Sha Naqba Imuru (He who Saw the Deep): The Omniscient Omnipotent Star (全知なるや全能の星シャ・ナクパ・イルム, Zenchinaru ya Zen'nō no HoshiSha Nakupa Irumu?) is the mentality of Gilgamesh sublimated into a Noble Phantasm, said to have "spread across all corners of the world as if the brilliance of the stars, seeing through all creation." It is a "continuously active-type Noble Phantasm" that does not require its name to be invoked, but it is assumed that Gilgamesh keeps it intentionally restrained. Possessing tremendous efficiency, it can discern heavily concealed truths with a single glance, from that of the opponent's True Name and Noble Phantasms to possibly even seeing through a piece of the truth of the demise of human history in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.[1] Upon releasing its True Name, it will work as a form of "instruction" for him to guide others with the most optimal tactics, simultaneously increasing the attack power and defense power of his whole team near his position.[2]

Gilgamesh is a clairvoyance user with a "sense of 'sight' several levels above the ordinary."[3][4] When facing him in a game like chess, he claims that even someone making advanced predictions and reading the flow of the game will have already lost at that moment. He does not read the future of the chess board, but instead gazes down upon and oversees it, allowing the correct move to always be visible to him. Even in something like a card game, the very minimum requirement to play against him on equal terms would be to draw the precise hand required.[3] He can also see the possibilities of various parallel worlds should he so choose, but, as a Heroic Spirit, the Throne of Heroes normally adjusts his memories and knowledge to the world in which he is summoned in to keep him from being confused by multiple sets of memories. Even with this ability, his personality would cause him to reject certain world lines as nonsense, such as using clairvoyance to see something like a possibility of a world where he is swallowed by the mud of the grail.[4]


The Noble Phantasm was first introduced in the Toraburu Hanafuda Travel Journal mini-game in Fate/hollow ataraxia as the Noble Phantasm Skill of Child-Gil, allowing him to view some of the cards in the opponent's hand and deck. It was not classified as a plot-related Noble Phantasm until Child-Gil was released in Fate/Grand Order over ten years later.


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    Question: So there is still quite a bit of background information that has yet to be revealed.
    Narita: That’s right. One of the most core pieces of information had been about the conditions for becoming a Heroic Spirit. This was revealed in a bonus novel that came with the UBW 1st season BD box. About how Merlin is still alive in the present so he can’t become a Heroic Spirit. As Gilgamesh is also a fellow clairvoyance user, I asked about the state of Gilgamesh’s memories when he’s summoned. The answer I got was that Gilgamesh can see the possibilities of various parallel worlds if he so chooses, but the Throne adjusts the memories and knowledge of the Heroic Spirit according to the world they are summoned in, so he won’t be confused by having multiple sets of memories. I was told that even if he did use clairvoyance to see the possibility of a world where he was swallowed by the mud of the grail, Gilgamesh would reject that world line as being nonsense. I heard a bit of the workings of the Greater Grail, what it was based on, and other bits of important background information for Fate, but I believe Nasu will one day write the story of how the Greater Grail was disassembled!

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