Alternate Versions
FGO Saber.pngIbuki-douji
FGO Assassin.pngShuten-douji

Shuten-doujiWP (酒呑童子WP, Shuten-dōji?), Class Name Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?), is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



One of Japan's Three Great Monsters. The boss that governed the Oni within the castle structure on Mount OoeWP during the Heian periodWP. There are various theories about Shuten-douji’s origins. There is a theory where she is considered the child of a human and the Great God Ibuki of Mount IbukiWP (= Yamata no Orochi), and there is another theory where she is considered the heaven-sent child of Mount Togakushi (= KuzuryuuWP). At any rate, she is the child of a Dragon God, possessing a shared background with Sakata Kintoki.[1][2] Due to her anecdotes and vestiges, she is classified as an "Anti-Hero".[2]


In this work, it is Ibaraki-douji who is the boss and ringleader of the Oni on Mount Ooe, and Shuten-douji was perching on the Oni palace of Mount Ooe as some kind of house guest————that was the taken point of view. However, the one who is viewed as an ancestor to the gods, Ibuki-douji, that is, the existence of Shuten-douji, is certainly adequate enough to draw the attention of the authorities of ancient KyotoWP, Abe-no-Seimei and the others. Surely, the most dangerous existence among the Oni of Mount Ooe is no doubt Shuten-douji, so to speak.[1]

Whether she is the direct “child” of the Great God Ibuki, or whether she is a “descendant” who succeeded its blood, it is not clear.[1] In the end, Shuten-douji herself does not speak about her origins. The alias called Ibuki-douji is just something attached to her by Ibaraki-douji, who saw the true nature of Yamata no Orochi’s power in her. It may not be discovered that the person herself has forgotten her past and the likes of it. As long as there is beguiling alcohol, brilliant banquets and enjoyable performances, she has no regrets.[1][2]

And yet… it seems that Shuten-douji had not completely forgotten her past regarding the existence of Sakata Kintoki, one who possesses origins similar to her own (being the child of a man-eating witch and a Dragon God), the man hanging in her mind ever since the time when he was young.[1]

Shuten-douji's connection with Sakata Kintoki continues on since that time.[1][2] She, in the form of a beautiful girl, met Kintoki, who then fell in love with her.[3] Given that this companion was easy to tease on some occasions, she had a good time while being accompanied with snacks and alcohol. As far as Shuten is concerned, they are no more than drinking bouts, but as far as Kintoki is concerned, they are demonic banquets that would kill him if he took the atmosphere lightly.[1][2]

« To struggle for life while intoxicated in alcohol. Is it not romantic to cheat each other while hugging our bodies? »

(That is Shuten's eloquence.)

Because of the disappearances of young men and princesses at the Imperial Capital happening one after another, Abe-no-Seimei did a divination and ascertained the matter to be the deed of Shuten-douji. Raikou’s Four Heavenly Kings, lead by Minamoto-no-Raikou himself, was ordered to subjugate her, arriving at the Oni’s castle while dressed in itinerant Buddhist monk attires. At the banquet, Raikou and the others made Shuten-douji and her group drink poisoned sake, then attacked them while they were asleep, punishing them. The removed head of Shuten-douji’s attacked Raikou, but it is said that the attack was thwarted due to the latter’s helmet given by a god.[1][2] They used foul play in killing Shuten-douji, which Kintoki greatly regretted to the point of wanting to wish for Shuten-douji's revival to meet her once again.[3]


Shuten-douji is a rather short Servant. Her skin is pale tinged with light purple, almost resembling silver. Her hair is purple and short, reaching only her neck and her bangs cut past her forehead. Her eyes are lustrous purple, with red makeup painted right above them. Unlike Ibaraki-douji's horns, Shuten-douji's do not protrude out of her forehead, but rather appear to flow out of her body naturally, going from the same pale tone of her skin and gradually becoming wine-red. Her fangs are sharp and long compared to those of humans.

Shuten-douji wears a golden ornament with a green jewel over her forehead, in between her horns. She wears an extremely long kimono without sash, leaving it open and exposing the body underneath. The kimono is bluish-purple, with red curved lines drawn throughout it, especially on the tri-parted extensions of the sleeves. Some green ribbons are attached to it. Underneath the open kimono, Shuten-douji is mostly naked. Her ankles have red ribbons tied around them. She wears a piece of seemingly metallic material that covers her crotch and breasts, linked together by thin lines, and going all the way up to her neck, connecting into a choker. Of the same material, her hands and feet wear small pieces, tied around her fingers and wrists, and toes and heels respectively.

