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Sion Eltnam Sokaris (シオン・エルトナム・ソカリス, Shion Erutonamu Sokarisu?) is a Magus of Atlas, and the adopted daughter of its director, Zepia Eltnam Atlasia.

Within the World of Fate/stay night, she encounters Lord El-Melloi II during an expedition into the underwater Library of Alexandria and briefly becomes the Master of Ptolemy I Soter alongside Ergo. Within the World of Fate/Grand Order, she supports Chaldea Security Organization in the Grand Orders, becoming the Master of Captain Nemo in the process. She is also the shared Master of Kama, alongside Ritsuka Fujimaru, in the System Grail War.

In Tsukihime Worlds she takes a slightly different path and adopts the Atlasia name, becoming Sion Eltnam Atlasia.



Zepia Eltnam Atlasia picked Sion as his daughter because she was his most talented descendant and acted as a father figure to her.[1] She became the youngest alchemist to ever qualify as an instructor in Atlas.[2]

She built the Paper Moon and TRISMEGISTUS used by Chaldea.[3]


Sion is a woman with long purple twintails, black/green hat, and glasses. She wears a white shirt with green tie, covered in a purple blazer and white skirt.


She is a talented woman who is devoted to her research with a positive thinking.[1] She lacks the elitism of most Atlas scholars, being far more focused on the preservation of humanity and frustrated with her colleagues' single-mindedness.

Unlike her Tsukihime counterpart, her mind is stable and she doesn't hate herself.[1] She is also noticeably less serious and high-strung, though she is still proud of her intellect. While she still grew up without any friends in Atlas, Zepia was such a doting parent that she grew up positive, strong, and just as annoying as her father.[1]

Even though they are both Fate Worlds, Sion's personalities in the World of Fate/stay night and the World of Fate/Grand Order are different; in the World of Fate/stay night, she is more like the version of Sion from Melty Blood.[4] In The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II (which is in the World of Fate/stay night) she is a genius user of the Etherlite and has been an instructor since she was 8 years old, but is lonely, feared, and shunned because she has a tendency to use the Etherlite right away on people instead of communicating like a normal person.[5]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Cosmos in the Lostbelt[]

Sion foresaw the invasion of the Alien God and attempted to warn the other members of the Atlas Academy about it, only to realize that they were so busy trying to avert their own visions of the apocalypse that none of them could spare the resources to aid her. Upon being told by her father that since she was the one who saw the invasion it would be her responsibility to stop it, she traveled from Atlas to the Wandering Sea based on the knowledge that it would not be affected by the bleaching of the world. While the mages of the Wandering Sea were not concerned about the wiping of humanity's texture from the world since it had nothing to do with the Age of Gods, they allowed Sion to stay for one year in exchange for her creating an eighth contract with Atlas for their use.[6] However, even she did not know that their true goal was to try and recruit her into the Wandering Sea.

Sion and her Servant Captain repurposed the entrance area of the Wandering Sea into a replica of Chaldea's old base, as she expected that they would be able to use her Paper Moon system to escape into Void Space and was sure that they were in the best position to fight the Alien God and the Crypters. She sent a radio signal out Chaldea telling them she was at the Wandering Sea.

Götterdämmerung: Eternal Icy Fire Century[]

After Chaldea finishes their business in the Norse Lostbelt, Sion and Captain greet them when they arrive at the Wandering Sea.

SIN: Synchronized Intellect Nation[]

Sion tells the Chaldea group that the Lost Depth of the English Lostbelt is immeasurable, with its Human Order on the brink of collapse, and the humans will likely be extinct in a few months. Additionally, the English Lostbelt is surrounded by a wall of light, in contrast to the wall of storms surrounding the other Lostbelts, a difference that concerns her.

Upon learning of the Ortinax from Da Vinci, she proposes the idea of augmenting its Bunker Bolt mechanism with a replica of the Black Barrel.

Ooku: Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth[]
Yuga Kshetra: Saṃsāra of Genesis and Terminus[]

Sion sends Nemo and the Chaldea crew to the Indian Lostbelt so that they can use the Arronax Phantasm necessary to prepare the Shadow Border to cross into the Atlantic Lostbelt.

Olympus: Interstellar Mountainous City[]

Sion finalizes her construction of Black Barrel for Mash, allowing it to be used against the gods of the Atlantic Lostbelt.

