Shirou Emiya (衛宮 士郎, Emiya Shirō?) is the main protagonist of Fate/stay night, a teenage Japanese Magus who acts as the Master of Saber during the Fifth Holy Grail War. He is the adopted son of Kiritsugu Emiya, the adopted brother of Illyasviel Von Einzbern, and the younger self of EMIYA.

In each of the three routes of Fate/stay night (Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven's Feel), he interacts with and develops a romantic relationship with a particular girl (Saber, Rin Tohsaka, and Sakura Matou).

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Who are the three girls Shirou Emiya develops a romantic relationship with in Fate/stay night? toggle section
Shirou Emiya, the main character in Fate/stay night, forms romantic bonds with Saber, Rin Tohsaka, and Sakura Matou. His love interest changes depending on the route. In the Fate route, he acknowledges his feelings for Saber. In the Unlimited Blade Works route, he confesses his love for Rin Tohsaka. In the Heaven's Feel route, he declares his love for Sakura Matou and vows to safeguard her.
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What role does Shirou Emiya play in the Fifth Holy Grail War? toggle section
Shirou Emiya leads in the Fifth Holy Grail War, signing a contract with the servant Saber. His participation aims to prevent a tragedy from ten years ago, caused by the same war, from recurring. The war is a battle among seven magi, including Shirou, each aided by a servant, to obtain the wish-fulfilling Holy Grail.
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Who is Shirou Emiya's adopted father in Fate/stay night? toggle section
The adopted father of Shirou Emiya, the central character in Fate/stay night, is Kiritsugu Emiya. Shirou, a young Japanese Magus, serves as Saber's Master in the Fifth Holy Grail War. He is also the adopted sibling of Illyasviel Von Einzbern.
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How does Shirou Emiya's relationship with Saber evolve in Fate/stay night? toggle section
In Fate/stay night, Shirou Emiya forms a romantic bond with Saber. As Shirou pays her attention, Saber reciprocates with feelings for him. This leads to a 'Good End' where Saber, Shirou, and Rin live together as mutual lovers in the Emiya household. Saber's pursuit of Shirou intensifies in Fate/hollow ataraxia.
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Who is the younger self of EMIYA in Fate/stay night? toggle section
In Fate/stay night, the younger self of EMIYA is Shirou Emiya. He is a teenage Japanese Magus, the adopted son of Kiritsugu Emiya, and the adopted brother of Illyasviel Von Einzbern. He serves as the Master of Saber during the Fifth Holy Grail War and develops a romantic relationship with a different girl in each of the three routes of the series.
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10 years before the start of Fate/stay night, Shirou was an ordinary boy living with his parents in Shinto. The Great Fire caused by the contents of the Holy Grail spilling out at the end of the Fourth Holy Grail War killed both his parents and left him mortally wounded within the blaze. He was rescued by Kiritsugu Emiya, who was dejected after indirectly causing the fire and, wishing to actually "save" someone for the first time in his life, rescued Shirou by embedding Avalon in his body.[7][8][9]

Kiritsugu later asked the recovering Shirou if he would like to become his adopted son, fully disclosing his identity as a magus. Shirou agreed and spent the next two years persistently asking Kiritsugu to teach him Magecraft. Kiritsugu eventually complied, and though he disapproved of Shirou's desire to learn his craft, he advised applying it in secret, where it could only benefit people and not attract confusion or suspicion. The knowledge he imparted to Shirou was very basic and incomplete, leading him down a dangerous path with little results.[10] Furthermore, and perhaps inadvertently, Kiritsugu passed on his philosophy of wishing to be a Hero of Justice capable of saving anyone to Shirou.[11][12]

Five years prior to the Fifth Holy Grail War, weakening every day due the effect of black mud from the Holy Grail, Kiritsugu dies,[11][12] leaving Shirou frustrated, depressed, and alone. He was subsequently watched over by Taiga Fujimura, Shirou's longtime neighbor and his English teacher, and his living expenses were managed by her grandfather, Raiga Fujimura. He later went to a middle school where he encountered Shinji Matou around October of his second year when he had to remake the signboard of the culture festival according to the design of third year students in a single evening. Shinji, who oversaw that throughout the evening, said “Hmm… you’re an idiot but you actually do a pretty good job.” and started to laugh.

After starting in Homurahara High School, he met Issei Ryuudou and became known as someone who would readily do anything to help others, such as fixing the school equipment. He later joined the Archery Club, which led to an estranged relationship with Shinji. He missed the target only once during the period that he was enrolled, but even then he said that he saw that “it will miss” before even shooting it. He withdrew during the summer of his first year due to a bone fracture in his right shoulder he received during his part-time job, which left a burn mark over the skin. The wound itself was nothing major, but Shinji pointed out that it was unsightly for someone with a burn mark to do a formal shooting, so he left the club as it was also a period when he was busy with his part-time job. Their relationship eventually stabilized, but some tension still remained, especially in regard to Shinji's abuse of Sakura Matou. Shirou also got closer to Sakura as she started to visit his household frequently during the period while he was injured in order to help him cook and clean up the house. Even after he was healed, she continued to come as a member of his surrogate family.


During the events of Fifth Holy Grail War, Shirou is a teenager with short auburn hair and golden-brown coloured eyes. He is often seen wearing his casual clothing, consisting of a blue and white long sleeve baseball jersey T-shirt and a blue slim straight jeans. During school, he wears his Homurahara Academy uniform but underneath his jacket uniform, he wears the same long sleeve baseball jersey T-shirt.

In the Heaven's Feel scenario, Shirou gains a new body created by Touko Aozaki. His puppet body is noted to match his original body closely. He wears a long sleeve shirt with black trousers.

In the Ufotable adaptation of Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works], Shirou has a lot more variety of clothing. For instance, Shirou wears a black and white jersey zip jacket along with his casual clothing. He wears a charcoal coloured Thomson tartan lambswool scarf along with his school uniform. Other than his casual clothing, he is seen wearing a long sleeve white shirt and a black hooded coat. He also wears a black long sleeve shirt.


Due to the trauma he suffered during the great fire, Shirou has a constant emptiness in his personality and suffers from tremendous survivor's guilt. He feels that, as the only survivor, it is unfair to the deceased to prioritize his own needs before those of others. He has a distorted sense of values where he only finds self-worth from helping people without any compensation, feeling that the very act “helping people” is its own reward. He believes it is highly unfair that some people survive and others do not. When it comes down to receiving an injury or even giving up his life to help someone, he will do it without a second thought. The people who see this side of him are often very worried and attempt to correct his behavior, though they are unable to change his opinions. Kiritsugu often talked about how he used strive to protect the innocent from the world's many perils, even at the cost of his own humanity, and how he was saddened by the reality that whenever he was able to spare one life, another person was fated to die. Although Kiritsugu was tormented by his inability to save everyone, Shirou always admired his efforts. Right before Kiritsugu's death, Shirou pledged to be a Hero of Justice in Kiritsugu's place and strive to protect everyone at the cost of his own life. Everything that he is thus far is the result of that very pledge. He has made it his dream to become a "Hero of Justice" who will save everyone regardless of what happens to his own life.

Shirou pushes his ideals to their limit during the Fate scenario, where he constantly attempts to protect Saber from harm and keep her from fighting other Servants, despite the fact that she is many times more powerful than he and that even his odds of mere survival, never mind victory, are hopelessly low against those he personally fights. This is because he cannot stand the idea of someone else being harmed for his sake. He never gives up his ideals during the route and injures himself numerous times to uphold it. During the Unlimited Blade Works route, Shirou, through constant arguing with Archer, begins to see the hypocrisy in his ideals. Though he refuses to give them up entirely, he works his way towards a middle ground where he will strive towards fulfilling ideals, despite knowing they are impossible to achieve. He faces his largest dilemma during Heaven's Feel, where he is forced to choose between maintaining his ideals and protecting the life of Sakura. He eventually forsakes them, with the exception of the Superhero ending, where he becomes as resolute as Kiritsugu in his prime, allowing Sakura to be executed for the greater good. He strives only to protect Sakura, though he is presented with conflict a number of times.

Shirou is extremely stubborn once he sets out to accomplish something, such as spending hours attempting to perform a high jump that is nearly impossible for him. This action, as watched by Rin and Sakura, is one of the initial factors that causes them both to develop feelings for Shirou. He will stubbornly defend his own viewpoints, no matter how wrong they may seem to others, even to the point of causing them great mental anguish. Though he does his best to help others, if he feels that a person brought about their own ruin, he will simply watch instead of helping. He can range from being sarcastic to blunt very easily and his poor convey of body language can make it difficult for others to recognize when he is which, even leading some to think he is being dense or ignorant. Nasu has stated that Shirou and Shiki Tohno would not get along.


Shirou's love interests varies from Saber, Rin and Sakura depending on the routes. However, he has shown to be initially attracted to Saber, from the moment he saw her after she's summoned regardless of the route. In Fate, Shirou eventually fully accepts his feelings for Saber, and even desires to be with her, despite her being unable to exist in the mortal world, but they eventually reunite in Avalon. In Unlimited Blade Works, Shirou admits his feelings towards Rin during their alliance, and accepts her support to help him pursue his ideal. As he realizes that he’s fallen for her both before and after knowing her true nature, he reveals his desire to be with Rin not just as an ally and later eventually becomes her boyfriend in True End, sometime teasing her in retaliation to her own. However if he also keeps paying his attention to Saber, then all three eventually have a mutual relationship and continue living together in Good End. In Heaven's Feel, his feelings for Sakura become major plot point, when he realizes her growing beauty and develops feelings for her even before the beginning of the Holy Grail War, which drastically alters all of the following events and eventually leads him to forsake his long held ideals of becoming a Hero of Justice in order to save her.

Shirou quickly develops a rivalry with Archer after their first meeting, and is shown to be jealous of Archer's relationship with Rin as the two look close to each other in the Unlimited Blade Works route. Shirou also grudgingly believes Archer is cooler than him. Shirou can be critical of Taiga Fujimura, often berating and teasing her over her antics, although she seems to be aware it's mostly playful banter and will try to get under his skin in retaliation. In truth, Shirou greatly loves and values her for being there after the death of his father. Shirou is initially fearful of Illya but can become fiercely protective of her when they're not acting as enemies. This is even before he discovers they are step-siblings. In addition to Saber, Rin and Sakura, Shirou is also attracted to Rider.


Shirou possesses an extraordinary talent for housework. Despite having Taiga as his caretaker, he generally cooks all of her meals and does almost all of the housework while she generally does nothing. Home cooking is his forte, and he especially prides himself in Japanese cuisine. He is not a cheapskate when it comes to ingredients to make a delicious meal, and he will spend a great deal of time in order to make something extravagant. He teaches Sakura how to cook and as she improves, they eventually start to compete over the quality of their meals. Shirou equally enjoys Japanese tea, black tea, and coffee, but he prefers Japanese tea and dislikes plum kelp tea. There are times when he receives liquor from Copenhagen, but he merely tastes it as he is not good with alcohol. Among the characters of Fate, he is one of the heaviest eaters, losing only to Saber, Berserker, and Lancer. According to him: “one who does not have the stomach to digest breakfast is a failure as a martial artist.” Despite having his household finances taken care of by Taiga, Shirou does not wish to feel like a freeloader, so he has been taking up part-time jobs since middle school in order to pay for his own expenses. He earns 950 yen per hour at Copenhagen, and he receives spending money from accompanying Raiga Fujimura when he participates in his hobbies, which include sumo wrestling and hunting.[13][14]

Shirou does not feel comfortable in the atmosphere of a Game Center. He is weak against blind dates, even though he likes them. He has never gone to the dentist. His English language skills are poor and his intended major is initially in the field of law and politics.[15] He likes repairing electronics to help practice his Magecraft, and he can become immersed for hours at a time while fixing appliances. Due to the fact that he almost never denies requests to repair appliances or work, such as cleaning the school's swimming pool before its opening, he has many nicknames such as “fake school janitor”, “in charge of mending”, “vacuum cleaner of the Archery Club” and “Homurahara’s brownie”. He likes to meditate within the dojo in his household, often to relax before or after practicing Magecraft.

While at school, he aims to be the greatest at the “who will give up first” type of contest. He once participated in sepak takrawWP along with Ryuudou Issei and Matou Shinji during a school festival. They advanced to the finals, but when they competed with the team formed by Kane Himuro, Ayaka Sajyou and Ayako Mitsuzuri, Issei caused a quarrel after being harassed with concentrated attacks and caused both teams to be disqualified.



Shirou appears near the end of the story. He lost his family to the great fire caused by the Grail, as he laid on the floor trying to reach out to someone. Kiritsugu found him and thanked him. Shirou was envious of Kiritsugu when he saw him happily cried in tears as if he was saved.

After being rescued by Kiritsugu from the inferno, he is adopted as Kiritsugu's son. Shirou felt more comfortable calling Kiritsugu "old-man" (爺さん, jii-san?) than "father" or "dad". In the anime adaptation, he is seen settling into the Emiya residence.

In the Drama CD, Shirou kept experiencing nightmares. Shirou would take the medicine that Kiritsugu made with Magecraft. Shirou asks Kiritsugu about teaching him Magecraft but Kiritsugu was completely against it.

Five years later, while gazing at the stars in the Emiya estate, Kiritsugu tells Shirou of his dream to be a Hero of Justice and how he failed. Shirou, in admiration, states that he will achieve Kiritsugu's ideal and this allows Kiritsugu to die peacefully.

Fate/stay night[]

See Main Route Articles for Shirou's role during the scenarios: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven's Feel

Five years later, Shirou is a student of Year 2WP Class C of Homurahara School during Fate/stay night. One day he witness's two servants fight which leads to him eventually summoning a Servant of his own Saber where he learns of the Heaven's Feel Ritual. He has no interest in the Holy Grail and instead despises its use. However, he is determined to win the Holy Grail War with Saber for he hopes his efforts will ensure that another disaster like the Fuyuki conflagration will never occur again.

At the End of the Fate scenario, he continues to pursue his dreams of being a "Hero of Justice" and hope to unite with Saber all while leading a regular life. After the True End of Unlimited Blade Works route, he is working part-time at the mansion of Rin's rival Luviagelita Edelfelt.[16]

Shirou does not end up as his alternative future self at the end of the three scenarios.[17]

Fate/stay night manga[]

The Fate/stay night manga adaptation of the visual novel follows the Fate route with a mixture of events from Unlimited Blade Works. It follows the events of Fate normally until the defeat of Rider. Instead of Shirou being immediately kidnapped by Illya while Saber is weakened, Saber manages to recover somewhat from her use of Excalibur before the Emiya household is assaulted by Caster. Using Taiga as a hostage, Caster successfully uses Rule Breaker on Saber and takes her as her Servant after Shirou was unable to make a quick decision. When Rin tells Shirou that he is no longer a master and should not be involved any further, Shirou becomes depressed and becomes confused with what to do.