She is seen carrying three gourds by her waist and over the hip: the first is a small brown gourd; the second is a white container of sake; the third and most prominent, is a overly large blue gourd of glass with golden ornaments, from which she unleashes a purple burst of liquid when attacking, suggesting it to be carrying poison. In addition, she holds a cup of sake in her right hand, while the left holds a much wider cup, with a vine of black grapes, multiple pink peaches, and shide (zig-zagged paper strips).

In her second Ascension, the kimono is shortened up to her waist, but is tied by a wine-red sash, and now wears metallic shin guards, with ornamental oni heads on her knees.

In her third Ascension, the sake cups are replaced by a red paper lantern with the kanji for "drunk" or "poisoned" written on it in black in her left hand, while the right holds a double-edged (might be triple or quadruple) sword, with a glassy-blue mid-section, a large golden guard and hilt, with an ornament resembling her blue gourd attached to the bottom of the hilt.


Under the moonlight, a man-eating flower is glamorously in full bloom while stealing away the eyes of the people watching. A demon wearing a girl’s form, narrowing her eyes while licking her lips seductively. It may not be known that although her outward appearance properly resembles a human girl, Shuten-douji is not a human being. Even though she seems to communicate with words like a human being, she is essentially a different being. Her preferences are similar to a human’s, but for her to love something is but a theory, from the idea that if she suddenly put her hand on the things she loves, it would not be understood by humans as love. Although she knows love, requests love, and embraces love, it is impossible to overlap that love with the right people. Her love is accompanied with blood; her love spreads death; her love tears one’s heart. Her impulse hidden under her white naked body is surely rising and swelling, being distorted, and rolling around. Therefore, she is a demon.[1]

Shuten-douji doesn’t talk about her wish for the Holy Grail. Just like how she was when she was alive, going wherever her fancy takes her, she thinks and behaves as she pleases, not being any different in the present days nor in the bygone days. Also, she is a collector of antiques and rarities, even having a keen interest in the Red Dragon Ulna dwelling on Kintoki’s arm. She appears to attach an importance on rarity and on the elegance of their appearances regarding those items, so she is incompatible with the King of Heroes who attaches an importance on the items’ history and performance.[1][2]

Regarding the Providential Oni Poison Sake, Shuten-douji regards it as her wine. It is something for her alone. At first, it was something brought by General Raikou, but it is her's now. Shuten had thought that it was fine drinking this, even if she died, but having a wine without blood and the moon and its silver is unthinkable to her. Shuten likes this wine, citing it as a very sweet drink, as the essence of sweetness. She describes it having a trembling, hot taste, as if that of a melting taste, and if there is a pinch of blue eyes reflecting the moonlight, then there is nothing else that she would want.[4]


Sakata Kintoki
Fufu. That blond-haired, blue-eyed youngster. As usual…” As a matter of fact, she thinks it is better to take off those sunglasses. If she sees a chance, she will take them off.[1]
"By the way, when my decapitated head was laid down at Mount Ooe, like that, I thought this was farewell from this world, and from this Ibaraki. It was a strange relationship we had, sharpening my horn like that even at this morning; this naughty kid hasn’t changed, you know.[1]
What, a cow is mooing? Fufu, I wonder what it is.[1]
Raikou’s Four Heavenly Kings
Ibaraki would be delighted if Master Tsuna came around, no? Oh Ibaraki, your face is deeply red from this sort of thing? What what, are you spouting out blood from your forehead in that much rage from having heard Tsuna’s name? Yes, that is good.[1]
“(Laughing) Eh? What? After all, it can’t be helped that it’s amusing.[1]
Ohhhhhhh. Hmm. That fox, so she’s that kind of woman here. Well that is very… you know…?"[1]
OnraWP / Otakemaru / King Akuro
Come to think of it, I don’t see them appearing around here. You know, we are said to be all anti-heroes, so it seems to be difficult to summon them. Ah, that’s not true. There’s a way to summon them, yes.[1]
Koga SaburoWP and his family line
For me to utter about them, there is no reason to. Truly, intolerable————"[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Event: Rashoumon[]

