Sherlock Holmes(WP) (シャーロック・ホームズ(WP), Shārokku Hōmuzu?), Class Name Ruler (ルーラー, Rūrā?), is a Ruler-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Prior to forming the contract with Ritsuka, he was a Caster-class Servant without a Master.



The world's greatest, most famous and sole consulting detective, the genuine father of all detectives. The crystallization of the concept of detectives, the representative of "the Revealers". The protagonist of the stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the 19th~20th centuries, and the detective that solved every mystery, and in the many mystery novels written after, he is one of the progenitors of "Detectives". Or so it is said. But is that really the truth?[2]

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novels were the memoirs of his companion and assistant, Dr. John Watson(WP).[3] Holmes works as a consulting detective in London and is famously based in a flat at 221B Baker Street. He has handled many requests, and has definitely gotten a fair share of serious cases from the London Metropolitan Police Department (Scotland Yard(WP)), some of which even involved the English government. He has a doctorates in medicine, economics and law and is a member of the Royal Society, and he is especially well-versed in pharmacy.[4]

Holmes and Watson were investigating the death of Henry Jekyll. Holmes received a letter prior from his death, the letter explaining about his failed experiment and his Hyde persona. Holmes was convinced that the Clock Tower was involved with "The Incident of Jack the Ripper".[4]

In 1891, after faking his death at Reichenbach Falls, Holmes went hiking in the Himalayas with Helena Blavatsky. They were pursued by assassins from the Mage's Association aiming for Helena, and though Holmes fought some of them off, Helena's last wish was that he not kill them. As Helena was dying in Holmes's arms, they saw a dazzling and otherworldly light in the sky that Holmes described as a "silver ship traversing the sea of stars" or a "transcendental master emissary".[5]

The Heroic Spirit Holmes, who resembles the men he was modeled after, such as Joseph Bell(WP), Doyle himself, or the oldest detective in the world, Vidocq(WP) - he was summoned into this world as none of the above, but rather, as the protagonist of a series of novels (for his words and actions cannot be thought of those other than that of a protagonist's). In the end, was the story of Sherlock Holmes really a complete work of fiction penned by Sir Doyle, or was it the biography of the actual Holmes as written by Dr. John H. Watson? Perhaps it was somewhere in between the two? At the very least, Holmes himself should know the answer, but it's not a topic he brings up himself, and when the issue does come up in conversation, he always deftly evades the question.[2] His greatest Nemesis was James Moriarty.


According to Bedivere, Sherlock gives off the same odor as Merlin.[3] Character art also depicts him wearing a cape and smoking from a pipe, both of which are recurring elements from the original stories and in many later adaptations in film and television.

Assuming that he is born from stories, then the stories might not only be Doyle's novels, but also the pastiche(WP) works as well... or so the Chaldea employees discussed.[2]


Holmes is famous for his deductive mind and believes in taking cases for the sake of justice and as an intellectual pursuit rather than for fame, fortune or glory.

Contemplative, but at the same time, active. Bold, but at the same time, precise. And also a calm and composed man. Any kind of mystery, crime, and scheme cannot run from Holmes' eyes. Even if it is a fearsome killer, an ancient curse, a monster of the dark night, and even if it is an ultra nationalistic secret association, he will reveal everything. If necessary, he would defeat it. With the sharp blade called the truth. That way of life has already surpassed the boundary of men. It could even be called the personification of "A Wise Man" or a "Revealer".[2]

While he appears dedicated to the cause of Chaldea, there are hints that his true loyalty may be to Proper Human History as a whole rather than to Chaldea. It is unclear what would happen if he were forced to choose between his Master and Proper Human History, and when directly asked this by Blatavasky he outright refused to answer the question. He has mentioned that there may be forces in play behind his selection as a Ruler that even he is not fully aware of, but what these might be is unknown.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Fourth Singularity: London[]

Although he doesn't appear in London, he left some intelligence at the Mage's Association. He organized the documents, and arranged it in a manner that was easy to understand for the Chaldea group. However, if Sherlock had made it too easy, Makiri Zouken would have found out. Andersen mentioned that someone had already organized everything before he started his research. Charles Babbage has tasked Sherlock to uncover a mystery.[3]

Sixth Singularity: Camelot[]

As Ritsuka’s party retreat from Lancelot and his knights, Sherlock opens the trapdoor to the Atlas Institute for them. Welcoming them, he immediately deduces all of their names. He confesses he placed the information about Heroic Spirit Summoning in the London Singularity for Ritsuka’s party to find, believing they would need it to solve the Incineration of Humanity. He tells Mash he cannot join Chaldea, as he needs to solve Charles Babbage‘s case first.[6]

While guiding the group to the Institute’s center, as they destroy the activated defenses, Sherlock suspects it was displaced into the egyptian desert because Atlas’ alchemy originated from the goddess Isis. He then questions Mash about her inability to control her Noble Phantasm. Mash believes it’s because she doesn’t know the True Name of the Servant who fused with her, but Sherlock says that isn’t the case. Ritsuka then tells him about their first encounter with Solomon. Sherlock demands they tell him everything about Solomon, particularly anything strange. Mash can’t fully recall the encounter; Ritsuka recalls something missing about Solomon. Sherlock asks Mash to sketch a picture of Solomon as she remembers him. She would normally be cursed for doing so, but Atlas’s defenses should protect her from outside curses. Mash agrees and recalls how Solomon’s personality kept changing. After learning about their conversations, Sherlock theorizes Solomon’s personality is like a mirror, changing in accordance to whom he’s speaking to. Mash recalls the only constant of his personality was his utter disinterest towards humans and nihilism towards life. Sherlock suspects his disinterest towards humans is because he’s already moved on to his next project after incinerating humanity.[6]

At the Institute’s center, the group finds a still functioning Tri-Hermes. Sherlock reveals it still functions because the Institute is from the present era. He then accesses its records to discover what happened in the Fuyuki Holy Grail War of 2004, considering it an important factor to the truth of the Incineration of Humanity. The only thing known about the war was that its victor was Marisbilly Animusphere. Sherlock reveals Romani was Marisbilly’s assistant during that time before joining Chaldea to become head of the medical division. Finding it strange there are no records of Romani before then, he considers the possibility of Romani being connected to the Incineration of Humanity. He then reveals Chaldea stabilized their summoning system with the Round Table as it was a place where heroes. It is the core of Mash’s shield, and Sherlock reveals Heroic Spirit fused with Mash is Galahad. He then uses Tri-Hermes’s remaining power to learn about Rhongomyniad. Its true form is the Tower at the Ends of the World, while the lance is a terminal to access its Authority. Goddess Rhongomyniad plans to use it to create an ideal world by gathering virtuous souls. According to Tri-Hermes’ calculations, Rhongomyniad can hold 500 souls. Sherlock reveals it is Camelot’s true form, where the selected are sealed away. They’re gathered as ideal examples of humanity’s virtue, and they will be sealed forever once Camelot returns to its true form. Upon the Tower’s completion, the Ends of the Worlds will consume the era. Said destruction has already begun, which is why the Singularity exists nowhere. With this information, the group rush back to the surface.[6]

