Shirube Asube (遊日部しるべ, Asube Shirube?) is heroine of Girls' Work.



Shirube is a second year middle school student. She is a rebel child and a wild girl who symbolizes the vitality and freedom of Shinjuku. She exerts influence in any level of the city, and she's feared and called "The Holy Mother". Non-humans who lurk in the city refer to her mysterious existence as "The Heart of the City" and acknowledge her superiority.


She plays around, flying through the city as if it were her own dedicated amusement park. She has a whimsical temper and a sharp tongue. She's an arrogant child, and due to being a rebel, doesn't have any friends her own age. She enjoys the stimulus of opposed extreme flavors, such as strong carbonated sodas and sweets, and cold things and hot, spicy things.


She's agile enough to run to the top of a building with ease, but can't break a pair of chopsticks.


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