Shuten and Ibaraki-douji wake up in Kyoto, finding the Grail in front of them filled with wine. Shuten drank the wine first, with Ibaraki following suit after some peer pressure from the former. After a few more drinks, Shuten fell asleep. But she went into a coma of sorts when her power was absorbed into Ibaraki due to the Grail-influenced wine twisting the latter's inner wish to rampage with Shuten.[5]

Shuten eventually wakes up when Ritsuka's party defeats Ibaraki. But upon waking, she is attacked by Sakata Kintoki. She blocks his axe at the last second. After deducing she is weak due to Ibaraki absorbing her power, Shuten teases Kintoki by trying to kiss him for rescuing her. Kintoki quickly jumps back. Shuten then takes the group to the Grail.[5]

There she explains the Grail-influenced wine caused everything that happened. She also admits she's been hearing a voice for a while, though she dismisses it. Learning Kintoki was stronger while Ibaraki's wish was in effect, Shuten teases him by asking if he wanted to play with her that much and insinuating he wanted to have sex with her. Kintoki denies this, and Shuten apologizes she can't "play" with him in her current state.   Then, preparing to destroy the Grail, she expresses how she dislikes the wine for making her powerless and unable to do what she wants. So she cannot enjoy it and calls what happened a drunken dream. After destroying the Grail, she says she is going to get drunk again and make Kintoki pay for last time once she is. Afterward, she'll have him pour her drinks as part of her harem. She then disappears satisfied, telling Kintoki she'll him around.[5]

Event: Onigashima[]

Shuten and Ibaraki come to Onigashima, intending to destroy it. However, wanting to do it elegantly, they decided to set up a teahouse. So for their first step, they snuck into the island's treasure room and found the Grail. Shuten poured wine in it and drank from it. Finding the taste familiar, she realized they couldn't simply destroy the island. Afterward, she told Ibaraki they should wait for Kintoki to join them. While waiting, they set up their teahouse and began serving oni, human and Servant alike.[6]

When Ritsuka's party comes to the teahouse, Shuten denies that she and Ibaraki built the island. She admits they were going to destroy the island, but that was before she drank wine from the Grail. She then suggests an alliance to find the mastermind behind Rashoumon and Onigashima. But Kintoki refuses, and a fight ensues.[6]

Seeing that they're struggling, Shuten considers showing her true nature. But Ibaraki refuses to let Shuten show her true nature before mere humans. She then asks Shuten for the Grail to regain the power she had in Rashoumon. Shuten agrees and hands Ibaraki the Grail. But before Ibaraki can drink the Grail's wine, she dodges a surprise attack from Minamoto-no-Raikou thanks to Shuten's warning. Shuten finds Raikou to be the same as ever, annoyed by how clingy she is as a mother to Kintoki. Then, with Raikou's help, Ritsuka's party forces Shuten and Ibaraki to retreat.[6]

Raikou chases the two oni to the island's peak. There she returned to being Ushi-Gozen and proceeded to decapitate Ibaraki and slice Shuten's belly open.[7] However, Shuten survived and hid, waiting for her chance to retaliate. This chance comes when Ushi is about to finish off Ritsuka's party. She ambushes Ushi but takes it a mortal blow in return. She tells Kintoki they'll meet somewhere his meddlesome mother isn't next time and disappears.[8]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Shuten-douji is among the "special event" Servants assisting Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[9]

Subspecies Singularity III: Shimosa[]

Shuten was summoned by Amakusa Shirou Tokisada to serve as one of the Heroic Spirit Swordmasters.[10] Her Cursed Name is Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell.[11]

She and her fellow Swordmasters first encounter Ritsuka’s party as they tried to cut through a bamboo forest to reach Onui and Tasuke’s hermitage. Watching from the treetops, she comments Musashi being alive after crossing swords with Raikou to mean the people of the Tokugawa era aren’t totally worthless. Raikou refutes this, saying the only decent people in the Tokugawa era are children. She tells Shuten to commit suicide to atone for her lapse in judgement. Shuten then unleashes her Noble Phantasm without revealing its True Name, but Houzouin Inshun deflects it with Hazy Inverted Moon - Eleven Styles. Soon afterwards, Shuten and her fellows Swatch Inshun fight Yagyuu Munenori alone to let the others escape. This is followed by Ashiya Douman infusing Inshun with the Curse of Annihilation to become the final Swordmaster: Lancer of Purgatorio.[11]