As they near the surface, Sherlock nearly reveals Babbage’s case involves Phantoms before stopping himself. He then ponders why Solomon needed to incinerate 3000 years’ worth of human history, suspecting it was for a different goal. He theorizes Solomon chose 2016 to begin the incineration, in part because his clairvoyance couldn’t see beyond it. He then takes his leave, hoping to meet Ritsuka and Mash in a bustling city like London.[6]

Subspecies Singularity I: Shinjuku[]

Sherlock arrives in Shinjuku as Tri-Hermes calculated a remnant from the distorted history, which avoided being removed by the Counter Force using the gap created by history restoring itself, would manifest there.[7] Upon arriving he detected James Moriarty, and began observing him while disguised as Edmond Dantès due to his rival uncharacteristically being on the side of good.[7]

Confirming Ritsuka’s arrival, he’s concerned that they’re with Moriarty. He suspects everything in the Singularity has been meticulously planned from the beginning, especially given Moriarty’s involvement.[8] He witnesses Moriarty fight Hessian Lobo alone so Ritsuka can escape with Artoria Alter. Because Moriarty fundamentally conflicts with order, Sherlock isn’t able to understand what his goal in siding with Chaldea is. He’s certain Moriarty has ulterior motives, yet he cannot see any meaning to his actions beyond a Servant defending his Master. After stopping himself from getting too worked up, he goes to visit Jeanne Alter.[9]

He later witnesses Ritsuka and Artoria Alter rendezvousing with Moriarty at Shinjuku Station. He was surprised to hear his rival was split into good and evil, already knowing there were two of them, surprised he even had a modicum of a conscience. Moving on to the problem of Barrel Tower, its function he already deduced, he notes the problem comes down to three points: Ammunition; Possibility of success; Moriarty’s motive.[10]

He calls Ritsuka at Artoria Alter’s hideout to inform them that Hornets led by EMIYA Alter are heading for Jeanne Alter’s hideout to kill her. He cannot guarantee she is trustworthy, given she attacked him before, but asks Ritsuka if they’ll still help her. They answer they will, which gladdens Sherlock to hear them answer like he suspected. He tells them Jeanne Alter is in Shinjuku National Garden.[11]

After Jeanne Alter is recruited, he calls Ritsuka again to inform them of the under construction Barrel Tower is a gun barrel. He warns the evil Moriarty, leader of the Phantom Demon Alliance, plans to use it to destroy the earth. He strongly suggests defeating the Alliance first before tackling the tower. Ritsuka informs him that their next target is the Phantom of the Opera. Sherlock reveals the Phantom is near Kabukicho. He also warns Ritsuka that they’ll be presented with a choice that will hurt them regardless, and advises them to endure and to always remain themselves. He also warns them not to wholly trust Moriarty, having no doubt he’s their enemy.[12]

When Ritsuka is kidnapped by Yan Qing disguised Hassan of the Cursed Arm, Sherlock is set up by Moriarty to rescue them. He arrives in Barrel Tower where they were taken, and rescues them, apologizing to William Shakespeare that his rescue will be delayed.[7]

Escaping to a nearby rooftop, Sherlock is impressed that Ritsuka deduced he wasn’t Edmond. He asks how they deduced it, to which they answer the real Edmond hates being called by his True Name. Removing his disguise, he confesses he was at the Atlas Institute in the Camelot Singularity to find out if Singularities could occur after humanity was restored or not. He then explains his motivations for coming to Shinjuku. He also reveals Moriarty’s True Name, who Ritsuka only previously knew as Archer of Shinjuku.[7]

On the streets, Sherlock explains why he spent the entire time in disguise. He suspects Moriarty already deduced his own True Name, and in turn detected his presence. He then confesses he doubted the validity of Moriarty’s claim of being split into good and evil personas because he sensed no good in the “good“ Moriarty. Yet he saw Moriarty’s actions to protect Ritsuka were sincere. He then tells Ritsuka that Moriarty let them be kidnapped, and his deductions that Moriarty knew everything that would occur afterwards. He also says he’ll explain what the Alliance’s goal of destroying the planet truly entails when they meet with the others. A cannibal then approaches Ritsuka, expressing a desire to eat them. Sherlock puts his Edmond disguise back on and kills the man. Afterwards, he introduces Ritsuka to Mr. Kaburagi, a vendor in Shinjuku selling everything from Demonic Beast corpses to anti-Wraith guns. He then purchases twenty of what he usually buys from the vendor. After completing his purchases, Sherlock removes his disguise. He and Ritsuka then proceed to the hideout.[7]

There he deduces Moriarty has deduced his true identity even though his memory is still incomplete. Then at his and Ritsuka’s behest, Moriarty reveals his True Name. Afterwards, Sherlock then explains how the Alliance’s goal of destroying the planet is possible without utilizing outside forces by doing what Thomas Edison and the Lion King attempted. It is then revealed the Singularity is in a culled timeline. This means the Counter Force’s protection is no longer activate, so the planet’s destruction becomes possible. Ritsuka decides to stay to stop Shinjuku’s destruction, despite knowing it won’t affect humanity’s restoration. Sherlock then reveals the evil Moriarty plans to use the power of his Phantom, the Freeshooter, to load a meteorite into Barrel Tower. He will then fire it into the planet’s core as a magic bullet to destroy the planet. The group then decides to kill Yan Qing first, so Moriarty formulates them a plan. Overlooking the information Sherlock gave him, Moriarty orders the others to get some clothes.[13]