Feeling depressed over his loss and worried over Saber, Shirou goes to the Church for shelter. At the Church, Kotomine tells Shirou that his decision to sacrifice Saber was the right choice. Enraged, hearing such a thing Shirou counters Kotomine, saying that that (sacrifice Saber) was wrong and that he never truly gave her up. Kotomine then counters Shirou saying that not accepting what he did was the real betrayal. Kotomine then reveals to Shirou that his father Emiya Kiritsugu was also a Master in the Holy Grail Wars and that he was the victor. Shirou was both shocked and horrified even further after being told the truth. Kotomine tells Shirou that Kiritsugu was the man who kill all the other masters and caused Kotomine's first death in order to attain the Grail, and making Shirou believe that Kiritsugu was the one responsible for the huge fire that killed so many people ten years ago (although this is only half true, as Kotomine was the one who made the wish to make everyone in the area disappear). Following this, Shirou begins to have visions of Saber thanks to his mental link with her. Shirou then decides to come out of hiding and rescue Saber. Kotomine then acknowledges Shirou as Kiritsugu's son and secretly swears to end Shirou's life personally.

Shirou tracks down Caster and Kuzuki only to be beaten by Rin and Archer. During the battle while Rin attempts to reach Kuzuki, and Caster overwhelms Archer until she temporarily retreats upon Archer starting to unleash Unlimited Blade Works. Kuzuki bringing a defeated Rin stops the battle, and Archer is forced to also become Caster's Servant in exchange for Rin's safety. Caster reneges on the promise by ordering Saber to slay Rin, but Shirou saves Rin and takes her to safety just in time.

After the loss of Archer, Shirou and Rin are approached by Lancer, who has come to offer some help. They attack Caster and Kuzuki who have taken over the Church. While initially overwhelmed, Archer, having been waiting for his chance to kill Caster, assassinates both her and Kuzuki before turning his attention to Shirou. Shirou who has become disgusted with Archer, engages Archer demanding why Archer hates him so much, The two are stopped by Rin who manages to convince Archer from killing Shirou by talking it out. Rather than Rin forming a contract with Saber, Shirou manages to become her Master again, while Rin becomes Archer's Master again. It continues to follow the Fate route afterward, Shirou's feelings for Saber continue to develop and her for him as well.

Fate/hollow ataraxia[]

Shirou fate holllow ataraxia ufotable

Shirou in Fate/hollow ataraxia opening.

Shirou, as Saber's master, is the winner of the Fifth Holy Grail War, having opted to destroy the Grail. Half a year later, he continues to live a peaceful life with the other Servants and Masters in Fuyuki. However, the peace is broken when Heaven's Feel is unexpectedly restarted, despite the destruction of the Grail. Shirou then decides to patrol the town with Saber to investigate the dangers of the restarted war. Shirou soon discovers though that everyone is trapped within a loop of four days, thus resolving to put an end to the loop. In the meantime, He finds himself repeatedly encountering a mysterious silver-haired girl when going out alone at night. However, he is unable to properly interact with her as he is quickly killed by a horde of beast-like shadows, resetting the loop back to the first day. Additionally, Shirou and Saber encounter a new Master and Servant: Bazett Fraga McRemitz and the mysterious Avenger, who are participating in a war unrecognized by the others. Unfortunately, Shirou and Saber are both killed in this encounter, resetting the loop once again.

Shirou learns from Rin, after returning from London, that both the loop and the restarted war may possibly be the result of the Holy Grail granting someone's wish. Later, Shirou encounters the silver-haired girl once again who reveals her name as Caren Hortensia, and that she already knows who Shirou is. However, like the times before, a horde of beast-like shadows attacks, only this time though they are beaten by Shirou and Caren. After defeating the horde, Caren tells Shirou to meet her at the Church to further discuss the situation occurring in Fuyuki. Meeting Caren at the Church, she begins to relay information regarding the loop and the restarted war. Caren reveals that the events occurring within the loop are artificial, though she says the people themselves are real except for one. She also reveals that she was sent to investigate the Holy Grail and the nature of the restarted Heaven's Feel. Furthermore, she tells Shirou that as the winner of the Fifth Holy Grail War only he can end this new war, as it is a reenactment of the fifth so it must end with his victory. Shirou then leaves the church after being told by Caren to ask Rin about London.

Shirou questions Rin about London, to which she eventually reveals the existence of twin manors built during the third war to be used as separate hideouts for the Edelfelt sisters. She further recounts that one of the manors was where she discovered the murder scene of Lancer's original Master. Prompted by this information, Shirou goes to one of the manors to ascertain it as Bazett's hideout. However, he finds the place to be empty, though he does discover one of Lancer's earrings. Taking the earring with him, Shirou goes to the harbor to get Lancer's assistance against Bazett, using the earring to convince him. Agreeing to kill Bazett, Shirou and Lancer meet up at the church courtyard before midnight, where they encounter Bazett and Avenger. Lancer and Bazett confront each other brieflly, which ends with them giving each other fatal wounds with their Noble Phantasms. With Bazett's death Shirou believes that both the loop and the restarted war will now end, though he is surprised that Avenger still exists despite his master being dead. The horde of shades then appears, yet their focus is only on Avenger. Avenger then begins to turn into one of the shades, but he manages to tell Shirou to speak with the Heaven's Cup, imploring Shirou to destroy real him, before his transformation is complete.

Realizing what Avenger may mean, Shirou visits Illya to get answers. She reveals that the Holy Grail that reproduced the war is a true wish granter compared to the Holy Grail of the Einzberns. She further reveals that the Grail is actually Avenger, which is located at the moon. It is also discovered that Shirou is actually Avenger taking his form. Now knowing his true identity, Shirou returns to being Avenger, and with Caren, goes up to the Grail to end the loop. Outside the loop, the real Shirou is tricked into letting Bazett stay at his house with a potential occupation of working as his bodyguard, though he feels a strange sense of familiarity with her. Soon after Caren enter's the house and introduces herself as the new Overseer of Fuyuki and somehow Shirou also somehow remembers familiarly. Caren and Bazett than affectionately converse, play, and tease with Shirou who continues why he dosen't mind being with these two and going along with it, as if he just met two old friends.

Curtain Call ~Let Us Drive Together~[]

In this Drama CD Shirou is living with Rin in London a few years after the war. While at the Clock Tower, Rin acquires a license and Shirou is worried about her with modern technology, so he decides to help teach her how to drive along with Lord El-Melloi II. He later goes to King Arthur's grave at Glastonbury to pay his respects to Saber only to run into a certain someone in spirit form. This person calls him a brat and believes he is a thief with how many times he's come here. He continues on by saying that if he continues to act depressed over here Saber may really come back out of worry. Shirou asks if the spirit knows about King Arthur and the spirit retorts saying that doesn't matter and he should remember Saber as she was, to move on since that is what Artoria would have wanted. Realizing he is talking to someone from Artoria's time he ask's the spirit what he thought of her, the spirit say's that Artoria was like a bright star that guided the people, and that while others would admire blindly, the both of them knew better; Artoria was a star too bright to keep at someone's side all the time. Shirou agrees but since he did see the starlight with his own eyes, then regardless of how far away it is he will continue to follow that light. The spirit mocks him for his stubbornness, but also mentions he's on the right track, and then leaves.

The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II[]

The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II is set a few years after a theoretical fourth route of Fate/stay night that combines aspects of all three.[18] Shirou went to London with Rin and is working part-time as Luvia's butler.[19]

The Man Who Devoured God[]

Upon seeing that Rin has taken in orphaned children in Singapore, Lord El-Melloi II thinks Shirou is rubbing off on her. He asks if they are in a relationship and Rin become flustered, denying it with "O-of course not! Give me a break!"[20]

Luvia says that she wanted to use the opportunity while Rin was away from the Clock Tower to lure Shirou "away from that fox", but Shirou was on leave for the week. Reines also mentions the time that Luvia and Rin fell off the Tower of London and were saved by Shirou.[19]

Taiga sent a video game from Japan to Shirou, and he sold it to Flat Escardos. Flat wanted to play it with Lord El-Melloi II, but he was away from his office.[19]

Legacy of the Alchemist[]

Flat calls El-Melloi II to inform him that he was planning to go to Van-Fem's casino together with Shirou, though he got distracted.[21]

Fem's Casa[]

Shirou was planning to spend time with Flat in Monaco, but Flat got distracted and left. Shirou decides to attend one of the world's most famous events the gambling game Fem's Casa, not wanting to waste Luvia's one-million euro buy-in ticket when she decided not to go, instead answering Sion's request to go to the Library of Alexandria. Shirou attempts to play for fun, however he wins against the creator and sponsor Van-Fem, who has only lost to a number which can be counted on one hand. While the winner of Fem's Casa can ask a wish of Van-Fem, Shirou decided to leave without taking his prize. Van-Fem feels that he cannot let Shirou leave without giving him a reward and mobilizes his connections to bring him back.[22]

Witnesses reported seeing him fighting off the mafia with twin swords, trying to protect a girl that the mafia was after.[22] Shortly afterward Shirou went missing. The Morte mafia are after him for the fight against their men, and because they suspect him of stealing their Origin Bullets that the mafia received from Kiritsugu years prior, which they received for giving him the location of Einzbern's Castle which he had difficulty getting back to after the war. Bai Ruolong has also been tasked with kidnapping Shirou so his master Ziz could learn the secret to beating Van-Fem.

After it becomes apparent that Shirou has gone missing, Van-Fem asks Lord El-Melloi II to find him. Rin and Luvia search Monaco for Shirou, while El-Melloi II has to stay behind to win Fem's Casa after being challenged by Ziz.[22] After a scuffle with the mafia, Shirou is rescued by Ye Sizhen, a competitor in Fem's Casa and an apprentice to Ziz. She also states she's an associate of the girl he's rescued.[23]

Shirou and Sizhen are later attacked by Juste, a killer who idolizes Kiritsugu. Sizhen believes she has the upper hand at first but is caught off guard with Juste's mix of modern warfare and chainsaw augmented body parts. Juste states that their mission is justice, and they intend to kill Sizhen since the lives she would take away outnumber those she'd save, a thought process in line with Kiritsugu's own. Shirou stops Juste with an arrow shot from Archer's bow and counters Juste's declaration that if they are justice than his dream is to be a hero of justice. When Juste hears Sizhen call Shirou by his name, they recognize it and identify him as the person who "killed Kiritsugu". Shirou fights Juste using Kanshou and Bakuya and attempts to finish with Triple-Linked Crane Wings, however their fight is interrupted by the arrival of Flat and Ergo, prompting Juste to retreat. As they flee, they say that they will never forgive Shirou.[24]

When Flat brings up how Van-Fem is looking for Shirou, Shirou says that because he used Luvia's ticket Van-Fem should ask her for the prize, and besides he doesn't consider himself a winner since Van-Fem simply admitted defeat when he figured out Shirou's trick. Shirou, Flat, Ergo, and Sizhen catch each other up on what has happened so far, with Ergo confessing that with his divine sight he had seen Shirou's past while they were searching for him, including the Fuyuki fire and his conversation with Archer. In exchange, Shirou asks Ergo to tell him his own story while he helps finish Ergo's mask that Genma Tobori made for him. To do so, Shirou projects a divine Egyptian chisel that he had traced during a visit to the British Museum with Rin.[25]

Fate/unlimited codes[]

Shirou's story mode starts with him being told about the war from Saber and after how innocents would be endangered, decides to fight to stop it. Saber asks if he truly has no wish. Shirou replies no, and that he just wants to stop the conflict, saying that in his own way was his wish.

Eventually at the Einzbern Castle he fights Archer, who once more questions his ideals. He wants Shirou to see his hypocrisy, calling humans beings that only look after themselves, and tries to stop him. Shirou presses through however and defeats Archer.

Later, Shirou encounters Kotomine at Ryuudo Temple while both their Servant's fight. Kotomine states that while he wants to cover the world in darkness, Shirou wants to cover the world in light. He insists they are the same, saying that all wishes create the "flow of life" which means that Shirou's wish can only come true after his own.

Shirou at first agrees that is the "flow of life", which makes Kotomine believe his battle with Archer affected his thought process and is glad Shirou is starting to understand. But Shirou also states that it is a belief of someone who has given up on everything which he hasn't. He describes there was once a woman who believed and fought for a utopia where no one suffered, and a Hero of Justice who believed in and fought to keep that ideal alive. Others share his ideals, and as long as there is someone who believes, then he will keep trying to be a Hero of Justice.

Kotomine, after hearing this, says that although he did not share his blood, Shriou was indeed Kiritsugu Emiya's son. He tells Shirou he will not gain anything holding up those ideals and asks him if he can keep striving for the light despite that. The two then begin to fight.

Shirou defeats Kotomine, bidding him goodbye. Even though there was much more he wanted to say to him, he tells him that he knows he'll never forget him.

The ending closes with Saber destroying the grail and leaving, and Shirou saying goodbye to the two-hundred-year war and "ritual" designed to reproduce "that miracle". He says he will hold his head up high, looking at the sky and when the sun sets, the stars will be his guide. He says that now he knows his true potential, he will never doubt himself no matter what happens, knowing that one day he will meet them again.

He is given the title Apprentice Mage (見習い魔術師, Minarai Majutsushi?) in Fate/unlimited codes.

Fate/unlimited codes - Shirou Emiya command list


  • Crane Wing Double Strike (鶴翼二連, Shiruyoku Niren?) -
  • Crane Wing Paired Strike (鶴翼双連, Shiruyoku Sōren?) -
  • Crane Wing Master Attack - Raid (鶴翼攻究・襲, Shiruyoku Kōkyū - Shū?) -
  • Crane Wing Master Guard - Rising (鶴翼守究・昇, Shiruyoku Shukyū - Shō?) -
  • Trap Shoot (トラップシュート, Torappu Shūto?) -
  • Link Shot (リンクシュート, Rinku Shūto?) -
  • Dash Feint (ダッシュ・フェイント, Dasshu Feinto?) -
  • Dash Sliding (ダッシュ・スライディング, Dasshu Suraidingu?) -
  • Dash Knee (ダッシュ・ニー, Dasshu Nī?) -


  • Excalibur's Sheath (聖剣の加護, Seiken no kago?) -

Super Move:

  • Caliburn: Golden Sword of the Victorious (勝利すべき黄金の剣(カリバーン), Shōrisubeki Ōgon no Ken(Karibān)?) -
  • Crane Wing Triple Strike (鶴翼三連, Shiruyoku Sanren?) -

Holy Grail Burst Super Move:

  • Nine Lives Blade Works: The Shooting Hundred Heads (射殺す百頭(ナインライブズブレイドワークス), Shasatsusu Hyakukashira(Nain Raibuzu Bureido Wākusu)?) -
  • Azoth Sword (アゾット剣, Azotto Ken?) -

Fate/tiger Colosseum series[]

Carnival Phantasm[]


Shirou in Carnival Phantasm.

Shirou has a large role in Carnival Phantasm due to being the main character of Fate/stay night. He often interacts with his love interests, and a large plot deals with him attempting to date them simultaneously (in order to make all of them happy) when the plan goes awry, Shirou chooses to give priority only to his true love, what arouses the wrath of spurned heroines. It is also shown that, despite what Nasu has stated, he and Shiki Tohno are very good friends and often collude with each other to keep the girls happy.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family[]

Shirou is the main character of Today's Menu for Emiya Family, which features mostly Shirou and Saber (and occasionally, other characters) cooking various Japanese and/or Chinese dishes while explaining how they're made. A young Shirou also makes an appearance in Episode 6. although the romantic relationship between Shirou and Saber is present throughout the story, the end of episode 7 implies that he and Rin also maintain a relationship greater than just friends.

Shirou's face becomes obscured in episodes that center around Archer, as demonstrated in Episode 11.

