The Six Sisters (六人姉妹, Rokunin Shimai?) are the rulers of the A-Rays in the Land of Steel in Notes. The are unnamed aside from the youngest sister, Judgment (審判, Shinpan?).



Called the No.1 saving system to earth, the Six Sisters took control of the A-Ray races after the death of the planet. Under the Sister's guidance, the Great War commenced between the A-Rays and the remaining humans. Pushing them to the verge of defeat, mankind managed to create the Liners and Ether Liners to survive.[1][2] The Angel A-Ray race were their protectors.[3] They are mentioned having called the Black Barrel a "conceptual weapon of natural life."[4] Towards the end of the war, Judgement was killed by Ether Liners. Her death scream tore apart a continent, creating the Great Rift, a great crevice splitting the earth in two.[1][5] After the decent of the Ultimate Ones, the Great War ended with a ceasefire to destroy their new common enemy.[6] With the decent Type Pluto, the remaining Sisters fought it to keep it from entering the atmosphere. The battle ended in the death of the Sisters and Type Pluto, and Type Pluto's blood covered the whole planet as a result. Before their death, they placed the Cloud Sky, a shield preventing two other Ultimate Ones from entering the planet.[7] Their whereabouts are unknown to the rest of the world.[1]



The Sisters each look just like humans, all six looking like witches from a fairy tale story. They wear black hats and ride broom sticks.[1]


The Six Sisters do not appear in Notes. Gun God mentions them when describing the Angel.


Each of the Six Sisters carries an ability that surpasses all of the hundred A-Rays.[1] Although Magic has been lost in the Land of Steel, they are each Real Magic Users (本当の魔法使い?)[5] The Angel species that protected them are on the level of the top ten species and Ether Liners, able to output destructive power equal to nuclear bombs.[8]


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