Personal Skills with names ranging from (M-R). Personal Skills reflect the abilities the Heroic Spirits had in life and their personal legends. Class Skills and id es are not included in this section.

Madness of the SpiritsEdit

Madness of the Spirits (精霊の狂騒, Seirei no Kyōsō?) is the ability to awaken the spirits sleeping within the earth and crush the wills and minds of the enemy forces with one's growl.[1]

Rank User(s)
A Cú Chulainn (Alter) (Berserker)
This mental interference causes a temporary decrease in STR and AGI in all enemies.[1]


Magecraft (魔術, Majutsu?) is knowledge about modern Thaumaturgy.

Rank User(s)
B Fionn mac Cumhaill
Trained in the magecraft of the druids. Can perform attacks, attack support, healing, etc. There are many techniques that can be used for combat, but the school he's versed in was not meant for direct combat.[2]
EMIYA (Assassin)
Capable of using magecraft. In return, because of having knowledge about magecraft, he is good at the art of killing magi, being notoriously known as the "Magus Killer". The ranking of this Skill primarily works as a bonus to his various checks when fighting against Casters.[3]
C Sieg (Caster)
Natural talent possessed by Homunculus cast from magic circuit. Understand the structure of an object and destroy any solid material by reversing its composition. However, there are no other uses.
C- EMIYA (Archer), No Name (Extra)
Capable of using orthodox Thaumaturgy, such as "Reinforcement" to temporarily increase the essence of the tool and "Projection" to grasp the structure of the substance and temporarily replicate it. During his life time, the sorceries learned by Emiya are unremarkable. Before becoming a Heroic Spirit, even "Reinforcement" was quite difficult. However, the "Projection" sorcery he wields is quite special, as it is able to duplicate weapons, including all the components, to near perfection. In addition, during duplication, he can even read the wielder’s skills, which allows him to gain all kinds of Noble Phantasms and combat skills.[4][5]

Magical HealingEdit

Magical Healing (魔術医療, Majutsu Iryō?)

Rank User(s)
A Irisviel von Einzbern
Irisviel as a Servant can exercise advanced healing magecraft.[3]

Magus 100-Shot VolleyEdit

Magus 100-Shot Volley (メイガス百連発, Meigasu Hyakurenpatsu?)

Rank User(s)
EX Mecha Eli-chan
By calling the Mecha Eli-chans on the mass-production line, a special attack to send enemy targets into a hellish banquet is performed. To end it, 100 Mecha Eli-chans combine, turn into a giant spear and make a bloody mess of their foe. Also called "Giant Sister Alliance" in another world. This move cannot be utilized in the confines of Fate/Grand Order.[6]


Mahatma (マハトマ, Mahatoma?) is a Skill where Blavatsky calls the pioneers who had reached the Root as “Mahatma”, stipulating that they are beings of a higher order. She employs a multitude of Thaumaturgy Foundations that are engraved into the World, thinking that————she is manipulating powerful magecraft by borrowing power from the Mahatma. It is unknown if it is true that some higher being is providing her that power, or if she just has extremely special Magic Circuits.[7]

Rank User(s)
A Helena Blavatsky (Caster)
The magecraft that can be used include Summoning, Black Magics, Alchemy, Formalcraft (Elemental Conversion), Rune Magecraft, Ancient Egyptian Magecraft, and so on, covering many divergences. It is also possible for Blavatsky to employ the Holy Church’s Baptism Rites.[7]

Also, by employing multiple Thaumaturgy Foundations simultaneously, she can even "miraculously" succeed in manipulating extremely powerful magecraft. Because it is essential for a lot of luck and chance to factor in this as well, it can be concluded that this simultaneous employment does not always work every time, so the effect becomes as such: “the invocation of extremely powerful magecraft sometimes occur.[7]

Mana BurstEdit

Mana Burst (魔力放出, Maryoku Hōshutsu?) is the increase in performance caused by infusing one's weapons and body with Magical Energy and instantly expelling it. Simply put, recreating the effect of a jet burst by expending large amounts of Magical Energy.[4]

Rank User(s)
A+ Artoria Pendragon (Alter) (Lancer)
Along with her strong destructive urges, she is endowed with an exceedingly strong Mana Burst Skill.[8]
A At Rank A, even a stick can become a weapon of great power. A normal weapon that is not on the level of a divine Mystery can be destroyed in one blow. Can also raise one's defense several times over.[4][9]
Artoria Pendragon (Saber), Artoria Pendragon (Lily), Artoria Pendragon (Lancer), Arthur Pendragon (Saber)
King Arthur uses this Skill mainly for defense and high-speed movement. Executing large-scale body reinforcement through Mana Burst is only possible with King Arthur’s immense magical power. While he/she herself possesses average physical strength, he/she managed to defeat countless enemies by strengthening all of his/her actions with his/her excessive magical energy.[4][9]
Artoria Pendragon (Alter) (Saber)
Saber Alter's Mana Burst takes the form of an enormous amount of magical energy always covering her body like a dense fog regardless of her will. Combined with her black armor that grew in weight, the trail of magical energy increases her defensive power considerably, but it seems like her agility has decreased as a result. Of course, the magical energy which is constantly consumed is also quite large, so her appetite has also grown compared to her normal counterpart in order to sustain herself.[4][9]
Mordred (Saber)
With this, she is able to fight equally with the King of Knights.[10]
A- Artoria Pendragon (Alter) (Rider)
Speaking of Alter: "Is that battery leaking out?" Although it is this "battery" that was making a dark aura trail behind her momentous drifts, such a thing is unnecessary for Santa. Since she must not destroy the gifts, she is intentionally lowering the rank of her Mana Burst.

"Why can't you usually do this fine control, Santa?"[11]

Mana Burst (Cage)Edit

Mana Burst (Cage) (魔力放出(檻), Maryoku Hōshutsu (Ori)?)

Rank User(s)
A+ Ereshkigal
Ereshkigal is a diligent, earnest, and somewhat pessimistic goddess. On a regular basis, as long as she has the free time, she'll store up her mana in her spear cages to release in battle.[12]

Mana Burst (Courage)Edit

Mana Burst (Courage) (魔力放出(勇気), Maryoku Hōshutsu (Yūki)?) is a Skill that is an extremely rare internal-type of Mana Burst.[13]

Rank User(s)
D Elizabeth Báthory (Brave)
Increases defenses. Strangely, she is not glad about this at all.[13]

Mana Burst (Flame)Edit

Mana Burst (Flame) (魔力放出(炎), Maryoku Hōshutsu (Honō)?) is a version of Mana Burst that infuses weapons with Magical Energy that imparts a flame effect.[14] |}

Rank User(s)
A Karna
In Karna's case, blazing flames become magical energy to dwell in the weapon used. This Skill is usually active and all the weapons that Karna grasps receive this effect.[14]
A Skill that came attached to his Noble Phantasm Agni Gandiva that he received from the God of Flames Agni. Jet-like burst of mana is released, not from his body, but as propulsion for his arrows, allowing them to pierce Arjuna's enemies faster than a rifle.[15]
B Brynhildr
A Skill that came from the anecdote where she fell asleep, surrounded by a ring of flames in a fire-packed pavilion. As her passion gets deeper, the flame becomes stronger, burning on the basis of her magical energy.[3]

Mana Burst (Gem)Edit

Mana Burst (Gem) (魔力放出(宝石), Maryoku Hōshutsu (Hōseki)?) is a Skill that increases attack power by adding one's excessive magic energy to the weapon; in this case, it is jewels.[16]

Rank User(s)
A+ Ishtar (Archer)
Originally, Ishtar’s divine power was free and unrestricted - mostly almighty. But, maybe as an influence of her possessed vessel, for some reason, she is now unable to store her magic energy on anything other than jewels. A powerful Mana Burst Skill, but because the process of charging jewels before firing is necessary, it is quite hard to put it to good use.[16]

Mana Burst (Leap)Edit

Mana Burst (Leap) (魔力放出(跳躍), Maryoku Hōshutsu (Chōyaku)?)

Rank User(s)
A Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Saber)
Having been raised by the gods, Diarmuid acquired superhuman jumping power.

Upon manifesting as a Saber, he is endowed with this skill in exchange for his AGI parameter declining when compared to his time as a Lancer. By emitting magical power, he improves his mobility and raises overall attack power.

Mana Burst (Light)Edit

Mana Burst (Light) (魔力放出(光), Maryoku Hōshutsu (Hikari)?) is a subspecies of Mana Burst that is allowed only to saints, holy maidens, and holy knights.

Rank User(s)
A Charlemagne (Saber)
It is endowed with advantage towards the evil aligned.

Mana Burst (Light/Ancient)Edit

Mana Burst (Light/Ancient) (魔力放出(光/古), Maryoku Hōshutsu (Hikari/Inishie)?)

Rank User(s)
A Dioscuri
A skill that displays their being the light which illuminates the ocean way “St. Elmo’s Fire”.

In many ways similar to the subspecies magic that some Saint type servants possess, it is able to release magic in the form of strength increasing light.

Mana Burst (Lightning)Edit

Mana Burst (Lightning) (魔力放出(雷), Maryoku Hōshutsu (Kaminari)?)

Rank User(s)
A Minamoto no Raikou (Berserker)
Because Gozu Tennou is the incarnation of Śakra (the god Indra), Minamoto no Raikou possesses the power of Kitano Tenjin (Raijin). As a Servant, it is expressed as a Mana Burst Skill.

