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Sitonai(WP) (Ja:シトナイ(WP), Shitonai?), Class Name Alter Ego (アルターエゴ, Arutā Ego?), is an Alter Ego-class High-Servant & Pseudo-Servant appearing in the Lostbelts of Fate/Grand Order. She is later summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru.



A Pseudo-Servant in the body of Illyasviel von Einzbern and a composite High-Servant.[1][2]

The Saint Graph's registered True Name is Sitonai. This is due to the fact that it seems like Sitonai is the one who manifests the strongest outside among the three Heroic Spirits (Divine Spirits) gathered inside the yorishiro.[1]

The person who became the container for these Divine Spirits is not a human Mage, but the latest and the final Homunculus created by the Einzberns. One possessing Command Seals that cover the entire length of her body, first-class precision in Magecraft and the best performance when it comes to being a Master. The ability to function as the Lesser Grail is also concealed in that body.[1]



The first component of the Alter Ego is the little girl hero Sitonai(WP) of Ainu mythology.[1] A dragon slayer that defeated the man-eater white dragon that frightened her native village (kotan). Perhaps the circumstances of Sitonai, who was chosen by the white dragon that sought human flesh as 「the latest sacrifice」 and confronted this without fear, and of the homunculus who had to challenge the killing that is the Holy grail War with her body as the Lesser Holy Grail, overlapped. Furthermore, the hound that is her comrade of arms appears this time as a "constantly active-type Noble Phantasm" together with her.[2]


The second component of the Alter Ego is the goddess Freyja(WP) (フレイヤ, Fureiya?) of Norse mythology.[1] The beautiful goddess ruling over fertility and love, death and magecraft. She probably was the first to claim that the homunculus should be the vessel. Freyja reacted against the existence of the Norse Lostbelt, and attempted to manifest as a High Servant by taking the initiative. Rather than circumstances or nature, it's likely that she held interest in the homunculus as a young girl.[2]


The third component of the Alter Ego is the witch Louhi(WP) (ロウヒ, Rouhi?) of Finnish mythology.[1] The queen of Pohjola kingdom that the national epic "Kalevala(WP)" speaks about. A mighty entity that made the people of the country of Kalevala suffer by sealing the sun and the moon in a cave and evoking coldness. Apparently she felt a strong sympathy with the homunculus that has an area of ice and snow as her imagined landscape.[2]



A girl who shows a pure smile. However, that smile hides a great cruelty----[1]

Personality-wise, she resembles that of the homunculus who became the base. The young Heroic Spirit Sitonai of the Ainu who displays the courage to fight unfitting of her age, the Goddess of Love Freya who shows sympathy to her opponents, and the witch Louhi who mercilessly slaughters her opponents... While it is possible to manifest any aspect of their personalities into the Alter Ego, for now it takes after the personality of “the girl who became the vessel”.[1]

Not good with cats.[1]


"As expected, Berserker is strong." Sitonai retains Illyasviel's memories of Heracles from their time in the Holy Grail War, and he recognizes and protects her by instinct.
EMIYA (Assassin)
Someone whom to give a quiet and in some respects sad look.
Sitonai won't say the reason.
Irisviel (Dress of Heaven)
She doesn't hesitate in saying she's a being to be admired.
Her eyes shine every time she sees her… but, she seems to avoid meeting her in person.
Ishtar / Parvati
They make her go "Huuum, I see".
Senji Muramasa
(Double take)
(Triple take)
(Quadruple take)
Valkyrie / Brynhildr / Katou Danzou / Nezha
She has some thoughts regarding "beings cast for an objective".
Sitonai doesn't have memories from the Norse Lostbelt, but she seems to try to come in contact with her based on their relationship at the Lostbelt.
Considering carefully that Skaði had all her memories.
Hates him.
In the case Master has contracted this Heroic Spirit she'll be disillusioned.
Gilgamesh (Caster)
She's supposed to hate him but...
The atmosphere is so different, she can't hate him at all.
Jaguar Man
It's as if she felt really familiar. And this fierce presence!
"Eh, jaguar? Isn't she a cat?"


