The Grand Time Temple: Solomon (冠位時間神殿 ソロモン, Kan-i Jikan Shinden?), The Rain of Stars (極天の流星雨?) is the Final Singularity (終局特異点, Shūkyoku Tokui-ten?) of the Grand Order to solve the Human Order Incineration Incident in Fate/Grand Order. Occurring in present day A.D. 2016, its Humanity Foundation Value is "— —".

Setting Edit

FGO Salomon
The Singularity occurred in the year 2016 within Ars Paulina. During his reign and lifetime, Solomon created seventy-two familiar called Demon Gods, which are collectively known as Goetia.[1] Goetia was created as both the foundation for human magecraft, and a ritual to watch over humanity.[1][2] He ruled alongside Solomon, but despite seeing and experiences the things, they both reached different conclusions about humanity.[2] He came to hate both humans and Solomon; humans for the atrocities they committed; Solomon for ignoring the suffering and cruelty of humans, and wishing to not correct them despite his God given powers.[3][4] When Solomon died, Goetia continued to exist as a primordial curse. He proceed to incarnate himself through a summoning spell, and took control of Solomon's corpse.[1] Believing the fear of death is why human life is meaningless, he sought to recreate the planet so death doesn't exist. He conceived a plan to destroy humanity so he could gather and use 3000 years worth of magical energy travel back to the planet's genesis. There he will absorb the energy into himself, and recreate the planet as per his vision.[2] As the first part of his plan, Goetia implanted Demon Gods as a curse into distinct mage lineages where they'll be passed down until they're awakened at their appointed era.[3] Afterwards, he went to Ars Paulina, a reality marble and workshop existing outside space and time, to await the Demon Gods's awakening. Once they were all awoken, he proceeded to activate the Singularities to fracture human history, thus initiating the Incineration of Humanity. With humanity incinerated, Goetia gathered the magical energy into Ars Almadel Salomonis, creating the band of light seen throughout the Singularities.[1]

History Edit

As Ritsuka and Mash Rayshift to the Singularity, they see a vision of clairvoyant speak about how unable humanity's endless suffering is. They see all the horrors of the past and future. In order to rectify the world's repulsive state, they will destroy humanity, and redo everything from nothing. Their plan is to recreate the planet from its very origin, which requires the massive amount energy generated by incinerating all life across 3000 years.[3]

Time Temple

Time Temple

Ritsuka and Mash wake up from the vision to find themselves at the Time Temple. Leonardo Da Vinci reports there is a Beast detected throughout the entire space. Lev Lainur Flauros confirms this, and commends Chaldea for getting past the Seventh Singularity. He reveals he has served Solomon for 3000 years. The Demon Gods were implanted in mage lineages until they were awakened at their appointed era. He was the one designated for 2016, and when he awoke as the last Demon God, humanity was incinerated. Da Vinci reveals Chaldea survied because Romani Archman spent a decade preparing for the Incineration of Humanity that he saw in a dream. Lev Lainur reveals he intended to kill Romani with the Control Room explosion, but that plan was thwarted with Ritsuka's intervention. Declaring Solomon's final calcuations will be completed in a matter of hours, he transforms into Flauros to stop Ritsuka and Mash from reaching Solomon's throne. The pair kill him, but he is immediately reborn. At the same time, Chaldea is attacked by eight other Demon Gods. Flauros reveals the entire space is made of Demon Gods, and they'll alway be 72 Demon Gods as long as the Throne exists. He then tries to kill Ritsuka when Jeanne d'Arc thwarts him. She heralds the autonomous summoning of many Heroic Spirits to the Time Temple through their connection with Ritsuka. She rallies the Servants to clear a path to the Throne. They then defend Chaldea and engage the Demon Gods, killing them as they endlessy regenerate.[3]