Mana Burst (Pumpkin)Edit

Mana Burst (Pumpkin) (魔力放出(かぼちゃ), Maryoku Hōshutsu (Kabocha)?) is a version of Mana Burst where pumpkins spirits reside in Halloween Elizabeth's weapon and magic.[17]

Rank User(s)
B Elizabeth Báthory (Halloween)
If it's in a place where festivities clamor, it can display the effects of a first class Mana Burst. However, those very pumpkin spirits can materialize in the first place because of Elizabeth's mana. Which is first, the pumpkin or Elizabeth?[17]

Mana Burst (Star)Edit

Mana Burst (Star) (魔力放出(星), Maryoku Hōshutsu (Hoshi)?)

Rank User(s)
A+ Astraea
With the power of the stars, not only humans on Earth, but even Divine Spirits would have to accept her verdict if they become the targets of her judgement.

Mana Burst (Water)Edit

Mana Burst (Water) (魔力放出(水), Maryoku Hōshutsu (Mizu)?)

Rank User(s)
Unknown Artoria Pendragon (Swimsuit) (Archer)
Artoria obtains this Skill along with her Territory Creation.[18]

Mana DefenseEdit

Mana Defense (魔力防御, Maryoku Bōgyo?) is a Skill of the same type as "Mana Burst", where magical power is translated directly into defensive power.[19]

Rank User(s)
Unknown Galahad (Shielder)
For a Heroic Spirit possessing a huge magical power, it would probably become a sacred wall that protects a whole country.[19]

Mana ReversalEdit

Mana Reversal (魔力逆流, Maryoku Gyakuryū?)

Rank User(s)
A Lancelot (Berserker)
No information available

Mana TuningEdit

Mana Tuning (魔力同調, Maryoku Dōchō?) is a Skill where one drastically stimulates, simultaneously, the mana of oneself and other people that are in tune with one's magical energy.[7]

Rank User(s)
C Helena Blavatsky (Caster)

Mani JewelEdit

Mani Jewel (魔尼の宝珠, Mani no Hōju?)

Rank User(s)
B Ashwatthama
The jewel embedded in his forehead since he was born.

With this, he was able to defend himself from demonic creatures and beasts.
Also, he handed the stone over as a proof of surrender.

Manifestation of BeautyEdit

Manifestation of Beauty (美の顕現, Bi no Kengen?) is the fearsome charismatic nature of a goddess of beauty. A power to charm others.[16]

Rank User(s)
EX Ishtar (Archer)
Originally a composite Skill (gauge absorption, curse, skill-sealing) that had a strong temptation effect at its core. Despite of being in a condition of merely possessing another, it already surpasses the realm of men.[16]
B Ishtar (Archer)
Thanks to the strong inclination of the possessed human, the restriction effects towards others were removed and it essentially became a simple Charisma Skill.[16]


Manslayer (人斬り, Hitokiri?) is a sword skill specialized to cutting down humans with a blade.

Rank User(s)
A Okada Izo
A practical form of swordplay focused on nothing but victory, unsuited for one whose soul seeks out the truth of the blade. Yet that is why it is strong, and so brittle.

Mantra: Feline SunshineEdit

Mantra: Feline Sunshine (呪層・猫日照, Jusō - Byōnisshō?)

Rank User(s)
B Tamamo Cat
Fate/Grand Order

Upgrade from Witchcraft


Marksmanship (射撃, Kōkai?) is a Skill representing all-round shooting techniques, which includes quick drawing and trick shooting by means of small arms.[20]

Rank User(s)
A++ Billy the Kid
At Rank A++, he's a one-in-a-century genius.[21]
B Anne Bonny
Anne Bonny's shooting ability is to the extent of perfectly hitting a target with a musket, even while on top of a shaking ship.[20]

Martyr's SoulEdit

Martyr's Soul (殉教者の魂, Junkyō-sha no Tamashī?) is a mental protection that negates mental interference.[14]

Rank User(s)
B+ Saint George
Saint George is the owner of a strong faith who was pressed to renounce his religious beliefs many times and, despite receiving countless tortures, never fell down to such persecutions.[14]

Masochistic ConstitutionEdit

Masochistic Constitution (被虐体質, Higyaku Taishitsu?) is a Skill that increases the chances of being targeted by enemies in group battles. It appears to be a negative skill, but for a Servant with strong defensive capabilities, possessing this Skill allows them to function as an excellent escort.[5] A slight bonus to defense is included.[22]

Rank User(s)
A Passionlip
Considered an id_es Skill for her.[23] Once it reaches Rank A, an even more unique effect is added: The more the attacking party attacks, the more they will lose their composure until Passionlip is all they can think of.[5][22] The target's hostility (hate) will center on her.[23]

Mass ProductionEdit

Mass Production (大量生産, Tairyō Seisan?) is the Skill to mass produce items.

Rank User(s)
A Thomas Edison
The ideal form of the world (America) that Edison's inventions led to. He can mass produce a nearly infinite number of soldiers to act as his subordinates. There seems to be some sort of balance being kept, but its being done by someone or something that is not around him. The resources being consumed are from a place unrelated to America, so he has no qualms with exploiting it fully.[24]

May KingEdit

May King (皐月の王, Satsuki no Ō?) is Robin Hood's No Face May King as a Skill.

Rank User(s)
B Robin Hood


Meanwhile... (一方その頃, Ippō Sonokoro?)

Rank User(s)
B Nursery Rhyme
"Sailing with a dependable crew, the journey ahead is full of troubles.
Are wishful encounters ahead or malicious traps?
Well, anyway, I'm still very curious about the things that are there.
Other people's secrets taste like honey. So then, let us invite ourselves to the Reverse Side of the World!"


Mecha Eli PunchEdit

Mecha Eli Punch (メカエリパンチ, Mekaeripanchi?)

Rank User(s)
EX Mecha Eli-chan MkII
MkII summons her true body, her Gigaframe's hand, to initiate an attack. She can only use it while she is an enemy of humanity, or so she has come to a mysterious decision. When she has a human Master, she will not use it.[26]

Mechanical Illusionary ArtsEdit

Mechanical Illusionary Arts (絡繰幻法, Karakuri Genpō?)

Rank User(s)
B+ Kato Danzo
No information available

Mechanized ArmorEdit

Mechanized Armor (機関の鎧, Kikan no Yoroi?) is an armor crafted using steam-engine technology that covers Charles Babbage's entire body. His outward appearance looks like an enormous steel gentleman. It cannot be removed.[24]

Rank User(s)
EX Charles Babbage
His STR and END parameters are improved by one rank, and the various steam-powered machinery within allows for an additional temporary boost of two plus modifiers (++) to three parameters. While boosting, his AGI characteristic falls one rank.
Since he was 8 years old, Babbage was deeply attracted to automata. It is said that the first automaton he met was a female-design, which he met in the workshop of an inventor family with the name of Merlin.[24]


Medicine (医術, Ijutsu?, lit. Medical Techniques) is modern medicine that surpasses the medical technology of those times (in which transmission proliferated) by a few degrees. Still, this Skill does not make a comparison by modern standards, instead determining by the standards of the age in which the Servant lived.[27]

Rank User(s)
A+ Charles-Henri Sanson
Upgraded Rank (Fate/Grand Order)

A Charles-Henri Sanson

Melt EnvyEdit

Melt Envy (メルトエンヴィー?)

Rank User(s)
EX Meltlilith (Swimsuit) (Lancer)
Contamination by the Seven Deadly Sins - jealousy.

Melt Virus changed by Leviathan. Steals magical energy from party Servants, and increases the power of Noble Phantasms

At first glace, it seems like a powerful Skill, but it is the Skill of a demon that derails the party's pacing.

Mental CorruptionEdit

Mental Corruption (精神汚染, Seishin Osen?) is a Skill where due to possessing a distorted mentality, it is possible for one to shut out any mental interference thaumaturgy. However, at the same time, it becomes impossible for one to come to a mutual understanding with individuals who do not possess an equivalent rank of Mental Corruption.[28][29]

Rank User(s)
A Provides a high probability that mental interference magecraft will be rendered ineffective.[28]
Gilles de Rais, Phantom of the Opera
B Mori Nagayoshi
Considered Mental Corruption (Wicked) in Fate/Grand Order.
C Provides a moderate probability that mental interference magecraft will be rendered ineffective.[14]
Jack The Ripper (Assassin)
In the condition that the Servant's master is of the Evil alignment, or perpetrates acts of cruelty against her, her Mental Corruption will increase in rank, further increasing the chances of blocking magecraft. However, as the Servant's psyche is inherently broken, this may result in irreversible corruption.[14]

Mental Corruption (Wicked)Edit

Mental Corruption (Wicked) (精神汚染(兇), Seishin Osen (Waru)?) is abnormal mentality exhibited on the battlefield.

Rank User(s)
B Mori Nagayoshi
It becomes difficult to communicate with everyone, including the Master, and behaves recklessly. Cruelty is intensified, and he will fight until the enemy is killed or he dies.

Mental DisorderEdit

Mental Disorder (精神異常, Seishin Ijō?) is a Skill that denotes one's mind that has fallen ill. It is not the Mad Enhancement that Berserkers usually possess.[5]

Rank User(s)
A Elizabeth Báthory (Berserker)
Being unable to feel the pain of others or read the mood of one's surroundings, she has gained the ability of mental super armor.[5]

Meurs Où tu DoisEdit

Meurs Où tu Dois (ムール・ウ・テュ・ドワ, Mūru U Te~yu Dowa?)

Rank User(s)
EX Jeanne Alter (Berserker)
The exact quote is “Va où tu peux, meurs où tu dois,” a French proverb meaning "To go where you must go, to die where you must die."

Though Jeanne does not act like it, as an Avenger, she is looking for a place to die. Even if it is not a comfortable, calm one, even if it is a vicious one full of despair, she fights on every day, hoping that it is a death she can come to terms with.

Midsummer MistakeEdit

Midsummer Mistake (真夏のあやまち, Manatsu no Ayamachi?)

