Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz (コーバック・アルカトラスの第七迷宮, Kōbakku Arukatorasu no Dai Nana Meikyū?) is a labyrinth made by Caubac Alcatraz.


Wolfgang Faustus planned on succeeding Mr. Alcatraz by performing magical experiments as this Labyrinth's new dungeon master. The Labyrinth is designed to devour anybody who enters it. Its inner structure likely corresponds to Agrippa's planetary magic formation theory. Although many other hypotheses exist, the whole story still hasn't become clear and the Mage's Association hasn't even made their official statement on it.

In the past, there were explorers who challenged this place which wasn't small, but there wasn't a single person who was able to return. There are also examples of people who were called explorers and so called grave robbers that possess a degree of magical knowledge. Even Mages who had been dispatched from the Mage's Association couldn't conquer it. It would be extremely difficult for an ordinary magus to grasp this maze.


The underground Labyrinth is dominated by countless monsters and ruled by four classes. It has Phantasmal Species, Chimeras and Automatons lurking on every level. It has many dangers with limitless number of magical lethal traps and Bounded Fields.

There are two types of Chimeras said to be living in there. Manaka Sajyou hypothesized that the interior corresponds with a planetary magic circle and a magical mechanism exists that alter humans into monsters. It can be said that human trespassers are a kind of composite raw material to this labyrinth. It is uncertain whether it was part of Alcatraz original design or by the current manager who went and re-designed them. Manaka used parts of the Chimera as cooking ingredients.

Vorpal Bunny
Manaka used the Vorpal Bunny as cooking ingredients.
Stone Golem (岩石の巨像, Ganseki no Kyozō?) is an artificial guardian created by magic which must have been equal to Kabbalah. It is a human shaped stone, its size surely almost touching the ceiling of a passageway probably no more than 3 meters tall. It is a Stone Golem left by Caubac Alcatraz, a magical existence with specially made functions roughly only for combat. However, it is different from a Homunculus, which is molded with a human shape.
Crystal Golem: Crystal Colossus (水晶の巨像クリスタル・ゴーレム, Suishō no KyozōKurisutaru Gōremu?) is a golem made out of crystals. Once defeated, fragments of the crystal Golem are scattered in its surroundings. Countless sparkles lightly reflect the Magical Energies afterglow that still clings onto them a bit.

Many Legged Automaton (多脚自動人形, Ta Ashi Jidō Ningyō?) is a spider-like Automaton.

Trent: Tree Spirit (樹精トレント, JuseiTorento?) are organisms with the appearance of trees. Normally Trent roots are used for magical catalysts, but Manaka used the roots as cooking ingredients instead.
A Kelpie was encountered at the reception hall. It is a powerful Monstrous beast capable of completely devouring a powerful knight. Saber used Hammer of the Wind King to kill the Kelpie in the middle of transforming into a water bird.

Creeping Plant
As the Creeping Plant: Large Man-eating Plant (大型食人植物クリーピング・プラント, Ōgata Shokujin ShokubutsuKurīpingu Puranto?) name suggests, it is a dangerous organism. The leafs resemble a lettuce and the fruit a tomato. It is suitable for human consumption.
Dragon golem
This Dragon Golem (ドラゴンゴーレム, Doragon Gōremu?) is a man-made monster resembling a "dragon", that were in legends all over the world. Its entire body is endowed with overflowing prana, its physical characteristics are similar to a snake, reptile, and bat mixed together and its four strong legs are covered by scales with the hardness of heavy metal armor. It is a great beast with a core resembling a prana powered nuclear reactor.

Human-eating Fairy
Human-eating Fairy (食人妖精, Shokujin Yōsei?).


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