Later Shuten confronts Mochizuki Chiyome after the latter retreated from Toke Castle following a confrontation with Ritsuka’s party. She connects Chiyome’s heart and brain to the power of Yamata-no-Orochi within herself to the latter’s protest. She apologizes for her act, explaining Amakusa Shirou needs Ritsuka and Musashi eliminated.[12]

The next night, she collects Orochi’s remains at Toke Castle for her wine. She asks Katou Danzou if she’s developing a soft spot for Ritsuka’s party, knowing Douman ordered her to spy on them. Danzou replies she is merely following her masters’s orders, which Shuten finds boring. Shuten teases her about how she’s always watching Fuuma Kotarou, recounting his words that a heartless ninja is nothing but a hollow blade. She then finishes collecting the remains and heads for Arakawa.[13]

There she witnessed Raikou slaughter an army near Arakawa River while they were en route to rendezvous with Munenori. Raikou only spared a young soldier left mentally broken by the slaughter, believing he’d make a poor sacrifice. She and Shuten then depart for Sagami to unleash the latter’s Noble Phantasm upon it. Danzou reminds them though that they weren’t ordered to do so, but they ignore her. They proceed to Sagami and destroy it with Shuten’s Noble Phantasm. Afterwards, they massacred larger settlements until high noon, only sparing smaller settlements because they vanished by then.[13]

Ordered by Douman,[14] Raikou and Shuten take Onui and Tasuke hostage. Musashi attacks Shuten, but Raikou blocks it. The Swordmasters then overwhelm the group using only a fraction of their power. Raikou tells them to come to the peak of the nearby mountain before high noon if they wish to save the children. She and Shuten then escape.[13]

On the summit, Shuten threatens to eat Onui. Raikou threatens to kill her if she tries to eat a child in front of her, so Shuten backs off. Shuten tells Raikou that her human self broke long ago in response to the latter tearfully telling Onui that the Swordmasters are broken. She adds she can’t blame it all on her karma.[14] Later she is kicked off the summit by Raikou.[15]

She finds Ritsuka, who was knocked off the mountain slope by Orochi, with an injured ankle. She takes them to a nearby cave where she mends their ankle. After they wake up, she describes Douman and Munenori (addressing them by their Cursed Names) as far worse than her and Raikou. Munenori is gifted at coldly and efficiently killing humans. Douman wants nothing more than to see the world destroyed. Agreeing with Ritsuka that Munenori and Douman both sound awful, Shuten is curious to know why Ritsuka is so comfortable around her. After hearing they know another her, she offers anything they want if they join her. They want Onui and Tasuke returned, but Shuten refuses and begins tearing into their stomach to reconnect their Magic Circuits. They soon fall unconscious from the pain.[15]

Returning to the summit, Shuten is confronted by Ritsuka’s party, alongside Raikou. They doubt Shuten’s claims that she ate them, and slay the Orochi she summoned. Afterwards, Shuten and Raikou bring Musashi to the bloody battlefield for their fight. Shuten disappears, saying she gave it her all.[15]

Event: Oni Pagoda Festival[]

Suspecting that Tomoe Gozen is an oni, Shuten decides to make both a safe have for oni and a place to confirm her suspicion. With Ibaraki, she tricks the Chaldea staff into secretly rayshifting them to a minor Singularity in Japan. There she combines her Noble Phantasm with a source of magical energy (possibly Grail fragments) to create a hundred-story pagoda. Like her Noble Phantasm, the tower produces an intoxicating effect, which gets stronger as one ascends it. However, the level of intoxication differs depending on Shuten's bond or affinity with a Servant. It is also impossible to reach the tower's top floor either by climbing it from the outside or by flight as doing so will result in extreme levels of intoxication and cause one to lose their balance and fall.

Shuten's main motivation for building the tower was to show Tomoe how fun it is to be an oni. For that purpose, she convinced several Servants to guard every 10th floor with promises of their hearts' desire. Also to celebrate Setsubun, Shuten also built the tower with a hundred floors thinking it'd be a fun way to celebrate Setsubun. However, she didn't want either Kintoki or Raikou to disturb her fun, so she made the tower's intoxicating effects especially strong on them to the point it's nigh impossible to climb.