Rank User(s)
C Scáthach (Swimsuit) (Assassin)
It's not bad to merrymake once in a while.

Scáthach who ended up with that thought may have lost the limiter known as going easy.[30]

Midsummer WitchcraftEdit

Midsummer Witchcraft (真夏の呪術, Manatsu no Jujutsu?, localized as "Midsummer Curse")

Rank User(s)
A Tamamo-no-Mae (Swimsuit) (Lancer)
Powerful charm ability. Although the enemy suffers from various debuffs, at the same time charge gauge increases due to their mood being lifted. A skill that requires getting used to, but a very powerful and convenient skill when used right. Turning demerit into merit![31]


Migraine (頭痛持ち, Zutsū-Mochi?, lit. "One who has a headache") is a curse inherited from the birthplace of one's previous life.[5]

Rank User(s)
B Nero Claudius Caesar (Saber)
Due to suffering from chronic headaches, the success rate of mental Skills decreases considerably. Because of the presence of this Skill, it is hard for Nero to perfectly demonstrate her valuable talent for fine arts.[5]


Miracle (奇蹟, Kiseki?) is a Skill that can make a miracle that occasionally makes the impossible possible. Although a part of this has similarities with the Skill Pioneer of the Stars, it is something essentially different. There are also differences regarding the things this can be applied to.[32][33]

Rank User(s)
D+ Saint Martha (Rider)
Upgraded Rank (Fate/Grand Order)
D Saint Martha (Rider)

Mistress CEdit

Mistress C (ミストレス・C, Misutoresu C?) is a Skill that transforms the swimsuit celebrity miss Carmilla into the mysterious female phantom thief, Mistress C. In general, no one knows her identity.

Rank User(s)
EX Carmilla (Swimsuit) (Rider)
"It's too graceful....refined to the last...and then overtly sexual....(sighs)"

Mistress C is a hyper lady who is familiar with high-tech equipment, has an overwhelming nice buddy, has the driving technique to comfortably drive a red supercar, and is good at torture. She doesn't kill while stealing. This isn't because of a phantom thief of justice, but because her work concentration would be inadvertently hindered to hear the death scream.


Mixed-Blood (混血, Konketsu?) indicates that the blood of something inhuman is mixed in with that of a human.[34][35]

Rank User(s)
EX Merlin
Merlin is a mixed-blood of incubus and has completely inherited the special traits of a incubus.[34][35]


Moderate-load (ほどほどロード, Hodohodo Rōdo?, localized as "Barely Loads")

Rank User(s)
C Frankenstein (Swimsuit) (Saber)
"Because it's too tiresome to Overload, I'll just moderate-load."[36]

Monstrous StrengthEdit

Monstrous Strength (怪力, Kairiki?) is a Skill that temporarily grants a rank-up to one's Strength parameter for a time limit determined by the ranking of this Skill. It is borne from the holder's nature as a monster or Demonic Beast.[4][11][37]

Rank User(s)
EX Kingprotea
No information available
A++ Tiamat
In the circumstance of the 2nd Beast, this Skill is expressed at its highest level. As of assuming Draconic form by way of reshaping the Black Mud of the Sea of Life, the 2nd Beast attains the Strength of a Titan.
A+~A++ Magni
Magni initially possesses an A+ rank, which changes to A++ after Mjölnir Ragnarök activates and brings the twilight of the gods.[38][38][39]
A+ Gorgon
Sakata Kintoki (Berserker)
Originally, it is a Skill possessed by monsters and beasts, but Kintoki is the son of Raijin as a red dragon and his mother is a cannibal mountain witch, making him possess this Skill at a very high rank.[11]
A Asterios
B+++ Surtr
B Medusa
Medusa has this Skill due to her property as a monster despite being a Heroic Spirit. This is a necessary Skill to Medusa, who does not fight with Noble Phantasms in close combat. It has many uses with her chained daggers, such as forcibly dragging an impaled opponent around. However, the longer she is under the influence of this Skill, the more she turns into the legendary monster Gorgon.[4]
Tamamo Cat
Whether it is quite compatible or not, she is in high spirits. It is absolutely wild power![11]
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
This Skill only manifests when Jekyll transforms into Hyde.[24]
Jaguar Man
"Jaguar Kick" is another destructive power. At any rate, she alone must survive no matter what it takes. A Skill that senses a will, and like the sort of a strong will.[40]
Hessian Lobo
No variation from basic skill description.


C Medusa (Child)
Her rank is low because her demoniac disposition is small.[42]
C- Astolfo
However, in the situation that this Skill is activated, he will take damage every 1 turn that passes.[10]
N/A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Berserker)
No information available

Multiple Starling Edit

Multiple Starling (マルチプル・スターリング, Maruchipuru Sutāringu?)

Rank User(s)
EX Space Ishtar
Just one big crown. Derived from the goddess that became the origin of Ishtar, the crowns of the various “Queen of Heaven” goddesses overlapping to return to their full form.

Murderer on a Misty NightEdit

Murderer on a Misty Night (霧夜の殺人, Kiriya no Satsujin?) is a Skill associated with the Servant's nature as a serial killer rather than as an assassin, which permits a pre-emptive strike against all opponents.[14]

Rank User(s)
A Jack The Ripper (Assassin)
From the conditions of their bodies, it is believed that all of the victims of Jack the Ripper were assailed when unguarded. Unconditional success of the Skill is possible only at night. Requires a successful Luck Check for use during daytime.[14]

Mystery SlayerEdit

Mystery Slayer (神秘殺し, Shinpi Koroshi?, localized as "Mystic Slayer")

Rank User(s)
A Minamoto no Raikou (Berserker)
The declaration that she was the strongest Mystery Slayer of the Heian period becoming a Skill. It is particularly effective as Anti-Mystery.

Mystic EyesEdit

Main article: Mystic Eyes

Mystic Eyes (魔眼, Magan?, lit. Demon Eye, localized as "Demonic Eye") is a Skill where one has possession of Mystic Eyes, capable of imparting magical effects upon a subject and interfering with the outside world.[4]

Rank User(s)
A++ Gorgon
Gorgon has possession of Mystic Eyes of the highest level, 'Cybele'.[43]
A+ Medusa
Medusa has possession of Mystic Eyes of the highest level, "Cybele". Unconditionally petrifies those with Rank C Mana or lower and even those with B Rank Mana can be petrified if they are negligent. Those with Rank A or higher won’t be petrified, but will sustain "pressure" from the Eyes and receive one Rank-Down to all parameters.[4]
A Arcueid
Possesses Mystic Eyes that enchants the souls of those who the user looks at and of those who looks at the user.[5]
B+ Suzuka Gozen
Possesses Mystic Eyes that charms men, arousing in them a strong love affection towards Suzuka Gozen should they meet her gaze. Avoidable with the Magic Resistance Skill.[44]
C Arcueid
In Arcueid's case, it does not function properly due to a misunderstanding from her Master. Her original Rank in this Skill is A.[5]

Mystic Eyes of Death PerceptionEdit

Main article: Mystic Eyes of Death Perception

Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (直死の魔眼, Chokushi no Magan?) is a type of Mystic Eyes and one of the highest grade among the many superpowers designated as Mystic Eyes. A superpower among superpowers, a rare item among rare items. Regardless of being organic or inorganic, it reads into the primary factor of death in "living" things and visualizes it as a phenomenon that can be interfered with. The world observed from the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception is a landscape of endings filled with "lines of death", and a proper mental structure would have difficulties in daily life while facing this.[3]

Rank User(s)
A Shiki Ryougi (Assassin)
Shiki usually makes a compromise with this bizarre field of vision by shifting the focal point and overlooking all things.[3]
C Shiki Ryougi (Saber)
The Rank is lower compared to her Assassin counterpart since she doesn't need them originally.[45]

Natural BodyEdit

Natural Body (天性の肉体, Tensei no Nikutai?) is the possession of a perfect body as a living being since birth.[14]

Rank User(s)
EX Attila the Hun
Upgraded Rank (Fate/Grand Order)

A Sakata Kintoki (Berserker), Sakata Kintoki (Rider)
Naturally, he has a complete (golden) body as a living being. Grants a plus modifier to his STR. Furthermore, even without training, he's still beyond brawny. No matter how many calories he ingests, his body shape will not change.[11]
C Romulus
Romulus can temporarily rank up his STR. Furthermore, even without training, he's still beyond brawny. No matter how many calories he ingests, his body shape will not change.[37]
King Hassan
A muscular shape even without training, what's more, the body shape won't change no matter how much calorie is ingested... is how it was supposed to be, however, this swordsman has ended up remodelling his body, influenced by his own religious faith. Therefore, the rank is substantial​ly lowered. It was originally Rank A.[46]
D Attila the Hun
Altera can temporarily rank up her STR. Furthermore, no matter how many calories she ingests, her body shape will not change.[47]
Altera the San(ta)
As the Heroic Spirit of Christmas, the concept of Winter was added and she became unable to skillfully regulate her temperature, causing the unfortunate loss of this Skill.[48]

Natural Body (Body)Edit

Natural Body (Body) (天性の肉体 (体), Tensei no Nikutai Tai?)

Rank User(s)
C Salome
No information available.

