urobuchi: I was having too much trouble thinking of a Caster, so I asked if I could use a Chinese Xian or something. That's how I learned the "Western only" rule.
    Nasu: Plus Xian would be too strong.

    フェイト/ゼロ 総括対談


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    Q: Even though the setting is Japan, why are there so few Japanese Heroic Spirits? Is it because the "Holy Grail" is a Western (Christian) concept?

    A: Exactly.



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    Nasu: In EXTRA's Grail War, Eastern heroes can be summoned as Servants. The ban is removed.
    ----Really?! Wasn't Assassin Sasaki Kojirou the only irregular existence...?
    Nasu: The summoning system of Fate/stay night's Grail War was created in the world of Western magi, so it can only summon Western heroic spirits. But EXTRA's world itself is irregular, and the Grail War system is different from the previous ones, so Eastern heroic spirits are possible too.

    奈須:「エクストラ」の聖杯戦争には、東洋の英雄がサーヴァントとして召喚されています。禁じ手、解禁です 。
    ――本当ですか!? イレギュラーな存在は、アサシンの佐々木小次郎だけだったはずでは……?
    奈須:「Fate/stay night」の聖杯戦争における召喚システムは、西洋の魔術世界でつくられたものだから、西洋の英霊しか召 喚できないようになっているんです。でも、「エクストラ」は世界そのものがイレギュラーだし、聖杯戦争のシ ステム自体がこれまでとは異なるので、東洋の英霊もアリにしようということになりました。出てきた瞬間、「 あいつだー!」と正体がバレバレなサーヴァントも出てくるので、お目にかかったときは容赦なッコんでくださ い(笑)。

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    Class: Berserker
    Master: -
    True name: Spartacus
    Gender: Male
    Height/Weight: 221cm/165kg
    Alignment: True Neutral

    Strength: A
    Endurance: EX
    Agility: D
    Magic: E
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Class Skills
    ■ Mad Enhancement: EX
    Parameters are Rank-Up, but is deprived of most reason.
    Even when under Mad Enhancement Spartacus is able to hold a conversion. He is fixated on "always making the most difficult choice," so essentially, a mutual understanding with him is impossible.

    Personal Skills
    The Honor of the Battered: B
    The magical energy cost of treating Spartacus's injuries with magecraft techniques is 1/4 of the normal cost.
    Also, even without the use of magecraft after a certain amount of time, the wound will automatically proceed to be healed.

    Noble Phantasms
    ■ Crying Warmonger: The Howl of the Wounded Beast
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self) Noble Phantasm
    Range: 0
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Always active-type Noble Phantasm.
    Damage inflicted by the opponent is converted into magical energy and stored in the body.
    Spartacus can use the magical energy deposited in the body for a boost.
    In the case relative to a strong servant, the body itself can transform.

    CLASS バーサーカー





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    Class: Rider
    Master: Waver Velvet
    True Name: Alexander
    Gender: Male
    Height/Weight: 212cm/130kg
    Alignment: Neutral good

    Strength: B
    Endurance: A
    Agility: D
    Mana: C
    Luck: A+
    Noble Phantasm: A++

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: D
    Cancel Single-Action spells. Magic Resistance of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy.

    Riding: A+
    The skill of riding animals and vehicles. Creatures on the level of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast can be used as mounts. However, that does not apply to members of the Dragon Kind.

    Personal Skills
    Charisma: A
    Natural talent to command an army. Can be said to have achieved the greatest popularity as a human being

    Military Tactics: B
    Tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Bonus modifiers are provided during use of one's own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing against an enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

    Divinity: C
    Despite the absence of clear evidence, according to many stories it is said he is the son of Zeus, the greatest of gods.

    Noble Phantasm
    Via Expungito: Distant Trampling Domination
    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
    Range: 2~50
    Maximum number of targets: 100 persons
    The trampling attack performed with Noble Phantasm "Gordius Wheel." The damage is decided twice, first by the hooves, then the wheels of the chariot. Along with all physical damage, there is also the effects of lightnings, the manifestation of Zeus. Should the target fail its STR check, additional damage will be dealt.

    Ionioi Hetairoi: Army of the King
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti Army Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum number of targets: 1000 people
    Having sworn loyalty to Alexander even after their deaths, his personal guards who had turned into spirits, manifest into Servants together with the ruler. The summoned ones are Servants without Masters, however each have the rank E- equivalent of the "Independent Action" skill, allowing materialization possible for a maximum of 30 turns.

    CLASS ライダー



    騎乗: A+






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    Class: Berserker
    Master: Illyasviel von Einzbern
    Alignment: Chaotic Mad
    Sex: Male
    Height: 253cm
    Weight: 311kg
    Weapon: Axe-Sword

    STR: A+
    CON: A
    AGI: A
    MGI: A
    LCK: B
    Noble Phantasm: A

    A demigod hero of Greek Mythology, he was born between the King of Gods Zeus and a human girl. He received the violent hatred of Zeus' wife Hera because of his origins and was tormented by the goddess at every turn. However, he entirely overcame the difficulties he had been given, and was enshrined as a god in the end.