With the help of the Orleans Singularity Servants, Ritsuka and Mash are able to defeat Naberius and the Demon Gods administrating the Melting Furnace.[5] Together with the Septem Singularity Servants, they defeat Flauros and the Demon Gods administrating the Information Center.[6] With the Okeanos Singularity Servants, the pair defeat Forneus and the Demon Gods administrating the Observatory.[7] The Servants of the London Singularity help the pair defeat Barbatos and the Demon Gods administrating the Control Tower.[8] Ritsuka and Mash are aided by the America Singularity Servants in defeating Halphas and the Demon Gods administrating the Armory.[9] The Camelot Singularity Servants help defeat Aamon and the Demon Gods administrating the Gazing Star.[10] The Servants of the Babylonia Singularity help Ritsuka and Mash defeat Sabnock and the Demon Gods administrating the Chamber of Life.[11]

As the Servants aiding Chaldea continue defeating the Demon Gods, Baal asks Solomon to activate Ars Almadel Salomonis to incinerate the Heroic Spirits. Solomon assesses that they would keep returning as long as Ritsuka exists, reflecting the Demon Gods' own immortality as long as Solomon himself exists, and thus they only need to kill Ritsuka.[4]

After conquering the seven terminals protecting Solomon's Throne, Chaldea learn of an eighth terminal. They're uncertain how to proceed as the Heroic Spirits who aided Ritsuka and Mash with the previous terminals were connected to the Seven Singularities. However, Servants from the minor Singularities and Singularity candidates arrive to help the pair defeat Andromalius and the Demon Gods administrating the Trash Heap.[12]

With the Demon Gods' activity diminished by their constant fighting with the Heroic Spirits, a path opens to the Throne. On the way there, Da Vinci confirms that no Demon Gods are detected ahead. Romani dismisses the notion that Solomon is a fake, as the Time Temple was created from Solomon's Magic Circuits. He deduces something inside Solomon's body is controlling his corpse. After resurrecting his corpse, "Solomon" implanted the Demon Gods in preparation for the Incineration of Humanity. Afterwards, he created the Time Temple, which exists outside time and space. There he waited until the year 2016.[1]

  • "Solomon" 's throne room
  • "Solomon" revealing his true form
  • Goetia's throne room

Upon arriving at his throne, "Solomon" declares to Ritsuka and Mash theat the final calculations for the the First Virtual Noble Phantasm, Ars Nova, are nearly complete. He explains he possesses three Noble Phantasms: the First is Ars Nova, and the Second is the Temple itself, Ars Paulina. The Third is Ars Almadel Salomonis, the light bands in the sky that were created from the energy gathered from incinerating humanity when he fractured history with his Singularities. "Solomon" needs it all to achieve the "ultimate position" and conquer death itself if humans will not. He then fights Ritsuka and Mash, intending to kill the former since they're as the anchor for the Heroic Spirits. Eventually Mash notices his Spirit Origin is strange, and Ritsuka sees one of his rings differs from the oters. "Solomon" decides to reveals his true form, as Demon Gods cover the throne. He identifies himself as the first familiar created by Solomon that served as the foundation for human magecrafted. He ruled alongside Solomon, and continued to exist as a primordial curse after Solomon's death. He then took control of Solomon's corpse, and incarnated himself through a summoning spell. With his true form unveiled, he introduces himself as Goetia, the Human Order Incineration Ritual, King of Demon Gods, and Beast I.[1]

