Sialim Eltnam Rey-Atlasia (シアリム・エルトナム・レイアトラシア, Shiarimu Erutonamu Reiatorasia?)[1] is the last alchemist of the Atlas Temple in the world of Fate/EX series.



Sialim had a twin elder sister who died at birth. As an Atlasian alchemist she was devoted only to her own research, her goal is to avoid the future of destruction. Essentially, this means that it's okay for humanity to change or decline as a species if it means surviving. She created the homunculus known as Rani VIII with the intention to see if it was possible for not just alchemists but for humanity to continue existing in the cyber world, which would mean having to give up their physical bodies. After sending Rani to the moon, she succumbed to a terminal disease and passed away in a month.[2] She gave Rani two orders: to judge whether the Moon Cell was useful or not and to look for someone who could make Rani understand what her emotions were.




Melty Blood Back Alley Alliance – NightmareEdit



  1. Only the spelling of her last name is shown in Melty Blood Back Alley Alliance – Nightmare.
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