When Ritsuka's party arrives, Shuten projects herself through alcoholic fog to speak with the group. She, after a brief interruption from Ibaraki, challenges Ritsuka and Tomoe to reach the tower's top floor to learn why she built it. Tomoe is upset that Shuten isn't giving her reasons, saying it's a standard rule of warfare for opposing armies to state their reasons for battle. Raikou cuts Shuten's projection and tells Tomoe it's pointless to explain the rules of warfare to Oni and the only way to handle them is to kill them. The alcohoic fog reforms and Shuten warns the group that they'll get steadily more drunk with every floor they ascend. Raikou decides not to heed her warning and climbs the tower itself to kill her and Ibaraki. She soon however fall back onto the ground. Shuten explains trying to reach the top by any means besides the stairs will result in extreme intoxication.

Ritsuka's party eventually reaches the top floor and confronts Shuten. Tomoe immediately asks her if her true goal was to drag her down the path of oni. Shuten is surprised no one said anything and tells Tomoe that she is an oni. Tomoe denies she is an oni, having lived and died as a human. She calls Shuten's motives absurd and demands she dismantle the tower. Seeing that Tomoe is still in denial, Shuten points out to her that she smells like an oni, has horns, and is far stronger than any human ever could be. It disgusts her that Tomoe is denying her oni blood. She then asks Ritsuka for their opinion, but Ritsuka replies that they're grateful for any Servant that answers their summons. Shuten is amused by their answer. Tomoe remembers the joy of being accepted for who she is and the joy of fighting alongside powerful allies. Thus, she is grateful to be Ritsuka's Servant and heeds their command to stop Shuten. Shuten soon flees for the roof and Tomoe gives chase.

Shuten is drinking on the roof and feigns surprise when Tomoe arrives. Tomoe asks Shuten why she built the tower so tall if she only wanted to know if she was oni or not. Shuten answers she thought it'd be a fun way to celebrate Setsubun. She also admits that she didn't want Sakata Kintoki to climb the tower like Tomoe suspected, as she didn't want them killing each other yet. She then asks Tomoe if she knows anything about her ancestry. Tomoe answers she doesn't, recalling her parents and grandparents were shocked by her appearance when she was born. Shuten can only suspect one of Tomoe's ancestors had a child with an oni. She then gets up, dejected that she has run out of wine. Tomoe tells Shuten that she will never ally with the oni but neither will she kill her as they are both Servants of Ritsuka. Shuten tells Tomoe that she still disgusts her and that she will have to choose a side one day. She then notices Raikou nearing the roof and flees with Ibaraki, but not before removing her magical energy core from the tower so it can be destroyed.

Ibaraki asks Shuten if she's sure they won't be trouble once they return to Chaldea. Shuten answers it will probably be fine since the tower will be gone soon. She also believes they'll be forgiven if they apologize and explain they were trying to welcome Tomoe, especially since they didn't harm any humans. Ibaraki asks her if she's sad to see the tower she worked so hard to build destroy. Shuten confesses she figured it would end this way when she made it. It is why she named it the Oni Pagoda; It was built by an oni and was meant to be burned down by one.

Back in Chaldea, Shuten and Ibaraki are drinking in the rec room when Ritsuka and Tomoe enter. Shuten comments that Ibaraki's sweet tooth will be her downfall after Tomoe easily convinces her with sweets to join her and Ritsuka in a 3v3 match. Ritsuka asks Shuten if she wants to trade with them. Shuten rejects the offer as she can't drink if she's holding a controller in both hands, so she'll just watch. She playfully threatens to eat Ritsuka, though, if she isn't entertained. She also expects them to be ready to handle oni if they're going to invite so many to their home.

Halloween Event: The Mysterious Country of ONILAND!![]

Ibaraki told Shuten about a magical girl show she watched and, finding it impossible for humans to be capable of such feats, she thought the girls were oni or maybe even based on Shuten’s legends. Shuten helped her realize, however, that the girls were in fact human. But seeing the look of disappointment on Ibaraki’s face, Shuten then told her that oni have a Heroic Spirit equivalent called Magifender.

Some time later, Shuten came to Chitose where a minute Singularity had manifested in the vicinity of the abandoned mine. Upon her arrival, though, her Spirit Origin changed into a Caster for no explicit reason and found an amusement park called Oniland. She later caught a small animal-like creature she assumed was a Demonic Beast. The creature identified himself as Haku and claimed he wanted to help the magifender oni. Finding no reason not to believe him, Shuten took him as her familiar to make her Magifender Girl schtick more authentic. She also encountered Sitonai, and while they never formally became allies, both shared the desire to defeat the Great Oni, the creator of Oniland.