ALL AROUND TYPE-MOON - A Day of Ahnenerbe[]

Ahnenerbe, 10 Years Ago[]

A young Shirou from before the fire visits Ahnenerbe on an errand to get coffee beans and runs into the 4th Heaven's Feel's Rider and Waver which the former granted a large bag of the coffee beans to him as they are working part time. After Rider say's he like's Shirou's eyes he offers Shirou to be his servant, but Shirou refuses stating that he would not serve anyone, and he would become a "Transform Rider", after which Rider states he too is a "Rider". After Kotomine is about to leave Ahnenerbe he runs into Shirou who upon instinct to an enemy kicks Kotomine with a Rider Kick. Irisviel who is with Saber compliments Shirou for the kick saying he did good, however seeing Saber smile causes him to blush and run out of the cafe much to Saber's shock and Irisviel's amusement calling it cute.

Another Day of Ahnenerbe[]

After the events of the "Vase of Happiness" the manager George forces all involved to work off the costs of damages in his cafe. Shirou is seen with Sakura and Rin being waited by a Saber in a maid outfit as she attempts to clear her share.

The Magical, Terrible Ahnenerbe[]

Saber reveals she continues to work at Ahnenerbe out of guilt that Rider is supporting Shirou by paying living expenses for letting her stay at his house while looking at Saber judgementally.

Type Michelin ~The Trials of Hibi-Chika~[]

Shirou is looking for Saber, who had inverted to her Alter form, eventually finding her in Ahnenerbe. Saber has turned back to normal and is unconscious at a counter with piles of now empty plates of food next to her. Shirou is depressed how he’ll need to pay for all this and begins to carry Saber back on piggyback, only to notice upon turning around that the Track Field Trio was watching the whole series of events. He worries that they saw Saber Alter and wonders how he can explain it without exposing anything. Kane Himuro brushes him off, though, stating they won’t tell anyone what they saw and for him not to worry. Shirou thanks Himuro, calling her a life saver and leaves carrying Saber out. At the end, on their way back, Saber starts to notice her stomach hurts (her Alter form has inverted taste buds).

Thousand Key In Love[]

When the heroines attempt to give Chikagi Katsuragi love advice, Sakura attempts to state that a slow and steady daily affection will win your love interest’s heart while thinking of Shirou but almost instantly gets depressed. The other heroines ask why it didn’t work, but Sakura says it did work, with them spending a lot of time together in the beginning, but before she knew it, multiple rivals had appeared. She laments how dense Shirou is.

Saber x Saber[]

When Archer's attempt to teach Rin how to use a laptop it somehow results in the Red Saber being summoned from the Moon Cell to Ahnenerbe. Red Saber attempts to ask where her Master is, with Rin in confusion name's Emiya-Kun as her Master, only to be later corrected by Archer.

Magical Girl Vs. Magical Lady[]

Shirou is helping Rin track down the Kaleido Stick Magical Ruby and catch's up to them in Ahnenerbe finding both of them with Illya and a girl named Miyu, though he is shocked when he finds 2 other Kaleido Stick's one of which being another Ruby. They explain to him that they are from an alternate world and they both reintroduce themselves flustered. Illya comments how this Shirou is just like her Shirou, and Miyu recommends to Illya to ask this Shirou about what they need. It appears that both of them are working as maids in the cafe to raise money, in order to buy the Shirou of their world a birthday present and want to ask what he likes. Shirou says that he would be happy with whatever they get him, which Illya and Ruby comment that aspect is just like their Shirou. Rin comments on getting Shirou cooking ware since he enjoys cooking which both Illya and Miyu agree is a wonderful idea, though she also say's as long as the recipient is happy it doesn't matter what they get. All of a sudden, a strong laugh of "OH HO HO HO" is heard throughout the cafe coming from Luvia who has entered. Luvia insults Japan which causes Rin to attack her and the two devolve into a fist fight. The original Ruby attempts to interfere with the brawl that leads to Luvia grabbing the stick which allows Ruby to take over and transform her into Kaleido Edelfelt.

Rin asks Shirou if this is the feeling she gave off, which Shirou says yes to causing Rin to slump and be depressed. Kaleido Edelfelt proceeds to change the space to a flower field and begins to fly, so Rin asks Shirou to get the stick away from her, but when Shirou begins Tracing, his swords don't appear in his hands but flower bouquets. Illay and Miyu clap at the magic trick while Shirou is in shock and Kaleido explains that he can't visualize dangerous objects in the surrounding area. Rin tries to throw jewels at her, but they are turned into candy, so Rin asks Shiki to cut open the space for them as she has been there in silence the whole time distancing herself away from them. Shiki complaint's that this is why she didn't want to get involved and even her coffee has turned sickly sweet, but after staring at Kaleido Edelfelt with her Mystic Eyes of Death Preception she walks away saying she won't cut lines shaped like a heart. Edelfelt gets behind Rin and proceeds to backdrop her only for Shirou to take her place with Rin working fast for a substitution, Edelfelt undaunted proceeds to continue with Shirou screaming at Rin "What are you a Ninjaaaaa" as he is driven into the ground, with Rin stating she would pay him back later...probably. Kaleido immediately captures Rin leaving Ruby to encourage Illya and Miyu to take action, which is further incited by the alternate Ruby, Magical Sapphire stating she is most likely excited by the proposition of fighting another version of her.

Illya and Miyu then transform into Kaleido Ruby and Kaleido Sapphire and begin to combat Kaleido Edelfelt. The three proceed to trade magical beam attacks until Miyu and Illya form a plan, which begins with Miyu including the Saber Card and proceeds to fire an Excalibur blast which Edelfelt counters with a max beam of Magical Energy. The attack pushes Edelfelt near a bound Rin which Illya then unleash's a Magical Energy in the form of a slash to both. Edelfelt manages to dodge only to reveal that the attack was meant to release Rin's binds which she uses to take advantage of the opportunity and backdrops Edelfelt. Ruby attempts to make Shiki her new vessel but Ryougi brings out her knife right when Rin grabs and stops Ruby dead in her track's inches from it. Shirou and Rin proceed to leave with a captured Ruby and Luvia who Shirou is carrying on piggyback. Luvia awakens in shock and demands Shirou put her down which he refuses stating she is already injured and should stop being haphazard since she is also a girl. Luvia blushes and agrees which causes her and Rin to argue again with her causing Shirou to tell her to stop moving.

The Grown-up ☆ Challenge![]

Shirou's original Illya and Miyako Arima are drinking their troubles away in the cafe with Lancer watching on calling them brats. They retort that they're sick and tired of them being treated like children, and how they want to be in a romantic route with their respected main characters, which causes Lancer to treat them more like kids, especially after he points out that Illya asks for milk and Miyako asks for barley tea. Len walks into the cafe in her cat form which causes Illya to try to shoo them away, explaining that she hates cats because they remind her of Saber and the other heroines who steal Shirou from her, calling them "thieving cats". Miyako in response thinks of the heroines around Tohno Shiki in a vicious manner. They both complain if only they were grown up, they can flirt with the people they love, and Len in response places them in a dream. Illya awakens in front of Shirou's house in an adult body, wondering how she got there and how this happened. Instantly Shirou walks out of his house and sees Illya, who shows off her body to him while she twirls, with Shirou in shock wondering how. Illya states she does not know but they shouldn't worry about the details and get romantic, proceeding to hug his back and thinking she won't lose to the other heroines now. While Shirou contemplates the new weight, he overhears people talking about them being inappropriate in public. Shirou tells Illya he feels embarrassed and asks her to get off, also declaring that she can't have hugs now that she is a grown-up, causing Illya to go into shock. She and Miyako later awaken in a cold sweat, with the other girl having a similar yet different dream, both relaxing that it was all just that, a dream. Shirou and Shiki enter the cafe looking for them, causing the two girls to blush and go into their arms, believing it would be nice to not grow up just yet.

TYPE-MOON Academy Chibichuki![]

Kinoko Nasu appears as a talking mushroom and summons every character from multiple Type Moon franchises to attend an Academy where he would be acting as principal. The purpose of the school was so that the characters may live out their days interacting with each other without need to go to Ahnenerbe. Shirou spends out his days interacting with his friends and working with Archer in the school cafeteria. where Nasu grants him the power of Unlimited Cooking Works, which allows him to replicate any dish he's ever cooked. A child version of Shirou also attends the school's younger division and is seen spending time with other younger versions of the characters. The young Shirou adores Archer and idolizes him as a true hero, and although Archer doesn't see himself as such, he can't help but do his best to not crush his younger self's expectations, which is in sharp constrast to his antagonistic attitude towards his teenaged self in Fate/Stay Night. He even goes as far as to recruit Charles Babbage as his personal robot partner.

Other appearances[]

While he does not appear within the series (unlike its sequel), Shirou indirectly intervenes in the climax of Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files, as, during Grand Roll taking place on the same day, when Shirou summons Saber, he simultaneously and inadvertently saves protagonists Lord El-Melloi II and his apprentice Gray. The summoning causes a chain reaction due to Gray's connection with the King of Knights, causing her body to transform even more into Artoria's and acquire new abilities and powers from her. This enabled them to get past an unknown monster in the Spiritual Tomb of Albion by using Rhongomyniad to blind it.[26]

In Fate/strange fake, Shirou is briefly mentioned when False Caster tells his Master Orlando Reeve that he heard stories of a magus with a talent for Tracing copies of Noble Phantasms. False Caster suggests contacting him to assist them in their future battle with Gilgamesh. Reeve vetoes that suggestion, saying since Shirou's Traced weapons are weaker than the originals, he would not stand a chance against Gate of Babylon.[27]

In the Fate/Apocrypha universe, the Fourth Holy Grail War didn't occur, Shirou is still living in Fuyuki with his original surname unchanged. His personality is a lot closer to his Capsule Servant counterpart. Still having an honest and upright personality, and likely going through days with a love comedy-like tone, along with a twin-tail magic-fist user and her cheerful little sister who laughs like a high-class young lady.[28]

In the Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA series, Shirou has two alternate versions of himself: Miyu's brother and Illya's brother.

Shirou Emiya Twitter April Fools Day 2015 @tmtt15 seelaw

Shirou Emiya Twitter April Fools Day 2015.

In TYPE-MOON's April Fools' Day 2015 Tmitter, Shirou is performing the role of Phoenix Wright from the Ace AttorneyWP series. On the opposite side is Kirei Kotomine, who is acting in the capacity of Manfred von Karma. His Tmitter user account is @tmtt15_seelaw.

Shirou makes an appearance in Fate/Grand Order as Craft Essence cards. He notably appears as the illustration cover for Projection Magecraft (投影魔術, Tōei Majutsu?) and Limited/Zero Over (リミテッド/ゼロオーバー, Rimiteddo Zero Ōbā?). According to an interview by Kinoko Nasu that was posted in Comptiq magazine in February 2016, the theme of Limited/Zero Over is "the complete form of Shirou as a Magus".[citation needed] This design is later on used for Senji Muramasa when he is summoned in Shirou's body.


Shirou is a Magus trained by Kiritsugu Emiya. Differing from a formal Magus, Shirou can instead be called a Spellcaster who does not follow the normal ways of Magi. As he was adopted into the Emiya family, he has no way of inheriting Kiritsugu's Magic Crest, and he lacks the innate talent produced through generations of Magi striving to develop the best Magic Circuits. His training was informal, as Kiritsugu had no desire to teach him originally, and aside from sparse knowledge, Kiritsugu taught him nothing of Magecraft. He has an Origin of "Sword" and Elemental Affinity of "Sword" as well due to having had Avalon inside him for many years. This leaves him unable to use Magecraft of the Five Great Elements with precision due to lacking any as an alignment, but it does allow for the manifestation of Unlimited Blade Works and the derivative skills in Reinforcement and Projection Magecraft.[29]

Despite any more training, even when following Rin to the Mage's Association, he will never leave the level of a Magus apprentice. Should Rin be given a ranking ranging from seventy to one hundred as a Magus, Shirou would only rank as a ten. Ranked within the classification as a specialist Spellcaster, he would be received as someone on par with Kiritsugu’s evaluation as a "Magus Killer" with a rank of forty.[30]


He is an unorthodox Magus who makes use of a very specialized version of Projection Magecraft. Shirou is initially completely inept as a Magus, only able to use Reinforcement and Projection Magecraft with a low level of success. Reinforcement allows him to analyze the structural composition of an object, and increase its effectiveness, such as making it more durable or its shape more practical, or return it to its original state. He can also use it to improve upon the physical capabilities of his own body, such as his eyesight, allowing him to see as far as four kilometers away. Shirou is also very skilled in Structural Grasp Magecraft, which allows him to understand the structure and design of objects as if he were viewing a blueprint. Projection, while a high level skill, is generally considered useless compared to Reinforcement due to the higher Magical Energy cost, and anything that Shirou initially projects is useless and hollow. Though the objects merely imitate the shape, there are only a few who can identify them as fakes in a first glance. Any practitioner that analyzes composition wouldn't be able to see through them, and even one that works through spiritual mediums would only notice a sense of incongruence. Since only objects with history ever go into the Department of Spiritual Evocation of Clock Tower, there is a low probability of them being discovered. Shirou's Structural Grasp is not a type of Mystic Eyes.[31]

Shirou is later capable of using Tracing, a higher level version of Projection that completely copies everything regarding the creation and existence of the object. Due to the extra effort, it is possible to produce incredibly stable ordinary items that can remain in the world seemingly indefinitely after their creation, unless broken or dismissed.[32] During the Fate scenario, he slowly learns of it on his own by training with Rin and following Archer's advice: "If you can't defeat it, then imagine what can", while in the Unlimited Blade Works scenario, he learns of it through extensive contact with Archer. He is only effectively able to reproduce Swords, other weapons, and armor, but this specialty allows him to faithfully reproduce even legendary weapons. However these weapons always suffer some degradation, as Humans cannot conceptualize an object's existence with a single sense (in this case, sight). He is capable of reproducing any sword that he has seen, though Noble Phantasms are always one rank below their original strength and armor costs three times the amount of Magical Energy, and he is capable of employing its entire history, allowing him to wield any weapon with the same proficiency of its original owner.

He has to see the weapons as how their form as final product actually are with his own eyes to reproduce them, as even the blueprint of Zelretch is not enough to reproduce it, but by seeing it and Caliburn through shared memories of Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern and Saber, he becomes able to fully trace them afterward.

Divine Constructs can't be replicated however there exist some degraded Noble Phantasms in Unlimited Blade Works that can achieve a similar performance.[33] Furthermore, EX-rank Noble Phantasms are impossible to replicate in principle; if, however, the support from the original owner exists, then replication becomes possible.[34] Ea, as a solely unique existence that can only be wielded by Gilgamesh, cannot be replicated or reproduced in anyway even with Unlimited Blade Works.[35]

It is later identified that these abilities and Shirou's affinity with swords are concepts of Shirou's Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works. Rather than simply creating his projections in the real world, he actually reproduces them within the Reality Marble, as if he were loading a gun, and then projects them into the real world as if he were firing it. This allows him to prepare dozens of swords at a time for later use. Shirou is unable to properly deploy or maintain Unlimited Blade Works due to a shortage of Magical Energy, but with a proper contract with a Magus with a suitable level of Magical Energy, such as Rin, he is capable of using it. If he were to learn about it normally, unlike the situation in Unlimited Blade Works where he learns of it firsthand from Archer, it would take ten years of training to set the foundations for the ability and another ten years to reach to the point of being able to use it.[36] While actually using Unlimited Blade Works, the cost for creating the weapons is greatly diminished and the speed at which they can be created is also increased, allowing him to easily overwhelm Gilgamesh and his Gate of Babylon.