Once Ritsuka and the Alters are dressed up, Moriarty gives them radios so he and Sherlock can oversee the situation at Yan Qing’s party without worrying about their magical energy being detected. On the topic of Ritsuka cross-dressing, Sherlock comments they came out rather well despite his lack of experience in disguising others. Eventually Yan Qing activates a bomb beneath the building when his fight with Ritsuka, Moriarty, and the Alters goes poorly. Sherlock escaped before it was destroyed. He and Moriarty then deduce the civilian emerging from the rubble, along with a Hornet and a thug, is actually Yan Qing. Moriarty fatally shoots Yan Qing, who soon disappears. The group prepares to return to the hideout when they’re found by the newly recovered Hessian Lobo.[14] They see he’s been fused with the Invisible Man. After Hessian Lobo unveils himself, Sherlock deduces that the headless man riding Lobo is the Hessian from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Hessian Lobo then becomes Avenger and instantly targets Ritsuka because they’re human. The group is unable to defeat him, so Jeanne Alter decides to hold him off while the others escape. Jeanne Alter denies her decision is out of sympathy for a fellow Avenger like Sherlock suspects, saying she just hates seeing Hessian Lobo being a mindless monster. Escaping with the others, Sherlock gives Jeanne Alter one word of warning: "watch your feet."[15]

Meanwhile, at the hideout, the group formulate a plan to defeat Hessian Lobo. They recognize they’ll need to trap him, and recall Lobo died after falling for a trap using his dead mate, Blanca. They can construct a leg trap, but they lack a white wolf like Blanca to lure Lobo. However, they realize they can use Artoria Alter’s dog Cavall II instead.[16]

Later, the group set traps while Ritsuka and Artoria Alter wait for Hessian Lobo on her motorcycle. Sherlock places Cavall II near the third trap. He instructs him to stay put no matter what as Hessian Lobo approaches after avoiding the previous traps. Hessian Lobo is caught in the trap when he stops upon seeing Cavall II. Artoria Alter fails to finish him off when Hessian blocks her after separating from Lobo. Lobo bites off his leg to free himself and flees. Artoria Alter tries to give chase, but Sherlock stops her as he knows Lobo will die soon. Sherlock tells Hessian that his role is complete, as Lobo has finally regained his freedom. After Hessian disappears, he confirms with the others that Lobo has returned to being a mere beast again.[16]

Back at the hideout, Moriarty states EMIYA Alter is standing guard in front of Barrel Tower with over 200 Hornets. Sherlock deduces Evil Moriarty plans to use Bennu, an asteroid measuring 500m that was observed in the current year, as his magic bullet. He then reveals Phantoms can have their abilities greatly enhanced when fused with Heroic Spirits, meaning celestial objects can be used as a magic bullet. Moriarty explains fusion between Heroic Spirits and Phantoms is only possible in Shinjuku, as the concept of Heroic Spirits fusing together is inherently impossible. Sherlock decides not to divulge who’s responsible for fusing Phantoms when Leonardo da Vinci wonders who did. He wants to avoid speculation, or rather he wants to focus on the matter at the hand. Returning to the topic of EMIYA Alter and his Hornets, Moriarty sends Da Vinci pictures of them. She relays information on their formation and weapons, the same used against large Demonic Beasts. Artoria Alter realizes she’s their target, so they can’t charge in on her motorcycle. Mash then recalls how she and Ritsuka being launched by Arash during Camelot.[17]

Later, Sherlock waits in Kabukicho while Moriarty readies to launch Ritsuka and Artoria Alter into enemy ranks with the makeshift launcher he made according to Mash and Da Vinci's specifications. While Artoria Alter and EMIYA Alter are fighting, he arrives with a horde of Coloraturas that proceed to attack the Hornets. He joins the others when they enter Barrel Tower.[17]

Inside the tower, the group ascend it when they encounter Macbeth(WP). After defeating him, they continue to ascend.[18] Reaching the top floor, they’re greeted by the evil Moriarty who’s been expecting them. He announces Bennu is already being drawn to the tower by the Freeshooter’s power before fighting the group. They defeat him, but Baal manifests in his place. Having regained his memory, he reveals he waited for 3000 years to kill Ritsuka. He found it unforgivable that a mere human overthrew Goetia‘s plan. Sherlock reveals Charles Babbage, as a subordinate to the Demon Gods, deduced they had a contingency in case Goetia’s plan failed. Baal eventually found a way to fuse Phantoms and Heroic Spirits after waiting 3000 years. Sherlock asks him how deeply was Moriarty in his plot. Moriarty then pierces him, revealing he and Baal were partners.Sherlock realizes he had everything backwards, finding it unbelievable that Moriarty would throw away certainty to achieve victory. He admits Moriarty is victorious and apologizes to Ritsuka for making a grave mistake in his deductions. He then demands Artoria Alter to kill him at once, but Moriarty absorbs him.[19]

After Moriarty is defeated, Sherlock rayshifts to Chaldea to recuperate. There he explains he gained information from Moriarty about his and Baal’s discussions when he absorbed him. Most crucial of which is that there are three Demon Gods who are still alive, having escaped from the Time Temple to avoid destruction. Sherlock knows not their names, nor the time periods in which they reside. They are not, however, united in the goal of incinerating humanity, rather they each have their own plans. Sherlock then admits something’s been nagging him, but he decides not to divulge that at the moment. Afterwards, he leaves the command room to settle into Chaldea.[20]

Sherlock Holmes Trial Quest[]

Sherlock requests Ritsuka to accompany him into the battle simulator to try the item Babbage made him. They enter the simulator, but the environment isn’t a recreation of one Ritsuka rayshifted to. Instead, it is cyberspace, thanks to Babbage’s program transporting Ritsuka and Sherlock into Chaldea’s computer system. Sherlock explains the simulator normally used to train contained an unusual mass of data within the mainframe’s internal memory. He helped the staff to remove the data, but he was forced to ask Babbage for help. While he prefers solving mysteries on his own, Sherlock invited Ritsuka and Mash to give some commentary on it. He warns battle is possible, and he is unsure if his new Spirit Origin will be sufficient. He also warns Ritsuka that any injure they sustain in cyberspace will affect their physical body. After a battle, he reveals he became a Ritsuka’s Servant as of last night, changing his Spirit Origin from Caster to Ruler. Ritsuka and Mash then ask him if he’s a historical figure or fictional character. He asks them if he’d be similar to many Servants from legend if he is indeed a fictional character. While Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created him during his lifetime, many heroes of legend had their stories written long after their deaths. Despite that slight difference, Sherlock and the others are still essentially the same. However, there is no physical evidence of their existences either through historical records, cultural anthropology, or archaeology. Sherlock then lists aspects of the world that were proven or said to be fictional when the mass of data he was searching for interrupts. Sherlock reveals it is the data generated by the battle simulator every time Ritsuka wins. While normally the data would be deleted after every session, but some fragments remained in the registry. Sherlock reveals the data is the anger felt by the NPCs every time they lose. He continues they would normally acknowledge their loss, but someone twisted that into anger. He says he will deal with the culprit after the NPCs are taken care of. After destroying the mass of data, Sherlock tells Ritsuka that the NPCs that train them in the simulator are essentially members of Chaldea that helped saved humanity. Ritsuka asks him what he actually is, but Sherlock doesn’t answer as things would become even more complicated.