Fate/Grand Order[]

Götterdämmerung: The Eternal Ice-Flame Century[]

Sitonai materializes in the Lostbelt the same time as Napoleon Bonaparte. Scáthach-Skadi eventually found and imprisoned her in her castle dungeon.[4]

Ritsuka's party is eventually placed in the same cell as her. Keeping herself hidden, she forces a connection with Ritsuka while they're forging a temporary contract with Napoleon. Ritsuka fall unconscious as a result of the forceful connection, which is Sitonai unveils herself. After Ritsuka wakes up, Sitonai explains her nature and circumstances. She reveals Sigurd's Spirit Origin is from the Proper History, even though Chaldea's readings of his magical energy suggested he was a Lostbelt Servant. She suggests the group defeat Sigurd to get the Paper Moon back, and to learn the Fantasy Tree Sombrero 's location since he alway accompanies the Lostbelt's Crypter, Ophelia Phamrsolone. She reveals there is another goddess from the Proper History that will help them against Sigurd, though she was sealed away. After sending the goddess' location to Ritsuka's terminal, she opens the call door. Though she can't accompany them because she needs rest, and out of fear she'll become Skadi's enemy if she does, Sitonai casts a concealment spell on the group to help in their escape.[4]

Passing the time in her cell, Sitonai hears everyone fighting outside. She assumed at first it was Skadi fighting Ritsuka's party after Surtr was defeated. She eventually escapes and arrives in the throne room while keeping her concealed. She unveils herself when Skadi's command to the Fantasy Tree Seeds to die fails, revealing it is because Skadi's connection with Sombrero was severed. After Sitonai destroys the Seeds, the group supsect Surtr is the new Lostbelt King. kadi then reveals the Tree is to the north, camouflaged by her magical snow. After she agrees to help, the group return to the Shadow Border in pursuit of Surtr.[5]

Reaching Village 23, Sitonai summons Heracles to thwart Surtr's attack on the village, supported by Skadi, Sigurd, Brynhildr, and Ortlinde. Napoleon then sacrifices himself to damage Surtr with his overloaded Noble Phantasm. Before disappearing, he removes Fafnir's curse that Surtr inflicted Ophelia with from her. This last act of Napoleon's inspires Ophelia to join the others in fighting Surtr. She warns if Surtr burns the planet and the Lostbelt becomes the new history, the planet's Texture will be fire. Then, as it is her connection to Surtr, she destroys her Mystic Eye to sever their contract and remove his source of magical energy. This is followed by her using her Sirius Light to rewrite the Losbelt.[6]

In the decisive battle against Surtr, Sitonai use Louhi's magecraft to help Skadi support Ritsuka's party. Following Surtr's destruction, Sitonai unveils Sombrero to see that Surtr didn't eat all of it. Skadi suspects it remained connected to its roots via a spatial distortion within Surtr's body. After Skadi is defeated and Sombrero is destroyed, Sitonai watches as the Shadow Border drives out of the Lostbelt, wishing them safe travels. She starts to disappear, supecting it is Skadi's doing. Commending the Envoys for delivering Skadi's final command for the villages to stay in their homes and sleep, Sitonai thanks them for their help. She hopes they can rest now, knowing Skadi is dead, and disappears.[7]

The Mysterious Country of ONILAND!! ~ The Oni King and the Kamuy's Gold[]

Sitonai appears when she rescues Ritsuka and his team from some Oni. Leading them to her cabin, she explains what is going in Oniland and how Kamuy's gold is the source of the singularity. At the end of her explanation, Ibaraki challenges Sitonai to a battle and she agrees.

After the battle, Sitonai accompanies the group to the merry-go-round where they battle Medb. Once the battle is over, Sitonai collects the gold fragment (which is actually a small mass of magical power) and tells the group that their next target is the giant tea cups.

At the Tea Cups, Sitonai's group encounters a gold version of Blackbeard who challenges them to a fight. Once the battle is over, Sitonai collects the gold fragment and the group decides to get some lunch at the food court.