If Shirou were to fight Shiki Tohno (Remake), there would be a high probability of a mutual defeat where Shirou would have his projected Noble Phantasms one-sidedly killed, while Shiki would overuse his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception to the point were he would overload and self-destruct after the battle. Circumstances would change if Shirou were capable of an Excalibur-like Magical Energy discharge.[37] During a fight with Bazett Fraga McRemitz, a professional that specializes in anti-Magus combat, he would likely be overwhelmed by her techniques, experience, and tactics, and he would also constantly have the disadvantage that using any of his high level techniques would leave him susceptible to Fragarach's instant kill ability.[38]


Shirou's basic training in Magecraft was extremely lacking, so he was left with the idea that he needs to create a new Magic Circuit with each use of Magecraft. He goes through extremely dangerous training, which he describes as the feeling of inserting a hot iron rod into his spine, where he constantly faces the risk of death in order to develop a new Magic Circuit. Though his body has twenty-seven natural Magic Circuits, they had been abandoned for his nerves, which he made into makeshift Magic Circuits due to his wrong method of training. Once his real Magic Circuits are awakened, he goes through extreme pain and suffering as his nervous system gets used to the new intake of energy. His newly opened Magic Circuits can barely handle ten units of Magical Energy each.

Ufotable Avalon Shirou regenerate

Shirou being healed by Avalon.

Shirou has Avalon implanted within his body, which saved his life during the Great Fire of Fuyuki. This gives him an extremely potent regenerative ability while Saber is summoned due to Excalibur, though it does seem to sustain him even without it as he was able to temporarily survive a fatal blow dealt by Lancer. This allows him to survive numerous fatal wounds though it works against him in bad endings where he is able to be tortured and mutilated without succumbing to his injuries for a long duration of time. Unlimited Blade Works also seems to protect Shirou by creating blades within his body to reinforce it. He is able to survive a blow to the chest from Rider's dagger, which is repelled as if it is hitting metal, a kick that would have gouged his stomach only knocks him away, and he manages to keep from having his entire body destroyed from an attack by Gilgamesh. The ability seems to go out of control during a bad ending where numerous swords sprout from his dying body, and while his body is fully breaking down in the Heaven's Feel scenario, they are constantly being created and protruding from his skin. This allows him to damage Kotomine whenever Kotomine hits him even though his "body of swords" still cannot defend against the Bajiquan attacks of Kirei. He practices basic sword fighting with Saber, though it amounts to little in actual offensive capabilities. While she teaches him, he cannot use her fighting style as a model. He cannot see exactly how she is attacking and their different physiques makes her impossible to copy.


During Fate, Shirou only learns the basics of his abilities, leading him to only trace Caliburn and Avalon.


Shirou's Bow.

He temporarily utilizes a bow during the second battle with Berserker, having imitated Archer's Bow. Shirou’s Bow (士郎の弓, Shirō no Yumi?) is formed by utilizing strengthening Magecraft on a tree branch he had found, and he creates arrows for it in the same manner. It utilizes the same design for the most part, but the arrow rest and grip are amateurish and simple compared to those of Archer's Bow. Shirou personally thinks it is ugly and crooked, but it functions properly as a bow. It is also slightly less curved due to Shirou's preference in the Japanese method of shooting. He is only a practitioner of Japanese archery compared to Archer's Western method, so he subconsciously altered the bow into his preferred shape without realizing it.[39]

Unlimited Blade Works[]


Shirou absorbing Archer's Memories

Shirou absorbing Archer's skills and memories.

Shirou and Archer's connection is a large part of his development in the Unlimited Blade Works scenario. The contradiction of Shirou Emiya and the Heroic Spirit EMIYA existing at once is much like Magecraft that allows one to acquire skills from the past by possessing themselves with a previous self. The more they come into contact, the more of his knowledge and techniques flow into him. The abilities suit him perfectly, as they are Shirou Emiya's optimal technique, perfected over many years of training.

It is first noticed after several training sessions with Saber, when he makes a drastic improvement over the previous day. Copying Archer's technique, he begins to make fewer unnecessary movements, allowing him to desperately avoid her counter-attacks rather than become instantly knocked out, and as his body is already fit, just the knowledge of proper techniques can improve his fighting quickly.

He is captivated by Kanshou and Bakuya, and uses it as a basis for a two-sword fighting style. He does not have a basic style, so it is immediately evident that he is copying Archer. The flow of it is so unconscious that he believes that Saber is going easier on him, and his sword is able to automatically parry her strikes even though his body cannot react to them.

The effect greatly magnifies after they recognize each other's identities, causing extreme pain as it flows into him. His body begins to break every time they touch, as he has learned too much of his future self while trying to match him in skill. He even begins to obtain Archer's memories, such as the reason behind his hatred for their shared ideals. He is hardly capable of competing with Archer even with their connection strengthening him and only once he has passed his limits is he able to take on Archer on what could be called nearly equal grounds, with Archer being perplexed at how the gap between their skills was quickly closed, and even eventually defeat him with his "passion-infused strike", unperceivable even to Archer's Eye of Mind.


Once he learns the true use of Projection, he lacks proper training so even the most basic projections cause him pain and the majority of the swords generated shatter upon impact due to their low quality. He projects both Archer's sword technique and his reproduction ability, but it is flawed because he does not understand that they originate from his Reality Marble. Unlimited Blade Works cannot be utilized without that realization, and even after coming to that conclusion, he does not have the necessary Magical Energy to utilize it on his own.

He forms a contract with Rin to have her provide the necessary Magical Energy to form his Reality Marble. This grants him the ability to finally make use of Projection in battle, allowing him to quickly trace the weapons from the Gate of Babylon while fighting Gilgamesh to duplicate them well enough to counter his barrage of weapons, which Gilgamesh praised him somewhat for. Upon actually utilizing Unlimited Blade Works, Shirou used the fact that although Gilgamesh wields countless weapons, he has not mastered them all and his greatly increased reproduction speed and constantly ready weapons while in his Reality Marble to completely overwhelm and defeat him. However, he stated that he would not stand a chance against other Servants who had mastered their weapons to their utmost limit, the ability being only slightly challenging for the likes of them.

Heaven's Feel[]

Archer's arm[]

Shirou does not develop his abilities as he does in the other routes during Heaven's Feel. He uses his basic Reinforcement Magecraft on a stick and wooden sword during the early part of the war without grasping onto Projection. During the first conflict in the Einzbern Forest, he loses his arm while protecting Illya from the Shadow's explosion. The wound is critical, so Archer, having also suffered a critical wound, tells them to transplant his left arm onto Shirou. Attaching a Spiritual Body to a normal human body requires a Spiritual Doctor like Kotomine because the process it more akin to healing the soul rather than the body.

Kotomine manages to attach Archer's arm (アーチャーの腕, Āchā no Ude?) to replace Shirou's lost arm. It is a "foreign substance" that should not be there, attached by opposing the natural Providence, and joining two separate Spiritual Bodies is forbidden Magecraft that cannot normally succeed. The formation of Spiritual bodies deals with resurrection and restoration of souls, Divine Mysteries that cannot be handled with Magecraft, so it would normally be that the recipient would die of shock even if the operation was a success in shape. Kotomine expected the completion of the surgery to result in his death, but Archer and Shirou being the same person makes them an exception to the normal rejection. Not knowing of their exact connection, he states that they are suited for each other and not even two twins would be as similar.

While the arm would have disappeared had Archer faded away while the surgery was in progress, it is now anchored to Shirou and can be called his own limb. Due to being transplanted while Archer was still in the world, it is part of a Heroic Spirit that has been connected to his Magic Circuits, and stays in the world using his own Magical Energy. While unconscious, the arm grants him knowledge on Archer, the basis of Projection Magecraft, battle experience, and battle information. The sensation feels like his body is burning while countless ants enter the hole in his shoulder that is now sealed with flesh that is not his own. While the sensation tells him to manage these skills, the level of information and power required feel impossible to him. Even if it becomes familiar with his body, he neither has the skills to handle it or the power to use it without destroying his body.

While they are the same person with compatible Magic Circuits, the power of the arm of a Heroic Spirit is not something a human can handle. No matter how suited he is to the arm, he cannot use its abilities without it eventually swallowing him due to his body being spiritually far inferior to the arm. It can be considered a weapon more than an arm, and it is referred to as an Artificial Phantasm: Man-made illusions (アーティフィシャル・ファンタズム(人工的な幻想), Ātifisharu Fantazumu(Jinkōtekina Gensō)?) in the scene's title. It passively flows Archer's battle experience and physical abilities into Shirou even while inactive. It acts like an overdose of strength-enhancing drugs, letting him demonstrate abilities beyond his limits.

He becomes able to easily leap out of the third story window of the Einzbern Castle, compared to around eight stories for a normal building, with only temporary numbness and pain upon landing. Unable to strengthen his body, he does bring a large amount of Magical Energy to his feet to lessen the impact and believes that landing on asphalt instead of grass would have broken his legs. Illya mentions that Archer is influencing both his mind and body, making him think that he can easily handle the drop like Archer and toughening his body enough to survive. He can also run fifty kilometers per hour through the uneven terrain of the Einzbern Forest.

Shroud of Martin[]


Shroud of Martin.

Main article: Shroud of Martin

In order to counteract the effects of the arm, Shirou is given a Holy Shroud, the Shroud of Martin, by Kotomine, as a seal which keeps Archer's Magic Circuits from connecting to his body because it has the ability to seal a certain event or return it to normal.[40] It completely wraps around his arm with the exception of his fingers, and while it is initially completely numb, it eventually regains enough functionality after familiarizing with his body to allow him to lead an ordinary life. It would be possible to cut it off, but that would remove his only possible weapon in defeating Zouken.

The arm is treated as a different object even if he uses Magecraft, but Magical Energy still constantly flows through the body even if Magecraft is not being used. Despite the Shroud cutting off the Magic Circuits, he will feel a great deal of pain if he does not concentrate to form a "barrier" to keep the "foreign substance" out of his unstable body when the arm reacts to the Magical Energy and tries to activate. It is easy to do once he figures out where the pain is coming from, and he is able to control it to an extent. Living with it is not quite as easy as Kotomine suggests because the arm randomly flows Magical Energy into his body. It constantly becomes hotter each time he moves it, and when it overheats, it sends the excess to the rest of his body.

While it first feels like he is being burned, he realizes it is more like he is being cut and stabbed by his own body. Simply undoing part of the binding for even a brief moment causes him to completely lose himself as his nerves and senses are overwhelmed by extreme pain and the feeling of impending death. He rambles on in his mind about how he is feeling more pain than ever before, "sitting on a mountain of swords", and that he can see all of his cells crumbling apart. He regains his senses a few seconds afterward, and he cannot remember the exact happenings during that period. Although he can manage at times, he still suffers a great deal of pain in intervals to the point of wishing to simply cut it off, or even risk removing the shroud to stop the pain. Its existence brings him true fear of an unavoidable death and utter obliteration, making it the first he has felt such since the Great Fire ten years before. His ability to suppress the infringement from the arm even with the Shroud is limited to a certain extent, with Kotomine noting that the arm will consume him within ten years, but the Shroud is still able to hold it long enough to make it not an imminent threat and give Shirou time to train himself to become a Magus worthy of matching the arm to seal it without the Shroud to allow him to live to an old age.

Rin also shares part of her Magic Crest with him as a Warding Sign. She is able to transplant a small part of her Magic Crest by placing her left hand on his body, comprehending it, and sharing her Warding Crest. While she was planning on giving him the capability to use a "switch" for his Magic Circuit, being able to turn it on and off is too dangerous in his current state. She instead performs it to suppress the Magical Energy by placing needles in his left shoulder, belly button, and throat so that the arm won't be connected to him unless he wishes for it. It also grants a resistance to Magical Energy, so that something that passively absorbs Magical Energy like the Shadow will have less of an effect on him. Her Magic Crest cannot familiarize itself with someone not from the Tohsaka family, so it is a makeshift that won't even last a week.


Shirou is currently observing Archer's Magecraft rather than his own Magecraft, so he cannot use Projection in his current state without invoking the abilities of the arm. Illya states that he will eventually obtain his own usage of Projection Magecraft, but it is still only a possibility at his current level. His own Projection is still at the level where it will fail constantly due to his misunderstandings, but drawing on Archer's knowledge without invoking the arm can force him to "level up" quickly. He can loosen the Shroud slightly in order to practice retrieving Archer's knowledge without breaking the seal and only getting a small reaction.

With help from Rin's Magic Crest to increase his Magic Resistance and Illya to protect his consciousness, he can experience Archer's Projection by interacting with the arm like opening a Magic Circuit safely. The knowledge is like poison, but the arm will continuously flow its experience into him. It is similar to pouring one hundred units of fuel into a container that can only hold ten, and he will likely only gain from less than a tenth of the agony he will endure. The knowledge disrupts his memories and leaves him with a large blank space after replacing the Shroud.

Projecting directly with Archer's abilities requires the removal of the Shroud, and although potentially able to recall the activation spell gained from Archer's knowledge, his body would be destroyed if he tried using it. It can easily be removed at any time for instant access to the full extent of Archer's power. It is not something that lessens his life with each use, but the activation of a time bomb that will ultimately lead to his death the second he removes the Shroud. Archer's Magic Circuits will be activated if he uses the arm even once, and while he may last while using its abilities, his body will break down due to being unable to withstand Archer's magic. He will eventually be consumed, or more correctly "blown away", by the arm after the first activation.

Once it is removed, Shirou instantly gains access to Archer's Magic Circuits, battle experience, and techniques, making him capable of matching and potentially even defeating Servants in direct combat, but he cannot deploy Unlimited Blade Works because Archer's inner world is different from his. While claiming he can only reproduce what he himself has learned and the Noble Phantasms that he has personally recorded, he is revealed to be quite capable of using Archer's records to project weapons he had never personally witnessed before, as he was able to project Caladbolg II[41] and Rho Aias. He is able to trace "Nine Lives" to kill Black Berserker nine times with a single maneuver called "Nine Lives Blade Works" and later defeat Saber Alter with the Overedge technique of Kanshou and Bakuya at the cost of his mind during a bad ending. Using these abilities comes with a heavy penalty as Archer's circuits overload Shirou's body leading to his mind slowly eroding, the decay of his memories, and eventual death as his body and soul break down from being invaded by Archer's Unlimited Blade Works.

Puppet body[]

Shirou's puppet body

The puppet body used for Shirou's soul.