Goetia declares his plan to travel back to the genesis of the planet and absorb all of its energy to create a new planet without death. The Incineration of Humanity was for gathing 3000 years worth of magical energy to accomplish this feat. Ritsuka and Mash attempt to defeat him before he can activate Ars Almadeal Salomis, but they're too late. Goetia offers to let Mash join him, believing she would undestanding his views on death since she was created with a limited lifespan. Mash rejects due to her experiences with Ritsuka, so Goetia launches Ars Almadel Salomis. Mash protects Ritsuka with Lord Camelot, but the heat of Goetia's Noble Phantasm vaporizes her, leaving only her shield. Goetia prepares to launch his Noble Phantasm again when Romani suddenly arrives. Romani removes his glove to reveal Solomon's tenth ring, which was sent into the future by Solomon. Marisbury Animusphere also used it as catalyst to summon Solomon in the Holy Grail War of 2004. Romani explains Solomon's wish on the Grail was to become human. However, he foresaw the Incineration of Humanity before all of his power left him. Romani then manifests as his original self, Solomon, having abandoned his wish. Goetia tries to kill him, but Solomon, with all of his rings present, activates the true Ars Nova. This sacrifieces his existence as a Heroic Spirit to remove Goetia's immortality. Before disappearing, Solomon reveals Goetia was originally a spell created to watch over humanity, but Goetia turned away from that duty after seeing humanity's suffering and atrocities. Goeties then tries to kill Ritsuka to remove the Heroic Spirits, intending to activate Ars Almadel Salomonis before the union of the Demon Gods that comprise him completely collapses.[2]

Time Temple collapse

Time Temple collapsing with Goetia's defeat

With Solomon's sacrifice, the Time Temple begins to collapse, and the Demon Gods are thrown into disarray. They either self-destruct, destroyed by the Heroic Spirits, change side, or flee. Goetia's body begins to crumble away due to Ars Nova destroying the Demon Gods' union. Even when only three Demon Gods remain, he refuses to admit defeat and attempts again to kill Ritsuka. Ritsuka protects themselves with Mash's shield, and seemingly destroys Goetia with a punch empowered by a Command Spell. Ritsuka hurries back to the Rayshift point before the Temple collaspses. However, they're stopped by Goetia in a human form made from all that remains of the Demon Gods. Understanding human mentality with his newly gained mortality, he tries to kill Ritsuka to protect his pride. After Ritsuka defeats him, Goetia disappears contently. Ritsuka then continues escaping, Ritsuka continues on their way, but the path beneath them collapses before they reach the Rayshift point.[13]

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of Mash's sacrifice, Fou locates her soul in the place beyond life, revealing his true name as Primate Murder and his nature as a Beast. He then expends the majority of the Magical Energy that he collected across the centuries of his life to transplant his Force of Providence into Mash's soul. This perfectly resurrects her and grantis her a normal human lifespan. However, the act deprives Fou of both his sapience, leaving him as nothing more than a common animal. He congratulates Mash and Chaldea for defeating Beast IV without violence. Mash then arrives just in time to save Ritsuka, and return to Chaldea together.[14]