When Ritsuka’s party is about to be overrun by oni, Shuten comes to their rescue, dramatically introducing herself as Magifender Girl. Ibaraki identifies her Oni Cure, making Shuten realize Ibaraki bought into her magifender story. It, along with the fact her Spirit Origin changed into a Caster, means she’ll have to continue her Magifender Girl schtick for the time being and do something about Oniland. She then tells Ritsuka’s party that the Great Oni likely has the Grail and leaves after establishing a temporary contract with Ritsuka.

She later helps Ritsuka’s party defeat the Gold Servants that manage the merry-go-around and the teacups, arriving just when they’re struggling. She leaves once Sitonai collects the gold fragments.

Afterward, not wearing her Magifender Girl outfit, she comes up to the group while they’re eating at the food court. Ibaraki is pleasantly surprised to see her. Shuten recognizes Chiyome and recalls the kunoichi always keeps her distance from her in Chaldea. She then steps closer to her, saying it’s time they introduce themselves. After mistaking Chiyome’s discomfort for reverence for Shuten, Ibaraki tells Shuten that she saw another oni that resembled her; Shuten, Ritsuka, and Mash decide to just play along. Shuten then leaves, but returns later as Oni Cure to help Ritsuka’s party defeat the Gold Servants in charge of the food court. She leaves once Sitonai collects the gold fragment.

She later helps Ritsuka’s party defeat the Gold Servants that manage the house of mirror and the Ferris wheel, leaving once Sitonai collects the gold fragment.

When Ritsuka’s party is struggling against the Great Oni, Shuten arrives to help, with Haku suggesting they remove the gold from the Great Oni’s possession. With Shuten’s spell supporting her, Sitonai removes all the gold and reveals the Great Oni’s true form: Elizabeth JAPAN. Elizabeth, however, has no memory of Chaldea or even her past, and attacks the group for interfering with her concert. Sitonai suggests introducing a spell little by little each time they clash and then activate it remotely to restore Elizabeth’s memories. Everyone else agrees and prepares to hold off Elizabeth. The gold reforms Elizabeth’s Great Oni shell as she declares her desire to sing for everyone, which is why she needs Oniland. Shuten understands Elizabeth didn’t become an oni of her own accord, knowing it’s the gold’s fault. The problem is that Elizabeth failed to follow the rules of the oni, as no self-respecting oni would ever entertain humans. Elizabeth doesn’t care what oni are supposed to do, though, and says it was Shuten who told her to make Oniland. In response, Shuten demands Elizabeth to ditch the gold, but Elizabeth vehemently refuses as Oniland would disappear. Sitonai’s spell is then ready, so she tells the others they now need to keep hitting Elizabeth.

SItonai’s spell eventually activates, restoring Elizabeth’s memories and releasing the gold’s hold on her, returning her form to normal. Sitonai collects the gold, the last of it that was used to create Oniland, and prepares to take the gold back to Chitose Mine and return it to the leyline. But Haku steals the gold and runs off with it. Ritsuka asks what Haku is, but to everyone’s surprise, Shuten says she doesn’t know. She explains how and why Haku became her familiar and decides to take her revenge on him for making a fool of her. She, Ritsuka, Ibaraki, and SItonai then follow Haku’s trail, while Chiyome takes Elizabeth to the cabin.

Inside Chitose Mine, Ritsuka’s party finds an enormous pile of gold, surprising SItonai that there is so much of it left. But Haku corrects her, revealing the gold grew by feeding on the desire of Oniland’s customers. He also vaguely admits to being the one that persuaded Elizabeth to create Oniland. His greed has now transformed him, or rather Kamuy’s Gold, into a golden Fafnir-type dragon.

During the ensuing battle, Sitonai realizes that one of Haku’s true identities is that of the Moshirechik Kotanechik, the beast of darkness from the Ainurakkur. Confirming the connection with her, she confesses her materialization caused the gold to manifest, which is why it’s her responsibility to collect and return it to the leyline. As if to answer everyone’s confusion, Sherlock Holmes reveals it’s because the Einzberns, family of SItonai’s vessel, Illyasviel, were the possessors of Das Rheingold, the cursed gold from Norse mythology. While he cannot discern the direct cause of the Singularity, he concludes it was Sitonai’s influence that turned the Grail into gold. Sitonai confirms Sherlock’s deduction and apologizes for causing everything. Ritsuka and Ibaraki tell her it isn’t her fault, certain that they’d be dead if it wasn’t for her. Shuten tells her she feels dumb about falling for Haku’s act and playing up the Magifender Girl bit. For that reason, she must defeat Haku, otherwise she’ll never live it down. Chiyome then arrives with all the Servants in Oniland to help take down Haku.