At the Food Court, Sitonai spots EMIYA getting roped into helping make curry. Noticing her reaction, Ritsuka, asks her about it. Sitonai remarks that she is fine and just thought that she recognized someone. During their meal, they get pulled into another fight with a pack of Oni. After defeating them, the group are confronted by Gold Servants, Gilles de Rais and Jack the Ripper, where they are once again saved by Magifender Girl. After the battle, Sitonai once again collects the gold from the Servants as they disappear. She then announces that their next stop is the House of Mirrors.

At the House of Mirrors, the group get lost and wind up bumping into Blackbeard, Dr. Jekyll, Christopher Columbus, Mephistopheles and the Phantom. Traveling together, the group winds up at an intersection. Deciding to split up, Ritsuka's team heads down one path. Suddenly, they hear a scream and run back to discover that Blackbeard has been stabbed. The other Servants then return. Arguing, Ritsuka's team ends up fighting against Christopher Columbus, Mephistopheles and the Phantom.

After the battle, the Phantom tries to attack Ritsuka from behind, but finds himself unable to do it. This leads Mephistopheles to realize something isn't right with Jekyll. He points out that Jekyll seemed strangely calm when the Phantom was about to attack Ritsuka and suggests that it is out of character for him. Fed up, Jekyll transforms into Hyde and reveals that he is the real culprit all along. He then summons his Oni hoardes and calls the team a bother which causes Sitonai to remark that she doesn't like that sort of thing and never wants to see his dirty soul again. As Hyde is about to attack the party, Magifender Girl arrives and helps Ritsuka's team defeat Hyde. After the battle, Sitonai collects the gold fragment and the team decides to take a break.

A little while later, Ritsuka's team returns to Sitonai's cabin to rest, while Mochizuki Chiyome investigates the Ferris Wheel. Mochizuki then returns and delivers her report to Ritsuka. During the chat, Blackbeard eats Ibaraki's baked potato and gets attacked by Jaguar Warrior. Though pretends not to notice. After talking and kidding around a little, Ritsuka's team minus Blackbeard decide to go to the Ferris Wheel.

At the Ferris Wheel, Ibaraki and Sitonai enter one of the carriages and proceed to ride it. During the ride, Sitonai sadly reveals more about herself or rather Illyasviel von Einzbern's past and how she had died. Ibaraki cheers her up and the two bond, forming a friendship. Meanwhile, Ritsuka's team on the ground gets attacked by the last manager, a Salieri clone and his hoarde of oni. Just as Ritsuka's team are about to be overwhelmed, Magifender Girl arrives and saves the group. Back in the Ferris Wheel, Ibaraki then asks Sitonai if there is anything she wants to do before she disappears and Sitonai reveals that she wants to see Heracles again. Suddenly, the ride stops, so Sitonai and Ibaraki hop off and rush to help Ritsuka and the others. Together, the team attacks and defeats the manager for good. Sitonai then retrieves the last gold fragment. After the battle, Mash reports in and informs the group that they have weakened the Great Oni's magical power by 50%. Magifender Girl then leaves, so Sitonai suggests that the party gets some rest.

Back at Sitonai's cabin, the group informs Blackbeard about what happened and the night parade later that night. A recovered Salieri then tells everyone what he knows about it. Noticing Salieri, Mash asks how he arrived at the cabin and theorizes that the beaten Servants who have been turned into Gold Servants were set free from Oniland's curse. Blackbeard interrupts and states that he bumped into Salieri while taking a walk and invited him to the safety of Sitonai's barrier. Happy, Sitonai and Ibaraki thank Blackbeard. Ritsuka then suggests that they rest while they wait until the night parade, so everyone takes a nap.

That night, Ritsuka and everyone else goes to the night parade. Marveling at the sight, the group try to decide on how to deal with the oni army. Suddenly, the parade stops and turns towards the group. Readying themselves for battle, Ritsuka's party takes on the oni hoardes. Just as Ritsuka's party are about to be overwhelmed, the Great Oni arrives and commands his army to stop. The Great Oni demands to know why Ritsuka's party is attacking his army. Sitonai tells the Great Oni that they are trying to get the gold back to return it to the earth. Angered, the Great Oni yells at the group that the gold belongs to him and him only and attacks the group.