Natural Body (Sea)Edit

Natural Body (Sea) (天性の肉体 (海), Tensei no Nikutai (Umi)?) is a Skill that denotes the absoluteness of the body. It also functions as a fascination Skill towards others.[18]

Rank User(s)
A Saint Martha (Swimsuit) (Ruler)
Saint Martha's body, which was dressed from holy garments, is perfect as a living being. Especially amazing when undressed.[18]

Natural Born GeniusEdit

Natural Born Genius (天賦の叡智, Tenpu no Eichi?, localized as "Inherent Wisdom") is a Skill that shows one who has unparalleled natural knowledge. Allows the use of most Skills, excluding those inherent to the body (such as Divinity) or ones unique to particular heroes, at proficiency of A~B Rank.[49]

Rank User(s)
EX Leonardo da Vinci
Although he/she does not use this Skill very often as a Servant, regarding his/her Item Creation and Territory Creation Skills, their ranks are increased to Rank A because of this Skill.[50]
Nikola Tesla
Upgraded Rank (Fate/Grand Order)
A Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla does not use this Skill very often.[49]

Natural InsightEdit

Natural Insight (天賦の見識, Tenpu no Kenshiki?, localized as "Gift of Insight") is the ability to grasp the essence of things. Perceptive eyes for observation that will not overlook any information.[51]

Rank User(s)
A++ Sherlock Holmes
Although the principle is entirely different, he can perform foresight equivalent to the future foresight of Clairvoyance.[51] In the case of being used against Servants, should the luck check succeed it will see through the truth, even one firmly concealed by means of magic or Noble Phantasms.[52]

Natural MonsterEdit

Natural Monster (天性の魔, Tensei no Ma?) is a Skill endowed to those who were given birth as a monster rather than to a hero or god that has fallen down to the level of a Magical Beast.[27]

Rank User(s)
A++ Asterios
Asterios has attained a Rank of STR and END that is absolutely impossible for a human body.[27]

Nature of a Rebellious SpiritEdit

Nature of a Rebellious Spirit (反骨の相, Hankotsu no Saga?, localized as "Restless Soul", "Defiant" and "Spirit of Rebellion") is the temperament to never remain at one location and never embrace a lord. A wandering star that does not have the capacity to be king nor is capable of finding his own king. Negates the effects of Charisma with the same rank.[5]

Rank User(s)
B Lu Bu, Fergus mac Róich


Nega-Desire (ネガ・デザイア, Nega Dezaia?) is the ultimate and definitive infatuation skill that the Beast that embodies carnal desire has. No matter what being, those with desire will be literally corrupted to the limits of their love

Rank User(s)
A Kama/Mara
If all the desires and passions existing in the Universe could be taken and granted with infinite love, that would be the same as dispelling the concept of desire from the Universe.


Nega-Genesis (ネガ・ジェネシス, Nega Jeneshisu?) is a Skill that permits one to maintain a Conceptual Bounded Field (概念結界, Gainen Kekkai?) that rejects the evolutionary course (進化, Shinka?) and the Genesis of the Earth (地球創世, Chikyuu Sousei?) expressed within the proper continuity of the History of Man (人類史, Jinrui-shi?).[43]

Rank User(s)
A Tiamat
Provides resistance against the Noble Phantasms of any Servants that are generated as an output of the proper continuity of the History of Man.[43]


Nega-Messiah (ネガ・メサイヤ, Nega Mesaiya?) is an ability of the same variety as Tiamat's Nega-Genesis.[43]

Rank User(s)
??? Beast of 666
No information available.


Nega-Saver (ネガ・セイヴァー, Nega Seivuā?) is the result of a Beast that decided to save only a world of its own, despite having the potential to be a Saver.[53] Obtains benefits compared to a regular Rank B Independent Action.[54]

Rank User(s)
A Kiara Sessyoin
Completely negates all Skills of the Saver and Ruler classes, increases the chance of charm to all targets with a MGI statistic Rank A or below by 300%, and increases all buff effectiveness done by Kiara by 200%.[53]


Nega-Summon (ネガ・サモン, Nega Samon?) is a Skill that negates and completely demolishes attacks from Servants.

Rank User(s)
EX Goetia (Beast)
Complete cancellation (invalidation, invincibility, absorption, reduction) of symbols of Heroic Spirits, the Noble Phantasms.... save for one exception.

In Fate/Grand Order, thanks to that one "exception", the rank of the Skill is heavily demoted.

Nightless CharismaEdit

Nightless Charisma (不夜のカリスマ, Fuya no Karisuma?)

Rank User(s)
B Gawain
Fate/Grand Order

Upgrade from Charisma.

Nighttime StorytellerEdit

Nighttime Storyteller (夜話の語り手, Yawa no Katarite?)

Rank User(s)
EX Scheherazade
Fate/Grand Order

Upgrade from Storyteller

Nine Lives - RomaEdit

Nine Lives - Roma: Shooting the Hundred Heads - Roman-Style (射殺す百頭・羅馬式
, Ikorosu Hyakutō - Rōma-shiki
Nain Raibuzu - Rōma
?) is Romulus-Quirinus's Nine Lives - Roma as a Skill.
Rank User(s)
B Romulus-Quirinus
No information available.


Ninjutsu (忍術, Ninjutsu?) is the general term for the secret intelligence techniques, combat techniques, larceny techniques, torture techniques, etc., employed by ninjas. Its system differs between each school.

Rank User(s)
A+++ Fuma Kotaro
At A++ Rank, one can be said to be on the class of Iga and Koga's head.

At A+++ Rank, one stands shoulder to shoulder among the legendary ninjas. The system is unique for each school, and almost no documents related to the Fuma shinobi clan, brought to ruin by the Tokugawa house, are left behind. This Heroic Spirit, fifth head of the clan, is thought to be chosen by means of his true strength and competency.[55]

A Kato Danzo
Since Kato Danzo was loaded with the skills of (the First) Fuma Kotaro, her school would be that of the Fuma ninjas.

Numeral of the SaintEdit

Numeral of the Saint (聖者の数字, Seija no Sūji?) is a condition unique to Sir Gawain's existence. Only during the three hours between 9 AM and midday and the three hours between 3 PM and sunset, Gawain's power increases three-fold. This was related to the ancient belief that the numeral "3" was the sacred number of the Celtic gods.[5][56]

Rank User(s)
EX Gawain


Numerology (数秘術, Sūhijutsu?) is the Magecraft system Kabbalah.[10]

Rank User(s)
B Avicebron
Combining shortened arias due to Notarikon, multiple commands can be instantly given to multiple golems.[10]

Nurse of SteelEdit

Nurse of Steel (鋼の看護, Hagane no Kango?) is a Skill where one can treat the injuries of allies using scalpels and medicines created from magical energy.[57]

Rank User(s)
A Florence Nightingale
Strengthened by the anecdotes of the people she saved, even the most serious of injuries can be treated. Treatment is possible whether the patient is a human or a Servant. While the techniques she uses are from the 18th to 19th Century, others attempting to replicate her technique cannot hope to achieve the same results.[57]


NYARF! (ニャーフ!, Nyāfu!?)

Rank User(s)
B Helena Blavatsky (Swimsuit) (Archer)
Freely manipulating the Super Water Gun, NYARF, conceived by Edison. Due to the presence of this Skill, it is believed that it was inevitable for Helena's Saint Graph to be in the Archer Class. As for Helena herself, "I was planning to be under the Rider class though..." so she responds.[58]

Oath of ProtectionEdit

Oath of Protection (守護の誓約, Shugo no Seiyaku?)

Rank User(s)
B Bedivere
Plus correction to encampment defense.

Raises defense power of all member in allied camp.[59]

Obscurant Wall of ChalkEdit

Obscurant Wall of Chalk  (時に煙る白亜の壁, Tokini Kemuru Hakua no Kabe?) is a defensive Skill that allows one to arbitrarily apply invincibility to someone in the party. The power of one's Noble Phantasm also increases a bit. Following how it is called "obscurant", the target temporarily shifts out of the time axis to avoid an attack.[60]

Rank User(s)
Mash Kyrielight
If the rank was higher, attacks from a higher order dimension could also be ignored. That principle is close to a certain defensive self-targeted Noble Phantasm.[60]

Omen of the ConquerorEdit

Omen of the Conqueror (覇王の兆し, Haō no Kizashi?) is a Skill that represents a portion of the spirit Alexander will eventually have as the King of Conquerors Iskandar.[61]

Rank User(s)
A Alexander
By stimulating his spirit, he obtains a plus modifier for every kind of check.[61]

One Cloaked in DeathEdit

One Cloaked in Death (死を纏う者, Shi o Matou Mono?) is a Skill that scatters disasters towards the user's surroundings as an existence of demonic nature which brings about death.[41]

Rank User(s)
A Hessian Lobo
It comes from how the German mercenary (Hessian) that becomes the rider had been reduced into a monster reaching Dullahan. Lobo’s vengeful desire becomes a tangible armor, making it possible for offense.[41]

One's Favorite ConcubineEdit

One's Favorite Concubine (傾国の寵姫, Keikoku no Chōki?)

Rank User(s)
A Yang Guifei
Yang Guifei’s inevitable fate. Great beauty that will corrode, ruin, and destroy the nation.

One with the Sword, as Swift and Nimble as a FalconEdit

One with the Sword, as Swift and Nimble as a Falcon (撃剣矯捷なること隼の如し, Gekken Kyōsō naru koto Hayabusa no Gotoshi?, localized as "Swift and Powerful as a Falcon") These words were used to describe Izou's sword when he was still seeking knowledge in dojos during the Edo period.

Rank User(s)
A Okada Izo
While Izou often learned new styles, as he never trained seriously in any art, always leaving half-way, he was never initiated into any secret arts.

In Izou's eyes, each style, each swordsman he would meet always looked to be beneath him, and as a matter of fact, they were.

Oni-Type DemonEdit

Oni-Type Demon (鬼種の魔, Oni-shu no Ma?, localized as "Demonic Nature of Oni") is a Skill that represents the superpower as well as the demonic nature of an Oni. Only Oni and mixed-race beings with Oni blood can acquire this Skill. A mixed Skill of Natural Monster, Monstrous Strength, Charisma, Mana Burst, etc. The version of Mana Burst depends on the user, but it is usually "Heat".[62][63]

Rank User(s)
A Shuten-douji
In Ibaraki-douji's case, her Mana Burst version is "Flames".[62]
B Tomoe Gozen
No information available

Oni-Type Demon (Water)Edit

Oni-Type Demon (Water) (鬼種の魔(水), Oni-shu no Ma (Mizu)?) is an altered form of the Skill that expresses the demonic nature of an oni.

