Malignant Quarantined Demonic Realm: Shinjuku (悪性隔絶魔境 新宿, Akusei Kakuzetsu Makyou?, localized as "Quarantined Territory of Malice: Shinjuku"), Shinjuku Phantom Incident (新宿幻霊事件, Shinjuku Genrei Jiken?), is Subspecies Singularity I (亜種特異点 I, Ashu Tokuiten I?, localized as "Pseudo Singularity I") of the Remnant Order dealing with the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident in Fate/Grand Order. It occurred in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, in A.D. 1999.

Setting Edit

FGO Shinjuku
After escaping from the time temple following its collapse with Goetia's demise, Baal, one of four Demon Gods who escaped, sought revenge against Ritsuka Fujimaru, the human who thwarted the Human Order Incineration. Wandering for 3000 years, he eventually found himself in the culled timeline of Shinjuku in the year 1999. The city was filled with rampant crime of magical varieties, where evil consistently overcame good, forcing people to embrace the former just to survive. Baal soon discovered a way to fuse Phantoms with Heroic Spirits, seeing the former as valuable assets for his revenge. Fusion between Phantoms and Heroics Spirits was only possible due to the Counter Force being deactivated in Shinjuku with its separation from history. Baal would fuse Der Freischutz with James Moriarty, who manifested under the Archer class instead of the Caster as a result of the fusion. Seeking to finally thwart Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty forms an alliance with Baal, which would later be known as the Phantom Demon Alliance. He would advise a plan to destroy the planet, which would help achieve both of their respective goals. They plan to transform an asteroid into a magic bullet with Der Freischutz's powers, becoming possible only with its enhancement through the fusion with Moriarty. However, since crashing an asteroid into the planet wouldn't be enough to destroy the planet, they decide to construct a tower to act as a barrel to shoot the asteroid into the planet's core to destroy it. But in order to guarantee the asteroid is loaded into the barrel, Baal and Moriarty will turn it into Der Freischutz's seventh shot, said to kill an existence important to the shooter. To achieve this part of the plan, Moriarty devised to turn Ritsuka into said important existence, which Baal begrudgingly agreed with. Recalling Sherlock never goes full force unless against him, Moriarty erases his own memories, and creates a good personality for himself to trick his enemies. Baal does the same with his memories, and takes Moriarty's form, believing himself to be him. The two would go their separate ways, believing themselves to enemies while instinctively following their plan.

Acting as Moriarty, Baal gathers allies to him as well continuing his experiences of Phantom fusions. He fuses Doppelganger with Assassin (Fate/Grand Order - Yan Qing), fuses Christine Daaé into a Coloratura (human turned automaton) for Phantom of the Opera, and fuses Hessian and Lobo together to create a Phantom Servant called Hessian Lobo. With them becoming his allies, Baal takes control of Shinjuku with the aid of Phantom's Coloraturas and a private militia called the Hornets. He also has William Shakespeare captured and imprisoned inside Barrel Tower, which had begun construction. Forced against his will, Shakespeare summons Phantoms of his own characters, which are then fused into monsters. Edmond Dantès is summoned into the Singularity in order to rescue Shakespeare. EMIYA Alter is also summoned into the Singularity under contract to kill Baal, and joins the Alliance as it gave him a better chance to kill Baal. Sherlock rayshifts into Shinjuku to confirm his research about remnants of the Demon Gods returning despite the Human Order Incineration being thwarted. Baal also fights Artoria Alter and Jeanne Alter in their respective territories on separate occasions, grievously wounding the latter.