Later, Moriarty asks him why he glossed over the details of what he told Ritsuka and Mash. Sherlock answers he had no choice, otherwise he had to go into detail about Parallel Worlds, Quantum Time-Lock, and the Age of Gods. He continues that many live in uncertainty, as the world retains no physical trace of their existences. He is fine with this though since reality like a fleeting dream to them, one that would end if Rhongomyniad, which secures the current reality, was removed. As such, he was made into a Ruler to mediate the truth and rule over all creation to maintain the history of humanity. He feels as if the World is telling him that not all illusions and dreams need to be laid bare. He then asks Moriarty if he tampered with the simulator. Moriarty denies any tampering, but Sherlock deduces he used a static blocker that he noticed last May as a reference to tamper with the system. Moriarty is annoyed that he would bother asking if he knew all along, an aspect of his personality that always frustrated him. Sherlock asks him if there was such an instance in any of Sir Doyle’s works, which furthers Moriarty’s frustration.

Second Prologue[]

Sherlock and Da Vinci have spent the last six months investigating the Mage’s Association‘s movements, anonymizing the Spirit Origin graph, and dismissing Servants, though he did most of the work. His being at Chaldea is of the utmost secrecy, so Da Vinci didn’t include his name in any of her reports to the Association. He was kept as an insurance policy of sorts in the case they face an unforeseeable enemy. Da Vinci reveals she mainly had Sherlock stay behind was to help with constructing a special briefcase-like device. Sherlock concurs with her it’ll be ready before they have to leave Chaldea. Before returning to the workshop, he assures Ritsuka if a time comes when they’re imprisoned, that is when he’ll reveal his most secret technique.

When the Grand Duchess and the Oprichniki invade Chaldea, Sherlock saves four staff members on way his to Ritsuka, Mash, and Jingle Abel Meuniere‘s confinement cell. He instructed them to head for the underground hangar. He soon arrives at the cell and defeats the Oprichniki that Mash was struggling against. After explaining the situation, he instructs the others to escape through the yet to be occupied underground hangar. He suggests moving now, since the halls are empty with the enemy focused on the command room at the moment. However, once they’re done there, it won’t be long before they find the underground facilities. Ritsuka decides to go to the command room to save Da Vinci. Sherlock instructs them to take the L2 stairs so they’ll be in the opposite direction of the Oprichniki. He suspects Da Vinci is still in her workshop, but Ritsuka will have to go through the command room, regardless. Once Ritsuka rendezvous with Da Vinci, they are both to head straight to the hangar. Sherlock regrets he cannot go with them as he has other things he has to take care of. He then agrees to lead Meuniere partway to the hangar.

Rescuing the remaining staff members, Sherlock hides with them in a container in the hangar. He is confused though why Da Vinci isn’t with them. Goredolf Musik reveals she was killed. Sherlock then advises everyone to hang on to the pipes on the wall as the container is sent down the mountain slope.

The container spins out of control when Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya shoots it with her rifle. It is then revealed the container is to be a facade for a vehicle. Then to their surprise, everyone meets Da Vinci in child form. Sherlock explains she is a spare body Da Vinci created in case of emergency. It is a low-cost solution, but it has a low output, so Da Vinci is able to behave as if picking up where the former Da Vinci left off. Sherlock advises her to get back to the controls, reminding her she is an artificial Servant created to pilot the Shadow Border.

Eventually the Chaldean survivors reach the ice shelf, revealing to Ritsuka that Chaldea is in Antarctica. Sherlock explains it was built in the landmass’ center on a mountain hidden by an endless blizzard created through magecraft and further reinforced by a Bounded Fielded. He confirms all command room transmissions have ceased, and all power output has shut down. Chaldea is now lost, with no way of returning to or taking it back. Mash tries to leave to go back to Chaldea. Sherlock tells Ritsuka to hold Mash back when she tries to leave until he sees her body has reached her limit. It is the cost of her transforming while unable to synchronize with her Spirit Origin properly, so she lacks the strength to open the hatch. Sherlock advises Ritsuka to strap her down in her seat before she suffers unnecessary injury. Then, as everyone watches seven mysterious objects fall from outer space with a straight trajectory, a transmission is then received on the same frequency as Chaldea. It is from Kirschtaria Wodime of Chaldea’s A-Team, declaring his decision to revolt against the wrongness of the Proper History by restoring the Age of Gods. Calling the seven objects seeds, he reveals they were sent to select new leaders. Those chosen will remake the planet as they see fit, and the one who reigns supreme shall be given the right to renew the world itself. Those of the Proper History aren’t permitted to participate in this war, or even to view it from the sidelines. Properly introducing himself as representative of Crypters, Kirschtaria declares to the survivors that the Crypters will be the inheritors of the world’s history.

The survivors soon near the coast, but Oprichniki blocks them from reaching the escape ship. Da Vinci advises they try for another observatory, but Sherlock reveals there is nothing anywhere on sonar. He suggests plowing the Oprichniki and pray they reach the sea. Ritsuka approves of the idea, so Sherlock asks Da Vinci permission to use the Paper Moon. He suspects the chances of success are 30% at best, and he can’t predict where they’ll end up. The Border’s Zero Sail function is soon activated, and it dives into the Imaginary Number Space.

Event: Oni Pagoda[]

Promising to provide him with his favorite brands of alcohol, of which Chaldea is lacking, Shuten-douji convinces Sherlock to guard the Oni Pagoda's 30th floor. When Ritsuka's party arrives, he gives them contradictory answers to why he's in the tower which serve only to confuse Tomoe Gozen.  Sherlock admits he knows what Shuten and Ibaraki-douji seek to accomplish with the tower. He refrains from answering, though, comparing it to revealing a game's secrets too early. As a gamer, Tomoe understands Sherlock's reasoning. It then becomes apparent that Sherlock agreed to guard the floor in exchange for his favorite brand of alcohol.