Being assaulted, the group finds themselves in a jam. However, Magifender Girl arrives and saves the group once again. Magifender Girl then teams up with Sitonai to shrink the Great Oni. As Sitonai retrieves the gold, the Great Oni's shell whittles away and reveals its true form, Elizabeth Japan. Shocked, the group tries to make sense it. A confused Ibaraki asks why Elizabeth did this when she is Ritsuka's Servant. Equally confused, Elizabeth replies that she doesn't know what they are talking about. She then tells the group that they are not going to stop her plans, before attacking them.

During the battle, Ritsuka's team tries to get Elizabeth to remember them. At their wits end, Sitonai suggests that they introduce a spell little by little each time they clash and then activate it remotely to break the gold's hold on Elizabeth. Ritsuka agrees that it sounds like a good plan, so the team prepares to do it. However, an angry Elizabeth doesn't want that, so she uses the gold's power to turn herself back into the Great Oni. She then starts ranting about how she just wants to sing and spread her fame. Meanwhile, Sitonai prepares the spell as Ritsuka's group continues fighting Elizabeth.

Once the spell is ready, Sitonai activates it and Elizabeth returns to normal. Happy, Ritsuka welcomes Elizabeth back. Suddenly, Magifender Girl's animal companion, Haku swipes the gold and runs off with it. Stunned, Ritsuka asks Magifender Girl who is Haku and Magifender Girl reveals that Haku was just some Demonic Beast that she caught near Chitose. Shocked, Ritsuka's team races after Haku towards Chitose mine.

Inside the mine, Ritsuka's team reaches the gold's location and are shocked to discover that a lot of gold is still left. Haku's voice rings out and reveals that gold wasn't left there, but instead grew by feeding on the desires of Oniland's customers. Gloating, Haku then appears in a dragon form and reveals his evil plan to turn himself into a Fafnir-class dragon by using the gold. Haku then attacks the party.

During the battle, Sitonai realizes that one of Haku's true identities is that of the Moshirechik Kotanechik, the beast of darkness from the Ainurakkur. Hearing that, Ritsuka's asks about the connection to the Kamuy and Sitonai reveals that she was actually responsible for the gold's appearance because she materialised. Confused, Mash asks what she means by that. Sherlock then appears and tells the group that it is because Illya's family, the Einzaberns, were the possessors of Das Rheingold, the cursed gold from Norse mythology. Sherlock continues that while he doesn't know the direct cause of the singularity, it was true that Sitonai's appearance caused the Holy Grail to turn into gold. Sitonai confirms Homes' account and further adds that the gold transformed into a dragon as a result. Holmes add that the gold also took on the properties of Fafnir, making Fafnir another one of Haku's true identites.

Agreeing, Sitonai starts blaming herself for the mess and apologizes. Understanding, Ritsuka tells Sitonai that it was not her fault, it was just an accident and tells Sitonai not to blame herself. Ibaraki chips in with her own pep talk and Sitonai cheers up. Interrupting, Haku declares that he will devour all desire and starts gloating. Magifender Girl chips in with her own pep talk and states her desire to clean up her own mess.

Agreeing, Siegfried, Sigurd, Brynhildr and the other Servants appear and offer their help. Heracles then arrives, causing Sitonai to cry with tears of happines. With a "Get him, Berserker!", Sitonai together with everyone else attacks and takes down Haku. After the battle, Sitonai retrieves the gold and returns it to the leylines. Saying goodbye, Sitonai vanishes with the gold. Ritsuka's team then returns to Chaldea.


Sitonai is the amalgamation of three Divine Spirits manifesting as a Pseudo-Servant in the body of Illyasviel von Einzbern. Although Illyasviel was a daughter of the Einzebern family, she never made a mark in humanity and as such, she never became a Heroic Spirit. The reason she's capable of manifesting as an Alter Ego of three deities is that she has an inextricable bond to the Holy Grail.[4] She fights using a sword, bow and arrow, her fists, and her bear familiar Shirou.

