Sfyrí tou Tálos: Bronze Giant's Ultra-Heavy Mallet (青銅巨人の超重鎚
, Seidō Kyojin no Chō Jū Tsuchi
Sufiri Tu Tārō
?) is a Noble Phantasm of Europa. One of the Noble Phantasms gifted by the Great God Zeus.

An automaton from the Age of Gods. The Bronze Monster Talos. A superweapon constructed by Hephaestus, one of the 12 gods of Olympus, with the sole purpose of Europa’s complete and guaranteed protection, with durability that cannot be penetrated without ease by anyone other than the Gods.

Originally not a giant, but a monster. Resulting from mixing with the Colossus of Rhodes, it gained the ability to take the shape of a giant. Talos automatically detects potential threats and proceeds to eradicate said threats.

Upon being angered, its legs and hands become like molten lava. A normal life form will instantly disappear into steam from the immense heat. In times past, Europa would ride on Talos’ shoulders around the Island of Crete having fun. However, due to the heat generated when angered, Talos encountered a lot of problems such as having to let his master down from him in a great rush.

One thing in the world Talos has trouble with is a witch named Medea. During the Age of Gods, Medea attacked Talos’ heels which are its weak point. From this, the source of its magic power, the Gods’ blood ‘Ichor’, leaked resulting in loss of functionality.

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