Rank User(s)
B Ibaraki-douji (Lancer)
The nature of the Mana Burst is "water".

Is she already a kappa? Ibaraki is such a fool. Is it because her Saint Graph had changed? Wait a second. Sometime shortly before summer, I felt Shuten Dōji wasn't fiddling with bones or something. Since then, something changed within my body... Whatever, anything given to me by Shuten wouldn't be bad! That's what Ibaraki thinks with a smile. What a relief.

Over the Royal RoadEdit

Over the Royal Road (王道踏破, Ōdō Tōha?) is a self-admonition type Skill that displays its effects by having the user stick to the attitude of wanting to be a king.

Rank User(s)
C Charlemagne (Saber)
It contributes to the improvement of a portion of his parameters, but he ends up weakening upon taking a conduct that violates that kingship. In Charlemagne's case, this means that he "gets weakened when doing something lame" and that "some sort of gauge rises when doing things that he finds cool".


Overload (オーバーロード, Ōbārōdo?) is a Skill that grants an additional boost while the user accepts the fact that it inflicts damage upon him or herself.[24]

Rank User(s)
C Frankenstein (Berserker)
In Frankenstein's case, she converts the magical energy collected by Galvanism to an amount more than what is allowed, increasing the attack power of her Noble Phantasm by outputting all of the magical energy. Because her body cannot handle it, she suffers damage.[3]
D Charles Babbage
In Babbage's case, he allows the steam machinery to go wild, boosting its output and increasing the attack power of his Noble Phantasm. The wild machinery inflicts damage to itself, and since Babbage has become one with his armour, it inflicts damage to him as well.[24]

Passionate SummerEdit

Passionate Summer (情熱の炎夏, Jōnetsu no Enka?, lit. "Hot Summer of Passion")

Rank User(s)
A Kiyohime (Swimsuit) (Lancer)
Summer is the season of passion.

"I'll greatly spend this season several times sultrier than usual." Hot.[64]

Perfect FluidEdit

Perfect Fluid (完全流体, Kanzen Ryūtai?)

Rank User(s)
B Meltlilith (Swimsuit) (Lancer)
Leviathan's Authority. Fills the world with seawater from one's own body.

Only an attack using invincibility penetration can defeat Melt.

Perfect FormEdit

Perfect Form (完全なる形, Kanzen naru Katachi?) is a Skill where by making use of the magic energy of the land, it restores itself to its former shape.[42]

Rank User(s)
A Enkidu
So long there is a supply of magic energy from the land, Enkidu’s body (which was produced from the clay of the Age of Gods) will never collapse. A powerful regeneration/restoration ability that is completely unprecedented. However, the soul is a different matter.[42]

Performance ContinuationEdit

Performance Continuation (出演続行, Shutsuen Zokkō?) is an altered form of Battle Continuation.[17]

Rank User(s)
A Elizabeth Báthory (Halloween)
Allows for her to return as the main character. "Why can't I use this guts for something else?"[17]

Personification of RageEdit

Personification of Rage (憤怒の化身, Fundo no Keshin?)

Rank User(s)
EX Ashwatthama
He whose half body houses Shiva, once his rage burns will never stop until he defeats his enemy.

Pioneer of the StarsEdit

Pioneer of the Stars (星の開拓者, Hoshi no Kaitaku-sha?, localized as "Settler of the Stars") is the unique Skill given to heroes that became turning points in human history. All difficult voyages and challenges which are considered "impossible" turn into "events that can be realized".[5]

Rank User(s)
EX Francis Drake
Nikola Tesla
Tesla brought an existence that belonged only to beings from the Age of Gods down to Earth and raised the level of civilization on the entire world, thus having this Skill at a high rank.[49]
Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci, who gave many stimuli in many fields to human civilization, possesses this Skill at a high rank.[50]

Pirate GentlemanEdit

Pirate Gentleman (海賊紳士, Kaizoku Shinshi?)

Rank User(s)
A Bartholomew Roberts
Despite being a pirate, he complied with the rules and dressed elegantly.

Also, he evenly distributed his shares according to the law.

Did he comprise a descriptor related welfare law?


Planning (プランニング, Puran'ningu?) is tactical thinking meant for assassinating a target. Unlike Military Tactics, this is constricted to only assassination missions in which few people are involved.[27]

Rank User(s)
B Jing Ke
One's own survival is not taken into account.[27]

Phantom Thief's Calling CardEdit

Phantom Thief's Calling Card (怪盗の予告状, Kaitō no Yokokujō?)

Rank User(s)
A Carmilla (Swimsuit) (Rider)
A frightening message card sent by the mysterious female phantom thief, Mistress C, before the crime. A dog-like picture is designed. "I will come to get (XX) at the scheduled date and time of the crime", and the text will not be betrayed.

A unique ecstasy for this act of notice... There seems to be something like catharsis, please note that every time there is a taste, card throws will be mixed into the conversation.


Pheromone (フェロモン, Feromon?) is the general term for substances secreted/emitted from inside an animal's body, and that has an effect on the conduct and physiologic state of a different specimen of the same race.[65]

Rank User(s)
B Mata Hari
Even without being a beautiful courtesan, Mata Hari can dissolve the wariness of men and women alike and, so long as she makes no mistake in the approach of the conversation; she can probably even obtain intelligence from the innermost circles.[65]

Philosopher's StoneEdit

Philosopher's Stone (賢者の石, Kenja no Ishi?) is a Skill that denotes the ability to purify and accumulate magical energy into a crystal known as the Philosopher's stone - informally known as a photonic crystal - and manipulate it. The rank of the Skill greatly affects the degree of purity which can be attained. Depending on the rank, a large number of effects can be displayed.[24]

Rank User(s)
A Paracelsus
At A Rank, a kind of counterfeit immortality can be bestowed upon any given target.[24]


Pilgrimage (長き旅路への祈り, Nagaki Tabiji e no Inori?, lit. "Prayer for the Long Journey")

Rank User(s)
A Amakusa Shirou Tokisada
Fate/Grand Order

Upgrade from Revelation

Poison ResistanceEdit

Poison Resistance (対毒, Tai-Doku?) is a Skill that makes the user resistant to poison.

Rank User(s)
A++ Medea(Lily)
Upgraded Rank (Fate/Grand Order)

A Medea(Lily)
Medea, an excellent treatment magus, naturally invalidates all poisons, making her poisonproof. At the same time she is healing someone of poison, she is also able to restore their physical strength.[11]
N/A Hassan of Serenity
No information available

Poisoned BladeEdit

Poisoned Blade (毒の刃, Doku no Ha?)

Rank User(s)
C++ Hassan of Serenity
Although the effect is generally the same as the Throwing (Dagger) Skill, it possesses a secondary effect of bestowing onto the target a poison status.[66]

Poisoned MealEdit

Poisoned Meal (毒の食饌, Doku no Shokusen?)

Rank User(s)
A Circe
No information available

Popcorn BlizzardEdit

Popcorn Blizzard (ポップコーンの吹雪, Poppukōn no Fubuki?) is a Skill originating from an anecdote about Paul Bunyan.[67]

Rank User(s)
B Paul Bunyan
Originates from the anecdote where the animals, who misunderstood of the shell of popcorn that Bunyan ate and downpoured from the sky as blizzard, froze to death. The death from the cold even though it’s not like snow was actually falling, was perhaps due to an unconscious mind attack, or perhaps through the warping of reality by means of Bunyan’s skill.[67]

Potnia TheronEdit

Potnia Theron: Conception of All Animals (百獣母胎
, Hyakujū Botai
Potonia Terōn
?) is a Skill that gives the user the Divine Authority of the Earth Mother Goddess, a "Great Authority on the level of nation building".[68][69] It is also known as Ten Crowns (十の王冠, Jū no Ōkan?). It has been said that the Ten Crowns indicates the ten evil kings and the seven hills indicate the abominable city of evil.[68]

It is the embodiment of the power of creation possessed by the mother goddesses, originating from a forgotten goddess approximately 8000 years ago (the goddess of Çatalhöyük), and branching to Tiamat, Cybele, Ishtar, Inanna, Athena, Astarte, Gaia, Hera, Artemis, Aphrodite, Demeter, Athena, etc. The Earth Mother is a guardian deity revered by the people and their protector, and at the same time, she is the sacrifice that feeds them with the crops born from her body and the beasts of the fields and the forests. The goddess's true nature is the cycle of life and death, the circle of the food chain where she feeds man with her blood and flesh, kills man over time and absorbs him as nutrition, and once again feeds man with her replenished blood and flesh.[68]

This Authority is none other than the power of bringing death as well as giving life. This Authority over the power of bringing death and giving life, symbolized by holes opening in the earth and the sky (caves and the moon), the whirlpools and typhoons of the sea, the craters of volcanoes, and so on, first births evils that brings forth all manners of death. Once the evils are finished spreading death, they leave the promise of good harvest and fertility. With this Authority, most of the goddesses either gave birth to countless monsters and giants and posed a threat to the gods and man, or they gave birth to heroes and became protectors of man. It appears to have some connection with the Root, and thus is the highest class of Mystery that cannot be defeated without another higher class of Mystery. Not even Gilgamesh, the oldest Heroic Spirit, has any means to surpass this Skill.[68]

Manaka Sajyou possesses a similar Skill in Potnia Theron: Princess over Monsters (怪獣王女
, Kaijū Ōjo
Potonia Terōn
?) in Tobitate! Super Dimensional Toraburu Hanafuda Battle.
Rank User(s)
BB compiled and absorbed this Authority of the goddesses from the abyss of the Moon Cell. None born of the Earth can defy BB's Authority of the Earth Mother as that would mean rebelling against the system of life itself. This Skill makes BB invincible against any attack, making the attacks themselves have "not occurred." Cursed Cutting Crater is the maximum usage of this Skill.[68]
"As if, such a thing is a story of the past. I mean, looking at it from the side, having an invincible cheat makes me look pathetic right? This time's pretty and cute BB-chan has no need for this Skill!☆ Oh, but using just a little bit should be OK right? Just like this!"[70]

Powerless ShellEdit

Powerless Shell (無力の殻, Muryoku no Kara?) is a Skill that makes the user difficult to perceive as a Servant, declining one's parameters and suppresses one's Skills.