Due to Archer's arm and his overuse of Projection, his Magic Circuit is broken into pieces, and his death is one that even the Holy Grail could not reverse. He is resurrected by Illya's imperfect usage of the Third Magic, reviving his soul and giving him a body free of wounds by preserving his soul and inserting it into a container. It would normally be that giving the soul a container or body would allow it to take perfect form by utilizing the "genes of the soul" rather than those of the body. His body is reconstructed from a portion of Illya's body, which she mentions is a bit cheap as a container, so it is nowhere near his original form in terms of size. Its shape afterward is not that of a human, but as he mentions reaching his hands out and grasping onto Rin's pendant, it is at least vaguely humanoid. He is able to be found due to Rider using the pendant as a landmark to locate him, and while his exact form is left unknown, it is small enough to be "plucked" from the river by Rider.[42]

He is not a true product of the Third Magic, a high-dimensional planar being, but it instead re-anchored his soul to a vessel. They decide to experiment with various ideas for a proper body during the first six months, as he cannot simply grow in his current state. They do not have the resources to make a homunculus body, so they instead sell the books of the Matou household to obtain a puppet body left by Touko Aozaki. He is perfectly human even in this state, but Rin notes his soul is actually remotely controlling the body. He can receive surgery at hospitals, drink cold medicines, be killed, and eventually grow old and die of old age. The soul is fixed to the body, so he can be likened to a Servant that can operate without a Master.

He has some issues because the body is used, but even other good puppet makers cannot match up to it. Rin wishes to find and consult Touko about it, but her Sealing Designation makes that a hard prospect. The magical energy does not flow well, but Shirou is fine with it because all other aspects are better than his original body. The soul will overwrite the body no matter its quality, so there will likely always be places that won't function properly. Sakura supplements his very weak Magic Circuit with her own overflowing amount in order to keep him from returning to his prior state. Despite the setbacks, Rin believes that he should be able to utilize Unlimited Blade Works with training, and that his being a successful example of the Third Magic is an extraordinary trait in itself.


Creation and Conception[]

Kinoko Nasu's original story of Fate, Saber and Shirou were opposite gender to now. Ayaka Sajyou was the original main protagonist until Takashi Takeuchi convinced Nasu to change the setting but the essential theme had not been changed, it's the story about legendary heroes and "a boy meets a girl."

Nasu describes that his writing of Shirou is based on novels written after the 90s, where the main character suffers from trying to come to terms with his problems in their own narrow perspectives.[43]

Takashi Takeuchi is the character designer of Shirou Emiya, and he states in the Fate/complete material II that his expressions were hard to do.



  1. Tea made of powdered kelp and pickled plum.
  2. It is a typo error in Fate/complete material II, the dislike and natural enemy were switched.


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    Shirou Emiya
    The Mage-in-training Who Inherited Kiritsugu's Will

    The main protagonist of the story, enrolled in class 2-C at Homurahara Academy. Shirou got caught in the middle of the massive fire that burned part of Fuyuki City ten years ago. He was the sole survivor of the blaze, having been saved by Kiritsugu Emiya. Kiritsugu adopted Shirou and gave him some basic training in magecraft. Shirou has been living on his own ever since Kiritsugu died five years ago, but he never feels lonely as both Taiga and Sakura come by to eat meals with him on a daily basis.

    After accidentally summoning Saber, Shirou became one of the Masters in the Fifth Holy Grail War. While he was initially only armed with the most basic forms of Reinforcement magecraft, Shirou fought hard to put an end to the Holy Grail War and eventually gained a powerful Projection magecraft ability that allowed him to make copies of weapons, including Noble Phantasms.

    Shirou has a serious personality and is passionate about helping people. He can be a bit dense when it comes to emotional subtleties and tends to be oblivious of any love or hatred others feel toward him. When he was a child, Shirou made a promise to always strive to become a champion of justice, but the trauma of the fire had left Shirou with a serious case of survivor's guilt. He may not save many lives through the course of the various stories, but he does indeed save the very souls of the women who came into his life. That was itself a feat worthy of a champion of justice, but Shirou fails to realize all of the good he has done because he is oblivious to such things.

    Character Data 004
    Affiliation: Homurahara Academy, Year 2 Class C
    Gender: Male
    Height: 167cm
    Weight: 58kg
    Image Color: Red copper
    Talents: Tinkering with junk, Housework
    Likes: Housework
    Dislike: Kirei Kotomine
    Worst enemy: Umekobucha
    Origin: Japan

    Relationship Chart
    Most of Shirou's interpersonal relationships are with friends at school and other people he knew prior to the Fifth Holy Grail War. Of all the people he knows from school, Rin is the only one with whom he developed a closer relationship as a direct result of the Holy Grail War. Shirou admired and respected Rin because she was beautiful and intelligent, but his opinions of Rin were betrayed in the end. In truth, Rin had been interested in Shirou from their middle school days, but naturally, he remained painfully unaware of this.

    Shirou met his adoptive father Kiritsugu during the Fourth Holy Grail War, when Kiritsugu saved him from a fire he had gotten trapped in. By the time Kiritsugu found Shirou, the young boy was near death and the only way Kiritsugu could think of to save his life was to infuse the boy's body with Saber's treasured artifact, "The Everdistant Utopia(Avalon)". Illya is Kiritsugu's daughter, and though she looks younger than Shirou, she is actually older.

    Nasu Kinoko & Takeuchi Takashi Discussion

    >The catalyst for Shirou's birth

    Nasu: Takeuchi was the one who approached me about the main character for "stay night", saying he wanted it to be a stubborn guy. We hadn't gotten around to doing the whole "fighting against yourself" theme that we wanted to do with "Tsukihime", so we figured this would be a great opportunity to do that and blend it with the "hero of justice" concept we wanted to explore.

    Takeuchi: Though Shirou's concept went through at least a couple of revisions.

    Nasu: Initially, Gilgamesh was the 8th Servant, and he was a [gate] keeper instead of an Archer. The heirloom artifact was supposed to be the key. Early on, we laid out a few plot twists with certain route branches and red herrings that made the player think Gilgamesh might be Shirou. Since the surname Emiya can be defined as the protector [keeper] of the "miya", it would have been interesting at the very least. That was going to be Shirou's link with Gilgamesh. Despite the various colourful concepts we considered for Shirou, he ended up being a pretty simplistic "hero of justice" who felt bound by fate when he survived a terrible situation.

    Takeuchi: The character's basic concept didn't change much from the first draft, red hair, a prominent scowl, stubborn, and a steady gaze. We were aiming for an orthodox shonen manga hero, but we knew that alone would be far too dull, so we gave him an extra touch of mystique by adding extra lines to his eyes. I didn't think too hard about it when I first started drawing him, but I think I did a pretty good job of designing a character with elements that compensated for the somewhat unusual foundation of his design.

    Nasu: He's the kind of guy who knows what his goal is and shows very little interest in anything that doesn't somehow relate to him achieving that goal. It's not that he doesn't take interest in other things, but more that he can't. I suppose you could say he's more "serious" than "stubborn". He can be quite insensitive when it comes to human happiness, but again, that is because it is his nature and not a result of him being heartless.

    >Regarding Shirou's character design

    Takeuchi: Of the "stay night" characters, Shirou's probably the most difficult to draw.

    Nasu: Yeah, I find it's difficult to write for him too.

    Takeuchi: I'm sure, but I'm talking specifically about drawing him. His facial expressions in particular always give me trouble. That's why I have so much respect for the people handling him for the anime.

    Nasu: Maybe we should have designed him to be more like an archetypical hero... Would that have made him easier to draw, in a manner of speaking?

    Takeuchi: That's possible. His eyebrows are so unique that they're hard to work around when forming different facial expressions. Scowling and yelling are easy enough, but the more subtle expressions prove quite tricky. We basically created a monster in terms of design. (laughs)

    >Designing Shirou's outfits

    Takeuchi: I don't have any comments in particular regarding his outfits, I suppose the only direction I really had in mind was to make him look as normal as possible instead of emphasising his unique nature.

    Nasu: One thing we can say is that Shirou's outfits were designed under one of Type-Moon's most constant rules, which is that the main character is never overly accesorised. When I create a main character, I usually focus on their inner aspects, so we try to leave the character's exterior as plain as possible to ensure that the player can envision him however they like.

    >The message Shirou carries as a character

    Takeuchi: I think one of the main reasons I find Shirou so difficult to draw is because I didn't draw him very much for "Fate". That was a result of Type-Moon's approach to "gal games" being centered around the idea that the main character shouldn't be visually represented very often.

    We only showed his standing pose image when we were seeing him from Rin's point of view, and there were very few event illustrations in which Shirou made an appearance.

    Nasu: There's one where he's holding Sakura... and then the intimate scenes, of course. Most of the important scenes were drawn with the focus on the sword.

    Takeuchi: He also showed up in the generic combat illustrations, I did draw him quite a bit for the PS2 game "Realta Nua" though. Since "stay night" was technically designed to be a bishojo game, we did our best to avoid giving the main character a face. The PS2 game, on the other hand, didn't have any graphic scenes so we didn't have to worry about that as much. But when I had to draw him for the first time in a while, I experienced difficulties in getting him right. I had a terrible time trying to make him look like the standing pose image I drew of him.

    Nasu: (laughs)

    Takeuchi: That standing pose image is what I consider to be the epitome of everything Shirou should be, visually speaking.

    Nasu: I remember when we debated quite a bit over Shirou's facial expression because I kept insisting that he needed to look more stubborn.

    Takeuchi: Did we? I don't remember, but that sounds about right.

    Nasu: Shirou's the kind of main character who wants to save as many people as possible and make them all happy, in contrast, Shiki from "Tsukihime" is the kind of person who only cares about those closest to him and their happiness.

    Takeuchi: Shiki was the guy I wanted to be when I grew up, back when I was in middle school and first learned about otaku culture. Shirou, on the other hand, was who I wanted to be way back when I was in elementary school and knew nothing about any of that stuff (laughs)

    >Shirou's thoughts regarding the female characters

    Nasu: In the early stages of the plot, Shirou considers Saber to be his soul mate, someone with whom he shares ideals. Rin was the classmate he admired, and Sakura was someone he felt he needed to protect. Shirou is a self-sacrificing idealist who was essentially guided through life by the things he believed in, but Sakura was an exception for him. Only when dealing with Sakura was the idealistic and profound Shirou Emiya reduced to a mere human being with more mundane thoughts and emotions. As a side note, Shirou's heart was always racing when it came to Rin.

    Takeuchi: I never considered Shirou to be particularly dense or indecisive. He's the kind of guy who would be very careful about his choices when it came to matters of the heart.

    Nasu: I definitely wouldn't say he's dense; he just has his priorities straight and doesn't try to hide it. He is, after all, a superhero... an idealistic public figure. (laughs)

    Takeuchi: Despite all that, there is something about him that makes you feel he deserves every bit of mortal happiness he can get. I believe Shirou discovered his "most human" self in Sakura's route, and I'd say that has a lot to do with Illya's presence.

    Nasu: Illya's and Sakura's circumstances are very similar, so I think it's safe to say that Illya often empathised with Sakura even though they were technically enemies.


    私立穂群原学園2年C組に在籍する、 物語 の主人公。 10年前に冬木市で起きた大火災 に巻き込まれたが、 衛宮切嗣に助け出されて 唯一の生存者となった。 その後、 切嗣の養子 となり、魔術の基礎的な訓練を受けて成長す る。 切嗣は5年前に他界しており、 ひとり暮ら し中。 ただし大河と桜がほぼ毎日ご飯を食べ に衛宮邸へ来るため、家はにぎやかである。 偶然にもセイバーを召喚してしまった彼は、 第五次聖杯戦争にマスターとして参戦。 この 戦争を止めるために戦う。 最初、 簡単な強化 の魔術しか行使できなかったが、やがて宝具 すらコピーする投影魔術の才能を開花させて いくことになる。
    性格は生真面目で、 人助けが生きがい。感 情の機微に疎く、 好意にも敵意にも鈍感。 切 嗣との約束から正義の味方を目指している が、幼少時の経験から命の救済にこだわり、 苦悩を続ける。 物語中では命よりむしろ関わ った女性の心を救うことが多く、 それは明らか な正義の行為なのだが、 人としての感情が鈍 い彼はそのことに気付くことはなかった。

    Character Data 004
    所属:穂群原学園 2年C組

    士郎の人間関係は学園の友人など、 第五次 聖杯戦争以前から関係のあった人物が多い。 学園関係者のうち、凛だけは聖杯戦争開始後 に親しくなった。 士郎は美人で優等生の凛に 憧れを感じていたが、見事に裏切られてしまう。 実は凛のほうも中学生の頃から士郎に興味を 抱いていたが、そのことを士郎は知らない。 養父となる切嗣とは第四次聖杯戦争の火 事の中で出会い、命を救ってもらった。 このと き切嗣は瀕死の士郎を救うため、 セイバーの 宝具"全て遠き理想郷(アヴァロン)”を彼に埋め込んでい る。 切嗣の子供であるイリヤは、 年下に見え るが義理の姉にあたる。

    奈須 きのこ&武内崇 • キャラクター別対談

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    Pseudo-nerves within the body of a magus.
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    Because the number of magic circuits a person has is fixed at birth, magi lineages do what they can to improve themselves and create an heir with even one more magic circuit.
    Once the magic circuits have been opened for the first time, the practitioner can switch them on and off at will.
    Each practitioner visualizes the flipping of this switch in their own particular way. For Shirou, the image is that of a gun's firing hammer, while for Rin it is stabbing a heart with a knife.
    This image tends to be related to how the circuits were opened for the very first time, so there even those who can only open their circuits through sexual arousal or self-harm.
    By the way, Shirou's number of magic circuits is an unexpectedly high 27.
    Rin, on the other hand, has 40 main circuits, while her sub-circuits are 30 each.


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    A magus working at the Clock Tower, the headquarters of the Mage’s Association.
    One of the twelve Lords that rule and manage the Clock Tower, and the current head of the El-Melloi family. His skill in magecraft is mediocre, but his talent for teaching is recognized by everyone. Apparently.
    His real name is Waver Velvet. Before being adopted into the El-Melloi family, he was no more than the eldest son of a fledgling magus. However, the Fourth Holy Grail War drastically changed his life, and before he realized it, he was suffering under the weight of the El-Melloi family’s mantle.

    British, male, in his thirties.
    Though he possesses well-chiseled features, his constant expression of displeasure means he is rarely considered to be handsome.
    185cm tall, 72kg. Black eyes and hair.
    He wears his long hair straight, but it is kept quite well, so it is not too stifling or unkempt. He regularly smokes cigars, but only as a way of calming himself, with no interest in their flavor.

    Lawful Neutral.
    Extroverted, confident, proactive.
    Has a wicked tongue, and hates people in general… or so he appears. In truth, just and upright.
    Always speaks with a kind of disdainful condescension, but that doesn’t come from looking down on his interlocutors. Rather, it stems from a self-deprecating feeling of “compared to that, what am I even doing? I look like an idiot. I’m the biggest fool here!” Intelligent, possessing good judgment, and more than anything else having lost all sense of vanity, he is able to accurately accept himself as he is. As a result,

    “Really, I wanted to complete it myself. But I knew it was impossible for me. The moment I realized that, I noticed that everyone around me was brimming with potential, but wasn’t making use of it. Is there any more infuriating way of life? It takes everything I have to protect what little pride I have left, so why do I have to worry so much about how those idiots live?!”

    He often curses others in that fashion, but he also says things like, “I can’t bear to watch such a disgraceful waste. You, come over here!” as he regularly looks out for others.
    Though he appears cynical and pessimistic, that is only because of how keenly aware he is of his own limits. At his heart, he believes in helping the weak and disciplining the strong. He does not like getting involved in affairs that appear irritating to deal with, but those same affairs tend to capture his attention and prevent him from focusing on other matters, so he often cooperates to resolve such situations, cursing the whole time. While his experiences have taught him to act courageously, he is still rather cowardly. That is the source of his predilection with making sure his preparations are perfect before making a move.