    Heracles had an extremely violent temperament as an infant, and grew up as a shepherd in order to obtain a gentle heart. Having grown into a fine adult, Heracles was recognized for several feats, and gained two children as well as the right of succession to the throne. However, Hera made Heracles go temporarily insane and he killed his wife and children, ending up in the role of a slave to the king to atone for his sins. Here the jealous king gave him a challenge, the famous Twelve Labors. The Labors were all things that a human could not achieve but Heracles completed them safely, and at the same time he was freed from slavery, he received an immortal body.

    However, the adventures of Heracles and Hera's hatred did not end there. Hera's numerous artifices resulted in Heracles' poisoning by his own wife from his second marriage. In his final moments, Heracles cremated himself, surrendering to Zeus's judgment. The gods after consulting recognize Heracles' feats, and he was recruited as a god like his father, becoming a constellation.

    An excellent warrior, he possesses the qualifications corresponding to six classes excluding Caster. Other than specializing with the bow, he has mastered every weapon. However, all that is talk about times when he is not Berserker. Heracles as a Berserker has lost his rationality, and exists only to utterly defeat the enemy from the front as directed by Illya. Naturally, there is no such thing as detailed tactics, leaving it to physical ability and brandishing an axe-sword to strike. Astonishingly, with just that, it is a fact that he demonstrates hand-to-hand combat abilities superior to every Servant. Without breaking to even think about defense, he leaves it to his Noble Phantasm "God Hand."

    Class Abilities
    Mad Enhancements: B
    The Class Skill that characterizes Berserker, it reinforces ability at the cost of reason. As Heracles' possesses the skill at Rank B, in compensation for losing most of his sanity, the levels of all his abilities rise. Heracles beat his harp instructor to death when he was a child, and had many episodes when he killed people in his rage without even hearing them speak. It seems that for Heracles, Berserker that receives "Mad Enhancement" was an easy class to adapt to. Focusing on controllability when out of combat, the rank of "Mad Enhancement" is suppressed by Illya.

    Being close to the strongest Heroic Spirit, even restricted to simple direct melee as consequence of Mad Enhancement, Heracles was undoubtedly the strongest among the Servants. However, because of Mad Enhancement, a variety of sword techniques and skills, and a part of his Noble Phantasms was lost. Having his emotions also sealed off and not able to perform any personally motivated actions, only the reason within his core was not lost, having occasions when he felt something like the will to protect Illya.

    Personal Abilities
    Battle Continuation: A
    A skill that allows for the continuation of combat after sustaining mortal wounds. It will also reduce mortality rate from injury. Cú Chulainn’s Battle Continuation represents “never give up no matter what”, while Hercules’ represents the ability to survive. The Noble Phantasm that allows for resurrection after death, God Hand, has exceptional compatibility with the “will not die easily” skill Battle Continuation.
    The best result is achieved when a resilient body is combined with this skill.

    Eye of the Mind (False): B
    A danger avoidance ability based on Intuition/Sixth Sense, gained through many ordeals and adventures. Even though Hercules’ sanity was lost due to Mad Enhancement, this skill remained effective as it is nearly an instinct. When crossing swords with a seasoned swordsman like Artoria, he would not fall for half-hearted feints. It is such a troublesome ability for Hercules’ opponents.

    Although monstrous in size, Hercules has the highest rank in Agility. As a result, it is very difficult to corner him.

    Bravery: A+
    With his brave and daring spirit, Herakles is able to neutralise mental interference such as suppression, confusion and charm. However, under the influence of Mad Enhancement, this skill is unable to take effect. While operating correctly, Bravery also increases the damage inflicted upon the opponent during melee combat. This skill allowed Herakles to defeat several monsters empty-handed.

    Even the brave warrior’s heart was painted over by the insanity of Mad Enhancement.

    Divinity: A
    Being a mixed-race child of the King of Gods Zeus and a human, and becoming a god after death, Herakles naturally possessed the highest level of the Divinity skill. However, this matter became a disaster, ending with his complete entrapment in Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm "Chains of Heaven" that grows in strength proportionate to the enemy's Divinity.

    Noble Phantasm
    God Hand: Twelve Labors
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: -
    Maximum Targets:

    A blessing of Gods, as well as a curse. It is a Noble Phantasm given to Heracles, representing immortality. This Noble Phantasm does not have an overt external manifestation such as a weapon or armour, but if you hazard to put a shape to it, the body itself can be called the Noble Phantasm. God Hand turns one’s body into a tough suit of armour and nullifies all attacks Rank B or lower, regardless the attack being physical or magical. It also has the effect of automatic resurrection after death. Because the resurrection effect has 11 uses, Heracles cannot perish unless killed 12 times. In addition, due to Illya’s immense magical energy, given enough time, the lives lost can also be regenerated.

    Resurrection as well as attack-nullification. Besides these two effects, God Hand also possesses a third effect: rendering an attack that it has experienced before useless. Regardless how powerful is the Noble Phantasm that defeated Heracles, it would be completely nullified after he resurrects.

    Nine Lives: The Shooting Hundred Heads
    Rank: -
    Type: -
    Range: -
    Maximum Targets: -

    Among Hercules’Noble Phantasms, he trusted this one the most. It was the Noble Phantasm which Hercules used to slay the immortal nine-headed serpent Hydra once upon a time, taking the form of bow and arrow. After killing the Hydra, Hercules could even utilise techniques that emulate the ability of this Noble Phantasm when wielding other weapons. In essence, it is “a high speed attack consisting of nine consecutive strikes, as swift as if the attacks are overlapping”. Even when delivered via sword, spear, or axe, this technique still boasts power on the level of Noble Phantasms. Also, just like Cú Chulainn’s demonic spear Gae Bolg has a technique called “Gae Bolg – Piercing Death Thorn”, Hercules’ technique shares the “Nine Lives – Shooting of Hundred Heads” name with the Noble Phantasm.