Sitonai boasts a deep knowledge of magecraft, being able to use the earth's leylines alongside Scáthach-Skadi to boost Ritsuka's party with their blessings and protection, allowing Sigurd and Brynhildr to deal the final blow against Surtr.[7]

She's also capable of momentarily summoning Berserker Heracles as her personal Giant Guard to aid her in battle. However, even with the back up of Scáthach-Skadi, who used her Primordial Runes to simultaneously summon a large number of Divine Iron Shields, Ortlinde's White Swan Mystic Code, and Sigurd's and Brynhildr's runes, were unable to reinforce Heracles enough to block Surtr's Loptr Laegjarn. The difference between the numbers of the power of each side is so absurd, that even if Mash had joined them it would only have given them a minuscule boost. They simply lacked anything to turn the tide in their favor in a frontal clash.[6]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (C Rank): Repels most ordinary magecraft, but can't defend from greater magecraft · Greater Rituals.[2]
  • Territory Creation (A Rank): A skill granted by the nature of the witch Louhi. Can create a special territory that comes under the category of 「cave」, 「darkness」.[2]
  • Item Construction (B Rank): A skill granted by the nature of the witch Louhi. Since she doesn't get much serious, it stops at rank B.[2]
  • Divine Core of the Goddess (B Rank): A skill that represents that one is a goddess. It is also a composite skill that includes Divinity. Classified as B Rank because Sitonai is a kind of Servant possession.[2]
  • High-Servant (A Rank): A skill that displays that one is a complex of Heroic Spirits. The three Heroic Spirits (Divine Spirits) Sitonai, Freyja, and Louhi are lending their power. Moreover, she calls herself 「Sitonai」. Her True Name at the summoning of Chaldea's style is registered as Sitonai as well.[2]

Personal Skills[]

  • Snow Fairy (EX Rank): A unique skill as an Alter Ego, defined as an id_es. The evolution of the Child of Nature skill. Once she comes to the clear decision of treating them as a target of attack, even the loved ones can be frozen. The ability to arbitrarily freeze the targets of the surroundings. She mostly doesn't use this power for attack, and mainly uses it as a defensive ability. Against beings with hostile intent or harmful beings, it operates automatically. Auto-guard.[1][2]
  • Emotional Freezing (B Rank): Emotional freezing. Emotionlessness. While she is a girl that smiles innocently, her thoughts and mentality that sometimes act like those of a ruthless demon, have become a weapon. The heart of ice sometimes becomes a sword, and sometimes becomes armor.[1][2]
  • Kamuy Yukar (A Rank): An anthem in first person that speaks of oneself as a Kamuy. She as an Alter Ego can borrow the power of several Kamuy from Ainu mythology by reciting the Kamuy Yukara. It's even possible to make use of the power revolving around the top Kamuy of mountains, villages, and the open seas, Pase-kamuy.[1][2]
  • Crimson Gold (B++ Rank): A skill of the Norse Goddess Freyja. She, who attracted not only gods but also giants, loved only one person and it was said that tears of crimson gold flowed out as Freyja wept thinking about him, who lived only to travel. This skill is not used in Fate/Grand Order.[1][2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Her Noble Phantasms are Optateshke Okimunpe and Pohjola Fimbul.[1][2]


Creation and Conception[]

Comment from Illustrator[]

An Ainu-y Illya-san. Or rather Ainu outfits are approximately like this. I lasciviously reduced the ornaments, and given she’s SN Illya I increased the elder sister facial expressions. I change the characters I’m responsible for again and again many times, but Sitonai was like that as well. If I thought she was going to be a techniques character she was a fighter-type, Shirou was a dog a the beginning, and there was even a plan to make the bear speak. Now it’s a charming bear but initially it was realistic. It was unpopular because it was 「Scary! (lol)」 so I made it in a fantastic style. Also, if there is a chance I’d like to add many Costume Dresses. (BLACK)


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