  • Shinjuku
  • Artoria Alter arrives

Ritsuka Fujimaru arrives in the era falling from the sky, but they're saved by an old man Servant. Landing on a nearby rooftop, the old man explains they're in Shinjuku, a city of villainy. He introduces himself as Archer of Shinjuku. Down on the streets, Archer protects Ritsuka from thuggish Spellcasters.[1] He explains the city is filled with traps after saving Ritsuka from a fake baby bomb. The pair eventually come across a group of Coloratura that are Christine Daaé's marionettes, which patrol and massacre people whilst singing. They try to sneak around them, but Archer accidentally alerts them. Having escaped after destroying a few, they run into the Colortura's controller, Phantom of the Opera, along with Christine. Archer destroys a nearby gas station to distract them, so he and Ritsuka can escape.[2] Escaping to a highway, Archer explains that all Servants in Shinjuku have separated into their own respective territories, which the highway happens to be one of. The pair are then chased after by a giant wolf ridden by a headless person. The wolf is a Phantom, a fictious existence not strong enough to become a Heroic Spirit, thus unable to be normally summoned as a Servant. The wolf eventually catches up, forcing the pair to fight it; Archer identifies it as Rider of Shinjuku. Archer proves too weak of a match for the wolf, so he tells Ritsuka to escape to Shinkuku Station, where they'll rendezvous. Artoria Alter arrives on a motorcycle, and rescues Ritsuka while Archers holds Rider off.[3]

Alter Hideout

Artoria Alter's hideout

At her hideout (the basement of a burger shop), Artoria Alter reveals that she fought Archer before, though he was exceptionally stronger than he is. She further reveals he and Rider are members of an alliance that controls Shinjuku, the Phantom Demon Alliance. She investigated them under the suspicions that they were the Singularity's source. She encountered Edmond Dantès, who told her to help Rtisuka. The next day, she leaves with Ritsuka for Shinjuku Station to find Archer.[4]

Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station

At Shinjuku Station, the pair eventually find Archer struggling against Hornet soldiers. They help him defeat them. Archer then explains the Archer that Artoria fought Alter isn't him, as he lost his True Name and most of his power. He agrees with Leonardo da Vinci that he was split into good and evil, suspecting that he's the good half. He then joins Ritsuka and Artoria Alter in the hopes of regaining his True Name, and returns to the hideout.[4]

The next morning at the hideout, the group are alerted by a sudden phone call. Answering the phone, Ritsuka learns from Edmond that soldiers led by EMIYA Alter are heading for Jeanne Alter's hideout at Shinjuku Gyoen. Archer reveals he was attacked by Jeanne Alter when he snuck into her territory. Meanwhile, Jeanne Alter fights EMIYA Alter, and uses La Grondement Du Haine to force his retreat. Exerting herself with that attack, she is eventually found by the group. She joins them despite her distrust of Archer.[5] The group are then attacked by thugs and their so-called "Super Chimeras". After killing them, the group are confronted by Rider. Jeanne Alter unleashes her Noble Phantasm on Archer's signal, but the flames prevent the group from escaping. They're forced to fight Rider, who can't escape either as Archer predicted. After Rider retreats, Ritsuka realizes the wolf is Lobo. The group then decide to kill Phantom, the Berserker of Shinjuku.[6]

Returning to the hideout, Ritsuka answers another phone call from Edmond. He reveals the tower being constructed on the former site of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office is called Barrel Tower. He then reveals that the evil Archer is the leader of the Phantom Demon Alliance, whose plan is to destroy the earth, and that their base of operations is in Kabukicho.[6] Archer explains Kabukicho is guarded by hundreds of Coloratura that are constantly replenished. He asks the others to bring him an intact Colortura, while he goes out to purchase the materials for modifying it. Ritsuka, Artoria Alter, and Jeanne Alter soon return with an intact Coloratura. It is revealed the Coloraturas are from made from human flesh and nerves placed into the dolls. Archer rigs the Coloratura with an explosive, which will be placed with the others in Kabukicho that return from patrol. The explosion will cause confusion among the others, which the group will use as an opportunity to kill Phantom and Christine. The group then leave for Kabukicho.[7]