The group defeats him, and before he returns to Chaldea, he informs the group that the tower will not escalate into a major crisis. It will not disappear on its own, though, so their task remains the same. Sherlock then asks why Da Vinci pointed to the window rather than the stair when she told him to return. Tomoe shows him a cheap bungee cord that Da Vinci gave her, referring to as a High-Speed Ground Level Return Kit. Sherlock tries to use the stair, but Tomoe ties the rope to him without his notice. Sherlock gets ready to jump, saying it's nothing compared to Reinbach Falls. He changes his mind, though, when he remembers he only survived because he used Moriarty as a cushion. Tomoe proceeds to push him out the window.

Permafrost Empire: Anastasia[]

Eternal Icy Fire Century: Götterdämmerung[]

Sherlock and Goredolf prepare to interrogate Kadoc Zemlupus to gain insight on the Fantasy Trees and the Sirius Light when the Border is struck by an RPG that ignored the vehicle’s armor of science and magecraft. Sherlocks orders all staff in the port-side hallway to evacuated to the engine room immediately, while he and Mash deal with the attack. He also orders Mash to place a magical barrier in the internal hallway to fend off a possible second RPG. Everyone then sees that their attacker is Kirei Kotomine. A second RPG hits the Border, but the damage is minimal thanks to Mash placing a magical barrier earlier. Kadoc used this chance however to escape to the deck.[21]

Sherlock and Mash soon join Ritsuka and Goredolf on the deck as they confront Kirei. Kirei reveals his True Name is Grigori Rasputin, though Sherlock already deduced his vessel has been long dead. He asks Rasputin where and how he got his vessel, as Kirei was incinerated in the Proper History. Rasputin answers that Sherlock will figure it out sooner or later. He then escapes with the unconscious Kadoc. Sherlock advises against chasing after him. He blames himself for losing Kadoc, saying he should've considered someone would pursue them.[21]

Two days later, Chaldea reaches the storm wall of the Norse Lostbelt. They plan to pass through it for the time being to reach the Wandering Sea, where they’ll upgrade their observatory devices. They then initiate Zero Sail to bypass the storm wall. The Border is chased however by an unknown entity in the Imaginary Number Space. Chaldea therefore make emergency exit into the Lostbelt.[21]

After hearing about Ritsuka and Mash's observations, Sherlock suspects the particularly large sun is actually a false sun. He also deduces the blue flames floating above the mountains were produced by magecraft. He suspects it's either the work of a Crypter or a Lostbelt Servant. After Ritsuka and Mash kill a Jotun that suddenly attacked them, Sherlock updates Chaldea's database with everything he could determine about the Jotun. He confesses they weren't able to observe from the Border because Chaldea lacks records on ancient giants. The minute levels of magic in the ice and snow are also responsible. Sherlock then sends Mash an update for her Ortenaus system.[22]

After Ritsuka and Mash return to the Border, Sherlock tries to give his hypothesis about the blue flames when a figure with a magical reaction rivaling that of Angrboda from the London Singularity approaches.[22] Chaldea tries to start Zero Sail, only for the Servant to grab and throw the Border. Ritsuka, Mash, and Sherlock exit to confront them when the Servant cuts into the Border. During the fight, Sherlock deduces the Servant is Sigurd. He tries to use Baritsu to stop him from activating Gram when Sigurd severs his right arm. Sigurd then enters the Border, so Sherlock orders the others to give chase, suspecting he’s after something inside. They enter after being strengthened by Elementary, My Dear. Sherlock confesses to Da Vinci that Sigurd carved a Primordial Rune of Death when he severed his arm. He asks her to tell Goredolf to stay put no matter what is taken before falling unconscious.[23] He recuperates for the vast majority of the story, making sure to remain still so he doesn't die.[24]

He recovers by the time Surtr, who was possessing Sigurd revives. He reveals to the Border crew that the blue flames spread across the Lostbelt’s mountains fell from Muspelheim, the false sun and Surtr’s body.[25] Later in Scáthach-Skadi's throne after she and Sigurd drove Surt, who kidnapped Ophelia Phamrsolone, away, Sherlock confesses he was 20% certain that the Sigurd they fought back then was Surtr. But he refrained from voicing his suspicions to avoid causing confusion. He was nonetheless certain the one who attacked the Border wasn't truly Sigurd. He also apologizes for not conveying the blue flames' true nature and warning of Surtr's involvement earlier. After Skadi explains the Lostbelt’s origins, Sherlock deduces Ophelia’s summoning of Surtr was accidental, having formed a connection with the Ancient Giant when she peered into the Losbelt with her Mystic Eye. He then proposes an alliance to Skadi to better their chances of defeating Surtr. But before Skadi can answer, Fantasy Tree Seeds crash into the castle. Skadi commands them to self-destruct, but to her shock, they do not. Sitonai then arrives and reveals Skadi’s connection to the Tree has been severed. After Sitonai destroys the Seeds, the group suspects Surtr is the new Lostbelt King. Skadi then reveals the Tree is to the north, camouflaged by her magical snow. She also agrees to Sherlock’s earlier proposal.[26]

After Village 23 is protected from Surtr’s attack, Ophelia joins the others and informs them that if Surtr burns the planet and the Lostbelt becomes the new history, the planet’s Texture will be fire. She destroys her Mystic Eye to sever her contract with Surtr, removing his source of magical energy. She then uses her Sirius Light to rewrite the Lostbelt.[27]

Surtr is desroyed. Ophelia dies as the price of as the cost of using the Sirius Light was her life. Skadi and Ortlinde turn on Chaldea to protect Fantasy Tree Sombrero. Sherlock deduces Skadi knew her world was abnormal and unnatural long before Ophelia informed her of the Proper History. Skadi confirms his deductions then fights Ritsuka and Mash with Ortlinde.[28]

After Sombrero’s destruction following her defeat, Sherlock asks Skadi why she fought Ritsuka and Mash at their full strength, even though she was still weakened from the battle against Surtr. Mash says Skadi could’ve used the death rune like Surtr tried to in the end. Skadi replies her pride wouldn’t allow it, as she is obligated to protect all in the Lostbelt. She also reveals her magical energy was being spent restoring the land, repairing the villages, and treating the wounded following Surtr’s attack. She therefore never had much magical energy to spare for her fight against Ritsuka and Mash.[29]