Rank User(s)
A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Assassin)
While his mind and body are in the form of Jekyll, it suppresses his Personal Skills, reduces all parameters, and his presence is no longer recognizable or perceivable as a Servant. Conversely, the dangerousness of Jekyll that has his Personal Skills invoked is on the level of a Magical Beast and his parameters explosively skyrocket as if a recoil. In a normal Holy Grail War, it would be a valuable Skill, but in Fate/Grand Order, it is more or less ineffectual.[24][71]
N/A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Berserker)
No information available

Prayer of FaithEdit

Prayer of Faith (信仰の祈り, Shinkō no Inori?, alt. "Faithful Prayer")

Rank User(s)
C Abigail Williams
The conviction of the Puritans that honors daily prayer and poverty.[72]

Prelati's EncouragementEdit

Prelati's Encouragement (プレラーティの激励, Purerāti no Gekirei?) is a Skill where Gilles receives encouragement from Prelati. From where? Who knows.[73]

Rank User(s)
B Gilles de Rais (Saber)
It takes the form of STR reinforcement via magecraft but as a cost, his memories of his life after Jeanne's death becomes more and more distinct.[73]

Presence DetectionEdit

Presence Detection (気配感知, Kehai Kanchi?) is the ability to detect other Servants and local mana sources.[74]

Rank User(s)
A+ Enkidu
Called an ability of the highest class, Enkidu is capable of detecting anything via the Earth from other Servants to water sources clear across Snowfield, covering more than ten kilometers. If used on things at close range, an equal or lower rank of Presence Concealment can be nullified.[74]

Pressure of the Moon GoddessEdit

Pressure of the Moon Goddess (月女神の圧, Tsuki Megami no Atsu?)

Rank User(s)
EX Orion
Affection from the Goddess Artemis, a lover(?) Great pressure is received from the name. Terribly strong pressure + buff that trains the body naturally. All statuses, including magic and good luck, are upgraded, and particularly physical strength is boosted by two ranks.

Primordial RuneEdit

Primordial Rune (原初のルーン , Gensho no Rūn?) is the possession of and knowledge about Runes that came from an older era. Those with possession and knowledge of Primordial Runes can also make use of the classic Rune Magic.

Rank User(s)
She has Runes hailing from Scandinavia, almost known as Scandinavian Magic Crests. These runes are different from the Runes modern magi use. These are Primal Runes with the power of the Age of Gods. Because of the Norse chief god Odin, they had spread throughout the world. She, who granted Cú Chulainn 18 Primal Runes, is as strong in magecraft as she is a warrior.[75]
She has Runes hailing from Scandinavia, almost known as Scandinavian Magic Crests. It is said that she, a first-rate magus, has taught Rune Magic to her beloved Sigurd. Originally, it was a Skill that shows the power of the "Primal Runes" granted to her by her father Odin, but her power is being suppressed. If she demonstrates the true power of this Skill without possessing a Divinity Rank of A or higher, in addition to receiving restrictions on the use of her Noble Phantasm, severe damage enters her spiritual core and Brynhildr will soon disappear.[3]
Cú Chulainn (Caster)
Fate/Grand Order

Upgrade from Rune Magic

Scáthach-Skadi, Valkyrie

Primordial Rune (Sea)Edit

Primordial Rune (Sea) (原初のルーン (海), Gensho no Rūn (Umi)?)

Rank User(s)
A Scáthach (Swimsuit) (Assassin)
A rune bracelet tied on her wrist.

Specialized on water or sea.[30]

Primordial Rune (Warrior)Edit

Primodial Rune (Warrior) (原初のルーン(戦士), Gensho no Rūn (Senshi)?) is a skill to possess carved seal magecraft from Scandinavia called runes.[76]

Rank User(s)
B Sigurd (Saber)
He was taught by Brynhildr and his prowess is strong enough for him to be summoned under the Caster Class.[76]

Princess of PurityEdit

Princess of Purity (無垢の姫, Muku no Hime?)

Rank User(s)
B Europa
No information available

Projection MagicEdit

Projection Magic (投影魔術, Tōei Majutsu?, localized as "Projection") is a magecraft that reproduces tools for a few minutes by means of images.[77]

Rank User(s)
A+ EMIYA (Archer)
Only when the target of projection falls under the category of "sword", the Rank rapidly jumps up to A+.[77]
A EMIYA (Archer)
Fate/Grand Order Rank
B Chloe von Einzbern
No information available
C EMIYA (Archer), EMIYA (Alter) (Archer)
The paired swords which Archer habitually uses, Kanshou and Bakuya, are also things produced by projection magecraft. Due to this special trait of "can prepare counterfeits many times over", EMIYA destroys the projected Noble Phantasms. By having them explode, the destructive power is momentarily raised.[41][77]

Proof of FriendshipEdit

Proof of Friendship (友誼の証明, Yūgi no Shōmei?) is a Skill to suppress an enemy Servant's fighting spirit to a certain extent, where then a dialogue can begin. However, the enemy Servant must not possess a Mental Corruption Skill. In regard to a Holy Grail War, an advantageous check can be obtained when constructing temporary alliances.[78]

Rank User(s)
C Hector

Protection from ArrowsEdit

Protection from Arrows (矢避けの加護, Ya-yoke no Kago?) is the ability to deal with projectiles, an increased defense against ranged attacks by predicting the projectiles' trajectories through exceptional means, such as hearing the sound of air being cut, or sensing the killing intent of the enemy.[4]

Rank User(s)
A Cú Chulainn (Caster)
B Cú Chulainn (Lancer), Cú Chulainn (Proto) (Lancer)
This is a power Cú Chulainn was born with. It's said that it's possible for him to avoid any long range attack if he has made visual confirmation of his opponent, tracking down ranged weapons with his eyes and defend against them. He can deal with most projectiles even in conditions where the opponent cannot be visually seen. As long as the attack is a thrown type, he can avoid even Noble Phantasms, but he can't gain the effects of this protection with respect to wide range attack types where the attack range of the weapon explodes on impact, or a direct attack by a weapon that has simply long reach.[4]
C Cu Chulainn (Alter) (Berserker)
He can deal with projectiles that do not depend on magecraft by tracking them down with his eyes. Because he is under Mad Enhancement, this Skill is ranked down significantly more than usual.[3]
Tawara Touta
Moderate chance of automatic evasion against thrown weapons that comprise arrows.[79]

Protection from WindEdit

Protection from Wind (風除けの加護, Kaze-yoke no Kago?, localized as "Protection Against the Wind") is a chant that offers prayers to God, that oneself might receive a charm (spell) of protection against the calamity of evil spirits. This charm originates from the Middle East, used mainly for protection against sandstorms and evil spirits such as Jinns. To call it a "charm" smacks of superstition, but the strength of its warding is tremendous.[4]

Rank User(s)
A Hassan of the Cursed Arm
His ability originated from the time when he was alive (mainly used to protect himself from sandstorms and similar events). It is powerful enough to resist Invisible Air.[4]

Protection of AndrasteEdit

Protection of Andraste (アンドラスタの加護, Andorasuta no Kago?, alt. "Andraste's Protection") is a Skill denoting a protection given by the Goddess of Victory, Andraste.[80]

Rank User(s)
A Boudica
When participating in group battles, it gives a plus modifier to all checks by Boudica and her allies. In particular, it shows its maximum effect when waging a defensive battle.[80]

Protection of the Beach HousesEdit

Protection of the Beach Houses (海の家の加護, Uminoya no Kago?) is a Personal Skill that restores Health in compensation for Mana.[18]

Rank User(s)
EX Artoria Pendragon (Swimsuit) (Archer)
While at the beach, she is revered by most food stalls as the "king of foods". It is probably due to her lavish orders, pleasant eating spectacles, and the shining smiles after meals that cause said shop to flourish - or so it has been told. Is it really? Maybe it is.
However, only mashed potatoes are a "no, thank you".[18]

Protection of the Dragon GodEdit

Protection of the Dragon God (龍神の加護, Ryūjin no Kago?, localized as "Protection of the Dragon King")

Rank User(s)
C Tawara Touta
Blessing of a dragon god, gained due to exterminating the Oomukade (giant centipede).