Non-Primate Biosphere - Tunguska Sanctuary[]

When the Alien God locates the Wandering Sea and begins to destroy it, Sion stays behind while Chaldea flees to ensure the Five Gates firmly sealed, as is her responsibility as someone who rented the Wandering Sea. Fabro Rowan emerges from one of the Gates and invites Sion to join the Wandering Sea, but she declines.[7]

Despite her seeming sacrifice, after the Wandering Sea is destroyed Sion appears on the Storm Border completely unharmed. She largely brushes over how she survived beyond attributing it to her "existential probability manipulation" and comparing it to Yu Mei-ren's dispersion.[7]

Traum: Death and Revelation World[]

When Kadoc Zemlupus awakens from his coma and joins Chaldea's side, Sion tries to remove the Sirius Light from him but is unable to. She also equips a collar around his neck that will destroy his Magic Circuits if he does anything suspicious or casts magecraft without permission.[8]

Nahui Mictlan: Golden Sea of Trees Travelogue[]
LB7 Da Vinci and Sion

Sion and Da Vinci about to be sacrificed.

Sion is taken captive by the Ocelomeh and brought to Mexico City, along with Da Vinci, Kadoc, and Nemo.[9] While she and Kadoc are imprisoned, Daybit Sem Void approaches them and identifies Sion as someone he should definitely kill, telling her he won't forget her face and if they ever meet again he'll go straight for her.[10] Sion and Da Vinci are chosen to be sacrificed by the Ocelomeh, but Fujimaru and his party rescue them just in time.[11]

Ordeal Call[]

Ordeal Call Prologue[]
Paper Moon: Imaginary Compass Inner World[]

In the virtual world inside Paper Moon, Sion appears as a young child instead of an adult. Rather than her cheerful adult personality, the young Sion has a personality more like her Melty Blood counterpart. She is a shared Master of Kama alongside Fujimaru in the System Grail War.

The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II[]

Legacy of the Alchemist[]

Sion has a mission, an internal audit on a traitor to Atlas, Latio Crudelis Hiram. Determining that Lord El-Melloi II has been in contact with this traitor, she accosts his companions Rin Tohsaka and Ergo.[12] She kidnaps Ergo with the Etherlite and uses Set inside him as a key to activate one of the secret entrances to the underwater Library of Alexandria.[13]

Latio attempts to trap Ergo in a sarcophagus and link him to Osiris's Divine Body to use him to power a supercomputer and answer Atlas's questions about the end of the world. Sion uses her Etherlite to hack into El-Melloi II's mind and learn the Servant summoning ritual, then uses Ergo's gods as the equivalent of a Holy Grail to power a summoning. She and Ergo both briefly become the Masters of Ptolemy just long enough for Ptolemy to use his Noble Phantasm to stop Latio and seal the library.[14]


Sion is capable of drinking blood, but she is neither a Vampire nor a Dead Apostle.[1] She doesn't age, and she doesn't require food except for artificial blood (and vitamins). She has also disconnected herself from the human history, effectively making her invisible to Beast Radar. When explaining how she survived Wandering Sea's self-destruction, she almost says that she's a vampire before cutting herself off and explaining it in other terms.[7]

She blows herself up alongside the Wandering Sea to fight off U-Olga Marie trying to suck the Novum Chaldea into a black hole, only to appear in Storm Border unscratched. She explains it as she has existential probability manipulation akin to Yu Mei-ren's dispersion, but this all seems to cover up her being a vampire who can survive worse things.[7]

In Fate/Grand Order and The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II, she uses the Etherlite, like her Tsukihime self.[13][15] Using them, she can connect to Magic Circuits, although she needs a special path to do so.[15] She can make an Etherlite Replicant copy of herself made out of Etherlite strings.[13]

As an Atlas Alchemist genius, she is capable of using Memory Partition. Sion is also capable of Spiritron-Hacking.[3] Sion is also proficient in both martial arts and sharpshooting.

Sion was capable of using a bootleg version of Chaldea's summoning system to summon Captain.


Creation and Conception[]

Sion Eltnam Sokaris was designed by Takashi Takeuchi in Fate/Grand Order.

Her Japanese VA was revealed at Episode 16 of Fate/Grand Order: Fujimaru Ritsuka Doesn't Get It (anime).

The decision to have Sion in El-Melloi be more like her personality in Melty Blood instead of like her personality in Fate/Grand Order was made by Kinoko Nasu. The author of El-Melloi, Makoto Sanda, went back through all of her old appearances to get a feel for writing her, and found doing so nostalgic. Her dialogue in volume 4 got Nasu's seal of approval.[4]


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