    Shirou projected this secret sword technique while projecting Hercules’ Axe Sword, thus annihilating the Blackened Hercules. While summoned as a Berserker, Hercules could not use Nine Lives.

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    A "Servant Class" is a container prepared for materialising a Heroic Spirit that is summoned into the current era as a Servant.
    There are seven Servant Classes: Sabre, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin and Berserker. Since there cannot be repeats of any one class, the seven Servants participating in a Holy Grail War will be of different classes.
    Heroic Spirits determine their classes on the basis of their characteristics, and then summoned as the Servant of the corresponding class. For instance, the only class appropriate for Artoria is Sabre, but Hercules, who was said in legends to be proficient with all weapons, can be summoned into all classes but Caster. The affinity between the Master and the Heroic Spirit will determine which class the Heroic Spirit will be summoned into. However, the Einzberns, as one of the "Three Founding Families" and well-informed of the rules of the Servant system, was able to preemptively interfere with the system and summon Hercules as Berserker.
    Among all the classes, Sabre, Lancer and Archer are also called the "Three Knights". They are frequently Heroic Spirits from the Age of Gods when sorceries were common. Due to high magic resistance, modern magi are unable to inflict damage to them.
    The Assassin class is special, as the only qualifying Heroic Spirits are the Hassan al-Sabbah's.

    Knight of the Sword. The compatible Heroic Spirit naturally needs to possess legends as a knight of sword, as well as the highest levels of attributes in all but MGI. Class Abilities include Magic Resistance and Riding. Also, compatible Heroic Spirits usually excel in delivering powerful burst attacks.

    Knight of the Lance. Its high qualifying conditions are second only to Sabre. Attributes are excellent overall, in addition, AGI must be high. Of course, Servants of this class are proficient in hit-and-run tactics that capitalise on range and speed. This class includes many Heroic Spirits who were knights.

    Knight of the Bow. A class that excels in possessing powerful Noble Phantasms. The qualifying condition is not attributes, but the possession of powerful projectile weapons or special abilities related to projectile weapons. Highly effective as scouts. They have not only the Magic Resistance ability of the Knight Classes, but also the class ability of Independent Action.

    Mounted soldier. Heroic Spirits who rode mounts (not limited to living creatures) qualify for this class. Although attributes tend to be lower compared to the Three Knight Classes, this is compensated by the abilities of the mount described in legend. Besides Magic Resistance, class abilities also include high Riding.

    Magus. Qualifying conditions only include mastery of sorceries of the highest calibre. Due to this trait, the qualifying Heroic Spirits tend to have low combat abilities. In addition, since the majority of Servants have Magic Resistance, this class is thought to be the weakest of all.

    Assassin. The only qualifying Heroic Spirits are the generations of Hassan al-Sabbah's, and one of them would be summoned. All of them do not have glorious legends as heroes, thus possess low attributes. Class ability is Presence Concealment, and the use of this ability during battle is the lifeline of Assassin.

    Mad Warrior. Heroes who have gone berserker during battle qualify for this class. Normally it is considered ideal if a Servant can wield power at the level of the original Heroic Spirit, but "Mad Enhancement" allows for the attribute enhancement of the Servant beyond the ability of the original at the cost of sanity. A class originally used to enhance weak Heroic Spirits.

  76. Fate/Zero - Volume 2

    "Considering the special abilities of Servant classes, Saber has an overwhelming advantage over Caster when they battle. When she achieved the class of the Heroic Spirit of the sword, her ability of magic resistance was increased in magnitudes."

    "Saber's sixth sense was also strengthened to a degree due to her class's specialty, almost to the level of precognition. If even she felt uneasy about the enemy, Irisviel also had to reevaluate Caster."

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    • Land
    • Recognition
    • Magic energy of Master

    The three factors that affect the status of a Servant are land, recognition, and Master.
    With respect to land and recognition, the closer one is to the land (cultural sphere) that was the stage of the legend of the Heroic Spirit and the more that spirit is known, the stronger he is.
    The meaning of "strong" here is the Servant becoming closer to the strength, equipment of that of the legend. Through this blessing, the addition of another NP is also possible.
    If Chu Chulainn had been summoned in his homeland Ireland, a castle, chariot, protection of sleeplessness, and the like would have been added probably. Also, if the magic energy of the Master is powerful, the Servant will become closer to his strength as in the legend.

    Saber - Master: Emiya Shirou
    Saber - Master: Emiya Kiritsugu
    STR: B STR: B
    CON: C CON: A
    AGI: C AGI: A
    MGI: B MGI: A
    LCK: B LCK: D
    Noble Phantasm: C Noble Phantasm: A++
    Class Skills:
    Magic Resistance: A
    Riding: B
    Class Skills::
    Magic Resistance: A
    Riding: A
    Because Artoria has served under several Masters, she is a good example for demonstrating the effect that the Master’s magical energy has on Servant Status. Because Shirou’s Magical Paths were obstructed, Artoria’s ability cannot be called that of the best Servant while having Shirou as her Master. Artoria’s abilities rose when having Kiritsugu as Master. Her LCK status decreased since even Kiritsugu still could not provide sufficient magical energy, as a result the status was affected by the Master's way of life. When having Rin as a Master, Artoria was able to unleash her original abilities without being affected by the Master.
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    Q: If the Holy Grail War were set in Europe, would Cu chulainn (Lancer), King Arthur (Saber), and Heracles (Berserker) be roughly equal in power?