Able to receives assistance during battle.[79]

Protection of the Ends of the WorldEdit

Protection of the Ends of the World (最果ての加護, Saihate no Kago?, alt. "Protection of World's End") is a Skill automatically given to the wielders of Rhongomyniad.[8]

Rank User(s)
EX Artoria Pendragon (Lancer)
A Artoria Pendragon (Alter) (Lancer)
Artoria, who possesses the Holy Lance that exists as an anchor to the planet, is receiving divine protection from the Farthest Ends itself.[81] Other than Mana and Luck, all parameters temporarily rank up during battle.[8]
B Gray (Assassin)

Protection of the FaithEdit

Protection of the Faith (信仰の加護, Shinkō no Kago?, localized as "Aegis of the Divine") is a Skill possessed only by those who have sacrificed themselves for a religious view. Despite being a form of divine protection, it is not a blessing from a higher existence. It is the absoluteness of one’s body and mind that was born from their beliefs. But if it is too high, it causes abnormalities in the personality.[5]

Rank User(s)
King Hassan
Vlad III (Extra) (Lancer)
Lancer, being Vlad III or Vlad the Impaler, possesses this ability due to his brutally effective methods of protecting Christianity and the lands of Wallachia. At such a high rank, however, it took a heavy toll on his sanity.[5]
A Saint Martha

Protection of GodEdit

Protection of God (神の加護, Kami no Kago?, localized as "Divine Protection") is a form of divine protection that gives the user the quick-wittedness and the brute strength needed to defeat beasts unaided.[14]

Rank User(s)
A David
Though he has been resurrected by the power of the Grail, David does not regard himself as a vessel to the soul of his original - merely as an instrument of God. He does not terribly mind this existence, content merely to feel the grace of his Lord.[14]

Protection of the GoddessEdit

Protection of the Goddess (女神の加護, Megami no Kago?)

Rank User(s)
C Cleopatra
A Skill that demonstrates the divine protection of the Goddess Isis.

Protection of the JaguarEdit

Protection of the Jaguar (ジャガーの加護, Jagā no Kago?, localized as "Blessing of the Jaguar") is a Skill that grants a divine protection bestowed by the Jaguar Divine Spirit, allowing one to not feel fear or pain. A composite Skill that comprises the effects of the Skills Valor and Instinct.[43]

Rank User(s)
A Jaguar Man
Informally called "Jaguar Punch".

Protection of the LakeEdit

Protection of the Lake (湖の加護, Mizu'umi no Kago?)

Rank User(s)
A Artoria Caster
A protection given by the Fairies of the Lake. This blessing, or oath, was given to the Child of Prophecy.

Protection of the Music God (False)Edit

Protection of the Music God (False) (音楽神の加護(偽), Ongaku-shin no Kago (Nise)?, localized as "Protection of Muse (Fake)") was originally a Skill that denotes the divine protection of the Goddess of Arts Muse that one attained by having great skill in music. Makes possible to distinguish all kinds of sounds and play a masterful music performance. Furthermore, plus modifiers are applied to the exercise of music magecraft.[82]

Rank User(s)
EX Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart can display all of these effects by "his own power" through his natural sound, talent and training.[37][82]

Protection of the ScalesEdit

Protection of the Scales (天秤の護り, Tenbin no Mamori?) is a skill derived from the Divine Spirit Astraea’s Authority. A skill through which Astraea’s symbolical scales dwell in her body, and deploy an absolute defense against the target to be judged.

Rank User(s)
A+ Astraea
However, through the intentions of the possessed human, it’s been changed into a skill dedicated to hand-to-hand combat. In other words, pro-wrestlers can’t be knocked down.

Protection of the SpiritsEdit

Protection of the Spirits (精霊の加護, Seirei no Kago?) is a blessing from Elementals; the capacity to increase one's Luck in dangerous situations. Activation is limited to battlefields, where it is possible to perform feats of arms.[28]

Rank User(s)
A Lancelot (Berserker), Lancelot (Saber)

Protection of the Sun GodEdit

Protection of the Sun God (太陽神の加護, Taiyō-shin no Kago?)

Rank User(s)
A+ Ozymandias
Ozymandias is one who receives the divine protection of the sun god Ra.[83]

Protection of TathagataEdit

Protection of Tathagata (如来の加護, Nyorai no Kago?)

Rank User(s)
B Nezha
No information available

Protection of KurEdit

Protection of Kur (冥界の護り, Meikai no Mamori?, lit. "Protection of the Underworld", localized as "Blessing of Kur") is Ereshkigal's Authority, offered as a pillar of the underworld she came to rule. Until her rule comes to an end, she who controls the underworld is the underworld itself, as well as the queen protected by its bounds.[12]

Rank User(s)
EX Ereshkigal
Provides support to all allies as well as changing the effect of her Noble Phantasm.[12]

Pseudonym: Dragon-Crested OctopusEdit

Pseudonym: Dragon-Crested Octopus (雅号・竜紋蛸, Gagō - Ryū-mon Tako?)

Rank User(s)
B Katsushika Hokusai (Swimsuit) (Saber)
The daughter’s Spiritual Body transforms into its tentacles, the madness of the evil god that becomes the abyss.

Will their ever growing love of travelling and moving from place to place finally end with a different Class…?

Pseudonym: Octopus from Another PlanetEdit

Pseudonym: Octopus from Another Planet (雅号・異星蛸, Gagō - Isei Tako?, localized as "Pseudonym: Iseidako")

Rank User(s)
B Katsushika Hokusai
Due to a state of mind that came to be from harmonizing with an evil god of the Abyss, a non-Euclidean geometric style of painting is born.

Pursuer of LoveEdit

Pursuer of Love (恋の追跡者, Koi no Tsuiseki-sha?) is the powered-up version of the Stalking Skill.[84]

Rank User(s)
A Kiyohime (Swimsuit) (Lancer)
The summer heat makes Kiyohime's internal engine accelerate. Howling entrails, accelerating lungs, a breath in which the scent of nitro hangs; no matter in which place the other party is, she beings a super-high-high-speed pursuit.[84]

Queen's DisciplineEdit

Queen's Discipline (女王の躾, Joō no Shitsuke?)

Rank User(s)
A Medb
Fate/Grand Order

Upgrade from Charisma

Queen of VictoryEdit

Queen of Victory (勝利の女王, Shōri no Jo'ō?)

Rank User(s)
A Boudica
Fate/Grand Order

Upgrade from Vow to the Goddess

Quick DrawEdit

Quick Draw (クイックドロウ, Kuikku Dorou?) is the specialization of the quick draw shooting technique.[21]

Rank User(s)
A+ Billy the Kid
He can see his opponent draw, draw himself and have time to spare.[21]

Quick-Witted SwallowEdit

Quick-Witted Swallow (燕の早業, Tsubame no Hayawaza?, localized as "Art of the Swallow") is a Skill representing the nimble and lightweight body of Ushiwakamaru's, comparable to a swallow.[37]

Rank User(s)
B Ushiwakamaru
With her body as light as a swallow, at the Gojo-ohashi bridge, she has dodged Benkei's terrifying slashes not once but twice.[37]

Radiant RoadEdit

Radiant Road (晴れやかな道, Hareyakana Michi?)

Rank User(s)
A Artoria Pendragon (Saber)
Fate/Grand Order

Upgrade from Instinct

Rainbow Sugar SculptureEdit

Rainbow Sugar Sculpture (虹の飴細工, Niji no Ame-zaiku?, localized as "Rainbow Candy")

Rank User(s)
B Altera the San(ta)
The star attached to the tip of the Christmas tree is called the Star of Bethlehem and it symbolizes the birth of the Messiah. It is said that those who are struck by Altera's cane will be granted great blessings and graces.[48]

Rampaging PrivilegeEdit

Rampaging Privilege (暴走特権, Bōsō Tokken?) is a Skill converted from Imperial Privilege.[85]

Rank User(s)
EX Nero Claudius Caesar (Swimsuit) (Caster)
Derived from a past anecdote where she rode a chariot during the Olympic games. It could be called a utilization of her past experiences. A Skill that promises first place no matter what happens.[85]

Rapid CastingEdit

Rapid Casting (高速詠唱, Kōsoku-Eishō?, localized as "High-Speed Incantation") is the ability to speak magical incantations at an accelerated speed.[86]

Rank User(s)
A Paracelsus
Paracelsus is able to perform High-Thaumaturgy at the speed of a Single Action spell. In his case, he is able to use it to improve the efficiency of his Jewel Magecraft (specifically, when using Philosopher's Stones).[24]
Archimedes' own magecraft level is not high, but his incantation speed is comparable to a first-class magus due to his superhuman calculation skills and his ability to lay his thoughts out in the correct order.[87]
Goetia (Beast)
Formerly his incantation speed is only average, but now it is comparable to High Speed Divine Words. That is due to the inside being Goetia, and thus his weakness from when he was alive... his characteristic weakness... isn't there.
B+ Avicebron (Caster)
No information available
C Solomon (Caster)
Solomon, despite being fast, sometimes makes a mistake due to his worrywart nature and ruins everything.[88]
All Casters have beautiful pronunciation, though there are one or two exceptions. If Merlin talks fast, sometimes he bites his own tongue so the rank is low.[35]
E Hans Christian Andersen
In the case of Hans Christian Andersen, rather than expedience in spell recitation, this Skill gives a small benefit to his writing speed at which he is capable of generating publication drafts.

"The speed at which I write is slow. Before that, I basically have no motivation so there's no way I'd write professionally!"[86]

Rapid Sutra ChantingEdit

Rapid Sutra Chanting (高速読経, Kōsoku-Dokkyō?) is the ability to speak magical incantations at an accelerated speed in regard to sutras.[89]

Rank User(s)
A Xuanzang
She is able to finish powerful High-Thaumaturgy incantations at the speed of a Single-Action spell.[89]

Rapid Words of DivineEdit

Rapid Words of Divine (高速神言, Kōsoku-Shingon?, localized as "High-Speed Divine Words") is a Skill that assists with magical incantations via a power to activate Thaumaturgy without the use of Magic Circuits. The language of the Age of Gods, back when words played a heavy role in spellcasting. As such, it is a power long lost by modern magi. It is particularly useful for direct attack magic.[4]

Rank User(s)
A Medea, Medea (Lily)
High-Thaumaturgy-level Magecraft can be cast at the speed of Single-Action spells.[4]
B Circe (Caster), Nitocris (Caster)
The ability to speak magical incantations at an accelerated speed. By using a language from the Age of Gods, High-Thaumaturgy can be cast at the speed of Single-Action spells.

