Shuusei Hinomori (日守秋星, Hinomori Shuusei?) is a character in DDD.



Hinomori is a hunter of the demon-possessed and at the same time known as the “immortal vampire”. His reasons for going around killing Agonists is unidentified and he walks around with a woman he calls 'Maki-chan'. Being a demon possessed himself his power is basically immensely heightened reflexes cause by a condition his brain has that allows him to perceive the world in a adrenaline-enhanced state, similar to that of a human being when they know their life is in danger and death is imminent. He fights with a half-cut meter long pipe which was sharpened into a stake. He has shark teeth, wears a long black coat all the year and has sunglasses. He fights Tomato on one occasion and demonstrates speed enough to dodge bullets from a H&K MP5 SMG. During the case with the sinker, he gets acquainted with Arika and later recognizes him as a friend. He himself takes the law very lightly and is outrageously stupid by nature. But also at the same time he is very brutal and ruthless as he is also a wanted serial killer.







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