Father Simon (シモン神父, Shimon-shinpu?) is the local priest living on Alimango Island in Fate/Zero.



Father Simon was the local priest of Alimango Island. He was the one who taught Shirley to read and write due to a lack of a school on the island.[1] After Norikata Emiya and Kiritsugu Emiya arrived on the island, he became vary wary of Norikata for the following year.


Simon normally shows a gentle disposition, but harshly judges Norikata Emiya as a heretic. He warns Shirley being around him will cause her to be "ensnared by the devil."




Simon is shown speaking to Shirley, urging her not to return to Norikata's home for work. He instructs Shirley to carry a silver knife with her as a warding talisman. After Shirley drinks the potion that turns her into a Dead Apostle, Kiritsugu goes to Simon for help. They find the remains of the chickens she preyed upon, but she is nowhere to be found. Simon contacts people off the island for help, leading to the Holy Church and Mage's Association to exterminate the island, and goes to warn the villagers. Simon is turned into a ghoul while warning the villagers, later killed by Natalia Kaminski while he is about to attack Kiritsugu.


Father Simon is only briefly mentioned in the original novel, lacking any lines. He is given slightly more attention in the anime adaptation.


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