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« I am... the Shinsengumiii!"
"Shinsengumi!... It's time to go."
"Watch closely now... Yeah, feast your eyes on this!"
"Drawing sword... Charge! Uuuoaaaaaaah! This is the! Shin! Sen! Gumiiiii!!"
"The Flag of Sincerity... is undying! Slash! Advance! Slash! Advance! I am the! Shin! Sen! Gumiiiii!! »


Shinsengumi: Undying Sincerity (不滅の誠
, Fumetsu no Makoto
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Hijikata Toshizou.

« As long as I, just I, exist for sure, the Flag of Sincerity will never die. »

(Hijikata Toshizou)

A Noble Phantasm that interweaves such intense conceit and madness. When invoked, temporarily rendering ineffective the degradation of physical ability caused by the damages on the body, it makes it possible to continuing on fighting and use every measure to completely slaughter the enemy. However, it is a double-edged sword that burst out at once all the damage accumulated by the time the effect is over.[2]

The sword of carnage of Hijikata Toshizou - the war-demon that made all the soldiers of the master swordsmen-filled Shinsengumi say “I may not lose, but I don’t think I can win against Hijikata either.” Those circumstances are truly a reproduction of his lifetime of continuous battle; while invoked, his surroundings turn into a battlefield where bullets fly and signal guns roar. While this may appear to be similar to an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that summons a large number of people, its true nature is completely different. Everything is a manifestation of his madness about how “the Shinsengumi is here, even now.[3]


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