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« ──Here I go."
"A Pharaoh's power, shall I show you what it is?..."
"Punishment to the insolent. Death to the treasonous. Those who make light of gods, those who mock Pharaohs, your sins will be cleansed here."
"Sink, sink, sink, sink, Sneferu Iteru Nile! There, splash~ »


Sneferu Iteru Nile: Cleanse the Impurities, Blue and Beautiful Nile (穢れを漱げ、青く美しきナイル
, kegare o Susuge, Aoku Utsukushiki Nairu
Suneferu Ioteru Nairu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Nitocris in her swimsuit.

"To those who dare insolently play about with the seat of the kingly, divine Pharaoh, receive punishment. To those who committed the treachery of slaying my beloved siblings, receive death."[2]

Appointed as the puppet-Pharaoh of influential figures who made light of the gods, Nitocris can never forgive them. She secretly built a large underground chamber and gathered them for a banquet, and not a single person was left alive as the waters of the Nile flooded the chamber―――was how Nitocris successfully carried out her vengeance.[2]

In the work 'The Histories' by the Greek Historian, Herodotus, the recorded account of this revenge was what Nitocris attained as her Noble Phantasm in the Assassin-class. In other words, a re-enactment of the revenge where the target's surroundings are enclosed by stone walls, and the waters of the Nile pour down to incite death. The use of Great Magecraft that somewhat resembles a Reality Marble, but is not one.[2]


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