Rear Guard's PrideEdit

Rear Guard's Pride (殿の矜持, Shingari no Kyōji?) is a unique Skill that displays more power the more disadvantageous the situation (such as defensive battles, military withdrawals, etc.) is.[90]

Rank User(s)
A Leonidas
The power displayed in the Battle of Thermopylae turned into a technical Skill. In combination with his Noble Phantasm, even Anti-Army Noble Phantasms can be defended against.[37][90]

Reduced EarthEdit

Reduced Earth (縮地, Shukuchi?) is a technique to cut down the distance between opponents instantly. Many martial arts masters have pursue the extremity of Step Movements (歩法, Hohō?) in martial arts. Rather than a simple quickness, there are numerous phenomena that are connected with each other and are completed with walking, body movement, breathing, blind spots, etc. The highest grade beyond A-Rank becomes a long dimension leap technique and it would be in the category of Sage Techniques (仙術, Senjutsu?).[91]

Rank User(s)
B Okita Souji


Reloaded (リローデッド, Rirōdeddo?)

Rank User(s)
C Artoria Pendragon (Alter) (Swimsuit) (Rider)
No information available


Reproduction (繁殖, Hanshoku?)

Rank User(s)
A Unknown
They can increase their numbers. You take your eyes away for one moment and there's suddenly more of them. Every time you leave them alone, they just keep growing more of themselves nonstop.

Resistance of GwaliorEdit

Resistance of Gwalior (グワリエルの抵抗, Guwarieru no Teikō?)

Rank User(s)
A Lakshmibai
No information available.

Resolute DevotionEdit

Resolute Devotion (献身の覚悟, Kenshin no Kakugo?, localized as "Sacrificial Resolve") is a Skill that represents one's feelings towards a loved one, which the person won't even flinch at committing self-sacrifice.[92]

Rank User(s)
A Irisviel von Einzbern
Applies plus modifiers in regards to the effectiveness of defense/healing-type magecraft, Skills and items.[92]


Restrain (抑制, Yokusei?) is a secret art of assassins for not letting intention to kill show off until right before attacking.[27]

Rank User(s)
A Jing Ke
Having reached A Rank, her intention to kill will not come out until the moment she grasps her weapon.[27]


Revelation (啓示, Keiji?) is a Skill to "hear the voice of heavens" and take optimum action; a Skill equivalent to Instinct, a sixth sense regarding battles. However, "Revelation" accommodates all matters related to the achievement of a goal (for instance, choosing the most suitable path while traveling). Because there is no basis to it (or so thinks Ruler), it cannot be explained to others clearly. It is a Skill held by the soul of the user.[10][88]

Rank User(s)
A Jeanne d'Arc, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada
B Solomon (Grand Caster)
Solomon received a revelation only once, but based on said revelation, he established a phenomena operation technique - that is, a magecraft that could be performed even by the hands of a common man (up until then, magecraft was the work of only those who stand in row to god).[71]
Because this is a Skill held by the soul, Goetia - who nested on King Solomon’s remains - cannot use it.[88]

Revised OverloadEdit

Revised Overload (オーバーロード改, Ōbārōdo Kai?) is an altered version of the Skill possessed by Frankenstein and Babbage.[6][26]

Rank User(s)
C Mecha Eli-chan, Mecha Eli-chan MkII
It doesn't increase Noble Phantasm output, but by sacrificing one's health, it lets one charge up their Noble Phantasm.[6][26]

According to Eliza Studies researcher R (Full name redacted), "That's definitely leading to a self-destruct button, isn't it!?"[6]

According to robotics researcher M (Full name redacted), "Perhaps the battery is leaking?"[26]

Ring of TransformationEdit

Ring of Transformation (変身の指輪, Henshin no Yubiwa?)

Rank User(s)
B Gareth
Gareth possesses a ring imbued with the magecraft of disguise. This would usually be treated as a noble phantasm, but in this work, it exhibits its effect as a skill.

Roar of the God of WarEdit

Roar of the God of War (軍神咆哮, Gunshin Hōkō?) is a howl that will awaken the blood of the War God Ares that flows within her body.

Rank User(s)
A+ Penthesilea
The yell will grant bravery to her allies whom stand together as warriors, as if they were lead by the God of War. It is said that during the Trojan War, the war cry of the Amazoness forces caused their opponents to violently tremble.[93]

In the case where before her are heroes of Greek Mythology (or if she feels their scent holds a similar origin), her hatred will surgeHer howl will not stop until their lives are wiped out.[93]

Robust HealthEdit

Robust Health (頑健, Ganken?, localized as "Toughness") is a Skill that are made up of anecdotes of "not receiving a wound on the battlefield" and "never becoming sick even once since birth". It is also a composite Skill and includes Poison Resistance.[94]

Rank User(s)
EX Arash
Arash, who is strongly endowed with the vestiges of the Age of Gods, was born with an especially robust health. END parameter is ranked up and attacks received have their damage reduced.[94]


Rodeo (ロデオ, Rodeo?)

Rank User(s)
A Unknown
She can keep riding on pretty much any living (or even non-living) being. No matter how much they rage around, she won't be shaken off that easily.

Rodeo FlipEdit

Rodeo Flip (ロデオフリップ, Rodeo Furippu?)

Rank User(s)
A+ Mordred (Swimsuit) (Rider)
A highly difficult surfing technique that does exist. Because Miss Mo frequently uses this as an attack, it is particularly sublimated as a Skill.[64]

Rosy-cheeked YouthEdit

Rosy-cheeked Youth (紅顔の美少年, Kōgan no Bishōnen?, localized as "Fair Youth") is the disposition as a pretty boy who charms people. A fascination magic-like effect that works on both men and women, but one can abate it so long there is a will to resist. Complete evasion by means of a Magic Resistance Skill is possible.[95]

Rank User(s)
B Alexander
C Child-Gil

Rosy-cheeked Youth (Lightning)Edit

Rosy-cheeked Youth (Lightning) (紅顔の美少年(雷), Kōgan no Bishōnen (Kaminari)?)

Rank User(s)
B Alexander
Fate/Grand Order

Upgrade from Rosy-cheeked Youth

Royal BunnyEdit

Royal Bunny (ロイヤルバニー, Roiyarubanī?)

Rank User(s)
A Artoria Pendragon (Swimsuit) (Ruler)
See what shines above the king's head, what is that! Ears like a beast! If so, it is the grudge of a beast that once appeared in Britain. Do you say there is a curse attacking King Arthur?

—————Nay. Our king was interested in the bunny girl.

Oh, perhaps that figure is err...

—————Yes. A costume.

let me see...

Royal CardEdit

Royal Card (ロイヤルカード, Roiyarukādo?)

Rank User(s)
C+ Artoria Pendragon (Swimsuit) (Ruler)
It is not a type of dagger the king is throwing. Is it a bill?

—————Yes. The king says casino dealers must be good at handling cards.

Incidentally, I heard a casino is a playground.

—————I agree.

That throwing seems to be aimed at killing enemies.

—————I'm going to do it like repelling a drunk.

let me see...

Royal Road of the Hot SandsEdit

Royal Road of the Hot Sands (熱砂の王道, Nessa no Ōdō?, alt. "High Road of the Hot Sands") is a Skill converted from Imperial Privilege.[96]

Rank User(s)
A Nitocris (Swimsuit) (Assassin)
Based on this Skill, Nitocris attains the combat prowess of close combat, which normally shouldn't be possible for her. It is possible that she came up with something upon seeing Cleopatra's Pharaoh Martial Arts.[96]


Ruffian (無頼漢, Buraikan?, localized as "Villain")

Rank User(s)
A Yan Qing
A composite Skill of Riding and Independent Action. As an add on, it has the effect becoming stronger during banquets and such.[41]

Rune SpellEdit

Rune Spell (ルーン, Rūn?, lit. "Rune") is a Skill that denotes one having possession of Runes - the Magic Crest of Northern Europe.[4][27][97][98]

Rank User(s)
A Cú Chulainn (Caster)
Cú Chulainn has the capacity to use the 18 original Runes (Norse Runes), granted by his mentor Scáthach from his studies with her. Because he has manifested as a Caster, it has a higher rank than when summoned as a Lancer. Other than attacks, this is mainly employed for effects corresponding to the Skills Magic Resistance, Clairvoyance, for raising parameters to Rank A, etc. All of these applications are merely temporary and he cannot employ multiples of those simultaneously.[27]
B Cú Chulainn (Lancer), Cú Chulainn (Proto) (Lancer)
Cú Chulainn has the capacity to use the 18 original Runes (Norse Runes), granted by his mentor Scáthach from his studies with her, appropriately using them to respond in different situations. "The warriors of the Land of Shadows must be proficient in every martial art; a warrior that just swings a spear shall not be raised" - maybe because his teacher Scáthach had such a policy, Cú Chulainn is also well versed in magecraft. A nearly first-rate magus, but since he himself sees it as a hindrance, it is not employed much. By making proper use of this, powerful and varied effects are mastered. Other than attacks, this is mainly employed for effects corresponding to the Skills Magic Resistance, Clairvoyance, for raising parameters to Rank A, etc. All of these applications are merely temporary and he cannot employ multiples of those simultaneously.[4][97][98]
Cú Chulainn (Alter) (Berserker)
In this state, Cú Chulainn is automatically activating the Rune equivalent of the Magic Resistance Skill.[3]

Ruthless Warrior of the Turbulent TimesEdit

Ruthless Warrior of the Turbulent Times (乱世の梟雄, Ranse no Kyōyū?, localized as "Chaotic Villain") represents the fame of Lu Bu as a rowdy general.[80]

Rank User(s)
A Lu Bu


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