    Manner of Talking
    He uses the personal pronoun “watashi.”
    For people he is meeting for the first time, or is not especially familiar with, he refers to them by “Last Name”-san or “Name”-kun. He drops the honorific when speaking to his own students. He refers to enemies by their full name with no honorific.
    Reines is a special exception, where he refers to her as “kimi” (you) or “ojou-sama” (young lady) in an effort to avoid using her name as much as possible.

    When requesting help from someone, he will refer to them as “lady,” “miss,” or “mister.”
    He speaks like a young man who spends a great deal of time around old people. His sentences are long and meandering, like a university lecturer, and he often speaks with bitterness. He often adds qualifiers like “seems likely,” “that’s the situation,” or “perhaps that is the case.” giving the impression he is speaking of someone else’s concerns.
    He speaks in a rather formal way, but often covers a wide array of topics, regularly diverging into talking about the newest things. Kind of like “for an old guy, you’ve got pretty young tastes!”

    Most of his words are fairly strict, but when speaking with someone standing at a crossroads in their life, he becomes much more pleasant and agreeable, bolstering his reputation as a teacher. He is rarely excited by much, but behind closed doors, he becomes furious with his students’ shenanigans (like Flat’s).
    “And now you’ve just made more work for me! I’m not even going to have time to sleep! Yes, I understand now, this is actually Hell, isn’t it? There are many depictions of Hell around the world, but one of those is surely where your students are running around causing problems at every waking moment!”
    And of course, always around to watch him rant is the young lady Reines, wearing a smile as sweet as the worst medicine.

    Element: Earth.
    Specialty: Counteraction, Leyline/Organic Adjustment, etc. Extremely plain.
    The quality of his magic circuits is on the lower end of mediocre. As Waver, he could produce about 20 units of magical energy. At the time he became Lord El-Melloi, that increased to 70 plus 10 (similar to hidden savings thanks to magical artifacts he possesses and the rituals he uses).
    ※For comparison, Shirou could produce 25, and Rin could produce 500. The cutoff for a full-fledged magi is considered to be 100.

    As you can see, he falls below the line for a full-fledged magus. Though his talent for adjustment lends to his abilities as a teacher, his talent in that field mostly stems from his character and personality.
    Totally unsuited to combat. Though he has a number of mystic codes for self defense, he rarely carries them around.

    Assistant: “That talisman in your pocket is the only one you have, Professor?! Don’t you have any other mystic codes?!”
    El-Melloi: “No. They’d be useless against a real magus anyway. There’s no point carrying a thousand of them around to extend my life by a couple seconds. I’d suffocate under them before they ever got to me.”
    A: “How have you survived so long then?!”
    E: “That should be obvious. I don’t go anywhere that an talisman like this isn’t enough to protect me.”

    Though he has learned techniques to use in combat, his output is so low that he tries to avoid using them. He doesn’t carry small weapons like handguns around either. His last line of defense is his cigars, which contain (about ten units of) magical energy.
    “You thought I smoked these stupidly expensive things just to look sophisticated and eccentric?”
    “Well, I guess that’s not really wrong.”

    Eldest son of the Velvet family, who first started their study of magecraft at the beginning of the 1800s. He was considered a bit of a prodigy in his hometown.
    Full of hope, he applied to enter the Clock Tower, and through his connections somehow managed to join the classroom of a certain Lord, Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. Thus he entered a rather elite course.
    However, with only two hundred years of history under their belt, the Velvet family were infants to the world of magecraft. From the perspective of the Lords, he was only fit to serve as a member of the magical working class.
    Rebelling against the authority and old-fashioned structure of the Clock Tower, he joined the Fourth Holy Grail War to prove his talents. In the end, he returned as the only survivor from the war. Thus ended what he thought would be the greatest battle of his life. He returned with a quiet resolve to face the battle that was the life waiting for him.

    However, that was not to be the battle of his life. What awaited him on his return would determine the course of the rest of his life. With Kayneth and Sola-Ui gone, the Archibald family began to decline. The other Lords wasted no time in pillaging the rights, mystic codes, personnel, and wealth of the fallen family. In the few months Waver spent preparing for his return from Japan, the Clock Tower had undergone a great upheaval.
    Upon his return, the Archibald family was on the edge of collapse. Feeling partially responsible for Kayneth’s death, Waver did what he could to at least preserve the El-Melloi classroom, but it was all for nothing. The young and powerless Waver had no way of saving the dying El-Melloi name.

    Even so, he managed to sustain the El-Melloi classroom for three years. Keeping the magi of renowned families from leaving was an impossible task, so instead he set his sights on the younger generation, those studying modern magecraft. With little interest in gathering power for himself, he had no aversions to the new agers. Convincing an old lecturer that had lost his place in the Clock Tower in a previous power struggle to take the podium once again, he created an emotional fulcrum for the new agers to operate around.
    Starting as little more than a school club, they eventually rose to the level of the other classrooms of the Clock Tower, and before he realized it Waver himself had completed the necessary courses to teach the classroom in an official sense as a graduate student.
    Though he had a terrible reputation among the ruling class, he had become a star of hope for the younger generation, his own distaste for that fact cementing his popularity among the students. (Occasionally, his underclassmen and friends had to fend off assassins sent by the ruling class and the Archibald family.)

    Around the time the difficulties of his life had created a permanent wrinkle in his brow, he received an invitation to meet with a branch family of the Archibalds, the Archisorte family. Confused by the invitation, he was presented with Kayneth’s body that they had retrieved (with its destroyed Magic Crest), and a report on the details of the Fourth Holy Grail War. The young head of the Archisorte family, Reines, claimed to have watched his every move with admiration since he had returned to the Clock Tower. She was one of his fans, she claimed with a grin.
    Waver, of course, didn’t believe her for an instant, and expected to be killed at any moment. From the perspective of the Archisorte family, Waver was the cause of their collapse. But he hadn’t stopped there. He had also stolen the rights to the El-Melloi classroom away from them, and even if it was in a bid to preserve it, ended up transforming it into something repulsive. Killing him would hardly be enough to satisfy their grudge.
    Confirming that Waver was well aware of that, Reines presented him with an offer. If he accepted her terms, she would keep the details of the Fourth Holy Grail War a secret, and furthermore would guarantee his safety. In exchange, he had to agree to the following three terms:

    • Repay all of the El-Melloi’s debt.
    • Maintain the seat of Lord until Reines is old enough to take it herself.
    • Restore Kayneth Archibald’s Magic Crest (the Archi Crest).

    He understood how impossible those terms would be to fulfill, but also that if he refused, he would likely be killed immediately. He did feel he bore some responsibility, so he reluctantly accepted her offer.

    W: “But what do you mean by that second condition? Isn’t it basically the same as paying back the debt?
    R: “Ah, that. To put it simply, someone has to take the job of Lord until I’m old enough.”
    Waver immediately felt suspicious.
    W: “Wait. Are you saying—”
    R: “Exactly. I’m sure dealing with the other Lords will be a pain, but I’ll leave it all to you, Lord El-Melloi II. Or should I just call you my beloved older brother?”

    Waver immediately collapsed. Before he could so much as stand, she continued.
    “Ah, I forgot one thing. There’s a fourth condition. You also have to be my private tutor. Having a brother not related to me by blood giving me private instruction is a great form of impropriety,” said the suspiciously grinning young girl.
    Ever since then, Waver took up the mantle of Lord El-Melloi II (since he was Kayneth’s successor) in the Clock Tower. Such was the birth of one of the Clock Tower’s most charismatic lecturers, destitute yet holding the position of Lord and running his own classroom and department.

    “It’s not like I’m asking you to work for the rest of your life. I just want your help until the rightful glory of the title of Lord has been restored. That sounds fair to me.”
    “That’s the same as saying ‘work until you die,’ you demon.”







    正式に助力を請う時はレディ、ミズ、ミスター、と呼ぶ。 ややじじくさい青年口調。










    • エルメロイが負った借金をすべて返済する
    • ライネスがロードを名乗れる歳になるまでロードの席を維持する
    • ケイネス・アーチボルトの魔術刻印(アーチの刻印)を復元する




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    Kiritsugu: Anything, Shirou? Can't get any sleep?

    Shirou: Yeah... I saw that dream again...

    Kiritsugu: I see....

    Shirou: Hey gramps, the medicine you gave me this morning.... Can I take some now?

    Kiritsugu: Hm? It's still rather too soon for that but.... Fine, I guess. But what's the occasion here? You always hated that medicine, didn't you?

    Shirou: Of course I don't like it. It's bitter and it's mushy and all... But gramps, you made that medicine with magic didn't you?

    Kiritsugu: Well, it's magecraft to be specific. But yeah, somewhere along that line.

    Shirou: When I think of it that way, it sorts of calms me down. I get uneasy in this kind of night...

    Kiritsugu: I see.... Can't really blame you for that...

    Shirou gulps that drink

    Shirou: Gramps.... How much longer should I take in this medicine?

     Kiritsugu: Well, once you are old enough to attend Middle school you won't be needing that anymore. Until then, bear with it, will you?

    Shirou: Ehhh?

    Kiritsugu: The healing spell I used on you 2 years ago... Seems to be a little too strong for you. The danger still lurks within you, Shirou. Until you grow up and let your body put on some more antibodies, you will have to rely on this medicine.

    Shirou: Hey gramps.... Instead of this medicine.... Why don't you teach me the proper magics to protect myself? If I can take care of myself, gramps, you too can relieve some burdens off your shoulder right?

    Kiritsugu: No, I can't allow that. It's more troublesome to teach you magecrafts than making that medicine.

    Shirou: I also want to be able to do anything just like you, gramps!

    Kiritsugu: I know that sense of admiration within you as a child.... Even I still remember that sensation... But you no longer needed that....

    Shirou: Why!? I need that! 'Cause I still can see that dream... Even though 2 years have passed.... I still can't get over it... Since you have trained me I won't lose to anyone in fights and I'm not even afraid of my upperclassmen. But.... Once I see that dream.... Even when I wake up, everyone's still looks pale... I couldn't stop trembling.... I am really scared of seeing that dream again.... Even though you saved me yet it felt pointless! So that is why.... I need that confidence to prepare myself so everything will be fine if that happens again! If I become a magician like gramps, I.... won't just end up lying down but I could have done a lot more! Kiritsugu: Shirou.... To be a magus, the very first resolve that you have to make is to accept the concept of death itself... That is not something that will help or support you...

    Shirou: Gramps, you did tell me that before... I don't quite understand, but...

    Kiritsugu: Shirou.... Heh.... Well, let's try if you can get to sleep again... I know you can't calm down yet, but your body should be seeking some rest...

    Shirou: But gramps....

    Kiritsugu: You still have school to attend to tomorrow, right? If you are late again Taiga-chan will get upset, you know?

    Shirou: Cheh.... That's true enough. Fine, I understand...

    Shirou goes back to his bedroom

    Kiritsugu: Sigh... Just when I thought time will make him forget about that tragedy... Instead, he's getting more and more conscious about that tragedy.... He's getting impatient... He did not want to simply grow stronger... He needed a weapon to get over his trauma it seems.... To think that he's haunted by image of death at such a young age.... Heh... The irony when I'm trying to stray him away from magecraft though... Sigh, I wonder why.... I cannot allow Shirou to learn any magecraft from me. It's not something Shirou wished for... It's not a power that can bring happiness to people... It is something that I knew to well about... But I do understand that Shirou wanted that assurance of grasping his own life with his own will.... That is definitely one of the most fundamental mind-set required to practice magecraft... Whilst accepting death... the will to live is yet another important reflection of one's mind... What.... should I do now....

    The next day, Kiritsugu and Taiga are practicing Kendo

    Taiga: Phew! Thank you!

    Kiritsugu: Whoa, you got stronger, Taiga-chan. You can’t call that level that of a high-schooler anymore!

    Taiga: Oh, not at all! There’s still a long way ahead of me! I still have a lot of flaws here and there and that is why I never stopped training up myself every day!

    Kiritsugu: Oh, for real? You have already reached to a level so high that I see no point for you to keep me as a training partner. You won’t gain anything from sparring with people like me anymore, do you?

    Taiga: Hmm…. Kiritsugu, you look as if you are always spacing out but from the way I see it, you seem to be hiding something that I don’t possess somehow. And hence, the reason why I asked you for a sparring session is because you never cease to amaze me with new discoveries within every single seconds of our spar! I’m learning something new every time!

    Kiritsugu: Heh, I find it scary instead when you put it that way. A man who just got dropped out from life like me would only be a bad example, wouldn’t I?

    Taiga: Oh nonono! No such thing at all…. Is what I’d like to say but…. I see…. So, Kiritsugu, you really are aware of your depravity in the eyes of the society huh?

    Kiritsugu: Heh, you possess everything that I held dear for. So there’s nothing for you to learn from me to be honest.

    Taiga: Muuuuuu! Something that Kiritsugu possessed!? Was it your memories of your youthful Exes during your younger days!? If that is so, I really don’t mind reliving your memories with them------

    Kiritsugu: Hahahahaha I guess above all things, your youthfulness shines the most.

    Taiga: Huh? You let it slide just like that? I intended for that to be a joke though~

     Kiristugu: What? That was a joke? Well, I’m aware that I reek like an old gramps. Heck, even Shirou treats me like a grandpa.

    Taiga: Wha--- I may only be a girl here, but as one from the Fujimuras, we will hold responsible for every word that came out of our mouth! Ayyyyy don’t worry about it! This Fujimura Taiga is willing to give you some help in regards to the experience and the status quo or anything of a lively and active high-school girl here! So, come at me! I can even spell out the best trending hair-rinse in the Oricon Chart, you know!?

    Kiritsugu: Hahahaha, you sure know how to take care of people, huh? So do you find yourself advising your juniors often?

    Taiga: Hmm… now that I think about it…. You could say this is my act of virtue here! I was dubbed the Counsellor-of-all-trades in Homurahara actually…. Hmm… Do you think I should start charging the for the advices I give?

    Kiritsugu: You shouldn’t label a price on an act of virtue, ok? Hm… But well…. Maybe I do have one dilemma that only a young person like you would understand….

    Stands up

    Kiritsugu: Taiga-chan. Wanna go for a tea when you are free? Of course, only when you are free enough to entertain this old-man-in-his-mid-age.

    Taiga: Ohohohoho! Of course! Please allow me, OSU!!

    They seem to be enjoying a good tea time now

    Taiga: Waaaahhh…. This beautiful sunlight… This deep bitter fragrance… And that soothing water cane….. PWERFECTT!! This kind of instant is way too perfect!!

    Kiritsugu: This water cane…. Is actually built by Shirou… I wonder just how did that boy get so good in the kitchen.

    Taiga: Isn’t that fine? All those people that accuse him of having sissy hobby are simply not aware of the change in trend. Highschool girls these days actually harbour a secret urge for a butler kind of guy! Please don’t assume all girls love to cook! Sooner or later, the era of ‘King’ is coming soon and Shirou will definitely have no problem in looking for a wife!