    Q: If the Holy Grail War were set in Europe, would Cu chulainn (Lancer), King Arthur (Saber), and Heracles (Berserker) be roughly equal in power?

    A: ...Well, if we’re talking western Europe in general I’d say the first two would be powered up to an equal degree... though England and Ireland, the odds would be sharply in the respective hero’s favor. Heracles would display excellent power in all of western Europe.



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    Lancer [Servant]
    Heroic Spirit of the lance. Requires supreme agility, as well as excellent close combat skills. Though they tend to be less flashy than the other classes, they are a very reliable type of Servant.
    The Lancer in the story has a rough and tumble personality, but at his core he believes in justice and is easy to get along with. He is an agreeable youth acting out the role of one gentle in disposition yet strong in body.
    His true identity is the great Celtic hero, Cu Chulainn.
    If the stage of this Holy Grail War were anywhere but Japan, he would be a shining existence on par with Heracles and King Arthur.
    As was mentioned in the story, he is a Heroic Spirit that specializes in survival, capable of returning alive no matter how hopeless the situation. Unfortunately, this time luck wasn't on his side.
    It is said that in the midst of battle he would unleash a fearsome war cry, and at the same time his body would swell and bulge with muscle as his behavior became like that of a demon.
    However, though he possesses the qualifications to be a Berserker there is no doubt that the Lancer class suits him best.
    He responded to the summoning solely because he wanted to engage in a valiant fight to the death, but this simple wish was never granted to him.
    He is a tragic Servant, who embodies the cynical notion that "wishes don't come true".

    パーサーカーの条件も備えた人物だが、やはり彼に はランサーが似合っていよう。

  81. 81.0 81.1
    [v] Comptiq 2007-06 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A:
    Q: Cu Chulainn and Diarmuid are both Lancers, but who will win in an honourble battle?

    Q: Cu Chulainn and Diarmuid are both Lancers, but who will win in an honourble battle? In their first engagement with Saber, Cu Chulainn was being pressed hard, but Diarmuid was able to pressure Saber. So... Diarmuid is stronger

    A: Diarmuid received more backup from his Master (magical energy supply), thus in terms of pure firepower, Diarmuid was stronger. In Japan, both of them received 0 geographical boost (from the cultural sphere), but if the stage was in Ireland --- Cu Chulainn would have an edge.

    Q:同じランサーであるクーフーリンとディルムッドがガチンコで戦ったら、 どっちが勝ちますか?初登場時のクーフーリンはセイバーに押しまくられ ましたが、ディルムッドは逆に押してましたよね?ということは ディルムッドのほうが強い……? (三重県/高原の清水)

    A:ディルムッドはマスターからのバックアップ(魔力供給量)が 優れているので、単純な火力勝負ならディルムッドに軍配が上がるかと。 日本ではどちらも地形効果はゼロですが、舞台がアイルランドなら ―――クーフーリンに一本かと。

  82. [v] Fate/complete material III: World Material - The Servants of the Fifth Holy Grail War: Gilgamesh, p.024-025 [T]

    Class: Archer
    Master: Kotomine Kirei
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Sex: Male
    Height: 182cm
    Weight: 68kg
    Armament: Armour

    STR: B
    CON: C
    AGI: C
    MGI: B
    LCK: A
    Noble Phantasm: EX

    The great king depicted in mankind’s oldest epic – “The Epic of Gilgamesh”. He was an actual king who ruled Uruk, the capital city of ancient Mesopotamia during the Sumer Dynasty 5000 years ago.
    A despot who possesses high divinity with 2/3 being God and 1/3 being human, and believed he was invincible. However, answering the call of people who were oppressed by Gilgamesh’s tyrannical policies, Enkidu, a man created by the goddess Aruru, was released to fight against Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh and Enkidu met and battled as enemies, but soon they began to recognise each other and rule the nation together. Gilgamesh gradually began to change after finding a friend who he considered to be an equal, and Uruk became unprecedentedly prosperous. Gilgamesh, as the greatest king, eventually acquired all the treasure on the earth.
    The goddess Ishtar wooed Gilgamesh, but was rejected bluntly. As a result, Ishtar unleashed the Bull of Heaven in a fit of rage, wrecking havoc on earth. After her failure, Ishtar complained before the Gods and caused the weakening and eventual death of Enkidu, who could not resist the will of the Gods that created him. The death of Enkidu significantly impacted Gilgamesh, and as a result he set out for the underworld in order to acquire the potion of immortality. However, the potion was drunk by a snake, and Gilgamesh died in despair.

    Gilgamesh battles by shooting the originals of all Noble Phantasms like bullets via Gate of Babylon. The tactic yields excellent destructive power to magic energy efficiency. Since every Noble Phantasm is a bullet, the real magical energy used is merely the activation cost of Gate of Babylon. Because he possesses the originals of all Noble Phantasms, he can assault the weakness of any Servants. As a result, Gilgamesh has the advantage over most of the Servants in combat.
    Because he has absolute self-confidence, he is able to calmly show himself before his opponents. However, depending on mood, he is also fine with scoring kills by raining Noble Phantasms behind the enemies’ back. The will of the king cannot be simply gauged by the concept of tactic.