Kabukicho ruined

Kabukicho in ruins after Archer's bomb set off

At the Kabukicho, the group execute their plan. While Artoria Alter and Jeanne Alter fight the Coloratura scattered from the resulting explostion, Ritsuka and Mash fight Phantom and Christine. It is revealed Christine is a Phantom placed into a Coloratura by Phantom. After Christine disappears, EMIYA Alter kills Phantom before he can reveal any information about Archer. Ritsuka and Archer prepare to fight him, but Cursed Arm Hassan arrives and convinces him to retreat. After Artoria Alter and Jeanne Alter rendezvous with the others, the group escape Kabukicho.[8]

Returning to the hideout, Cursed Arm takes Ritsuka outside under the pretense of finding an intruder. However, once out there, he reveals himself to be Assassin of Shinjuku. He takes Ritsuka hostage, while Artoria Alter and Jeanne Alter chase after him. He repeatedly sends minions at them to slow them long enough for him to escape. Artoria Alter soon exhausts herself after using Excalibur Morgan to destroy King Lear. Assasin takes the chase to finally escape with the now unconscious Ritsuka.[9]

Barrel Tower

Barrel Tower

Ritsuka later wakes up in Barrel Tower. There they meet the evil Archer, who reveals he used the Holy Grail to separate himself from his virtuous emotions. He then tries to make with a deal with them. The deal is that he'll let Ritsuka return to Chaldea in exchange for Chaldea not interfering with him. He then leaves to give Ritsuka time to think it over. Ritsuka meets William Shakespeare, who is imprisoned and forced to create monsters for the Alliance. Shakespeare suspects Archer allowed Assassin to kidnap Ritsuka. He also suspects they were given a letter from him. Ritsuka takes out said letter, which read they'll everything from their savior. Edmond then arrives and rescues them.[10]

Escaping to a nearby rooftop, Edmond reveals himself to be Sherlock Holmes. He explains he was researching the probability of the resurgence of Singularities after the Human Order is restored. TRIHERMES warned powers from the distorted history would be leftover, strong enough to disrupt the correct history. Normally, the Counter Force would prevent them from manifesting, but history shifting to its restoration state created a gap for said powers to return. According to TRIHERMES' calculations, there is the possibility that one of those powers would appear in Shinjuku. Sherlock then reveals Archer is his nemesis, James Moriarty. Down on the streets, he confirms Moriarty let Ritsuka be kidnapped. He then returns to the hideout with Ritsuka so he can explain the true purpose of destroying planet to the rest.[10]

Having regained his memory, Moriarty reveals he manifested as a Servant after being fused with a Phantom. Sherlock then explains how the Alliance's goal of destroying the planet is possible without utilizing outside forces by doing what Thomas Edison and the Lion King attempted. It is then revealed the Singularity is in a culled timeline. This means the Counter Force's protection is no longer activate, so the planet's destruction becomes possible. Sherlock then reveals the method by which the evil Moriarty will use to destroy the planet. Evil Moriarty plans to use the power of his Phantom, Der Freischutz, to load a meteorite into Barrel Tower. He will then fire into the planet's core as a magic bullet to destroy it. The group then decide to kill Assassin first, so Moriarty formulates them a plan. Overlooking the information Sherlock gave him about Assassin, Moriarty orders the others to get some clothes. Ritsuka, Artoria Alter, and Jeanne Alter eventually find some clothes and change into them.[11]


Assassin's party

The trio enter a party hosted by Assassin while Sherlock and Moriarty oversee the situation through the transceivers they gave them. They participate until Assassin appears before the guests as Artoria Alter. He eventually notices the group, and orders the Hornets to attack. Joined by Moriarty, the group defeat the Hornets followed by Romeo and Juliet. More Hornets arrive, with Assassin being among. Ritsuka removes their disguise to shock Assassin into revealing himself as part of Moriarty's plan. Assassin introduces himself as Yan Qing, and fights the group. Sensing that he's going to lose, Yan Qing activates a bomb under the building to collapse it, prompting the group to escape.[12]