Haku is slain and Sitonai retrieves the gold. She begins to disappear, needing to return the gold to the leyline. She assures, though, that she’ll use the surplus magical energy Oniland siphoned from the Servants to create a new Grail for Chaldea before she goes. Then, with a smiling face, she says goodbye and disappears with the gold. Everyone then returns to Chaldea.

Back in Chaldea, Shuten says that though Haku’s magical energy is gone, she doesn’t feel like returning to her old Spirit Origin just yet. She then explains the Haku with her isn’t the real him but a familiar she made in his image with her magical energy. She later runs into Ibaraki in the hallway and asks her how Hokkaido was, pretending she wasn’t there as well. Ibaraki tells Shuten how much fun she had wreaking havoc. Shuten asks her why she’s crying. Ibaraki denies she is and claims she is smiling because she’s an oni.

Lostbelt No. 5.5: Hell Realm Mandala Heian-kyō[]

Shuten is the Master of Paracelsus von Hohenheim.


In her interlude Get Drunk, Get Crazy, Get Furious (酒に酔い、酒に狂い、狂に滾って, Sake ni Yoi, Sake ni Kurui, Kyō ni Tagitte?), she attempts to drink with Ritsuka Fujimaru.[16]


Although Ibaraki-douji was the boss of all the Oni on Mt. Oooe, the place where Shuten-douji apparently lived, Ibaraki treated her as her surperior, saying Shuten had something she lacked.[17] Ibaraki states she could have never defeated Shuten-douji.[18] When Shuten-douji was alive, she crossed paths with Sakata Kintoki multiple times. Whether they fought for real, for fun, or for a bet, they always ended in a draw.[19] During the Shimosa Singularity, Shuten is transformed into a Heroic Spirit Swordmaster known as Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell. Despite boasting more power than her normal Servant self in this state, she wouldn't dare mess with Saber of Empireo and Caster of Limbo due to her having a "weak little Saint Graph" in comparison. If Rider of Kālasūtra Hell and her had to fight them, Shuten would want to at least have the same bodies and power that they did when we were alive.[14]


Class Skills[]

  • Presence Concealment (C Rank): A Skill to erase one’s own presence. As for Shuten-douji herself, she does not have much of a motivation to erase her presence.[1][2]

Personal Skills[]

  • Intoxicating Aroma of Fruits (A Rank): Targets can be made dead drunk, similar to being charmed even, from one's tone of voice, sigh, or even just their gaze, which possesses the aroma of a fruit's alcoholic scent. If they are beings that do not have the means for magical defense (common people and animals), their thoughts will end up melting completely in an instant. Essentially a Charisma Skill and a charm Skill, it is a composite Skill of both Skills. Even if they are Servants, there is a likelihood for them to feel charmed if they do not have the means to defend against this. It is even possible to eventually throw the targets into insanity.[1][2]
  • Battle Continuation (A+ Rank): The ability to continue combat. Combat is possible even when receiving a decisive fatal wound. Because of the folklore where she attacked Minamoto-no-Raikou, combat is possible even if her head is decapitated.[1][2]

Noble Phantasms[]

Shuten-douji has two Noble Phantasms; Multitude of Colors - Providential Oni Poison and Bone Collector.[1]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]

Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell[]

Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell is a Berserker Class counterpart of Shuten-douji which was modified in Shimosa Singularity by Ashiya Douman's Curse of Annihilation, which turned her into a Heroic Spirit Swordmaster. Having her power been greatly increased compared, Katou Danzou claims that Rider of Kālasūtra Hell's and her attacks are so strong that she is unable to measure them despite them fighting with just a fraction of their power.[13] Despite boasting such power, she wouldn't dare mess with Saber of Empireo and Caster of Limbo due to her having a "weak little Saint Graph". If Rider of Kālasūtra Hell and her had to fight them, she'd want to at least have the same bodies and power that they did when we were alive.[14]