With the Paper Moon back in their hands, Chaldea leaves the Lostbelt and continues onward to the Wandering Sea. Sherlock says they are fortunate with their two Lostbelts, as their inhabitants were friendly and thus a boon to their efforts. He warns, however, that the next Lostbelt may be purely hostile, so they must be wary. Chaldea then suddenly finds themselves at the entrance of the Wandering Sea and are invited in by Sion Eltnam Sokaris.[30]

Synchronized Intellect Nation: SIN[]

Upon meeting Sion, Sherlock immediately identifies her as successor to the director of Atlas. He tries to play it as him deducing it from her middle name, but Ritsuka points out he got it from TRIHERMES. Aftewards in the Command Room, he inquires Sion to how she survived the Human Order Revision and why she was waiting for them in the Wandering Sea. Sion answers she escaped the Revision because she was in the Wandering Sea, which always drifts between the world's textures. As for Sherlock's second question, Sion answers she came to the Wandering Sea because she predicted the Revision and waited for Chaldea because she believed they'd come.[31]

Following Sion's explanation of Lostbelt Depths, Chaldea realizes getting to the Atlantic Lostbelt is their highest priority. Sherlock notes the difficulty of such a journey, given the Border is incapable of long sea voyages. But Goredolf and Sion both recommend going to the Atlantic Lostbelt immediately since the Chinese and Indian Lostbelts aren't expanding and the British and South American Lostbelts are likely to self-destruct. Later, Sion talks to Sherlock and Da Vinci about integrating a Conceptual Weapon into Mash's Bunker Bolt, one of natural longevity.[31]

That evening, Ritsuka and Goredolf are both poisoned when they both eat a cake left by Koyanskaya. While the two were being treated, Sherlock, Sion, and Da Vinci analyze the poison to determine it base doesn't exist on Earth in the current era. They also determined it is of Taoist origin based on its name.[31]

Half a day after Ritsuka and Goredolf's treatments, Sherlock estimates Goredolf has approximately ten days to live. Ritsuka is relatively fine, though, thanks to poison resistance they gained through their contract with Mash. Sherlock and Sion then report their findings on the poison. While its main ingredient no longer exists on Earth, the fact it is of Taoist origin means it originated in China. So it is decided Chaldea will go into the Chinese Lostbelt in search of an antidote. Sherlock then determines Koyanskaya entered the Wandering Sea through an object connected to her. Goredolf realizes it was the lipstick Koyanskaya gave him long ago.[31]

Entering the Lostbelt, Chaldea is attacked by farmers out of fear they’re hostile. After they retreat and she establishes the summoning circle. Da Vinci is chosen to negotiate peace with the farmers. While that works for the men, Sherlock resolves things peacefully with the women. Afterwards, the group later waits for a Heroic Spirit to answer Ritsuka’s summons, but Da Vinci doubts one will come since their definition of a Heroic Spirit differs from the Lostbelt’s.[32]

The next day, the village is attacked by Kritchat from the Russian Lostbelt to the Chaldeans' astonishment. They soon deduce Koyanskaya had brought them into the Lostbelt. Da Vinci then shows surveillance footage from a drone she sent towards the capital. It shows a highly advanced metropolis and a massive floating construct, from which Da Vinci asserts the Losthbelt’s technology surpasses the Proper History’s. She then shows an image of a line in a low orbit that runs along the storm wall. She reveals the capital, Xianyang, is the most technologically advanced place in the Lostbelt, as the rest is just farmlands.[32] A container is then shot from the capital towards the village. It lands with Hinako Akuta and her Servant, Prince of Lanling, coming out of it. The two are eventually forced to retreat.[33]

Sherlock has Da Vinci send Hinako's file to his workshop. Mordred, Spartacus, and Jing Ke are summoned with the Spirit Origin Graph when another container is launched from Xianyang. Hinako and Lanling emerge from it, this time with automaton soldiers. After Hinako and Lanling are forced to retreat again, Sherlock has the automaton remains collected for analysis. He deduces the villagers are utterly ignorant of technolgy from Xianyang based on their reactions to the automatons. After some Jotun are slain, Sherlock learns from a conversation with the farmers that the Lostbelt's denizens have no concept of seperate nations. He therefore concludes Shi Huang unified the world, bringing peace while eliminating the concepts of war and weaponry from the people.[34]

That evening, Sherlock asks the farmers if they know of a place place nearby known for its cold, as the monsters originally hail from such environ. The farmers don't know because leaving the village is forbidden. However, a boy tells the Chaldeans he knows of a cold place. Sherlock decides to go with Ritsuka, Mash, Mordred, and Jing Ke to personally investigate the monsters' nest.[35]

The group reaches a village that was destroyed by Kritchat. Ritsuka and Sherlock both notice during the battle that Kritchat possess a cunning not exhibited in the Russian Lostbelt. Sherlock deduces said cunning was developed to compensate for the loss of strength with the change to less favorable environment. The group eventually find their nest in a cave in a forest. Inside they find the monsters from the previous Lostbelts are cohabiting. Sherlock and Jing Ke determine the monsters were altered to allow cohabitation. After a cannablistic D'yavol Tron and Musepl are slain, Sherlock finds it inconclusive Koyanskaya trained the monsters. He also suspects she altered the monsters to allow the converage of cannablised flesh into magical energy. Finding no evidence of her motives, Sherlock can only surmise Koyanskaya has her own reasons for traveling between Lostbelts.[35]

Upon returning, Sherlock has Nezha help in him examining the inner workings of the automatons. They determined the automatons are degraded imitations of her.[36]

The next day, another container is launched from Xianyang. Mordred destroys it with Clarent Blood Arthur, and Xiang Yu emerges from the remains. Lanling soon arrives to retrieve Xiang Yu. Afterwards, Sherlock shows Nezha footage of the battle against Xiang Yu. He and Nezha then announce their findings about the automatons. Nezha then gives her insight on the combat footage Sherlock showed her. She has determined that Xiang Yu is closer to her than the automatons, finding his movements resemble her own. From this, Sherlock theorizes Shi Huang may have rediscovered and gained an understanding of the sage arts that were lost before the Qin dynasty, allowing scientific advancement far beyond the Proper History’s Qin.[36]