    Class Abilities

    Magic Resistance: E
    Magic resistance gained through the class ability of Archer. However, since Gilgamesh did not have any abilities that can resist magecraft, it remains at the minimum level of E. Its effect is merely light damage mitigation against sorcery rather than full neutralisation. The cause of his low Magic Resistance is probably related to his Master, Kotomine Kirei’s lack of magical energy. In reality, during the Fourth Holy Grail War, Gilgamesh’s Magic Resistance was elevated to C with Tohsaka Tokiomi as his Master.
    Although his Magic Resistance is low, Gilgamesh is able to neutralise most sorceries due to having many items that defend against sorcery, such as the golden armour. The defensive powers of these items are quite high, as Rin’s sorcery was completely repelled.
    If magi attempt to use large-scale sorceries and act as “mongrels” that impede the king, Gilgamesh will simply unleash a raging wave of Noble Phantasms and completely crush them without giving them the time to cast spells. (Translator’s Note: Gate of Babylon and Sword Spam are now officially categorised as a form of Magic Resistance.)

    Independent Action: A+
    With an Independent Action rank that sets him completely apart from the rest, Gilgamesh is able to operate without a Master. With a rank of A+ that exceeds even A, the support of a Master is unnecessary even while unleashing a large amount of magical power. It is an ability that bends the rules and allows for the continued materialisation of Servants even after the conclusion of the Holy Grail War. After being summoned as Archer during the Fourth Holy Grail War, Gilgamesh remained materialised for 10 years until the Fifth.
    Since the Fourth Holy Grail War, the ability to freely operate without regard for the Master remained unchanged. However, the ability to remain materialised after the Holy Grail War was not gained until he was showered by the content of the Holy Grail. At the end of the Fourth Holy Grail War, Gilgamesh was absorbed for a while after being showered by the black mud spilled from the broken vessel of the Holy Grail. However, Gilgamesh could not even be digested by the mud that was filled with “All the World’s Evil – Angra Mainyu”. On the contrary, he was given a flesh body and regurgitated back into the present world. As a result, Gilgamesh was completely incarnated and continued to survive as an existence with a physical body. Also worth mentioning is that, thanks to the changed shape and personality granted by the potion of youth, the super egotistical Gilgamesh was able to live in the human society for 10 years without much trouble.

    Personal Skills

    Golden Rule: A
    Being fated a life that is filled with riches. Gilgamesh lives the life of a nabob and has no money troubles. In the legend, he claimed all the world’s treasure as his own. The originals of Noble Phantasms preserved in his treasury were collected during this period. Although this ability seems unrelated to battle, it plays a great role in arming Gilgamesh.
    Upon seeing Gilgamesh’s golden figure, Rin half-jealously called him “Gin-Pika” (Gold-glitter).

    Charisma: A+
    Often praised as the greatest king, Gilgamesh’s ability to command and lead great armies is excellent. Charisma is a rare talent, and a B rank is sufficient to lead a nation, but Gilgamesh has a rank of A+. At this level, it is not a matter of popularity or skill, but closer to something like sorcery or curse. An army led by Gilgamesh will have a tremendous increase in abilities.
    An egotistical Gilgamesh radiating with self-confidence will sure boost the morale of his army to an extremely high level.

    Divinity: B (A+)
    Due to being 2/3 God, Gilgamesh possesses the highest level of divinity among the many Heroic Spirits. His level exceeds even Herakles, who is the son of Zeus and ascended to the Pantheon after death. However, Gilgamesh despises the Gods because they killed his friend Enkidu, unleashed the Bull of Heaven onto the earth, and caused him much trouble. As a result, his Divinity decreased.
    He is the half-man-half-God King of Heroes born from the union of King of Uruk, Lugalbanda, and goddess Rimat-Ninsun. (Translator’s Note: Wait what? Half and half?)

    Noble Phantasms

    The Star of Genesis which Separates the Heaven and Earth – Enuma Elish
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum Targets: 1000 Persons

    The sword that cuts and divides the World, with output matching or even exceeds Artoria’s Excalibur. Its power will further increase given the support of Noble Phantasms within Gate of Babylon. More correctly speaking, “Sword of Rupture – Ea” is the Noble Phantasm, “Enuma Elish” is the state under which Sword of Rupture – Ea unleashes its maximum output. By generating wind pressure strata, the attack crushes the enemies by simulating spatial rends. In addition, the names “Sword of Rupture – Ea” and “Enuma Elish” are all given by Gilgamesh. They are thought to be references to the Great God Ea (Enki) of the Mesopotamian and Babylonian myths, and the Genesis Epic of the Babylonian myth, Enuma Elish.
    The most powerful sword that cannot be duplicated by Unlimited Blade Work. Gilgamesh calls it “something that knows the hellish planet before genesis”.
    The three cylindrical blades spin in different directions, generating air pressure strata. Its power will not be neutralised even when colliding with Excalibur.