Miyamoto Mushashi comments that Rider and Berserker are not equally skilled, as she would have cut Berserker's neck in their first encounter had Rider not deflected her attack.[13] Berserker likes to play around, so Ritsuka's party should be able to handle her if they rushed her all at once, but that definitely wouldn't work on Rider.[15]

Noble Phantasm:
Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell possesses an unnamed Noble Phantasm that has some resemblance to Multitude of Colors - Providential Oni Poison. She is able to unleash it in the form of a giant wave, and she considers that even without invoking its True Name, the core of any ordinary Heroic Spirit would have been run through by it. She was surprised when Houzouin Inshun blocked it with his Noble Phantasm and she said that no one should have been able to block a single drop.[11] When her Noble Phantasm is completely filled, she claims that if she poured it all out it might end up melting a whole province or two.[13]


In this form, Shuten-douji is accompanied by a familiar named Haku (ハク?). During the events surrounding Oniland, the Haku which was with her was actually Moshirechikuchiku Kotanechikuchiku (モシレチクチク・コタネチクチク?), a demon from AinuWP lore, who was using her and the others to claim the Kamuy Gold. Following the conclusion of these events and Moshirechikuchiku's demise, Shuten-douji made a new Haku from her own Mana.[20][21]

It is uncertain if THAT existed during the Heian era.

It is also hard to know if it is something transmitted among the oni that live in the cracks of the modern 21th Century. Even still, she recites. The legend of the Oni of Dharmapala.

Just like the heroes that save the world of men become Heroic Spirits, that which saves the world of oni becomes a Dharmapala. To admonish, chastise and kill the oni――― those who manage to save all oni by those means are the Oni of Dharmapala.

"And well, it is such a dream-like story, so why not just leave it at that?"

At first, she merely intended for this to be a disguise・costume, but it seems that her Saint Graph itself ended up changing (albeith temporarily) ever since she started to travel together with "Haku", a small magic beast that she captured in the outskirts of Chitose.

Although that way of being is almost like that of a superhero, one must not get it wrong. This is merely her playing the part of something that "admonishes, chastises and kills the oni".


Class Skills:

  • Territory Creation (Rank B): 「Appearing in high places」「Hearing her voice but not seeing her」There are rumors about such stagings actually being done by putting her Territory Creation skill to use.
  • Item Construction (Rank B): Can create new outfits or tools in order to rise her ability depending on the season. Seems so, but it isn’t used much.
  • Divinity (Rank C): The child of Yamata no Orochi = Kuzuryū. Because she’s fallen as an oni, the rank has dropped.

Personal Skills:

  • Heart Break (Rank A+): During her Class Change, her Noble Phantams that pulled out the target's bones "Bone Collector" was converted into this skill. A fearsome special move in which she shoves her hand inside the body of a target that failed a save check and mercilessly crushes his important organs starting from the heart. The ability of a Dharmapala Girl that was conferred for the sake of commanding the oni... or so she professes to be, "but wouldn't most living things become silent if their hearts are crushed?" When a Chaldea staff asked her this suspiciously, Shuten Douji supposedly smiled pleasantly without answering anything.
  • Break Rod (Rank A+): "You know, when we see princesses in that box called TV, they are always carrying some sort of queer, sparkling stick. I want one of those too." "Leave it to me" Supposedly, she once had such a conversation with her familiar Haku.
  • Oni-kind Demon (Protection) (Rank A): The base skill that represents the unusual power of the oni and represents the Phantasmal Species has been altered for this time. A composite skill comprising the skills Natural Demon, Monstrous Strength, Charisma, Mana Burst, etc., but its effects have been regulated in this work. A skill that gives a special attack and special defense against the Oni Kind and its analogues.

Noble Phantasm:

Shuten's Noble Phantasm is Dharmapala Girl - Nine-headed Dragon Massacre.


Creation and Conception[]

Raita Honjou is the character illustrator for Shuten-douji.[1][2] Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for her character.[1]

Comment from Illustrator[]

"I requested to draw a lolibaba that speaks in Kyoto dialect and who acts lively yet restrained, so I am thankful to get the OK for her appearance to only put on a kimono over her practically naked body. Her equipment seems to be a collection of shops making a sudden visit to Kyoto, but I wanted to include a multicultural design to give somebody the impression of the Silk RoadWP, so it might have been nice to incorporate some more. Also, her magnificent voice is alluring, and it is also the best that her dialogue creates a smokescreen by mixing together truth and falsehood; I’m melting~"[1]


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