    Kiritsugu: Well, truth to be told, that actually helped me a lot though. The fact that he’s taking on the cooking in my stead…

    Taiga: Yes! It’s always good to find one’s specialty! I think he’s too desperate sometimes but… But it doesn’t change the fact that it really did save us from troubles! But now that we think about it, how did he become so good in cooking? What exactly is the difference between me and Shirou? Patience? Our strive for perfection? Or the fact that he properly tastes his own food? What’s the ABC of cooking anyway?

    Kiritsugu: By the way, Taiga-chan. Not really to continue our topic… But can you think of this as a game and try answering a few of my questions? Just like how you give advises to your juniors and friends.

    Taiga: Oh, you are being shy again this time~ Or maybe you are trying to test my debating skills here? Ayyyyy, fine! Come at me!

    Kiritsugu: Hmm… Ok then. Let’s say… There’s a boy who wanted you to teach him the way of Kendo. Not that he likes Kendo nor that he likes extra-curricular activities but rather, he simply wanted to get stronger. His only motivations was strength.

    Taiga: Hmmm… That is not a rare case to be honest. There are quite a lot of freshman that tried to enter our club with that kind of motive.

    Kiritsugu: And there’s the twist…. There’s a real katana reachable within his hands at his home. The administration are so loose that he can take it out just about any time. If you carelessly teach him Kendo, he might just use that katana and hurt somebody one day. So what do you think?

    Taiga: Hmmmmm….. So this kind of questions are only based on situation where options like ‘locking up the katana in a locker’ or ‘throwing away the katana’ are not allowed right? It’s just an instance to see how I would respond as an advisor or a Kendo club member right?

    Kiritsugu: Yup. Exactly. You absorbed real quick, eh?

    Taiga: Ohohohoho it’s quite hard to do it if you already compliment me before I have even started. Ahem, let’s see… An insolent pupil who harbours an ulterior motive in pursuing the path of swordsman but with a really sincere and pure wish to get stronger… Can’t say I don’t know how he feels. Hmm… Even if I reject him he might just pursue Online Lessons or even resort to even worse methods… Hmmm. Welp, I guess I’ll just teach him Kendo first!

    Kiritsugu: Hmm?

    Taiga: BUT!! Only the swings! And I will never allow him to learn any footworks or do any sparring at all! Nothing but only swinging! I will make him swing 10 sets of 100s even during rainy days, windy days, EVERYDAY BEFORE AND AFTER HE SLEEPS!

    Kiritsugu: Is that…..even Kendo?

    Taiga: Nope. I will just teach him some nonsensical essence of Kendo. PAM PAM! I will only make him focus on swinging shoulders and tell him to imagine swinging towards a grandma’s shoulder, massaging her and I will teach him the worst way to handle a Shinai where it’d fall off every time even when he swings seriously.

    Kiritsugu: Ahah…. I see what you did there.

    Taiga: If we make him practice so much of nonsense, no joy but only misery, plus 0 signs of getting stronger. So long he’s not a massive idiot, he’d definitely give up. And I bet he’d say something like ‘Kendo is useless’. Then that’d make him understand that swords will never bring him any good and case closed. But then… if he started thinking like ‘If sword can’t do it, then I’ll go for guns’ and went astray, then that’d be outside the concern of a Kendo practitioner and then I’ll have to look at the case from the perspective of Fuyuki’s justice but that’d beat the purpose of this question, wouldn’t it?

    Kiritsugu: Hmm true that. To be honest, that was a really unexpected answer… Which means that you’d ‘deceive’ him, huh?

    Taiga: Plus, it is fraudulent of that kid to pursue the path of sword for the sole purpose of getting stronger. It is a deception to let him realize of his own mistake, a very sincere lie.

     Kiritsugu: Taiga-chan…. If…. Just an example--- What if, that boy just now actually believed in every single words you said, and yet you don’t want to betray his trust. In that case, would you still use the same method?

    Taiga: Though it pains my heart, in order to stir him off his misconceptions, we’d have to let him walk through the wrong path, and let him foresee the answer of the path he has taken. I think that is the shortest way for him to clear his misconceptions. Plus, you don’t really find any pupils that’d just listen to your lectures or naggings by heart.

    Kiritsugu: So that’d mean all the time and passion he had invested to that nonsensical Kendo will be nothing but a waste of time… huh?

    Taiga: Yes, it’s fine that way. Just think of that as a tuition fee---- Oooooh, I mean, wasting your time is what they meant by youth after all.

    Kiritsugu: Heh, I see. But… What if… That boy still didn’t know of the mistake until the end… What would you do?

    Taiga: If that is so, then that’d be yet again, a very amazing thing to witness. I think I might praise him instead.

    Kiritsugu: Why would you say so?

    Taiga: Because that’d mean that the boy had invested all his time and passion on some nonsense and saw through it till the end, right? That it’d mean what he has been practicing is no longer a nonsense but rather, he has mastered a whole new path different from that of a Kendo. That boy will become a charismatic figure that developed a swinging technique that tests one’s undying will.

    Kiritsugu: impressed

    Taiga: If he has become such a figure then it’d be rather strange for him to even think of hurting someone else. I’m pretty sure he won’t harbour any ill feelings towards his Master that thought him such a ‘nonsense’. Everything will be fine in the end!

    Kiritsugu: Hmph… Taiga-chan, you sure are amazing. You really are something.

    Taiga: Heheheheheh, Awwwww stop it you! I’m the type that’d fly sky high if you compliment me too much! If I get anymore carried away longer at this rate, I might just get a teaching license, ya know!? What’d you do if that happens!?

    It’s dinner time

    Taiga: Nggghhh, this is so good~~~

    Shirou: Fuji-nee, you sure eat a lot…. You’re not worried if you get fat at all?

    Taiga: Pffftttt, my training is not that soft to till I gotta worry about my body fats! If you really want to make me fatter you gotta give me 3 more servings of these! And plus, don’t call me fat. Someone might die here. So please call me in a cuter tone like, Miss Piggy~ or something.

    Shirou: I knew that’s gonna happen that’s why I made more today. If it’s just me and gramps, we might even leave enough leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast.

    Taiga: Oh, Shirou. Once you got to the growing phase you won’t be saying that again. This impulsive immense appetite of mine…. Welp, it’s just a prelude to my 2nd phase of dynamic nice body in the near future after all.

    Shirou: Hmph, fine. I will try to come up with a menu with less fat so you won’t be able to intake as much fat. So eat up all you want at that time.

    Kiristugu: Shirou… Does that mean we are going to have more… Japanese meals in the future?

    Shirou: Yep. Plus gramps, you get full really soon these days. So isn’t meal with lesser servings but higher nutritional level better for you?

    Kiritsugu: But uh… Don’t you think it’s fine to have like…. Hamburgers once in a while?

    Shirou: Sigh…. Gramps. Listen here. You have already grown so old yet can’t you do something about that childish tongue of yours? What did you eat to make you grow up like that all these time!

    Kiritsugu: Um… Uh… heheh

    Taiga: Now, now, Kiritsugu-san, I will stand by your side when it comes to junk food so no worries~ Seems like the upcoming Bon Festival Dance will have lots of people aking the Doner Kebab ya know~

    Shirou: Hey Ms.Piggy over there, please stop spoiling my gramps over here.

    Taiga: Muuhhh, Shirou~ Onee-chan thinks there’s something wrong with the hierarchy on this dining table~

    Clock rang

    Taiga: Phew, that was a good meal. I’m satisfied~~

    Kiritsugu: I think the bath’s ready by now. Taiga-chan, wanna go into the bath again today?

    Taiga: Ohh~ Then I will go help myself then~ Phew~ What a dream house you have here, Kiritsugu-san~ Bath Bath Bath~~

    Kiritsugu: Shirou, once Taiga returns home, can you come to the Dojo for awhile? I need to talk to you.

    Shirou: Eh? O-ok.

    The sound of the starry night

    Shirou: Hey gramps, are you really going to teach me some mageraft!?

    Kiritsugu: Yep. Shirou… I will only teach you within my capabilities. But the content might not be what you wished for. I’m pretty sure you will be disappointed. If you got tired of it, don’t hesitate to stop, ok? I know I have been saying these a lot of times, but this exercise, is truly unnecessary.

    Shirou: It’s fine! I just wanted to be able to do what gramps, you can do, too!

    Kiritsugu: Listen, Shirou. To learn magecraft, is to depart from common sense. We die when the time comes. We kill when we have to. That is our true nature. We do not live by the living, we live by death. Magecraft is something that destroys oneself from the inside. There’s no other way around. What I’m going to teach you, is something that would stir more conflicts than not. And so… never use it in front of others and it’s also quite difficult so you should take the practice seriously.

    Shirou: nods

    Kiritsugu: Welp, even though I just said that, those are not the important part of it. If situation calls for it, you can just break those rules when necessary.

    Shirou: W-what do you mean by that?

    Kiritsugu: The most important part of a magecraft is…. You musn’t use it for your own sake. You can only use it for other’s sake. With that, Shirou…. You may be able to use magecraft but you will never become a magus.

    Shirou: I see…. It sounds complicated but I more or less understand now. I never wanted to be a Magus, I just wanted to learn magecraft from you, gramps. So I’m fine! I’ll listen to what you have said.

    Kiritsugu: Good. Welp… Let us start from the basic of the basic. The creation of your Magic Circuit. We will first make a line to allow mana to flow through your body. This is different from your nervous system that you are born with but rather, it is something that you don’t have in the first place. This is where you project and image of your entire body, from your organs, to your fingers, to every single nails, even to every strand of your hair, and manipulate them. You must learn to retain that level of focus concentration first.

    Shirou: The first step sounded…. Rather hard.

     Kiritsugu: Well, of course. That is because you gotta rework your body into the equipment to use magecrafts. Imagine you surpassing yourself, and break through your limits. Shirou, this is a battle for you to surpass yourself.

    Shirou: Un. If it’s that so, I will never lose. I will try my best.

    Kiritsugu: The self-assurance required to draw an image. You better think of a word that’d become a trigger to raise your concentration level to the maximum. Just like how you push a button or turn on a switch, you need that one word that can flip your consciousness around. You need that one strong word.

    Shirou: Is that something like…. A magic spell?

    Kiritsugu: Well, not too far off. A spell not meant for anyone else. A spell that only has a meaning for you yourself. A word that would motivate you deep in your heart. Some phrase that’d strike a deep impression for you.

    Shirou: Hmm… I see… Hmm…. It still didn’t come to me somehow.

    Kiritsugu: You don’t need to scratch your head over it. You just need a very persuasive word for yourself and only you yourself. Project and image of your own body, and declare your virtual consciousness. Your double, as if you are going to trace it, and look around it.

    Shirou: ‘Trace’?

    Kiritsugu: It means to copy something, I guess..?

    Shirou: Just like how you push a button…. Just like how you press a switch… To trace yourself…

    Kiritsugu: Yep…. You don’t need to rush your decisions now. Think about it carefully.

    Shirou: Understood….. ‘Trace’…… Trace, huh?

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    Q: What’s the best selling product at Copenhagen? Also, how much does Shirou earn per hour working part-time there?

    A: Whiskey. 950 yen per hour.

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    He denied "putting others before himself", however that was obviously self-deception. His goal was to be a house-husband.
    However, his butler-spirit had already awakened. After the True End of Rin route, he was working part-time at the mansion of Rin's rival. What the heck is this?
    At the finale, he was still half-baked as a magus, but he had made immense progress as a spellcaster.

    衛宮士郎 【人名】
    本人は「自分がやるしかないから」と否定するが、明らかに誤魔化しである。 目指せ家政夫。
    その持ち前の執事魂を発挥し、凛ルートトゥルーエンド後では、凛のライバルの洋館でアルバイトをする事に。 なんだそりゃ。

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    And of course, that red-haired boy is living there with his original surname unchanged, but still having a honest and upright personality (as shown in his appearance in “Capsule Servant”), and likely going through days with a love comedy-like tone, along with a twin-tail magic-fist user and her cheerful little sister who laughs like a high-class young lady.


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    The everyday life of a magus is mostly spent conducting research. Magi who use magic outside of a research capacity, such as those who use magecraft to work and profit for themselves, are few in number. People who treat magecraft as a tool, such as assassins, are called “spellcasters,” and are looked down upon with disdain by the magical establishment.

    Furthermore, it is precisely because they are magi that few magi use magecraft in their daily lives. The cost of using magecraft for mundane tasks is indeed high, but above all, this is avoided for the purpose of concealing mysteries. The Magic Association is extremely wary of allowing knowledge of magecraft to reach the outside world, so magi who are overly conspicuous in the use of magecraft are purged.

    Magical families are essentially unilineal, in which one child inherits the parents’ assets and teachings in order to carry on the magecraft and research. These types of families are called magus lineages. Children other than the chosen heir may not even be told that their parents are magi. However, magic circuits are not wholly hereditary, and magi do not always produce children. In these cases, a child possessing magic circuits is adopted into the family. A major reason for the unilinealism of magecraft is that magic crests cannot be duplicated. The sole heir inherits all of the family’s magecraft.

    •Magic circuit
    Magic circuits are the pseudo nerves that a magus has inside himself. These are paths that generate magic energy and access the magic foundation engraved in the world. Magi make magic energy with the magic circuits and use the magic energy to run the magic foundation and thus put magery into effect. To do either of these, the magic circuits are necessary.

    As suggested by the description pseudo nerves, these are split into cores and lines joining these together and are spread throughout the body.

    The number of magic circuits are fixed at birth and the number won't increase by other than external factors.

    •Magic crest
    The product of stamping the anchored mystery that a magus had spent his entire life building up. Can be said to be mystical inheritance that defines the magus line as a magus line. While the inheritor is young, it is necessary to implant this little at a time while at the same time having the body adjust to the magic crest by medicine and rituals. The magic association also has technology for extracting just the magic crest from the body and storing it.

    •Magus alignment
    What determines what kind of attributes a magus' magic is going to be likely to have, or what kind of magic the magus is going to have good chemistry with, is going to be the element aligned with the magus.
    In addition to the five great elements of earth, water, fire, wind, and sky, there's the imaginary elements of Hollow and Nothing, for a number of seven.
    Some of the five elements will differ according to the school of magic. A famous one is a style in which the five great elements are formed from wood, fire, soil, metal,and water.
    Basically, one magus has one alignment, but sometimes there are magi with two alignments (like fire and earth, wind and water) and there are also those called "Average Ones" who have all the five great elements.

    Matou Sakura normally would have been a holder of the imaginary element of Emptiness. However, through her magic training, hers had been changed to the water alignment of the Matou line, so she couldn't exhibit her true talent.

    Normal alignments
    Five great elements Earth One of the two alignments of Kiritsugu. Kiritsugu exhibited his attribute of combining and used magic which combined the wounds of an enemy in a different form than normal, and made them unhealable.
    Five great elements Water The alignment that the Matou magi have had for generations. Matou exhibit the attribute of absorption and have passed it on. Sakura's alignment changed from Emptiness to water.
    Five great elements Fire The alignment of Tokiomi and also one of the two alignments of Kiritsugu. It is the symbol of life and death and has good chemistry with destructive magic.
    Five great elements Wind One of the two alignments of Kayneth Elmelloi Archibold. There are few magi with wind as an alignment
    Five great elements Sky An element which makes up celestial bodies that is newly added as a fifth element to the four great elements of earth, water, fire, and wind. This is, in other words, Ether.
    Imaginary Elements Hollow The alignment that Sakura was born with. Defined, in magery, as that "which is possible but is not in the physical plane". Also called imaginary numbers.
    Imaginary Elements Nothingness Like Hollow, the alignment of an imaginary element. In magery, defined as that "which is not possible, but materializes". Has a different meaning that the "nothing" of physics and math.