    Gate of Babylon
    Rank: E~A++
    Type: Anti-Personnel
    Range: -

    A key-like sword that connects to the “Golden Capital”. The spatial connection with the treasury allows for easy access to the items within. The rank changes to E~A++ because Gilgamesh put all the originals of Noble Phantasms into the treasury. In other words, E~A++ reflects the rank of the items in the treasury. If the treasury does not contain a wealth of valuables, then it will not be a useful Noble Phantasm.
    The favourite Noble Phantasm within the Gate of Babylon is the chain which has captured the Bull of Heaven – Enkidu. It is an anti-deity Noble Phantasm that increases in strength as the target’s Divinity increases. It was able to completely seal Herakles.

  83. TECH GIAN February 2004 Issue - Pg. 157
  84. Fate/Grand Order

    El-Melloi (boy): Ascension is a reform to become stronger! What is the point of turning back to my old, half-assed self?!
    Stheno: For you, there are things that can be done because of that figure....
    Stheno: No, maybe the meaning here is that the "starting point of conception*" lies in that figure.
    Stheno: Look, the abilities as a Servant have not dropped right?
    Stheno: When you are fighting as a "leading actor", that is your strongest.... no, your most fitting figure.

  85. 85.0 85.1
    [v] Fate/stay night Premium FanBook, p.047 - Q: How strong are Servants?

    Q: How strong are Servants?
    Nasu: Well you see, attack power is about the same as one fighter. A fighter has way too much power for one person too stand up against, but to destroy one city they'll have to refuel many times. But what makes these guys dangerous is that since they're spiritual bodies, regular weapons won't work against them. As far as destructive power goes, there are more numerous powerful weapons among modern ones, but as normal weapons won't do a thing to them, they're among the most powerful. Anyway, just as fighters can load a nuclear warhead, they each have their own Noble Phantasms and among the Servants there are ones that have ridiculously powerful ones. That's why when I meant strength being the same as a fighter I thought it would be easier to image. Oh and, if I were to say it in a sort of non-serious way, they'd be 1/4th of Tsukihime's Arcueid I suppose? The strength of one I mean. Against one Servant, Arc would probably win, but against two, while Arc's having trouble against the one, the other could get behind her and nail her... maybe.

    Q: That's more like, whoah, Arc's tough, heh.
    Nasu: (Grinning) 1/2 of Neko Arc.


    きのこ:これはですね、攻撃能力はだいたい戦闘機一機分なんですよ。 戦闘機は個人で立ち向かうには強力すぎる力をもっているけれども、 一つの街を滅ぼすには何度も補給しなければならない。 ただ連中(サーヴァント)が厄介なのは、奴ら霊体なので通常攻撃が効かないんですよ。 破壊力においては近代兵器のほうが強力なものが多いんですけど、 通常兵器が聞かないと言う時点でいまだ最強。 で、戦闘機も核弾頭を搭載できたりするように、宝具をそれぞれ備えており、 中にはとんでもない宝具を持ってる奴がいる。 だから、強さは戦闘機ぐらいだと言うのがイメージしやすいかなと。 あと、ギャグっぽく言うならば「月姫」のアルクェイドの4分の1くらいかな? 一人頭の強さは。サーヴァント一人だとアルクが勝つだろうけど、 サーヴァント二人だとアルクがてこずってる間に後ろからプスッと…いけるかな。


  86. 86.0 86.1
    [v] Comptiq 2005-10 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A:
    Q: I have a question about the Servants vs. other character answer in the 9th issue of Comptiq. About a Servant with an average Noble Phantasm, who would have one and what rank would that have been?

    Q. I have a question about the Servants vs. other character answer in the 9th issue of Comptiq. About a Servant with an average Noble Phantasm, who would have one and what rank would that have been?

    A: That's a serious question. The level of the Noble Phantasm would be B, and ability being represented by numbers would be called an average Noble Phantasm. Broken Phantasm, Barrier of the Wind King (C), Gae Bolg (thrown) (B), that sort.
    On the other hand, those with conceptual effects, destiny interference types fall into a special category. With Gae Bolg (regular), no matter how much Arcueid might be superior to Lancer in numbers, she will be killed depending on her luck, you see.



  87. Fate/Grand Order - Orleans - Section 6 - One Thing After Another - Da Vinci: Hey guys, are you enjoying your trip through 15th century France? Now then, let's get today's lecture started. Today I'll be talking about Servant categories. Most of the Servants that can be summoned are divided into seven classes. Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Berserker, Caster, Assassin. Each class has various compatibilities. Saber has the advantage over Lancer, for instance. And Lancer over Archer, and Archer over Saber. Rider over Caster, Caster over Assassin, and Assassin over Rider. And Berserker is strong against all classes, but weak when attacked. It's like a game of rock, paper, scissors. Keep this in mind when fighting the enemy. Of course, there are some Servants who don't fall into these categories. I'll explain them another time. Okay, circle's good to go. Have a nice journey!
  88. 88.0 88.1 Fate/Grand Order - London - Section 3 - The Demonic Fog Laughs - Da Vinci: While the make the circle, I'll help you pass the time. Previously, I spoke about Servant class affinity, so I think I'll expand on that. Just as each Heroic Spirit has a story to tell, they have classifications that explain how they were born. There are three attributes: Heaven, Earth, Human. Most Servants fall under one of these categories. Heaven includes Divine Spirits demoted to Heroic Spirits, children of gods, and the embodiments of legends. Earth includes legendary heroes that took hold in the land, fairies, and Demonic Beasts. Human is for heroes and great people who actually existed. I'm included in this group, as a great artist who actually existed. Heaven wins over Earth, but loses to Human. Earth wins over human, but loses to Heaven. And Human wins over Heaven, but loses to Earth. ...Humans believe in gods. However, gods that they stop believing in become "nonexistent." Native heroes and fairies have nothing to do with faith. However, they are no match for the gods that created them. ...And there are rare, special Heroic Spirits that do not belong in any of the three attributes. They are an exception of exceptions. --The Heroic Spirits of the Star. They do not belong to Heaven, Earth, or Human. Yet they exist on earth under heaven, and are born of humans. Servants of the Star have nothing to do with Heaven, Earth, or Humans. After all, they're an exception. That said, these are nothing more than categories. The effects aren't as pronounced as Class affinity, so it's not worth integrating into a strategy. ...And that wraps up this session. Summoning circle setup complete. Good luck in this era, too!
  89. 89.0 89.1 Fate/stay night Fate route: Day 10 - Strategy Meeting
  90. 90.0 90.1 Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel: Day 16 - Tactics
  91. Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works: Day 14 - Ideal
  92. 92.0 92.1
    [v] Fate/complete material II: Character Material - Characters: Kirei Kotomine, p.066-069