Shi Huang later speaks with Chaldea after Qin Liangyu stopped a fight between Chaldea and the forces of Hinako, Lanling, and Xiang Yu. He agrees to hand Koyanskaya over if they agree to let him examine the Shadow Border, so the group reluctantly agrees. After examining the Shadow Border, Shi Huang reveals the line in low orbit is the Great Wall meant to protect the world from extraterrestrial threat since the world is united under the Qin. However, it is meaningless with his empire limited now to China. Shi Huang wants to manufacture vehicles like the Shadow Border, not believing what he was told about Lostbelts or Pruned Phenomenons. The group soon realizes his true form is the construct at Xianyang when he points out they’ve been looking at him this whole time.[36] He analayzed Nezha's remains, mechanizing his body to gain immortality.[37]

Sherlock takes the medicine regularly launched from Xianyang for analysis. He then suspects the wheat is modified, and agrees with Da Vinci's suggestion to analyze it along with the drug. Later, Liangyu reveals accomplished warriors such as herself are cryogenically frozen in Mt. Li during times of peace, and only awakened when needed. She explains the only living soldiers are the Imperial Guard in Xianyang. She also says the discovery of the Fusang Tree advanced medical science tremendously. As a result, disease and hunger were eradicated. The Qin's soldiers were also strengthened through elixirs, so other countries were easily conquered. Liangyu also reveals wheat is the Qin's main fuel source.[37]

The next day, Sherlock and Da Vinci reveal Hinako’s background was falsified. Marisbury had personally submitted everything in Hinako’s file. The group later agrees to a temporary truce with the Qin. Sherlock then winks at Ritsuka, Mash, and Jing Ke as a signal he wishes to speak with them outside the tent.[38]

Sherlock reveals the medicine that the farmers take prevents all ailments. The drug was designed, however, to kill them once they reach a certain age. This explains the lack of elderly people in the village. Sherlock then reveals the wheat has been genetically modified to be resistant to disease and produce yield far greater than its natural counterpart in the Proper History. He theorizes there are no Heroic Sprits in the Lostbelt because there is no suffering.[38]

That night, Nezha and Jing Ke report Spartacus and several villagers are missing. The remaining villagers said they saw him and others heading towards Xianyang. Ritsuka, Mash, Mordred, and Jing Ke head out after him. While they're gone though, the Border is stolen by Liangyu. Sherlock has Nezha escape with the Spirit Orign Graph. As the Border is towed away from the village, Liangyu calls Chaldea Confucians for providing knowledge to the villagers. She accuses them of only doing so to further their own ambitions.[39]

Confined at Ankang, the Border crew are placed in the same cell as Koyanskaya. Goredolf is rendered unconscious from Koyanskaya’s poison. It is also learned the poison’s effiency changes depending on the person poisoned. Koyanskaya agrees to provide an antidote in exchange for Chaldea’s help.[40]

Eventually Sherlock and Da Vinci contact Ritsuka’s party using modified communicators. Sherlock deduces the citizenry's medieval level technology is the result of Shi Huang’s attempts to keep them ignorant, as all technological advancements are solely for the benefit of its ruler. He further deduces all of Xianyang's tecnology runs on combustion engines, given wheat is the Lostbelt's fuel source. Any environmental impact from that is avoided though because the technology isn’t widespread. This also means there is no need for miniaturization and optimization. Sherlock and Da Vinci then tell the others about Goredolf and Koyanskaya.[40]

The Border crew and Koyanskaya are eventually set free by Jing Ke when Ritsuka's party infiiltrate Ankang. Their escape however is blocked Hinako, Lanling, and guards. After Hinako uses her last Command Spell, a bomb explodes beneath her. She suddenly drains Lanling’s Sprit Core through his blood, revealing herself to be like a True Ancestor. Her form is now different, with her injuries healed. Lanling reveals she is Yu Mei-ren before disappearing.[41] Yu Mei-ren easily overwhelms the group when she retreats after speaking with Shi Huang. After Yu Mei-ren has left, Koyanskaya confirms she and Marisbury Animusphere knew Hinako's true idenity all along. She suspects Marisbury brought Yu Mei-ren on as a backup plan in case Rayshifting was impossible for humans.[42]

After escaping Ankang, Koyanskaya is tied by her hands and feet. She gives the antidote to her poison, but there is only one dose. Goredolf is given the antidote since his condition is worse compared to Ritsuka. Sherlock then deduces Koyanskaya came to the Lostbelt because of the Fusang Tree. Koyanskaya reveals her poison was distilled from it, and it no longer exists in the Proper History. She came to the Lostbelt after learning Fusang Tree was discovered and preserved there by Hinako, as an antidote could be distilled from it.[42] The group are then approached by the Qin's counterfeit Shadow Borders. After destroying the vehicles, they rendezvous Mordred and Nezha while en route towards Xianyang.[43]

Arriving in Xianyang, Ritsuka's party kill Liangyu.[44] Afterwards, they enter Epang Palace’s Ministry of Technology to find the Shadow Border there. They defeat Han Xin and Li Shuwen, and take the the Shadow Border to the Fusang Tree.[45]

Reaching the treasury, Sherlock suspects Koyanskaya is leading them into a trap. His suspicions are soon confirmed when Yu Mei-ren and Xiang Yu arrive. He realizes the Fusang Tree is the Fantasy Tree, which Koyanskaya reveals is called Mayall. After Xiang Yu and Yu Mei-ren are defeated, Koyanskaya has Mayall activate. She reveals it has existed within the Fusang Tree, spreading its roots without exposing itself. Realizing he was told the truth about the prune phenomena, Shi Huang declares he will prune all other worlds. Koyanskaya then teleports away, and the Epang Palace crashes near Mayall.[46]

Shi Huang appears from the ruins now in humanoid form, whose power Sherlock compares to a Grand Servant. It was grown in an incubation tank and created through the analysis of the Fusang Tree and Hianko’s organic data. Shi Huang then fights the group to see whose world will continue. He is defeated and entrusts the future to Chaldea. Xiang Yu rejects the emperor’s decision, though, and fights the group despite his wounds. In maddened grief from his death, Yu Mei-ren allows Mayall to absorb her. After Yu Mei-ren is absorbed, Mayall is fully awakened, and begins emitting cosmic radiation. Da Vinci reveals a galaxy exists inside the Tree, and Sherlock suspects it connects to another world. With Shi Huang's aid, Mayall is destroyed and Yu Mei-ren is ejected from it. Shi Huang convinces her to consider aiding Chaldea in the future before she disappears. After Chen Gong and Red Hare disappear, the group return to the Shadow Border.[46]

Ritsuka finds the antidote in their room; Sherlock suspects Koyanskaya delivered during the battle with Mayall. After Ritsuka drinks it, Sion contacts the group to confirm the elimination of the storm wall. They then return to Novum Chaldea to prepare for their next mission to the Indian Lostbelt.[46]

Saṃsāra of Genesis and Terminus: Yuga Kshetra[]

Ancient Ocean of the Dreadnought Gods: Atlantis[]

Interstellar Mountainous City: Olympus[]

Fairy Round Table Domain: Avalon le Fae[]

Holmes is the one who deduces the truth behind Morgan le Fay's three personalities, and later identifies Oberon Vortigern as being a Servant of the never-before-seen Pretender Class.