    •The absoluteness called Origin
    If alignment determines the root of one's magic, then even deeper than that, is the origin which determined the root of one's existence. The origin is not only for magi, but is the orientation that all things are born with and it's existence itself is thought absolutely necessary.
    Those magi with an origin that is strongly expressed outwardly are sometimes removed from the normal alignments and there are times that the origin itself becomes the alignment. Most of those magi exhibit their talents as extreme specialists.
    Because of that, it's said that they can reach higher grounds than normal magi.


    Shirou Emiya's origin is "Sword" and his alignment as a Magus is also "Sword". He is unable to use magic of the five great elements with precision because he doesn't have any of them as an alignment, but it does allow for the manifestation of "Unlimited Blade Works."

    •Noble Colors
    Of the alignments, wind is called "noble" and fire is "normal". By the way, the term "Noble Colors" is used to refer to special and innate things where he workings of the magic circuit are close to the movements of a celestial body (normally they're closer to the movements of the crust), and is innate and special.
    Noble Colors are often used to refer to mystic eyes, and Rider's petrifying mystic eyes are also a noble color.

    魔術師たちの日常は、 その大半が“研究”で 占められている。 研究以外で魔術を使う者は少 数派であり、 例えば魔術を使用して労働を行い、 その対価として賃金を得ている魔術師は少ない。 研究対象ではなく、 ツールとして魔術を使う者 (例えば魔術を使う暗殺者) は "魔術使い " と呼 ばれ、魔術師からは軽蔑の視線を向けられる。
    また、魔術師だからといって日常生活で魔術 を使う者は少ない。 日常の用を足す手段に魔術 はコストが高いということもあるが、 何より、 神秘の秘匿"のためである。 魔術協会は魔術 が世間に知られることを極端に戒めており、 目 立つ魔術の使い方をすると、 粛清される。
    魔術師は、基本的に親から子へと一子相伝で 自分たちの魔術と研究を受け継いでいく。 この ような家を "魔術師の家系”と呼ぶ。 後継者以 外の子には親が魔術師であることすらも教えな い。 ただし、魔術回路は100%遺伝する訳では なく、魔術師が子をなせないということもあり得 る。その場合、魔術回路を持つ子供を養子にし て家を存続させるのだ。 魔術が一子相伝である 理由は、魔術刻印が複製できないことが大きな 原因である。 選ばれた後継者ひとりだけが、そ の家のすべての魔術を受け継ぐことになる。

    魔術回路とは、魔術師が体内に持つ擬似神経 のことである。 主な機能はふたつ。 魔力の生成と、 世界に刻まれた魔術基盤にアクセスする路だ。 魔術師は魔術回路で魔力を作り、 魔力を使って 魔術基盤を動かすことで、魔術を行使する。 その どちらにも魔術回路は必要になる。
    擬似神経といわれる通り、核とそれをつなぐ ラインに分かれて体内に張り巡らされている。 魔術回路は生まれながらに本数が決まってお り、外的な要因以外で増えることはない。
    衛宮士郎が思い描く魔術回路のイメージ。 魔術回路 はオンオフを切り換えることができ、 オンにするためのス イッチは、魔術師によって異なる。

    魔術師が生涯をかけて鍛え上げ固定化した 神秘を刻印化したもの。 魔術師の家系を魔術 師の家系たらしめている、 魔術的な遺産とも いえる。 後継者が幼いうちから少しずつ時間を かけて移植していき、 同時に薬品や儀式で魔 術刻印に身体を徐々に慣らしていく必要がある。 魔術協会には肉体から魔術刻印だけを抜き 出して保存する技術も存在している。

    魔術師が使用する魔術がどのような特性を持 ちやすいか、魔術師がどのような魔術と相性が よいかを決定する 魔術師本人に属する要素。 地、水、火、 風 空の五大元素に、 架空元 素の虚と無を加えた7種がある。 五大元素は魔術 の流派によって一部種類が異なる。 有名なもの は、木、火、土、金、水で五大元素と成す流派。 基本的に魔術師はひとりがひとつの属性を持 つが、なかには二重属性と呼ばれるふたつの属性 (例えば火と土、水と風など) を持つ魔術師や、 五大元素属性すべてを併せ持つ"アベレージ・ワ ン"と呼ばれる魔術師も存在する。
    間桐桜は本来、 架空元素・虚の属性だった。しかし魔術 の訓練を通じて、 間桐家が属する水の属性に変えられてい たため、本来の才能を発揮できなかった。


    Normal alignments
    五大元素 衛宮切嗣の二重属性のひとつ。 切嗣は結合地の特性を発揮させ、敵の傷を本来とは違う形に結合し、治癒不可能にする魔術を用いた。
    五大元素 間桐家の魔術師が代々持つ属性。 間桐は 水 吸収の特性を発揮させ、伝えている。桜は元々 の虚から水へと属性を変えられた。
    五大元素 遠坂時臣の属性であり、 衛宮切嗣の二重 火属性のひとつでもある。生命や死の象徴とさ れ、 破壊的な魔術との相性がよい。
    五大元素 ケイネス・エルメロイ・アーチボルトの二重 属性のひとつでもある。 風を属性とする魔術 師は人数が少なく、 希少な存在である。
    五大元素 地、水、火、 風の四大元素に、 天体を構 成する第5の元素として新たに加わった元素。 つまりはエーテルのことである。
    架空元素 間桐桜が生まれつき持っていた属性 魔術 においてはあり得るが、 物質界にないもの" と定義される。 虚数と呼ばれることもある。
    架空元素 虚と同じく架空元素の属性。 魔術において はあり得ないが、 物質化するもの”と定義さ れる。物理学や数学の"無 "とは意味が異なる。

    属性が魔術の根本を規定する要素であれば、 それよりさらに深い、 存在の根本を規定する ものが起源だ。 起源は魔術師だけでなく、 あらゆる存在が持つ生まれ持った方向性であ り、存在そのものが不可分と考えられている。 "起源”が強く表に出ている魔術師は、時に 通常の属性から外れ、 起源そのものが属性と なっている場合がある。 そのような魔術師の多 くが、突出した専門家としての才能を発揮する。 それゆえに、一般的な魔術師よりも、より高 い境地へと達することができるとされている。


    衛宮士郎の起源は " 剣 " であり、 魔術師としての属 性も"剣"になる。 属性として五大元素を持たないため、 五大元素を使用する魔術が苦手。 その代わり、固有結 界”無限の剣製"を発現できる。

    属性のうち、 風は"ノウブル"、 火はノーマル"と 呼ばれる。 ちなみに"ノウブルカラー"といった場 合、その魔術回路の働きが天体運営に近く(通常 は地殻流動に近い)、 先天的で特殊なものである ことを示す言葉になる。 ノウブルカラーは主に魔 眼を指して使われることが多く、ライダーの石化の 魔眼もノウブルカラーである。

  30. [v] Game Japan 2007-02 issue - How high (or low) are the talents of Emiya Shirou and Tohsaka Rin within the entire history of the Association?

    GJ: I have a question about Fate characters. How high (or low) are the talents of Emiya Shirou and Tohsaka Rin within the entire history of the Association?
    Nasu: Rin really is a genius. Given time, she'll enter within the top 100 magi of the Association throughout its entire history. Shirou won't move out from being an magus apprentice, but as a spell-user, he'll be among one of the big specialists. Ultimately, he'll receive an evaluation on the same level as "Magus Killer" Emiya Kiritsugu had in his peak, maybe. If I were to put into simple numbers, Ciel: 100, Rin: 70-100, Shirou: 10 (under particular limited conditions, then 40).

    奈須:凛はホントに天才です。長ずれば、歴代の魔術協会の中でも百番以内に入るかと。士郎は魔術師としては見習いの域を出ませんが、魔術使いとしてはスペシャリストの一人と数えられます。最終的には“魔術殺し”衛宮切嗣の全盛期と同じくらいの評価を受けるかと。単純な数値で表すと、シエル:100 凛:70~100 士郎:10(限定条件下なら40)といった感じでしょうか。

  31. [v] Comptiq 2006-01 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A:
    Q: Is Shirou's structural analysis a type of Mystic Eye?

    Q. Is Shirou's structural analysis a type of Mystic Eye?

    A: Nope.



  32. Fate/stay night - Heaven's Feel route - Day 9: RAIN - Choice

    "……Fine. I guess if I'm going to correct you, we'll have to start with the fundamentals. But let's go back to what we were talking about earlier. Is it true that the things you projected are still in your shed?”
    “Yeah. Things don’t normally go away unless you break them, right?”

  33. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: Noble Phantasms, p.134

    Q: What is the limit of replication in UBW?

    Q: What is the limit of replication in UBW? The highest level of NP (sword types) is probably Ea, but while it might be impossible for Shirou, could Archer make it? Also, under the meaning of weapons, to what extent can he make modern weapons? Must it be only blade types or can he make guns and mobile weapons?

    A: Divine constructs like Ea and Excalibur are non-replicable. There might be some degraded NPs with similar performance in stock though. Also, since sword is becoming his origin, the weapons that he has stored are fundamentally limited to close combat.

    Q:"無限の剣製(アンリミテッドブレイドワークス)"における複製の限界はどのあたりでしょうか? 宝具(剣系)の最上位はおそらく乖離剣(エア)だと思いますが、士郎では無理でもアーチャーなら複製可能でしょうか? そして武器という意味では、現代兵器はどの程度まで複製可能でしょうか?刀剣類までなのか、銃や機動兵器なども可能なのでしょうか?


  34. [v] Fate/EXTRA material - SERVANT Parameter and Skills: SERVANT ARCHER, p.008


    • Master: Main protagonist
    • Identity: No Name
    • Gender: Male
    • Height, Weight: 178cm/78kg
    • Alignment:True Neutral
    • Strength: C
    • Endurance: C
    • Agility: C
    • Mana: B
    • Luck: D
    • Noble Phantasm: ?

    Class Skills
    Independent Action: C

    Magic Resistance: D

    Personal skills
    Eye of the Mind (False): B

    Clairvoyance: C+

    Magecraft: C-

    Noble Phantasm
    Unlimited Blade Works: Infinite Creation of Swords
    Rank: E- ~ A++
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 30 ~ 66
    Maximum number of targets: ???

    EX Rank Noble Phantasms are in principle impossible to replicate. (However, in the circumstance where the support of the original owner exists, replication becomes possible.


    • マスター:主人公
    • 真名:無銘
    • 性別:男性
    • 身長・体重:178cm/78kg
    • 属性:中庸・中立
    • 筋力:C
    • 耐久:C
    • 敏捷:C
    • 魔力:B
    • 幸運:D
    • 宝具:?









  35. [v] Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide II: The Fourth Holy Grail War Glossary: Sword of Rupture Ea [Noble Phantasm]

    Sword of Rupture Ea [Noble Phantasm]
    Gilgamesh’s secret treasure and final resort. A sword he only draws against those he has deemed worthy. Ea is said to be the sword used to “split open the world ” during the creation of heaven and earth. Its maximum power is equal to or greater than that of Saber’s Excalibur. Gilgamesh claims to possess the origin of all noble phantasms, but unlike his other noble phantasms that were passed on to other heroes throughout history, Ea, Sword of Rupture is a sword only Gilgamesh possesses, a unique existence that can only be possessed by him. For that reason, even Unlimited Blade Works (Infinite Creation of Swords) cannot recreate it. The origin comes from Mesopotamian mythology about the Great God of Earth and Water, Ea, who was split between heaven and earth. The reason the sword has a drill-like appearance is that apparently drills used to bore tunnels in the bedrock of the ocean floor were used as a model.

    乖離剣エア 【宝具】

  36. [v] Comptiq 2007-12 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A:
    Q: In Saber Route, Shirou did not encounter Archer's Reality Marble "Unlimited Blade Works" and certainly did not learn it. If he were to train and attempt to develop it by himself, how long would it take?

    Q: In Saber Route, Shirou did not encounter Archer's Reality Marble "Unlimited Blade Works" and certainly did not learn it. If he were to train and attempt to develop it by himself, how long would it take?

    A: Ten years to master the basics, another ten years to become proficient at it.
    ... something like that.



  37. [v] Comptiq 2006-08 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A:
    Shiki vs Shirou

    (Summary)If powers are at max and we ignore the point of self-destruction caused from overflow then Shiki will win. No matter how much Shirou makes swords, Shiki will keep 'killing' them. It's a different story if it's possible to use a 'Mana Burst' like Excalibur.



  38. [v] Dengeki Hime 10/2006 - Fate Dream Battle Round 5 - Bazett vs. Shirou

    Nasu:With this time's battle, since we're working off the assumption that Shirou "has trained/is operating himself to the max", people might think that this might end up being a good fight, but m'lady Bazett's a trained professional specializing in anti-magus battles. Technique, experience, and battle power. Against someone like her whose superior in all those regards, even with a "Broken Phantasm", Shirou's disadvantages are still not going to change. And you see. She's ruthless.


  39. [v] Fate/complete material II: Character material - Weapons: Shirou’s Bow, p.124

    User: Emiya Shirou
    A bow that Emiya Shirou made during the fight against Berserker. He attempted to create a copy of Archer’s bow, by using strengthening magecraft on a tree branch. Though the design is more or less the same, if you compare it to Archer’s bow the arrow rest and grip are amateurish and simple. Furthermore, it is a bit less curved, more akin to a Japanese bow than a Western one. It seems that Shirou, as a practitioner of Japanese archery accustomed to the Japanese method of shooting, altered the bow into this shape without realizing it.

    バーサーカー戦において、士郎が木の枝を強化し、アーチャーの弓をまねて作り上げた弓。大まかなデザインは 似ているが、アーチャーの弓に比べると、矢摺、弓束の部分が単純な形になっている。また、しなりも少し小さ く、洋弓というよりは和弓に近い。弓道をしていた士郎は、手のひら側に矢をつがえる和弓の射法に慣れていた ため、無意識にこの形になったと思われる。

  40. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: Magecraft and Magi, p.135

    Q: Why is the magic energy killing burial shroud able to stop magic energy?

    Q: Why is the magic energy killing burial shroud able to stop magic energy? Is it a Conceptual Armament imparted with the meaning of "stopping magic energy"?

    A: It's because it seals a certain event or returns it to normal. An air cleaner might be the way to describe it. Any more explanations on will appear eventually, I believe.



  41. Fate/stay night - Heaven's Feel route - Day 16: FINAL - Burst out
  42. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: General Questions about Fate, p.130-131
    Q: At the end of Sakura Route, the shape of the Shirou resurrected by the Third Magic was not human, correct?

    Q: At the end of Sakura Route, the shape of the Shirou resurrected by the Third Magic was not human, correct? If his shape was not human, how did they know which object was Shirou?

    A: Rider used Rin's pendant as a landmark. As to the state that Shirou was in, I will leave it up to your imagination. Since Shirou was reconstructed from a portion of Illya's body, in terms of size, you would not expect him to be the same as the original. That was my thought process.

  43. TYPE-MOON Ace 7 - 10 year Anniversary interview: Nasu Kinoko X Takeuchi Takashi X Urobuchi Gen
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