Participants Edit


Designation Identity Affiliation
Ruler Jeanne d'Arc Chaldea
Caster Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Chaldea
Saber Siegfried Chaldea
Assassin Charles Henri Sanson Chaldea
Rider Marie Antoinette Chaldea
Assassin Carmilla Chaldea
Lancer Elizabeth Bathory Chaldea
Berserker Vlad III Chaldea
Berserker Kiyohime Chaldea
Rider Saint George Chaldea
Rider Saint Martha Chaldea
Saber Chevalier d'Eon Chaldea
Assassin Phantom of Opera Chaldea
Saber Gilles de Raises Chaldea
Saber Nero Claudius Caesar Chaldea
Rider Boudica Chaldea
Berserker Spartacus Chaldea
Berserker Lu Bu Fengxian Chaldea
Assassin Jing Ke Chaldea
Berserker Caligula Chaldea
Saber Gaius Julius Caesar Chaldea
Lancer Romulus Chaldea
Caster Zhuge Liang Chaldea
Rider Alexander the Great (Child) Chaldea
Archer Eurayle Chaldea
Saber Attila Chaldea
Rider Francis Drake Chaldea
Rider Edward Teach Chaldea
Rider Eric Bloodaxe Chaldea
Archer Orion Chaldea
Berserker Asterios Chaldea
Assassin Stheno Chaldea
Rider Anne Bonny & Mary Read Chaldea
Archer David Chaldea
Archer Atlanta Chaldea
Caster Medea (Child) Chaldea
N/A Jason Chaldea
Lancer Hector Chaldea
Caster Medea Chaldea
Saber Mordred Chaldea
Assassin Dr. Jekyll Chaldea
Archer Nikola Tesla Chaldea
Caster Charles Babbage Chaldea
Berserker Sakata Kintoki Chaldea
Caster William Shakespeare Chaldea
Caster Hans Christian Andersen Chaldea
Caster Tamamo-no-Mae Chaldea
Rider Sakata Kintoki Chaldea
Berserker Frankenstein Chaldea
Assassin Jack the Ripper Chaldea
Caster Paracelsus Chaldea
Caster Nursery Rhyme Chaldea
Caster Mephistopheles Chaldea
Lancer King Arthur (Alter) Chaldea
Berserker Florence Nightingale Chaldea
Saber Rama Chaldea
Rider Medb Chaldea
Berserker Cú Chulainn Chaldea
Lancer Scáthach Chaldea
Lancer Li Shuwen Chaldea
Saber Fergus mac Róich Chaldea
Lancer Fionn mac Cumhaill Chaldea
Lancer Diarmuid Ua Duibhne Chaldea
Archer Robin Hood Chaldea
Caster Geronimo Chaldea
Caster Thomas Edison Chaldea
Caster Helena Blavatsky Chaldea
Archer Arjuna Chaldea
Lancer Karna Chaldea
Caster Xuanzang Chaldea
Archer Tawara Touta Chaldea
Rider Ozymandias Chaldea
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Cursed Arm) Chaldea
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Hundred Face) Chaldea
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Serenity) Chaldea
Saber Gawain Chaldea
Archer Tristan Chaldea
Saber Lancelot Chaldea
Caster Nitocris Chaldea
Saber Bedivere Chaldea
Archer Ishtar Chaldea
Lancer Enkidu Chaldea
Avenger Medusa (Gorgon) Chaldea
Lancer Medusa (Child) Chaldea
Rider Quetzalcoatl Chaldea
Lancer Jaguar Man Chaldea
N/A Ereshkigal Chaldea
Lancer Leonidas Chaldea
Lancer Musashibou Benkei Chaldea
Rider Ushiwakamaru Chaldea
Avenger Edmond Dantès Chaldea
Avenger Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) Chaldea
Ruler Amakusa Shirō Tokisada Chaldea
Lancer Brynhildr Chaldea
Rider Alexander the Great Chaldea
Berserker Minamoto no Yorimitsu Chaldea
Assassin King Arthur (Mysterious Heroine X) Chaldea
Saber Shiki Ryougi Chaldea
Saber Okita Sōji Chaldea
Archer Nobunaga Oda Chaldea
Assassin Fuma Kotaro Chaldea
Caster Illyasviel von Einzbern Chaldea
Archer Chloe von Einzbern Chaldea
Assassin Shuten-dōji Chaldea
Berserker Ibaraki-dōji Chaldea
Assassin EMIYA Chaldea
Caster Irisviel von Einzbern Chaldea
Assassin Cleopatra Chaldea
Assassin Mata Hari Chaldea
Archer Gilgamesh Chaldea
Grand Caster Solomon (False) None
Caster Solomon (True) Chaldea


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
N/A King Arthur (Lion King) Chaldea
Beast I Goetia Control Center
Demon God Naberius Goetia Blast Furnace representative[15]
Demon God Flauros Goetia Intelligence Room representative [16]
Demon God Forneus Goetia Observatory representative [17]
Demon God Barbatos Goetia Control Tower representative [18]
Demon God Halphas Goetia Arsenal representative [19]
Demon God Aamon Goetia Spy Satellite representative [20]
Demon God Sabnock Goetia Health Office representative [21]
Demon God Andromalius Goetia Disposal Chute representative [22]

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