    Kirei Kotomine

    Nasu Kinoko & Takeuchi Takashi • Character Discussion

    Nasu: There were many Command Spells on his arm. In fact, at one point there was this idea to present the effect of the Command Spells consumed to defeat Zouken in Fate/Stay Night with all the bells and whistles. With about ten Command Spells, even a human being can damage a Heroic Spirit. Ultimately I did not get the chance to do so. Mmm, True Assassin was not as reliable as I thought he would be (sweat drop)."

    Takeuchi: Speaking of strength, who is stronger, Ciel or Kotomine?

    Nasu: Ciel is overwhelmingly strong, due to her circuits, constitution and immortality. The strength of Kotomine at the time of Zero was due to his abnormally large number of Command Spells and his tenacity towards Kiritsugu. It was truly the brightest moment of his life. The Kotomine at that time could even win against Ciel.


    奈須 きのこ&武内崇 • キャラクター別対談



    奈須:あそこで死んだ人間が10年後も生きていただけですごいけどね。彼の腕には令呪が何個もあるんですが、実は『stay night』本編で臓硯を倒す時に消費される令呪をガンガン効果的に表示しようというアイデアもあったんです。たとえ生身の人間だったとしても、令呪を10個近く使えば英霊にダメージが与えられますから。でも結局はやる機会がなかった。ええ、思った以上に真アサシンが頼りなかったので(汗)。






    奈須:ちなみに桜ルートにおける言峰は、セイバーが敵に回ったら怖いというのとは逆に「今まで嫌だった奴が味方に回ったら頼もしいぞ」というコンセプト。イリヤを抱いて走るシーンにその全てが集約されています。『stay night』で士郎が迷える少年であるのに対し、言峰は『Zero』においてすでに迷える時期を抜けて一個人として完成している人間なので、ハンパない強さなんです。アインツベルン城に潜入する時も「ロッククライミングぐらい嗜んでいないのか?」って言ってましたけど、普通嗜んでないから。お前はどんだけ厳しい少年時代をすごしたんだよ、と(笑)。



  93. Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works: Day 14 - Rin's clever attack
  94. Fate/EXTRA - Week 1
  95. [v] Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail Material - Alter Ego G

    Alter Ego G
    Master: ???
    Real Name: Kingprotea
    Gender: Female
    Height/Weight: 30~?m/?kg
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Strength: EX
    Endurance: EX
    Agility: A
    Magic: D
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: -

    Alter Ego of thirst of love.
    G means gigantism, growing, greed.
    It was formerly sealed at the ends of the imaginary number space.
    Alter Egos are complexes made from several goddesses, however Protea is created from the essence of the great Mother Goddess that is common throughout all mythologies. Her self can be treated as a Noble Phantasm as she does not possess a Noble Phantasm. As with the Golden White Face, she's a hazard that can only be overcome in battle through the combined strength of several servants.

    Class Skills
    Huge Scale - EX
    A cheat skill that evolved from Self-Modification.
    There is no limit to how large she can get. Once the upper limit is reached, the upper limit is further increased. This is infinitely repeated. Basically infinite growth of infinite growth.
    Anywho, she's a planet destroying universe level disaster, but giant transformation makes her lose complex intelligence and function. This skill cannot bear common sense, so one completely self-destructs.

    Grow Up Grow - EX
    Cheat Skill evolving from Experience Point Bonus.
    Experience Point Bonus allows one to gain a bonus percentage of experience points after a battle. King Protea's skill cheats and changes it to "Always gaining Experience Points."

    Personal Skills
    Self-Suggestion - EX
    Suggestion applied to oneself.
    A skill that raises resistance against mental interference. At A rank "I do not age = Truly stops aging" level of assumption is possible. At EX level, whatever is going on in that mental world is outside of understanding.