Other appearances[]

He was referenced in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, Lord El-Melloi II's detective skills was described as comparable to Holmes'.


As Mash suspected, Holmes was initially summoned as a Caster-class Servant.[3] This is further shown in his Class Skill, Territory Creation, a common Skill of Casters. After contracting under Chaldea's FATE system, Holmes's class changed to Ruler.[47] He is also capable enough to take up the Saber and Archer classes.[48]

In combat, Holmes performs hand-to-hand combat attacks by means of Baritsu. Also, Holmes can produce beams of light with objects and the like that are remodeled into… his personal accessories, which are like special Magecraft Mystic Codes. Holmes declares that these are “a large number of Mystic Codes that were discovered in the Back Regions of Tibet during the Great Hiatus”, but the veracity of this statement is ambiguous.

Given his appearance in different Singularities before joining Chaldea, it seems as if he has the ability to Rayshift unassisted. The origin of this ability is unknown, and does not correspond to any of his known Skills or Noble Phantasms.

Class Skills[]

  • Territory Creation (EX Rank): Although there is no need for him to create a territory for a Magic Workshop like ordinary Casters, by continuously expanding a large library of memory within his head like the Jesuit Matteo Ricci, Holmes gains a bonus in all of his knowledge checks.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Inherent Insight (A++ Rank): The ability to perceive the true nature of things. His sharp eyes for observation will not overlook any sort of information. Although their principles are completely different, this can read into the future in a way that is similar to the future prediction of Clairvoyance.[1][2] If one succeeds in their Luck Check during the cases that it is used against Servants, it will even find out about a truth that was firmly hidden by means of magecraft, Noble Phantasms and the like.[1]
  • Abduction (A+ Rank): A kind of logical inference and induction in a wide sense of the word. It is an inference in itself when related to the study of logic, but when Holmes uses it occasionally with the process of elimination, it reaches the level of a special ability. Moreover, Holmes occasionally makes use of deduction methods as well. This Skill is no more than one of his reasoning methods.[1]
  • Baritsu (B++ Rank): One has learned a martial art of the Orient that is extremely suitable for actual combat. Besides making use of striking techniques that had this Skill and boxing combined and incorporated into them, Sherlock Holmes also uses counters and throwing techniques as his specialties too. If conditions are satisfied, it can even further be utilized as a special move that is on the class of a Noble Phantasm’s True Name Release, but...[1][2]

Noble Phantasms[]

Elementary, My Dear is Holmes's Origin of "Elucidation" sublimated as a Noble Phantasm. Even if Holmes is faced with a truly unsolvable mystery, clues and paths towards the truth will appear in the world, though he will still have to find them.[2]

Empty House allows Holmes to disguise himself as another person, even another Heroic Spirit, though his disguised Parameters cannot exceed his own and he cannot use any Skills or Noble Phantasms that the individual possesses.[1][49][50]


Kotetsu Yamanaka is the character designer for Sherlock Holmes.


In Fate/school life, Eiichirou Mashin held a contest for which he asked his readers to submit designs for the strongest Servant. His Noble Phantasms are Absolute Reasoning (絶対推理, Zettai Suiri?) and Baritsu(WP) (バリツ, Baritsu?). (The latter was the method he used to defeat his nemesis, Professor Moriarty, as disclosed in The Adventure of the Empty House, the first Holmes story published by Conan Doyle after Holmes was thought to have died in The Final Problem.)


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    Level 2 Bond
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    And also a calm, level-headed man.
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    That way of being has already exceeded the realms of men, and is already the embodiment of a “wise one”, “one who reveals”.

    Level 3 Bond

    • Innate Discernment: A++

    The ability to perceive the true nature of things. His sharp eyes for observation will not overlook any sort of information. Although their principles are completely different, this can read into the future in a way that is similar to the future prediction of Clairvoyance.

    • Baritsu: B++

    Learned an Oriental martial arts that is extremely real combat-oriented.
    Other than employing striking techniques that combine this skill with boxing, Sherlock Holmes also have counters and grappling throws as his forte.
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    Even if the enigma he faces is truly an existence that cannot be explained, clues and paths for reaching the truth will always “appear”.
    Even if there was a treasure chest whose key has been lost, said key will turn out to be “not lost”, and would certainly be possible to locate it somewhere in the world.
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    Level 5 Bond
    Originally a constantly active-type of Noble Phantasm, but release of True Name is performed in “Fate/GO”.
    Upon release of True Name, an unidentified “sphere” appears, emitting a dazzling light on the surroundings. It weakens the enemy camp and strengthens the ally camp. Even an against an unbeatable opponent, Holmes will discover a path to defeat him.

    Also, its True Name is one of the famous words associated with Holmes, yet the first instance in which it was attributed to him was not on Doyle’s novels, but actually the stage play produced・scripted・starred by William Gillette. It has been said that Doyle praised the Holmes played by Gillete as “surpassing my novels”.
    Incidentally, the common assumption is that Gillete conceived it based on Holmes’ “elementary” remark towards Watson from Doyle’s short story - “The Adventure of the Crooked Man”.

    Heroic Spirit Holmes is the fake resemblance of Dr. Joseph Bell (his model), Doyle himself, and the world oldest detective, Vidocq---
    Not. He manifest as the protagonist of a novel series (or so we are lead to believe by his behavior).

    In the end, is the story of Sherlock Holmes a literary creation invented by Sir Doyle, or something written down by Dr. John H. Watson as a romantic tale about the real Holmes, or maybe even a blend between these two?
    At the very least, Holmes himself should know this. But he never speaks of it himself, and constantly evades the subject whenever it comes up.

    シャーロック・ホームズ - ルーラー



    天賦の見識 A++
    仮説推論 A+
    バリツ B++

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    属性:中立・善  性別:男性





    ランク:B  種別:対人宝具/対界宝具





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