Sikera Ušum: Arrogant King's Alcohol (驕慢王の美酒シクラ・ウシュム, Kyōman Ō no BishuShikura Ushumu?) is the second Noble Phantasm of Semiramis. Her certain-kill Noble Phantasm as an Assassin, it is the manifestation of the poisoning of her husband, the first murder by poison in record.[2] If she were summoned with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon as one of her Noble Phantasms in the Assassin-class, then the Sikera Ušum Noble Phantasm can only be invoked at the throne room in the Hanging Gardens.[1] If she were summoned as a normal Assassin without the Skill "Double Summon", then Semiramis wouldn't be able to use the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon", so she would use this Noble Phantasm as her main weapon instead.[2]

Upon activation, its effects turns the surrounding environment into poison. Not only does it give a "poison" attribute to all of her attacks, including the magecraft Semiramis uses, it can also add poison to even the air and mana itself of the surrounding area, the atmosphere receiving a "poison" environmental property. If a Servant possesses Poison Resistance, a legend that says "poison had no effect on them", or an anecdote in their legend where they withstood poison, they are granted a debuff bonus to their resistance against this Noble Phantasm. But on the other hand, if they have an episode where they died to poison, their resistance to the Noble Phantasm goes down and they take double the damage.[2][1] Semiramis can select different types of poison to be used, as well as alter existing poison's composition unleashed by the Noble Phantasm, such as having poison be composed of the Hydra's poison.[1][3] She can also control chains with sharp ends that can inflict poison, for they are the poison's appearance manifested and embodied as chains.[2][1]

Furthermore, when Semiramis is within the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon", she can even summon creatures of the Phantasmal Species if they have an anecdote related to poison, such as the Bašmu.[2]


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