A thug, a Hornet, and a civilian emerge from the rubble. Moriarty and Sherlock both deduce the civilian is actually Yan Qing. Fatally shot by Moriarty, Yan Qing reveals he was fused with Doppleganger before disappearing. The group prepare to return to the hideout when they're found by the newly recovered Rider. The group see it's been fused with the Invisible Man, as indicate by its invisibility. After Rider unveils itself, Sherlock deduces the headless man riding Lobo is the Hessian from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Rider then becomes Avenger, and instantly targets Ritsuka because they're human. The group are unable to defeat it, so Jeanne Alter holds it back off while the others escape. She seemingly dies in the process.[13]

Meanwhile at the hideout, the group formulate a plan to defeat Hessian Lobo. They recognize they'll need trap it, and recall Lobo died after falling for a trap using his dead mate, Blanca. They can construct a leg trap, but they lack a white wolf like Blanca to lure Lobo. However, they realize they can use Artoria Alter's Cavall II instead.[14]

Later, the group set traps while Ritsuka and Artoria Alter wait for Hessian Lobo on her motorcycle. When it arrives, they lead it to a couple of traps. It easily avoids them, but they're caught in the third trap when it stops upon seeing Cavall II. Taking advantage of the situation, Ritsuka and Artoria Alter fight Hessian Lobo before it can break free. However, before Artoria Alter can finish it off, Hessian blocks her attack after separating from Lobo. Hessian then throws his weapons away, and tries to protect Lobo, who bites off his foreleg and flees. Artoria Alter tries to give chase, but Sherlock stops her as he knows Lobo will die soon. Hessian disappears, and Lobo disappears later while wandering Shinjuku.[14]

Back at the hideout, Moriarty states EMIYA Alter is standing guard in front of Barrel Tower with more than 200 Hornets. Sherlock deduces Evil Moriarty plans to use Bennu, an asteroid measuring 500m that was observed in the current year, as his magic bullet. He then reveals Phantoms can have their abilities greatly enhanced when fused with Heroic Spirits. Da Vinci realizes cause Der Freischutz to consider celestial objects being under the concept of magic bullet. Moriarty explains fusion between Heroic Spirits and Phantoms is only possible in Shinjuku, as the concept of Heroic Spirits fusing together is inherently impossible. Returning to topic of EMIYA Alter and his Hornets, Moriarty sends Da Vinci pictures of them. She relays information on their formation and weapons, the same used against large Demonic Beasts. Artoria Alter realizes she's their target, so they can't charge in on her motorcycle. Mash then recalls how she and Ritsuka being launched by Arash during Camelot.[15]

Later, EMIYA Alter and his Hornets are tricked by a decoy disguised as Artoria Alter. She and Ritsuka are then launched into the enemy ranks via makeshift launch Moriarty made according to what Mash said earlier. As Artoria Alter fights EMIYA Alter, Sherlock sends out hacked Coloraturas to attack the Hornets. Moriarty then throws down a smokescreen, which Artoria Alter uses to quickly switch a Hornet with him disguised as one. The group then use this enter the tower.[15]

Inside the tower, the group ascend it when they encounter Macbeth. After defeating him, they continue to ascend.[16] Reaching the top floor, they're greeted by the evil Moriarty whose been expecting them. He announces Bennu is already being drawn to the tower by Der Freischutz's power before fighting the group. They defeat him, but a Demon God in humanoid form manifests in his place. Having regained his memory, he reveals he waited for 3000 years to kill Ritsuka. He found it unforgivable that a mere human overthrew Goetia's plan. He reveals Charles Babbage, as a subordinate to the Demon Gods, deduced they had a contingency in case the Goetia's plan failed. The Demon God eventually found a way to fuse Phantoms and Heroic Spirits after waiting 3000 years. He then introduces himself as Baal. Moriarty then pierces Sherlock, revealing he and Baal were partners. He then absorbs Sherlock into himself to gain his power. He explains the fusion of Phantoms and Heroic Spirit is possible because Shinjuku is in a culled timeline. He allied with Baal to achieve revenge as their respective rivals. In order to catch Sherlock off-guard, Moriarty erased his own memories and evil personality to create a good persona. Baal did the same, believing himself to be the Evil Moriarty. EMIYA Alter then appears and shoots Baal, revealing he was contracted to kill him. He joined the Alliance since it gave a greater probablity of achieving his goal, knowing there would be no repercussion for destruction in a culled timeline. He then fights Baal, while Ritsuka and Artoria Alter fight Moriarty. However, Baal declares Ritsuka will absolutely die before disappearing.[17]