    アルターエゴ G


    アルターエゴは複数の女神の複合体だが、プロテアはあらゆる神話に共通する大母神のエッセンスから創られた 。彼女自身が宝具扱いである為、宝具は所持していない。

    限界のない規模拡大を可能とする。レベルが上限に達すると自らの規格を巨大化させ、さらなるレベル上限を設 定。これを無限に繰り返す。無限増殖とも。
    いずれは星を破壊する宇宙レベルの災害だが、巨大化すれ場するほど知性・機能の複雑化が失われていくだめ、 通常の知性体ではこのスキルに耐えられず、自己崩壊してしまう。

    「経験値ボーナス」は戦闘によって得る経験値に何パーセントかの追加ボーナスが入るものだが、キングプロテ アはこのスキルをされにチート化、「常時、経験値を取得する」ものに変えてしまった。

    精神攻撃への耐性をあげるスキルで、Aランクにまでなると ”私は歳を取らない=本当に老化が止まる ”レ ベルの思い込みが可能となる。EXレベルになると、もう心象世界では何がおきているか理解の外 である。

  96. [v] Comptiq 2005-09 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A:
    Q. In the other Type-Moon works, who else besides Arc can fight against Servants?

    Q: In the other Type-Moon works, who else besides Arc can fight against Servants?

    A: If we're working on the condition of one on one, with an extremely average Noble Phantasm. Generally most of the 27 Ancestors, Kishima Kouma, Aozaki Aoko.
    If it's just a defensive fight, but would still be a fight, then Ciel. Shiki (Rakkyo), Shiki (Tsukihime) are no match for Servants....but Ryougi Shiki (3rd personality) might be able to go as far as the Ciel class.



  97. [v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

    Q: Since Saber and Gilgamesh have physical bodies in Fate/Stay Night, can Shiki see lines on them?

    Q: Since Saber and Gilgamesh have physical bodies in Fate/Stay Night, can Shiki see lines on them? (@LestatDusk)

    A: Not just when they have a physical body, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are effective even when they're in spiritual bodies. For Shiki [Ryougi], if the opponent can be recognized as "living" (not "life", but "live"), she can see the lines of death. For example, the ghosts in Overlooking View were dead, but they were "living" in the sense that they can interfere with the current world.
    Also, why she didn't succeed against the Sarira in Araya's arm is because it belonged to an enlightened one who achieved "becoming extinguished, alive." To kill it by the lines of death means she has to decipher advanced "lines of death" levels higher than the normal concept of death. But what's sad about bones is that rather than having to do that, they'll turn into ash if you burn them. If you have time to be using Death spells, level up and beat it physically.



  98. Fate/Zero - Einzbern Consultation Room 6
  99. [v] Comptiq 2006-11 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A
    Q: Who'd win if the Servants and the 27 Ancestors fought each other?

    Q: Who'd win if the Servants and the 27 Ancestors fought each other? Also, who'd win in a fight between Bazett, a renowned powerhouse of the Association, and Ciel, top class in even the Association?

    A: Depends on compatibility, but basically Servants will have the slightly higher advantage. With Saber, Lancer, and Archer classes, we ought to be able to relax and see decent fights. In particular, Saber has THAT sort of Noble Phantasms so against guys like the 27 Ancestors that overwhelm by material quantity and alienness, she'd be REALLY tough.
    ....Well, there are also some of those tough Ancestors that can withstand a direct hit from Excalibur-class attacks, but against those guys that just (emphasis on just; other stats don't match up) have wickedly high HP, Lancer-aniki'd be pretty tough.

    Q:サーヴァントと27祖が戦ったらどちらが勝つんでしょうか? また、協会屈指の実力者・バゼットと、教会でも最高クラスの シエルが戦ったらどっちが勝つんですか?(新潟県/神田聖一)

    あとバゼットさんとシエル嬢ですが、ホロウの段階ではシエルの勝ちは動きません。バゼットさんが開眼してフラガラックを使いこなせるように なるといい勝負になります。

  100. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: Miscellaneous, p.136

    Q: Who would be stronger if Servants fought the 27 Ancestors?

    Q: Who would be stronger if Servants fought the 27 Ancestors? Servant's also have superhuman battle ability, but the 27 Ancestors are also superhuman monsters.... I got the impression that ORT, Primate Murder, Altrouge Brunestud, and so on were obviously stronger than Servants.

    A: All I can is they're both powerful.... They're both beings that live in mystery, so the only thing that can be said is that it all depends on the situation the moment it comes done to ""having the means of killing the other guy somehow". Among those, Earth rules won't even apply to ORT in the first place and Primate Murder has the super advantage against primates so they're in a league of their own, I suppose. Speaking of which, for one Primate Murder, seven Guardians would be the appropriate amount.


    A:どっちもどっち、としか・・・・・・。どちらも神秘に生きるものたちなので、"なんとかして殺す手段がある"時点で状況次第としか言えません。そんななか、 ORTはそもそも地球上でのルールが成立しないし、プライミッツマーダーは霊長に対して超有利なので別格でしょうか。ちなみに、プライミッツマーダー1匹に対して守護者七騎であたるのが妥当なところです。

  101. [v] Comptiq 2005-09 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A
    Q: About the power comparison between Arc and Servants, would the Arc being compared be the 30% one or the full one?

    Q: About the power comparison between Arc and Servants, would the Arc being compared be the 30% one or the full one?

    A: That would be the 30% Arc. It takes 7 Counter Guardians to control the Primate Murder and the Servants of the Grail War are based on these.



  102. Fate/Grand Order - Jeanne Alter interlude
  103. Fate/Grand Order - Florence Nightingale Interlude - She who fights for someone
  104. [v] Comptiq 2007-10 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A



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