Bennu destroyed

Bennu shattered by EMIYA Alter's Unlimited Lost Works

Bennu suddenly appears in the sky above Shinjuku, having become a magic bullet. Moriarty reveals the six shots of Der Freischutz aren't enough to turn the asteroid into a magic bullet. Mash then realizes Ritsuka became an important existence when Moriarty protected them. So adhering to the rules of Der Freischutz's seventh shot, Bennu will head for Ritsuka. Moriarty confirms Artoria Alter's suspicious that getting Ritsuka into the tower was part of his plan. Revealing he became good to make Ritsuka vulnerable, he announces Bennu will be loaded into the tower in five minutes. Artoria Alter takes EMIYA Alter with her to intercept Bennu. Da Vinci tries to forcibly rayshift Ritsuka, but the Singularity's causality was strengthened by Bennu, preventing the rayshift. Moriarty then dodges an attack from the real Edmond followed by one from Jeanne Alter. She survived her fight against Hessian Lobo by escaping into the sewers following Sherlock's advice. Hans Christian Andersen and Shakespeare, whose rescue was why Edmond was summoned, then arrive to help. The writers deduce Moriarty absorbed Sherlock to remain undefeated. They then combine Märchen Meines Lebens and First Folio to summon the Great Detectives, a cavalcade of Phantom detectives. While they cannot help physically, the detectives lend their strength to Ritsuka. Moriarty then uses the Grail to give himself magical energy equal to a Demon God. With three minutes before Bennu arrives, the group commence their final battle against Moriarty. Struggling against the group, Moriarty uses the Grail on himself once again. However, the detectives use this opportunity to grant Ritsuka their Noble Phantasm, Critical Word. Ritsuka uses it to unveil Moriarty as the culprit, which results in his strength being sapped. Meanwhile on the rooftop, EMIYA Alter uses Unlimited Lost Works to break Bennu apart from the inside. Artoria Alter then destroys the fragments with Excalibur Morgan. Afterwards, she leaves to say goodbye to Cavall II before she disappears. With Bennu destroyed, Ritsuka is able to rayshift back to Chaldea. They return to Chaldea after sharing a dance with Jeanne Alter. There Sherlock reveals Baal was one among four Demon Gods who escaped the Time Temple.[18]

Participants Edit


Designation Identity Affiliation
Saber King Arthur (Alter) Ritsuka Fujimaru
Avenger Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster [11][19] Sherlock Holmes Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer of Shinjuku James Moriarty Phantom Demon Alliance (true)
Avenger of Shinjuku Hessian Lobo Phantom Demon Alliance
Assassin of Shinjuku Yan Qing Phantom Demon Alliance
Berserker of Shinjuku Phantom of the Opera Phantom Demon Alliance
Caster William Shakespeare Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer EMIYA (Alter) Phantom Demon Alliance (false)
Caster Hans Christian Andersen Ritsuka Fujimaru
Avenger Edmond Dantès Ritsuka Fujimaru


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Phantom/Wraith Christine Daaé Phantom Demon Alliance
Phantom King Lear Phantom Demon Alliance
Phantom Romeo and Juliet Phantom Demon Alliance
Phantom Macbeth Phantom Demon Alliance
Phantom Great Detectives Ritsuka Fujimaru
Demon God Baal Phantom Demon Alliance

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